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No. 25.


FRENCH PLAYS I WELL RECEIVED Students of Third Year French Stage I 1



Clippinger Gives Address Before Kiwanis Club Members at Meeting in Ottawa, Canada.

Two Interesting Plays In French Tongue. COSTUMES ADD TO INTEREST


Audience Is Delighted By Wit and Humor of Both Plays--Characters Well Personated.

Friendly Demonstration Character­ izing the Relations Between the Two Countries Is Staged.

Of all th e numerous events of th e O n April 7, President Clippinger college year no ne is more enj oyab le add res ed the, Otta wa, Canada, Kiwan­ than th e Soiree F ran caise. Sa turd ay i.s Club as the climax there of the night the tud ent of the third year United States-Canada W eek <:elebraF rench class presented two French tic ns which were conducted during plays, ·'L e Petit Chaperon Rou ge" and th e past week by the . Kiwan is Club "Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme." J. P. SCHUTZ, ! of. the United States and Canada to The fir t play was the familiar tory J. GORDON HOWARD, . . B . II bnng about good fellow hip betwee n R etinng usmess Manager. the two countrie . . . oi ·' Little R eq Riding Hood" and al­ Retiring Editor. though we have heard and read it Starting the year with a bothersome Besides J{iwanian . there was a ever has the T . and C. had a bet­ many time it i one of the tale of ter editor than Mr. Howard has shown debt on his hands, Mr. Schutz labor- large attendance of Rotarians1 mem­ childhood which never grows old. him elf this last year. We do not etl to such purpose that before the bers of th e Canadia.n. Clubs, Board of The play wa the French version of ca re for high flown eulogies. The end of his year' work that debt bad Trade and other organizations pres­ the tory and differed slightly from pa.per wa good when Mr. Howard been lifted all accounts kept clean ent for the addre , and the main din­ I our ver ion. Wray Richard on was a tar fe d on hi year, il: improved under a n a handsome surplu l eft for hi ing hall of-i'he" hateau Lauri e, was charming Little Reel Riding Hood, and his direction. ucce or. An enviable record! filled with• ;111 , en~ ~siastic company eed we say more? be with her Uttle playmate amused bent o n goodwill and -g ood fellow­ and d lighted the audience. The wolf I ===c=a=p=a=n=d=D=a=g=g=e=r=Is=A=t=W=o=r=k=.====G=ym==c=la=s=s=es=D=o=R=e=a=l=w=o=r=k=.=~ hip. Flags of both countri ei were t rrified the little girl a11d entertain­ Th e beginn ing of the baseball sea­ profu ely dis.P layed and the national ed the audi ence with hi fierce growls Although quiet as th e proverbial anthem of both countrie were sung, and his efforts to escape from the mouse about it, the Cap and Dagger son necessitated the cleaning up of th e i11 an enthusiastic manner by the en­ pit near the athletic field . This place granclmotber and the girl . The Ch,1b i bu y reh earsing three plays to tire company. character in tbe play were well por- be presented in the chapel Saturday, bas always been displea ing to th e Pre ident Clippinger rose to speak In th e past many baseballs eye. lrayed and even if one could not un- April 29, at 8:00 p. m. amid loud ap1,>lause and said that h is der tan_d French the tory wa easily Two of th e plays are comedies, one have been. lost in the brush and it was message was one of brotherline s decided to remove the brush and rub­ of them featuring Mlle. Henrietta 0f­ goodwill and good cheer. He com~ followed. onia who ha clelighted Otterbein bi h. · The econd play, " Le Bourgeo1 mented on the mutual interests of the audience in the pa t. In the other The gym cla ses, under the direcbY two countries and said that COO(?er­ was written - ntilhomme", comedy, the part of the leading man ti n o f Mr. Martin have done the work. ation wa the thing for which both Moliere and i con idered one o f t h e Th b b t of French comedies. The play is i taken by that versatile young These ru h has been cut, collected and countrie mu t stand today. Bound pian, Mr. C. C. Conley. with the otl,er refu e ha been burnt. given every year in Pari so we see "Will 0 , the Wi p" is the nam e -. o~ The boys have the pit looking much together by common ance try and a common language, the two countries that tterbein i keeping up with the the clramatic sketch featuring Mis better a nd are to be commendecl for al o have common ideal and purposes ari tyle . The play a pre enJed Whi tl 1eir work. her was in three act and was full ~K; ' a;t;;h;;l;ee;;n~====t=e·= =====================;:==;;;~ ~= in life. The real concern of both counh:ies should be as to their de tiny; f wit and comedy from beginning to and the problem and peril of the end. · The story i that of a newly rich future were. in his opinion, commer ­ man who i making a de perate effort cialism in business, provincialism in to become a nobleman. His ex­ that we shall certainly look weet, political life and profes ionali m in dams. perience with the music teacher and By Delno hand pme, chic, or swell as the ca e private life. Business should be con­ dancing master and his lesson in The long anticipated moment ha may be-in our n w bonnet or the ducted on a humanitar · n ba is. fencing and orthography bowed how arrived! Easter vacation begin to­ Dr. Clippinger urged that they capi­ ridiculous his attempts at nobility morrow. The pring reces which for light ch cker d uit which we plan to urely it i talize in a right sense the spirit which Proved to be. All through th play weeks we have agonizingly watched initiate on Ea tee day. the audience was amused at the ex.­ approach, while our work accumulat­ no t in t)le thought that we may for­ had enabled them to live in such con­ get all the multitudinous care and cord for so long a time, and said that Pen e of thi ambitious gentleman. ed around our ears and threatened to Wesley Seneff played the part of ubmerge us; that bles ed intermis­ woi:ries of student li(e-including the it should be the desire and duty of le bourgeois gentilhomme and that he sion et aside by Providence in order Math and Science and English themes each country to project the spirit of -for a whole week! It can not be the amity and concord, prevailing between did it well was proved by the many that we may catch up with our Math season of the year, for what season them, to the other nations of the omplimentary remark beard about and our Science and that we may can r>o ibly be bright r than Ea ter earth. him after the play. write our over-due Engli h theme , i time? There it is! Easter! What do When he returned home Sunday To name all the players who did at band! Dr. Clippinger reported a plendid we a sociate with Easter? Eggs? well would be to give the entire cast, Joy, Joy boundless and immea ure­ Eggs! They have been our mental and pirit manifested and a royal recep­ for everyone seemed well suited to able ! Our cup of joy is-. But stop! conversational diet for age , it eem . tion given him . his or her part and only comme,nda­ From whence comes that discordant Even a good egg gets old. Ugh! we Monday at Chapel, he told of his tion was beard concerning the play are tired of eggs. Our whole vaca­ trip and emphasized th e spirit now blot which mars our moment of de­ and the players. (Continued on page seven.) light? Surely it is not the reflection tion is spoiled .





(Continued on page eight.)



FRESHMAN CLASSE~ BANQUET •:...'. !I I I I I l I I I I I I I I11 111111111111111111 11 11111111 j 111111111111111 I I I I I I I I I 11111111111 111 1111 I I II I I I I Ill 11 11 -


Songsters Present a Pleasing Program Public Speaking Department Com- _ to Big Audience-New 0Tchestra I bines Pleasure and Training In Makes Big Hit. Novel Manner of Teaching. i= ,On T hursday evening the Glee Club Recently th e D epar tm ent of Pub- § and Banjo~Mandolin Orchestra und er lie Speaking staged a uniqu e pedago-· : th e direc tion of A. R. Spessard repeat- gical event. It was a mid-term ex- =: ed the successes reported to the col- amination, held in th e form of a ban- I§ lt ge from the annual "swing a round quet-in-series, beginning o n Monday : th e circle" and proved to students and even ing at 5 :30 and endi ng Thursday ~ friends th e m erit s of their songsters. evening at 7 :30. Each evening about : Every seat in the chapel filled with thirty-five stude nts ass embled at two I~ enthusiastic listeners is the story of t he tabl es in the banquet hall of the annual "at home" concert. United Brethren church and enjoyed The harmonious rendition of favor- . a tasty suppe·r. Afte r the meal was ites suc h as "Day Break" (Bishop) eaten·, Professor Bromley Smith callnl and " Ole Uncle Moon" (C. P. Scott) the m embers to orde r and ordered the rev ealed th e qua lifi cations of th e en- partition pulled down . th ereby separa-· tir e organ ization. The solo work of ting the tab les. \§ Mr. Coon in " D ar lin g Nell ie Gr ay" When the partit ion vvas in place th e : and of Mr. Broadhead at the piano was gentlemen toastmasters made ap- :.: very praiseworthy. prop ri ate opening addresses and in- : Direc tor Spessard's encore with troduced six or seven toaste r s. Then "Ohio" a la Harry Lauder a nd his the gentleman toastmaster gallantly rea dings of "Brer Rabbit" and " Base- handed over th e program to a lady : ball" won applause for their character toas tmast er w ho finis hed th e program delineation s. by introdu ci ng another gro up o f Our rotund Mr. Monn created a toasters. Concluding th e round o{ ... se nsation with his encore, "The Mule speeches were th e remarks of the Song", a ssisted and sustained by honored guests. "the entire club . By thi s m et hod abput 120 toa. ts 1 The 'Banj o-M~ndojin Orchestra, were delivered during th e fo ur eve n - _ both in the brisk alld s16w composi- ings and sixteen students obtain ed : tions, was very favorably r eceived . practic e as toastmasters. The gues t s • With colleg~ songs and a big "Yea of honor through the week were; Mon- ;: Otterbein" the club completed its pro- day, W . 0. Stauffer, '22, an d M . L. : 'g ram. Howe, '22; Tuesday, Ray Gifford, c


Tennis Balls and Rackets Bats, Gloves, Mitts Heel Plates Fountain Pens, Watch Fobs

I .


p aper Kn1ves, • . R•1ngs


= P1· ns, Test Book~,~ Easter Novelt1· es, Cards, Greet1·ngs F•111 ers an d N ote BQQ kS

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= we sell films and develop p1"ctures



Un1·vers1·ty Bo·ok S-tore


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Bu jne s Manager Sp rout announ- Editor of Public Opinion, and Mr ~. ced that a . ecqnd concert w ill be giv- Mary Lee oi e tervjlle ; yVedne - ~ _ ·en after Easter if there is sufficient day, Mrs. J. W. Jones, '88. and Gordon __ ·demand for it. Howard, '22 ; Thursday, Edna Dellin. ________ ge r ' 22, and Horace Troop, ' 23. · iillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllUllii 'Former Teacher Is Taking \ The success of the whole event was Advanced Course of Study In Music made certain by th e hearty coopera. tion of th e women of the church . Miss Maude Hanawalt, '06, is now Their excellent menus laid the founda­ at Roche ter, New Yor~, where she .has been tudying· for eve.ta! weeis tjon on whi ch was erected a pleasant witl:r Dr. T. H. Yorke Trotter of The and pro fitable sup erstructure. I t is ncorporated London Academy of needles~ to say that all of th e class passed the examination successfully. }.:!;u ic. Ur Trotter wa:, secured for a year at The Eastman School to intro- · Dites-Dices ! ! ! c\u1=£ bis Rhythmic :Method of music I ? ? ? •teac,liing, and his work has proven of I ttch great val ue that teachers and Did you ever see an F. F . F? No of 1 . tudent from all parts of t;he caun- cour se you never did. o on e ever _ try are tal:cing advantagi:.. 0£ hi in- did. T h ere never was an F . F. F . be- _ truction in the new method. fore. ~ut you can have the rare op~==:-_= · . M,iss Han.a.wait' reports indicate portumty of seeing a wonderful F. F . _ that h er eek are ery full, fo r ber I F. at o'clock in the "Y" building t1.1d Y include no t only wor~ with Dr. I aturday night April 22. Trott~, but al o oic.e. le on UI\\ier a It will be heap mor fun for you _ form,er Grand Opera tar,lecture on and your girl than walking up College : The Bi tory of Mu: ic and Mu. ic Ap- \ Avenue and down Main Street-it's _ predation by Dr. P ~nny, ob ervatio~1s going to be even more fun than walk- _ ln cla ses in :Methods, observatioJ1 ii'.\ ing up Main Street and down Co llege · cjal children' work a well a at- l Aven ue. , tendance at qiusi recital and The Y. W. ;..od Y. M. o--ive th ir : olher mu ical prograi;ri . , .. word of honor t:1al this is the only F. _ r• Mi Hanawalt uuring her period of F. F. in captivity and ab olutel r~I" • to J?e tame. ome early. tay : Jeav of absence ha-s al o t ud~ed with l f eci l Fanning, and ha done pecial l;ite. Two "hone t-to-goodne s" clown § observation work in The Oberlin. Con- t will cheer your drooping spirit , and a servatory of Music and at the Cine-in- if th;i.t were not suffici nt, tep right : nati chool of Music. up, brother, to the imported no,v boqse, set yo ur pearly pebicoes into Fifty pe.r cent of, t),~ tudents. of a i,ice cool E kim.o p ie, wat h the SPECIAL RATES TO OTTER.BEIN STUDENTS McGill University are aGtually engag­ moving' movin pictures and listeu to ed in c0mpe,titive athletics. In former the pepp~ music. Th.at's w here t;Jie years a man who · was not a highly crowd's going and there's room for ·trained athlete was practically barred ever ybody and his brother so riglh 111111111111111111111 I IUlttUII 11111111111111111nm 1111111111111111111111111111111111 ti 1111111 ii Ii 111i ·this way to see the F. F. F! from enteri n g college activities. Jlappy Vacation to You All! Plan For Commencement I

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Page Three-

Th e Sibyl this year will be one of :I Personality and its power. . . _ On F riday morning, th e Rev. A . T . 1 the most expensive books pubh hed , Howard, President of Bon ebrake The- , fo r severa l years. It is full of good In Open :Session of High Last Friday ni g ht in Philophronea I o logical Seminary, presented the fie ld ;1ictur es reco rdin g every worth-while Ha,11 th e new o~cers fo r the re t of 1 01 whole-time ~ hristian se:vi ce in a I activi ty in Otterbein and will be ~f th e yea r were ms talled. The r oom bri ef address which was entirely char- 1 value to every stud ent. Some add1wa well filled with friend and mem- ac teristic of the force and vision of \ ti~nal _copies have been orde red whi ch ( A Three Act Feature.) will give th ose w ho have not yet subbers of th e society and th e program, that great, gc:iod man. I. H ero and Heroine find them­ - - - - - - -- sc ribed an opport unity to do so. a rendered wa s a credit to it perfo rm ers and th e literary s tand ards of A Message from Dr. Brewbaker. Th e book wi ll be of interest to the selves an hungered on the streets o f Westerville. O tter bein. 1 t has been a great joy to spen d twc alum ni a well as to th e st ud ents. The J . Mi lton O\\'en in hi s criti c's ora- weeks at Westervill e in specia l evan- Jubil ee section and the At hl eti c sec­ II. With. joyful anticipation th ey see tion, " Imagination ," __p_oi nted _out _the ge li stic m ee tings in th e United Bre~h- tion contain features that will be en­ beauti es and th e ut1ltt1es of 1ma~ 1~a- ren Church and to co me in touch with joyed by all who have an interes t 111 afar off the Blendon Restaurant where the good eat are advertised and tive capacity. R. F. Peden. ret1r1~ g I th e life and spirit of Otterb ein College. th e coll ege and its progress. produced. They enter. pre ident, distinguished him self w it~ S r ely one cannot help but be · u "Know Thyse lf Edward Clark Company Coming. teful fo r th e rich exp eriences that a master 1y oration , · h' man to gra As a substitute numb er fo r th e w 1ch was a plea to eve ry . co m e in two wee ks of act ive sojourn III. "Two Banana Pies a la mode 11111 fi r t know himself and then to be 1 · with the Christian citizen s of Wester· Stolof ky Company, the Citiz en ' L ec­ please. And two-" Well you hould self. sco rnin g imitation. vill e. a li ve and loyal Un ited Brethren ture Co ur e Board has secu red T he have been th ere. The President's Inaugural, "The Church a nd a wide-awake, intelligent, Edward Clarke Mu ical Company, an " ay. Mary, tho se advertisement lnfernalism of Comm erciali sm," given devoted student body suc h as is found organization of hig h merit, con isting read tru e, don' t they?" by M. M . Collins, was an able appeal a t beloved Old Otterbein. I know th3 t of Edward Clark, Baritone, Rachael Exit-Happy Hero and Heroine. against th e materialistic tende.J1cies of my co-wo rker, Rev. Ray Upson who Clark e, Vio li nist. and Philip Warner, our age. Music was (urni bed by U,e sang so beautifull y and with such tell­ Pian ist. '1:oral: It pays to advertise. Season tickets wi ll be good for this Phronean orche tra. wh ich r e nd ered ing power during th e meetings join two en joyable numb ers, and by_ J. L. with me in saying to th e members of co ncert-general adm.is ion twenty ­ Ruebu h whose cello solo deli g hted the chur ch, th e faculty and college tu- fi ve cents. The conce rt will be grven the audi ence. dents, thank yo u and God bless you. Wednesday night, Apr il 19 at :15. As extemporaneou speaker . May your soul s contin ue to rejoice Marjorie Copelan d r epresented Clei~r- and be enriched by the in spiration and IUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Lucile Ewry, Phila- he lp received during ou r two week ' hetea, and Mi lethea -, G. L. Glauner, 19, exp ress_ed M1 stay among you . hi plea ure in the ses ion a nd s for Christ and Otterbein, Your CJ,a . W . Brewbaker. Mildred Deitsch, '21, s poke on behalf of all the Cleiorhetean grad of former year . Five Otterbein Men Attend Y. M. C. A. Conference at D enison. : Otterbein' to be Represented. 0 terb ei n i well repre ent'ed in th e

PhiI'rpbrurrea 1nstaTIs Offi cers




The Blendon Restaurant


= Swiss Organdies permanent finish, 45 in. wide, = in a variety of colors at per yard -····-·-··-- 95c

annual meeting of the Ohio . College As ociation to be hefd at Oh10 State niver ity on April J4-15. President lippinger i on the program of_ the fir st general es ion and Dean Cornetet i chairman of the Section for la ical Languages and Lit~rat~re. Prof sor Bromley mith i d1rectmg the organizatjon of Ohio Colle~e 'I'eache~s of Public peaking and will be in charge of the initial ession of that Section. 0

Y. M. C. A. Installs New Cabinet. The offi er of th e Y. M. C. · for th e year 1~22-1023 were install d at th e m eting la L Thursday eve11ing. J . W. George, the re tiring pre id nt, av a brief r eview of this y ar' work and th en gave ])eari ornetet the floor. The D ~an gave a mo t helpful talk on prayer emphasizing the value of moral I ader hip and the power' o f Praye:r. He then took charge of the in tallation ervice.

SI L K P ONGEE, 36 inch, per yard ··-·--·· $1.50 TISSUE GINGHAMS, per yard ____ 60c to 75c DRESS GINGHAMS, 32-inch, per yd. ___ _ 35c LINGERIE SATIN, 36 inch, per yd. ____ $1.-10






l duty

and your privi lege-there's al best class that e,·e:.,enterecl Otterbein. \ \ strong team to pull you to an enjoy- 1 Boost your school. 1s the pica of th e a tJ Ie week. I Press Club .

Published Weekly in the intere st of Otterbein by the OTTERBEI PUBLISHING

Nex t Year's Revival. We . have just passed through two



Are you going travelling h" ? t lS Summer. Do you hesitate on account of the

That there is no club in this world w orry of obtaining hotel accommo-

Wes~~vtl~,DOhio weeks of real bene~t to the school. It ~~u~.ubs like our ow n Otterbein Glee I dations and railroad tickets? M ember of t he O_hi<;> College Press is impossible to est1ma~e t_he good that A ssoc1atton has been done-that 1s not the pur- 1 That the Banjo-Mandolin Orches- . The American Express Company has po e of this editorial. There we re tra is a line addi ti on to our splendid just what you w ant. STAFF some students who were prevented group of entertainers. Edito r ···· ······················ J. w. SenefI, '23 by conflictions of various sorts from II ' Our tours cover the world 24 Assistant Editor ........ H. R. ~Iills, ' . . . . th . that 1 hat we are grateful to the Profs. JJa rt1c1pat1on 111 e services; . , . ,, . ,. C t "b t·111 g Ed"1tors on n u Bonnibel Y anney, '23 1 Id t b e W e a II see th e nee d who d1dn t £1 l"e us m id -se mesters Call Citizen 224 for information. ·,out h e no . t·1c mee t·mgs. we all I last week. \V c ltad no trouble in kce 1JDelno Adams, '23 sfor evange· 1ts . Business Manager .... T. E . Newell, '23 realize that they should be supported ing busy. Assistant Business ManagersClifford Foor, '24 to th e utmost. It has been the plea That we lik ed the circus and we'd F . M. Pottenger, '25 . of the administration of the school \ like to live as long as Ti ll ie, (she cele­ Circulation Manager •· Lucile Ewry, ' 23 and chu rch to side-t rack eve r y th in g brat ecl her 106th birthday in Colum­ As istant Circulat ion ManagersKathe r ine Pol lock, '24 atld g·1·ve the re,·i,·al meetings right-of- !)us ) if the weather man wo ul d always Edi th Oyler , '25 way. and in mo t cases. that h as been favor us with clays as lovely as las t Ath letic Editor .......... H. V. Mille r , '23 possible. In some few. h owever, it h as F ri day. Asst. At h. Editor •····· W . P. Cam p, ;25 not been. and adverse criticism has L ocal E d itor ············ C. C. Co nley, 23 been heaped upon t he individ uals r eA lumnal Ed itor ...... A lma Gu itner, '97 Exc hange E ditor .... Rut h Robe r ts, '24 spon sib le. Th e presiden t of a ten mile ra il ­ Coch ra n H all Edi torT o avoid all such unhappy cases road o nce des ired to exc hange sy tern Maj ora Whistl er, '23 · or ........ p a u I G arver , '25 w hy no t h ave a stud ent committee passes wi th t he pr esident of a g reat L itera ry Edit Westerville, Ohio mee t wi th th e chur ch o ffi cials and ar­ tru nk li ne. "But m y dear sir," ob ­ Address all communications to The ra nge now for n ext yea r' s series of jec ted th e p resident o f th e b ig road, Otterbein Tan and Cardinal, 103 W. m ee tin gs? If it is th e wi sh of th e "Your ra ilroad is o nly ten mil es long College Ave ., W esterville, Ohio. sc h oo l administrati on and the student and mine h as more than five hundred Subscription Price, $2.00 Per Year, body to give entire cooperation to the m iles of track. "Can you n ot see th at payable in advance. mee tings th en now is the time to yo ur p roposal is ab surd ?" " o t at a ll," Entered as second class matter see to it t hat two weeks are left open r esponded the president of th e jerk­ September 25, 1917, at the postoffice fo r th em next year. wate r sys tem. " M y r ailroad m ay not at Westerville, 0 ., under act of 109 S. State St. be a s long as you rs but, b y )leek, she' s March 3, 1879. · We Thank Miss Guitner. jes t a wi de." Acceptance for mailing a t special rate of postage _provided fo r in ?ec. For more than fo ur years Miss Otterbein m ay n ever beco m e th e 1103 Act of Oct. 3, 1917, authorized Alma Guitner, '97, ha erved the T . "lon ge t" colleg e in Ohio, but, "By April 7, 1919. a nd C. .a lum.nal E<litor. When ~e h eck" he can be ju t a wi de a a ny East College Avenue expres ed our tha nk s to h er for th e oi t he m. T he ta lent t hat exe r cises it­ EDITORIAL service she has render ed and r equ est- e lf pe riodi call y a t th e brain wrec k­ PHONES ed permi sio n to give it publicity she ta k o f inven ti ng ar ch aic prank Citizen 26 ing Bell 84-R Plan for Commencement. a~ ked u to "soft pedal" . In a ccord- 1 a n d sma ll town buffoon er y wi ll do Wh en Ea ter va ca tion ends, Com­ ance w ith her r equest we will do no well to se t it elf to th e se rious ta sk of mencem ent w eek will b e just seven more than to point out the extent of makin g O tter bein prop erly "Wide" . week s away. This year, of all years, her un elfish work, her faithfuln es , Otterbein sh ould have a Radio it is important tha t th e t ud cnt body at d t he increa ing effici ency of h ~r club. There are do ubtle s plenty of DENTIST attt!nd Commencement exercises, and dep ar tmen t. men w h o would en joy a sembling the 15 West College _Ave. w hen we say t uden t body, we mean It i _no m all tas\c t o tak e car e of nece sary appara t us a nd engaging in the enti re student membership, not a t he a lumna! department, it r equir es the fasc inating experiments of this Bell Phone 9 Citizen Phone 167 few patriotic r epr es ntatives of the time and ener gy, it b ecomes a tire- phenomenal science. The Association four coll ege cla e . some burden but M i s Gu itner has Hall should be the cene of some such It will be th.e d uty of every student che rf;ully and promptly met every i - activity rather than to be dark and For all that is good to eat see o offer hi services to the pageant sue of the paper with a very valuable de er tcd practically every evening. committee or the various Jubilee com­ contribution. Otterbein should have a monthly mitt . That is one eiccellent rea­ We thank M is Guitner for the Literary and Humorous. magazine -son for staying. T hen again, h i tory school , and point out her work as a even if .its sponsors have t9 print it is in th e making at Otterbein, it is amp le of school patriotism well on a hand press and issue it by main each student' privilege to h a ve a hare worth imitation. trength and awkwardne . Then too in that. Do not allow the thoughts of the college should own and operate a one week' work or of one week' A Word from the Press Club. motion picture projector. This would car eless pleasure to overshadow and The Pre s Club, under the leader­ afford recreation, instrUcction, and with 31 W. College Ave. hide the regret that will be yours low moving pictures " I man, has been tl1e modern twenty y ar from now in having ship of Mr. C. WESTERVILLE, OHIO which analyze the movements of fafunctioning regula_rly for some time. pa sed up so ignificant an even t in mou athlete who e techn ique is ac- Bell Phone l90 Citizen Phone llO the history of Otterbein as her D ia­ The purpose of'the Club i to adverti. e cepted a fau!He , prove of great a Otterbein and to arou e intere t in th mond Jubilee Celebration will be. Diamond Jubilee Campaign through i tance in building up winning athWhile you are a t home thi vaca­ '1 letic teams. How about it? th new pap r . ,f tion lay your plan to be present at It i to be hoped That the Diamond The lub need the cooperation of Commencement this y ar. I_i t h e de­ J ubilee pageant will be fi lmed an d the tudent body. I.f ecach Otterbei n cision rests with your home folk thu be ma d forever ava ilable for show them now why you sh ould be tudent will boo t hi chool t h e work tud nt of future a r . T here ar e lub will b facilitated. pre en t; if th,e deci ion is ~o b e of of the Pre plenty of eminently worth while thing The Ea ter vacation affords an your own making, reso lve n gh~ now for u to do, fellow stud nt . · Let u to let nothin g k eep you fro m b em g_an cellent opportu nity for every tudent wake. up and op n O U ( ey; "WIDE." to do a little publicity wor k. eyewitness of t he Diamo nd J ub1lee W.ho w ill pay the bill ? Oh, the same "Get in touch w ith t he t udent who tudent t hat uppo rt t h e i e cream ceremonies an,_d Jay your plans accordare graduating this y a r from you r par lor an d th e movie bow and th e ingly. It is, fir st of all, your duty a t~­ local high chool and h ead them to­ bus line and the electric t raction line d t to assist at Comm encement this ward Otterbein. H elp mak e n ext and the. pool room and-so forth. tl1 e bigge t a nd '23. Y :r~th en it i your priv elege,-your year' E res hman cla


Meats of All Kinds Also Groceries at



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C. w. Stoughton, M. D.

:================-:c-~=;­ B. w : wELLS


Tailor Dry Cleaning, Pressing RHODES & SONS

The College Avenue MEAT MARKET


In the spring a young maid's fancy lig ht ly turns to thoughts of house­ cleaning. And on Friday and Satur­ day evidences of such cleaning were noticeable from fourth fl oor to first. Margaret Gintz has been a guest of Om a Mooma the past week.

Page Five

8 :45 a. m.-Easter Vacation Ends. Baseball, D enison here. Wednesday, April 19Saturday, April 22Lecture Course Number, the Ed­ F. F. F. ! W hat is it? ward Clarke Co ncert Company. Friday, April 28Thursday, April 20Baseball, Kenyon at Gambier Mceting of Gen~ral Campaign Saturday, April 29Committee of Diamond Jubil ee. Track, Deni on here. Friday, April 21Cap and D agge r Plays.

The oth er day Bill a nd me W ere talkin' About how th e folks Cur e meat • On the farm . I was tellin' Bill ho w My mother F ixed ham a nd sausage Etcetera, etc., A nd Bill Chuckl ed to hisself. And wh en I inquired, '·How kum?" H e said, "Say, Dyu know who introduced Cured meats?" And I didn't. So -he to ld me, That Noah did, 'Cause he took Ham Into th e Ark. Darn Bi ll !

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~ = =




Candy and Flowers



Rexall Store

I IIHlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllirl

Mr . Hays entertained th e Owls Easter Recess Dates. with .a love ly dinn er par ty in honor of th e birthday of her daughter Har­ Easter vacation will begin at 12:J riet. M., Wednesday, April 12, and will et We are glad to r epo rt that France! at 8 :45 a. m .. Tuesday, April 18. Arford, Helen Breden, and La Vaughn Committee Chairmen Chosen. Lea th erman are a ll ab le to be ou t again . Being ill isn't so pleasant this Y. M. C. A. announces appointmet kind of weat her. of various committee chairmen for te following year. Mrs. B reden of O don, Indiana, has Devotional-T. E . ewe!!. been visiting her daughter H elen this Missionary-M. B . Klepinger week. Membership-H. V . Miller. Mi ldr ed Deit ch ,Esther Harley, and Finance-C. C. Conley. A li ce Abbot, all of the class of '21, Social-]. P. Schutz. I have bee n back · in Cochran Hall for Music-D. A. Harris. a visit thi week. Emp loyment-J. C. Mayne. D ep utation-B. C. Rife. Saum Ha ll life has been rather un­ ·1 Publicity-Clifford Foor. even tful this week, bu t whether or Boys-L. L. White. not it wa due to the new fire bell which ha been in ta iled, we can't The committee chairmen w ill a ► nounce the appointment of their a, q~ite deci de. Edyth Eby has had a her g uests si tant in the near future.

Be Arrayed for Easter . ''


thi week Mr . Ida Eby of T r otwood, CALENDAR Ohio, Mr . Amanda Wheelock of Va1idalia and Marvel Sebert. ;wednesday, April 12. • · 12 ,00 .f~Ea t r acatlon R uth p1iout ha been a v1 1t6r in W esterville this weelc. ruesday, April ,18A mong the many unday dinner guests in the dormitory were aul Clark of n Ar bo r, .Michiga n ; E lmer Schultz, and E lmer L oomis. Edith Bipgham, Mi LaFever, Mr . Coy, Lois and Fern Coy, Mary Cham­ berlain, Grace Rill an.d Ge eva Braley were all gue t of the omo-dachj Club.



t. ~




}\ Mo~t ·HappJ ~ EASTER To every O tterbein Student. And remernber when you

aturally, every one is all excited over the f act that we!re going home in ju t a few days.


Cookery Class Entertains.

Say it with those of the highest clas,

flower house in Central Ohio. The dvan<:ed Cooking Cla s entertained Ere ident an d M): . lipping r at an Easter luncheon on And the Flowers Cost. Less. Wednesday afternpon. The .fine m nu, excellent rvi ce and tasty decora­ tion w ere the re ult of the thorough training receive d in th e Domestic Science Department. hose w)1o re­ ceive invitations to these W ed ne day At Blendon Restaurant. afternoon luncheons fee l indeed that "Fate is kind." Representative Fifth Ave. Floral Co.


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T H E. T A N .A N D C A R D I N A L

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The sc hedule will be co m- I act ivity durin g th e past week. Whi le pleted a t an ea rl y date ir robbed Coach Ditmer of an added _________ . oppo rtunity to get a lin e on nex fal l's mater ia l he reconc il ed him se lf fo r the sake oi o,h« ;o«m<s SENIOR ATHLETES SOON TO LEAVE OTTERBEIN Basket Ball Schedule For 1 1923 Makes Its Appearance.




Twilight League in the Offing Will Fine Weather Has Enabled Athletes to Show Skill and Rejuvenate Give Chance for Some Fine Drooping Morale. Sport. Tentative arrang ements are und er way which, with a hearty cooperation, will give intra-mural baseball a bigge r place at Otterbein than eve r befo re. Intra-mural baseball will be twili g ht ba eball. (This does not include the inter-class series which has not yet been arranged for. ) Inte r-club or inter-group leagues, and possibIy '-<>Ot h, will be formed. The twilight featur e will eliminate any possible conflict with varsity practices and tend to stimulate interest on the part o f '' twilight promenaders."

Otterbein' 1923 basket ba ll schedule ½hich was completed some time ago, but which has been wi thh eld from local publication on account of lack of pace appears herewith. Jan . 6--H iram at Hiram. Jan . 13-D e ni so n at Granville. J an. 18--Wes leyan at D elaware. Jan 24-Denison. Jari . 26--Wittenb erg at Springfiel d. Feb. 3-Mt. Union. Feb. 8--Muskingum at New Co nco rd. Feb. IO-Oberlin at Oberlin . Feb. 16-Heidelberg at Tiffin . Feb. 17-Ohio Northern at Ada. Feb. 23-St. Xavier. Mar. 3-Ohio Univ. at Athens. Mar. IO-Muskingum.

Jupiter P luvius has been det hroned. A warm sun has dried off th e athl e­ tic tield a nd th e place fairly tee ms with action from nin e o'clock in th e m.ornin g until du sk. Coach Ditmer is th e mo t co nspi cious performer. One minute he will be explaining the in­ tricacies of the pivot or roll block to a group of freshmen, the next will find him helping a track aspirant to lengthen his stride or time his ap ­ proach to a takeoff. Two minutes J. W . George. later he is seen with the baseball m en. If you will take the pains to look Ditmer is doing three men's work. It is pretty generally understood that he through your two year old Tan and The soo ner organizations or board- is supposed to have! ome help but Cardinals you will come across an ac­ ing clubs intending to enter teams in nothipg of the sort is noticed. count of a baseball game between the league or leagues repor t at The process of organization is being Otterbein and her ancient rival. Ken­ Physical Director Martin' s office th e worked out so that conflicts are be­ yon. The game had settled to a sooner th e league will get u nd er way. ginning to be the exception rather rather monotonous pitching duel be­ No hard and fast rules have been than the rule. From fifteen to twenty tween Perry of Otterbein and Gregg laid down but persons who intend to track men are now working out each of Kenyon, and each hurl~r had yield­ promote a team should make certain morning. They find it an advantage ed two runs. The account of th e of twelve or more players so that they to work out at that time when th ey ninth inning reads a fo llows: "Martin • will be assured of a full-fledged team j are fre her and when the coach can wa tossed out by Galberach. Seneff for scheduled games be.fore reporting give personal attention. When this walked and stole second and third. their intentions. spirit of mutal cooperation pervades Pace walked. George hit a liner Men interested in baseball should the adjunct departments of Otter­ through second, Seneff scoring. talk this matter over among them- bein' .athletics to the same extent "Johnny" George, a hitherto un­ selves at the earliest possible time, that it has been noticed in dealing be­ known Sophomore and third sacker for then act. The success of the pro- tween Ditmer- and the athletes then the Tan and Cardinal nine, had won . position will depend upon an early nothing in the world will stop Otter­ the season's opener with Kenyon . start. Report now, or immediately bein from becoming a second Cen• From that day to this "Johnny" has after the spring vacation! tre ollege. been a conspicious figure on every Ot­ terbein squad. The following autumn Baseball. Ditrner says that he now knows his ('20) George temporarily forgot his Twilight Idea for Varsity nly Ditmer will know how the chief hobby of guarding "the hot Baseball Bears Fruit men. team will line up until the 21st when corner" and tried out for football. Physical Director Martin's persis­ ~eni on is met. The week's practice The game was entirely new to "John­ tent efforts to have all varsity base­ has shown an improvement in fieldin g ny'! but by virtue of unsurpassable ap­ ball conte ts played as "twili ght and a decided improvement in hitting. plication coupled with natural speed games" have met with some ucce s The pitching is now the biggest and the traditional " Marine's devotion j at last. The Denison game on Fri­ worry. A ll in all, the outlook remains to duty" he earned a place on varsity. day, April 21 will be a twilight affair bright. He played in every grid contest of beinning at 5 o'clock. That much is the 1920 campaign. Track. practically assured. The other home The track situation remains ab out "Johnny" reached the peak of his games with Miami, Kenyon, and the same as last week. Although football fame last fall when due to his Wesleyan may be played the ame ~everal aspirants have shown promi unusual return of punt , prominent way. nothing sensational has developed. sport writers frequently mentioned The twilight scheme will have at The weakness will lie in the field and him a one of Ohio's foremost half­ least two distinct adlvantages. First hurdle events, especially the high backs. being .played in the cuol of the even­ hurdle . There is a lot of Foom for As far as football is concerned ing it will assure added comfo rt, dark horses th.ere. Unlimited possibi­ "Johnny" George is Ditmer-made. It econd, it doubtlessly will prove it• lities await men w ho have the right (Continued on page eight.) self a financial boon. Townspeople kind of tuff in their heads as well as will support baseball when played at in their legs. Multiplicity of Interests Prevents such a convenient hour. The new Tennis. Varsity-Frosh Football Game bleachers will a sure adequate sea.t­ Rain a gain played havoc with the ten nis tournament plans. It was ex­ ing fac ilities. The var ity-freshman grid game Boarding clubs are expected to con­ pected that the squad would be which wa scheduled for last Friday form to the new arrangements wh ile chosen automati cally from the tourn­ wa called off on account of the in­ the men's societies have assured co­ ney winne.rs but since time is now ability of a number of the varsity men operation by arranging to delay short "Bob" Mart.in states that he will to coopera te. Most of them a re con­ pick the squad as soon as school be­ nected with one or more of track, their meeting hours. gins. Under the tender care of Al baseball, or tennis teams, glee club, George Hubbard will captain the Elliott the courts are gradually getting student council or some other· organi­ Wesleyan basket ball team next year. better in spite of almost constant in- zation which has shown unusual

Gainsb~rough Hair Nets, Strong and Neat, 10c and 15c, at DR. KEEFER'S MEN'S ATHLETIC UNDERWEAR


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McLeod-Sanders 22 N. State St.

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Two Weeks' Campaign Which Has Been Fruitful in Results Brought to Close Sunday N ight.

'05. Roy E. Offen hau er , who has bee n for se vera l years principal of the hi g h sc hoo l in Lima, Ohio, is super­ inten de nt o f th e Methodi t Sunday School. the larges t in the city, and preside nt o f the Sunday School Assoc iati on o f A llen Coun t y. Mi s Gertrude Scott retu rn ed la t wee k to her home in Co lu mbus, Ohi o. after a protracted vis it with her is ter. Mrs. Harris V. Bear (Geo rgian Scott), '04, of Miam isb ur g, Ohio.


Mr. and Mrs. Warren H. Hayes. · who durin g their furl oug h .from miss ion work in Japan have been stud ying in the Uni versity of Chicago. have completed their work there. Mrs. Hayes will be for so m e t ime at the hom e of h er parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Bale, in W este rville. Mr. Hayes will spend the next few months in travel, representing h is mis ion fie ld among t h e co nstitue ncy of th e church. '13, ' 12.

Miss Annette Brane of Dayton. Ohio will assist Mr. and Mrs. J. Clar:nce Sullivan of Columbus, who h ave been chosen to di rect t he O tter­ be111 pageant to be put on as a special featur e of the Jub ilf e Co mence­ ment next June.

' 17.

Word has been received in Westerville of the ve ry serious illness from bronchial pneumorua of the little son, Jo eph, of Professor and Mr . Peter G. aber (Mary Grise ) pf Kan as City, Kansas.

'19, '14.

' 96. R ufu

Dr. C. W. Brewbaker i now in Dayto n attending to his official duties a s General Sec'y of the Sunday School, and R . G. Upson h as gone to Galion to continue his evangelistic work, but th e noble work of these ·two men will ever be fel t in Westerville. The subject of the final evangelistic service held in the U . B. church was '·Our Heaven ly Citizenship," and it see n1ed to i1np r e the entire audience as being one of th e most touching o[ all the services held durin g the two weeks und er Dr. B r ewbaker's and. Mr. pson's di rec tion . During th e past week the sermons have bee n mo t appropriate, and the majority of the students have profited not a little by having heard them. The se rmon F riday night on " My Life Work" lef t the tudents believing that no matter in what channel of ho norab le work their life work would be, God co uld be wonderfully g lorified through th e worker, provided He would be taken into partnership in the work. Th e true amount of good done by Dr. Brewbaker and Rev. Upson dur­ ing their two week ' sojourn in We terville cannot be estimated by one of us. However, we firmly believe . that no two men have been more cheer­ fully Ii tened to by the student-body of O. C. than have Dr. Bre,vbaker and R ev. Upson.

F or your next "push" or luncheon.

MOS E S & STOCK, Grocers.


A card for every occa­ sion from the cradle to the grave. GLEN-LEE PLACE No. 22 North State St.




: :: -




§ § -

= =

Smart, Well-Tailored Suits and Overcoats High-Grade Clothes Made to sell at $35 and $40. ___J







Here a wonaerful chance to save Tuesday night, Apr il 4, the M en's on warm, tyli h Overcoats for the Glee Club elected J. P. Schutz, '23, .remainder of this ea on and other manager for next year's organization. ~ The faithfulness and efficiency that ea on t o come. nd many of Mr. Schutz has shown in his wor:k on t he uit are in styles and weights variou school activities qualify him uitable for spring wear; that's admirably for the acting work de- mantled in managing the Glee Club. m r e ·econ om y. . Both Suits and ,= Overcoat q.r e in t hi eason's be t OTTAWA KIWANIS CLUB CELEBRATES _ mode ; ha n d tailored of good all( ntinued from page ne.) bric . ize for men of ol p re ailing b tween Canada and . ~e e ery uild. nited tate and di play d a Bntl h _ fl ag, giv him after hi add.L a a = 50 and 55 Har t, chaffner & Marx H andouvenir of hi trip. Draping th al- _ Tailored tar with the Rriti h and A1nerican = uit a n d Overcoat reduced to $33. J. P. Schutz Elected Manager.


. Longman, who wa for several year a sistant superintendent of the Children's lfome of Cincinnati, )1io, wa ia t week chosen as sup er­ intendent of the General Prote tant Orphanage on Highland A 'lenue in that city. Mr. "Longman ha f~r 1nany years b n promin ent in chan­ 11 ty and welfar e work in thi late. H e i a pre ent cretary and member o f the xecutive committee of th Ohio flags, he brought home to the stu~ent _ tate Conference 011 Child '\Velfare. body in a ver y vivid manner the fill,s•~ ~ rl'I ~ ' 16. fr . T. ~- fe up, (Mari Hen­ pre ion be received in Canada. § []' drick ) ha returned to the . . after fwo y ar in Guatemala, C. . he, with her infant daught r, "Peggy, " i : Hig h and Long Streets Columbus, o. counting on a iX' month vi it at_th_e Fi, 11, 11111, 111111,, 11111, 11,111, 11111111111, 111,111, 1111,, 1111111111111,, 1, 1111, 111111111111111, 111111 home of her moth r in Quincy, M1ch1-gan.


= =


Take your watch, clock -

and jewelry repairing to

old tim Otterb in quartet of be together a t Com­ rnencement thi year to h elp celebrate the Diamond Jubil . Ed I r, '.9,1;, i coming cleat from rcgou to 111 0' one mor with hi buddie of twentyight yea r ago, Frank Re ler, • zra Lollar and Alfred Boward he called tl1em in that former day. ·Th

l 90-9'1 will

1:u- .

' 12, ' 13. Mr. and Guy E. c­ Farla~1d (El ie J,tne DiU of Che hire, 'Ohio, haye announced the birth of a on.





44 North State Street

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Jeweler. Westerville, Ohio All Work Guaranteed.

Ink Pencils, Sheaffe.-'s Ever Sharp Eye Glasses and Soectacles, Eye . . . Shades and Goggles. Examination Pencils and Leads. Fme Papetenes,free All k · wor guaranteed. Give us E tc. a call. · iviM£ ~1.11cf





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of eight hundred and fif ty tons was req uir ed for thi s yea r's suppl y, exceed­ ing last year's supply by o ne hundred and fifty tons.



7 West Broad

7 West B road

The Pagean t Committee fo r th e Diamond Jub ilee celebration has chosen J . C. Sullivan, of Columbu s, as direc' to r of th e pageant. Mr. Sullivan has , I had over ten years' experi ence in this work, during w hi ch time he has been a ssistant and directo r of Columbu s · F ou'.th of July and Ohio State Uni­ George Bechtolt had t_h e mi sfo rtun e vc rs'.ty p~gea nts as we ll as one of_th e to sprain hi s ankle quite badly last lcadmg directors of_ the pageant given during th e Methodi st Centenary held :tvlonday whi le pole vaulting. . in Columbu s a few years ago . He will Mrs. Charl e Cusick wh o u nd erwen t supply equipment valued at several an operation r ecently is improving thousands of dollars in addition to that rapidly. which will be secur ed by the college. Russell Ehrhart, ' 21 , was visitin g on Mr. Sullivan will be ably assisted by th e campus last Monday and Tuesday. Mrs . Sullivan , who will devo te her 1 Professor W einland in Theoretical time to the training of the various Chem. Class-"Some day we' ll spend a groups of th e pageant, and who will whole month on that ubject." also be in charge of th e wardrobe.


s mm :wza oe ;


Pageant Committee Secures J. C. Sullivan to Direct Pageant.



- -- " most fo r your money"


Y Ol ing Men


ue' re showing u nm atchable values in new


Bob W ri ght, ex '22, now a Senior N ew Books In Library. ( of the type sketched) in Oberlin, was visiting Otterbein The Librarian announces the addi­ fri end s last Tuesday. tion of the following books to the The Alps Club was entertai ned by college library : Mr. Upson Tuesday eve nin g at th eir John on-W hat to See in Ame ri ca. club room in the Blendon Hotel. Dilnot-N ew America. Soft front, short lapels; "Sar g" Willet made hi usuaf week­ Snowden-Wonderful Mo rning. cut on easy, straight lines. end visit to Otterbein last Saturday Thwing-American Colleges in the Materials are T w e c Li s, and Sunday. Grea t War. Striped Worsteds, Her­ Schafer-History of the Pacific Dr. Burtner's suggestion to sereringbones. All hand tai­ 11ade D r. Brewbaker and Mr. Upson •otthwest. lored. Adams-Women Professiona!Workwas followed up. We hope th ey en­ ers. joyed it as much as th e serenader s. Su it s that will Lillie-D evelopment of the Chick. Did you feel all tired out and lazy Thii -Leonardo da Vinci. appeal particularly like and have a desire to go "fishin'" Burrell-Lure of the City. lo local college and during the first few days of spring J o hnso n-America's God Father. sunshine? So did we. high school students Lloyd-Wealth Against Commonwealth. Easter Cantata · Is Impressive Cone-Rich and Poor in the ew As Rendered by Church Choir. Te tament. Knight-Praise of Hypocrisy. The church choir pleasingly enter­ Lynch-War of the Civilizations. tained and inspired a large audience SENIOR ATHLETES SOON TO F RENCH PLAYS ARE McAfee-Mosaic Law in Modern Sunday afternoon, April 9. The can­ LEAV E OTTERBE IN WELL RECEIVED tata given was "Easter-tide" by P ro­ Life. (Continued from page one. ) (Contin ued from page six.) Hoeck-My Church. thero. In itself it was short, but The play was made doubly inter­ wa due to " Dit's paternal guidance" Crane-Religion of Tomorrow. it carried with it the thought and pirit that within a year from the time he esting by the beautiful costumes of eukomm-Rulers of the Sea. of Easter time. The rendition in all White-Andivius Hedulio. knew nothing even of football rules he the players. They represented the , pa r ts wa of a hi gh type as is always Carnegie-Autobiography. was acclaimed one of Otterbein's most costumes of the seventeenth century true under the direction of P rofessor and added greatly to the effectiveness Smith-Radiant Life of Vera B . able gridiron performers. Spessard. Profe sor Grabill in his In addition to his two football of the play. usual way added greatly to the suc­ Blinn. Mantegazza-Physiognomy and Ex- 1 decorations, "Johnny" owns a brace of Both French plays this year were cess of the music by his skillful track letters. He earned his cinder good from two standpoints, the .act­ han dling of the organ. Solo parts pression. Andrews-Technique of Play Writ- path " O's" in the dash and half mile ing itself and the pronunciation of the were well chosen. Throughout the events. French. For the former one, give pro ram the audience showed a keen ing. "Johnny" is also a basket-ball man. credit to Mrs. Rosse.lot who directed .appreciation by its· sustained attention. W ittenberg Resumes Baseball. In his third year on the squad during the plays, and for the latter, to the ex ­ Coal Supply Is Sufficient. Wittenberg college will resume the season just over he missed his last celle nt teaching and careful lraining Wor'd. comes from the Treasurer' s baseball this spring, after a number opportunity to earn the oval "0" by of Professor Ro sselot. To anyone at all familiar with F rench it was ve_ry office t hat Otterbein need have no of years of quiet in that sport. A only a few minutes of playing time. The record of "J ohnny" Geo rge easy to understand the conversation worries over the coal strike, as enough nu mber of games have been scheduled coal is now on the ground to care for in the Ohio conference. Coach God­ should be an inspir ation to all a mbi­ and follow the story, this is ·proof of any possible emergency that might oc­ frey will qave a wealth of good cali­ tious, but inexperienced would-be ath­ the ability of the players to speak cur between now and next O ctober. ber players from which he ought to be lete . With the exception of a few French well. The French plays form '.fhe coal was supplied by one of the able to build a team which will main­ games of "cro s road" baseball he was an important part of the wo rk of the la rgest oper ators in the Logan county, tain the rep utation Wittenberg has untried when he entered O tterbein as third year class and the member of this class are certainly to be com­ W. Va., fields. This region is one of made in other sports. The Lutheran a Sophomore. mended for the excellent plays given coach is being kept pretty busy these But "Johnny's" last chances lie be­ the largest non-union fields in the thi year. fore him. The coming spring season days with the preliminary training of country. Judging from the amount of coal his squad . For the past few years offers him opportunities to surpass all Oberlin has 33 students from China, consumed by the college, this year was Wittenberg's baseball activities have previous achievements. Leave it to 29 from J apan, and 5 from Korea. been confined to intra-mural games. "J ohnny'' to make the best of them. much more severe than last, as a total

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