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Doctor Scott Has Served Otterbein

Honors Seniors and Gives Prese nts to C ollege Pastor and Wife.



of Liberal Arts College R ather than Purely Scientific Sc hool.

Bishop Alfred T. Howard, '94, Pre­ On Thursday nig!1t. the Sunday Presid_ent Edmund _J. Jam e5 af t l:e sents th e "Call of the East" S c hoo l room at the . B. Church wa ~ lJ n"·er ,ty of I llmo1s. one ,Jf th e ity for Long Period of Time. in lnstructi e Sermon. the scene of a pleasant party given greatest state in titut-ions w it! · exTRAVELED MUCH ABROAD by :vlrs. Cook's Sunday S c ho o l Cla . tensi,--e te c hnical co urse , mad e the MISSIONARIES ARE NEEDED honoring the Senior girl of the co l- i J ll o wing r e marks in an afte r-dinner - - -Has Remarkable R ecord During Jege. ·About seventy-five girl s w ere ,pcech at the banquet of the A ssoc ia- Has Recently Returned from a Tour Forty Years of Teaching-Has Inpr esent and enjoyed the fo llowing I tion of American Coll eges held in I of Denomination's Mission F ields fluenced Thousands of Students . ' program: Chicago last January. He emphasized / and Makes St irring Appeal. i Violin Solo-··college ~Iedley" the importance of a libe:·.11 art; "The Call of the East" was the sub­ One of the most prominent and 1, e Gladys Yo kum cour c and a broad ,·iew of th;r,gs as loved men of Otterbein is Doct(J,- / Readi ng-"Laska" iolet Pat terson ba ic for success in technical p rofes- j ect o f Bishop Alfred T . Howard who s poke in the United Brethren Church Geo rg e Scott w hose birt hd ay w :ls ! P iano o lo-''P lay ing of th e V•.:av es" sions. Bishop Howard celebrated .\fa y 10. Every ,- tudent Faye Byers "The older I grow and the 111or1e , - unday morning. g raduated from Otterbein in 1 94. He and friend of Otte r bein should be \,'ocal Solo-·'Maclca1) MarJ orie" f see o the t hin gs that co lle 5 c st11wa a missionary in Africa a nd Japan familiar with th e story of Doctor Ethel E u banks dent do after they leave coll e g-e the Scott's life because it is fu ll of inter- · p·,an o D ue t-"R hap sod)' March" l · cl I mo r e . am conn nee t iat, ahe.- a ll , es t, and he ha s been intimate ly con, ,r s JI cl L Cl lviay e man a n orna ow the important thing for a young 1,,an Poe m-"A n Appreciation of Our is to get hi s face set in the right diSeniors" Bertha H ancock rection: to get the proper ideal~ ..me! Response Gladys Lake the proper inspiration in himse!f : far At the c lose of the f rmal part of more important than any partirl'lar the p1·ogram, Marvel ebert in 3 elev- amount of training, than any p:n t:,-...er way, presented to Doctor and Yfrs. Jar amount of knowled g e whi c h he E. E. Burtner a fine , leath e r c ushioned r ece1,·es. And , that i, j u t as t ru e arm <:hair and foot tool : ;,..ncl to l'lfr,i:, oi the engineer, and tho.: physician . I Burtner a large basket f reel rose · and the lawyer. as it is of the gradu1 The girls had secretly planned to ate of liberal art a nd sc ie nce. :: how. in thi s way, a littl e o f th c:r a p- 1 "T hav e been fo r a num be1· of pre . c iati . o n fo r th e co. ll ege pa s t o r and y ear . p re ,·c1 e n t o f o ne o f th e Ia rgC' h1 wife.. Th o ug h ev1 cle n t ly co m p le t e- t ,C ~ 11 I1 IC, · -a l I I 0 f th C CO Uil t ry, o ne C 100 ly a t o 111 ·he el, D oc to r B ur tner was not 1o f t ie 1arg-e e n g 1n · ee r111 · g c I100 Is o f 1 1 re nd e red s p ee c h le s a · w a - ma nifestf ti · t 0 lC COU il ry. eel by hi s int e re tin g speec h of a cF nen · d s, I wou Id say, 1'f I were a , cep tan ce. l'IIr s. Burtn er a lso p ke a b tti h' h I t 1 e ng man, w :c am no ' fe w wo r ds t o t he ir is · and Profes o r wo uld be t m y money o n a gradu a t e f g ' f \\' e inland, a o rme r tea c he r o th e o'f a college o f liberal arts and scic, . D c lass gave ome .1.1rk ·. h d 'd d · . I. I . I I . ence who as ec1 e to go mto Alfred T. How ard, A. M, D. D., 1894 George c,:;ott, Litt. D ., Ph. D ., LL. . I I II Flickinge r Professor of Latin Langu. · 0 o wmg tit s t ie g :r s: t , cir t ea c h- engineering even a single hour be- Mi ;: ionary Bi:.hop of lJ n:ted Brethren d L't t er, :Vlrs. Coo k a nd gu es t s, Doc t o r and fore he left the institution and went Church. 1 age an era ure. .\I rs . Burtn e r, D ean ~[ c Fadden and into the practical work; there is far 1l"rofe,;sor a n d 11r. \\'einland.repaired mo re certainty o f his making a suc­ a n um ber of years a nd is no w S ecre­ nec ted \\'i th O tte r be: n for - o many to the ba sement o f the churc h \\'here cess if he has the right attitude tary o f th e Fo re ig n Boa r'cl o f ·t h e ye a r ,. refre s hment of neopolitan ice cream toward the world and right feeling D octo r cott was b rn in X ew York l' nit e d Breth re n Churc h . and angel food cake we1·e served. within himself, than the man who ity. !\lay 10. 1849. his parent lnv ­ Bi. hop H o ward's me s age was ex­ has had four years of technical work remely interes t ing a nd in s tru ctive be­ ing ju , t arri\'ed in this co untry from Hurrah, for the Faculty. preparing to be an engineer." England. \' ery soon they moved to cau s e o f his recent journey through Otte r be in ' Faculty \\'ar avings {ContinueJ o n page ri\' e.) the mi .. ion fields. He has per sonallv Stamp Club ha gone over the top in President King Appointed. o b en·ed and thereby has learned ubscribing th eir quota in the recent Doctor D eeve r and Professor D r. Henry C. King. president of what the need · of the missionary campa ign. They have pledged 580 Showers Will be Here Sunday pecially Japan, China, which is 80 above their quota. It is Oberlin Co ll ege. has been appointed land are; 011 Sunday. .\,Jay 18, D 1·, ru mored that the Y. \ V. C. A. lub by P re side nt \\ ilson to the Inter(Contin ue d on oaire five.) D e ,·er. ecretary of Young People' a l o reached their amo·Jnt but Allied Commi ion for the inve tiga\\'o rk and Prof. J. B. howers of has been heard about the tion of conditions in Syria. The re- Rollin R Durrant, '20 Bo neb rak e S e minary of Dayton. will commendation of this commission j Is Cited for Bravery lub. s peak a nd c lo e the eries of meeting will probably determine what dispo s iProf E p D h . · ·u r · Durrant a received Games are Postponed . p lanned by th e Chri s tian Associations. tion w1I· I be made o f th1· , land. fr o m th . . epartment citations e v, ar They w ill speak at o ne or pos ibly The Antioch game which wa not for h is son, Rollin Durrant, fo r gallant bo th o f th e service in the United played aturday becau e of unfavor­ President White Resigns. and meritoriou s services, while on Bre thr e n C hurc h. · Their me sage will able weather condition will be played Pre . J. Campbell \\, hite of Woos­ lia 011 duty uncl r s hell fire. There deal with s tudent 's pr o bl e m in gener­ next Wednesday at 2:30 o'clock. ter ha s resigned the presidency of that a l. R e,·e rend Burtn e r has given over Also, Ohio \,Ve leyan's tenni team college to accept a call as an As o­ are three citations, for the Argonne­ the r egular ·unday en·ice. fo r the s e wi·II pos ib ly meet ·Otterbein at the ciate General Secretary of the Inter­ Meu s e campaign, th Lunaville cam­ paign and the Ai ne-Marne campaign. lecture ho ping th a t m o re tudent ame time. Next aturday the base­ Church \\' oriel Movement of orth Rol lin is wi th the 166t h regiment of will be present than at the r ecent ball team will go after ~[u kingum' America. He i to be the head of the th e Rainbow divi ion , whic h paraded . calp on th e ir territory. w ee k-da y mee tings. Life-\\'o rk Department. 111 olumbu s aturday evening . in Positions of Great Respo nsibil-






T HET.-\ .· .-\:--:D CARDI. AL

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EXPERT REVEALS \cnt., with \\"hich he is endo"·ed. '" The · on ly man who ca n keep me fr o m Q PPORTU ITIES Succes, 1s :.l y:ie lf." :.-lanufacturers I must know th eir mate rial s. as well a F. 0. Cle~ent1, '95, Director of Re­ their men . Chem i,t ry does this ver y search Divi;ion, Dayton Metal Pro­ thing : tell~ what is going on in hid­ den proce .,scs . locates and prevents ducts Co ., Po:nts O ut Opp ortun­ troubles. stops mistakes . develops itie:; in S-::icntinc W•:ir k . :11 ethods and pro cesses, de s ig n s ap­ parat us. construc t s wor k s and is an SCIENCE AIDS DEVELOPMENT ,ffc:t i, e agency for the systematic < e,·elo pment of a country's resources Resources arc M;.dc Productive, Mod­ Chemis try is r e. ponsib le for thc­ ern Societjl i:; Impro·,1ed by S::ience \\'orlcl \ Var and its pro longation Ap:·lied t y Trained Minds. :\obel , a Swedish chemi t. discovere<l

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Stop! L oo k! Li ·t, n! L isten! Look. Stop! '".Fate ha ngs 110 reel li g hb at the crossroads of our careers ." Thc world turns asidt to let any

dyn amite and be lieved that hi s wor k io;·e,·er put an end t o warfare o n a c­ co unt of it -; '"fr ig htfuln ess" . l ti s sim­ Your o u tdo or port a r e do u blv enjoyable piy a case oi a u eful and co n se rva­ tive materi ,d, o f benefit to mankind w it h t h e r igh t eq ui pment. man pass who k no w., where h e is go­ put t o helli s h u.,e by the ·H un '. Faith ing. l ' n fortunately, too many men ma y rem o,·e mo untain s.-b ut we de­ fail to find frc vocation in life for A n examin a ti o n of our tock will convince pen d up on dynamite. No chemistry­ which they arc particularly suited. no dynamite, 110 wa.r. no Panama y ou \Y e have it . No ·man ca n he ca alogued; con eanal. lf we were to take away w ha t th e If yo u ca nn ot run m t o ee u -, yo u ma y buy chemi s ts have contribu ted. th e w ho le s t ructu re o f modern socie t y wo ul d afe ly by mail , fo r w e r efu nd the rn o nq,: if yo u fa ll to the ground. Eve n every com ­ mercia l t ransact io n, the wo rld o ve r, a r e n ot a ti sfied. is abso lute ly based upon t he che m is t' cer t ificate e stab lis hin g th e fin en ess o f gold. Engineering made bu t lit tl e p rog r e s until stee l a nd cemen t. tw o chem ica l products. we re ch eapened s imp li fied and made univ e r al. W ha t a g lorio us contrib ut ion th e che m is t Sp rtm ari ' G oo d bro ug ht to h is co untry in time o f wa r: I quently. the need fo r vocational g u id- poiso n gas . gas m as k . n it roge n fix ­ ance. N o o ne ca n pr e su me t o ad vi se at io n , an es th e ti cs . so lve nts fo r a ir­ 100 N. High St., Columbus, O hio p;i.rticu la rl y for or. again · t a given vo- plane dopes. new fue l . val uab le con­ ca ti o n , bu t a gr a l deal can be accom- : t r ih utio n ; to the dye in d ustry. t h o u s­ p lis hed by a ssis t ing young men t o ; ands of dr ugs, et c.! reac h th eir ow n concl u ion · : part ly Brie fl y , a no t her lin e of th o ug ht: by m akin g ava ;Jahle to t hem a n I wa s te a an oppo rtuni ty fo r bra in ab u ndant fu nd of - information co n- Fo r ty (40) pe r ce nt o f coa l is lost in cerni ng the requ·,e:uen t5 and advan- m in ing. On ly thir ty -six ( 36) per ce nt tagc of vari u · ,. ca t io ns an d p:1r t ly of th e wood cut r ea ch es t h e market Main 9095 C itizen 7012 by urgi ng up on t lt e:n the irnportance in 111e1·chantab le co nditi on; some da y oi exh a u s t ing t he;,- so ur ce . o f in fo r - 1 the by-prod ucts fro m thi s wa ste w ill matio n before co ;m n it t in 6 t he m se lve be wo rth more t h a n t h e lum be r it­ to a defini te decisio n. And it i a se lf. O nl y fo rty-five (45 ) pe r ce nt. of momc nt o u dec :s ion, invo lving t he o ur ar abl e la nd is ti lled a n d on ly -.fut ur e su cce sa nd h:q)pi ne s of t h e in- t we lve ( 12) per cent. we ll till ed . Th e di"idua l. ecre tary of Ag ri cultur e ays. '"\I've What doe che m istry offer i11 th e could double fa r m va lu es . if we wo u ld way of oppor t un ities t the young o nl y apply t he best teac hings of agriperson contemp lati ng it as a life-time cultural chemis t ry." vocatio n ? You ay ·: "You haYe made your l'hysics i5 the ~c ien ce that deals case, so far as the val ue of t h e chem­ with the tran f rmation of energy. ist and the 01)portu nities before h im Che mi try is the Sc ience that deals j arc co ncerned. 13ut t hese are mere with t he transformation of matter. material things: T p refer to put my life These tw o c icn:c~. in some form or into wo,·k that wi ll make it co u n t another. enter into the production, most in ;,erv ice for o th ers." Yo u r manufacture and transportation of al- educatio n is a failure, if it has not mo t all the g.-c t articles of com- I given you a strong character along mcrce: wheat and om, agriculture in with a well-trained mind: and. to the genera l, tee !, iron, dye , drug ·. food ' highly-organized ind ivid ua l, no mat­ products, cements, paints, ·oaps, oil , \ te r along what lines his work lies, Co r sa ges p u t up just right- F a ncy R o ses, Sweet Peas, Carnat ions. etc. wi t hout end. I t i the Engineer many opportunities for service wi ll be who put. alt n the tail of many an continual ly pre enting them elve . ldea! He it i · that speeds t he mi llt is our ideals which determine all lennium a fa t a electricity, steam thing in our lives. No matter what and ga oline can drive. pportun- your work in life may be, you can e ll I tie in chemistry are with ut limit, your elf at your own price. "The 1 provided the individual has a thor- King is the Man who Can." ough training in the fundamentals, is Frank 0. Clements, '96. willing to work ha 1·d and knows how to co-operate hea r tily with others. The reward i in proportion to the be t use he makes of the ma terial r e­ ub cribe r to the Endowment and cience Building F und . source that . urround him or the ta!-



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oratorical contests or who wrote prize stories or essays refuse to make the effort in those lines in college. And so on down the list ,re fi nd persons who drift along because they arc una b le to o\·ercome the inertia :hat ~urrounds them. But, because of inertia in in•di,·iduals. the same characteristi c appears in collec tiv e affairs. Organizations cannot prosper, new plans canno t be carried out ncces fully and any united effort i rendered ineffecti ,·e. The student body refuses to take any active intere t whatsoe\·er and an ex­ cellently planned affair, either social or instructi\-e, meets with little appreciation. This has been noticed especially in the lack of in terest in recent reception :; and lec tures. The remedy lies in an infusion of interest in the things worth-while · f · and al o an 111 usion of energy in individuals that will re ult in activity of the right sort. Force you rself out of the spirit of co nt entment and disinterest and pu h everything that comes along. At present th ere i a ma s of luggishness in Otterbein life to be overcome. Un less individnals wake up from their sl-umber on their own initiative tho e who have zeal and nergy will ha\·e to overcome thi lack of interest and jolt the stagnated individuals out of their ruts. It is disheartening to the leaders of co llege activit ie to plan affairs and then have o nly empty scat _ Get ,ome "pep"! Ca t\:h a vi ion of worth-while things in college life. Get rid of your inertia and help

F. Q _ Clements' article on " Scien ce" ! C. W . STOUGHT ON, M. D . ap1~cars and it is an excel lent prese n- 1 tat1011 of the subject. In the next 31 W . College Ave. fewweeks articles by Bishop 11athews Westerville, Ohio and :Ylessrs. \Veinlan d. Shuey, Francis and Kumler will be published. Bell Phone 190 Citizen Phone 110


We fee l greatly indebted to these men for their co-operation in this ;G. H. MAYHUGH, M. D. plan but hope they may feel repaid in the fact that they ha\·e assisted many East College Ave. students of their Alm a Mater in de­ ciding this momentous que tion of a Phones-Citizen 26 Bell 84-R co ll ege graduate which has so much to do with the future succe ss and , happine s of the individual. DR. W. M . GANTZ Comment. Tt is trange what different ideas Dentist fo lks have. Two weeks ago we purBell Phone 9 po. ely wrote a rather harp editorial on the disgraceful la ck of interest e 15 W. College Ave. Westerville V I-




denced when o few Otterbein turl ent heard Doctor Hamilton Holt r ome sensible and very conservative folks here in vVesterville who are familiar with condition gave favorable comment up on our effort. Then a few days later wn were handed a "scrap of paprr" bear ing an objection to our critici . 111. Thi came from a country editor up here in Ohio who e name indicates that he may be some kin to a certain German autocrat. \Ve wonder if he ha _ yet learned that Doctor Holt is the editor of one . of America';, foremost magazine . is an authority 011 world prob lems and gives us first hand information from the Peace onference'. Wtll, the s~

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Entered as second class matter ' ."eptember 25, 1917, at the po toffice 0., und er act of at \,\ e terville & March 3, 1879_ ' The College Avenue Acceptance for mailing at specia l make (:tterbein affairs successful and are the facts and in most places his rate of postage provided for i.n Sec. you will derive personal benefit a. corning would intere t eve i·y wide MEAT MARKET 1 1103, Act of Oct. 3, 1917, authorized I well. awake and thoughtful individual. April 7, 1919. j :hi. " cra1 of papC'r" ce•i. ured the . . ed itoria l a. being vitriolic h·it wa • 111 A Word of Apprec1at1on. ' \\' c ha\'e been delighted beyc;;id itse lf - ? bitter that it is a disgrace to th measure ove r th e prompt and atis- 1 e writer. ur critic i. m was justi- 1 EDITORIAL Choice Cut Flowers and Corsage factory manner in which the "old fied uu d er s uc h circumstance and it Bouquets. 111 0 Young man , be a su n gla con- grads .. have responded' to the reque st i takes a littl e vinegar to cut · t ti1e Quality Best-Prices Right centrating all the rays at one focal ·for articles . • . lethargy of tupid minds on their professions 1 •· s. State St. Citizen 345 point, until th e accumulated heat and light burn their way through oppo- which. are! ap'l~earing_, frC?md_welek ,10 Attendance at th e Y. ;\,[_ C. A. meet·t,·oii. week 111 tie an an-u ar ma . ., I- ing . !,a i)ee 11 1mprov111g_ Tl1ere .,. a /''_-_- _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- _-_-_- _-_-_-_-_-_-_-___ _; . . th l th Don't cattcr al l over creation . ough extremely bt'.sy, ·e c men growing int re . t in the conte t that is ' th but :iim at your object. The intelle t ha\'C a warm spot 111 eir heart s going on at the present time. You is a bow, idea~ are arrows, and the for tterbein th at cause th em to set who do not attend are urgently in-








will sends them h me_ a side important work and ·erve their vited to come and ee what splendid HOME DRESSED -Newell Dwight Hillis. .\Ima Mater. meeting. we have _ In "The Con tag ion of Character." l t i indeed a ,·aluable . en·ice they l t trike s us that there are . ome are r nd ering. They are wntrng Inertia about work in which they have labor- Freshmen who are monopolizing the MAKE GOOD EATS There is a constant truggle on ed for a score o r mo re yea r , and, tennis courts e\·en at the lo of meals the part of ·ollege stud nts to keep what they say carrie the weio-ht of and cla ses. We ugge t that the e Both Phones from growing into the habit of .. let- wide ex 1 erience. Csually ,·ery littl e boy who ·eem to have o much idle Bell 46-W. tin g thing shd e ." of be ing content aid is gi,-en studen ts in the difficult time go out for ba eba ll. A double Citizen 92 with conditions a they exi t and prob lem of a choice of a li fe-work. I good wi~ I result: others will have g etting through the year a easi ly as These articles arc intended to give opportunity to play tenni . and the pos ible. There i a tendency to fol- information concerning the require- I varsity will have a econd team to \;_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_:_-_-_-_-_-_-_:_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-:



lo~v the ou'. e that calls for th 'ment · and ad,·antages of various play practice game with. lea st expenditure of effort. b th ca tion s. If the student make a fair mental an<I phy-ical. Examp les of inventory of their per ona l qualifica- • D on't forget to be at the United 1 th this can be . ccn in e,-ery I ranch f tion and p lace t hem along side or Bre ren Sunday school at 9 :15, nd acti,-ity and in e,·ery cour e ~f study. the req1,isites insi ted upon in the e S u ay morning. Be on time. Special Each ea on men with untold possi- article-. "aluahle and definite help i features. Help your class increase. hilitie in the athletic line fail to make u. e of their gift ju t because it is so much ea ier to live a life of comparative ea e, rather than to w rk and make an Otterbein team. Al o, men who were honor pupils in high schoo l become content with merely passing grades, men who won

sure to be the result. Thu far two articles ha\'e appear­ eel, one hy Mr. F. D. \\.' ii ey, '76, on '·Bt si ne - " and one by fr. X. R. Be t, ·92, on "Journali m." tu-dents have read the e two articles with I keen intere t judging from the com- 1 ment regarding them. This we\!k Mr.


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F=.ge Four

1 A lumni .!\re Give n C hance to B oos t Thei r A lm a M ater. Rece ntly Professor \\ 'einland to­ ge th er \•·i th F . 0 . Clements and E. L. h ue ) laid p lans io r a ne ·x orga!:i­ za t io n c ll ed t he O tterbein .-\lumn..i.1 Co u nci l. Th e alu mni ar e t o he <li\·i<le<l in~o g r o up s a ccordin g to c lasses , :' ,·e A lumn i, do no t forget to send in classes fJ rm ing o n e g r o u p. Eac h ,,i yo u r s u bsc r iption fo r Qu iz a n d Quill. ' t he, e gro u ps, th e n . is to e le c t one . Jame s A lli.so n B arn e r e. prese n 1ati\' e to th <.! .\ lu n111a l l\.n1!:'94. apta 1n . . . . e d . 1n ch1 · wa y about t\\'e h e pt,,ha s ar ri ved at hi s h ome m \ Vel les ley . Tl I H ilb, 1l as s.. af t er near ! ' a year' s s e r - ,.o ns w111 1i e e 1ec '. et.1 ie_n at t l f_) F ran ee. F o r '. \lt•mn a l Ban q uet In J une II\'<' nu,m-1 vi. c e f or th e Red C r oss in . t he la s t few mon t h h e had be e n a t be r s a t lar ge ,ni l be elcctnl. Bre , t in th e h ome anti ho s pit a l d e- · Th e func t io n o i th is organization is to secur~ t he co-ope r a ti on of each p:i rt men t . alumm1, wi th th e wo rk o f t he co ll ege, ' 14. ~fr. and :\[r s. Gladde n F. Ev a n s t o fos t e r th e arh·e rti s in g p rog ram and (Es th e r Va n Bu s kirk ) a r e vi s it ing a t s u b mit ~ prog ram to t he 13o a rc l of th e h o m e of :\[r s., Eva n s' pa r en ts , Dr. Trus t ees in r ega rd to po li cy. a nd M r s. F . :\,[. \ a n Bus ki r k o n Ea st T he o mmitt ee is se n d in g o ut a Co ll ege A ve nu e. Mr. Evan s was in I let t er to a ll a lu mni · o li c it in g crit•­ t he searc hli g ht e r v1ce o f the L 111t e d cis m s a i d s ugge t ions and it i~ S ta tes a r my in \Vas hin gt o n. D . C. . h ~ ped t ha t all t he o ld graduates will fo r th e past )•ea r a nd has j us t re ce ived ta k·c t1us · · of lie lii ,· n,, o p po rtu n ity 11 hi s d isc har ge. H e expec t s t o locate th e ir .-\In a :\1ate r. in Co lu mb us, O h io.


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D r. Pe rl ey H . K il bo u rn e and D octor Mau re r Urg es Students T o fa mil y of Da y t o n , O hi o , were gu es t s A id Chu rches in So cial Servi ce. last wee k of :M rs. Kiib o urn e's pare nt s. Tu es d ay ni g ht we e nj oyed th-: Mr. a n d Mr s . A . G. C r o us e o f \ \ ' est h ird o f t he series of P rob le m L eet e rvi ll e. tu r es g i,·i n by Dr. \\ '. Ir v in g :\I a u re r, 1 '09. I r vi n L. Cly m e r an d wife hav e pas to r of th e Fi r st Congr egat iona l r e tu rned to th e ir ho m e in C hi ca go, chur c h. Co lum b u . I ll~in o is , . aft e r a n ex t ended b usin ess He tr ea te d hi s subject . "C hr i · t ia :1tn p whi c h kep t Mr . C lym e r in the izin g :\al e r ica ," frn m a p racti,·al ea t £or everal mon th . ' s tandpoi i t . not m inim izing the pro:, ­



Name Cards for College Folks Print ed Ca r ds for e ith e r men or wo m en, $1 fo r SO, or $1.25 for 100. P rices for Engra ved Stock on A p plication.

'72, '93. Mr . L. R. Harfo rd ( Lillian j !e m s. b u· pr o v ing th a t \\' e are ab le Res le r ) of O m ah a , 1 e bras ka, and :-.I r. . t o so lv e th e m . H e s h o \\' ed t he nece,­ F . J . R e le r ( Li zz ie ooper ) o f Co- s ity o f c;, nsecrated se n ·ice in hr in g­ lum b us . O hi o . we r e calli ng o n fri e nd s in g ou r co untr y in to t he tr ue r.!­ in \V e - t e rv ill e las t T uesday. :\[rs. 1 li g io u. 1,irit. H a rf o rd . w ho is p r es id ent of the l i e ·tru c k the k ey n o t e o f hi s m t's· \ Vo man ' Mi ss io na r·y A ssocia ti o n o f sage wh en he s howed u s as s tu dc 1: t the nit ed Bre thre n C hur c h, wa s re - l th e fa ll ac y o f co n s ide rin <Y o ur seh·:! · turnin g fro m th e bi e nn ial board m eet- 1 o far ah o ,·e t he leve l o f o ur h o.n•~ in g h e ld in co ttd a le. Pa., in Apr il. c hurc h es t hat we r ef use to a · sumc

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Both T eleph ones

West Main St.

Otterbein Students

C. D e lmo nt Locke, who ha a c ti ,·e work. That is . he dec la re d t: 1<• . 1ipo rt u 11 1·ty to h o w what w e ar ,. ue en e ngage d in c hemica l wor k since l) 1g h 1. gra d ua ti o n . fir s t wi th t he dair y mad e of.

" 11.

IH a !'m e link--U-rg-es_M_ e_n-to_ g__o

lau o rat o_r ies in Philad e lp h ia. and s in c e the 111tecl ta te e nt e red th e war · I1 t h e }-T e r c ul es Powde r wit o m pany at Nitr o. \,\ es t V irgini a. ha s ju st ac - ' c ept ed a fin e po iti o n a c he mi st fo r II th e Fires t o ne T ir e a nd Rubb e r Compan y o f A kr o n. O h io. I

M C A C f to Y · • • . on e rence. " Lak e ·e neva " was the sub jec t of Mr. /{. J. Harm e link' . t a lk a t Y . i\L ·.. \ . la · t Thu r s d a y ni g h t. Mr. Ha r ­ m e link attend e d th e Y. N.L ·._ • A.

'08. Ra y m o nd D . Be n ne tt cif \ \'e s ter - I t!mm e r · onfere nce at :\o rth l1e ld, v ill e , hi o , t oo k' a b us1n • ess t rip . to .M as· . la st s umm e r a nd . o he kn ows ' ieve la r1d . I110 · . ea r Iy Ia s t we e k . J. us t what s tud.e nt s m ay ex p ec t ;:t Lake Ge ne,·a th1 s y ear. '70. Mr. d :\,£ an · r • T . E . v orkma n ne o f th "'r ea l es t he n fi t . ~I ·. aid tha t one de riv es ( o rd e lia G uitn e r ) ha ve r et urn ed t o Harmel in,



R e member th e folks at home w ith a picture.




O 11 111 P este rasftburg lo r ida T i1 w int e•r rro m • ucli a C f e r e ·n c· e i · I th e 111 - !" ~o ISut. bu e r s• PeF ndin g · t he ey ex- , c rea sed l,r eadth o f ,·1s 10 11 t ia t o ne 1 ;;,:::::::: : :: :::: :::::::::::::: :::::::::::: : :::::::::::::::::::::::::~ oec t to go t o As bury P a rk ea rl y in ] re ce i .- c:·. Th is he ac quir s no t o n iy Jun e. fr r11 the ·onfc r e nc e pro g ra m b ut ' 15. H owa rd \V . E ll io tt , w h o r cent ly l a ls fr 0 111 i11 te rmi11 g ling and exc h a n g­ rece ive d hi di sc ~a_rge fr oi:11 t h e a rmy, in g id eas with le a d ers fro m o t hc, ha ta k e n a po 1tt o n a ga111 with th e co ll eg es. ood ri c h Rub ber Co m pany and i Th e rc t.Tcati o nal a c t iviti e \\'ill form now loca t ed a t A kro n , h io. :\! r s. a n im por t:.111t pa rt o f t he L ake E lli ott ( Mil dred Coo k ). '14, i . till at , 'nern p·ogram. wimmin g, t e nn 1 ·, th e h o m e o f he r pare nt .' Mr . and :\f r · j ba s e ba ll a nd. hi_l·es a ll ha ,·e . th e ir T hi year's p rogram a t Lake' It is h o pc'C! O t te r be in will ha ve a R. 0. oo k o f \Ve t e rv11l e, a s h e has p la ce but t h1 1· n o t t h e prim ary Gene, a is to be es peciall y a t t r ac ti ve. goo dl y num ber of delegat es a t L ak e no t ye t e ntir e ly r ecove r e d fr o m th e ' feat11r e. fh e r eal o bj ec t is t o t rain :\ mo n g t he · peakc r w ill be ·' D ad '' ' Ge 11 e \'a. H . H . My ers. R. H . o perati o n s h e u nderwent a s h o rt t ime m e n fo r lead e r s hip in co ll ege E lli o tt. H ar r y E m e r so n F os di ck a nd ll ube r and H . F. Mo o re ar e all '!x­ a~o. th r oughou t t he country. J o hn R. M o tt. pe c tin g to go.




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BRO AD TRAININ G I and good will manife ted in the way AND EXPER IENCE hine se indemnities were u ed has ' (Co ntinued fi-om page o ne .) · led_ th e hines e to hav e fa ith in this Canada. wh ere he pent hi - ea rly life. n:itio 1:· F o urth, they cry out to However. he came back to the United America becau e of their c riti cal States for his college trainin g. g ra d u- po lit ical and economic co ndi tion . ating from .'\lfred o ll ege in Kew · II th ese nations are trying to mee t Y ork in 1877. His n ex t ten years their own needs in religion and edu­ were ,pent teaching Gr ee k and Latin catio n. They are doing th e best th ey I in hi, Alma 2\later. Jn 1890 Doctor know how t o do but are anxious for Scott 100k hi s Ph. D. degree at Yale, help. Japan ha, sent hundred of and in 1906 his LL D. at Alfred. young men to America to be train ed. He has had the privilege of going is building fifteen universities and abroad thr ee time s , spending a great cos tly temple,. yet they welcome help. deal of tim e in Greece and P a lesti ne. Imm o rality ca ll s fo r reform. Con­ On his la ,t trip. in 191 0. he ,pent ' fuscianism has to be routed. and th e i thn:e month, in Rome. H e re he wa s ed ucat ional system needs ca reful able to ,t udy and become fami lia r s upervision . I with th e historical places he loves so I "Th e East ca ll s to Amer ica." said well. Bis ho p Howard with s pecia l empha- 1 l 11 Decemb er , 1887. D octo r Scott s is, "as to no o t h e r nat ion. T h ere a re I came to Otterbein and ever ince he '.2500 fewer mi s ionaries now tha n p r e­ has been loyal t o th e sc hoo l and zeal - vious to t he war. T h ey ente r ed t he ow o us in hi s work. He was p res ide nt ar mi es a n d have los t th e ir li ves. o f the college from t h e year 190 1-04 t hey look to A m er ica a s n eve r be­ and s in ce that has been the h ead of fore." the Latin depart m en t a nd in st ru c t or B is h o p H owa r d ra ise d th e q ues­ in history. As c ha ir man of the buil d- ti o n. " l s it t ru e o f t he c h ur c hes o f ing commi tt ee of the Associat ion A m e ri ca tin t th ey ne ve r s tart a n y< B uild ing he wor k ed uncea si ng ly so thin g th ey cann o t fi nish? A.re we g o­ that the lo ng-fel t wa nt might be ful- ing to fini h th e tas k of Ch ri s tian izing filled. th e Eas t ? '·T he wo rk is no t easy. mi ssio nA lways a lover o f boo ks, D octor ary ca nn o t beco me ri ch .bu t if pe r so ns cot t t ook an un u ua l int e r es t in th e wi s h to hav e a g r eat t as k that w ill Otterbe in Lib ra ry . H e wa s libra ri an. dr aw 0 11 all th e ir po w e r s . th ose in­ along wi th h is o th e r wo rk. fo r five div id ua ls s ho uld go o ut a nd h elp m eet _years. Fro m t he tim e whe n it was a t he ne eds o f o ne hu nd re d m ill io n sina ll. inadeq ua t e co ll ect io11 of 2000 fa th e r s. one hun dred milli o n m o ther volumes ope n to th e p ubli c o ne ho ur a a nd three hundr ed milli o n c hildr e n." w ee k. he wor ked unti ri ng ly t o ma ke it the up -to-da te re fe ren ce lib rary that T. H. Nelson of Class 1913 ,t is today. T he class of 1909 p lace d Sends Letter of Greeting. in the li b r ary a bas- r eli ef of D oc t o r April 9, 1919. Scott. w h ic h w ill a lwa ys be a r e mi nd­ ig na y-l e-Duc, Fran ce, er o f hi s li fe. Doc t o r Sco tt ha s m a de t eac h ing hi s E dit o r T an and Cardina l : J f I were t o wr it e a le tt e r de c rib­ life-work and has t o uc hed t h o u an ds of perso n s in pa ss ing thr o ug h O tt e r ­ ing m y exp e ri e nces in Fran ce, kee ping bein, wi th hi s fi n e pe r so na lit y and in mind th e truth a nd the in( e r est of greatness as a m an. Durin g h is wh o le th e re ad e r, it wo uld be so m e thi ng lik e forty yea r s of teac hin g he ha s th e thi ssplend id r eco r d of o nl y mi ssing o ne Fro m : Sgt. T ho ma · H . N e lso n. , o . week of sc hoo l. w h ic h i · so m e thing 417325. 6th M. P. Co.. A . P. 0. No. I m a ny a yo unger t ea c he r mi g ht we ll 777. e nvy. H e has ke pt hi s yo uth and T o : Mr Ram ey Hu be r. Edito r -i nvigor by his inte r e t in yo un g peop le C h ief. Ta n and .Cardina l. and his enjoyment of o utdoor life. H e u bj ec t : My Expe ri ences in Fran ce. , enjoys gardening. a nd d ur ing th e s um ­ I. I a m g la d t hat it fe ll to my lo t mer m o nth s he has often wal ked t o to come a I did. Col umb u s and Delaware a nd even 2. I d id n' t do a th ing wo rth me nlonge r di tance s. T h is hri tia n m a n tioning. (There are a lo t who d id ; I ha been a tr ue inspirati o n to Otter­ let t hem ta lk ) . bein, and th e Tan and Ca rdinal wi s h ­ J. I wm b,, happy mo<>al who" I , e to te ll hi m . in a smal l way. of h er appreciation. an~:~:i~~~:: ~ :;ole t hing in a nu t she ll. France ha s been wort h while ee ing and t he thi ngs t hat I I BISH O P H O W AR D S PEAKS SUNDAY have learned wi ll be wo rt h more to ( ontinued from. page one.) m e than t he same amo unt o f t ime in


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Afri_ca and t h e P h illi pine l s la n~s. a uni~ersity but so fa~ as co ntri b 0uting Bis hop H owarcl called attentio n to anythrng worth rea~mg-1 can : ~o 111 th t h111 four ~pec ific ca uses for the native . of that. . 110 t of the gs at I did 1 t h e . e foreign land t o ca ll t men ca the cl1 c harge of my duty ca n not for help a nd guidance. First, beca use ta lk abo u t in very defin ite term . of the great s trugg les against na tu re's an .:--J. P. I have learned some very lorces in th e wary of earthquake · , in tere t ing th ing abo u : huma i~ nafloods . etc. econd , they feel in co m- ture. l::ly t he way. I think 1 wil l be Peten t to meet thei r problem with- , able to pre ent som.e very excellent out the aid o f more advanced scie nce . : recomme ndations for a po iti o n wit h Third, they call to America beca u e I the Anti- al oo n League a s a cha er they have profound respe c t and con- [ of boo t legger . etc • * * read fidence in American . The leniency i in her e what e ver you want to * * *

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Th e be t made, he t wearing , m ost ty ­ li sh cl oth e 111 A m er­ ica t oday-



l'age Five


DR. KEEFER The Druggist




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Page Six

LOCALS • Emi ly A rnold o f Shelby. 0 .. was the g ue t of Leo ra Gochenour e,·e ral days of the pa s t week. Linen and sof t c o llar s. Va riety

IbusEvery o ne co uldn't go to Co lum- \ to see the Rainbow boys. Nellie I ;\fae 1',[oon very cleverly e ntertained a f e\\' o f t I1ose w h o s t aye d a t home wi th a fudge pa rty aturday aft e rnoon.


hop.-Ad,·. I The Chee r- up ·1 ub me t Friday Lu ci le \\' a r so n ~pe nt th e \\'eek-end I e ve nin g in Genevie\'e ;\lullin' r oo m. at Hi lbb o ro, 0. j Dutc h tr ea ts were served an d the cl ub . f rea lly did a g reat wor k 111 behalf o f d . F re s h a ft e cl pean ut s an d c:111 ,es o their ho nored g uest. ;\] ,ss Fl o r e nce . tv h o p.-,-.'d v. all kinds. \ •ane Loa r. A chilly morning , a long w alk. a C h . \\' d K 11' ::,_[ e blaz in fire a ncl oo cl ea ts made a rner an 1 e ,e • a a t e rme g · g · · Moon ca lled o n Har o ld F reeman Sa tT hur clay mor nmg a n 111tere ting o ne Th H lei · ' . • urday afternoon. ey say a ro ,s fo r t he fo llowmg people: E mily Arn. . . . . imprO\·ing rapidly s 111ce the ir visit an d I P H old. Leora Goc henour. a z e ayne , I . . . . we a re ex pec to see him o ut 1 "' . t111g . " Rat " ;\[oore. R aymoncI H o 11 111ge1 soo n. e pecially ,f uch calls are reand "Herb' . ;\f eye rs. pea tee.1 \ ' oi ls, pe rcales and kirt goods. One o f the unwritten la\\'S o f Co chVariety hop.-Adv. 1 ran Hall is being violated, a wild aniGeorge Glauner spe_nt th e week-end mal is really in th e Hall. T he Gladysat hi ho:ne in ;\[t. Gilead. e. Howard and Yokum persi t in



Commencement Presents


University Bookstore

1 1,;;==================================================================~

I===================~============== =

For fine cakes go t o Day '.-Adv.

Ike eping a

rabbit in the laundry and a lthough the poor creature i fed at "Fat" Powell spent the week-encl at very irregu lar in t ervals it ha - n't per­ his home in ;\it. Gilead. ished yet. However we fear that it Pencils. tablet s, tatio nery. \'ariety will do so at the hands of tho e you:1g · Shop.-AdY. ladies in the very near future. Bert Jaynes pent the week-end at Lenore Rayot heard the call of hi· home in Delawa re. home and left Friday morning for a , Ad short vi it with her parents. Buy your brca d at D ays . v. entertaining . f ''t Pl easan t , Pa . .Faye Byers has been . G eorge S ipe o m . · · cl O tter b e111 · f nen · cl f or e v era! · this week-end, her friend :tvlabel Musv1s1te son from Arcanum, Ohio. Saturday days the pa t week. George is in t h e evening s he gave a push in her honor. ,, navy and is now located at •✓ ew York. The "eats" were s imp ly delicious and a larg e number of girls were priviG tyour c ake and cookie at Day '. leged to e njoy them. -Adv. ;\Iarie \~/ a goner was the honored 1


Best Wishes



Howard I· ranklin o f Fostoria pent everal days with Paul Spro ut la t we ek. ordo n Lincoln , recently di c harged from the a rmy, i ,·i. iting his pare nts and friends in \\'e terville. He pent e veral months in France a a membe r of t he hospital co rps. He w as fo rmerly a t udent in Otterbein.

gue t a t a "push" in Grace Armen­ trout' room Friday eve ning. G race is making the bes t o f the time, fo r it will not be long that s he ca n e nter­ I tain in honoi· o f ;\[arie \\'ago ner w ho is to be married June 4 to Ray Gif­ ford .




Advanced Pupil Gives O rgan Recital in College Chapel. :\iis Helen \ ' ance, w ho w ill receive the degree of Bach e lor of 11u ic this year will give an o rgan recital in the Co llege Chape l T ue sday e,· e ning. :\iay 13. a t 8 o'c lock. Mis Van ce w i II be a ·sis ted by 1-Ii Ruth G o r uch o f S unbury, co ntralto. a nd 11i s Ag nes \\' r ight. a c co m JJanist. ;\[is \'ance wi ll u. e the Ga r t -:Vfemorial o rgan and ha unu . ual ab ility . ' he i. a member of the A merican G uild of rgan isb a nd i a n adv an ced p upil of P rofe so r G. G. Grabi ll. Program R hein be rger ( l 39- 1902) P a torale onata Pa torale [ntermezzo Fugue Wagner-Roger (1813-1883) Fire :\1 a gic Bach ( l 685-1750) P relude ..nd F ugue in D minor anderson ( 1875-) Nocturnes (a) 0 i ightl O Life! (b) Tired Hands ( c) The Crescent Moon (cl) Harbour Xight ong Mi o rsuch Grieg (I 43-1907) Elegy Frysinger hant c raphique Gillette . c herzando Gillette Romance Calkin ( 1827-) Festal March in C

Boyles ' Ritchie and Brobst Attend French Univers:ty. ).fr. and ;\[rs. ;\Iervin G laze (E lla , . . Wardell) a nnounce the bir th of a \\ e received. _dunng the pas t \\'eek cl h ).1 6 M. nd 1[r a newspaper printed by the s tudents alug ter on • ay _d_- •. 1. a to ' ·1 f lermont-Ferrand l:n iver ity. aze a re now re i 111g 111 a n n. G France. the comp liment s of E lmer L. unday dinner the Bi hop lub Boyle o f the c lass 1916. ;\{r, Bo yle presented :\Irs. Bi hop with a _c hina I is o ne of the fortunate men who have s u_gar and cream se t and the chtldi_-en been e nt to French univer ities by with a box o f candy a an expression o ur government. of appreciation appropriate on 1,; pon the . boulder o f the e Amer1 Mother' Day. ican army tudent at French univerDoctor and 1-lr cott entertained ities, in return for the rare privilege. Bi hop A. T. Howard and Gordon at re ts a rare responsibility: the ta k of dinner aturday evening. interpreting to America for the first time the real France. Th nited Doctor and '.\[ rs. navely had a tale needs to know France n t as their gue t at unday dinner, Bi hop a country of champagne and cabarets, Howard, Gordon Howard and Rob­ but as a country of beauty, . pirit, and ert \\' right. happy home . J Otterbein i proud t have repre­ COC H RA N HALL NOTE S ·entatives in thi worthy enterpri e. Esther Harley' room wa the Be ide :\fr. Boyle at lermont-Fer1 T . H . Nels on, '13, Sends Le tter. cene of much merriment Friday night rand. Mr. . L. Richey. '16 and E. D. like that I will be on my way t o Ge rwhen Ruth and Edna Hooper and Brob t. ' 17. are at the niver ity of ( ontinued from page five.) many o me time tbi month. E ther entertained a bunch of their Toulou e. \Ve hall watch their work game ? ''That me". But I am ex­ Tell all the old boy that I e nd friend . ide from the u ual "eat " with intere t and hall be plea ed to pecting to fini h with thi Army '' toot them my best. I would love to return which accompany uc h affairs. each hear fir t hand at a later date what s uite". I am e xpecting to obtain a girl performed . ome tunt. uch their e xperiences and impres i n di charge into the Army Educational in time for co mmencement but I a m­ wo nderful feat a rolling a potato have meant to them. work, formerly a part of the Y. 11. I agine that 1 w ill not be back befo re w ith yo ur no e. e rmonette , lecture Go od luck. C. A. work, now taken over by the Augu,t. Pa t roni ze T a n & Cardinal Advertisers government. If I don't get omething etc. were the main attraction . Hawl : y.