1920 01 26 The Tan and Cardinal

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Guit ner, Pro!. Alma Sept. '20 W. College

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"J inx" Is Broken When Coach Watts'


Bas ketball Team Beats St.




Dr. A . C. Flick, Class ' 94, Is Pres ident of A s sociation Cosmopolitan Clubs.


Mary's a t Dayt on.

No. 15.

of Old Rivals Go Down in Defeat in Fine Exhibition of Basketball. Score-35 to 25.


o mopolitan tude~1t," the o rgan of the As ociation_ 0£ Co m opolitan lub of merica re­ ce ntly publi heel a biographical sketch


Time Is Called When T eams are T ie! 19-19-In Extra Period Otterbein


of Dr. A. C. Fl ick, '94, wh :ch i T an and Cardi nal Team Are Expe r t pri n ted be lo w. The ket ch · hows the in Passing and All P lay Ha rd I act ive int ere~t Docto r Fl"ck has taken I and Fas t Gam e. W ins By One Basket. · · I d · t t· 1 prob III th 1 111 nationa an erna iona " Taking advantage of the ··pep" sh e It was might)· hard to break at ]ems and hi · accompli hments do had gained by defeating St. \fary's th "jinx'' and get out of the rut but cI credit to Ottt'rbein, hi alma mater. the night before, Otterbe ' n turn ed Tan and ardinal quintet went int o I D oc to r Flick vi . ited here a frw back their old rival Capital in on e of the gam e with t. :Mary's at Dayto n : wcr ks ago and add re - ed th e student · the mo t exciting and . en,ational Friday night. Jan. 23 to do that thing ! and faculty o n "'\\'orld Prob le:-:i., " . . g ame een here ince '16. or ''bu,t". lt took an extra peri od to ! Biographical Sketch ·• It was not an ea y w_in for in_ the do it a the Dayton boys put up a I Al exander larent·e Flick was born I firs t l~al f the core wa tied fiv e t11nes at Galio n, Ohi o , in 3 _ He ,va and 1p1tal wa ah ead by three pomt · nifty battle but our team had fully de 1 69 94 Dr. 0 . C. F lick, Class ' · edu cated in th e public sch o ols of at the end of th e fi. t period. The ( ;<led that if fight had anything to do with it thcv were going to put Ot- _________________ 1 Oh io, attend ed co ll t• gr at Otterbein cro ~vd wa, kept o n edge_ duri,'.g the terbein on the right idc of the ledg~r D E P A R TMENT O PENS CO NTEST L' ni, e rsity. \\' esten ill~, 0., fro~, entire game for , at J10 time did the th in athl e tics for the first time ,s ___ \\·hi ch he graduated with . B. Luth e r~n ho,, any intention of 111 Year. English D c P::: rt~ en t 1\nnounces l 1894, and r~c.ei vcd hi .M. A. the next conced111g the game. Th e teams were well matched for Barnes' Short Story Contest and y, ar. H e taught : ho ot a t L ee vifle F ox go t the tip o ff 0 11 th e ~pen ing both -' 't;-011 .,_ of Entran ce · and Middletown, 0. In 1 95, he went / tos up. and after a. pretty p iece or 1-. I put up an xhibition rof basketI1 er N ames C ono.,1 •<a I that brought cheer a ter c e . to Columbia . niver ity to do omc pass work Ranck w1 bed through the from th crowd. Otterbein showed At th· ti ,ie of the year. a 'c:ry ,m- graduate work in Hi tory and Politi- opening shot. The rooters were doth th the effect of good dri lling for th e portant matte r is d e:1Jall d lll/! e ~t- 1cal cicnce. and remained there two ing the:r best to drown out the 11 Pa · work wa of the be t and e teution of tho e stnd ent w~o are ~- \'Car and received hi Ph. D. In whistle and partially uccecded. I t guards worked in a manner which / terested in short-S ory ~vnung. It j 96-97. he was Fellow in History in Roseline, however, tied the core but th Wa good to ee. Time after time th e 0011 time for the \ \ alter Lowr ·e Columbia. Dr. Flick received an hon- the Tan and Cardinal were going •· aint " carr ied the ball down e Barnes' hort- tory Conte t _to op~n. orary Litt. D. from Otterbein trong and went into the lead by a O ver ity. In 1897, he went to 9 to 5 score. Ridenour then shot two floor only to Io e it to Peden or Ranck in which all Juniors all d en,ors w Who were breaking up everything hal'e been here at lea,t one yrar. are cu e a in tructor in European long one from the middle of the floor ,yhich came their way. Collier and eligible to compete. tory, and two years later was made tying the core. Co ll ier gave the ~utler pulled ome neat pa siug while The prizes are ,·ery attractive- Professor European Hi tory. For rooter another opportunity to cheer 111 1 I;o. performed in his old time ma _er First. 40: second. ,20: third, $lO--:: the pa t few years he ha been the when he tosse~ another perfe~t hot. 111 qy dropping in seven out of _ nc large enough to make thoughtful st u Head of the Department of Hi tory Capital came right back and t1ed the foul-. 111 the econd half Albn~ht l dent enter the conte t. and Political Science at core once more making it tand at Wa sub tituted for Collier and untied The condition . are ahout as they l"niversity. which po ition eleven and went i'.1to the lead a the core by throwing a pretty one have been for the pa · t few year. · hold . moment later by thirteen to eleven. fro111 mid-floor. Here they are in brief: Dr. Flick pent three year in tudy t thi juncture Peden who wa playThe " aint " J~d off in coring by . h II be ba ed on ome in Germany, France and England. He ing a fine defen ive game got in om , I. tone s a . fif · · · · · hooting a foul l)ut only held the lead . I d f t 111 · A.merican h, tory ha been to France teen time . visit- offensive work and potted a nice one tabl1s 1e ac • • d · · • h cit:zen hip. They ing mo t European countne , an 111 tyrng the score for the fourth tune. for a mornent a Fox put one through nd Od the net. The •• aints" went into the a teac.1 t gof ot le than 6000 and 1913 made a tour of Ru :a, Japan, Capital untied it but Peden wa deter0 11 hall con h · · · even and dropped lead again whe ii Matu off and Man- not China, the pPh·t· 1 1pprne , I 11 d",a, N or th mrned to k eep 1t more t an 15000 words• · . . • che ter each threw a fie lder. Fox ·nning . frica, and ale tmc. another through. makrng the . core th 1 · 2. . Copie e t 1rdc~rnprtihze-wiclii·ves He ha .written.h bef ides a n1inut the sco re again by p utting anha ll ofbe place e ar II . many b hi k - fifteen al l. The. ha lf closed . tied other through the stee l hoop. Fir t tone . "th the option torica l articles. t e o owu1g oo s: later with ap1tal leadrng by tl1re 11 of Otterbein C:o w1 11 per'od- "The Ri e of the Mediavel Church" point Otterbein wa not pa ing a half ended 7 to 7. 111 ege. ome co cge · hort Hi tory of ew York The " aint " went into the lead the 0 f publication (Co nt in ued on page five.) tate." beginning of the econd half by even ical. rd 3. In ca c the judge do not a wa Dr. Flick ha alway been deeply Point . Then Otterbein held the O II President Returns. core at eventeen. Al b right went prize , the rnoney ha go t the col - , intere ted in international affair and in for Collier and put hi men in the Jegc library. . i a member of many organizations Pre :dent \,V. G. Clippinger ha relead with a field goal. The half ended 4 Three type-written cop1e mu~t dealing with that ubject. He he lped turned from a two week ' trip taking shortly after when Mat uoff threw a be filed with Profe or Altman on or to e tablish the Co mopolitan Club him into Florida where he pent four long one tying the core at 19 each. before i\larch 29, 1920. at yracu e Cniver ity and ha been day at the United Brethren conven­ very active in promoting it welfare tion. Four tudents from Florida are The ov rtime period wa opened Professor Glover Is Ill. ince it foundation. La t year he now enrol led in Otterbein college and When O'Hearn hot a pretty ?ne, the core then stand~ng at nineteen to lover home was Vice-Pre ident of the econd d is- Pre ident lippinger is expecting ev­ \ \'ord come; from th twenty-one. Saint Mary's. Two fouls ti t Professor Glover i taken down trict of the A ociation of Co mopol- era! more from that tate to be n­ Were call d on the " 'aint " and Fox w~~h the influenza. Profc or Glover itan Club , and thi year wa elected I rolled next year. They are Lillian . eized the advantage by dropping both is re tmg e a y and hope to return pre . ident of the A ocia~ion of o - and Benja'.nin Carl on, l\fr. and 1fr.. mopolitan Clubs of America. / J. E. Garn on and E. H. Cal'anaugh. to hi dutie in two or three days. (Continued on page riv ~)










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will again appear in at; exten iv


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t:7:::~ §=

1 d ~-h=une; _~;i:I~many a~tfi concerts Sophomores Are Alrea y a t w o rk · on ~;:: r epute-~r. havmg given rd Sibyl for Next Year-Howa throughout th e . United State . He : I s Editor. promises an interest ing program com22 1 · Last · 1londay night th e ch of ·. · b :ning his : a re ~'. owledge as a_ n~tu:- , th th 111 t nd e lec ted the taff which i to p ublish ali S a his ~biltty wi e violin . the '21 ·'Sibyl". The Sophomores b:.~ \ ma terly fashi:n. ~any. e~pe r t th 1111 O J' eve in "taking time by e foreloc ics pronounce l e won er . e t ,~hich is an exce llent plan as it no_t age. O tt erbein ha. _taS ed b~f a /t~l e st 1 only allows the ed torial aff to ~et of what Mr: Young . . cap~th e rv- _ their work o rganized . and runnmg ing in a rec1ta_J and I ~ is Wt Oa sobu'.e · the year but it also surely that ht commg to tter em 1 hi . moot y ear Y Ill . . h b -iness staff an opportun - will be a memorable event that this gives t e uJ . . ity to ur vey the field ca:efu ll y and advance announcement 1s g:ven . let the co ntr acts fo r print :ng to on ly _




~ l: t:t :



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a rl son. . Circulation Manager-Harriet Hays.

sistant Circulation ManagerManson E. Nichol . Treasurer- John George.





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It w .>uld please you t o see the pleasure of the friends in the hospita! when flowers you sent were given them. Ro ses, sweet pebs, tulips, tiol:tit_s, carnadtions, all these w e have personally selected to e ,sure o ge ng goo stock. · Cut flowers a lways in stock. We will mail to friends anywhere or have them sent by the nearest florist. Tell us your wants. ·







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State Street,W esterville,O. ~::



Literaryoc:ety- Ilo ara DeHoff. V ilson. ~Iu ic-R. . Wright. A ' n.-La aughn Leatthe rman. Fore;1 ic-R. M. John on. Pub li cation-Joseph ine Alb ert. Facul ty-Bernice Heeter. la -Martha kinner. rt and Home Econ. -Mary Ober. Photography- Ilo D Hinger. alen dar-E. J. !bright.

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The Sheffield nickel alloy pens, like those you use at the bank, a~e § here in various sizes and styles. :: Note books, fillers, covers and rings. :: It is economy to use our boxes of s cratch paper, 500 sheets fo~ § $1.25. It takes ink well. Then there are the boxes of Buckeye ~on :: and Swan Linen papers with en velopes to match; car<ls of vanous sizes with envelopes. Boxed stationery in the want\!d colors. _

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Otterbein Folks

Does Cleaning and Pressing on Short Notice.

ROY YOUNG WILL APPEAR February Fifth Set as Date 'Recital _ Junior Class is


If it' S ere It S new If •·t's new 1"t's here

: : :

: _ h sting The valentine cards are full of wit and sentiment without t e d ar car s that would hurt any one to s end or to receive. The 1eap ye § a r e clever. See them. ::

Soph.-"Why are a girl's heart and _ th e very best of establishments. !he .'\rt Editor is al so given ample tim~ the Jetter C so simi lar ?" ~ to arrange h ' work. The class ~ Freshic-"I don't know . \\Thy?" _ th ·22 does not fee l,st er_efo Soph-'' 'Cause the letter C i in 111 re, ~hat . it ha made ariy mi ake electrng its cider and a girl' hea rt is in side her." _ th S ibyl staff so much earlier an cus- ================ : tomary. The taff a elected i as follows: H ow.-


Is enhanced by looking ove r the beautiful Volland p ublicat!ons. Beauty enrices the s oul. To associate with beautiful things is a lt~e ral education. Use every possible opportunity to see the beS t thJng: we admire and acquire. Bette .- a crust and loveliness than .th e finhe\ \-iands w ithout it. It is our great priviledge to be in a business t a enables us to bring th ese beautiful thines to Westerville. Come see them whether you buy or not. .

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ard. Assi tant Edito rs-Paul V. prout , Robert . ~hrt'n. Manager _ Merrill L . Bus.ine s Howe. Assi tant Bu ines Manger -Pau 1



We can furnish you with Name Cards, Printed or Engraved. Prices on Application. Get Your Stationery Here. Both Phones No. 4.

DAYS' BAKERY 20 N. State St.


Bringing Artist Here. Id High Co t of Living ha thr_ust out on Of tho e ever-lengthen.i.ng 'b 1 hands of hi and tak n th 1920 t Y

D I Try The Dew rop nn

wto 1 ·tAnd .f rom h. multitudinou all indication he- hfold.qui e a a manly gr:p on it which, to_ ~y t~ le:H,, is ad but tru • Optmu_ m I

th one drug that will \ay th i old "critter' cold. . o, peaki ng of torage Cellar w might ay that · th on ervatory where the on m . ' byl board ha s it headq ua rters i ,;,d,d ,;1th pl •IY of thl " ' " " " " , tuff'. The more new that _come from tlu ource the b tter it get .

th nd In htead r of taging late t.an uncertatn . P?r-

formance of ome natur e,. the Jt~1or cla s ha acquir d the service o oy y oung, and of the niver ity of Oklahi 'talka tive" fiddle. h om.a, h d th tu P rof or Young delig teJ e den t body with hi lit tle P rformance JO chapel everal day ago where he

O pened Under New Management.

The Buckeye ·Printing Co. =~;;;;;;;:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~;=='·- .='.:: -

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Cigars, Tobaccq of all kinds. :

a· ive

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U s a

n ·

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- Buy a_ Sibyl.


F R e ron-t estau

atl went to the




Dave says:


RHODES & SONS The Coilege Avenue

~ ~


night ,nd aft« t '

game we

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t :: n ~: ::


to end a perfect evening • 1111111111111 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 ~


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sia some desert island and a life term of mak:ng the mixture they seem so

Page Three


Some one said the other day that . - f fond of and ea ting the same for subwe ought to have a joke box around ,e mterest o sistence. 0 tterbein by the school. We uggest that it be made OTTERBEI PUBLISHI G Systematize: large enough to accommodat e several BOARD Westerville, Ohio "I hav e n·t the t:me," is a popular o f our worthy schoolmates who 110 W. ember of the Ohio College Press cry in the co ll ege. Co ll ege tudent; doubt would feel at home there. A ssociation wonder why th e miners want a sixIn these day of s now and ice the . . STAF F ho u r day. "Give u a sixty-hour day," Prod ·ga l Son's father isn't the on ly ~ dit or-m-Chie f .. R a m ey H . Huber, ' 20 one that falls on his neck. ss ,stant Editor L E p '21 cry they. Contrib uting Edit~-~~:.:.:_ . . ace, As usua l the on ly answer to the w ouldn't it be funny if Grove Gray Esther Harley, '2 1 "I haven "t the time" cry is system- was a preacher; '·Benny" Heeter a B · Edith Bingham, '20 · 0 Ison, an athlete and Prexy A usmess M a nager .. C. C. Conley, '22 atization of effort, and economy of sp111ster; time. If you don't do another thing a come c1·, an; if Piggy Harris would ' st ant Bu iness Manager Elra Miller, '22 clin ·1the second term a t least . mak e out · B o IJ Martm · was . a get a decent l,aircut, W. . Roberts, '22 a, y I chedule and follow it con c,en- truck dumlJ for J·u t a second or Circul t · A . a 10 n Mgr . .. Mary Tins tman '20 . t.ous Y• "Prof Rossy·• yelled "Hoch der ss, tan t Circulation ·Managers- ' We believe th e re are some students I Kaiser". Marvel Sebert, '21 Athl · . Harriet Hays, '22 in Otterbein Col lege who have los t You know its Leap Year but pro­ et ,c Editor .... ...... M. N. Funk '22 their !l"rasp on the world. They are · gre s seems low, probably due to th e ;~cal Edito'. ······ ···---·-·· L. S. H ert: '2 1 drifting, always too much hurried to E/mnal Editor .. Prof. A. Guitner, '97 think. Take time to think, even if icy weather which mak es it too slip­ pery to t a k e the necessary leap. C chhange Editor, Mary Ballenger '20 it comes from study hours. Secure oc ran Hall Editor ' We_ thank Mr. Martin these days Lit Ev~lyn Darling. '2 1 a subject which is intere ting to you for hi s efficient training in gym when era ry Editor, J. Gordon Howard,'22 and think about it. Lay aside time in your ched u le for we call upon the dorm , find the chairs ~ftdrbss_ all communication to The recre ation; if you do not you prob­ all full, and hav e to drape ourselve M _er em Tan and Cardinal, 20 W . a bl.y will break into your tudy tim e gr,1 efu lly upon th e chandelier or else Subn ~t.,_ Westerville, Ohio. cnpt,on Price $1 50 Per Year fo r it regardles of good int nt:on· . be fe tooned on th e stair- bani ter. payable in advance'. · ' Boys take a camp stool or folding c ha ir w·th you. . Entered" as second - e ta s -- m~tt ~r ep t emi)er ;l5, 1917, at the poiitOffi l-'C A New Gymnasium, · '.Ve heard of a preacher the other We tervllle, 0 . unde'r act of La at u rday night the need of a ii\rch 3, 1879, ' n ew gym was graphically demon trat- day who a :d U. B. meant " unu s uallv b lessed", but judging by the speci­ Ac:cepta11c(! for mailing at pe.:;a J ed. oAf po tage provided for in Se c. ' People crammed in t ill standing me11 of that denomination around ~ : ,ct1919. of Oct. J, 19 17, authorize d r oo m wa at a premium, m e n hang- he r e we would say it meant "usually .-.pn 17 ing from the window , the littl e bal­ broke". ,' ubli shed Weeki





a ~J


co ny crowded to the danger point and EDITORIAL .,·1s1 t or forced to tand a.round the edge of the flqgr, · II lhi , and yet " R ed s" A t Work. there are ome around here that conLittl(l did we thinlt tha.t in the q1.1ie t , te nd we do not need a new gym. pea<:efu l vilh1ge of Westerville th e rt But that isn't all. The floor itself \~ould b one or more of the un ck- is too mall. Most basketball floor sireable. detestable, un-America n ,o-, a r e about as wide a s our i Jong. called '"reds" . Yet it is unque tion- f h is i bound to handicap th e team ably true. All who · were in chapel , wor k when they get away from home. la t Thur day agreed that there ar e j And next year when we are in the 0 _111 e o f the e asinine creature in our 1111d C t. , ollege pranks and tunt are not tabo_oed by the f~c ity qr- qy st4<len~ e~t,m pt Ql\t th r-e4 i !I nse o · 13re·-


!,! I I I I I II 111111111111111 I I II III III I I I I I I I I I I I II IIll 1




ii, 1111111111111111_1111111111111111111111111111111 rr

th Eli_hu Root ay at we have sent th111 no g but e mpty words to the aid th of e Ru 'an Anti-Bol~hevi t . when moral s upport. money and supp lie 111 would ~~e them vktoriou .


Conference and bring big Confer~11 e -te am here to pla,y, our- miniatur-1! We hear a lot about the death of Aoor \ •.ill 4e th o I ttghing tock of John Barleycorn, but nobody ha ob­ the SLaie, · erved that the liquor intere t are 'fhen if you till think we don't very un portsman-like lo ers.

ed that this semicolo 11 I . All · f Jc om itted Ill avor p lease say "A " . posed, "No" Th . ye. OpR . . e motion is lo s t . ep ublican: Mr. C hairman . . . t111g rather warm . th , ,t ,s get111 e r oom I we do now adjourn . · move DChemocrat: I second the m ot ion airman•· It is cl · eel that · move and second£ we do now adjourn All 111 . avor please say "A ,. 0· "No·• Th C . ye. pposed, . . e omm ,tte e tand s I Journed. ac-

VAlENTINES See ou r lin e a it is the be

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cheapest m t own . P lace

a r ds, V isit­

mg Card

a n cl

eve r y t h i n g in paper at 1 owe r pr ices than other . char o-e yo u.

University Bookstore

!\11lflng peep le ef averag In• need a uew gym, k any man that Minutes of a Compromise Session. hich ho1-1l\i lirnlt the In- take ymna ium work about the un­ Cha:rman: The treaty reserva tions ee rr :gibl e one . It c rtaln ly d id not s urpa . ed locker and hower bath acare open for di cu sion. r quire initiativ ta fill the chape l with commodation . bout forty locke r D _e mocrat: M r. Chairman, I move he often ive odor f a vale r ianate of ca r e for the need of a ll the men in that the emicolon in line 3 of reser­ 31 W . College Ave. nia which i ' , in the word of the gymna ium c las es who number vation 7 be omitteed . t rofe or ·weinla11d, a t r onger is- at lea t thrice that number. 'The W esterville, Ohio Rep u b lic n: I object-the emicolon . er of a afetida. The "red " who d 'd locker room it elf i warmed to uc h in thi ca e i the mo t important Bell Phone 190 Citizen Phone 110 it certainly how that that part of an extent that ,we may expect to find thing in the entire article. th eir bodies wh:ch rest on · their icicles hang ing from tlie hea,ting pipes Democrat: I econd the motion. houlders i entirely void of the s u b- almo t anytime. Then tee, after the Democrat: I second the motion. · tance which it wa made to conta i;,. member fl 1ie ef the gym da e Ch1drman: It is moved and econdhuIt take a r markaql~ !!rnie have u ed the hower the men in th 9 ed . th mo~ to i! in th~ ch p r an(! br-eathe next Gia, s u u11lly have to an ent . e t int qir for- fifteen mfo 11 tes ~nd t h em elves with a dry r1-1b or taking Republican: The omition of the Jd k . and la ugh. il thpugt, it "' ~ e r "e a the ir chance under zero water. a pu nctuation mark, Mr. Chairman ectded ly c.lever trick. Tht1r- were we de need a new gym. P ut that in would mean the de truction of th~ only · .. . il . . a. f e gf ch xqeptleflill natuFe yo ur h ea d- an d k·eep I't t h ere, reserva t·,on . W e d o not 111tend to be 4 tndtcilt cl above and the e few who good fr :end by the name of Ed- forced by anybody to vote for the eomed to i!ppreaiat(} th h t1 mor of war.cl b u ilt the gymna iu ro by that treaty without the re ervation a it he 'tuttti mo t may aim<:> t ith- name at We leyan and Col. D eed of stands~with the semicolon. H OME DRESSED ll _ f !Ir f 11contradicti be a cu ed Dayto n i giv ing Denn i on $100,000 Democrat: Mr. Chairman, the semi11 a th.e vii offender . for •a new gym and athl tic field . colon i not that important. If it were po :ble to incr iminate It wou ld be fine if Otterbein had Republican: Ye , it is. te " half-wits" who were re pon ible ome Edward or Deeds in her conDemocrat: o, it i n't. We will MAKE GOOD EATS or the oderiferous proceeding the tituency but ince he hasn't it i not vote for the reservation with the Both Phon es ~ollege authoritie would be j u tified up to her to do it a,lon , 6 let's get semicolon in thi place. deporting them from our mid t. busy, all of us, and agitate the " eed Voices: Que tion; question. 111 Chairman: It is moved and second- B ell 46-W . Citizen 92 We would s gge~ t in place of Ru _ of a ew Gym".-J. G. H.

e ,g nee

C. W. Stoughton, M. D.


G. H. Mayhugh, M. D. r East College Ave. Phones Citizen ·26 Bell 84 _R






Page Four slogan is, "Being loyal in whatever He- · would like to hav e me do." The TOILET ARTICLES-Face Powders, Toilet promises of the pledge are no longer Waters, California Perfutnes, V anity Boxes, to be put in the f4ture but are to be Flesh Blushes, Etc. read in the present. We mu t be pe r­ Eastman Kodaks and Supplies of all kinds. forming Chri tian . Mr. Whitney ended with this challenge: "I take off FILMS DEVELOPED AND PRINTED my hat to everything that has been . UP-TO -DATE PHARMACY good in the past but I take off my coat to the tasks of the future." OPTICAL DEPARTMENT '19. At the fifteenth anniv~r ary of Eyes Examined Free, Eye Glasses and Spectacles of all styles. oro i ' the principal woman club of Satisfaction Guaranteed. anton, Ohio, Mrs. Avery T. Brunner STUDENTS HEAR ADDRESSES v·d the ( i a G. Wilhelm) represented . t· d Specialists in Christian Endeavor Ac­ new memb rs of the orgamza ion an tivities Address St udents After Ughted the candle for the sixteenth year on the big b :rthday cake. he Social Time. gave an addre in the form _of an Chri tian Endeavorers had the rare g1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 1111 111111111111111111111111•~ . . 1. poem • Mr · Brunner 1s the ongrna . privile.g e on last Thursday n ight of yo unge t member of oros1 . There listensing to two of the great leader ; were one hundred and fifty gue t at in that work, Paul Brown, national : the "birthday party"' wh :ch was a tea secretary of Intermediate Chri tian § an~ ocial at the Courtland Hotel. Endeavor and Mr. Whitney, secre- : '08. Pearl R . Downing of Westerville. tary-trea urer of the tate Christian § pr ided at th organ in a concert last Endeavor work in Ohio. w ek giv·e n to inaugurate the new t~n ­ t 7:15 a reception was held in the _ thousand dollar organ recently m- church parlor , where a plea ant so- § talJed in Grace iethodist Episcopal cial time wa enjoyed. At 8:00 o'clock chur ch at rbana, Ohio. the crowd a sembled in the auditorium; and Dr. Sander introduced Mr. _ \; hitney, who gave a tirring talk on \§ the "Challenge of C. E. in Ohio". Hi : p ech, be ides pre enting a moving : appeal for loyalty in thi work, was : full of parkliug wit, of a kind that _ enabled h.im to hold and inter t his ' 12. Mi Ruth Brundage of We ter­ hearer . ville left la t aturday for . e~ York ,fr. Brown, who had previou ly ad- :: ity, where s h wi ll study mgmg f~r dre ed e tudents in Chapel, then two m o nth und er Genna_ro Mano poke on I11term diate \ ork, includ­ ur ci, one of the best ltaltan teach­ ing all denom:.nation . ::: 11 a force(ul er of s :nging in thi country. manner J1e pre ented both the oppor9095 (Lell lunitie and prob! m in thi great : '89. Mr . Frank . Clem nt been work. Fout ) of Dayton, hio, ho h~




Quality Flowers := =

22 North High Street Columbus, Ohio

Sweet Peas, ·Fancy Roses, Violets Corsag·es a Specialty.


and -


A nice line of Blooming Plants.

Walter N. Roberts 1s Our Westerville Agent. Main

eriously ill with pn umo°:1a and complications i now improving' and seems to be on the way to c.omplete recove ry. 'll. Mrs. Cora Prink y ha r turne? t W e te rvill e after pending the ~oh­ day with relat :ve in Penn ylvama. , 14 . Phy ical Dir ector 1[artin wa lh gue l of Ohio \,V esleyan on I_onday,

J an. 19, at am e ting of the Ohio C~l1 giate Phy ical Director oc1ation. The work of e I yan in th physical departm e nt wa observed by in tru cto r from all over th e . ta . The purpo e of lhe I ague 1. to bring uniformity in th e ~eparb,,-..nt ,o ( phy ical edu ca tion o f colleg all ove r th e stale.

Boarding Club B. B. League.

Citizen 7012 .


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Four int re ting game were played : E: · 11 the Boarding lub leagu la t week. : On )fonda)r the Falk' d teated the crub jn a game in which Elliot tarri d away th honor by cagi1,g three ba ket . The emi- crub had jj IllIllIll 111111111111111 Ill · 111111111 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 11111 ~ an ea y time defeating the Pri t . Th.e Tue day game re ult ed in vic­ tory for the Pace lub over the :B rad­ ford and the Bishop moth red the lub by th core of 22 to 3. .Meyer excelled for: the




o ur Advertizers.

parading my virtues." · en1or-"Yo' couldn •t any way · It takes quite a numb er to make a pa­ rad e."

:eag~rive 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 i11111111111

RECITAL WILL BE GIVEN WEDNESDAY EVENING ;\fext \ Vedn e day night, January 28th, in Lambert Hall at 8 o'clock, lh e Otterbein chool of 11usic wi11 hold the third· cital of -th : year. All tudent ar e cordially invited -to attend. The ;;ogram for the eveni~ig appea r

be low:

~ Hazel D ehn hoff, Faye Beyer , Ella W1Jhelm, Loi

Ot tc_rbcin (23) COlh r

: -= =



-= = = = = = =


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Neckwear, both Four-in-hands and Batwings, in new patterns.


wide assortment to choose from at 75c, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00 and $3.00. Our new knitted silk at $2.00 and $3.00 is excellent style and value.

= = = §

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best men for Capital but to pick out A complete line of Formal Dress Accessories carried. a tar for Otterbein wou ld be more : t hao diJlic ul t. Cutler pulled ome _ k d hot mighty clever pa wor - an s ::c weJCwbi le Ranck and Peden put up a defen ive game which would, ~e hard "o 1-mprov-e. Collier played well d_ e- __ ., h Men's Furnishings and Shoes fensively while Fox was the h1g ~ score r for the even ing. · ·t O f t,._ - ~ Ihe entire game and spm ,,e iilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll_ lllllllii crowd howed that t11e old fight and "pep' . which m aoi~est . itself in Ot­ 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111: ;, ter bein's ath letic i stil l there even Call Citizen 21 or Bell 147-R, for : t hough it had been dor.mant for some : =.._.r tim e. ~ T h score. (35) Otterbein _ Capital (25) Co llier Agent for Acme Laundering Company, General Laundry Work and § F. Ro eli ne Cutle r : Peerless Dry Cleaning Co., Dry Cleaners, Dyers and Sanitary Pressers R idenour F. Fox = Dagetoerdec C. Headquarters-12 E. College Ave., Westerville, O. Ran.ck G. Ric kert Subscriptions taken for The Country Gentleman, Ladies' Home _ Peden Hosier G. Journal, Saturday Evening Post. core end of first. ha lf-18 to JS : Prompt Service-Best Service. (Capita I) . . _ Substitute _ !brigh t for Collier, Tr~sse l for Hosier. filllllllllllllllllllllllllltlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllffi Fi·eld Goa ls-Ro eline , 1; Riden· k ert, 2; !!lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllltlllllllllllJlllllllllllllllllllllllllllg 4 · Dagetoerdec, 2; R,c our, ' . C 1 4· ·o. Col li er, 2: Albright. l ; ut r, , x,





Fo.·, 3.



(21) Saint Mary's Cutler F. Matsuoff Fox F. O 'Hearn Itanck Farley Peden G. Manche ter co G. lro kwalt re end of fir t half-7 to 7. Ore e d . ub f n_ of second hal(-19 to 19. 1 Field ~tton -Albrigh t for Co lli er. bri h oal -Cutl er, 3,· Fox 3; At2 M F'ar1e; / atsuoff, 6 : O'Hearn. 1; Foui' c' Manche fer. J. l{ r oals-Mat uo ff 1: Fox 7. , ' co eree-F1 eet. rer_u I nu )er. 0 --------- -~~~~_:;;, d 2 l'ERBEIN WINS S; t~:~ck.ji~::/?

(C FROM LUTHERANS 0 ntinu d f Well c rom page one.) l'h: at th c tart of the half. a secord h lf . t hin a our qumtet went ly \Ve:p ~arne tly as to comp letePa ing b apital from their feet. The F'ol( and ecarne more accura te a nd Ye in h Cutler got their shooting droPPed tap e. At the out et Charli e ~ntied th wo traight field goals. which in the e core and placed Otterbein 1 6na1 Wh~ad Which he he.Id until the I Put up tie bl ew. Ranck and Peden l Uther a P1e nd id gam at guard the & an b ' ~als in th oy ~etting but two fielde~ of th e ~ entire ha lf. T-oward the htuied f a t half Albright wa sub!{id or Collier eno u r and Ric.k rt wer the two


· -

Piano Qu artet-Overture to "William Tell" . Ros ini F!orence Dixon, May ellmao, Lorna Clo,v, Ethel E ub_ank Piano-Song of the Brook . . .·. L. J. Quigle Ruth atter on . G . • · \ iolin- · orweg:an Dance . . neg E ll worth Reese ong-Brown Birdeene . . Helen Keller ·charles Huerter :Biano-Da11ce of the Debutantes Edna Lefroy Charle Huerter Piauo-Valse Brilliante . . · Ella Jane Wilhelm Rihm ong-Deep in the ight . • Thelma Finley Labitzky Yiolin- lprnaid's Dream . • 1ary Meyer . arl Bohm -Piano-Fantasie-Mazurka, Op . 357, 0. 4 Donald Clippinger Lang Ong-An Iri h Love ong . • . Fe1J1ino Bradford Ed. chuett I 1ano-Pizzicato \'alse, Op. 3 , o. 1 Catherine finton Raff \'iolin- avatina Albe;t M~ttoon Pia110-I le of Dream (From " orwegil\ 11 uife) Torju sen Edythe Pjnney Coleridge-Taylor ong-Viking ong . . . . D. pencer bank P iano Quartet-Briske Printaniere, Op. 357,

0 TERBEIN WINS FROM ST. MARY'S (C ont inued frcrn page one.) through . few minute atd tyiJJg the core. Prett . ater ufler pulled off a aw _Y Piece of footwork by getting a) from h. . thr 1s man and dropp111g th tcc;u.g ? e goal which register d Ot· Mattiein ffs first victory o f t:he seaso n. shinin; rand Man chest er were the 1&ht of the " aints ' while Fo)( bein. wa the leading corer for Otter-

= =

Referee- pangler. corer- Elliot · - - -- -- - This Isn't Poetry. 1. Oxyr,i1evylanienopro'>ionic.




J. -E. HANSON, The Clean-Up Man



= = = = = = = = =


= =

= = = = = = =

= = = = = = = = = =

2. Diaminvcaproi c. . . No.. 8 No Rm H1GH Sr. 3. Guadininanvinovalena~ic. 4. Draminotrioxjdodeconic. If yo u don't know what th e~ m~a~, : why,-we' II refer yo u to . Dr. detrhnct'. She and I know everything an a Tillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllii one that he know · o( rar e gifts" remarked Mrs. N eigh.-1 Oh, That Smack. • " ow Prof. navely in Economic . bor. . If yo u don't believe that that last t Lot11 s· "He is," agreed tbe profes o_c' wife. long kis on tlte train wa weet, ask th er e i a yot•ng man m,, · "He ha ll t given me one mce ' e Lawrence White. well, he i about my age. . were married." The Salary QueShOn. Patronize Our Advertizers. Patronize Our Advertizers. t b man "'.Ib profe sor seems O e a




Page Six



fo' gi1'e\J1i h was • 1itii A " urpri e Pu d " u1g f re''''. 3 pt" atur a, Lera \Vater given _a f!ug ,, Jane Wilhelm w~ ht 101s 'tit se P ush Thurs d ay n1g - d. eats ,, ,v1 f "goo O shared a box turdaY. so· eral of her friend a j11g theGeel h on JeaV .. Qlt ·oi Mildred Deitc d to a-Y, geftt . t hall was hear c1e Y here . ,,;J·tbout I got out of 'Hurt'". the Hall thi week.


Bl el Keller, Mary ance Edna o- Jo in on Alic D . -..'r tbe Whi tie; . av1 on, .cv.1.a,jora k B , J uan1ta Fo ter and Faye Yer Were gu t 0 f y · . . 1rgm1a I . naveY, at a birthday dinner Party, Friday.

tI leu Bov ee of Iowa and Cleo op­ Pock of W e t 1"'! hi ton are vi iting at