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D E BATE i News Re ceived from P resident Clipp- 1 Catise of Needy European Students ! / inger Giving Details of Western I Presented- Total of $465 Second Year Men Vanquish Fresh- 1 Trip Pledged. O hio Northern Basketeers D efeated men In Interesting Class ____ ---By Two P oints In T h rilling Contest. Enroutc, Somewhere in Kansas. Last Tue day morning the Chape l Fracas. Jan. 16, 1922. period ,va.s given over to the Y . M. To the ··Tan and Cardin.a.I"C. A. and the Y. W. C. A. to pre ent FINA L SCORE 28-26 P R I ZE O F $25.00 AWARD ED I am glad to coinply with your re- the cause of the Student Fr iendsh ip Question of Open Shop D iscussed­ quest to write a news letter for the Fund which is being raised by the O tterbein Is Slow In Getting Started Tan and Cardinal. Association for the relief of needy B ut Soon Forges V. E. Myers Is Strongest Thursday, Friday and Saturday of European students. A head. Speaker. last week I was in attendance at the Mr. Duprey, of the Y. M. C. A. at If you were'nt lucky enough to get The sophomores, ran away with all annual session of the Association of Ohio St_at,e University, who has just me ri ca.n Colleges in Chicago. At recently returned from relief work in in at that game Saturday night. but honor and the $25 award in the cond annual Sophomore-Fre hman intervals between es ion I was busy Europe, spoke, and, by his intense noticed a wild noise between eiglrt Debate held under the provisions of the with errands for the College. On Sat- enthusia m for the work, and vivid thirty and nine o'clock and heard a ox prize contest in the College u rday evening occurred the meeting of de cription of the existing conditions light tinkling of the bell a few the Chicago A lwnni ssociation. A which he saw at first hand, brought minutes afterward and have not been chapel la t Friday evening The debate w:as inter'e ting and of a fine company of people, graduates and home to the studen t body in a most ab le to find out the ca use, well, it was high calibre. Each ·of the di putants ex- tudents, assembled at the Central convincing manner the neces ity of basket ball repeating it elf, for "just di played a thor'ough k nowledge of the Y. M. c. A. and for four hours enjoy- upporting the campaign for the Fund. about a year ago" we took Oltio A a result of Mr. Duprey's appeal orthern across the court in a · imilar question und.er discussion which was, ed a "£ea t of reason and a flow of tudent body ubscribed $340 manner. Re olved: that the application of th e soul" in addition to the feast of the O tterbein Starts Slowly Principle of the clo ed un ion hop wrn delicious "eat " prepared for the which, with the 1· o pledged earlier 9 t erve the needs of the American occa ion. in the year, makes a total of 465 subThe game w;as a thrill r after th . The room wa nicely decorated with scribed by th e tud nts and faculty of first five minutes. It mu t be admitted Peopl . T he fre hmen upheld the affirma tive ide of the q_ue tion wh ile colleg pi.cture and pennants. Col- Otter:bcin for the. . tµdent Friendship that they took our boy off their pin th e ophomore d feuded lhe negaliv • I ge ong and yells made the hall Fund. in • the fi r t part of the game, and at ring with camp us spirit. Thi wa Mr. Duprey said that in southern o_ne tim e th y were leading with F air Clash of A rgument. A fair cla h of argum ent was no- followed by a lar:ge number of Europe alone ince the beginning of eleven point to our two. Then the peeches. The Jubilee pi rit ran high . the Worl d War, ten millions of p eoi;ile fun b g an and wa only topp ed by ticed U1roughout th.e debate. , t the close of the speaking a young had been killed afid thirty mjllion the booming of oach Ditmer' toy clecision eemed to hang in the balance throughout the main speeches, al­ lady r ece ntl y graduated, quietly slip- more had died of di sea se. D ep reciated cannon., .when the local tearn wa I ad­ thougl; the ophomor:es undoub tedl y ped a per so nal pledge for $500 into cu rrency ha caused prices to ri e ing by two points. Th e trend of th e morale of the two held a lig ht advantage. It wa in the the President's hand. This is one of a from two hundred to two hundred and rebu ttal speeche that the fre h.men large number of illustra tions of the in- fifty pe rce nt and, becau e of thi , teams during th e fir t half was peculi­ fe ll down playing directly in to• the teo e intere t of th e alumni in the readju tments to normal condition arly intere ting. For th e first Jiv or orthern took th e I ad econd year me,n' hands time and time Jubilee ampaign and makes nearly c:m not be affected. Because of ix minute . 20 ,000 of new cash and pledges ince merica' po ition among the world (Continued on page eigh t.) (Continued o n page two.) hri tmas. . power it is her bu ine and to her GLEE CLUB TAKES TRIP POMERENE LAUDS OTTERBEIN Last night our train, the Rocky in tere t to ee that new countries in Mountain Limited, had a "head on'' Europ are fi rmly e tabli hed . Senator Praises Work Done In Col­ colli ion with a freight . Wi th a !lr. ,D uprey closed h.i appea,J with_ Akron and Canton Visited On Club's severe era h the passengers were sud- t:he tatement that thi i our "gr ea tFirst Jaunt of the leges of Ohio-Otterbein Qiven denly awakened to find them elves e t opportunity to inve t in the futur e Season. Special Mention. badly jammed up and their baggage peace of the world and the BrotherLa t Friday th e Otterbei n Glee Club It is always extremely gratifyin o- to ( Continued on page two.) hood of Man." Left for a two day trip to Akro n and hear Prai e fo r our school from men Canton, where the. fi r t two concert · who are not bound lo it by ti es of " of the ea on were given . en_titnent. Therefore, it is with Friday night the Cl ub app ared at . Plea ure Uiat we print th e following VISAGE tatem.en t made by Senator Pomerene, anton in th e local United Brethren (By Pink.) you ng for uch tragedy, yet in his di lJ?ited tate Senator from O hio, as hurch, wher an audi ence o( abo ut Printed in t he olumbu Di patch fo r hev lied hair and drawn white fact four hundr ed people e,njoyed the p ro­ tired and a lmo t hagoked Januar1y 16 1922 he lo one co uld plainly ee the · angui h gram. The crowd wa somewhat le s th "Ohio is' proud of her colleges and ga rd. Her face wore he gray of which tore his yout hful soul. H is re, tha11 exp cted du e to an important th . ab o lute de pair and in er eye one h . great work they a re performing steely g lint, w hich que t, hoarsely whispered to t e lady ba ketball game at the High School. 111 training the youth of the land for might dete~\ th d " I w ill do at the desk, was a meaningless jumble The Stark County Otterbein Alumna! th e leader hip in church and state. says as plam Y as Iwor s, pl'I h of inco herencies. A ociation wa in charge of the Ohio leader hip in all activities i j a nything, if only I could s tan d the sigh t of such concert and w ith th co-operation of . may fa ccom du · . · " Her slight rame was in e largely to the educational tra m- my aim. b the burden of dusty mis ery no longer. I grasped the the church made excelle nt arrange­ Y . h d patient faced lady by the a rm and m e,n t fo, entertaining the member of g of her yo ung men and women and stooped he bore away wit I1er an th f tfall I fancied 1 creamed "Oh, this misery! W hen ce t)le Club . The ho pitality of the· . e college and p ublic school have vo 1umes \ ~iven this opportunity. one of them to eve ry 1s t 1ess 00 . come it? Can nothing be done to a nton frje.nd so we ll expre ed la t 8 '. doing finer work than Otterbein and heard the grim accompamment. - all eviate their suffering ?" a son, wa repeated again this year. ~ ought to be a pleasure for those who "Woe, Woe, Woe." M'ss Barnes laughed almost lightly, aturday night, under the a uspices of ave the means to con trib ute to it an d In da bed another individual, wildpatted my h.ead rea uriligly and said the Art, Literary and Dramatic Qub , 1 t~P to Tai e the endowment and d f antic ' A young m a n whose "P on't be alar m ed, it's only-term of the F ir t United Brethren Church 1 ~ildiug fund proposed in tim e for h er eye r · (Continued on page two.) ia1nond Jubilee celebration." beardless cheek proclaimed him too papers.

===~=======================~;=:=T=== MARKS OF GRIEF AND MJSERY SEEN ON STUDENTS'




P age Two


I I:


Pageant Committee Plans Feat w:e. ~1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111! Dr. E. V. Wilcox, ' \JO, of Washmg-

ANNUAL DEBATE (Conti nued from page oni:.)

~oh:e~~k;·: ~;:, : rs.p7t;~~~rg: u~:~ were in tow n the past week colaboratWard Leads O ff. ing wit h members of th e co mm1ttec Prof. Bromley Smith, who pres ided r ecen tl y appointed by th e coll ege to 0 ,·e r th e occasio n, set off the fi rework s write a hi storical pageant which will by introduci 1 Rus sell Ward as th e\ be a distinctive f_eature of the Di amo nd first affirmative speaker. Ward pre- Jubi lee celeb r ati o n . The other memsented th e question in a dignified and . be r s of the committee are Mi ss De1la thorough mann er. He ou_tlined th e Lefever, '92. chairman , Mrs. O li ve affir mative argum ent and mtrodu ced , Morrison J ones, '88, M rs. Ma y A ndru th e lirs t poi nt, th a t the clo ed shop is I Stoughton, '92, and Prof. Bromley necessar y for th e existence of organiz- 1 mith.




: : _



§ E :§




Virgil E. Myer s too k up th e nega.ti ,·e side of the argum ent in aol e

Science Club Meets Monday.

; -

M o nda y night, Janu ary 23. th e cience Clu b will m eet at 6:30 p. 111 ., at -

1f_nasgh10s·tyn,leaondf ad11iyspmlayae11dot11hethleJepstladtfeobrant1-. M cFad den Hall fo r its m onthly meetin g. At that tim e an excellent pro- His appeal was earne t and mphatic. gram will be pre ent ed to members of th My er backed up hi s contention at the club. .•

= =

tbhee t clol_nsteedresshtsopov£¥0Uthlde npoetospelen ·e,vt1·~~ Elmer E. Loomis w ill present a • paper , ··Synth eti c Gems," whi le J. W. weig hty evidence. Leichlit er will hav e a production on

Celcaos1h1d of aA ffirrgu mamt1·evnets. speak~r, ''Th e E vo lutio n of th e Solar Sy t ern." The S ~ Harriet Hayes will give a biography Willi Keys, brought out the fi rst real of Madam e Curie, the discov er er of : clash of argum ent. He discredited everal of th e negative's statements and brought out th e points that the clo ed shop would serve the best interests of the working class and that it would also serve the interests of th e employer, S. A. Wells took up the sophomore's contention sho\.ving that th e closed





ed la boLMyers A Strong Man.


= =

radium. Under th e leadersh ip of President William Stauffer th e Club is now in- _ augurating a movement looking toward a special club room. This is a need whi ch ha s long been felt and it is ho ped by all mem be rs that the n ear futur e will see th em h o used in their § ow11 quarters.

a:~u::at c:~~ea :,;:~~~i;~ou~~ Christina Wahl Leads Y . w . i~ militate ,again t the interest of the Chri sti na Wahl led Y. w. c. A. _ people. Tuesday night and her topic \Va ·'Y.


Fortuna ·················--···•-···-· ···-·-·-··--··-···--··:·- $ .48 Poverty and Dependency ----·· -···-···-·-· ··· ··· $3.75 te Bl~ Qui Leve -··--· ··-·· ·-·-···-··---· --··· $ .45, $$ .SO erte rate Zoology ········-·---- --- -----·- $1.60, 1.7 5 Second Course in Algebra ·---·----------·-· -···-- $ .so Apostolic Age ·-···-· ····-- ···-·····-···-·····-·····-···-- $1.40 Embryology ···--··-····----------·-·---··-----·-·--···-·· $2.85 Grounds of Theistic Belief --···--·-··· $2.40, $2.50 Turner's Europe ----····-----···--··--·-·-·-·-···-•·--·· $3.25 Economics ··· ···-··-·--···-·----·-··--··-·---·--·--------··- $2.15 Count Robert of Paris --- -- ·------ ---- -----· ·--·---· $ .75 Th S 1 L e Car et etter ··-·-··· ·--·- ----··-------- --···--·- $1.00 Tennyson ----···-------····-·-·--· ----------- ----- --· -·-·- --- $2.35 Rietz and Crathorn's Algebra ·--··--···--·--- $1.66 Manual of Fiction --------------------------------··---- $1.40 Compare these prices with those offered by others.

uIll.Ve rs1.ty

_ -_


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Book Store ;= =

F loyd McGuire closed the fre h -1 W. C. A. and the Industrial Girl." For iilllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllHllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllljji men's main speec h es by introducin g three years Miss Wahl has been workthe clo ed hop as nece sary for the ing in the Industrial Department in welfare of the people. He also con- Dayton and her talk was a revelat ion tended that th e clo ed shop policy was to us of the life and interests of t he !!,1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111!!, pna.ctical. · industrial girl. Mi s Wahl showed u Le ter Mitchell clo ed t he main the relation between the Indu trial speeches by umming up all point girl and the ollege girl a it i no;,; and presenti ng a constructive plan on and a we will help to make it. the h p committee sy tern. Mitchell GLEE CLUB TAKES TRIP cored labo r' outrageous methods in (Co ntinued from page o ne.) th ir attempt to secure r eform. Akron, the Club sang at the Perkins F. E. anders, Charles Bennett, and f. P. anders wt.:re judges for the School Auditorium. A crowd of about six hundred wa present and all ex- § eveni ng. pres ed their appreciation of the pro- : gram. PRE SIDENT SENDS LETTER Befor the Akron concert the Club (Conti nued from page one.) wa entertai ned at upper in the : · 1 · hundred wa pre ent and all exrtunately both ngineer dt cov red Church and a plea ant ocial hour was much enjoyed by both the Glee Club th danger in time to slow down their train and thus avoided a terrible and you ng people of the church. evcral of the member of the Club : accident. part from stiff neck a11d tayed over until Sunday morning to s_ligb,t brui e no one uffered injury. peak for the everal United Brethren : O The next point will be El Pasa, then Churches of the city. _ Lo 11gele . t the latter place pre­ paration i being made fo r a fin Otter­ Ford Talks To F rench Club. : lS bein dinner Saturday night the 21s t. dayregular eveningmeeting " Le Cerc!e Thi,s will be followed hy meetings of caiThur at it wa Frangiven :: malle r group -at an Franci co, an illu trated lecture on F ran ce by : Portland, eattle and pokane. Mr. Earl Ford. Views were shown of : The trip i trenuou but plea ant the place in France which Mr. Ford ~ and ought to yield a large amount of had vi ited. pro fit in the interest of the Diamond J~ ,ilee. Another letter next week. ' Last week Prof. Grabill was present _ Greeting to faculty and students.._ at the banquet of the Baker's conven- § W. G. Clippinger. tion held in Columbus at the Chitten- : SPECIAL RATES TO OTTERBEIN STUDENTS ~ den Hotel. Prof. Grabill appeared as § i " ell, that's all over," said the girl ~~:~::.anist for a part of the Shrine ~ as she powedered her face. IIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHllllllllllllljj



= = -



The pictures of the groups taken


for the Sibyl are out.

You will

want one of your class, society,

= =




orbo-an1zation, etc



ey will be displayed by my self and

nny Schutz during the next

two weeks. able.

The pnce






B k , Old R 1' = a er s e iable Art Gallery ~:

-:-:---::-::-::-:-::-;.;;.;;.;,::,:...,:;.::..:;:.:,.:,;::;::~!!~~~~~!_~'...,.AL ELLIOTT, Student Representative ~

Pag!! Three


UNIQUE BASKET BALL RALLY I AFFORDS MUCH AMUSEMENT ! you mi sse d that rally Thursday I And "acrobati cs," why that Smith night you deserv e to flunk in all your hoy from Oh io State put Prof. Mar­ studics. You ought to have a night- , ti n's L eade rs Co rp class down for th e mare. Stayed home to stud y? Boy, co unt. He did more than get his if you do n't belong in coll ege you cloth es dirty, he did some real stunts. ought to be in an insane asylum! Hot If yo u think that sort of thing is eas y Towel! J azzto wn V am pires . reai one's, to do get into the Gym so meday and regular o ld chorus of 'em. Jazz try it. You'll think you 're a brother orchestra. Enco re afte r encor e. Rous - to th e Statue of Liberty. ing speec h by ··Doc" J ones. . nd I And don 't forge t cheer leaders bet yo u never kn ew that he had charge Conley and Camp. "Cece" can ge t of a gym for four years, did you? thing a cross ab out as good as any one That's the r e~son h e's so sp ry. we know of. An d it's no cinch to lead those chee rs a nd songs and put the Don't let any one ever tell yo u that pep into th e bunc h an d keep every­ he is old, he is as yo un g as any fellow body in a good humor. Wouldn't be in this. school. Why Preside nt Hard­ so hard if we wer e winning eve ry ing wouldn't have been given an:i, game. anybo dy can ye ll then. b ut to heartier recep tion . And that Jazz make 'cm yell-we ll that's different. orchestra of Doc Johnson's why it And '·Red" is no slouch at get ting the would tak e anywhere. Even th e kids crowd to yell to ge ther even though he enjoyed it. Johnny George's little is only a fr es hman. H e is good for niece remarked after they had cheer­ th ree more year s here and if I know ed 'em back for an encore; "They an y thin g about cheer leade r we w on't patted too hard, didn 't they?" need tO write editorials and club talk s You wouldn't imagine anything like in th e college catalogue and th e Quiz a reading would tak e in a rally ? Why, and Quill in order to ge t someone inVirgil Draye r gave a reading and it terested in g etting a ch eer leader. took like smallpox in a ten ement dis­ Why boy, if yo u miss another rally trict. No censor hip , all in the origi­ this year your father is going to have nal. Good stuff. Maybe you think an extra farm hand and you're go ing iris don ' t have the pep. Th ey don -t to be IT. -'-A. W . Elliott . come out there just to show · off. And please don't take E:x; lb right's Absent-min ded P rof.- Didn't you remarks about it being tb 1 st rally have a broth er in this course last he ever attended too lightly. Ex bas year? Student- o sir, it was I. I'm reattended everal rallies and he has al­ so work d on several ba ket ball peating th e cour e. P roL-Extraordi oar y resem blance, teams and ough t to k now the situ­ though. Po itively extraordinary. ation. [f



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Pag e Four


who are to step in and till the place s to ' (AMPUS (HIT (HAT Foolish. be vacated in a few years are bein g : College Student: " What kind s of pie properly educated and tra ined. have yo u ?" \,\ e were asked th e other da~, if a 1 • " • • ,, Lately, scarcely a day passes that [ red h f th , t] d d d Waitress: Peach, apple and ra1s111. Pub lished Weekly in th e interest of cac1cc1 a er '" 1 a re I1ea e C S " Vv 1 • · f Otterbein by the a letter does not come to our desk, so n \\'Ould be a case of hair-r ed-itv. · ;,: c l, g ive me a piece 0 O TTERBEIN PUBLISHING requ es ting a n exp re ssion on local stu- \ . · ! beerry . BOARD dent opinion of the Disarmam en t I _By th e way did yo u eve r stop to ' ================ Westerville, Ohio O r, pe rhaps a com muni - th111 k that today is the tomorrow you Member of the O hio College Press I: Co nfere nce. wot1r icd about The season for GROUPS is here. . Association ca ti on arn,·e s releasing news regard· The best "eats" are needed. ing th e part Amer ican s tudents hav e If they flin g any more demands for 1 STAFF in th e Co nference at Washington. mo ney at us it will be a question of W e have them. Editor .............. J . Gordon Howard, '22 Each day the fact is driven home " to be or not to be" a student. J 1 11 Ass istant Editor ........ J. W. Seneff, '23 more forcibly, th at people ARE inter- o ther wo rd s " to pay and not to sta y Co ntribu tin g EditorsMOSES & STOCK, Grocers. Grace H. Hill, '23 ested in studen ts, secluded though in sc hool'· . Horace W. Troop, '23 they may seem, and stud ent opinion is It's no parti cular ho nor for th e Glee Business Manager .... J . P . Schutz, '23 con sidered a potent factor in · modern· Assista nt Business Manager slub to go to a cit y. but to stay after T. E. Newell, '23 life and is reckon ed with as mu ch. th ey've sung-there' s th e honor. Clifford Foor, '24 W e, as stud ents, are lo ~ked upon Cir. Manager ...... Harriet L . Hays, '22 as thin ker , persons capable someday \,Ve w e re wondering th e other day Assis tant Circu lation Managers­ why so few peop) e laug hed at our Lucile Ewry, '23 of un tang ling th e intricacies of wha t­ Katherine Pollock, '24 eve r problems m ay arise. We ar e no t joke s and \\'ere surpris ed to be told Athletic Editor ........ A. W . Elliott, '23 consid ered by th e world at large as that it was probably out o f resp ec t to Assi tant Athletic Editorth e o ld and infirm. H . V. Miller, '23 nonentities, but as a reservoir of \V e heard th e other day that about Local Edi tor ............ M. M. Collins, '23 youth with incalculable potentialities. Alumna! Editor ...... Alma Guitner, '97 If we are looked upon thus, then th e o nl y way you can show "real class" Exchange Editor, Virginia Snavely, '23 how g reat are our r espo nsibilities. If in W es terville i to tak e opera glasses Cochran Hall EditorAlice Davison, '23 th e world looks to us as thinkers, we to the movie. Literary Editor ............ H . R. Mills, '24 must become thinkers and straight, We wonder if there are any cute logical think ers at that. If we are to little chart that tell how to dismis Add ress all communications to The untangle intricacies arising from our Otterbein Tan and Cardinal, 103 W. chapel on tim e. College Ave., Westerville, Ohio. complex society, we must store our- -- - - - - - Subscription Price, $2.00 Per Year, selves now wi th information, augment HOWZITKUM G. W. payable in advance. our fund of knowledge with Th a t any one co uld ta lk out loud . original research, so that when the time comes ft s t d · ht' ? Entered as second class matter the questions of the day will not a er a ur ay mg s game. September 2_5, 1917, at the postoffice baffle and confuse us. If we have \ That Prof. Beachler cut all his nine at Westerville, 0., under act of . •I k I F 'd ? March 3, 1879. potential powers, ~e must acquire o c oc c asses on n ay Acceptance for mailing at special such m ona l and ethical standards that That that Rally outclassed everyrate of postage provided for in Sec. as potentiality becomes actuality our thing of the kind before or since? 110 , Act of Oct. 3, 1917, authorized powers will be properly dire cted. Apnl 7, 1919. Our du.ties as students are trem endous That mental telepathy is so suddenly becoming popular at C- H-? East College Avenue wh en we th ink that even now, as stuTHE OTTERBEI








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dents, w e are deciding whether the world' affairs, given in our care within the next twenty-five years, will be placed in hands fitted for the re sponsibility or wil l be given to those untrai ned and unre a dy to help shape the wo rld's destiny.

That Ed Newell is wearing spats? ?

Mo t of us are ready to preach thrift for others. Not enough of us are willing to practice it on o ur own account. Probably the man who first uggested that the rest of the world hould put by omething for a rainy A tudent is not pigeon-holed, but is 1 day didn't own an umbrella himself. rath er an in ves tment w hi ch will some -Irvin S. Cobb. day pay divid ends a thousand fold. The Importance of the Student. ometime , it seems to students that college life is lived apart from foe busy , orld of affairs. Many a stu­ dent gains the impre sion that he has been pigeo n-hol ed for fou r years, and that he i away from real useful activi­ ty, and furth ermore that no one ex­ pect to hear from him. But all this is a fal e notion. In reality, people cYe,ywhere are concerned about students. This wa demonstrated during the war, when every attempt was made to keep co l­ lege and universities OJ?erating nor­ mally as far as possible. The govern­ ment went to con iderable expense and trouble to e tablish the . A. T. C.1n an effort to allow men to continue tb.e ir cholastic work and at the same time acquire the rudiments of tnilitary training. "The students of today shall be fbe leaders of tomorrow" says an oft quoted . expression, which, though hackneyed, is none the less true. The leaders of today realize 'this, and are always vitally concerned that the men

W ell Donel Last Wednesday mornin g Dean Cornetet was ab le to distniss chapel without reading a single announ cement. We are quite sure that such a thing has not happened often, within the memory of anyone now in school at least. Frequently, wh en chool fir t opened last fall, the chapel lead r was encumliered with a mass or anrtouncements, most of which were relatively unimportant and co uld have been given sufficient publicity by po ting on the bulletin board. Finally, a we all remember, thin.,. came to such a pass that the tudent Council asked the cooperation of all student and student organization in eliminating chapel announcement . tudent immediately showed a com,mendable inclination to do their part, and a decrease in the number of announcements was evident.

T he Poet Laureate Speaks. Que tion s to right of me, Que tions to left of me, Que tion s in front of me­ Written and thundered; Stormed at with "why" and "tell", · Boldly I wrote, a nd-well, Into the mouth of hell, Rode my "100"1 I

Week's Worst Joke. He- "Je t' adore." he--" bu t it your elf."

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Observations of Abner. (By Doublay) One night 'la t fall I sez to H eloi e (That' my wife) Bow clear th' air isl I'll bet th' fro t fai ri 31 W. Coliege Ave. Are a comin' An' they'll edge every gra s blade WESTERVILLE, OHIO With silver lace An make a tiny skatin' pond Bell Phone 190 Citizen Phone 110 Fer th' Bro"".nies ·Outa every httle pooll 1 ~ead t~at sommers) An Heloise ez, "Ab" ez she, "You go right out \ An. git them fool pullets offen the back fence An' put 'em into th' hen hou el"

"Why do you seem to be fussed?" Students are to be commended for "Oh I alway feel self-conscious in tbi . It happens so frequ ently that an evening gown." these columns contain only criticism, " ort of dressed up and no place to that we are glad to take this oppor­ go?" t unity to bestow deserving praise. " o. Nothing on for the evening."


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By defeating the Country Club in a In taking an athletic inventory one fa st gam e la st Monday nig ht the finds that all late Otterbein teams Sphinx Club has a clear claim to have lacked an element, and one which leagu e lead er ship . " Skinn y" Leh- is generally recognized as r equisite to man's foul hooting featured the game winn ing teams, that element of true in question. "Skinny" had no right team sp1nt. True eno ugh, internal to cage six foul s o ut of eight attempts, diss ention has been held down to a but he did it. minimum, team coope ration ha been Gl ee Club practi ces and the trip satisfactory, but at the same time INTRAMURAL INTE RCOLLEGIATE have been res ponsibl e for several for - members of Otterb ein teams have (Edited by A. W. Elliott) feitures and po tponements m the lacked that feeling of brotherhood, of league. personal interest in each other. Team mate has failed to regard team The Week's Results. VARS ITY TO PLAY OBERLIN OLD TRADITION MENTIONED mate as a "buddy." Sphinx, 16 ; Country Club, 11. Alps, 18; Annex, 13. A thletic Relations To Be Re-establish- Columbus D ispatch Reveals Truth of While it has always been consider­ Alps, 2; Cook House, 0 (forfeit). ed poor taste to heap lau rels upon ed-Last Game Played Story That D . H. Seneff freshman, yet in the case of Otterbein, Group Standing. In 1897. Was Blacksmith. varsity athletes can learn something Team W. L. ~~~ from the ath letes of the class of '25. I\ hort time ago final arrangements (F[om Columbus Dispatch by H. A. Sphinx .......................... 3 0 Miller.) w ~re made for a basket ball game with Alps .................. ............ 2 1 667 Every mem'ber of th e Fro h footba ll · squad is a " buddy" of every other Oberlin College to be played on their 1 0£ late many stories have been cir­ Country Club .............. 1 .500 Wh b home court on Tue day evening, Feb. culated in the Ohio press about old Annex ............................ 0 mcm er. ere you see one you are 2 .OOO certain to see a half dozen. The same 7. This move will renew at hl etic re­ time football. Many of them were Coo k Hou se ................ 0 2 .000 lation s wi th the up-state coll ege after condition exists in the case of the very readable, in fact all of them, but Games This Week. a lap e of twenty-five years . The baske t-ba ll squad. Professor Martin in some instan ces the lapse of time Mo nday evening: r eco rds show that the Ia t and only could never arrange enough practics has caused sources of information, 7 :20--Cook House vs. Annex. athl etic contest between Otterbein and hours for the freshmen. Two or ba ed on memory incidents to be 8:00--Country Club vs. Alps. Oberlin was a football game played in three of th e squad have always manag­ clouded tradition. Saturday morning: '97. The game ended with a scoreless ed to get together on intra-mural Not so long since, Otterbein, one of 10:40-Alps vs. Coo k House. tit. That, of course, does not include teams, and so it goes, every freshman the Big Six meet at Columbus. Sport the powers in Ohio football a quarter getting with his buddy, and trying to of a century ago, was discussed a;s an "PRUNE LEAGUE" followers will remember that it was fix thi ngs up so that he can stay with an Ober lin man, Captain Kneasel, institution where eligibility rules him. T hey have the •true team spirit. By defeating the Cook club Satur­ who tied Captain Peden in the pole were not so s trongly observed and for The foregoing observation is ex­ illustration the case of Center Seneff day morning the McRills now have a vault last yea r . of the 1 93-97 teams was dted. To clear claim to league leadership. T he tremely gratifying . It means that in The management ha s wis hed to_ get quote "It's a matter of record, that week's best game was the Blendon­ the cour se of anoth er year Otterbein on Ob erlin ' sc hedul e fo r so me ti me. a famous Otterbein center, Seneff, was Priest contest in wh ich the hotel men teams will have th e rig ht spirit, for -it Although a h;i rd school to beat, Ober- a We ter vill e blacksmiih." handed the Prie t club their first de­ ,is contagious. But why wait until Jiu has a nation-w!d c reput~tion .for othing co uld be farth er from the feat. The game was very rough, but another year? Why not foster a team clean sportsmanship. Oberlm hke- truth o the real facts in the case referee "Pat" Schutz was equal to th e spirit right now? B ut what ca n the layman do? He wi e has welcomed Otterbein conteS t s. might be interesting. Seneff never occasion ca lling a total of twenty­ can go out of hi s way a li ttle to let a Early in the winter they made over- swung a blacksmith's s ledge a min­ five fouls. member of the team who does not ttir es for an· Otterbein-Oberlin foot- ut e in his life. He never lived in Wes­ The Week's Results happen to belong to his special social ball game. An enticing offer from terville, only long enough to go to Blendon, 20; Priest, 14 group or clique know that he is be­ W esleyan was all that kept O. C. off school there. He entered Otterbein Priest, 16; Holdren, 11 t' hind, him and for him. It is the team o f th e Cong rega tionaliS s gridiron in 1 93 from some Illinois town and Blendon, 18; M,a,ttoon, 8 that we want to boo t, not the indivi­ s chedul e. · graduated in 1897 in the class with C. McRill, 15; Cook, 8 duals who compose it. Whenever the Oberlin has uccceded in doin g what . Bash, market editor of The Dis­ R eed, 38; Bishop, 9 Otterbein student body catches the Otterbein is stri ving toward. Name- patch. They played on the same foot­ pirit of tolerance and brotherhood, League Standing. ly, it has reach ed the high e t point in ball team together, side by side in the athletics without stooping to unques- line and when their college careers T eam ......·-··- ··-·..····'·W. L. Pct. and not until then, will the member o tionable methods in recruiting a th . were ended Bash went into the McRill ·· •¥ ..... .. ...... ...... . . . .s 1.000 of Otterbein teams have a true team _667 spirit. 1 letes. Pl easant athletic relations be- Spanish- merican war services and, Cook ...........- .................. ..2 Priest ....................... ..... 2 1 tween the two schools are predicted. Seneff into Y. M. C. A. work. Seneff .667 We had a writeup on the health talk _667 Blendon ....................... -.2 1 often was called " the black mith" by OBSERVATIO NS-BY GOSH _667 in chapel but after we had blue pencil­ Reed ................................ 2 1 his team pals because with hi 240 _333 ed it sufficiently there was only one Mattoon ..........................1 2 G00 d n e " Ex"-Come agam P ounds and ·g eneral swarthy make-up Bi hop ............................0 .OOO _word left and it .was suggestive,-or, 3 he looked like one. It is a curious "B etty" . gai Holdren ........... _............. O 3 000 111 other words, 1£ you have to spit Wond er if a r eal good ,riuging o f fact too, that he neve r enjoyed foot­ · • carry sanitary cuspidor, if you have Saturday's Games. that old college bell along about nine ball. He played it simply because he to neeze pat youself on the back, if :00 Reed vs. McRill. thirty would m olest a ny one's Ieep.? was such wond erful material and beyou have to cougl1 don't do it and :-10 Cook vs. Blendon. W e don' t know w ho in tigated it cau e his college needed his athletic above all, if you must eat jeliy bread 9 :20 Mattoon vs. Holdren. but having the players stop shooting ervi ces. Old time Otterb.e in students don't crawl on the fl oor. I ", 10 :00 P6est vs. Bishop. ba ket befor e the game when the still remember him for hi ability in So much for the "blackollege song wa being sung wa a matl1ematics. . Patronize Our Advertisers! Charles Fox one of O tte rbein's smith of We terville," in tradition, not very mpre ive bit of respect . er twhile athlete , especially r ememWe also favor the unique method of in fact. bered for hi kill in basket ball, introducing players and referee. Little To Have Volley Ball Contest. coaches these lads. ,~hings like these bring us out. of th e . Volley ball enthu iast attention I The below i taken from the "Co­ I bu 'hes" and tend to put us m real Inter-cla volley ball conte ts will be lumbus Dispatch." held oon. A ll college classes and the college cla • . . Some Basket Shooter! One would thtnk that a Jumor o r T · gl ar jnvi ted to enter tb e i:t Muncie, Ind., Jan. 19. -What is 0 enior in college would know ; :~ c:~:p i:nship tournament which will thought to• be a record for individual than to hurl small town remar s be played off on Saturday eveni ngs coring in a basketball game was opponents and the referee. th latter part of February. d . made by Jone , forward on the Fort I · b t'1 d that unng e t also might e , men :ne hi Phy ical Director Martin gives classes Recovery high school team, who there isn't mu~h danger o catc ng until next Friday to decide upon enter­ cored 88 points in a game again t cold by r emo;'mg .your cap when the ing the tournament, elect a captain, th e St. Henry, Ohio, academy team college song 1s bemg sung. and give not ice at his office. Regula- at Fort Recovery last nigh t. Jone '


If lil




================ Meats of All Kinds Also Groceries at

WtlLF'S Westerville, Ohio

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ix man teams will play.

.tea m won 100 to 10.

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McFadden gave

<h e m





McRill Club Entertains.



'Twas Monday night at six or so That a merry crowd o n a trip did go; _ L ike sard in es in a box men p,ack They loaded down that old hay rack. :



Songs and yells oft r ent the air 'Till a voice exclaimed: " Hurrah _ we're th er e !" At Garver Chapel lone and wh ite Each happy co upl e did alight. Then "Mac" the preacher . chose a text, A nd called the "Deacon" to speak next. While orga n hymn s were su ng and played Is the co ld wea th e r responsible fo r A bounti ous feast for th em was laid. th e lack of serenades? The "home-brewed chicken" fixed just "Betty" Mc abe's .an d Marve l Se­ ri ght bertt's visits thi s week-end mad e us Wi th mashed potatoes made some wish that more of the '2 1 g rad s could sight. come back occasionally . Mince and ap pl e pies galore It seem a littl e foo li sh to ask a Col­ Made eac h one eat as ne'er before. umbus tumbler to entertain us at 'Twas a nove l party thru and thru · ralli es w hen Ruth Roberts and R uth The place, the ride, the dates, th er e Snyder are so skillful . in th e art. too, Since tumbling is now m vogue at And all agreed, say what you will Otterbein these ladies have been per­ There is no club like the McRill. suaded to start a class which will -B. L. Y . benefit not only those wishing to re­ duce but thin people as we ll, for V. L. Phillips Visits West stunts ar e taught which are guaranteed Virginia In Interest of 0. C. to knock off all corners. V . L. Phillips, fie ld secretary for Ruth Lucas' father spent a few O tterbein, is now in West Virginia enhour with her Saturday. gaged in publicity work for the col­ W hen the poor foreign students lege. He is planning on a trip to Day­ called over long distance the other ton, V a., for a visit with his mother day we w er:e ot wits end to know th en, with a top-ove.r a t the Shenenwhat to send them, for , as "Bon" said, doah Collegiate Institute where he we only have one coat besides the one wi ll present th e advantages of Ottertongue but the shoes ~nd bein in the realm of higher education. 00 our clothing deposited in the reception room oug ht to keep quite a few stu­ CALENDAR dents warm for a w hile at least. Tuesday, J anuary 240n Friday evening the Misses Ruth 6:00 p. m.-Y. W . C. A. Hall and Irene Hall en tertained as Thursday, January 26hostesses at a lively push hon1:15 p. m .-Oeiorhetea. oring Florence Breining and Dorot~ 6:20 p . m .-Philalethea. Heinzelman, of Chillico th e, Ohio. Friday,January 27Variou ot her affairs helped make th e I 6: 15 a. m.-Philophroo ea. youn.g ladie ! vi it a pleasant ~n.e. 6:30 p. m .-Philo mathea. "Peg" etherill's i ter Dons spent Saturday, January 28--




:: _

Extra Trousers --More Valoe --


Young Men's All-Wool "Student" Suits with Two Pairs of Pants

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~30 Specially-de igned suit for yo ung men; cut along lively, youthful tyle - pecial models for yo ung chap just donning their first long trou er . They 're hand~tailored, of fine all-wool Herringbone, Blue erge and Scotch Tweeds; a wide variety of models, weaves ·and color s.







High and Long Streets


Columbus, 0.



I i::

lr11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 II 111Ill111111111111111111111111111111111111ii

II Basketball, Wittenberg at Spring- ll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!,1 . d. field. Already the exam fever 1s sprea. mg Wednesday, February 1~ Call Citizen 21 or Bell 147-R , residence; or Bell 8-W office, for

the week-end with her.




throughout I t rmght be well if thoou.n e vinumbers. ctims who are fo~ nd • Musical Chaucer Recital, Club. Lambert Hall. wringing th eir hands and groanm~, Saturday, February 4-


"Woe is Me" wouldbe be ~n Tuesday,, Basketball, Heidelberg quarantine. 1 would mo stplaced pa th et,_c February 7- here. if everybody should succumb to t:bts Ba ketball, Oberlin at Oberlin.

=_ · Agent

terrible di ea e. Helen Keller '20 had und'ay dinn er th witb friends in e do.r;mitory. -nu t.h Roberts gave a regular R J apane e party Friday evening. There were tiny Ja-pane e lantern um b re II as, kimonas, paper dresse~ and p~mpoms. The guest even ate nee on little low tables and pLayed Japanese games. ome said they had even forgotten how to sp eak g ood Engli h when the pu h was over. "Pink" Hill and Mr. Staacke turn ­ ed their cb,ai.rs around la t Sunday when compelled to vacate at 9 :30 p.


LOCALS Mr. A. C. Van Atta s pent the w end at his home in Crooksville.

: _ k- -


1'he Clean-Up Man

for Acme Laundering Company, General Laundry Work and



Peerless Dry Cleaning Co., Dry Cleaners, Dyers and Sanitary Pressers Headquarters-12 W. C ollege Ave., Westerville, o. Subscriptions taken for The Country Gentleman, Ladies' Home Journal, Saturday Evening P ost.




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rompt Service-Best Service. Mr. D wight Blauser went to Basil _ 1,1-1 on Friday to attend to some business 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 1 matters. Pa., School. He is now Physical Director Quite a lot of skating and coaiSting at the Columbus "Y", having held th e was enjoyed by 0tterbeinites last same position in D.ayton, form erly. week. fr. Chari mith, of Ohio Do toboggans ever upset? Ask any U niversity, entertained the enthu ia I've lived tic audience at the 0 . C. "Pep" rart y of the bo ys and g irls who were un­ T've loved last week by his "tumbling." Mr. fortun ate enough to b e coasting at I 've smoked Chesterfields­ Smith is .a graduate of Steele High Bi hop's Hill Saturday. I'm satisfied. W. M. Ram ey, of Larimer, pent the week-end at his home.

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44 North State Street Faculty Sets Aside Seven Days to be Used for Mid-Year Eastman Kodaks and Supplies of all Choice Brands of Cigars, Fine Pipes, Cigar Holders, Tobaccos and Smokers' Examinations. kinds. Films Developed and Printed. Supplies. Mid-year examinations will be held Parkers' Fountain P ens, Even Flow OPTICAL DEPARTMENT this year from Tuesday, January :?4, Ink Pencils, Sheaffer's Ever Sharp Eye Glasses and Spectacles, Eye through Tuesday, January 31. By the Shades and Goggles. Examination action of the facu lty, instead of set- Pencils and Leads. Fine Papeteries, free. All work guaranteed. Give us ' 97. Dr. L. Walter Lutz, who has ting aside three days with two or more E t c. a call. held some of th e most r espo nsibl e examinations a day as has been the positions in Penn sylvania Conference, case hitherto, seven days have been has rece ntly become the pastor of the allotted for thi s purpose. Salem Avenue Un ited Brethren In cases where two classes meet at Church in Baltimore, Maryland. the same hour, but on different days, ~IIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIII Ill II Ill Ill llllllllll lllll lllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllli ' 19. Jud so n C. Siddall is Principal ~f it is unde rstood that the Monday and _ the D e monstration School of Ohio Wednesday sec ti ons and the Wednes-• Wesleyan University at Kilbourn_e, day and Friday sections shall use the : Ohio with th e rank of Instructor m forenoon period. If a one hour class alternates with a th e iatt er in titution in the depart­ fo ur hour class, the fou r hour class ment of ed ucation. should use th e forenoon period. '91 , '95. Dr. Early V. Wilcox of T~esday, 8 :00 a. rn.-7 o' clock class. : Washington, D. C. and Mrs. Joh~ A. 1 :00 p. m., 3 o'clock class. Shoemaker (Daisy Custer) of Pitts­ Ladies' Pure Silk and Wool, $3.00 value, at ........................................ $2.29 Wednesday, 8 :00 a. m.-7 ;45 o'clock burgh, Pennsylvani a, wer e in Wes­ Ladies' Silk and Wool, $Z.50 grade, at .................................................. 1.89 tervill e last Tuesday atte nding a meet­ class. Thursday, 8 :00 a. ni.-9 o'clock clas Ladies' Wool Hose ......................- ...................................... $1.00, $1.25, $1.50 ing of th e pageant committee of the 1.00 p. rn.-2 o' clock class. Diamond Jubilee. Ladies' Pure Silk .......................................................... 79c, $1.19, $1.50, $2.00 Friday, :00 a. rn.-10 o'clock class. _ ' 17. Richard Bradfield is spe nding Monday, :00 a. m.-11 o'clock class. this yea r in the University of Mis­ Tuesday, :00 a. rn.-1 o'clock class. : souri. He is teaching and carrying Second semester begins Wednesday, _ on research work in the department Feb ruary 1. of chemistry in connection with bis Ladies' Black Oxfords, $5.50 value, at .................................................. $4.40 work for the doctor's degr ee. Quiz and Quill Discusses Ladies' Shoes, Black Kid, $10.00 value, at .......................................... 6.40 _ Most Popular Recent Novels _ ' 17. M r s. E lmer H. Barnhart (Mar ­ Ladies' Shoes, Brown .:............................................................ $6.40 and $7.20 ion Elliott) has r eturn ed to her home Last Monday night, January 16, th e _ in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, after a Quiz and Quill Club m et for its fortLadies' Comfy Slippers .......................................................... $1.28 and $1.40 . § visit with her mother and o ther rela­ nightly meeting. Regular business _ tives in Westerville. ,vas quickly disposed of and the pro' 13, ' 12. Mr. and Mrs. Warren H. gram was opened by .current ew ~f _ Hayes (Ila Bale) , who are at home ~n Literary and Dramatic Interest. This furlough from mission work m featu re was presented by Miss Mar- II lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllll IIIII Ill lllllllllll lllllll lllllllllllllii T okyo, Japan , have gone to Chicago, jorie Wh is tier. Then follow ed general I I II II II I II II I II I II II II III I II II II I II I II 111111111111111111111 IIIIIIII II II I II II I 1111111111111111111111111111 Illinois, where they expect to take di scussion of the latest best sellers, Work in the University of Chicago in eac h m em ber of the club recently fu rth er preparation for service in having been allotted ce rtain books to Japan. review. '12. Mi s Edith A. Gilbert, formerly Illustrated Lecture Given. di rector o f religious work in t~e Wishes To Announce the Arrival of a Full Line O f Y. M . C. A. m eeting last Thursday Young Women's Christian Associa­ tion of the United Brethr en Church, was omewhat of a deviation from the : has bee n elec ted editor of the W omen's regular meeting but wa a splendid _ Evan gel. o ne because of this fact. Mans on N ichols g.a.ve an illustrated § '07. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Crum­ rine (Mary Weinland) of Columbu , lec tur e u pon the Phillipines, showing § Ohio, are on an Eastern trip, visiting partrcofarly the work o-f · the mission- : Including A thletic Corsets, Elastic Girdles and Fourteen Different aries in th e ·Islands. _ chiefly in New York City. Models Designed for Slender, Medium and Stout Figures, in Front _ '93. Mrs. W . W. Stoner (Myrtle College Orchestra Organizes. § and Back Lace Styles. Prices range from .........:.......------ $1.15 to $4.75 Miller) of Dayton, Ohio, has been in The College Orchestra meets MonV:e te rville visiting her mother and day, J anuary 23, to effe~t a. closerdalnd St ter on West Main street. more permament organ1-zati~n an ay . 'os. Dr. Ernest J. Pace of the Moody plans for a concert to be g1ven about Bib le Institute, Chicago, recently gave the middle of February. Ito S. Dell- ll llll Ill Ill II Ill Ill llllllllll llll lllllllllllllll Ill Ill I Ill 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 11 ii a Week' s cries of Bible stud y at Lan­ . mger 1• presi·dent of the orcbestTa. ca ter, Pennsylvania. St udent Recital to be Feb. 1. . :.::::::::: ii IllIll 1111111111111111111 I IIllII 11111111111 Plans are being made for the first dllll 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 : tud,ent recital of the second semester ~ which is scheduled for the evening of ~ February 1. Interest in student reci­ Expert work done and guaranteed to ~ ta ls has grown s urprisingly ·in the la t two yea rs and it is desired to avoid be satisfactory or your money back. any conflidion in dates, therefore thi announcement should secure an entire evening for this event.


January Sales

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Shoe Specials

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The Variety Shop;

Thomson's ' Glove-Fitting =-= Corsets





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westerville, 0. :=

Star S~oe Repairing










Mrs. G. G. Grabill, who has been eriously ill, is reported out of danger, Star Shoe Shop and slowly on tbe road to complete recovery.

24 W . Main St.


OTTERB·EIN WINS IN CLOSE GAME (Continued from page one.) and Otterbein seeme d una ble even to keep the ball long enough to get a decent s hot. Then by some ·'uns~en power " the situation completely . . , sh1ft. ed and Otterbein was rmgrng em m so fast that the opposition seemed to 1 develop th e "daze." The crowd, though giving loyal support under ~he fi rst tryng strain, suddenly went wild, and stayed wild throughout ~he gai_ne., The half ended with Otterbem leadmg 1 to 16. 'Northern Comes Back S trong. In the second half orthern_ came back with a noticeable determmat1on to forge ahead, but th eir" "forge" '!Vas hadly hampered by five turdy weare rs of the Tan and Cardinal, who were dete r mined to put across a win f~r the old sc hool. Pandemonium r eigned 'th the pectators artd nervous WI ·1 k d sys t e ms were tempo ran. y wrec e , were th oug hts of coming exammatons • d forgotten, friend and foe, semor an slapped pre P1 faculty and town people • h other on the back with unprece­ ::~ted glee, no ex-soldier ever _looked forward to th.e outcome of a raid on a German po t in the Argonn e Forest "vith more anxiety. . , Then, with the crack of t'he timer s gun people were brought back to earth with the sudden realization that we had really won and that old 0. C. had ann exed the fir t scalp of the sea.-

T he Big Opportunity of the Whole Winter !



1· h son. Albright and Anderson were 1~g s corers for the borne team, havrng four ba ket each. Money of. orthe:n had four baskets to his credit. a Iso . 1 e Captain White played his usua gam ge tting hi usual two al O at guar d . ff baskets. Schreck wa dec1dely o . the fi r t half and wa removed co Ior 1n . . from the game. He came ba~k m t~e second h a If a nd redeemed himself .111 goo d s t y le . Crabbs played well . . while . he was in, per onal fouls ehmmat111g him early in the second half. Johnn y e W ho substituted for chreck G eorg, fl and rabb ' played a ?ang-up OOJ' game also scoring one rmger.

Surplus stocks and sam ples - from some of our high-grade makers.


er .




a o~S iDis ~

. o $25 .

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$40 Overcoats and Suits $45 Overcoats and Suits $50 Overcoats and Suits

You know the rich, warm overcoatings you'd want if you paid $4S, $SO and $S5--you'll find just such fabrics here tomorrow in these coats at $29.S0I And tailored as expensive woolens should be. All the best styles. J

Suits no less surprising-the best styles and colors, with plenty of stripes, checks and plain blues and grays. Real "finds" at $29.S0. High Street at Town COLUMBUS, OHIO

qen money talk • even the . purest does no t mar.

top to criticise its gram­

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