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Howard· and Elliott Receive Enthusiastic Assembly of Students Hard Knocks in Game With R esults in Unanimous Subscription Varied Numbers Have Been Selected First Game of Season Ends In Defeat Wesleyan. to " Tan and Cardinal." -Seat Sale Will Be Announced brr 'Otterbein-Game Is Not Roy Peden and Gordon Howar cl ··Eve ry tudent and faculty member Later By Professor Cornetet. Spectacular. right hal f and ce nter for Otterbein, a subscriber to th e Tan and Ca rdiwere both given severe knocks on nal !" These were the logans on the h ead in the game la t a turday.. Tu esday m orn in g in chapel when an



Howard was taken ou t the third enthu ia tic camp~i n wa carried on Doctor Conwell Will Deliver Fam­ Wesleyan Takes the Lead In First qua rt er after he showed that he wa in the intcre t ot the college paper. ous Lec ture " Acres of D iamonds", 'Quarte·r with Two Touchdownsdazed so bad ly th at he cou ld not get Aiter a peppy speech by Ramey . f I 1 · O ther Numbers Ch osen. Ouerbein Scores in Third. the ignals. l t took half an hour or J-l nher,- e d 1tor o t 1e paper, su lsc np. • . more for him to recover h is memory lion blanks were passed out. -~'he Five of the six number o f the 1 Otterhcm ·uccecdcd Ill. coring o1 hut only a cratch was found on hi chool tood by the propos1t1on Citizen's Lyceum Course for 5t th 1919-20 her old rival \Veslcyan Ill c fir head so it was nothing critical. practically in a body, a lm ost every game of the f oot 1Ja II sc h e d u Ic 1rn t 1os t Peden was also struck on the head tu lent ubscrihing. The Seniors have been se lected and are presented th0 th 26 6 t~ c s corc __of t~ · The_ Me in the third quarter and like Howard led out in the subscription, a~ter below. Every year th e numbers o n 111 st the fir quart became d azed. He managed to play whi ch the other clas e followed 1m- the Lyceum Course are looked for­ d1sts goL a big lead th er ,._hen_~dl e r and ~one tore _ rough for quit e a while however, and made mediately. \\"it h this fine tart, it ward to with great intere t and this nd Otterbem s lmc fot big gam a the on ly touchdown for Otterbein look like a big year for the college sea on wi ll be no exc ption. The date core d two touchdown:j, In t~e re; whi le in thi s condition. \\"hen he paper. En· ry student and faculty J for ale of scat will be ann o unced 1 O th maining re c quarters t e P;ymg was jerked by oach \\"atts he did member a sub riber to the ··Tan and I later by Prof. "N. E. Cornetet. th bo teams -wa on a par. k owde~r• not know that a game was going on. ardinal !" Dr. Rus ell H. on well ha , been 1 due to th e lack of ope n wor an G d 11 1 t " · " b t Id __________ d I · h" 1 t f 11· 1.1ltrincss of t11e day the game was ra ua y 1e go w ise u cou ecure . w 10 111 t t a year o is not remember what had happened. Joint Committee Appointed to long Lyceum caree r will gi,·e hi a du J n II · 1 1 l i e s taye d a t th e D elaware . osp1ta Arrange "Scrap Day" Wednesday. cck b ratccl lec ture, '"Acres of DiaP eden Ma kes Gam. S; t ,,-d: > "' :g"t an cl n 11 Sur rhy \ ' i it ''Scrap Day"' 11 oL far di stant a n o nds" which he has cle liYe r ccl on r J3.) - far t"fic be ··t man for Otterbci11 Tanager 'chear hroughl him to joint F rc h-Sop h commiffee I bu y severr thocrsarrd t11ne,.I 1 "1Vas Roy I' d 11. Hi lin e playing \\'esten·i llc . Even now he doe not working o ut th e details. The Orpheu Quartet is al 'o co m­ wa · tlHilling. He made one run of remember of making t he touchdown The three •vents to be participated ing. This organization hales from 20 yards wl1icb was the mo t specta- hut those who w itnes ed the game in are a tie-up, a relay rnce and a tug- Le Angel e· and i the be t quartet ' cular of the entire game. It wa in can in time co n vince him. of-war. 011 the Pacific coa t. At the Panama th the third quarter that Roy ca ught e - - - - - - -- The three men repre enting the - Pacific Exposition it won th e Inonly forward pa Otterbein attempt- Dr. Cornell Is Honored at Fres hmen arc A . \\' . Elliott. J oe te rnationa l Grand Prize of 3.000 6 cd and cros eel the goa l for points. Annual Masonic Assembly. Ranck, and \\'ilbur Coon. for the best male chorus. O Peden' tack lin g was al e n sationa l. Dr. Otto B. Corne ll , of the eta s A committee un d er D. \\'. Barte lThe :\Iontaville Flowe rs, who a few st Harns Plays Fir G ame. years ago gave '"Chri . tmas arol'" on t of !lZ, was e lec ted grand master of baugh represent the ophomorcs. Harri · at full back. p layed his firS the Ohio grand counci l of Royal :ind Th e day set for .. crap Day" i next the local co ur . e, will appear for angame of Football aturday. He never elect Masters, a Masonic organiza- \\'edncsday. There wi ll be no ·cJa e other plendicl performance. played the gridiro n game while in lion of the York Rite, at the annual after chapel and the remainder of the Edwin \\'hitn ey. the popular reader high chool h e r . He weighs 190 grand a sembly at Toledo Tuesday ' day will be given of th \\'hit ney Brothers ompany pound and is '" hard a nail ." \V ith eptemhe r 23. After a service cover- as scheduled. cxperien.cc an d coachin g he hould _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ wi ll come for an evening of reading · . for the ing- seve ral years in the grand coun- , <leve l P int o a powerful man ci l. the honor comes to Doctor CorThe am Lewi Company will giYe M iss Brown Called Away. Ta11 a nd Ca r dina l. an enter tainm ent of a mu ical nature. ncll as a merited reward for faithful 1fiss J e ~ie 1Iay Brown. Art mLack Driving Ability. tterbein bowed th e la ck of e rn cc for ma onry in \ e tervill c structor did not meet her cla e on A tenor oloi t known a the ..John McCormack of th e Lyceum" app ar • plunging, hard and sure tac k 1mg an d and 111 the s tat e. The te rm is for :\londay because of the death of he r with thi company. · of the one year. gr:indm ot he r. · t tli c fir t th e d riv111g power a game. but in the cco nd half played R. K. Powell Suffers Fracture d much harder while We leyan unqu es­ Leg in Wesleyan Game. tionably weak e ned. Ottcrb in had J n the eco nd quarter of the game th e ball in her territo ry a great deal again t \\' e leyan Saturday, Roger of the la t quarter. K.Powell, on of Judge L. K. Powell, · The game wa characterized by Ttamp! Tramp! Tramp! The crea ted by the present day foot-ball "75, of Mt. Gi lead, broke hi,s leg (Con t inued on page t wo.) ruffle of drum and b lare of band enthu ia t . ju t abo,·e the ankl e. owe ll was purred on the merry A few men who played n that playing_ at left guard and wa in trument top­ Next Saturday' s Game With cr owd of nake dancer a they twi t- famou 1916 team were back to ay ping eve ryt hing that came hi way. Antioch Has Been Cancelled. cd and turned on their c rooked way that we got \Ve leyan before and we o n equently, \ Ve leyan men w ent A telegram re ce ived on last Satur­ down o llege a,·enue. Ye ll , cheer , are bo und to get We 1 yan again. after him an c[ the pi le-up resu lted in day from Antioch dllege ca ncelled on and brick tartled th e placid After some broad hint , the "Ener- injury to Powell. He wa taken to the game which wa cheduled for town people a the hilarious ones getic" Fre hmen h ad co llected the ho pita! and on unday wa re t­ next a t urday. Efforts have beea olazed their way through '· \ illy's'" enoug h debris for a huge bon-fire, ing ea y . Hi parents will take him mad e to ge t Hiram and othe r teams and s top 1 ed the . traffic_ at the Spring wh ich lighted up the clear, starry ky to his hom e a oon a he can be· but all to no avail. lt appear now and High of V\ esterv1 ll e for a few for quare around. The youngste rs comfortab ly moved. A ll tud ent that there wi ll be no game. moment . joined hand and capered around the and friend earne tly ympathize . The r e i thi good ide to it that The Id chapel experienced the bon·fire which procedure mu t have with ··Fat" and hope for hi quick an open date will "'ive th e team and mo t enthu ia tic ra1ly in years. struck joy to the heart of th e on­ return to Otterbein . It i hardly other also a chance to ee O hi o Th e roof wa almost wirled away looker for Otterbein i running ky­ po ible that he wi ll ge t back in the We !cyan get beaten by Ohio State. into space by the hullabaloo that was high with pep and enth u ia m. game thi sea on.















with a voca l s lo rendition o f Kip -, llllll:11111111111111111 llllllllllllllllllllllllllltllllllllllll lllllJllJJJllU ltcllll llll llllllllllll~ li11g's "On the Road to .Mandalay." ~ :

CJ~~:;:ae:;c:;oci:t:: E!::~:~:r;::an ~;- t~:1~~~~:~·ce \:~c: 11i:; ; \'i,~1v;r/ae,:: ' ~ otl;er selection, "That D ea r Id Pal :_: Students at Devil's Half Acre. O'Mine."


Profes o r Fritz created great f11 11 , ::: .\ dat e fo r c,·crybody! Sweaters! Llontircs ! hrn! Good eat.! That's by a hum orous reading. He wa rr- ' ~ what ne thinks of wh e11ev er he ~leio-"p hro nea n pu h is mentioned. Last \Vednesday even in g a crowd of about two hundr ed stud ents gathe red at Phi lophronean Hall and from ther e, wended th e ir way out to De,·i l" s Half . ere for the an11ua l push give 11 by Phi lop hr nea and leiorhetea. ll ere b nfir cs and everything wa in read in c s for a good time. The merry er wd, delightfu ll y chapero ned by Pro fesso r and Mrs. McCloy and Professor and Mr . \\' e t pent a gay half hour in play in g tim e hon red rin g ga m es ar o 1111d the fi re s. S ngs and co llege ye ll s were then in order with mus ic fur ­ nished on a number of ·' uke ;· mando lin and gui ta rs. hort speec hes wer e mad e by Professor \\·est, Edith Bingham, Kennt'th tt, Denni s Bran e and Pr f ,so r M c Joy. The c mmittee in charg e th en made themse lve u sef ul by pa ssi11g aro v11d the ·· eat •· whic h co ns isted of bun -, we i11 ers, lem nade a nd mar h­ mall wt;. Mu ch culinary ski ll wa s exh ibited by coo k of both se xe in roasting the wein ers and mars11mall ows. A leisur ei y stro ll h ome added ju. t the right climax to the e,·ening's fun. and at a late hour the la t stra g­ gler fina lly r eac h ed th e o rm , a ll voting that they had a great time.

WEINLAND IS TOASTMASTER Philomathean s Entertain New Men­ Speeches and Social Time Follow Regular Literary Exercises. Phi lomat hea, before many g uests. ce lebrated its nnua l tag Se sion last Friday with a sp lendid ocia l e,·ening and an abundant feed. n interesting program was rendered, delighting the evenings visitor . R. Martin, deliv ered current new to the society in a com­ mendabl e manner. A n address "Th e Modern Automobile" wa given by G. E. Mill s, in which Mr. Mills very ucce sfully likened man and hi s motive force to th motor of a n automobi le and it powers. A . S. Tichol . followed with a very interest­ ing autobiography. In t he extemporaneou ociety enjoyed remarks by L. Michael and J . Siddall, both of the clas of ' 19. ft er the literary exe rci es, ·Profe sor vVeinland, cla s of '05, acted as chairman of affair . V. E. ribb s, ~ve the welcome p·eech. Mr. Cribb's humor added much inte r e t to the occasion. Doctor Jon es was at hi b est in a talk, rich with advice and delivered as only Doctor Jon es can. The profe or related so me of his experiences inc ident to hi s com in g to Ott erbein. R. K. Hollinger favored ociety

ca ll ed, g ivin g a11oth e r sketch which s urpa s ed th e first se lec tion. Th e remainder of the evening was spent in disp ing of a lu sciou lap lun c h and a get a cq uainted 111 ee ti11 g. . VI/ . E lli o t, wa cha irm a n of th e kitchen poli ce and certain ly s uc cee d ed in '"fi lling up" tho se pre se nt. "Eat " con i ted of ham and peanut butter andwiche s, sa lad, baked bean s. pickle . h o t choco late. pineapple herbc t and cakes. ---STUD E NTS HAVE "PEP" RALLY




: 1

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Old Time "Pep" is in Vogue - Chap el : I­ is F:lled W ith Students-Fresh- 1 : men Make Bonfire. -



Th1·nss You Wan;·.t


§ :



U se trans- _

Do you ever . tear your no '. e books, music,. or texts?' pare n t mending tiss u e. A spool co:;ts out. tetr. =tts-..

Do you n eed to fasten pap e rs tagetfrer? Use paper fasteners or clips. W ould you st rength en the n:o::l..d <i!I1 anY,1 paper s or books? Uze gummed re-inforcements . Do you wish to index y our books, or .: ny papers? U se gummed index t ab1;,. D:aiw:i,u s.end parcels home? Use gummed parcel p o st labels which conform. t:o, l a w· and a r e artis­ t ically printed in sepia colors? These are only a few of the many things that D ennison makes for office- awr st:u:dent: qse. We have them in stock.



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P rp c tu a l grouches and profes- 1 New greeting cards both serio u s; a:nct mJ1narous. New goods are : s iona l kno ·ker who have been t r - : ing to tell u that tterb in pirit is § coming in daily. a thing o f the past rece ived a knock -I § o ut blow la . t Thur day night at t he All s orts of things for picnics . and: spreads. fir st Footall Rally of the sea on . onsidered from very anf!le rh e § " Come in and browse around.'." rally wa s a huge succe . At eight o"clock, lining up behind the band, a large r epre entation of : th e tudent b dy paraded ·up to wn a nd th en r turned to the chape l via the "'dorm." In the chap el the rea l ceremo ni es began led by " h e rry'' chea r, football manager, and . L . iii1 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111nmmnu111111111111111111111111111111111mnunff Fox, cheer leader '· pr tem.'' Th e team, seated on the p la tform re ce iv­ ed cheer indi viduall y and collective­ ~ 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111mmm1111111111111111111111111111111111111unLml!! ly. Mi ss Josephine Foor, l re id l! nt of the ochran Ha ll A s ciati on, repre enting th e girl , made a few remarks. § Then pep talks, yell and mu ic fo llowed promi cuous ly. oac h e Wa tt an d Martin ea h addre sed the tudent body and four a lum n i Var ity ·• " men poke brief­ ly. These men were " huck'' amp­ be ll, " Lardy'' Wa lter s, lenn Ream and Judd iddall. The meeting in the chapel c losed with the tterbein 1ii1111111111111111111111111111111111111111m11111111111111111111111111111111111 11 u 11111 t 11111111111111Ti Marching Song. T he chapel ra ll y then gave way to wa hard and e nthusia tic. O tt e rbein - Huber for Mar tin . ook ano th er se sio n around a mammoth The line -up : for Howard , Troop for Pow e ll. an b nfire in the o ld at hl etic field. D.t1e Otterbein (6) W esleyan (20) Ma on for M ill er, Butle r for Al­ to the effor t of the Fres hm a n fel ­ Ranck L. E. Be ll b r ight, Sm ith for Pe d e n. low th bonfire was a large one . Howe L. T. Han s on To u c h downs-Ed le r 1 ; Tone, 2; Herc more song a nd ye ll s a nd a Hert L. Long Wright, 1 ; Peden . Goa l fr om nake dance fi lled the program. tevenson to u c h downs - Ed le r , 2. Refe ree sthe fire died down th e crowd di R. Pa rk r Swa in , Dickinson. Thi fir t ra ll y was a R . T. Mi ll er good one. Now let us keep lb right R. E. Ens ign Gospel Team Has Meeting. good spirit throughout the Martin Q. B. Br ub aker La t Monday e vening und e r the Peden R . H . B. eege r Tracht L. H. B . • E dl er leade r s hip of L. B. Harmon, thirtyMETHODISTS WIN Harri F. B. To n e thr ee yo ung men of Otte rb e in met in BY SCORE 26 TO 6 Substitutions-Fo r Wesleyan, Hav - an h our of devotion th a t brought a (Cont inued fr o m page one.) inghurst for Stevenson, Battell e for t o u ch of rea l o ld - tim e r e ligi o n to the roughness, both side receiving fr e­ Brubaker. G rov is for Steger, Cam e r - heart o f eve ry man ther e. It wa a quent penaltie s. Litt le open order on for Long, Meredith for Miller meeting to p ut w ind in one' s ails and work wa tri ed and a a re ult the Torrence for Han on. Mahon fo; to hak e off the piritua l lethargy game was not spec tacular. Tone , Brubaker for Bat t e lle , C hurchill that w e ar e a ll too prone to acquire About one hundred tudent , fac ­ for Mahon. Tone fo r Churchill, teger amo ngs t th e many attraction and ac­ ulty and town speople journ eyed to for Grove , Miller for Meredith, Han- tiviti e of our co ll ege life . Were you Delaware to see th e game. Cheering son for Torrence. th e r e? There' a chair for you.

I:= I:

I§ =



- Do not forget the Winter Garden.




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TAN AND CARDINAL Published Week ly in the intere t of Otte rb e in by th e OTTERBElN P 'BLISH! G BOARD \Ve sterville, Ohio Member of the O hio College Press Association


sc rih ers the news item s and other I An Opportunity to Help. articl es of intere st, but also to serve r We regret exceedingly that several a s a medium through which bo th st u- Tan and Cardinal staff members did dent s and faculty may present their not return this fall. They were va luviews and opinions on topics which able members of the staff and their touch co ll ege life. To do th is th e faithful service will be missed. How­ edito'."ial and news columns are not ever, the work must go on and with suffi c ient. N o matter ho w. r~presen- the large number of new students tativ e the editors may be it is impos 1• 1there should be littl e difficulty in ecurbl e for them to pr~sent accurate ly a ll ing worthy successor to the absent ph.ase of s tud ent life. In order to do d epartment heads and assistant . th1 s prop erly a column k nown as It i the editor's prerogative to sug-

STAFF Editor-in-Chief .. Ramey H. Huber, '20 A ssistant Editor .......... L. E. Pace, '21 Contributing Edito r sE sth er Harley, '21 ., lub Talk" ha b ee n in tituted. ge t per ons for vacant places on the Edith Bingham, ' 20 Thi ha. Leen u eel exten ively in staff to the Pub lication Board for ratih Business Manager .. Carl L. Smith, '20 f si ta?1t Busines s Managerpa s t years and ha been t e means o fication . Due to the fa t that o few C. C. Conley, '22 stirring up sentim ent on specific mat- of the new student are known to u Circulation Mgr. .. Mary Tins tman, '20 te rs wh ich ha r esult ed in reform and we think it wi e to po tpone for seve rAs i tant Circulation l'vfana~er- , progre ·s. " lub T,ilk'' co lum n is open al week the choice of the e staff Marv el - e bert, 21 · .1 f ·1 Local Editor •..,...... .... Haze l Payne, '21 to all student , a_lqm111 an ~, I\CU ly, m ember . V,/e are asking for you to himnal Editor .. Prof. A. G11itn<ir, '97 \ . ny article to11 ehmg on some _q uc - try out for these places if yo11 have E;-:change~ l::ditor, 1fary Bqnenger, :20 tion l ertincnt to the college wil l be sufficient intere t and l0yalty to thi Literary Echtor, J. ,ordon Howard. 22 a ccepted . but do not make it too long. col lege paper. Addres all communication s to The Two hundr ed words i the maximum Of course it means work but the ex­ Otterbein Tan and ardinal, 20 \ V. whi ch we can publish in this depart- perieu e(I ls worth ome thing _a nd you Main St.. W es tervill e. Oh io. . m e nt. Write a concise and direc,t wi ll enjoy having a hare in this pubSubscrip~ion Price, $1.SO P er Year, arti cle and either deliver in µer-~011 er- J' • Tl f JI · ·· payable 111 advance. . . ·· teat t 11. 1c o owmg pos1t1ons are mail to Taq an~ Cl\rc!tnill {!ffiee, 'vVest to be filled within the next month at Entered as se cond cla t11;1tt~r :\h in .' tree\ , nr h{ltHI It rn a· member least: athletic editor, assi tant busi191 7, at the P 0st offi Gef o f th e egitq ri,11 taff. Names of those ne eptemi:Jer ?.5. manager, tmo assistant circulaat We ter-villp, 0. un~ ti r <\ Gt o. b " \t 11rch · 31 l §f~, ' sul,mttnng artic le need not be pu . - tion ma11:. •·crs and Cochran Hall edi· I lish ed but must be known to the edi- l6r. lf you are interested and have a llGeptance for ma1.1.mg a t spec1a rate of po tage provided for in Sec. tor-in-chief. de ire to help, see the editor and get 11 03, Act of Oct. 3, 1917," authorized We sg li •i H l \l tt> write Club Talks. busy at once, ;\pril 7, 1919. Th~r(' h ro~m £or improvement in ~ ~ rnany activ ities at Otterbein although A Reminde r. EDIT ORIAL ' we believe we have an unusually th•·-1 lightful co llege life. During the s umm er the halls and He that lovet h a good book wi ll I C lub Talks shauld put an end to the recitation rooms, chairs and other 11evcr want a faithful friend , a wholr- criticisms which one occa ional\y furnitur e were refini hed o at the be0 111 e c un se lo r. a ch ee rful cq mpan- h ear s ab o ut th e camp-q , If an y 11e ginning of thi s year everything ha a i911 . <I I\ f.ltj,c l4~l co m fq rt er., ha a co mpl<1i11t r cr iticism to de- clean and fresh appearance. What a .- lSi\<\C BHra~, liv er hr nill'lttlcl 111 a ll fairnes be will- \ b lessing it wou ld b e . if smoke and -:-:--==~· - _ _ _ _ in " to voice .his omphlint, Tf a per- dust ,~ould leave th e ir mark s ~ls~'-ll~9S!l Your- Friep.ds, 011 cH appr()v<c of a certain rule, the I where 111 the days to come but th1 1s I thlt1•~ for hlm to do i to present it I out of reason. However, it is not unth ' fhe ab ve quoti.t!on r\et\O\e e I whe;e \he re t may con ider it. If a r easonab le to ask stud en ts to k eep 1111portnncc of l!hoosing good b.ooks, I profe s•tH doe. not like ome student their penci ls and knive in th eir pock­ ,, go cl book i (he be t .~f frtQ!lcl · I : u ~ton; or habit, let him take the only ets. Arms of chair are not memor­ lll<' ame today and forever (Tt1pper). 1 ~ffe ctivc way of topping it-a Tan ial tablet for Otterbein folk to in­ Yet it i~ ji1. t as important if not n~orc , ;nd ardinal Club Talk. This paper . c1·ibe their initials on. If you wish so that on ' fri ends are of the right is your official mouthpiece. to lea ve a name for yourself here do character. An old adage is that, "Evi l - - -- - - - ~ ~ it throu gh commendab le service to companion corrupt good manner ". other . in scholarsh ip or in active This is certain ly very true . \V e unp~~lt;fe tqr Youri;elf. intere t and hard work in th e variou con ciously l1ert1n~P ]iJ·c rhos\! wi th ·hoo Ing a literary ociety at Ot- as ociation and in ath letics. It i whu:n , tt as~uciarn. ·l'her-efore the tcrb('in i one of the bigge t deci ions a sign of weakne . omewhere to IJ ~t or ;icnd . available is none too a i·tudent ha to make· in hi or her mark and cut chair , walls, etc. You good. Jn order to !iv up to the be t enti re four year of coll ege life here. know the old adage about "foo ls". that we know and in o rd er to become , me folks may ay, that it make A l o, new students and o ld a well. th men and women of character that !ittle difference which ~f ti,c two one t::ike note that it is an Otterbein ideal tho e intcre ted in u expect u to jo·ns but tl1i';i, ;:, a fa! e contention. to keep the campu free from waste heco:nc it i ab solute ly imperative , A11y mt.:mber who i loyal and attach- paper and other unsightly thing . It th at we choo. e o ur books ~11~ fLI ._ nd ed to either of these s =eties crinain- is ju st carelessne and thoughtle sswi · i .. \y believe that \h ir 1 the be t. ne s that permit uch violation a 1~ 1 a l o very true that the nl.\m- Yet, ther-1: are po s ibly ome who the e ugge ted above. her of frien{l one m,iy hi\µn en to lo k with envy upon members of the h011st qf i111 n At <JQ n clu Ive jividence brother or sistt"r organizntio n, These Alumni Renew Subscriptions. ih!it they arc 11II of the right ort . person , •er~ lnttuen ed to join About one hundred sub cription There are usually a fi'w friend with again ·t their own per onal conviction expire with this issue and it i ncceswhom we ar, more intimate, and who , and suc h procedure hould be tabooed. ary that the renewa l be made at once have greater influence over our lives ndoubtedly a new st ud nt i :n order t o con.tiuue malling without than all the re t combined. These drawn to one or the other of the e a lap e of ~ week or longer. few . hould be of a high order. Their societie and pre ure on the part of cal iber can be tested in time of cri i member of the oppo ite society is Subscribe for Tan and Cardinal Now. Pay Mary Tinstman, Cir. Mgr. a nd discouragement. t for th e best interest!; t either




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"Good book , like good friends, are the new tudcnt ur th societies con­ few and cho en . the more elect the cerne!I, l:Jm: · admonition to all new more enjoyab le."-A\q>tt: - tudent i , do not join ln th<.' fir t few weclis I 1.1t wait until you have 1-fave You a Cri~icism? had an oµport1.1nity lo attend each The bu~lne of ;1ny college news- several tin1ts, Then make your own PAP~F, sucl1 il tb 'fan i111cl Cardinal. dcci ion ba ed upon the merits of i11 not enly to pri::scnt to the m mbers b th and do not allow member to of the student body and other ub - prejudice you one way or th othe r.

"\Vhat' in a name?" say hakepearc . A lot of trouble, if you pell it incorrectly and u e wrong initials. We found thi out after la t week' issue. everal names of new tudent were not correctly given. \Ve hope to do better next time o kindly be le nient in your cr iticism .

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Page Four

Class of 1919. Lois Adams, teacher Schoo l, Center Village, 0.


Col umbu s, 0 . Harrie t M. Raym o nd. tea cher of English and French in High Scho ol, Piketon, 0 . Lenore Rayot, teacher of French in High School, Mt. Vernon, 0 . Mary Griffith R ea m, Westerville, 0. Lawrence K . Replogle, prin cipal of High School, Okeana, 0. Beatrice Shafer, cl erk in Postoffice, High Detroit, Mich.

GIRLS HOLD FIRST MEETING ---Young Women's Christian Association Begins Year With InterestEaglesmere Next Week. With mor e than u ual pep and enth usiasm. Y. W . C. A. held its fir st meeting of the year on T ues day night. A_ great many girls wer e pre sent and discov e red .that Y. W. C. A. i a very worth-whi le organizatioi1.

A. Clair Siddall, stude nt in mediEdith · Bingham. th e preside nt Wilma Adams, with Culv er Art and cine, Western, Reserve Universi ty, heartily welcomed the new girls and Fram e Company, We terville, 0. Cleveland, 0. explained just why every o ne hould Jud son C. Siddall, principal of Hi g h make Y. W. C. A. a regular habit. She School, Mt. Gilead, 0 . then call ed upon the different m emGladys Swigart, teacher of home bers of her cabinet, ea ch of whom economics in High School, Creston . ex pla ined in a few short sentences th e 0. importan ce of her particular work. Helen Vance. tea cher of music, . Afte_r thi enthusia sti c start, every girl will w~nt to co me to th e EaglesR eynoldsburg, 0. Katheryn Warn er, R. R . 2, Dayton , mere 111eet111g next w ee k.

0. Circulation Department Booms.

Wi lliam R. Evan , Arona, Pennsylvania. Freda Frazier, teacher of home eco­ nomics in High School, Wauseon, .0. May Freeman, teacher m High School, J ane lew, W. Va.


s ub scrip ti on blank and an add re ssed e nvelope . Sub criptio ns are a lready coming in fast, so we feel e ncouraged th at those of fo r me r. years wan t this pa_pe r. Alumni, if you did not re· ce1ve one of the se letters wit h a blank, j ust send your nam e and address ac­ compa nied by one dollar and a half to Mis Mary Tinstman, Cir. Mgr., and he wi ll ee that yo u r subsci-ip tion doe s not exp ire.



~ "'-"'-,.,,,,,.,.....,~"'-rw~



"'-"'- '-"'-- "'-"'- ~ ~....,.,..,., O tt er be in 's colo rs a re tan :ind cardinal and we s hou ld be proud of th em. The o nl y letter that should b_e see n aro und here is th e reg,il::\• tt on ··o•· earned by iaithfu l work on a_n a th let ic team and g ran tecl by ac• t:on of th e Ath letic Boa rd . La st yea:- th ere wa omc troub le co n· ce rning th e wearino- of hi o-h sch ol I . b b ette rs but this yea r the F1°eshmcn a re to be co mmend e·d for their ad· her ence to the trad iti o ns of O tt er· bein and keeping a ll high schoo l le tters ou t of sight. But th er e is i\nother mistak !') tha t hould b~ · cor re\:tecj, ;rncj thi!t n1 is= take IS beiqg m a de by sqme wb('I s houlcj k1Jow bet.teF. \\'hpt w11 fe= fer to is th e wea, rh1 of an •·O" Bn sweater s, not t he rcgulatid11 ca rd.ina l sweaters, hut swe::i ter s of . olors l11 no way con ne ct f!d w ith Ot terbei n, This error shoulr! be co rr ec ted 11 t


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' ~ 1111111111111111111111 1111 111 111111111111111111111 11111 111 1111 1111111111 111 111111111111111111111111111g,I

United Enlistment Movement Will : Hold lits First Meet ings Next I§ Tuesday-Speakers Announced.


= -==

RETURN E D SOLDIER SPEAKS L. A . Hert Gives H is Opinions of the Effects of Christianity Upon Soldiers. Sunday eveni n g se rv ices at the Unit ed Brethren Church were in charge of Lyman A. Hert1 The th eme of Mr. Hert's address was "Christ and the Soldi er Boy". Mr. Hert said that taking the army as an organ ization there wa no p lace for Christ but t ak ing the soldier individually th ere were many in tances of the power of Chri st. M r. Hert spo ke es p ecially of two Otterbe in men with whom he was in pe rso nal contact, Vance Cribb and Norris Grabill and to ld of th e straight forward, Christian live s which they liv ed in the face of e very temptation.

Liberal Country. "Tfiis is a foine co u ntry, Bridget!" exclaimed· orah w ho had but re­ cently arrived in the United States. " ur e, i"t':S generous everybody i . I asked at the postoffice about sindin' money to me mither, and the young man te ll s me I kin g e t a $10 money orde r for- ti1r cints. Think of that, now!" A stranger upon the campus lately walked up to "Dave" Bart lebaugh and asked " How· loa,g have yo u been in th is

C.QW) t ty



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use d



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O tt erbe in will b e well r e pre se nt ed in __ the pre se nt seri es of m eetings.

31 W . College Ave.

_ Meals

= = =


Stoughton, M. D.

Westerville, O hio = = Bell P hone 190 Citizen Phone 110 =


On Tuesday ep t cm be r :30, at th e I~ Fifth ..\,·enue Un it ed B r e th re n : church, Co lumb us, t he U nit ed E nli st- me11t Mo,·e men t ho lds th e fi r st of a se r ies of mee t in gs t o · be hel d : th roug hout t h e o ut heas t Oh io Co nT h is m eeting w h ic h w ill _ fe r ence . ·ha \'e se\'e r a l e "sio n s d u rin g th e day marks the begi nnin g o f a ca mp a ig n designed to r ev ive inter es t in chur ch § li fe in gene ra l. S ix gro up m eet ings will be held § duri ng t he wee k including o lum b u s, C irclev il le, B r e m en, L ogan , Ja ck so n and H ill sboro. m o n g th e spea k ers : are Dr. E. E . B urtn er, Rev. E . M . _ Hursh an d Dr. W . G. Clipp ino-e r who § wil l be a id ed by t 11e loca l pas to r s in each of t h e six ch ur ch es. Sometime in :'\ove mber t he M ovemen t expec ts to la un ch a ca n, pa i 0 n ~ for fu nds. Th e goa l h a been et a t about one h u ndred a nd fo rty th o usand do ll ars as a: Fr t e ffo r t. F utu r e d ri ,·e a r e a nti c ipa ted fo r mu ch la r ge r sum s with whi ch to ca rr y on : th e wo rk . T h e U nit ed E nli s t me nt § M o\·en1e nt r e presents a wo rk o f lar':Yc pr o p o rti o n a nd o n e w hi c h will mean m uch to th e church. Th e int roduc ti o n of thi mo vem e nt into th e : So uth ea t Ohio onferen ce should arou e v ita l interes t in th e do ings of our ch ur ch. Mu ch m o n ey w ill he 1 § nee d ed to furth e r th e mo,·ement 1 : T h e fund ca mpai gn of t he n ea r future will a ccept pledges covering five y ea1·s payable in yearly installments. :

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H. L. WAGNER ATTENTION ALUMNI! RENEW YOUR SUBSCRIPTION AT ONCE Mary Tinstman, Circulat ion Manager, O t terbein ':'an & Cardinal, Weste rville, Ohio

Enclosed find $1.50 for which pl ease send Otterbein Tan & Cardinal for one year to Name

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••• •• •04 • 00000 0


OOOooo o O ,•• • ••• ••••••••• • • H• ••• • •••••••• • • •••• •• · • •• OO OOOO o oOo o o ooOU Ooo o OOOooo O

·•···········•···· •··••··•········ ····························•·····•···•··············•·········•

P . O. ····························································· S t ate ············································ Date

TAILOR At Your Service Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing, Dyeing. 33 State St. Westerville

G. W. Henderson, M. D. Hours by Appointment Corner State Plum Sts. From the Oven to You Cakes, Pies, Bread and Delicacies.

DAYS' BAKERY 20 N. State St. Subscribe for Tan and Cardinal Now. Pay Mary Tinstman, Cir. Mgr. When you submit jokes to th e T. and C., please write them on tissue paper, o we can ee through them.

MAIL THIS BLANK Remember to mention the Tan and Cardina l when you patronize our ad11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 v e rt isers.

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OTTE.I<. 11 El

Y. M. C. A. RECORD IS PRAISED Doctor Sanders Relates History of Local Association-Otterbein Had First Building. In lb,7 Otterbein founded a stu-1 dent Y. M. C. ,\ ., the first one in the tate. The women followed in 1882 by establin,hing a Y. M. . A., whic:h had the honor of being the tirst of its kind in Ohio and the third in Cnited tales. .\pri l of 1 ' U2, the first 'o nferenc e of stude nt Y. M. ·. , . pre idents was held at Otterbein. Many men were then present who ha,·e since become widly known in Y. M. · . A. work; John R. Mott, E. L. Shuey, S. D ordon and others. At this Conference local students were o inspired that they decided to build a bui lding of their own. So in spite of the crush­ ing debt under which the institution was working, a ca mpaign for funds was inaugurated immediately. In chapel o ne morning $4,000 was pledged and from o th er sources suffi­ cient funds were gathered so that const ru ctio n began and in 1893 th e building was dedicated. This build­ ing was distinguished in being the first co llege ssoc iation Building in Ohio and one of the fi rst few in the coun try. Tht> Assoc ia tion Bui ldin g at tter­ bein cares for the Physical, Social and piritual needs of eve ry co ll ege man and should dominte a ll co ll ege activities. tud ent (pro ud of his Latin)-"Pop , what i th e word for people in Latin?" Father-"I don't know." on-"Popu li." Fath cr-"What ! you young sco un d rel, I lie, do I?"

'i. ~1L C. A.


COCHRAN HALL Thirty ochran Hall gir l attended the \\ 'es leyan game aturday, and hik es and pushc h ave taken precedence over study in the pas t few d_ay s, but who co uld be studious right after ummer vacation? A breakfast push was given Saturciay morning in honor of Betty : 11111 n, leo Coppock, Mary Siddal l and Xettic Lee Roth to r mind them of choo l days. The same morning took Mary and Martha Stofer, Gladys Iloward, Benny Heeter and Mary l\Iyers to A lum reek for breakfast. ,\nother jolly party of seven couples found their way to the tile mill Sat­ urday night where they experienced a jolly good time. The first fourth floor "g t to-gether" occurred last Tuesday evening, when Edith ave and Jessie Wilson entertained the new gi rl s; and Thursday night Mildred Dietsch and Esther Harley gave a "toast-jelly" push. E ight of the Hall g irl s en­ joyed F rid ay vening with Eleanor Whitney. eve ral a lumni so ught out old ochran Ha ll last week, in clu ding 'e ttie Lee Roth, leo Coppack, Mary Siddall, A nnette Brane, Helen Sanders, Betty Ellman, Glady Lake, Miriam George,· Edit h Hahn and Ma rie Billman-Huff. Gladys Van · Gundy, A li ce Hunter and Mildred Pickerin g spent t:,e week-end in Lanca ster, and Mildre d hull visited with Helen a mpb ell at her home in Ga lena unday. Vivian Patter o n and lin e· Mayne mo ved to th e Hall last week: Yes, every girl thi s year is of the liv e ly ort, and ther e is sure to· be so methin g doing all the time.




would you like to be the cem,us taker, LOCALS dear reader? A. Sidda ll of Dayton. 0 .. spent ·wedncsday and Thursday of last •HERT RELATES TRADITIO S we k with ttcrbein friends. "Sid" is attending \Vestern Reserve thi s year. Large Assembly of Men Hear Lyman


E . llahne-"Oh fish egg! I'm Hert on " O tterbein Traditions"outa' luck." Professor Glover Speaks. A. Elliott-"\Vhat's the matter?" E. H.-''Thunder! I got a check ! On Thun,day night the Youn~ from home in lead of a I ller from my Men's ' hri~tian ,\ ssocia tion meeting girl." i wa~ addressed by Ly1T'an llert. Hi · ~-ubject was "Otterbein Traditio ns'' A. E.-"Do you have a girl?" E. H.-"\Vhy s ure ." and the glory f the history a nd the A. E.-"Ge ! She must be blind." pride that is justly fo tercel becau·e of worthy tradition was highly 1(r. and Mrs. J. . Sidda ll of 11 t. praised Clean spc ch, pure Iii ing, Gilead visited in \V cstc rville for sev­ manliness, industry, high ideal·, era l days the past week. c h1·istian characteristics and other "Al" Elliott . pent the week-end at comn11:ndabie attributes applicable lo Otterbein tudcnt of the pa·t his !1ome in Galloway. and pre ent were taken up and dii­ If swit he s were all e lectrical, think cusseJ by Mr. Hert. how magnetic ome women would 1 c. A gene1·a l di cu sion fo llowed cott called upon P1'li Elliott-"The night breeze is chill- when K. J. B. lo1·e r newly e lected profes• ing to the bone." of mathematic . Profes or ribbs-"Why don't you wear a sor Glove ,· ,. ice d his approva l of the warmer hat?" splendid pirit show n by indil' iduals mong the intere led specta tors at and rganizations of tterbcin as he the \ Ves leya n -Otterbein game were: has interpreted co ndition ·o far. Harold Gieger, . D. LaRue, John H. There were one hundred me n pre ent. Francis and Luthe1· K. Funkho user. Band to be Organized. Profcs or Altman-"\,Vho i your Professor R. Spe sard 1s orfavorite author?" ganizing an orche tra. 11 mu icians Denni Brane-"My father." a 1·e requested to meet at the Con­ Profe sor A ltman- "Why, what did en·atory at 6 o'clock Monday Sept. h e write?" 29. D. Brane-"Checks." ,\ band wi ll be forme d this year S h e-"Ye , I will b e yours on one in co njun c tion with the town band. condition." It i thought that there is not enough He-"T hat' s all right, I entered band talent to supp ly a We tervilk school with six."-Ya lc Record. town band and a co ll ege organization a.t the ame time o the two will " en u e m b ra ces 22,000,000 co n so lida te. bet ter band hould women ." - Literary Digest. How be the re ult.