1917 10 29 The Tan and Cardinal

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OCTOBER 29, 191 7.

No. 7.

HOME COMING TO IAbsent Voters to Cast Ballots ATHLETIC CLUB IPrexy Makes Thursday at Association Building. MAKES REPORT BE Bl G AFF A IR ! Pe r ons intending to vo te thi fal! I olic itatiun

report On Scien::e Hall Fund fo r O tte rbei n"s new I Science Hall is pro"' ing remarkably ucces ful , considering the s tress of the tim es. \,\lhi le the actual cost of the buildi ng will 15e in the neighborhood of $60,000, an indowment of $1 00 000 will be necessa ~y for th e upk ee p of th e building · an(! equipment. At present bet wee n $45;000 and 550,000 has been raised in cash and su bscriptions, with twen ty or thirty mo re in sight. The raising of this fund is a pa n of the fo ur year program for the churc h as a rra nged by th e General onfe ren ce, acco rdin g to which O tter­ bein Coilege is to re ceive -!00,000. The Presiden t an d hi - a soc iates feel t hat, hecau e of the new ,·aiue of science due to present world co n­ ditions, there is· need that th e college Ja y more stress upon it tudy and gi,·c more thorough scientific prepar­ ation. It is un dersto d that this will ill\·ol ·, e 110 departure from the high 1·• • 1 g;:\'CS t' era I art .. ·ta l(l arr1 1)i..lt 0:1.y a broader field for cience.

und er the abs ent ,·otcrs law will cast ! ---Heidelberg Game Expected to Bring their ballots at th Association Build- Secretary R W. Smith of the General ing T hursda y. A repr esentati,·e of Otterbein Athletic Club Makes Back Number of Old th e F ran klin County Board of El ecAnnual Financial Report. Grads. ____ ti o ns will be on hand at that tim e to PIG ROAST TO BE FEATURE tak e up the ballots of th e m en who SCORES SIZE OF GYMNAS IUM hav e secured th em from th e election ____ Athletic Club and Varsity " O " Asso- boa rd s o f th eir h ome voting precin ct s. I Club Raises Over Six Hundred DoiJars for Benefit of Athletics ciation Are Sending Invitations . All voters should arrange to hav their voting supplies read y by that During Past Year. to All Their Members. tim e. To man with th e right of franOttrrbein' home-coming ha , d ur- chis e sho ul d neglec t to use it th is Professo r C. 0. Altman, 'OS, '"Bucking the pa t week, cha nged fr om a fall. lf yo u ha ve not si.:n t for your eye." secr etar y of the Board of Con faint dream into a st ern rea lity . The ballot yet. do it at once. Every trol of A thl etics and president o f the fi rst inklin g of th e home-coming was voter at th e Association Buildin g \ \/estervillc branch of the O t terbe in started by th e Varsi ty "O" Associa- Thursday at 12:30 with hi s ballo t. Athletic Club , has i sued the fo ll ow:M uch credi t for th e work of ar- ing statement regarding the status of tion c.nd from this m eage r beginning the progra m fo r th e great day ha rangin g for this is d ue to the efforts athletics in Otterbein: been ·put into an act ua l fact. of the loca l ntercollegiate Prohibi - 1 "The hiring of a physical director 1n order to make thi s occasion a tion _Associatiot: . A committe~ was o:1 ly. witho ut sp_ecial ~oacl~~ ~i~ht large a possib le the Va r sity ·'O" ha appoint ed and 111 tructc:d to aid the lead some to t h111k th~ t "<= arc I ccallcd to its co unsel The Otterbein men 111 s cu,·in g their supplies. This turning to th e old ystem again. A thletic Club and th ese two o rgani- organ ization in th past has seemed This. how c ,·er, is only partiall y true. zation - are work ing ou t the details to ome to to be r~ther ·g 111·ficatit A ide from the fact that there wiil be 1•11 s 1 .... for the great week end. but it act iviti es t his fall have pro,·en one man instead of tw o . the system That they are plann in g for great it wort h. wi ll be th e same: compu) ory physical things i proven by the fact that they _______ training in all college cla es, intra- PASTOR DI SCUS SES LUTHE R are a ur ed of no less than sixty pc1·DRYS PREPARE FOR DRIVE I mural ports, inter-collf'giate athlet- 1 ___ n_ acti ly .:ngaged ;n :.thktics ____ ic:: ni'i itary drili. . . I First of 1::> ries of Thr ee Se:rmons on while in school. Letters in the fo r m Frank S. Reagan, Chalk Talk :r-,lfan, , Tl)e plan_ of havmg pecial coaches Luther Given Sunday Night of a cordial in vitation have been sent Shoms More Taxes Paid on for the vano u sports has not been t 0 II ~ By Reverend Burtner. a members of th e \' arsity '·O" Dogs Than Saloons. permanently abandoned . But b . . . and The At hl et ic Clu b. tud ents in Begmmn~ a series of ermons 011 ca use f th e d ec rc-ase in income due Frank S. . atte ndance, togc-ther the rfe and wor k 5 0 f martin u · L ut I1er, I . Reagan. chalk .talk man . to a decrease 111 c h oo ! arc constantly 1·eceiving lettc-rs . . . \,\ e terv1lle Rev E E Burt k f rom a Iumni and fri ends say in g tha t from Chica o, showed with 111creased co t of eqmpment, etc., . . · · · ner spo e 011 t Ite J'f I e they are going to be on hand to he lp peop le wh_o atte nd ed h'.s lecture 111 _th e it was thought advi able to mploy a nd ch a~acter of Lu th er a t the even­ make thi the greatest home-coming _P resbyterian cl_,urch Wednesday e, en- only one man for all the work thi ing sernce Su nd ay. Luther was bo rn in th e hi tory of t he school. in g how_ he pa id more taxes 0 ~ a dog yea r. He will be a istcd by some of of humble paren ts, howe,·e r a he The program a arranged applies ~han Ch icago sa loons were payi_ng at1 d the al u mni who ha ve had experience I grew to young manhood his father only to the one day, at ur day, To- 1 '. ,n turn _an wered t~_e que tion of in the several sports. As soon as had become a we ll- to -do copper miner vemhcr third . The first number i \Vh:,~ w ill yo u d? ' ' tth ou t th e .a- conditions warrant and make it possi- a nd "'·as enabled to sen d hi so n to a th e game wit h H e idelberg on the loca l I loon· by suggeS t lllg th at th ey ra t e ble, special coaches will be ec ur ed in hio-h school. Al th0 ugh subj ect to firm athl eti c fie ld . The visitors are anxi- J dogs . ~r.. Reagan put the s~ lo ~n t o all the ports. d isc_ipl ine in his youth, Luther pro,·ed o u to see the team in action as we ll shame 111 h g~ t of taxe . by his mter"\Vhile Otterbein athletics came out a wide awake lad, J)ro nc to pay practi­ as to ee th em give good account of e tm_g stat1_st1c_s . . He claimed th a t tax ahead financ ially last year it wa not ca l jo kes whene\'Cr the oppo rtunity themse lves. A lette r from Sergeant duphcates 111 Chicago show:d saloons because th e Otterbein Athletic Clu b presented itself. He was educate d to Glen 0. Ream bear this sta t ement to pay taxes_ of ab o ut tlnrty cents measu red up to its full obligation and become a lawyer but was di satisfied "Tell th e boys on the team to b e pre~ ap iece. A fair crowd tun,1ed o ut to opportun ity. Th e Cluh pledged $600 wi t h the work. As a student he can pared to show us- some real tuff." hear_ th e lectu r~. The ~,ens glee club to the upport of athl etic in 1916-17. only be classed amon lir the medium. Othe rs sa¥ th ey want to ee Otte r- fur111 hed special music: Dr. E. J., rot a ll of this amount wa raised. One day as hewas travelling towa rd bein stage a come back. Moore, .assistant upenntendent or There were many true and loyal up- home, a hard thund r to rm came up . . In the evening after th e game at th e Anti aloon League. gave some porters a is hown by th e Ii t of con- Lu th er, being very much frightened~ ix o'clock th e memb ers of th e Var- pointed remarks on the Liberty Loan trib u tors printed lsew h ere. But cried out, "Good Sai nt, save me and I . ity "0" and Athletic Club are to en - a fter th e Reagan talk. there were not eno ugh. For this r ea- will become a monk." I 11 pite of hi Joy a pig roa st in the Association I nveSt iga tion s mad e by Mr. Reagan son a nd other growing out of an - fa th er's di p leas ure he ca rried out his bu'Jd' and e 11 t ere d a m onaste ry b ut 1 mg. ,'Cup e" Lamb ert i to act show that Great Britian and Germany settled condition occa ioned by the pr~mise v as toa tma ter fo r the occasion and control pract icall y every big diS t ill- war, retren chme nt has bee n though t even here his life was cha ra cte rized. th e nam es of Rev. Smith, of Canton, ery a nd brewery in th e conntry, a nd advisable for thi s year. The execu- by spiritua l unrest. He went to the and Glen 0 . Ream are on th e pro- he attributed Germany's immense tiv e committee of th e Club at its Aug- full limits of the religious form of his CContinued on page fiv e.) weal th to th e fact th at America has ust meeting voted to raise during the day but found no p eace in their pur­ suppl ied her wi th so mucl . beer re,·- coming year $400 for ndowment and suit. His visit to Rome in 1511 markSchutz E lected Manager. enue. He declared that dnnKing men (Continued on page fiv e.) ed the beginni ng of a new epoch in At the meeting of the Athletic will make Ame ri ca dry . --------the grea t reformer 's life. It was Dr. Moore made an impressi ve plea First Recital Will Be Nov. 7. there that, while visiting places of Board Wedn esday night Elmer S. There will be a recital g iven in intere t in co nnecti n with the life of chutz was chosen manager of Bas­ for everyone to buy Liberty Bonds. ket Ball for the coming season. Al­ He explained how the mothers were Lambert Hall on Wednesday evenino-, Christ, he came to realize the full though rather late in the season two sacrificing their sons for war, how the 'ov. 7, at 8 o'clock. This is the significance of the words, "The just assistant football managers were soldi ers themsel ves were offe r ing fir t appearance of the School p f shall live by faith alone." This text elected, Fred Grey and Howard F. their ve ry lives for their country a nd Music year and it should recieve the later became the keynote of the ReMoore. (Co ntinued on page eight.) suppo rt of the students. (Co ntinued on page eight)



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" T H E O L D FEUD" '·TRUE W ORTH" " M AKE TH YSELF FIT." . f ti year hun The o ld farme r turned hi s back True worth is the greatest buil der "The merchant's word, delighted t I1e 1e J u3t at t h 1s sea son o ).la ter hea rd , dn:ds of thousands of yo ung men en- on the Rayclifs . and loo k ed at th e of personality in a character. It i . th e oncomint! h o r se man, whos e head was cons 1'dered tl,e quc· t 1·011able art of For his h ea rt was in his- work- an d te r t I·1e co II eges o f our Cou lltry fol ~ the first, second, thi rd or fo urth tim e. thrust low upon hi s should ers as if \ many and that which in v ites th e inner Heart giveth grace unto every art." :--lo matter the tim e, there co m es to so m e gloomy trend of thought was visions of o n e's own se lf. T h e world From th e beginnin g of th e centuries each and every one a ca ll. But dulling him to all ight of this fair may loo k upon a man and prono unc e when the Creator se nt Adam from how vastly different th e m ea ning t o Jun e Da y. him great and up o n his work and say the Gard 11 of E den wit h th e injun c- each student. Some, ala , co m e only ''I tri ed hard. and I c uld do no that h e is good, but that alone doe tion to ;< till the soi l from which h e under the compulsion of th ei r pa r- m o r e," he aid to hims eli, " hut why I not signify that h e has obtain ed true wa taken" there has b een one great en ts: oth ers just to be a coll ege man. co uldn 't h e hav e waited a littl e long- ! worth. It i not so much the out­ basic prin ciple f r true manhood and to hav e a good tim e; s till th ere ar c er ? vVhat's to b e done? The mas- ; ward appearance that proclaims a womanhood. I spea k of a thing so those who have und e rstood th e m ean- te r's a cl eva one to fight but th ere I man· s char:1cter and worth but what common. so simi) lc, 0 univ ersal as I ing and ignificance of this call. They are s ix of those fellow from Ray - ' h e know hims elf really to b e. Th e W ork. There ar c men and women of of th e broader vision see that the call clif, and that' s big odds." g r ea t es t el e ments of impression or th e pa ri sitic typ e . who hav e somehow to co llege is nothing less th a 1~ a call Hiram stood for a wh ile, puzzled characterization arc Hop e and Faith gon e thro ugh life in a slip-shod, sec- to take up life's tasks _and duti es. and ill-at-ease watching hi ma ter under conscience, virtu e. se lf esteem. ond-hand fa s hion . Perhaps w e hav e The present day life ca lls u to draw n ear th e poo ls, th e n a ll of a sud- Ideal ism and p e rse vera nce . orders en icd th e m but we little rea lize how meet it problems and solve them den his fac e brighte ned as h e sh u ffl ed lea ding up to th e ex te nd ed powe r of fortunate our lot has been if we are successfully. · This can only b e don e :1cross to wh er e two shepherd boys ambition which forms th e ability of connected with a working family . by preparation of some kind. T od ay were talking tog eth er. man's success. \\ ork! That which has brought war demands "G iv e me m en to fight "Let your dogs on th o e sheep, and H ope in unison with th e elevating order ut of chaos. For th e Creator in th e trenches." Must there not be drive" th em _do wnhill;, th en follow :1-nd lofty ideal a1'.d governing power 1 it wa a implc yet stupendous task a training of some kind be for e th e t~ em, he wh1~pered. And wast~. no \ of perseverance mspir es e lem e nts _o f and He loved it. The clothing of th e problems of modern scientific warfare t11ne for there non e to be lost. ot her fundam ental formation wlule plains in beautiful gree n, th e piling up ar.:: m et successfully? Again h e deTh e boys catching hi sp irit a lready faith i th e my-tcrious vision of Hope of the mountains filled with precious mands "Give m e men to mak e ammu- had th eir dogs working h en Ray- forming will-power which 1s th e s tone, o'er-shadowing silent waters; niti o n and new e ngin e of warfare. clif's voic e brought th em to a sudden build er of Tru e vVorth. H e lm·cd the ymctry and maj es ty of Give m e men who can now success- halt for Rayclif mistrusting Hiram, ''Believe 111 yours e lf with all your th e deep forests which have lowly ful ly solve th e prob lems in bu sin ess had noticed his w h isp ering and guess- m ig h t" is a n o ld maxim, to do this one given up th e ir bes t to world wo rk ers. and finance. Give m e men to direct cd its purpose. must hav e faith. Faith in hims elf inTh e planets and s tars in th eir orbits, th e affairs of state. Give m e edu"Come back yo u farm hands," he dicat es th a t a man has a glimpse of th e sun and moon, all th e r e ult of catt:d men." cried, and turn ed to Hiram with a th e force within hims elf which reDivin e work for an unselfish end. .-\ gain I ask wh er e can one eek t h e sn ee r, but his eyes we r e on the horse - mov es th e obstacles in the way or During the days man's work ha s tnining to meet the c e m ergencies · man down below and hi mood was makes th e m ee m in s ignificant in grow n until now great citie are but in our collgcs, business and tech- almost playful now that his prey com pari on with hi s ability to over­ form ed. Work has driven deep in to ni ca l schools. Peace wi ll mak e de- seemed likely to come so ea ily to come th e m . Faith open the door the earth and brought forth rich mands just as stringent and in even him . that enab les one to look into th e treasures, heaping th cn1 into true- bro ad er fie lds . Always, eve rywh ere "I'm afraid for the ma ter this soul's limitl es po sibilities revealing turcs taking year s to complete. vVork comes the demand for train ed m en. tim e," muttered Hiram , as he, too , powers of suc h u nconqu erable forces ha netted the fa ce of th e ea rth with But what is an educated man? A glanced down th e s lope, "but being that encou r age on e on, making the narrow threads 0f steel and d:1ily coll ege gradu:1te? o t entirely. Th e afra id never sav ed anybody from the caus e that whatever comes to ybu in carrie th o u and of men and wo m e n graduate must hav e rea ch ed th e most bu ll's horns, a th e saying is, so I life is within you. The Indians have on erra nd bent. Vvhil c pleasure slept co mpl e te development of th e whole mu t ju t r emain still and k ee p my '.In old legend that say when a man or idled away c untl css ho ur s, work man poss ible during the per iod a ll ot­ eyes ope n." kill a fo e th e strength of the slain T h e Rayclifs pas ed a smile and a e n emy goes into the vi cto r's arm. ha labored long nigh ts giving us ed in co ll ege. Every power, every lan g uages . scie nce and ar t. Work gift, eve ry possibility o f his life must jest o ne to th e other as th ey saw In this weird fan cy li es the truth. has gi,·en us fine fabrics, palatable be developed that will in cr ea c hi ~Iarsh draw n ear and noticed th e Each defeat leav es us weak fo r the food an d ri ch coffe rs. Work ha er e- u efuln ess to society. H e must r cal­ hca vy gloom that rested on him, for n ext battle. but each co uqu est makes atcd for u the thousand and one ize the dignity in hone t toil. H e it plea ed th em that th e man th ey us s tronger. othing makes a pris­ daily co mmodities whi ch bl ess hu- mu st be an intelligent and useful cit­ hat ed should hav e bitterne s for his on to a human life but a defeated ma nitY. The work of so ldi er , states- izcn. portion during the few minut es h e broken spirit. Th e bird in the cage Thomas Hux ley defines education sti ll had to live. n ian. - ducated ci vilian have left to our that sing alt the while is not a capheritage emp ire of single invididuals a "The training tha t give to a m:1n Ylarsh did not glance up the moor tive. in their relation to the great ta ks of th e ability to do th e things h e o ug h t until h e had ridden within t en- score To hav e self-esteem, one must hav e the uni,· r c. to do, when it ought to be done , r e- yard of th em . H e half drew rein on a good opinion of hims e lf self-confi­ . II t h ese gifts have been the ~ork gar dl e of whether he feels like do- seeing the s ix hor se men waiting for dence i not cgoti m , it i 'knowledge of other . F r long days and mght I ing it or not." him o n th e cr es t of th e hill , and Ray- and it come from the conscio usn ess th e weary toiler~ labo red_ on . droppmg This then is th e demand up on cv ­ clif, thinking h e m eant to turn about of pos e sing the abilit y requisite for unob cn·ed by the wayside when th e cry young man in merica. "Make wa just calling his kinsmen to pur~ what o ne und e rtak es. Self es tee m burd n became too h eavy. A few of t hyself fit!" su e wh en he saw Marsh spur his build elf-confide n ce and elf co nfi ­ the worke r of th e wo rld _ar~ kn ow n I The que tion !}ow, immediately hor se and rid e straight up to me et d en cc, se lf faith which pave the way. to u but the great maJonty hav e I arise . This i best don e und er the th em. W e t h'm k our e lv e into s malln es inI don thcir "bit" in an a s ign ed tas k guidance o f th e m en and women with " 'ta y where yo u ar e," aid Rayclif. to inferiority by thinking downw,:1rd, and \\"C can r ·memb r th em only by whom we come in co ntact in our " H e is a cautiou a eve r, thi fool think upward and r each the h e ight the fi ni heel product. \1\1 c do not merin n colleges. By th eir d irec­ of a Mar h, and would not trou ble u where superiority dwel ls. lt is one of kn own the men wh o built th e wonder- ti o n we are shown th mysterie of to gallop afte r him ." th most difficult things to a mo r ta l thic cath edral year a go. W e ch em i try, t he co mpl exitie of mathe­ ful "lt's just like him, h e alway s wa to really believe in his own bigness. kn ow of a few ma l cr 1>ainter whose matics, the tr eas ure thoughts of th e obstinate a s d eat h and would b e if Man's true worth so dwells within rich colors give u a glimpse of that cla sics, or the realm of the mind in the devil himself stood up again t him day by day that eac h greatness of , orld' glory_; but we kn ow littl e_ of philospohy. But that is not all. vV e him," growled a shepherd, a h e lef t deed i an unr ecogn ized sublimity of ~h o. c ~d10 toiled ~arly a'.,d late bui~d- 1are r eminded that book arc not all, the water and joined the group of e lf. 111g bnc~ ~pon b~1 ck, fitting each with th e th ey are o nl y half of an educa­ farmers who stood aloof, and doubtThe un1ver · e pay eve r y man in hi thc prec1 1011 wh 1eh mar_ked the mas- tion: that we \earn the other half ful for the safety of their master and own coin. If you mil e it smi les upon tcr builder. \V recogmze th e names from our associate or from college themselves. · . • "I \ yo u 111 return. 1f you frown you will of a few of the s tate men of 0t h er l'f H cin lies the m ore complete g iv e you good day Mar I" be f·10 d 'f · · b 1 h d. f 1 c. er ' • . _ wne at, 1 you s111g yo u will e day who rc_ccive l c ere it o r or- development of the whole man . The ca II e d R a),c !'1ff · m v1tcd 1·1, to g~y "I a compa ny , 1'f y ou ganizing oc1cty. But. on th c 0th cr physical man must be strong else the s ha ll neither be be tt er nor wor e think you w ill be e nt ertain ed b)" ha nd, we lo c sigl~t _of th c hu nd r e_ds m ental man within him will co llapse. for th e am e. \Vhat do you want?" think rs and if yo u love th e world and of pcaccf11l, law-~bidmg, or love-ahid- .\n d what i man without hi s spiritual answ ered 1Iar h. halting a few feet \ · earnest Y seek for th e good t hat is ing, fami lies wh ich formed th true idc developed? Th e subjects arc from the group. therein, you will be urrounded b)" foundations . of progres - · (C ontmue . d on page six. · ) ) (Con ti nued on page six.) ( ontmucd 011 page tour. (Co ntinu ed on page fo ur. )





THE TAN AND CARDINAL Help the Tea m G et Heidelberg !

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\\'hat if th e \\-eathcr is a little bad:, ,- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --- - - - - - - --- - - - - - - - -........

(By th e Athletic Editor_) th e fell o ws have to play no differ en c( Otterbein b egan h r football sea 011 how I ad th e weath r i this year und er rath er discouraging ~OW next Saturday we play Heid elco ndition s. \\' ith on ly two Jett er b erg h ere ; and in the next week we m en , scarcely more than that num- I will hav e the opportunity of showing ber with any footba ll exp eri e nce, and just how much we ar e interested. and the decr ea ed student body to pi ck just how much we really care about from, the forming of a team app ar- the success of the team . That we ed n ext to impossib le. But Coach play th e m on our home fie ld is an Gorton. a man who knows football advantage. But that is the only ad­ from tart to finish and can teach it ~•antage we ~ave ov~r Heidelberg. to any animal that has b rains. took I They are p laymg practically th e same ho ld of the ituation with the det r- ! team as last year. And last year they mination to make for Otterbein a gav e us on e of the hardest ga me of creditable team. And he has succeed- the season _ Our fe ll ows a r e confident ed admirably. that they wi ll win. During t his week lt is true we lost th e fir t three let us do a ll in our power to strength- I games of the season. But it was 110 en that confidence. Above a ll let's discredit to Jose to Denison and Ken- have a ra lly and get some organized , 1 yon. for la3t year, wh e n we had one ye lling out there Saturday t o hd p of the best teams in the state, was th e team . Get H eidelberg. the fir t time in a 11umb1::r of years that Otterbein had d efeat ed eith er of those schools. The n our team held Muskingum to th e very satisfactory score o f 7 to o_ I 11 the fourth gam e Profess o r C. O_ A ltman was in o f the eason they cam e back by de- charge of the Y . M. . A. meeting I feating 1/farshall 37 to O. la t Thursday ni g ht. He used as his This dop e should prove that the theme. ··Some negations of colleg e life I team is co ntinually getting better. fr aming the addre s about the text '' Th e lin e is a s good as last year' . \\" e ··\Vhat a man ows in college that have a sp eedy back-fi e ld. '0/c hav e a shall he reap in after hfe.'' \,\That a I go od a coa ch as has ever be en at Ot- man pro,·es himself to be here in krb cin . A n d th e boys hav e that \ O tterbein h e will be fo und to be l~tc:: . traditi on al fight-t o- th e-finish spirit. 1f he is weak_ he~e. he will n ot be a 1 o ther e remain no r eason why we I ~tron g leader 111 his la ter ~vork. lf he I _hould not win th e r emainder of th e 1s untruthful here he will stoop to gam es and finish th e sea o n right. fal sehood s. l f he is selfish here he T he game with Ohio orth ern has will pro,-e no more altruistic later b ee n canc eled. thus leaving but thr ee This has been bo rn e o ur by previous games y et to be p lay ed _ By winni n g I observations. th e r emaining thr ee gam e , the eaAmong the most common negations I o n' an•rage of four out of se ven o f o ur colleg e life a re such things as would be bu t littl e und er that of last idlenes s. irresp o nsiblity, laxity in year's of ix gam es won from nin e m oral taudard s,plagiaries in literary played; which av erage wa s th e b est productions, and theft of athletic­ that Otte rb ein ha s known fo r y ear . goods. Such thin g s. small as they Now th e boys in th e suits and th e , eem to appear to many college coa_ch , are doing all in th e ir power for tudent , are ne,·ertheless, evidences th eir sc hool and a succes ful foot-ball I of weakn ess in charact~r and in ome ea son . But that is only about I case.s am o unt to rank disloyalty to the t wenty -four or tw nty-fiv e p eo p le· ac- Coll ege. Not only thos e who actuall y co unt ed fo r. \Vhat ar e th e r e t of th e prac ti ce these thin g s but those as well two-hundr ed and fifty or thr ee hun- wh o give their a en t to the act ar e dr t d doing? Sittin g around, but not re sponsible. e~cn o ver th er e in th e grand-stand. Following this bri ef addres s Prof­ with hand fo ld ed. making wis e r e- essor Altman conducted a financial mark s ab o ut ho w th e gam e could be campaign to raise funds for the carry­ be t te r played. Now any fellow out ing on of the work of th e Association th ere on th e field knows more foot- for this year. Over $325 was raised ball than an y of th e ,·e st of us eve r in a remarkably short time, $240 of th o ug ht o f_ And if he do es n't know which was given in ten dollar sub­ enou g ~ foo tball t o play th e gam e, criptions. To add to this record t h er e 1s a man o ut with him who i response, the membership committee be in g pa id to t ell him. o what w e rep o rted sixty-two men as members I :vant to do , that is if we ar c as much of th e Association. \ ith such splen­ mter ested in a ucc essful season as did prospects ahead every one was t h c fell o ws ar e who are playing, is to able to enjoy to the fullest degree the le t them know that we are with them refreshments en·ed by the social and ready to acrific e as much for our committee upon the co nclusion of the mutual su cce s a are th ey. Give re t of the proo-ram. th em a 1'.t tl e per onal encourage m ent. j - - - --.-- - -It do esn t take much t ime or energy O pport umt y Knocks. to stop on e of the foot-ball boys and The Athletic Board is offering you tell him you are interested in hi uc- a business proposition that carri es ce , that he has be en playing well, with it rare social o p portunities. For I / and that you know the team will ten cents you g et to help pay off a win . He'll play a better game for standing debt, you get a legitimate your having spoken to him. Also excuse for visiting the dormitory, you we ought all of us to be out on the get to see a good show, and you get ide lines every evening showing the excused from your seven o'clock cla boys J.hat we are r eally with them. the next morning.

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Page Four

N AND C. RD I~i'\L





D ivision of Labor. "TRUE WORTH" ' " CAPITALIZATION OF WORK" I d 0 hcai- th e plea • (Co ntinued from page two) I (Continued from page. two.)us o f v ·1 n eve ry ian ve •. b , Every year we lovi ng fri e nds and natur e w1 I pour I These worke r have given k d because I am ftoo t dusy. I f h ith th e am c case into your lap th e tr easures o t e th eir bes t and hav e wor c arc . ' . f h · heart . . . h d I cof n ron f eP w erso n s s hou ld erin g the earth. Censure. cnt1c1se and at e an th ey loved th eir task, or t etr . I Io a ew .b. lity of th e stud ent ac- yo u will be ce nsur ed, cnt1c1se • b t lavi sh· t 1at • • • d an d was in it. N ot g 1·udg111g w , o e r es pons1 t . y, u . nces 1 • · · M ny a man is active ly en- hat ed by your fe ll ow m en. ly hav e th ey poured their ex pen e . t s t of t1v1 t1 cd . a . . f h f . Every seed 1lrtngs o rt a ter its befo r e us, offe rin g t 1e gre a c · athletics Chri stian A oc1a1 ff · gage 111 • . . . . have • t,on wo r k . ontc , two or three mu 1ca l kind, mistrust begets mistr ust .and 0o- 1fts . Many of th c,r o en d ngs l we orga ni zations and Chri st ian E nd eavor confide nc e begets co n fidence, kmd- been gifts of the hand , an t 1ese th e · addition to his regular clas room n e s begets kindn e s, love begets doubly ch e ri h , for someho w in ·k literary society and per I1aps love. R es1st · an d you wt·11 b e res 1ste · d . worker wa s able to en dow the pro· wo1 . . nal. out id e work. It wou ld seem that there To meet th e aggr e 1v e a sa ult eve ry duct with so m e thing of his perso are enough per ons· in sc hoo l that it entity rises up rigid and unp en etra- ity. Many ho use hold s hav e safely should not bt: n<::cessary for a few per- ble while yonder mountain o f g ranite folded away precious bit of ha • 11d ons to b ear the burdens in all th e melts and fl oats a way on th e bosom woven fabri c , hand-m o uld ed potter· orga ni zations. It's true that when a o f the riv er of lov e. ies and hand -bo und books. Ho~ Emerson said, "Th e cr eation of a cares in g ly w e handl e them! 'vVhy · !..:ader is found in one department he is usually ca ll ed up o n to lead in omc thousa nd forests is in one acorn ." It Beca us e an id ea originating in e th othe r activity, because he has that may be tak en that th e smalles t h ea rt of the maker fo und ex presS ion qual ity of leadership. B ut t here ar c things become great when a great in hi s product, making it different au<l­ surcly some men, really undi scove r ed so ul ees them. A ingl e nobl e or preciou . men. who have the desired quality ly- heroic act of one man has so m etim es ~othing, you ce, ha been so com· ing dormant within them and they eleva ted a nati on. True worth does 1110 as work. excep ting love. Budt 11 need on ly the opportunity to develop not sh un the small thing of life as h ow many of u s think of wor k an th it to become leaders. If crt: were they are the foundation and builders love in the am c thought. The o ne only some way to t ry out some of of th e great. Tr ifl e mak e perfection, which we do by hour s and minutes to these m en it would not be nec cs ary but perfection is not a trifle. Th e be cast aside a a h eavy cloak and e th r for a few to be overworked a ll th e deve lopm e nt or n eglect o f the small- other-that which we ch erish in ou time. est art makes all th e difference be- so ul s, guarding it j ea lo usly for o ur yf ight not this be something for th e tw ee n success and fail ur e. out-of-work ho ur s. thinking it gives so-ca ll ed Student W elfare Committee greatest thing that ca n be sa id us happin e H ow erro n eo usly wec T h e k o 11? This committee ha s not f

Submiµtioa Pcicc, ;t.SO Pee payable ia adsmc.

,ugoca<io". Ccn,i"ly >hi commiuec thiag o"c must ha., <cue wo,th. But what i thm foe us to do1 Que 0 thi could do "" "• towacd ccgulat- T,u, wo,th is what the wodd aecds foccfathccs hm g im us , cisilin·



TAN AND CARDINAL Published W ee kly. in th e inte r est of Otterbein by the OTTERBEI PUBLISHING BOARD, Westervi ll e, Ohio. Member of the Ohio College Press Association. Stali'. Editor-in-Chief .... Lyle J. Michael, '19 As istant EditorsJ.C. Siddall, ' 19 R:. J. Harmelink, ' 19 Contributing Edito rsGrace rmcntrout, '19 Helen Bov ee, ' 19 . M gr. ···· R · Lisle Roose, '18 Busmess , A t B us. Mgr. .. Kenneth Arnold, 20 ss . L S .th '20 A st. Bu . Mgr. ·········· C. · 1111 ' C irc ulation Mgr. ···· H. E. M .ic h ae 1' '19



1 t .(\ sst. C 1·r . Mgr • ···· C · E. Mullin, '19 Local Editor coi·gc H. Francis, '21 Helen Keller, '20 9 ochran !Tall ........ Florence Loar, 'I Alumna ! .................. F. M. Bowman , 'JS Excha'.1gc .................... REuthLCoDnoletyy,. ::~ Athletic ............ · · T Address al l Com I d ·f o I11 s·111 ce 1·ts elect·10 11 a11d o a man. no matt er h ow much h e has contrast work and love. The o nt:. dw m.uni cation s to h e Ito wor Otte rbein Tan and Cardinal , 20 \V . t ti at ·t has not become ob >ccn icar 1 r 1 achieved . is, that h e ha s kept his rec- fee l, glorifies u . while the othe r t:· ' e topine less than a year from its in-• ord o dotothis,tand one mu stand g grades, ~Iain St.. Westerv ill e, Ohi o. Year, solcte for clean. omethiTng, for t somelo rify. when in truth both may

Entered a econd class matter ep­ ing the number of activiti es in which t embe r 25, 1917, at the postofficc at one per on might e ngage. \ Ve tervill c, 0., und e r act of March 3, 1 79. 'Tis Sacrifice T hat Coun ts. \ \ ' c hear a great deal about sacrifice ,. Know. not for kn w i11 g's sake, in these troublesome times, especially But to become a sta r to men fo r cv: r ; the sacrifices of others. ln the ix Know for the gain it gets, the praise months that our nation has bee n enit brings, gaged in this world war we have Th wonder ·, t ,·11s1)1·rcs, the lo,·e it heard so much about acrifice that we breed . ' are beginning to become hardened to -Brownin g. the suffering · of othe r so long as it docs not affect us. O ur Literary Section. But. ce rtainly. the men of Otterbein • \\'ith thi issue we arc startmg a have had an awakening. They ban~ · 11 feature, that of th e L .itcrary ·· een the light.. and are taking upon . ·11111ber. A is well-known. on , o ·w f themselves tlte resp o nsibilities that the college pap 'rs in the pa t was a have been pla ced upon them by the i;· literary magazine, the ot he r, w h0 Y II comrad es who have heen ca ll ed to 11 _..111 cc th e pr sent pub- leave. i\"ot hi ng but an unselfish, selfa ws1 :tpc.:r. ·· · · · Id h d lh O tgro li cation is in a way, e u d ave moveh wth or acnfic111g spirit. cou I amalgamation o tie wo, it is but the forty men 111Thattend ance . at h t e 0 )Cr that. t l11s fpa1>c 1 ts 1 . . l ould contain Y. M . meetm urs ay mg t to om ht rary JHO UC tons. . . pr I . d t· While it i pledge . ::2.;, for the support of the notpos1betopu>1s1 f . 1 I 1· I one uch arti- local Y. 11. . A. work th, year. 1t cle each week, we cxpcc t to ma kc a i a ingular act, that every man special i ue, from time to tim e, de- pre o:nt made a ubscription. voted to literary numbers. . . \\' hen we note that the tudent The productions foundh in this issue, hody of tterhein i not one afflicted b t a re with an over supp ly of t h e mon etary though r cpr pcr hap n t t e es • . cntativc of the Clwork clone 111 co mm odity. thi s ub cripti o n but con.ct·ic h f firm the genera l pirit of acri fice each of the lit rary 1 t u ar h with wh ich they have alway met a 1 thi year. We fee sure t at our ·s·s The amount· f the indivirlu readers will agr ·c that the apparent en · lump in college att ndance has n.ot al pledge are more than double tho e affcct •·d the cittali·ty of tl,c work do_ nc of former year . not becau c th e men



hy the, literary ocictie very material- are more "flu h" thi year than before, hut quite the con trary : hecau e they ly 1· k "'" I b <cmied a ). ,mm bee iswcll " " 'c_har_yo, cc,liu 111 .If <hi ~x·pcct ariotlier of the" am_c on and <h» th ey'"arewoe. willing to do their 1 actcr .. ,.tlit·tl tl,e near future;,£ it_ 1 part. It will undouhtelly mean. that , llot. tllcll W • tnust haiige our llOltc.y. many of t I1e men w1·11 d o without ·• At I a t it will be worth your while some thing that they had intend d to to read the a1·ticlc for everyone con- get for them elve ' but they wi ll be lain a messag ... · bette r for it in the end.

h h ' t d h · w o av e principles und erlying ti on . great nations have bee n gran the men e • t eir expertness, principl e und er th eir cities built. wift v essels ply d la w at1 business. Men who stand for oceans, trange heap of iron with an th some ing o ut icle their vocation, inner en er gy speed across the coun· whose very presence is weight in th e ir j try, language, art and sc ience are co mmunity. ope n to u and now monstrous bi s rd "God give u men. a time li ke thi s ca rry man through the b lue wherever demat1 d s st ro ng mind , great hearts, he desires. th e fai tru I th ere a task !Pft for the would· whon1 tl1e I and t f r eady ffi d hand. Men } ow u 0 0 ce oe not kill ; be work er of today, and if so _ m en whom th e po i! of office can not hai l we do it? Yes! There ts1 a buy: men who PO e opinion and ta k: o tr emcndo u . o powerful ~t a I wi ll:_ IImen 1·who have honor ; men we cannot do it a lone. Our taskth tse Iw,o e f w, not d ie: men who can stand bigger and 111 r e difficult than merd t> ore I a cmagogue o and damn his pla cing of tone into building , an k I . T II reac lerous atteric without wink- steel into railroad trac k s. It ou r tas 11 li'. ve ti f un crowned . who to bring today' . wo rk e rs to the rea I •• g, ab ·· a men, d • , ove 1e og, in public duty ization that the hnart m ust b e w , er" an Prtvate thinking." th e hand i . An E 1· h the F d I k. · ng 1s author who had leen o r the pa few dcca es ·ed 00 I f t v· I . mg over a book of biograt)hie of j American people especia lly have t n_ em,_nent Americans said, ''The 1·1ttle to be profi c ient in every line o . ac . t • II , ca )111 appear to be the binl1place o' ity. We hav e thought to exce l tn ma b a yo u great men." • o more 1·11 ustr1·- chinery, in labor aving dev ices, in or· wo t i examp •, I le .b. of. . ization, until we have come to ~is ou ucce or t rue gan , s ex 11 itat,on. won by the e ·. hev e that the on ly thing necessary I erc1 e of common env ironment can to find the proper button to p ush . f offered than Abra ham Lin co ln bo wou ld not minimize th e importance o • . h. and reared in a I . ' rn of tht' fl og ca 1)111 wit ho ut Organ1zat1on , of mac m ery, . oo r or w in dows. having n'o school Push b utton method but I do deplore 1ng book · ' 1 art . . or teacher or ordinary Op- the fact that we have taken the e f . " ays portun1t1e who b 1 an ter and witl1 h decame the rail p li t - out ol wor~. ··11~ these days, s idou; ar work and a 1,· emp oyer "tn pite of our treme t . mhot1ve, holding implicity a his c~fe~ 1 I cientific plan for developing thdc h . .b• t·ty an c arm. won th e d . . k"tnd by!. ho_mely a practical lll trat,on of o wtll workmen take re pon 1 1 t:ike wi mandom man forge wahead, do 1 not thu cu ttvatmg h" l"f. ·, • . . ,. ":.f'n a rc 1 an 1ntere tof111 h•bit" their work. , " . • up t ting "'"'"' '"' powers d unng . • Cceatucc the pYCholog"'. o ur C1v 1! the \Var Pee idc,cy . ll goo , 1 . h t negroes 1 11011 en ancipated four 111 ·1 . te u , yet men do not make un· . d Prol)al) ! · L· mac1 11nes. . !way there is .t ka iow·t 1A. . hero of ccn th e c1· g an nco ln has b er cun ent of fee lin g which is · 1 11 Y the pa t 1r°:e . mcrican boys during to ~x 1 t. Th per o nality ~ee tnchin· 0 (C /' generation than any out ct find no afety va lve 111 ma kc 111 on tted on page eve n.) ery. Thi que tion ha been as ·





( Continued on page six.)


Page Five

ATHLETIC C LUB E. J. Leshe r ............................... . MAKES REP O RT R. W. Smith-loan ................... . I Continued fr0m page one.) current expenses in athletics. As soon as co nditions have become nor­ mal again, the Club expects to con­ tribute more large ly, furnishing more and more the neecled fipan,ia l support to Otterb.ein athletics. "In 191.6 Otterbein entered upon a new pha e of athletics and genera l physical ed u cation. More e1111J ha sis wa to be placed up on phys ical ed u­ cation: one man was to have charge of all physical training anc! sports . assisted by specia l coac lo es. 1Ir. 1Iar­ tin was - made phy ical director and Hal J. Iddings was secured as special coach in football and base ba ll. "The result of this experime nt was highly 5atisfacto ry. The phvsical ne ed o f all students w e r e better tak­ e n care of than at any other time in th e hi tcry of Otterbein: th e admin­ istrative pa rt of th e work-arranging game , "!quipping teams . S!!CUring offi­ cials, etc. , was more satisfactory; t he success of th e teams, partic!.lla rl y in football, was very gratifying. Otter­ bein, · in footba ll defeated Denison. Kenyon, Ohio Wtsleyan , Muskingum, St. Mary' . Heide lberg. It was a '.,ig year-one of the very biggest in foot­ ba ll Otk rb ein has ever had . "The record in basket-ball was not o good ow ing to a la ck of material and poor p la yin g conditions. Otter­ bein is greatly in need of a bigger gymna ium. Unt il this is sec ur ed Otterbein, as a rule, will have to satisfied with second rat e teams in th i port. Track and ba e ball were just beginning with good promise when the ca ll to military service put an encl to all forms of athletics. "And now we ar e entering upon a new year, a year promising many new and unusual difficulties. Th e outlook is uncertain. Only a few of those wh o tood foremost in support of arh­ leti c have returned to school. The work in large m ea ur e must fall up­ on new and untr ied shoulders. ":\fen of Otterbein, fri e nds and alumni, there never was a time when athl eti c at Otterbein stood in suc h great need of your loyal upport. It mu t be forthcoming. At hl etics must go on. There is no saffron in the tan and cardinal: Otterbein must TICK IT O 'T. (The Otterbein Athletic Club must continue to be its right arm.)"


Financial Report.

Contributors. Ander~on 0. A. C. .................... $120.00 We ten·i ll e 0. A. C. ................ 263.00 Dayton 0. A. C. ........................ 102.00 Frank D. Wilsey ...................... 10.00 25.00 S. \\'. Bate ................................ D. A. Randeen ............................ 5.00 C. S. Yother .............................. 5.00 E. L. Porter ................................ 5.00 C. E. Cowan ................................ 5 00 John Thoma Jr. ........................ 25.00 E. . Barnard .............................. 25.00 C. M. Bookman .............. ."........... 5.00 10.00 Joseph Bra har es ...................... K. J. Stouffer .............................. 5.00 H. M. \Vor trll .......................... 1.25 5.00 A. P. Rosselot ............................ H. C. Plott .................... ............ 10.00

7.50 H OME CO MIN G T O 10.00 BE BIG AFFA I R Otterbein's Varsity "O" and The Athletic Club extends to (Continued from page one.) $628.75 the members of both organiza­ gi-am besides severa l local men. The Expenditures. tions a most co r dia l invitation $ 15.30 boys in uniform are to be special Otterbein Review ..................... . to be present at an o ld time pig Otterbein Aegi .................!..... .. . 7.70 guests at this "big feed." At th e same roast in th e gymnasium· 6£ the Printing and Stamps ............... . 60.09 hour in th e evening the " Dorm" girls Association Building on the 'vV. 0. Baker, Treas. Board evening of November 3 at six are p la nning a supper for everybody of Control ............................... . 500.00 o'clock. Following th e banquet at the hall. All members of this 15.00 R . F. Martin, equipment ....... . an excep tiopally good program Student Loan ............................. . 25.00 year's team and the sub s are invited has been prepared for ~he en­ to th e supper at the gym. First Nationa l ........................... . 3.00 joyment of those present. Re­ The hopes of eve rybody are that Ba lan ce on hand 2.66 memb er the time and place, and this may be the greatest occasion of come prepared to eat. th e year. The organizations p lanning $628.75 ign ed-Co.m_mittee. the day ~re asking the stud ent body 0 . A . C. OFFICERS Pres ide nt . Homer P. Lambert, ' 12 to do th eir utmost to get th e al umni First Vice Pres. . John Thomas, '98 and fri ends h ere on November third. "They ay that fres h ma n has brain Second Vice P r es. . F . H . Ri ke, '88 tudents, us e your "pep" and "push" fever." Third Vice Pres.. F. 0 . VanSickle, '06 "Fat chance! Can an angle worm Secretary Ralph W. Smith, '12 more than ever to ma k e this a humTreasurer . Dr. 0. B. Cornell, '92 mer. have water on the kne e?" Executive Committee C.O. Altman, Chai r man; W . M. Gantz, R. W•. Smith and P. E. Wine land W esterville Otterbein A thletic Club. President . C. 0. Altman Secretary . A . P. Rosselot Treasurer . . . W. M. Gantz D ayton Otterbein A thletic Club. P r esident T . H. e lson Secretary . C. R. Hall Treasur e r . . . P. E. \Veinland W esterville 0 . A . C. West erville Otterbein Athletic Cl ub dues, collected, from September 7, 191 6, to Oct. 13, 1917. W. M. Gantz, Treas. 1916-17. F. N. Thoma $ 15.00 R. W. Huber 5.00 5.00 Chas. R. Bennett ·················~··· W. R. Schrock ......................... . 5.00 C. 0. Altman ............................. . 10.00 . : - - - - - - - - - - - - - . - - - - - - - -... A. P. Rossclot ........................... . 10.00

The goal for the circulation dep·a rtment is five hundred ubscribers by Thanksgiving. This week's paper is the big literary number of The Tan and Cardinal. So why not be a real Otterbeinite in supporting yo ur college paper by giving u - yo ur ub scription at once?

H. E. MICHAEL, Cir Mgr: C. E. MULLIN, Asst. Cir. Mgr.


Raymond Schutz ....................... . R . F. Martin ............................... . Mrs. ll. F. Martin ............... ,... . G. G. Grabill ..................... - ...... . Thurston Ross ........................... . Moses & tock ......................... . J. P. \ i\Test ................................... . L. A. Weinland ....................... . C. A. :VI c Leod ........................... . Homer B. Kline ........................ J. . Coons ............................... . 0. B. ornell ............................. . F. Bookman ............................... . E. B. Ballinga ........................... . Q. K. Grimes .............................. . vV. Stoughton ................ ....... . Ba le & Walker ............................ ]. R. Williams ···················-·· ..... C. \N. Johnson ............................ . v,;. Reed ................................. . F. J. Resler ........................... ...... . J . \V. Jones ........................ ....... . A. H . Keefer ............................... . ·W. \V. Well ........ ..................... . M. L. Rhode E. L. Boyles ............................... . C. K. Young ............................... . C... Fritz ................................... . E. E. Burtner ·······-··· ............... . C. L. Richey ............................... . B. \V. Well & Son ................. . J. H. :\[cCloy ........................... . R. \\'. mith ............................... . \V. :\L Gantz ............................. . H. \Volf .......................... ............. . H. \\·olf ........................................ 1917-18 C. 0. ltman ............................ . R. \V. mith ............................. . E. J. Korri ............................... . (Continued on page seven.)

5.00 5.00 5.00 10.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 10.00

l\.fade by Co n ve r e Rubbe r Co. are the kind



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yo u want.

We have them.


.SO 1.00 5.00

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"CAPITALIZATION OF WORK" Voice r ep li ed, " T h e th ing t h e ma t t er for a m a n of h is years to fight such a on e of t h eir numb er cu rsin g at a (Co nt inue d fr om pa ge fo ur ) w it h you is t ha t yo u n eed wo rk w it h stri p lin g." wo und th at l\fa r sh had given hi m as "Does success li e entir ely in concre t e a Big \ V. \\Tor k w ith a lit t le w is ''T hat's a li e, R ay cli f," sa id M ar sh . h e rod e pa st, a mo m ent on ly they t r a inin g or do es some thi ng of o ut loo k don e o n ly for t h e pay and nev er fo r " He dared no t co m e. T h e last ti m e h a lted. and th en , w it h a d eaf enin g ye ll, of life en t er in ?" I n o r de r to b e su c­ th e lov e of it, and t hat is w hy it I sa w h im h e was ridin g ha rd \\"it h t he t hey cl o eel in a circl e a bo ut him. cess ful wo rk mu s t be capitalized-no t seems t o you a sham e to wast e yo u r point of my swo r d all b ut in hi s back. "Fo ur t o o n e now. Co m e, th e odds with m o ney, not w ith power, no t who le life at it." "Indeed it do s, a n d W ell ? Am I to wait till ni g ht fa ll or less en fa t ." cri ed Ma rs h, as h e halted every let ter t ha t's w hy I'm h er e a way from it a ll " a r e yo u; too, mi nded to tu rn t a il an d se emed to wai t fo r t hei r apw it h ho no r , but m u st b e ca pita liz ed w ith lo ve. \ Vhy r ep li ed A ndy. A nd th en t h e Voic e and r un." p r oach . is it th at m en fail , grow w ea ry an d ga ve hi m th e tas k of clo t hi ng t h e H e k n ew tha t fligh t wa s h opel ess if S tu ng by this r emark , Ray clif dish eartened o ver assig n ed ta sk s? sum m er in bea ut iful co lo r s and s ilken p ur r ed fo r ward on th e sud den and h e let t he full compa ny at tack him A h! I t is becau e we h ave p laced a n fab ri cs. H e r eceive d no pa y fo r it his com rad es fo ll o w l<I with a y ell ; o n a ll sid es. H e loo k ed fi rst at the economic va lu e, no t a h ea rt va lu e, o n a ncf it was very diffi cult. ye t becau se and eve n th e so ur Hiram sen t up a ope n moor an d th en a t th e wall ed en­ all wo rk. he lov ed th e O n e w ho made th e sum- half-s ha m ed pra y er th a t th e m a st er clos ur e w h er e th e s h ee p had been l t is tru e th a t wo rk is done no t a s m er a nd a lso ga ve co mm a nd s, h e mi g ht come t hroug h t he fight in bro ug ht fo r th e wa s hing. an end in itself but as a m ean s to an wo rked faithfull y and wa s sati s fi ed. safety . '"I'll tri ck th em ye t," h e mutt ered end. If w e s ho uld wo rk o nl y for th e Andy Go rd o n gr ew to be an- o ld man ; But th e shep h e r d had not b ee n idl e and turn ed sh o rt, rod e har d up to­ enjoym ent w e deri ve th e effo rt quick­ in th e w inter h e wo rk ed at hi s loom durin g th e bri ef pause betw ee n ward th e sh elte r o f th e wall s. ly pas ses fr o m work to play. T enni s in th e sho p but th e summer found Marsh' s chall enge a nd th e o n se t o f Rayclif th o ug ht that M ar sh was skillfully executed r equires m ental him at hi s b eloved ta sk. H e amassed th e Ray cl ifs. H e had see n Hira m a t- tru stin g to hi s ho r se manshi p, t hat he and physical effort y et w e catalog it no fortun e, but h is life wa s sweet and t emp t to se nd a warning do wn th e wo uld co m e at th e m and r etreat, each amo ng th e pa stim es a n d a s an effo rt beautiful and th e j oy a_nd triumph o f sl ope, and whil e th e storm gre w rip e tim e th ey mad e a t him in fo rce, hop­ p ut forth largely for pl easur e. H o w­ an app oi nted task wa s suffici ent. for breaking, h e th o ught that th er e in g to ge t a bl ow a s occa sio n offe red. ev er, wo rk may b ecome so much a W e ar e all called upo n to pe rfo rm w er e surely those here who might B ut M ar sh inte nd ed no such tr ick, he p art o f o ne that it ceases t o b e toil diffi cult ta sk s day a fte r day. Th ey se r ve Marsh in a pinch . On wa s see kin g fo r sur e gro und which 0 11 and b ecom es a p lea sur e. If o n e b e may b e o f littl e eco n omic valu e but o ne hand of th e Rayclifs we r e th e to stan d a n d mee t th em o ne-by-one. n o t inter est ed in th e task a t ha n d it N ewell D wight Hilli s ha s said that sh eep, two hundr ed o r m o r e and b e- H e ha d noticed th e ope nin g into th e is drud g ery-n o ma tter w ha t its na­ "The histo r y o f a ll achi eve m en t is sid es th e sh ep h erd wer e hi s two do g s. s h ee p fo ld and h e kn ew th a t if o nce tur e ; b u t w h en th e w ho le b ein g is giv­ th e hi story o f j oyo u s wo rk. " H ow A few ca ll s from th e s hep h erd · a I Id I b ttl e 111 1e co u r ac h th e wa ll t 1c a en ov er with en th us iasm, no m a t te r m ea n ing less th e r esult if we s ho uld tongue th e)' had kn o wn f ro m pu ppy- wo ul d narrow dow n to si ng le con· how tediou an d difficult th e burd en wor k wi t h a lit t le w, and how m uch h oo d. a ly po inti n g of h is fing er at test s th e end is soon in sigh t and sa ti sfac­ jo y, happ in ess and success wou ld fo l­ h h . T h ey saw h i aim too late. an d as t e s eep, a n cl . th e dogs ru sh ed in tion fo ll ows. low th e Big W effo r t . T h er e is \,V hen God saw th e n eed of som e­ no t hing in t he world t hat matters among t he b lea tm g ma s. T h e sh eep th ey swoop ed on hi m, h e ba cked his rt ed ae r o s th e moo r, b ut t he s h ep - 1h o r se insid e th e sh ee p-fold. H e now on e on ea rth t o co unteract th e wo rk except so ul sa t isfactio n and t he roy ­ tard ~: _' s ho~ ted cl ea r above th e cri es of had fo ur stout wa ll s b eh ind hi 111. It of Satan and to ca rry t he m essage of a l road is via capita li zed wo r k. e Ray clt '. , a nd wor k ed h is dogs as wa s on e aga inst fo ur s ti ll-bu t eac h good tidi ngs He s ent His Son. And H elen F. En so r, ' 18. surely as 1f t h is w er e h f I , . no mor e t ,an o t h e fo ur must wa it h is tu rn anc in Him w e hav e the M a ster \ Yo rk ­ f d tn usua l busm e s of th e d . · "THE OLD FE,UD" ay , m a m ust ar e alo ne aga ins t th e swor ma n . e nt to s ucceed w h ere oth er s h. s mom ent t he Aock was h I cl d ( Co ntin ued from page two.) w ich to th e Ravclifs imagina tio n wa d · eac e • tur n e had fa il ed, can we r ea liz e t h e r esult if an d n ven tra igh t acros th t · Of r · d f '' \ Ve want t o wash o ur h ee p and mo o 1. t h t 1 . b e s np a ive malignant t hi ng in t he han ° H e had gon e to His task w it h a d esire . c I1-guar cJ e d Iad . _ less tha n al l poss essing? T h er e wa s t hat ro ug h -tongued sh eph er d of yo urs adv ersaraies a)• etw ee n Marsh and h is t hi w '·t aid I as I aw y o u A ll th 1" · cl Agarn th e Rayc lifs fe ll back wh11e no q uestion of failur e for H is h eart r e fus e us to ·a o n e so quickly th at th e farmh an ds r ous<: d by th eir mass "R was in H is work. H o w full of wo rk ri ding up t h~ slop e '·\ Ve'II ask th e · t . te ' I I · h er Jus as t 11e aycl1f swe pt on t o t i h . . i e · r P uc , . se nt up a r inging c e · He cr owded th e t hr ee y ea r s of H is m aste r's leav e, and o f hi co urt esy at tack th 111 behe' ll grant it.' " e_ s e p ran pe llm ell ow Mar h , wh o was tir ed of ' th e m in istry, labor ing lo ng aft er oth ers I tw ee n th eir ho rs es fee t T h · d f I '·My co urt esy tak e no a ce unt of · e ogs ong wee ks o f farming , lau g h ed to ee ·1c1 .· slept. To N ichodemus at ,nigh t H e w1 \\ It h thhe po rt, fo ll owed aft er hi wo rd aga1·11· 1·11 h1·s ha 11 d a1•,d to t o ld t h e story of th e seco nd chan ce. suc h a yo u," a n wer ed Marsh . "Think awh il e," went on th e oth er, si;apphlllg at t e s h ee p a nd at th e legs know that h e had cut off r e:rea t a 11 <l To th e discip les at nig h t H e offer ed o t e bewild er ed h ors es. Two of fo u r s cl · ·ve wor s m en we r e h er e to gt Hi wis est teach ings. V{ it h a zea l for "Th e e poo ls wer e m a de for bo th of t h R · , ayc h f s w er e unh orsed . t hr ee him battl e e w o rk w hi ch ha s bee n un equal ed H e us in th e days befor e th er e wa s a fe ud oth ers wer e all but o ut of t h e saddle •·c · h gives us an examp le of t h e P rf ect b et wee n us. ' Tis our ri g l1t a s w ell as e d · om e a lo ng, I'm wa it in g." a n n eed ed all th eir w its to keep t h ei r cri ed. and la ug h ed aga1·11 as li e no t iced V.Torkman. Lov e mad e His labor a yo ur s to use it wh en w e will. ?o r ses in hand, w h ile Ma rsh , watch 1iow th ey fail ed to g ive t h eir o ld batdelight. T h er e has been no work­ ''And w h en we will , fir t com e h e Cha . E . M ul l1·11, Jr.. '1 9. man like Him , but th e in sp irati o n to 11rst er ved . C o m e boy , y ou're loaf-' mg la ug htede grt urm im ly.oil fr o m th e hilltop ' t le-cr ,v. lend o ur h eart s to o ur task r ea ch es in g and th e sh eep ar e not half wash ed " I th o ug h t it wo ul d uns ett le th em u s a ft er nin etee n cen turi es. O ur ye t," h said turning t o th e sh eph erd s. a bit." m urmured t h e h ep h erd , wh il e "MAKE THYSELF FIT." w o rk to day is small co m pared with t h d I Rayclif' s fa ce da rk en ed, " Th e o ld h e (Continu ed fr o m page two. ) wa c e . ti e hee p d ri ven fur t h er I w ha t we hall be called to r end er wiv e earn ed n o t in th e cla ss r oo m, but 0_11 ay, t hat th e fi rst fe ud start ed d h I own t e 1111 , leaving cl ear ro o m b e- I later, but n ly a we perfo rm o ur at th i v ry spo t becau se it happ en ed twee n his ma st er and t h e . ti e a t hleti c fi eld , in Y . l\L C. A.. 111 ta sk s no w will w e be abl e to work that th e l\Iars h and Raycl if s h eep hors es of th e Rayclifs r eanng :h e so cia l ev e nt of o ur collcgi:: life, 111 m ixm g w ith th e fellows. tomorrow. \ Ve may be lis tl es s and cam on th e am e da y to th e wa bing, Mar h had een his d nce afull n d o f As th e cl ay I. m o u ld ed 111 . :h e I1an e car I s and r end er eco nomi c va lu e I wou Id h av e no man ' s b l oo d on my t~k en it. a n d n o w h e wasc 1iraidin onl y , but ju t a s ce rtainl y a w e do hand , so r em em be r t he o ld ta le a nd ti tt at th e en em y ov e r the t II o ur ll\·es ar t he scul p t o r. 0 t he r esul t wi ll be cold and lifele s. no t g ive us r oo m." ho rseme n. On e ;f th e Ray cl':'fo ta e nk m \ ' o ulde d in ou r fo ur yea rs a t colkge. 1 ,r1ars h I1a d I. " 111 · passing and mi s eel sths ru e' ·, e a r e al l common c la y, bu t th. e wo rthy o f o n e'~ bes t effo r t . Hap­ 11s swo r d Ioo e a II t I1c a t h 1111 pin es comes_ o nly thro ugh s pe nding t 1m • : t i11: P·;cl'' . e , an d I11s · eye , a Ith o ug h ti1ey we r e too bu sy with th ei r ho ' t r es d t .m o i· e ca r e in ti1e- mo ul ding and th e dynam ic to b r ing about great­ ee m ed to rove, w er e n ever far fr o m m o r e than rais e a clu m; es :ar O ing o ut of any p e b bl es ; th e rubb'.ilg er life and happin e s lies in th e h eart. Rayclif's mov em ents. " Your ta lk, si r, Mar h ga ll op ed clean th r o:gh g th d. dow n o f _th e r o ug h s p ots : the plac1nri Harris M er ton Lyon tells us th e w earies m e," h e said. ''You m ean to swi nging hi swo rd to tli . em on a solid fo u n dati o n ; t h e fi ner W1 · aga111st · · e ! left and in a m o m en t t h e fng 1it and be th e fi n1s · hed pi·o du ct. \,\ , e • re fantastic and w in some story of the s t n"k e, six on e. W e II tnk 1 fo JI " f ••'e a 1·t·11g e r ee m o or s cu lpto Weaver W h o Clad the Su mme r, I ' and safety lay b efo r e him. ar r o our ow n charact e:s·. ~• m w r yo u a And y Go rdon , a simp le weav er in th e B ut Marsh wo u ld not tak th T h e Rayclifs w er e da unted a lit t le e co mman de d "Ma k e th yse lr ht. mills doing his w o r k in a m echan ica l by th e downright, st urdy fashion of f fl" I · e e road \ Ve a d · b k the r e uty ound to m a c . o 1g 1t, partly b eca use his blo~ way and r ece ivin g money b ut no t he man ; and fo r a moment t h ey h ung up and pa r t ly b eca u se h f 1 Cd wfas best man po ibl . Th e occupat1° 11 happ iness. O ne day h e drew hi s pay back, r ememb ering how Mar h had t h e sa fet y of h is fa r m h ed e_afr eh or co unt s for little . long as it is all 0 and, g ui d ed by a strange imp ul se, m et t i1eln t 1·m e an d agam · w 1"ti1 r e I· t- t h e m to p lay the sc - a n s I e le ft 110 nora I) Ie o n e. B ut m en a r e m ea surO d 1 wa lked fa r away ove r t h e green fie ld s I · manh ood. \ \' e owe 1·t to ess w r Pay. ru ffia n s. He t ur nedapeb-goat to th ese ed b Y t h e1r a long th e d usty h igh way. G rowing " \ Vhe r e is th e 'o ld man' today, ' t is ho rs em en seei ng h . a bo ut, a n d the o u r co un try· to m ak e th e m ost usefll 1 weary he r e t ed un d er a tr ee fa r fr om str ange h e does not come t o t he s heep th em a ~econ d t · im ear down on citiz en · we o we it to o u rs eln is to 1me wer e co f d 1e . " ·d M h any m an 's d we lling an d was awaken ed wa s h m g, sa1 ars a s t h ey halted. with wo nd er. B ut th e· f n u se ma k e th e b t m en. \ \"h,: n ~a d 1 0 1_ by a V oice calli ng hi s nam e. Ama z­ "H e wo uld n o t tro uble," sna rl ed k 1 tr ury was of us h h I I ,i W111 sharp en ed now, th e a r ea c eel thi s g-oa .. r 1e , e:i ed , he a ns wered, " H e r e I a m." The Rayclif. "'Twas butch er y, he ai d, ateethneyt wo fa llen ho r se ~ g Ia n ced m e n mor e n earl y b e :·u th t> rS. th me n, t ey h ea rd wi ll th er e b e peace. l. ~1. \\'ard, ·1 8.


7 I



COCHRAN HALL. 1fr· . Hall from Day ton, Ohio came las t nnda y and spent t he week with Alice. Gift from soldi er boy s ha,·e bee n in order for the las t few days. Ruth Deem was called to her ho me at Eaton. Ohio on Tuesday. On \V edn esday Mrs. Noble chaper­ on ed Helen Ensor, L eona Paul, Marie Youn g . He len .\Tichol and Ruth Youn a to the Dairy ho w in Colum­ bu . A ll except Leona p ent their time co ll ec tin g lit erature. ca n openers and bo ttl es. and she held lengthy discon r es with a lmo t e,·ery man she me t. Ruth Vankirk . ' 17, is visiting at the Dormitory. Charlotte and Stella Kurtz went home F riday to att end a party. Ruth F ri es and Kathryn \ Varne r spent the week-end at their homes in Dayto n. A ne \\fri g ht lef t Friday mornin g fo r an ··O ,·erland ·' trip throu g h th e Southern part of the state.

" TRUE WORTH" (Co ntinu ed from page four.) other merican character. Yo u ng peo pl e loo k upon him as a marv e lous being rai sed up for a divin e purpose a nd yet if his characte r is analyzed it i found to be made up of t h e humb les t virt ues and commonest qualities. Tht: s tronges t thing about Linco! n was his ma n liness. his stra ight for­ ward down r ight ho n esty. Yo u cou ld depend on him . He wanted to kn ow omething, to be so m ebody, t o li ft his h ead above his h u mble enviro n­ m ent and be of some account in the world. The verdict of history has p laced upon th e roll of ho nor, the men and wom en w ho have not shirk ed t h eir d uty , who hav e co n q uered t heir en­ vi ro nment, unattrac t iv e as it may seem, who hav e s tood tru e to their trust in spite of opposition. A great task awaits th e coming gen eration and it depends upon us individually wht:th er we mar or make our opportuniti es. -Iva M. McMaekin, '18.

Athletic Club Makes Report.

(Co nti nu ed from page five.) Virginia Burtner and Ruth Conley 10.00 were ill last wee k. W e missed t heir C. 0 . A ltman ( loa n ) ................ R. H . Brane (no t depos ited) .. 10.00 hap py ,·o ices for a few da ys. W. M. Gantz ................................ 10.00 Friday a t 7 p. 111. the First Aid Class John Garv e r ..... ........................... 5.00 met in th e library of th e Ha ll. The C. D . LaRu e ................................ 5.00 date l).nd hour of m ee tin g was clun g-· G. G. Grabill ... .... ..................•.... 10.00 ed to Monday at 4 p. m. C. A. Fritz .................................... 5.00 Miss Olive W:agle, ' 17, urpris ed us J . P. Wes t .................................. 5.00 F rid ay and spent a sho rt time at t he J . W. Jon es and family ............ 10.00 Hall. he has been teac hin g a t .\Tew F. . Tho mas and family ........ 15.00 Straitsville, Ohio. Total to date .......................... $359.00 Helen a n d J ane t ga,·e a push Fri­ Tota l amo unt of contribu­ day e,·en in g fo r Mrs. Hall. t ion s .......................................... $359.00 Mi s Bess e Wak ely, '17, spent th e Turn ed into R. W . Smith, week-end with Ve ra Stair. 'vVe are Sec'y., directly ........................ 10.00 glad to have th e alumni remember us. and we welcome their ,·is its. A ct ual amount in T r easury .............................. $3-19.00 Goo d eats and a goo d t im e in Respectf ull y submitt ed, Ethel"s room Tuesday night. W. M. Gantz, Miss Hazel Wonner from Bradford, Treas. 'W esterville 0. C. A. C lub. Ohi :i Yisited at the Ha ll over the we ek -end. She was o ne of F lo rence's In spite of the war, graduate Sum me r choo l frie nds. and friends of Otterb ein ha ve There was a slumb er party in I va's made money-they have mad e and Miriam·s room Fr iday night. even mor e th an in other years. sk E th er how s he likes the w in dow The Otter bein Athl etic Club seat. asks for a share of this pro p erity. Do not wa it to be ask­ Laura Whit e's fri end enjoyed a ed for a contribution. Believe dandy push in her room \Vednesday it a patriotic d uty to co ntribut e. night. Th e people of this country ar e Florence Reese spent t he week -end j ust beginning to realize the at her home in Colum bus. va lue of athletics in training me n to be of service to their H elcn Bo ,·ee returned Sunday from a week· - ,·isit to her h o me 111 Water­ co untry. E xam in e the li st of contr ibu to rs; see what yo ur loo, Iowa. friends are doing and jump in: Ruth and Edna Ho o per spent the the water's fine. week -encl in o lumbus. If you are a memb e r of some ALlce and P rof. Spessard were local club. send your ch eck t o quarreling conce rnin g th eir own th e treasurer of tl;at club: if rights ro a certain seat in the choir. you are not a memb er of a lo­ Prof. Bend inger (try ing to settle th e ca l club, send yo ur chec k to dispute) ·'Don't try to dispute your R. 'vV. Smith, secretary of th e place. You have a wrestler. (Ress ler ) Otterbein Ath letic Club, Wes ­ against you." terville, Oh io. ~fak e it BIG: and make it Emily Arnold spent a few days at NOW. her home in Shelby 0. She returned Wedne day.


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LOCALS. Betty Fries spent th e week-end her home in Dayton.

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--The college gi rl as a h ome-maker.. was the topi c discussed at Y. \V. C. A. Don't let your class get in th e road by Helen Ensor. She used the we:1 of football. Don't let your studies in­ known scripture on home relations a terfere with your college education. g iYen in J Peter :3. The colle ge wom- \ Satu rday ev ning a nu mber of col­ an can be the most capable hom e­ lege folks, in motley garb. gathe r ed make r in the land because she is able ·1 at the home of E ta Hambel on P lum to see g reate r possibi li ties in t he str eet. The house was decorated in home a n d the fa m il y. t here fore a Hallowc'en colors. Those who at­ great deal depe nd s upo n the t ra ini ng \ tended ay they had a mighty fine and education of th e h ome-maker . Coll ege wome n, as a rul e, marry time. later in li fe b ut th er e a r e fewer "Yo u seem p r et t y pro ud since yo u gave t wen ty-five cents to t h e Red divo rces amo n g college h ome-makers t han in a ny othe r class. Th is is tru e C ross fun d." " Yassuh," r ep lied Mr. E ras tu s P in­ beca use th e wom an with a deepe r kl ey, "Talk abo ut doin' yu h b it ! I sense of th e re spo n sib ility of a h o me than you' ll get in the averag e suit or over­ will be slower to accep t its car es unjes' do n e m y t wo bi ts." til she is full y pr epa red. A s a coat el sewhere at $20 W. K. Buker o f Ohio State v isited general t hin g co ll ege wome n ar e O tterb ei n fr ien ds h er e over th e happier .h ome-keepe rs becau se t hey week -end. Fo r the benefit of the stu­ are less ce n ter ed. T h ey also lend den ts w ho were not in sch ool last g r eater cooperation in comm un ity and yea r, we will say that he visited Besse ci,·ic affai r s. W akely. Enrollment is Good. ' "Rats" Moore and H erman Michael President Clippinger wishes to motored to Dayton Friday. The Overland is evidentally running on its make a correction on his recent state­ customary schedule, as they were du e ment re lating to th e decrea e in at­ in \,Vestervill e yesterday and hav e tendance in th e colleges of th e coun­ try. The average decline has b ee n o,·er not, as yet, been h ea rd from. fourteen pe r cent, though many Ohio The departm ent of Child Psychol­ colleges have suffered more t han th at. ogy is invited to attend Mr. Barn­ Otterb in has b ee n comparative ly fo r ­ hart's Y. M. . A. class for boys on tunate, having had a dec rease of on ly Eve rything in Drue;s and Sundrie s, Saturda •. Th y wi ll no doubt dis­ twe lve per cent. in h er tota l attend­ Toilet Articles cover that the laws of human nature an ce. The increas e in th e enrollment appear more complicated in a gym­ of th e Freshman cla s and among th e nasium than they do in a 4000 page women ha bee n effective in making F ilms Developed Free. text book. up largely for the dccrea e in attend­ P rints at L owest Prices and "Bill" Stauffer pent the week-end ance among the upp er classm en. Satisfact ion Gua ranteed. in \Ve tervillc. Mr. tauffer's visit Spectacles, Eye Glasses of all kinds wa divided b etw ee n th e hom e of PASTOR DISCUSSES LUTHER Eyes Examined Free. ( Continued from page one.J Ray Harmelink and th Girls' D ormi­ formation. During the period of his tory. A deserted house is not necessar­ life the g reat leader was led to rise in T he Up-to-Date Pharmacy,44 N.Stat;,,St.,R itter&Utley Proi:• re,·olt aga inst the chu rch through a ily a lonely one as any one of a num ­ clo e tudy of the moral conditions of ber of p eople can t ell you. Saturday evening about twent y fellows and the church-men and the external girls enjoyed a big "feed" at the old character of their religion. T o um up, it may be said that Metzgar hous e, on the reek road . Luther was a man of violent temper, The gentlemen d epartm ent of our impulsive. often harsh, ener getic, y et tudcnt body ha generou ly r espo nd­ consen-ative, of strong conv iction s, ed to a Red Cross Comfort Kit fund . and a lover of simple life. ochran Hall has not b ee n heard The pastor will continue hi ser­ from ye. We look forward to a big mon on the life and character of this r epo rt next week. great man on ::--Jovember 4 and 11 at "Pearlv" Mase has b ee n recently the regu lar evening service. The two 00. elected ; member of th J ou rnal re­ rema ining subject to be treated are porting taff. Masc will cover all '"The chi ef events of th e Reformation" college news. Person eeking no­ and "The mean ing o f the Reformation toriety will do well to cultivate Mr. for modern re ligion." Mase as he branches out into this DRYS PREPARE FOR DRIVE novel Journalistic career. (Co n ti n ued fr o m p a ge one.) Cla es in first aid are soon to be in turn we should show the right tarted and are to be composed most­ ly of stud nts. T h ey wi ll be unde r spirit and buy Libe r ty Bonds. "It the in truction of Dr. Henderson. A ll will not be many months," declared who arc interested sho ul d lose no D r. Moore, "before we wi ll see our time in seein g Professo r L. A. Wein­ ow n boys limping about t he str eets land. T h e time an d place of meet­ beari n g the marks of wa r. Buying ing are to be d ecided wit h in a day or L ibe rty Bonds is a little acr ifice in co n t ra s t to wh at the boys in the army t wo. R. W. SMITH • '12• General Manager W ord wa s r ecei ved by P rof. a n d will m ake." 18 •20 -22 W. Main Street Mrs. E . P . Durrant tha t th eir son Rol­ B oth P hones lin wh o has b ee n stationed at Camp We'd like to know wh y th ere is no \ Vestcrville, O. Mill s, Long Island, sailed vVe dn es­ day October 13, for France. H e Hallo we'e n party this y ea r. I s it too has 'b ee n mad e first corporal musician late to arrange one now? of his compan7.

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