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~-; 7=======================~=====::====:=:=:::=:==:=::::=:=:===:::::==================== ======-WESTERVILLE, OHIO , JANUARY 14, 1924. No. _ 14 ORA~T=O=R=S=S= H=O=W==================W=E=S=L=E=Y=A==W=I~~FIN E ABILITY SEASO 'S OPE Five Speaker - C ontend for Russell s Prize w ell as Selection as to State Contest.

, ' , -tilt Methodist Aggregation Forced Limit to Win First Conference Tilt.






OOver a nd Joseph Henry Given Second d . 1 an Third Honors Respectively.

Otterbein Basketeers Displayed Real Form and Made S trong Bid For Victory


'tpr\•• ·nti 11 j oratori 1 the two extre me oi ·1 ca tvle ed sefc ·t 1· • a well as a well va r - · t c 11 of · erbei 11 • 1 u J>Jccts. ri ,·c of Ot- , · Peted Th OYer of f oren re work com - 1 lege ch ltr day evening in th e co l­ atoricatPel in the annual Rus ell Or . teen t onte t. The prize of fif. ' en aad fi v1dcfJ hy ve dollars were proProrn01i 011 Dr. Howard Russell in lb·t n-. •of ti11· peaking ability. .. th e 011..1,aterial Prize however. i no t c0 Y goal fo h. t:nPetc 1• r w •ch the orator., the locaJ na much a the w1111tcr · of e Conte t 1. I llt Ott b . e ected to reprc • 1 \\Thich !hi r eiu at th e late conte~t ' 1berg lJ . Year will be held at Heid­ Conte t 1· nivcrsity. A winner of that / ~ • ent th Cet, lb n to th e cti nal ~ 'Na thnce to the Xational onte l "l · ' r, l'r0o e Ot t rbe1n repre entaliY . l'he P, la t Year. I aec 0 Conte t t . rding wa exceedingly ~- 1..,_c Jqdg to th e deci ion of tL · a and th n . nee, Wh·i1 O e who we r e in attendnot Place • e Qme had tho e who did Othe •n fir t r had . and eco11d p la ce llient · • B entrr 1Y d I'ffereot arran"C~qdge !l"a owever, th deci ion of ~he onor ;e to Paul Sharp •~ ' fir~t ' "-arf · ~-.. (Con t· IIoover, '26, econd 1n uec1 1 3 ~0.)

In what was \\· esleyan's ninth game the seaso11 · and Otterbein' · second, but the initial conference tilt for both, ' 0. . was va 1H1uished 36-23. Saturday I evening a_t D~lawar_e. Appearing for th e first time 111 their cla y new uni­ / fo rm s. the Tan and ardina l came 011 the floor last. [n the stands was a good ly repre ' entation of tterbein rooter to greet them. Ditmer's me atarted off wit h a ru h Ii a t the ounding f the whi tie, tha; boded ill for \Ve leyan. In the fir t minute of play Widdoe got away from Ted Turney, caging the first core of the ame. We leyan scored 11 x:t 'with a fou l go~!. , I Th 11 Tan ,c ring machin, moved swiftly ahead until th count at the n:tiddle of th fir t . half t d tterbein l J, \i e I yan 5. Th M tho­ di t t_her upon ca lled time o ut. pon re um111 play th ir quintet ame ba k trong a nd the half ended 19- 14 in thei r favor. Between the period th D !aware / cho l' gymna tic t am furni hed u­ ·1 tertainment for the pectation . Th ir l agile performanc e it d the plaudi of th er wd and much admiration wa expre d for th ·ir kill. At the beginning of the cond ha!( tterb in' lefen did app ar to have uauiea, M bqe t anager Resigns b n tr ngth en d. Van A l tyn ' ii l! ~ the Work . . . ontinued to r 11 up their J a 1 I PRESIDENT IN EAST Sib II iness M entail d 111 ernng PI KAPPA DELTA and in pite of occa ional purt by j let_}'~ beside anager of the l924 the Tan aggr ation hey tt eed d in oth r • Im~,, e and cxtra-currr ular II d Herc Next F n'd a y · Attends Meetings of Unusual m d to b mor holdin it. What ne' F. A{ pa heavy colleg ched- Will Be Insta e ·. portance in New York City tban tterb in' fair quota of penalti s te · Otten , . . •h T Members in a.. ary to . g r, 25, found rt Night wit en and in Washington. al o contrib ut d to their core. Fau t "'r of re .,,.11 B . Local Chapter. . the T "' a u me s Mandrop1 cl on thr ugh from the fr an and Ca d ' J Th ____ Leav-iog la t Tuesday for ew York throw lin a th gam ended. &reau of Afr . p 0 r rna . . d £ corre ponrlhea, th 1vf th di t' th, Y IJ:li ed : ttenger wi ll be ft r a long peno O • I City President lippinger ha fo 1ward, wa hi h Year c:~~ege Pap~~• ;~t publication of ne e and preparation, the mc mbA ·- , bus; and important week. · ( ontinued a half er more than a O "O" a ociatioJl ar<: al h io_ att, ndance at _ of aithful ervice. pf the ratory Ii tcp in New York, e wa lf -._ f tJ \ , · 1· n o' d t take the na 1 la t rea y o. Delta Honorary the m ee ting o i r . oc1a io . ~ Vesper Service Next Sunday. ll I a lers Elected making the Pi Kappa E _ merican ollege~. Fnday ,·emng 1 ~rd llleeting 't The loca ~v O r'b . b t pe ar 'tal w11l be giv 11 Of A{ la t l'h of the Publication Foren ic F rate rn·\1y. b in tailed ne ·I he attended the tte tn arrque ne.,;: n 1, January 20 in . .. iloit hapter wt •t he teri mem b r .. ~ ' l1ich wa held in th Hot tor t tr Ofr. PottengUr day th e re 1gnat1011 . I • Otter · n hap I at thr c'l>t the la er a Bu ine Mana- F riday eve n ·ng ~1. resent for a lon g with everal . th r . important o'clock. ram wi ll be given ~ ;dt. It ~ and ardinaJ w a a - Tho e who a re eltg1bleRat plot Lyo n. educational banquet Wh1l by th f or an , Mi lie• ant l,a .-... \.Yard, '25 former t he key a r e P rofe o r o dee11t' M c- Y ork the pre ident Robin on T • A{ "'-I nag • , l> and tu -, d Y O 1 ·~I \lJh•anager fer wa elected Bu i- F ri tz and .roo H ver ];low- Rockefeller Boar_ . . . rael" by Elijah. ~- lie G o the Tan and C d' - Guire, \ ood, rno ld, oo ' Monday mo r mng Pr rd nt lrpThe on · e fr e of charge 't'ed · E B ar Lil here he W h' t ~ttr ~r. \V. echtoldt, '25 w ill ard and Myers. . Kappa D Jta pinger left for a mg on w and everyo welcome, town . • ard a i tan_t Man Prof. Paul B ree P t (Continued on page two.) peopl a , ent . (Con tinued on page two.)




'- Man;--

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Who S.ha.11 it



L'agc T"· i= ===========;========='l~·~H= E~.- ~-~r ~:~\ ~l\~· ~A = N~~D~ C = A= R= D~l= N~• ~ A L~= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = ~ MASTERS TO PERFO~M ~,ill be in charge o~ the .local i_nifa.-_. eco nomi c order. ! Bre\\'baker. '24. t ion. ' Th e ce re m ome_ w1 11 b egm on· During t he cou r e of the cn:ning The judges fo r th_e evendin g', Hol111es. Unusual Entertainment to be O ffered six o clock and con tinue throughout I Mis s J osephine C rid la d ,,, , f Revs Heizer an th Of h . I 11 , ~-. . avo racc · test were: With Local Talent Appearing e_ early part . t e_ :vemng af Ler · the audience with t wo violin olos iv! r. \,\' arson and · Profs. Lpon a, nd (or· on the Program. which th e group will en;oy a banq• ·et companied by Miss Man· E lizabeth netet. in honor of the organiza ti on . I IIIIIIIIIIIII~ -. . The newly elected officers of the ,!!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIII IIIII III IIIIII IIIIII III IIIIIIIIIIIIIII :: Un der · the auspices ot. the I'u 11 > JC fratermty are: President, D. S. Hew:: Speaking Cou nci l a hi g h class cnter- f ard; Vice Pre ident, V . E . Mye,s: _ §








I= I~ =

tainment will be given in the college ec reta ry -T r easurer. F. E. McGu:,e· · ' 1chape l Thursday ~veni ng . T~,e pur- I Cor r espondent, E. Hoove r. 1

pose of the Co un cil



presen ting this

entertainment is to make it possible to · ecure a new curtain for the chapel 1

--(Conti nued from page one.)

stage and a curtain that "'il l merit met_ with




being placed there. Anti-Sa lo on Co nve ntion . Speaking The Cou ncil ha s secured President o n the sub;cct. "The College :Vl a n and . . P rohibi ti on," th e president addre sed Clipp inger to give a stcrcopt ican le': : , the co nven ti o n on Mo nday afte rnoon . ture of p laces wh ich he vi,, itcd 111 hb He r eturn ho me th e firs t part of this foreign trip of last s ummer. .\ s en- week. tire ly new slides will be used this part of the prog ram will make an en- , ORATORS SH OW tertainment in itself. Ho wever, mo re FI N E AB ILIT Y ta lent ha been secu red _in ~he perso n j _ . ___ of Prof. Grabill who will give one ot (Co ntmu ed from page one.) hi s best organ numbers. In additio n I honors a nd Jo sep h H enry, '26 , third to these two entertainers Prof. Fritz honors. in his maste rl y way will read one of T he sub j ect of Mi-. Shar p's o r at ion his famous selectio ns. was, "The Co ming Age" in which he With thi company of local celeh ri - howed the g r ea t spi ritual fo r ces ties appearing on the program a w hi ch are at work and whic h mu st worth-whi le e venin g is assured. r each th e inner lives of m en. if th , ­ world is to go forwa rd in safety. International Relations The them e of th e second prize or aClub Holds Regular Meeting tion was " merica, the Land of OpMeeting la t Tuesday c\·ening. th e portunity." th e ~hought ?f which pie­ Inte rn ational Relations Club enjoyed ~ured th c sumirnt to which a n Amer­ a worth while evening in the pre en- ' ican may reach , though he co me from tation and di cussion of important th e hurpbleS t home in the wildernes s. ubject . L. M. Mitchell read a paper Mr._ Henry i:; his or_ation. ''The on the "Reparation s and the Ruhr.'' American Ideal, . poke 111 behalf of covering the outstandi ng details a ~me f_orm of a World League which r e lated to this foreign prob lem. The \\''. 11 bnng about world peace and good subject. " The Monroe Doctrine-Its will among th e people of the earth. One Hundred Y ear · of Existence" Sylve ter Broderick, '24, in speak­ wa ably an 1 intere tingly presented ing fi r t made a wonderfu l cou tructby Mi Marga ret Graff. ive p lea for the uegro. U in g for hi subject "A Plea for L ibe rty and Ju _ tice," Mr. Broderick carefull y picMabel Cassel Leads First Y. w. C. A .Meeting of 1924 tured the hi tory of the negro und er Mabe l as el was the leader of Y. th e cru hin g weight of slav ry by the W . C. A . last Tue day eve nin g Her w hite man and th en howed the cap­ topic wa "O n the Wings of the acity of th e colored man a well as the place of fame and ucce s to w hi ch Morning." h e ha ari en, eve n th ough ham pered Fi r t of a ll, he aid that eve r y day by the white ma n's prejudice. wa a g ift from God a cl an page. of In clo ing the evenin g' oration whic h we can make omethin g beauti­ Ru ell Ward, '25, poke on the ful or unlovely, as we choose. he theme. " plea for the Fa rmer." M r. compa red our life to a t rin g of bead Ward pictured the life of the far m er which r epre ent day . Some bead a it has been in past years and then are perfect, ome are defective. The showed the plight of the . merican perfect one are the day on w hich we agriculturi t becau e of economic did good deed for other . She sug­ condition . and unfair advantage that i gested that each day we make a res­ being taken of him by other in the olution and keep it. I




:: §





: -





Always Eat the Best

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§:: 1111111111




_ :

For Light Lunche s.


to Eat."

·= :: §

T remendous Reductions, Evening and Tuxedo Clothes, O nly Excepted. $35 and $40 Suits and Overcoats



member from Wittenberg and head of tne debate department at that college,



"Eat to Live, Not Live


Go to the

Clearance of Entire Stock Men's Suits and Overcoats

Several girls told of the happie t


Afte r Beatin g· Deni so n

§ §


day of their lives . In every case it was a day on which they had done omething for others. The in piring oug ervice included vocal olo by Marie Beelman. The scripture lesson, which wa read by Alice anders wa al o iu harmony with the lofty theme of the topic.


$50 and $55 Suits and Overcoats



clearance that provide yo u w ith sterling qualit · clothe at the price of commonpla~: one -a clearance that brino- the higher gra JI a~d :he finer types of uit :ncl overcoat we th wi in the reach of the m o t modest pur e. it1 uit and overcoat to fit yo ung rn~n, to t yle a colleo-e man prefer . In addition e the e ' t 1- d . l a.J11 a or inary a ving , yo u o·et t ,e o•et g~arantee of ati faction that yo u would e at any other time. Thi ale include only ·1 I regular t k . . pecia oc of quality clothm 00 ·-no purcha e . . -at pectacular reduct10n · Otl 60 tO ler uit and Overcoat formerl y 12.-,, priced in the clearance 8 ' $7 at $48,$58~


THE UNION High and Long




California. wh ere s he has b <.:n und er J the direct ca r e of Dr. Fran ; is M. Pottenger. ' 92. he has no w im _, ro ed and is able to spend ·om c time each day out of door s. but th e gift of her Otterbein fri end w ill enab le h er to p ass pleasantly many a n ot h er­ w ise lo nely hour. The followi11 · to the d' g ite m has hce n sen t , , e itor of thi s co lum n: 06 0 Le,shc/· a nd Mr s. E d ga r J _

(:r, .



On Friday morning Mr. K illin ge r gave a report on th e Youth Mo ve­ ment. H e said that th e yout!J of foreign countries are di ssa tisfied \\'ith conditions as th ey exist in t he world but th a t th e youth of Am eri ca ca re little about th ese wo rld pro bl ems.

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Beat Denison!

c:::=============== Meats of All Kinds Also Groceries at

Profess or G. G. Gra bill w,h pre- ' sent at t he co nv en ti on of Ohio Tea ch STUDEl\'TS GIVE REPORT er !1 eld du ri_ng th e holicla_ys and. a~ I official organ is t o f th e Shrin e, acc omChapel and Church Services Devoted .. · · ·cl its choru s of 8 0 voi ces t ha t to Reports of Indianapolis rendered several selection o n t he: Convention. program.



East M ennetta Du Pre) of n.; Ohio ayna r cl ·A ve nu e. Co 'u nb us. ' announce th e I· J1rth of a so n · T ho 1u a • at W I· • 1 I. Deccmb lite ross hosp1t While most of the coll ege stud ent ha er 22 · 192:-l. Yo un g T hom a · \\' ere enj oving their vacations at home - 1 1 11 -· fan,j~ ~t th e bala nce o f powe r in t he a few w; re enj oying their rece_ s at I Ill 111111~11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111!!•

Westerville, Ohio


, or and fou : b now th ere ar c thr ee g irl s th e Student V olunteer Convention at : 1 '19 t oy · Coa ch Dit p lease no te. Indianapoli . O tterbein wa reprc ent-- : College Men and · 1r. and M ed at t he convention by th e followi ng \:_ "" rs . .-\,·cr y Ga ki ns ( May F ent of reeman ) are th e . pro·ud pa r- delegates, Ruth Luca ' Marg;,ret omen are Great f Stiverson, Mr. and Mrs. A lbert Zepp. a fen a nd I Who wa born on tha Ii1al dpound son. Profe or Martin, D. . Howar cl · ,.u u . uy· ers 0 f Ctnber e r t ay of DecI nanied Year. The bab y has been W . Killinger and unofficially by Jo - _ , , e Jack on . ephine lbert, Ros ~ohr. ylvester _ Broderick and TadashJ Yabe. _ 17, 15. Dr Phoenix Silk Hose gives more _ T he e sion . of this -:--:inth Qua dCa_s~et (Opa l. G~ nd M rs. H om er D. mileage of hard wear than a ny M1iitary H ilbert) of th e '.\' atio na' rennial onventioJ1 of the Student an nounced ome · h av e Vo luntee r Movem nt were I1elei a t other Hosiery. h ' . Dayto n, 01110. t~r on Dec~::e1rth of a little dau g h - 1Cadle Tabernacle, lndiana~oli . Th e Ladies' Phoenix Silks, &'iven the r 27, \\·ho ha b e en con,·ention ach ieve d sple ud1d ucc .; :; · I '78 name Mar E ll I' t at ........ $1.10, $1.45, $1.95, ·$2.35 Y en. I Thi wa du e in part to the exc .en : . · Dr. Allen "•Ile died at hi If. Keefer of W es ter- 1 program. \ Vor ld famed me11 such a Ladies' Phoenix Wool, ;treet Decembe home on South St~tc I Robert E. peer, John R. Mott. her-· § n Otterbein r 27 a nd was buried ~vood Eddy and ma ny othexs rcpre- 1: at .... .............. $1.25, $1.85, $2.35 Saturday. D Cemetery the follo11·i11g sen ting every . cor ner of the ofo"be § Men's Phoenix Silks, ducted a drt Keefer. w ho had con- : gave addre e on ubjcet: of world j: at ' .......... 75c, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00 had been in • t/ore for _many year. . I wide im portan ce. Be id . havin ti! . § •- , ~ iJ Year and •ng health for over a 'l e of hea rin g these splendid s ., only h pnv1 eg 0 1d out hi b ~ ort time ago had addres es the delegate them se lvc 1: 'Si. D u ine and retired. were privileged to participate in d_is- f § Oh· r. L vitt E . · h d· many dis- : 0, wa · Cu ter of Dayton. cus 10ns. During t e ay_ . : 1 Thur da y found dead in his room on cu ion couferencesh ou vaned ubJe~t r Ja h I the ,·, c -l llllllllllllllll llllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll=IJ O e Ulted f~ nuary 3, death having were held in th e c urc e .. _ !er Was om heart trouble Dr u - inity in which the stud nt only "c1 e 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 tiSis in 0tine Of the be t known · · den- ; allowed ' to take part. lliade a le nited tate . He had This conve nti o n wa on of the mo. t e Pecial!gr~at deal of original re earc h succe s,ful in attendance. There " ·ere Plicationy fin connection with the ap- o,·cr seve i th ousa nd tudent delegate ­ ~• o I h d i.n titu .,,any of h' ~ ectricity to dental work. representing one t ousa n . 1 : u is nw f the con ven uon mac c e a111 en 1011 ar e in commou tions. or wa · · e 01 Survivin~g i~nti t at the p re ent time . up of me ri can tt1deut ~on: ; :~ I§ 1111 are hi wife and one there were five huo d red tu en on, Luz : . ton , Ohio ern C u t er, •JO, both of Day- fo reigu laJl d · tion were '89 . Report of the conve n .. el -wa· Mi s h b ht to the student body in chap . § for ma ara M . Kum ! r, w ho roug k La t Tue day , D. . How. N ny Year a teacher of E ng- la t wee . bIi h 111 port 011 interna 1·10n al u O Orth High . ard gave a re I . h he : bl th ' hio. di d . · chool, ColumOne truth w 11 : at city c in Grant Ho pita! in pro em . ti tud nt wa that the ...,. . brought to ,e . : Jhanu ary 9 on.T \, ed n day mormn . . p•rob lems. whi ch co n- : 1 011 11 t er f · he b od internat1ona · ·o riel tod ay. are pres ""h ormer Y wa taken to : ere front th " . h pro'bO f d . I101ne Ill the f , x or and until t O e :O h10 ent Occ uneral e rvice and int r- every campu d tb e campu th y : I m are olve on 'ot ured. : ·. After ,,-1·11 not be so h·ed in the ·world. :: Id pend· z gave a re- hol ler ay in W 111g the hri b.na The ucxt day Mr. ePP I I lfc : ..,, ar,,s, 1':iss Ed e terville with her si - p rt on t he Indu strial pro) e,_n. ' Fe : na G M I 131 1 ard as saying. : , 3rd She . for Por . oor.e eft Ja nu- quote:d Paul anc 1 . . ·ooccuJ)iccl : tar be e Hand. _Oregon , where would like to have a s ign 6 ' and ten § in Mi M:mployed in the city lib- Mi sion F ields' on eve:Y 11 e 'lk mills ~Car etroit, Mi :~re ha been librarian cent tore. ou th b1nc e , work :· -. d , •gao , for a numb r of the Te rre Haute g la 8· 11 Io an on . 1 ·ned that t c ·e e . 1'he O Mr. Blanchard exp _a1. . fi Id a . rn tterb • ,.,..,uch nu 1011 111 alumni of t>aur alifor n1a • outh- were JU t a ~ .. f · -:three':e Gar t' ave to Mi Minnie India or n~a. day Ruth • iff.,_' ear • U[b , d'a a Ch ristma gift a The fo lloWJO <Y ~ention opinion th 10 -We Phone ~ receiving set with brought back e on h I· ch · tatecl _ sh nt fro · D a t ummer Mi Gar t of the race problern w ha ve e h d 111 nve Co . th . a per on rnaY l>0 tt en&er a been f or r,ome lorado. wher e briefly u · rnaY h avth e race prejudice ffllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllJIIIIIIIIT years to the Christ or he

= =


= = =



B Phoenix Silk Hosiery : =

= = =




= = = = =





~ 1f






= = = =


I= = = = = =












arlatari um at

' . Monrovia, but he can't have bo · ·





: =



. ·1 11 1-. P,~a~g~e~ F~o;u;r=====~=====~ = =====-=~==~

I" :\

~ A N D CA .~,~ RD ~ ~~ l '~~L~=================c::== A c..--- -

for a chair before the fi re. '· But you r Aunt no leftWanted "A chair," he murmured 5oftl y. house party this af ternoon: ld n't be & 1 "'i ts b een so Iong since . Tuesd;:,.y, Janua ry 15 1' ve seen o ne. to di-ag me a Io ng but l "ou fi ) -- - -Weekly ---- -mteres .---t~o--:f ' Basket' Ball Rally. And thi i uch a nice one. If you 'll (Con tinued on page ve. -_ in-the l'ublishe·d Otterbein by the '.'Ved:1e -day . Jan uary ltSbring my bags in and close t he door O TTERBEI · PUBL ISHING Basket Ha ll. Denison here. and your mouth I'll_ confess everyCall Citizen 21 or Bell s-WBOARDOhio Thursday , January 17thi ng," Sally Mar y cast an indigna1 ,t Westerville, · c o11ege Press E 11tertai nm enl. Coll erre gla nce at th e t1111no v 1· ng young man. Member of the 0 _h i~ ~ Cha t)el. Assoc1abon Wednesday, Janu2ry 2'3"Pardon me, I'm very stupid . Ru•: · Basket Ball. Ci ncinn ati here. he added, "you're a urpri sing young L undr)' Co. STAFF Thursday, January 24per son." Agent for Acme a E ditor-in-Chief ........ V . E . Myers, '24 1 L ectur e Cour se. Adrian M. \:e\\'ens. Assi ta nt Editor .... .... Pa ul Garver, '25 "Oh, no, I'm not. Ju t did th e 0 ·1! y ' d Work for Ladiet ,nd Reader. Contribu ting Editors. , thing there was to do und er the cir- 1 General Laun ry H.K. D ar1mg, 24 Saturday, January 26cum tance ." Lucille Gerber, '24 Gentlemen. "Y"Mo, ic, ··The Pi lgrim: · Marguerite Wetherill, '24 "And the circum tan ces were-•· E. F . McCarroll, '25 Tuesday, Jani.:ary 29questioned the young man . J. H. MAYNE D. S. Howard. '26 First Se mes ter ends. Carrie Shreffler, '26 Wednesday, January SO­ "Well, your un t A nn who is al,o WesterviJle. o. Bu-. Manager ............. R. H . W ard, ' 25 my Aunt Ann a ked me to come to \ 12 W . College Ave. ~ Second Semester O pen . Bus ines. '.1 anager Associatessee her. And w hen she mentioned her \ . _ Basket Ball , Denison at Granville. . G. E. Bechtolt. '25 hand ome doctor neph ew." herr Sally ' Wm. Myers, '26 Saturday, February 2Mary ca t a quizzical g lan ce at the I Glen- ee Wa ldo Keck, '27 Basket Ball. O hi o W e leyan Cloyd Ma rshall, '27 Dayton. at young doctor, "and hi s eve n m o re Cir. Manager .... Katharine Pollock, '24 handsome engineer fri end packed m y an Fl~' Saturday, February 9ssistant Circulation Managersbag and came.'· Has Choice Gifts, Cards, tbd' Ladybird Sipe, '25 . Basket Ball, Heide;ber , Margaret Widdoes, '26 Thursday, February 14. tions See Cards of · all descnp · oin&1' Athletic Ed itor ...... Jo eph Mayne, '25 Lecture Course. Elwood T . Raiky . Street eve Local Editor .... D. R. Clippii:iger, :25 Popular Lectur er. at No. 56 West Home lumnal Editor ........ Alma Gmtner , 97 iI office 480 Exchange Editor .. Kathleen White,'24 Saturday, February 16Telephones140 Coch ra n Hall EditorResidence Basket Ball , H iram • hen•. Harriet W histler, '24 Saturday, February 23Store 429 Avtfll°' College Coal Yard: EaSt Basket Ball. Ohio 1\or th ern hen:. Addre all communications to T he ·•y·· Movie, ··Hail th e \/i·oma n:· Otterbein Tan and Cardinal, 103 W. Sunday, February 24College ve., Westerville, Ohio. \ By~ Sub cription P rice, $2.00 P er Y car, Revival Meetings be in . paya ble in advan ce. ~ Thursday, February 28L ec tur our e. Ire ne tolofsky Co .. E ntered as second class matter eptember 25, 1917, at the postofficc Concert. at We terville, 0., under act of Friday, February 29March 3, 1879. Basket Ball. \ ittcnberg a t Sprin :r . Acceptance for mailing at special field. rate of postage provided fo r in ?ec. Saturday, March 11103, Act of Oct. 3, 19 17, authorized "Y" Movie, "Ga . Oil. \\ ater.'· Servtc · pril 7, 1919. Thursday, March SBa ke.t Ball , in innati at inc.inEditorials nati. Friday, March 7Every man ha hi price, but ome Ba ket Ball, t. avi r at incin hold ba rgain ales.-Ex. nati. Thursday, March 13-­ A Step Forward Lecture our e, Lew arctt. ;\[ atu r With the. return from I ndianapoli Poet. of the conV"ention delegates the stud- Saturday, March 15e nt of tterbein have had brought "Y" Movi . " Que tion of Honor.'' ~II to their attention fac and tatement , Saturday, March 291111111111 · 1111111111 111 ~:: howing the lethargic and prejudiced "Y" Movie, " Smilin' Through ." : III II II IIll Ill II Ill Ill Ill Ill IIII Ill Ill II 1111111111111111111111111 ll IIII II tate in w hich merican coll ege tud- j ent are living. LITERARY ARTICLE While foreign college tude nts ar aUve to the great w orld problem we, " Oh plea e let me in." ga ped a a college student , it by uninter ted blue eyed black haired vi ion in o(t : ~ in their problems. While merican furs of the urprised young man who : mi ionarie teach the Christian spirit faced her through the Op n door. § in other end , tho e who come to our "I've walked mile ancl mile and I've : . bore are hardened toward hti t- only nine cent to my name and l'm § ~ ianity by the treatwent they receive your cou in ally Mary Jon from cat1 :: here. ·while we accept Ch.ri tianity Cleveland." ~ we expre our hatred towards tho e ~ , ell tr, i n't tbi Dr. Geor : of other (ace and nationalitie . Hartman's aparbnent?". she demanded : thefl1 :: Undoubtedly omething i wrong. a he only gazed at her in dumb : l e uch condition as the e hould not amazemen t . "Ad n are you Dr. George -: bY,.,. . . "'~ exi t. ow that we have been told 'cau e if you're not 1'J L of our weaknesse , Jet u face them Hartman, have to-," h.er ally Mary's b : p . rav-- ~ with open minds. Toward thi end a d o air deserted her alto ether and : :: discussion group meeting have been he fiercely scrubbed a tear from her § , "planned for the purpose of expre ing our per ona1 views. Let us face the er, certainly, I gue O' problems and then make an effort to ch~~hy, and the surpri ed young man threw : correct them. Each student sj:i.ould the door wide. " • on t you come ~ Q ~:: make an effort to attend these group meetings, if for no other purpo e than in?" Sally gave one look at the :• • 0 U :: cozy _ 111 . to satisfy his own mind. I warm 1t room and dashed for the big : 11111 . mn111 111111111111111 1 ti t1 llII II II 11 IIIII II 11111111111 IJI II III1111111111111111111111111111 IIII II1 THE OTTERBEIN




The Clean-up Man



Coal, Flor

a Gift Shop


. 'and

Quality Meats




Phone 65



-~=============~======~~~ . . ,,,,

= = =






:: ::

Ph . ot_ographs for your H• ome -; F lk If you

: I :i


ant omethino- that no one




i i

e your family-and that will plea


= mo ~

t end tl1em your 1lOtograp h rnade


·ye ~o:rtra'·1·t Shop'pe




141 S 3rd St

C 1 rnbt1S




----=-- LITERARY A RTICLE (C . ontmued from page four J dragged." · "That' 5 rather fortunate for me hecau e I've I . b on Y nme cents and two ags to m ., " Y name, announced Sally .viary "I ' gave every other ce nt J pos/ssed . to th e porter because he had en chtldr Ch • en and a sick wife and 1t s n tma eve. 1' hen l hunted for You."

"By J . . ove it 1s Christma,. I'd forgotten w 11 . ha · e • m ce you're here and th've to be ta k·en care of I'll turn is apartme t . n over lo you and go Park With f . her h a nend near here " rallied Ost "H , ' You?" aven t eaten yet, have "l' b ally Mary shook her head. et' f e back in a half hour and we' ll 8 or th to . geth ce 1ebrate Christmas toYouner_- See you later." And the "Wg man vanished into the hall. ell no w, 1.sn •t he urprisinl!' th ough "• mused Sally Mary a she brush cen t e her black bobbed hair. ·' De­ With h~rt of a relative to have, too. an d h. eyes the color of fresh cider A. ~ai?· ty red hair. I like ' um." the d hour later he called from "J oor • "H e II o. Ready yet?" 1 the ~ d a minute," Sally essayed from e room. "Jupiter , Packa ' you re a good looking 1J1a ge to have delivered on Chri st­ eve ·• h apPeare e confided as Sally Mary Pie d c' b lue eyes shining and dim ­ · h "l'rueepenin· g Ill er sof t pink cheeks. · glad that · f n·end o f n1ine • , engrneer th ey Ilen t aro. un d ," he a nnounced as ''Tel[ PPed mto the waiting taxi. ally 1r me ~II about him," in sisted I hate ~ry cri sply, "is he dark or fair? to b t ark men. They·re up1)osed reacherou ." dOctore "dark • very dark," tated tbe the Wi! a nd he is proof again t all ·Se Illee and gui·1e of women. Pro1111 When he'You'll n0 t P Iay the coquette "I around." ~•tary,Promi "l'd e• n 0 th'mg, " laughed ::,ally



Idrowsed . leep ily into the mouth. piece. "M erry Christmas to my Chri st­ ma package," a gay voice ang into her ear, " hungry ye t?'" "Oh, its you!'' cried Sally Mary. ''T hanks. sa me to you and I'm starved.'' "That's welcome news to a fell ow ufferer. I've a keen program all mapped o ut for today. Breakfast. then the Christmas se r vice at St. Luke's cathedral, dinner at a wonder­ ful inn I've di scovered some miles from th e city a nd it wi ll mean a long drive in thi gloriou air. And the rest I' ll tell you later. Will you let me take you in charge for the day?" begged t he impetuou vo ice.

Page Five

"I guess you'll have to. Ko o ne each other's company. They were like else around to do it and you sel'm two children let loo e fo r a g lori ous competent," agreed Sally Mary. holiday. With _every hou r s;,ent in "In an hour," he cried, and the re- the young man's pre ence Sally ceiver clicked. Mary's thoughts of the other back in "How ma te rl y," murmured Sally Cleveland grew fewer and fewer until Mary. finally she forgot him altogether. The day was ideal. Snow had fall- "And I almost married him," she en quietly all night but at dawn th e thought, "if Auntie's nephew is thi s wind had brushed th e heav ens clc:ir nice what must his friend be like. and the sum rose in colorfu l g lory. ' Stand still, little heart, stand still." Every snow imbedded roof seemed Late that night he left h h · I 'd ·h kl' . er at t e 111 a1 ~1t par mg diamonds a nd apa rtment door. "Tomorrow Aunt the white beau ty of the whole world Mary' coming back and she'll intro­ dazzled the. eyes. Sall~ ~ary a.n~ ! he ; duce you to th e black haired engin­ doctor, eat mg, wors hippin g, unvmg · eer. You'll fo rget a ll about me pertogether, found increasing delight in (Con tinued on page seven .)


·- - - ---------




Printer, journalist, dipl?mat, inventor, statesman, philoso­ pher wit. One oftheautborsof the Declaration of ln~epe_nd­ ence and the Const1tut1on, author of Poor Richard's Al­ manaclr and one of the most eminen! natural pbilosopbers ol. his time.

'B '

1 llut let' ike to ee him at my feet. rca not talk about men. That'. the creaton l 'm here, to forget one of ttre " 0n


filled b~d a th at!" Hi brown eye h With I I. . er, · aug 1mg lights, mocked

"W or e ,, Wa eithe' he tated fiercely, "it Self and r elope Wit . h him or by my1 she h Prefer to trave l alone" "II ow roin_ rugg-ed ' . her houlders li ghtly. '!lured " antically exciting" he murth . I n't · ' lhe night T It, but let's talk about h e fir t bat shining tar yonder ave been :~ een tonight. I t might ''1 e hr:i tma tar" th _ee . hvo t . . .. at r1va1 th ars s h1m11 g be 1de me ~a~her look ~ Chri tmas tar and I'd r'.&htened ,. lllto th eir blue depths." Ii 'A. a couer. companion . . ttle u in you're a-" and th e int 0 entence . ' the . tinkled off unfi nis hed A.s lllght.



ally Ma


ii,, hour 1 try opped into bed ome ,...,,, ''tsn't aF er he murmured sleep. te T ate qu ? I • sh Wish eer. w 1 h he e he w ' sI aPPed asn t my cousin, " ,.,_?. out and fell promptly to


~he ·



g telephone awoke her morning. "Hello," he


Electrical machines bearing the m~k'oftbe General Electnc Com­ pany, in use tbroug_h?ut the world, are ra!SIDg

standards of livingiJr doing the work of • lions of men.

But nobody had thought to do it By bringing electricity down from the clouds over a kite string, it was a simple thing to prove that lightning was nothing more than .a tremendous electrical flash.

For centuries before Franklin flew his kite in 1751 philosophers had been speculating about the nature of lightning. With elec­ trified globes and charged bottles, others had evolved the theory that the puny sparks of the laboratory and the stupendous phenom­ enon of the heavens were related; but Franklin substituted fact for theory - by scientific experiment Ji Roaring electrical discharges, man-made lightning as deadly as that from the clouds, are now produced by scientists in the Re­ search Laboratories of the General E lectric Company. They are part of experiments which are making it possible to use the power of mountain torrents farther and far­ ther from the great industrial centers.




Page Six




\ l'orosk,· I. M cCarroll 1.

Fr c throw,

SEASON'S OPENER - Shea· 3. \\'. Turney 2. Kolb 2, A•;· derson 1. ).l cCa r roll I. T Turney ·


( C o ntinued from page one.) Fa ust 1. \ wi th 13 point · to hi s cred it. \V . Tur. \1 ~ ney a l o star red for \V eslevan Captain Ander on ancl \Viddoes f~at~red in the Otterbein offense. eac h I ' •· · ' . nng111g up fo ur field er . -••••••••-•••-•••-•·•••·••••••··1·•••·••••··~--•••·-·•••••··•·· 1 The line-up: 1 G roup League Basketball Starts. Ex-Captatl} Welty of Wooster \ \': e3leJan 35· b . 1 0 tter em 23 . . . l nter•grou p basketball started off . Spe nd s Chn s trnas In H ospital I 1;ill R. F. \\.iddoe s I with a bang Saturday morning. .\ II \ Cap ta in Welt y of \\'oo ter, who I Kolb L. F. (c) Anderson ·1 ix membe r~ oi th e !<:ague appeared i11 played thi s past · ea on on Otterbein 1 W. Turney Porosky th e three snappy con tests. l· ield. has been in a hospital for some Knachel R. G. Durr I The fir st game between th e Sphi11x time due to an infectctl arm. lt was T. Turney L. G. McCarroll a nd Lakota cl ub s was fought bard t,10u g ht for a whi le that the arm ub stitution s: W c leya n-Shea for and th ere was very little sco rin g on wouio have t be ~mputated but it i Kolb, taten for Knachel , Sack teder --­ either side. In the latter part of the I now _healtng. Dur111g the Chri tma for ta ten , Kolb for Hi ll, Kent for game howe ver. the phinx hoy vacation e,·ery mcm her of the student Shea, Blanchard for \ V. Turney '' Otspeeded up and took the lon g end of b? dy _a t \\' oo_ ter ·ent t~e er twhile terbein-Fau t for Durr Benn~tt for \ See Samples from a 13_7 scor e. Captam a Clm stmas greetmg. Fau t, Hancock for nder on , Faust In the following fraca the Countr y --------for Be 11 nett \ d Social Conference Bas~etball Results. Scoring· p 1• Id • Before ordering Cl<?-ss an 1Club mixed with the Annex. Pat- I H ' d · goa hea An• GroupPms, iram. 33 ; a e, 31. er o 11 4 \ 1'dd ' " rick' playing featured the 'ountry T • oe 4, W. Turney 3, T. "There's a Reason Cincinn ati. 26; Denison. 20. u 2 Clubmen' defeat of the champs of th C' rney , nachel 2. Kolb l Hill I Columbus, 0 · Akron , 31; \\'oo ster, 15. • · 11th and High ~ u . _ P revious season, to th e tune of 1 -12. Mu skmgum. 29 : Oberlin , 21. The A lp and Cook Hou e club B Id · W ,·,11111 1111111111111 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 11 11111111[ furni heel the excitement for th e ti nal a wm- allace. 31; Re ervc, 26 ::: I f l --------:: "J. C." 'Satan" S fray. In pite of co n iderab c ou Some Basketball Rule Changes. " Bones" ::: ing, a high order of ba ket ball ,va : S hown, Young and p on tarring In ord er to keep T. and reader for their re pective ide . The core who do not happ en to po e cop_ic § wa Cook Hou e 1 to lp 14. of the ba ketba ll rule for 1923 informLeague S.twanding . · L. ed, ome of the more important rule Pct. change for the ea on are Ii ted be- p)linx O 1.000 low. It will be well for the fan to Men's Overcoats, some good selec . $l 5 to $32,00 S 4 ·4 ountry Club .......... l 0 l.000 can _t he e care_fully, for a thorough Sheep-lined c t b hons left .................... •14 9S S::: 1 oa s, e ted ............. $9.98 to ,. · Cook Hou e ............ l 0 1.000 acquarntance with the rule i e en- : Men's Dress Shirt, specials ....... ························..······..········· c and $1,39 ::: Lakota ........................ 0 1 .000 tial o that he may enjoy and underV-Neck Sweaters, Cardinal Wh i~·~···T ... .......................... ........ 98 and $10,00 ::: 1 .000 tand the court ga me. Every year Men's Black and B ' ' an ............ .... $?. 48 , $8 ·98 Annex ...............-....... O ee a certain amount o[ change in rown Hose, 2 pairs ········ ···--······--··•"........ ................. S Alp ..........·-············... o Denison Next. rule and o here are the major one




The College A •enue MEAT MARKET


===============-BASCOM BROTH£




= January Barga1ns . For The Ss = coIIege Trade :~:: =



c• FREEMAN &.co•



The fir ·t home game of the ea n will be played with D eni on in th e high chool gym Wedne day evening.' marting from Deni on win of th

for thi ea on : =:::. " . 1. :"- per onal foul will b any foul IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 111111111 11 rn volv t~lg per Ona! contact. T he only IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII~ exception to thi i blocking, a techni _

•el~dhouagth thaetuGrdraaynvbilyle Ccr.enwci·nwnaat·•dtco1 1 f a~ th tune of 26 Lo 20, th Y , ill bear watching. Their team i n arty a lway a high cla outfit and ca n furni h a few thrill for any onfer nee aggr gation. If tterb in defeat


r:F·· ;:te::,;~,~T:;.:,"':~ ~.~~ : :~!:.~ t'•::::,:-· h~~·:,.::::,•;~; Spence'SMus1·cstore th m it wi ll b cap. Rettig, who i well known to Ott r• b in fan , and R ia, a Burme e all• r und athlete, arc perhap . n teworthy of the Deni oman .

throw. Thi will eliminate th free th row individuali t to a larg ex­ tent and mak it nece ary for every man ?" the team to be killed in the hooting of foul . Technical foul however, may be thrown by an; member of th team.


67 E . State St. Between Hartman & Grand Theatres.

C 1

umbus, Ohio

1============.IIrr=========:. :;:;.-Ft0

3. Two free th row ed if a per onal foul i committe~a:~~ a player who i e ion of t h Machine S ball in hi 0 , 11 0 1 a zone, t'. nd er hi llA' own ba· k t. f If th player I not 1·11 .lY.la • ~ PO e 1011 o the ball, one free hot The game with th Big Red Team hall be granted. ~ will b taged in th high chool ymT ~ i l ll 4 th na ium wh r better faciliti are af· wo free row ha ll be g rant11111~ ed to a man f 1 d ·111 h !1111111111111111111111 111 111111111 1 ::: f rd •d for the band ling of tb fan . . h. ou t act of hootlllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll :I! ~ The eating i a rranged thi year with mg5 wT tie out id. .hi own goal zone. 1 the north ction r erv d for the · he ball oead wh n it i out §= ~ boy , the ou th ection for the gi rl of bou il d and ub titution cao be AlT,1. :' and the center ection for the town - made th en, a nd time out may be call- § 44 N. State St. aJ1 nd er tlie old rule of t he pre- e?. f ::: P ople. More rooting and le VIO • : lies O i,d ::: ver ation i hoped for under thi u ea on no time could be called : ~et your Films and ~dak Suvp!ioped..:orll ~ th lcm. out_ when ~ ball wa out of bound : kin:ds. Have your ~ilms __Ee Fine " ~ or 10 P~ e 1011 of the other side. : Pnnted. Quick Service ill.... ::: Th occer match between tter- . 6. Time out i al O called automat- § Guaranteed. b in and the 0. . U. team achieved •.cally when mor than on free throw S ialtY ::: Enlargements a pee · ::: publicity in the Bo ton " hri tian t mhade. ~ndh in~e in almo t all game : . • ?,1:£1'1'1' IY ::: cience Monitor" al og with a rather per ap e1g t mmute out of th f : OUR OPTICAL D~PART d proper ext nd cl ·write-up of th occer re­ d 111 · e orty Have your eyes examined an right. ::: a~~ con .ume making free throw § fitt ed with Glasses that ar;ble. ~ vival in th middle w t. The chool t I • ruhng will have the effect of Our P rices are Reason ::: wa further dignifi d by the appella­ tion of tterbein " niver ity". ::~e:~ the playing time con iderably

"E veryth'1ng in the






paired . AnY






= =

§ RITTER & UTLEY 44 N th State Streetllll~

1TI11111 11111111 11111111




111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 1111111

1111 111111


Page Seven

THE TAN AND CARDI NA L The following vote was cast: Yes-Voters, 91. No n-voters. 74. N o-Voters, 10. Ton-voters, 6.

D·CIATIDN g· ~oo in.,

cold, water cold. makes a ir hea lthy, wea lthy and bold. Wa nd a Gallagher spe nt the weekend with E th er 'l. ,, oore at the latter .s hOllle.

E ~eba

LITERARY ARTICLE (Co ntinued from page five.) haps. But don't forget that you ha·:e given me the nice t Chri stmas I've ever had. And if so met hin g should happen to change a ll this please be kind. I'll send the taxi at ten. Good­ night." ., Now that was not quite so good thought Sally Mary. "As king me to be kind. How co uld I be a nythin g e l e. Oh, I li ke 'um. And I'm so tired and leepy and happy. Good­ night, cousin, th at I wish wasn't," she murmured again into her pillo w. At ten ten the next day Sally Mary was again at her a unt' door. But thi s time it was thrown wide and her a unt's arm clo ed about he r. unt Ann " Oh, my dear," cried "what a terrible time you m ust ha,·e had and I never knev.r you ,vere con1-

Knapp. ,Bessie Lincoln, t er Sullivan, and Helen K ern Were d • c d un ay dinner guests of the Ara Y lub. ing." ' d" cl "Oh , it wasn ,t so ba ' laug he The T 11. F .d a sman gi rl s ente rtain ed Sally Mary, "George looked after me rt ay evening with a " Hard Time" ju t sp lendidly." Party I 11 k . "George. why he wa n't-'' began lik · eep111g with the povertye atmosph ere mush a nd milk was erved f her aunt. or refreshments. "Yes he wa . \Vh en I got her~ E B Mary n · rewbaker·s friends re- and d'1scovere d you we re go ne and. 1Ctnbered h d • ts I tramped miles . er on her birthday by only ha nme cen . ending . . . 11 I f O u nd ht apartment. p Pec1a l de liveries of pot s and and miles ti . d an . H was home and he took me m an 1 e h. tm en t McKi . I f d me and gave me is apar Jo C .d nncy s from Columbus visited e . h . t to a friend' ." rt 1and und while e wen r ' ay. A t Ann' eyes had grown 1arge Lorene un I health r mith, because of ill and larger a the recital progres ec · "But Sally Mary, I got a telegram ' eturned to her ho m e Friday. Marj or· C G th . morning ; he's at a 'We k. ie opeland a vi itor over the from eorge is He . e -end ' • 1 tion in Ba 1tnnore. med1ca &ue ' was the Sunday dinner co nven .st ,, t of the Phoenix Club. went the day before Ch n 1:nas. . Mr C Sall Mary ank weakly in a chair Childr · ox, Mrs. Miller and two hy .d he was Geor o-e Hartman " en and M . . I . h "B ut e a1 1 rs. S axou r v1s1tec clizabeth wit he had a nice smile and brown . axour, Sunday. and d ty red hair. Oh, Aunt eyes an rus Lo1 B. lfarriet ieke(, Gertrude Myers, and Ann, who wa it?" , dinnc Whi tier enjoyed Sunday "Why my dear, that Georo-e's r at P r 0 f • , en· th younoO "' • a nd Mrs. Valentme . f •end Richard ye r , e t -lhe d0 n I t you He mu lhe \V nn \va well repre ented at gineer of whom ~vo Ge ~• room e 1 Ya n game. I e been stayi ng in eorg ,av M " Au nt 1111 And he-Oh, Sally ary, Stu:-:;d_ _ _ __ __ out la ughi ng. • d ents to Attend Opera. burst h" he cne A numb "T he deceitful wretc ' n't to att er of tud ents are planning " wo.nder he wou ld talk "h et1d th e Japane e opera o f out 1 o · o ".J.adam . medical profe ion. n da e Butterfly" to be given Wed- about the . k lower and " her voice san Y ve · b "No wonder olumb ning at Memoria l Hall in won d er, he choked back a o i·k blue stars au tu cent u · Profe sor Grabi ll urges 1 h h aid m)" eyes were i e " to hear .' w o po ibly can, to go e s h. hristma package. h . "I'm going lllerit . tdlll op ra wh ich is of high and called me is l' ,111 . 0 ff er he ro} the be t in mu 1c. Sally ro e from her c a1r,he rou t be h bow ~e u.nge bo~ "Madame Butterfly" will bome at once . . e-'' <111c1_ th l a Japane e prima donna, laughmg at 01 · t' d her aunt, Ciua!ity upporting ca t is also of high " 0 wond~r" co\~:a]ied me late . here With the To tho e who are familiar holding her tightly, . d t Id me you "ere '-'ery intere t~ry the opera will prove la t mght an te de cribing tere ted . _ting as well as to those in- then spen t five 1]11DU ty 1 wonder and beau · - 0 111 it for the mu ic alone. your c h arm ou till he came Stu; i - - - - - he told i;1e t~ ~ad to lotk }'OU 1,' ents Vote on Bok Plan at one o clock, . oUowin h 111 ng Pl _g t e relea e of the win- in the hall closet.",, the ro y face dis' Oh unt nn. t's houl d er. ''I'll lcst, thanAtn the Bok Peace Plan cona e rn · . is it?" ll opPort .erican people were given appeared on her aun th \ hat time . ~&ardin unity to exp ress their view stay a mon .· W tz Philalethea. th Pauline en ' tterbeig e plan. The tudents of 11 Wer to · • \'ote last e given an opportunity Beat Denison I Tuesday and Wednesday.


° .


An egotist is an ·T' speciali st.


Don·t be a bore-that's awl.

Seniors should come in at once for their class Photos for the Sibyl.

As Christ-

·mas approaches we are more busy and we wish to give you the best of service. Don't delay.

The Old Reliable

~ State and High Sts.

Columbus, 0.

Men's Suits and Overcoats Reduced The once-a-year clearance that give c llege fellow a chance to get the very uit and coat that they' e anted all ea on-at pri ce that brin o- unexpected avmg. $35 and $40 Suits and Overcoats

$50 to $55 Suits and Overcoats



$45 Overcoats and $42.50 to $47.50 Suits

$57.50 to $65 Suits and Overcoats




Many of the suits are Stein-Bloch. Some have two pairs of trousers. Every overcoat in Lazarus Men's Store is at a sale price. (Lazarus Men's Store-Second Floor)

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Page Eight


Garden Court Face Powaer


The Powder Invisible V l



Shadows or

Brilliant Lights.


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50c and $1.00 Bo,ceS,



The mode rn clam. ays one of our I O ne of the large t audiences of the youn g cienti t' s, is eq uipped wit h an ~ear turned out to hear Dr. Jon es reintake and an ex hau t. late so me of hi s perso nal expe rience of the Ci,·il War at Y . M. C. A ,\n examp le of a concrete word, Thursday night. Dr. Jones wa greetsugge t the fre hman , i " sidewalk.''


Our own N oah eb ter ays: I, ( ) The human no e i a parking place for cold . , ( B) Temperament i th at trait in a genius which i called tubborn in the ordinary man. (C) I. Q. is the legendary Ideal ·

Quiz. hat i the penalty for bigam y ? \ Two mothers-in-law. Prof. Fritz (calling the roll ): ''Mr. B. Mr. B. (q uite naturally ): U npre­ pared.-Another victi m of habi t.

This week's prize "po t cript" i awarded to th girl who, , riting to the folk at home about the approach­ ing "exam " added. P. . What i th e tronges t b rand of coffee? Clew o. 13. Our Campu \euth promi e to reveal oou the cau e of the sudden revival of learning among th tudent of tt rbein. OLD TIMER SAY S :

at Office of Buckeye Printing Co.


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DUNLAP'S Greatest Sale of Men's Shoes Men of Central O hio are cer­ tainly patronizing this sale of Men' s Winter Shoes. Not odds and ends, nor diseon­ itnued old styles. But bright sn~ppy new styles all at sale pnces. All Nettleton Shoes and O xfords up to $16.50

$11.45 All Bostonian W inter Shoes up to $10.00


In pite of the inten ily of the rival­

ly that exi ts between Ohio We leyan and Otterbein, and in spite of how the Red and Black refu e to mix with the Tan and Cardinal, Otterbein owes W \e.yan no mall debt. Had We leyan not ucceeded,' Otterbein have been another tory. In 1 39 the Blendon Young

Between Gay and Broad


46 N. High St.

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