1917 10 08 The Tan and Cardinal

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No. 4.




Joint Com,mittee from Christian As­ sociations and Townspeople Ar­ ranges Course for This Year.

Teams Well Matched and Most of Game is Played in Center of Field.



Program Includes the Roumanian Orchestra, Fletcher, Newens, Pack­ ard and the Musical Guardsmen. Otterb ein is especially interes ted in the Lyceum Co ur se to be offer ed this yea r, inasmu ch a s it is und er th e man­ agement of a joint committee, com­ posed of r eprese n tatives of eac h of th e Christian Associations and t owns­ peop le. H ere tofor e th e secur ing of talent had bee n in th e hands of a committee of W es t ervill e c1t1zens. Lisle Roose This year th e Y. M. C. A. and Y. W . C. A. are behind the proposition and T h e new ly e lec ted Busi n ess Manager. will boost it among the st ud ents. Th e attractions this y ear, five in SENIORS HOLD NOVEL PUSH numb er, in clud e some of th e most popular and expe ri enc ed tal ent o n th e Class of 1918 Has Celebration as a li s t of th e R edpath B ur eau. Th e Result of the Financial Suc­ fir s t numb er is Th e Roumanian Orcess of the Sibvl. t:11r:.su" w,i1t:11 w11, aµµr: a r ·w ·t11 t: ~u·, - I . . . . lege Chap el _Wedn es day eve nrng, E~e,ry S~ n101 who Jump e? o n Long­ Oct. 17. Touring the season with h em y s t1uck Mo nday 111g ht co uld this company is Charles E . Ga lagher, / h ones tly say th at it was th e bes t class til e w1ct ely known A me rican .l:\a~s . i)U:, ', .:r;;;- hi!: ' . Tl:;: ,) ,;_ !1 , . ~ - !1~.. T he oth er mu sica l numb er of the ac teriz ed by a numb er of uniqu e fea­ course wi ll be furni s hed by th e Musi- tur es. cal Guardsm en. This company in The m e mb e rs of th e class of '18, elu des s ix persons, uniform ed and we r e no t afraid to break a way from cleve r ly train ed, who play tro mbon es, th e traditio na l te nd e ncies and go drum s, saxop hones, cornets, piano, wit ho ut dates. Going date less mad e flut e, violins, clarin et, F r en ch horn it poss ible for every o ne to go wi ll­ and accordion . Th ey a lso furnish in g ly an d anxious ly , eve n marr ied s eve ra l voca l numb ers. people cou ld g o w ithout th eir bette r T he co urse provid es for o n e lec tur e, halves. (Con tinu ed on page five.) To add to our rid e wa s an id ea l n ig ht wh ich was ju st coo l e no ug h to make eve r y one ru s h for a place at Red Cross to Give Benefit at Winter Garden. th e bi g o ld- fashioned grate fire u pon Th e campa ign of the local Red a rri v in g at Central College. Whil e Cross to rai se fund s for th e purc has e sit tin g aro un d th e fire, th e Ed iso n and equipment of comfort kit s for played a va ri e ty of selections. B u t t he most impo rt an t feature to th e so ldi ers, enli s te d and con scr ipte d, from W es terv ill e and Otterbein is e ve ry Otte rb ein st ud e nt, th e cats, progressin g in a very sa ti sfactory co uld no t hav e bee n s urpassed. T o ma nn er. To h elp the good wo rk hav e tho ug ht of wei ne rs, a pickle, and a long the soc iety has arrang ed for a a d o ughnut in th e face of a r ea l chick­ benefit moti on pictur e show to be e n dinn e r wo uld have bee n an in co n ­ g ive n at t he W .i nter Gard en Monda y gru ity. Th e tabl e loo ked p1·e tty w it h evening, Octob er 15. T he manage­ it's a utu mnal d eco ration s. In finding m ent is p lanning to prese nt a photo­ the places, eac h pe r so n had to guess play arranged from th e we ll-know n his nicknam e. T h e Ediso n p laye d classic, "T he Vicar of Wake fi eld " •in during th e mea l and afte r wards it which Mr. Fred eri ck Warde is' fea­ was accompanied by its g ues t s. It was a happy crowd whi ch gave tur ed as the leading man. It is also of interes t to kn ow that a la r ge part th eir last Sen ior Rah in front of Coch­ of th e sce n e is la id abo ut th e home ro n Ha ll. All th e good t im e was cer­ o f Frede ri ck H. A ll e n, th e w e ll­ tainly earn ed by every m emb er. Only kn own New Y o rk lawyer whos e tho se who work ed and had a s hare in yo un g son has figu r e d m uch in the putti ng out th e Siby l r ea li zed th e new spapers of late beca use of his dar ­ effo rts expen ded. By virtu e of t h e ing exp loits whi le wit h th e American t oi l, th e occasio n was mad e more e n ­ joyab le than itwo uld hav e bee n ot he r­ Ambulance Co r ps in France. Th e p lan to aid the boys in camp wis e. It was q ui t e fitting that th e by providing in any way possible for Se ni or pus h s ho uld be th e b es t one from every vi ewpoi nt. (Continued on page five.)


Yearlings Have F irst Jollification In Parlors of Association Building. On W ed nesday eve nin g th e Fresh­ m en held their fi r st pus h in th e par­ lors o f th e Assoc iatio n B uilding. T he program w..as opened w'i th a var iety of interes ting games conduct­ ed by th e Soc ial Co mmittee. One of the mos t pleas ing featur es of th e eve ning was a c irc le which was en­ joye d by eve ryon e, Fo ll owing th e ga m es r efr es hm ents we re served, co ns is tin g of weiner and ham sa ndwich es, pickles, cakes and cid er. After th e lun ch th e m ee ting t oo k o n th e form of a banquet, with th e pres id ent, W . H . Va nce act ing as toastmaster . Th e fo llowin g p er­ so ns r espo nd ed wit h toasts: Prof. Fritz, Mr. Wi ll et, Mr. Hitt, and Mr. M,o o r e, Miss E ll swo rth and Miss Billm a n. T he " pu sh" end ed with seve ra l hea rty ch ee rs for the sc hoo l a nd class.

Touchdown Comes in Second Period As Result of Forward Pass from Twenty Yard Line. T he Tan a nd Card in a l t ea111, m et t h e ir seco nd d efeat wh en th ey m et M us kingum la st Saturday at New Co nc o rd. The gam e was repo rted by Musk in g um as one o f th e s nappi es t sa m ples of foot -ball eve r s ta ged o n th e ir ho m e fie ld. The ga'm e was held mo s tly to th e center of th e fi eld. M usk in gum was coac h ed to m ee t Ot­ t e rb ein's lin e plunging and did it ef­ fective ly . M usking u m's forward pass­ es an d end run s w e re of litt le avail. T he tea m s were even ly ma tch ed and p layed a good co nsistent game of CHURCH ENTERTAINS foot-ba ll. M u kingum kicke d and the game Men are Guests of Brotherhood and Ladies Give Reception to b eca m e cl ose fr o m th e sta rt. Both Girl<>.

m:u ch in evid ence d u r in g th e fi rst quart e1·. In th e seco nd quarte r M us­ kingum worked t he ba ll nea r th e goa l 1 1 .. . ::! _:.,::~ u t,)U .!.Jcyr·n !;J ~ for­ ' ward pass from the tw enty yard lin e. T h e attempt t o ki ck goa l was un suc ­ cess ful. Otte rb ein's cha nces of win­ ning were lesse ned by severa l fum ­ b les in th e back fi e ld. T he half en d ­ ed wit h M us kingum on t he t en yard lin e. In th e seco nd half Otterbein kick ed Sm it h was inju r ed in th e first part of the third perio d and the li ne and back (Contin ued on page five .)

Miss Blinn Gives Woman's D ay Address. The Woman's M iss io na ry Assoc ia­ t ion of the chur ch he ld its annual Woman's Day serv ice, Sunday even·­ in g with Mrs. L. A. ·weinland, the president of th e loca l assoc iation, p r e­ siding. T he d evotio ns w er e led by Miss Edi th Ha hn, pre siden t of the Westerv ill e c hap ter o f th e Otterb ein G uil d. After the anthem, " Th ro ug h Peace to L ig ht," Mi ss Vera B li nn gave the address of th e evening. M iss B linn is th e e ditor of the Woman's Evange l, a nd a very enthusiast ic C hri stia n wo rk er. In her ta lk, she to ld of th e nee ds o f th e people in New Mexico, w h er e s he said, th ere are o nl y two mi ss io n schoo ls fo r a di s ta nce of o n e hundr ed and fifty mil es a lo n g the vall ey of the Rio Grande. S he also s p oke of th e sca rcity of mi ssio na ries and teach e r s in Africa, and of th e nee ds of Chin a and the P hilli p in es. Th e Woman's Day offe rin g, which amo unt ed to $90 w ill be divid ed be­ tw ee n the Girl s' Schoo l in the P hil­ li pines a nd th e mi ss ion schools in ew Mexico.

Th o ug h th er e may have been times in t h e past w hen th e r elati ons be­ twee n st ud ents an d towns -peop le were not a~ c:ort:ia , as th ey might have bee n all doubt as to the d isap­ pearance of any such feelin g was swept away last Tu es day eve ni ng at the first 111 etin g of th e U nit ed Breth­ r en Broth er hood h eld at th e U nit ed Bret hr en Church. Approximate ly one hund r ed and twe nty-five m e n of the chur ch and co ll ege m et in t he base­ ment of th e chur ch at seven- thi r ty in an informal social sess io n. The best or t of a spirit of fell ows hip prevai led through out the eve nin g. T he meeti n g wa s in charge o f the p r es id e nt of t he o rga ni zation s, Mr. C. E. Waxbom. Afte r ca llin g u pon Rev. Mr. Fox to lea d in a word of praye r, Mr. Waxbom ga ve th e ope nin g ad ­ dr ess o f w elcome, spea king more es­ pecia ll y to th e you ng m en of the co l­ lege. He said that inasmuc h as th e chi ef th o ught of th e Brotherhood is "to h elp", each one of its members will be fo und ready to do what h e ca n in t h e so lving of th e yo un g man's prob lems. H e concl ud ed hi s speech wit h r e ma rk s on th e work and plan s of the Bro th e rh ood and th e appo int­ m e nt of com mitt ees for t he n ew year. The second speech of th e eve ning was g iven by one of th e most pop u­ lar m en of th e co ll ege, Dr. E . A. J o nes. Dr. Jon es very ably set fort h th e aim and purpose of th e organiza­ tion in th e phase "to h elp each oth er, to he lp th ose o utsid e th e o rganiza­ tio n w ho need h elp, a nd to h elp b uild up the kingdom o f Our Lord and Master in th e eart h." H e laid spe­ cial e mphasis on the frat ernal s ide of th e B r ot herh ood, givin g " helpfu ln ess" (Continued on page fiv e.)

Pag e Two


COCHRAN HALL We f el qu ite p r o ud of ou r a b ility t o m ove quick ly-w h en we h a ve t o. W h en th e fire go ng rang, las t T hu rs­ day eve ni ng a t t en-t hirt y, we cleared t he buildi ng in a m inu te and a ha lf.


J ane t G il be r t, Em il y A rn old, M il­ d red Deitsch, Helen Vance, and Marie Bi llm a n have bee n spend ing a few ' 17. L. B. M ig n ery vi sited h er e a days " back home." coup le o f days las t wee k. Mr. Mig­ a­ Our li tt le Pennsy lvan ia fr iends ar nery ha b ee n t ra v ling fo r th e p robab ly enjoying t he ir loved mou n­ t iona l A n ti-Sa loo n Leagu e in V ir gi nia t a in v iews an d ea t ab le pea nuts now. and G o r gia. His h ea dqu ar t er s a t Dea n McFadde n took t h em to olum­ presen t a r e in A t lan ta, Ga . b us Thu r sday eve ni ng to sta rt t hem '1 7. G. R. Mye r s of tras bu rg a nd A. sa fely h ome . They sa id they m ight vV'ay ne Nea ll y of Ma ri o n, wer e h e be back in a few year s. last week. Leona McMa han of Ga lena, v is ited '1 4 and ' 15. J . R. Schut z and J . C. H elen Cam p be ll F ri lay and Saturd ay. Steine r of Pa ndo ra , s t o pp ed over E e rybody's doing it. What? n ight in vV stervi ll e Friday w h ile o n th eir way to vis it Wa lte r Schu tz, w ho Knitt ing. is in Camp Sherman. Ne ll J o h nson and her siste r, Mabe l paid a short visit t o the ha ll, Thurs­ Ex ' 16. -Rev. J . G. S pea r , pas t o r of d ay ev n ing. They to o k Grace the St. Clai r Avenue . B. churc h in Armentrout home with them for the Columbus is b uildi ng a new ch u r ch . T h e co rn r -s to n e laying w ill occ ur rest of t he wee k . next Su n day. Ka th erin e \!Va rn er w ent to Chilli cothe Friday, t o see her new nephew, '96. F. 0. Cle m nt s has b ee 11 a p­ Ro llin \!Varne r Ka rg. poi nte d by P r es id ent W il so n, a m em ­ ber of a board t o have charge of th e We h ave been look in g for it fo r a building of airop la n es fo r a rm y u se. m on th a nd n ow it has come. Agnes Mr. leme n ts' wo rk ta k es him a ll o ver went h ome over the week-e nd . the United S ta t es and Can ada. M rs. P ife r is v isit ing E vely n a n d '1 1. G. C. M uth er sba ug h is t eac h ing M ar garet fo r a few days. p hys ics in t h e o uth H ig h Sch oo l o f Cha rl o tt e, a nd V ida, a nd K ath erin e E lswo r t h have a ll bee n sm ilin g exces­ sive ly fo r th e las t few days. W e w o nd er why .


-====== =====-==7=======

Cl ve la nd, O hi o .

'98. Mrs. H owa 1·d M. ewto n (A nna Baker), a nd fami ly hav e bee n vis it­ ing h er pa r ent s, M r. and Mrs. W . 0 . Mari e W ago n er was Gr ace . rm en- Bak er. t rout's g ues t at d inne r Thursday '1 3. M rs. G. C. M uth ersba ugh (Ev­ eve nin g . elyn Young) w a s v isitin g her m ot her Saturd ay, A lice H a ll m o tored t o las t wee k. Li ma, w ent fro m th er e t o her ho m e ' 17. C. L. Booth vi s ited h er e las t in Day t o n, an d r eturn ed t o O t te r bein ~und:iy. S und ay evening. '1 7. Et h el M eye r s wa s h er e o ver th e A lice Ress ler ough t n eve r t o b e late wee k-e nd . t o h er classes now. Her sister o unse ll o r o f A kr o n , 0., b rought her a wr ist watch las t wee:,k. '17.....Wm. was in town for a sh o r t ti m e Satur­ Me ry l B lack a n d R uth H oope r, w ith day. Ru ssel Pa lmer and C ha r les Mull en mo tored t o M u skingum to t he game '92. Doc t o r F. M . Po tt en ge r dir ec t o r Saturd ay. of the Pottenger Sani ta rium at Mo nrovia, California was ma rri ed SaturN ICH OL'S HO ME IS SCEN E day , Sept. 15 t o Mrs. Ca ro lin e MarOF PREP P U SH garet Lacy of Pasade na. Doct o r Po t­ tenger is a genero u s and d evo t ed T he Prep s en j o-yed th eir fi r st p u sh fr i n d o f h is Alm a M at er. Fac u lty of t he y ea r at th e ich o l's farm last and stu dents extend to M r. an d Mrs. Monday night. Chapero n ed by P r o­ ottenge r t h eir bes t w is hes fo r a fesso r and Mrs. McC loy, they left th e happy li fe . A ssocia t ion bui ldi n g a t 6:30 p. m. an d d id n o t h es itate to ma k e t he ir id en ­ ' 17. Orne r H . Frank, ex ' 17, and M iss ti ty k nown to people along the way. Lucile G. Blackmore, ' 17, were m a r ­ Af ter p lay ing severa l games o n th e ri ed Sa tu r day, Oc t. 6 n ear Bo ug h ­ law n a nd ge t t in g thei r pict u re take n tonvi ll e, 0 . Among t he A lumni pres­ t hey h ad lu nch in t he h ouse. A few ent were Misses R u t h Max we ll ' 14 s t unts fr om th e talented ones and Erma! oe l, ' l.6; Ma u d O win gs' •14 '. a sp eec h by Professor McCloy, who Ethe l H ill , '1 7 a nd G. R. Mye rs: ' 17 ; is a r eg ul a r "elo cu tionato r." He w a s I-I. D. asse l, ' 17 ; E. R. Tu rne r, '17 foll owed by 't h e preside nt, Ross A . and D. R. Wi lso n , '04. Hi ll, and "A l" E lli ot t. Th ough few The A lum na! E dito r is end eavo r ing in numb er t h e w h ole class had a good to compi le a li st o f all Otterb ein tim e a nd are v ery grate fu l t o M r. and A lumn i in the se rv ice o f th e colors. Mr s. N icho ls fo r t h eir kindness. Yo u wi ll a id h im if yo u se nd him a ny information yo u may ha ve. N ew F a ll S h irt s ? L et us sh o w yo u th e n ew t h in gs 111 fa ll li nes. E . J . Ladies' P h oe nix S ilk Ho se, SSc, 80e, N o rri s.-Adv. $ 1.1 5 a nd $ 1.50. E. J . o rr is.-Adv.

Ath letic A ssociat ion E lects O ffice r s . At t h e meeting of t he Ath let ic As­ socia t ion Thursday noon th e r e po rt of t h e nom in ating commit t ee, rece ntl y appoint ed, was adopted as a w h ole. The report fo ll ows: The comm ittee chose n to nom inate 1111;11 fo r th e Ath le t ic Board prese n ts t h e foll wing names: President-Roscoe Mase. Vice Presi d e nt-Vance Cri b bs. ecrctary-Tom Brow n. Treasurer-Lyle Mic h qe l. Lay M e mber-Lyma n He r t . Lay [ember-Ear l Barn h art. T h e Pre5icle n t, Vice Pres ident, and S ee r tary wi 11 b e the st u dent r e pre­ se ntat ives o f t h e Board of Co n tro l of l:'!tys ica l Ed u cat ion . Signed, C. 0 . A ltman, vV. R. Evans, A. iclda ll , E. L. Do t y, H. H . Meyers.

Dr. Erminr.ie H. Smallwood 133 South State




W h ene v e r yo u ha ve a pu sh o f any k ind r e m e mb e r

M RS .



Can furn is h ea ts.

G. W . H E ND E RS ON, M. D. 0 ffi ce R eside nce tat e and Pl u m 99 S. tate 10 to 11 A. M. 1 to 4 P. M. S u ndays and E v en in gs by Appo intm e nt.

W . M. GA NTZ, D. D . S.

48 N . State St.


D ENT I ST JS \ iVes t Co ll ege Ave. C itz. Pho ne 167

Be ll P h o n e 9

F R UIT S, C A N D IES, NUTS G R O CERIES We w ill appreciat e a c a ll.

G. H . MAYHU GH , M. D . East Co ll e ge Ave.

B ell 59-R

C itizen 122

P h o n es-C iti ze n 26

Bell 84




29 W . Co ll eg e Av e.

4 S . S tate S t .

W es t e rvi lle, 0 .

Shoe S hin e in C onnection

S EE LEY RESTA URANT Formerly The Whit e F ront. G ive U s a T rial. W esterville, 0.

Be ll P hon e 190


Citz . P h o n e 11 0

a Stearns

\ V il! deve lo p yo ur films an d mak e yo ur print s. P rint s g u ara nteed fro m prope rl y ex p osed n e gat ives. Gi ve u s a tria l.


Model Restaurant A Good Place to Eat Regular Dinner 30c W es te r ville, O hio

T a k e y our s ho es to COOPE R fo r fi r s t -class r e pairin g. He h as in­ stall e d a n e w fini s hing la th e. A goo d lin e of_ Strings, R ubb er H ee ls, and Po li sh a lways in s to ck. Wor k Guaranteed .

For Photo Films Cyk o P a per, Cameras a nd Photo Sup p lies go t o


Days' Bakery

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a ble . Tab lets, Box Paper, Toilet Goods, Etc. W es terville, Ohfo


Page Three

Who Won? But that ' is not a ll the men of the tang of the winds that blow over from According to the scorer's figures 166th hav e to thank the Association the ocean and t he Sound morning and we lost another game Saturd ay. But for. Stamps and wrapping-paper, eve ning make one long for the cozy ope n fire back home . Blankets-all Published vVeekly 111 the interest of dare we conside1· only the score when soap and picture post cards, and a that yo u can get your fingers on­ judging the wi1111c1· of any contest? whol e li st of other comforts and Otterbein by the OTTERBEI PUBLISHI G Ccrt!Linly the team ga in ed somethi ng conveniences may be had at cost at are welcome at night, for the tents BOARD, from that game even though the the desk 111 the tent. Then at th e have 110 floors in them. vVcstcrville, Ohio. Two questions these Buckeye la ds world docs say that they lost. Per- other end are a piano and phono­ Member of the Ohio College Press haps one man, on that team, gai ned graph-and these are idle hardly a a Imo t in variab ly ask and conjecture Association. a better cont ro l over him se lf by be- minute. A ll drill. and no play wou ld about are as to when they will leave ing placed in a critical position. It make a dull soldier. So th e Y. M. for France and w he th e r the Y. M. C. Staff Editor .................... Lyle J. Michael, '19 may be that some person lea rn ed to C. A. und ertakes to furnish play. The A. is going a long with them. When Associate Editors-R. J. Harmclink, play the game cleaner and "squarer" free outdoor movies at night show to they were assured that their "Y" than he had done bcfoi·e. Surely record crowds. Sing songs and con­ would go with them, they agreed that '19; ]. C. idda ll, '19. " it would be al l ri ght, then." An in­ Contributing Ed itors-Grace Armen-• every man on the team had several certs arc popular. teresting fact is that the Un ited States thoug ht passages in his brain thor"Say, hav e you heard our band?'" trout, '19 and Helen Bovee, ' 19. o ug hl y ope ned up by his quick think- a late rookie asked. "We ll, believe so ldiers under arms today have come Business Mgr . .... R. Lisle Roose, '18 ing. Is it sa fe for us to say that the me, it's some band! It's from Co­ to expect the Y. M. C. A. to pro-vide Asst. B us. Mgr... Kenneth Arnold, '20 tcam, which comes o ut of a game lumbus, you know, and it used to go quarters fo r its work wherever they Asst. Bus. Mgr. ....... :.. C. L. Smit h, '20 with the smal ler score, is the loser on Cha utauq ua tours in the summer. go. The 166th Ohio is no exception. , Circulation Mgr. .... Vida Wilhelm, '19 when we take some of these other Now it's w it h us- the Fourth Ohio The Y. M. C. A. is part of the army Asst. Cir. Mgr......... H .E. M ichae l, ' 19 things into co nsid eration?· Mil itary Band, they used to call it, I to them. " Why," said one of them, Asst. Cir. Mgr. ........ C. E . follin, ' 19 think. Between it and the Y. M. C. " we cou ldn't get along wit hout the A. sing fests we get a long fine. Th en ssociation. And I guess it i's about Local Editor .. Geo rge H. Francis, '2 1 Our Mistakes. sometimes they comb in e the two, and everywhere. The first time I went to Asst. Local Ed......... Helen Ke ll e r, '20 Yes, we noticed the typograp h ical sometimes t he band plays for the Brook lyn on leave, I ran p lank into A lu mna ! .................. F. M. Bowman, '18 cnors in last week's issue, but not un ­ ·y• movies." an Assoc iatio n there . I guess it' s Exchange .................... R uth Conley, ' 18 Sunday us ually finds some big about the biggest and best 111 the Ath letic ........................ E. L. Doty, '1 8 ti l it was too late to correct t hem. Such things will happen and occasion­ preacher from New York sc hed uled co untry, isn't it? Anyhow, I got in, Address a ll communications to The a lly some one is to blam e. But we fo r an even in g talk in th e "Y" tent. they gave me the g lad- hand and I got Otterb ein Ta n and Cardina l, 20 W. must remembe r th e sentence that Whenever possib le, a man ha s been the on ly hot shower there I've had used to be in our copy books, that, chosen who has come down eas t from since I 've been d o,wn h ere." Main St., Westervil le, Ohio. Subscr iption Price, $1.50 Per Year, "To er r is hu man," and make a ll ow­ Ohio and is therefore known to some So that one question that the sol­ ances wherever possib le. At least of the men at least. Attendance at. diers of the 166th are asking is ans­ payable in advance. give us the benefit of th e doubt. We these services, li ke all r e ligious ac­ wared already. Wherever they go Entered as second class matter Sep­ hate suc h things even worse than tivit ies of the "Y", is entire ly vo lun­ their "Y" will be there to receive tembe r 25, 1917, at the postoffice at yo u do, so don't try to "show us a tary. Sunday mornings the Regi-' them with open house and open he a rt. Weste rvill e, 0., un der act of Marc h 3, good t ime," because a lin e on th e first ment's r eg ular chaplain, Lieutenant These Buckeyes were keenly interest­ 1879. page happ ens to be up-side-down, or John J. Halliday, has th e use of the ed 111 the campa ign for $35,000,000 because some word ts spellt:u wi ll, ,.., lent. that the Nat ional War Work Co uncil Our Part. "o" instead of a n "a". We r eally Practica lly eve ry Ohio college and of the As ociation 1s soon to 1a unct1 How is the war affecting yo u? know better. university is represented in th e 166t h to finance the work in the Army here Have yo u come to the r ealization Regiment-Ohio Wes leyan, Western and ove rseas. Asked if they thought that we as a nation are at war? If Reserve, Case, Ohio State, Hiram, the people back home would do their Y. M. C. A. IN THE LIFE you have, what are yo u doing as your OF THE SOLDIER W.ooste r, and so on through a ll th e share 'to support it, they said " Sure, if part? Those men, w hose names ap­ long list have graduates or "ex" stu­ they knew what it means to us." pear o n our Honor Ro ll, have seen Out on the dusty, wind-swept, gen­ dents in the ranks or among the offi­ That other uppermost que~tion as fit to give up th ei r plans for th e fu­ t ly rolling p lains of Long Is land is a cers. Going to Camp Mills to see the to when the Rainbow Division leaves ture, and enter the active service o f 1obody knows, place that has beco me strange ly 166th is like going to a college r e­ ca nnot be a nswered. their Uncle Sam. Th e ir p lace in the fami liar in hom es in every nook and union. M,a ny of the new recruits are unl ess it be the War Department, and con fli ct will be on the battl e line. corne r of O hi o. Th e War D epart­ yo ungste rs of more recent classes or they of course won't t ell . It may be But a ll of us have not e n te 1·ed that ment has ca ll ed the p la ce Camp lads who le ft off in the middle of their tomorrow, it may be next week, or service; some can not, others may Mi ll s, and th e re with the Rai nb ow co ll ege co ur se to enlist. One of the not unti l next mont h. Whenever it not want to, but there is s ur e ly some Division are encamped the t h ree three dental surgeons with the regi ­ comes, the men of the 166th Ohio w il way in wh ich everyone of us can he lp . thousand odd m e n of the 166t h Ohio, men.t was "all-Ohio" inte rco ll egiate be ready. They we re probably out S ure ly if we assume the duties, at made up of ationa l Guard units baseball pitcher about four years ago. there o n Long Is land d iscussing it hom e, of those who have gone, we from a ll ove r the state. From north- He has been out of denta l chool on ly last ni gh t just as they were on a are do111g a little bit. Then, we may ern, centra l, southern, easte rn and long enoug h to get hi s office equipped night not long ago. Overhead scat­ be app ly ing ourselves to the work at western counties th ey come. Eve r y and himse lf set up in practice when h e tered g rayi sh-wh ite clouds were scud­ hand, more earnest ly than eve r be­ town of any size has its quota. was call cl to th e colors. He is one ding through the clear blu e of the fore, that we may be better able to of the youngest 1st Lieutenants in sky. The men at mess were grouped fi ll th e positions that ca ll for train ed Two of th e most popular places in about th e fi r es back of the cook minds in the so-called peacefu l, p ur- camp are the camp kitch ens at mess­ the Dental Corps in t he service. The rank and file, too, 1s li berally houses, squatting on th e ground, on suits. There are some things that time and the Y. M. C. A. tent between must be ca rri ed on at home, w hil e the times at any time when th e me n are sprinkled with college m e n. Th ey firewood, some o f them standing up boys are away. It may be that we off duty. The Y. M. C. A. te nt that bob up in the twe lve fighting com­ eating their "c how." In the east a ca n do our bit right here. At any se rves these Ohio boys is at the op­ pani es, in the headquarters company, too-ear ly moon, sharp-rimm ed and rate, we can m.ake the best of our op- posite end of the company streets the supply company and in the sa ni­ huge, was just cl imbing over the dull portunity as it presents itse lf to us, from th e cookhouses. It 1s a large ta1·y company. Some of th e m are tent-peaks on the rise of g round, and not settle in to a spirit of "Let the affair, possibly 40x80, and wi ll accom­ old grads, some of them are new. while out toward the wes t and home ot her fel low do it", until we feel the modate three or four hundr ed men at "The Rainbow Revei ll e," known as the setting sun had colo r ed the whole rea l pinch of the war. There is some- a tim e. Probably much of t h e story the official organ of the 166t h regi­ ho-ri zon with th ose g lorious tints, thing for eac h one to do, either.h ere of what the Y. M . .C. A. is doing for ment, is ed ited by a recently gradu­ orange and r ed, that on ly the sun can or coming, and we sho uld be ready to the men in arms has been to ld in ated editor of the college paper 111 paint. It was toward the sunset these do that part when we r ecogn ize it. those thou sands of letters that have an Ohio u niversi ty. And it is a live so ns of Ohio we r e look ing. Any one gone back to the hom efo lks in O hi o, paper too, containing a grist of out­ of them could tell you t hen why he The fa lling of th e leave$ and the a large majority of the le tt ers on side news as well as the latest infor­ wan ted to know when they were to touch of the frost in the ea rly morn- Y. M. C. A. lette r paper furnished by mation about the camp. The youth­ sail for France. It wasn't just id le ing rem ind us that autumn is here. the Nationa l War Work Counci l of ful edito r is a private in the hospital curiosity. "I want to ge t o-v er there and see this thing through with and The joys and gayetics of the summer/ the Association. Certain ly this ser­ corps. It's bee n co ld o ut Camp Mi lls the n get back hom e !" was the way wi ll soon be over and we wi ll settle vice is much appreciated, fo r in one down to the quiet enjoyment of lo ng week recently more than 26,000 le t­ 'way-t he cold of an ea rly fa ll. In the one hu sky private summed it a ll up. winter evenings. May th e seaso n te rs were written and mail ed in the midd le of the day the sun shines lational \V'ar Work Co un ci l warm and inviting, but the ch ill sa lty Y. M. C. A.'s of the U nited States. prove profitable. 166th's Y. M. C. A. t en t alone. THE OTTERBEIN




:r Ju--


Y. M. C. A.


Members and fri ends of th e local Y. M. . A. were th e r ecipi nts of a rare t rea t when Mr. Dave Warn er of Co lumbu s d el iver ed th e address of the eve ning. Aside from being an exce l­ lent spea ker he is also a good so loist. Th is was conclusively proven wh e n after a short pray er by th e Rev. E. E . Burtner, Mr. Warn er r end er ed, "Christ is All." The s ubj ect chosen by Mr. Warn er was "D oing Thing ." A s an intro­ du ction he r e lated so me of his experi­ ences as a po lic man in th e city of Buffalo. As a po liceman he kept th e faith and came out as he ente red. He drew th e anal ogy th a t if you hav e a re so lute sp irit you will win. Through­ out his enti re a ddr ess he scattered many hor t, snappy, and appropriate poems, as we ll as several helpful scripture r efe rences. H e closed his address with an exce ll ent reading. During th e bu s in ess session J. R. Love was elec ted tr eas ur er of th e a sociation.



Y. W.C.A.

"Good, bette r, bes t, Never let it r es t, l ntil your good is be tter, And yo ur bett er, bes t." This was th e motto adopted by the g irls at Y . W. C. A. Tue sday night. The subject, "The Qu es t fo r the B es t" wa s di sc ussed in a a mos t inter est in g way by th e leade r, Audr ey e lso n. She broug ht o ut clea rly th e fa ct th at the bes t should be our id ea l eve n though the id eal is so se ldom attained . The good is th e wors t enemy o f th e best-too ofte n we ar e sati sfi cl wit h mediocre accomp li shm ents when w e mi g ht hav e done so mu ch bett e r. Those who ar e enli sted in th e qu est fo r the bes t ha ve a d efinit e aim and purpose in li fe . They arc not la zy nor drudges, neither are th ey in s uch a hurry a ll the t im e that th ey hav e no time to b e of service to others. So m e peop le arc o business like that th ey neve r see opport uniti es for h e lp­ ing humanity, and thus mi ss li fe's great purpose. If w e are at o ur bes t , we have hri st's sp irit within us. Un­ CLEIORHETEA HAS INSTAL­ kind acts, j ea lo usy, selfishness and LATION OPEN SESSI ON sp ite will keep us from attaining our lcior hctca's ope n session Th urs­ id ea l and will kee p our liv es narrow day evening was ve ry la1·gc ly atte nd ed and un sy mpath etic. and es pec ially enjoyed beca use of th e exce ll ence and timeliness of the COMFORT KITS ASSURED numb ers on th e program. Several problems of curr ent a nd national in- Executive Committee of Red Cross ter es t w er e a bly discu sse d and much Sanctions Project a nd Work st arts at Once interest was show n in ach oration. The musical numb ers added p lea sing The buying a nd equipp ing of c m vari ety. The program was as fol- fo rt kits for \i\f ester\'i ll e and Otter­ lows: bcin so ldier boys was sa ncti oned by Piano Solo-The ig htingalc .. Liszt th e executive committee of the Red Hele n Vance Cross Society at a m ee ting Tu esday Chap lain' s Address-Ideals afternoo n. A liSt of app rox imately sixty Mary Siddall men ha s been prepared, a ll of whom Vocal o lo-Onc Fleeting Hour . L ee a re e li g ible to rece ive a kit. Co nE li zabet h H end erso n tribution pap ers wi ll be p lac ed in Critic's Critique-Life, Art and cir culati o n within a short t ime. B. Indus try . Marie Barnhart B. \ ,\T il son was e lec ted to succeed P res id en t's Valedictory-T he P rid e of Rev. E. D. Pagnard as a member of O ur Co untry A lice Ress ler th e execut i,·e committee, and Clifford Vio lin Solo-Kamenoi Ostraw Moss, Miss Cora Mc Fa dden and Mis s Rub nst ein E th e l Hoffman wer e a lso added to th e comm ittee. Mi s Mc Fa dden relVIary Griffit h presents th e ·o llege auxi liary and Presid ent' s Ina ug ural- Tru e Worth 1iss Hoff man the J unior auxil iary. Iva McMackin Unusua l ent hu s iasm has been :M us ic- Fairyla nd \ i\Taltz G. A. Veazie, Jr. show n ove r the project of buyin g kits for the local so ldiers. Mr. Sher­ Glee Club lock, new manager of th e Winter Gar­ M usic-Cleiorh etea As an encore th e gl ee club sang th e den, has offered to g iv e a benefit show "Star-Span g led Banner," when Clei­ for th e Soc ie ty and the prop os iti o n o rh et a' s new flag was unfurled. At was accep ted, but the Juni or and th e clo se Miss Hanawalt d edicated Co ll ege auxiliari es will take charge of th e flag with very appr op riate re­ it. olumbus dea le r has o ffered kits marks in th e fo rm o f a eulogy to th e part women are playing in war and to the Soc iety at a co ns iderab le re­ also tou chin g up on the pride we all duc tion and the se wi ll be bou g ht soon. have in those who ha ve gone from Th n th e work of equipping th em will Otterb in to he lp defend the ho nor of start. The Soc iety suggests that o ur flag and maintain the prestige it pa r ents cooperate with th em in fi lli ng th e kits. lt wa thought that in thi s has always had amon g all nations. way a rti cles that were need ed could F rancis Recob, lark \,Veavcr, bet te r be se lec ted and the kits cou ld F ra nk Bowe r, A lfr ed Elliott, A. \ i\T. be made up to fit the indi\'idua l n e ds. 'call y, Delm ar Andru , Lloy d Schott, T he Faculty lu b, whi ch r ece nt ly and Cla ir Wilkins left Co lumbu s Sun­ decided to d evote a ll its time to knit­ da y mo rnin g at 7 o'clock, for Ca mp ting, has a gree d to knit wa sh cloth Sherman . This is the larges t num ber fo r the kits. O ther clubs ha ve sign ifi­ of Westerville and Otterbein boys to ed their intentions of d o ing their be taken at one time. "bit."

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WEATHER DO ES NOT STOP PLANS FOR JUNIOR PUSH T he Juni ors didn't let a li ttle thin g like a heavy down -po ur o f rain pre­ vent th e m fr o m having a g r ea t big push Wednesday night as they had pl:tn n cd. In fact, th e on ly r ea l change was in locatio n, which was tran fcr r ed from "som where in the w oods" t o th e gy m . As soo n as eve ryb ody got th e r e, a tra ck m ee t wa s pu ll e d off. This con­ sisted of t e n unu s ual and excitin g events in w hi c h v e ry nc t oo k part. Only the winn ers in th e first nin e eve n ts we r e pe1·mitted to participate B efore and after taking to our repair in th e tenth which d e t ermin ed th e department. champio n o f th e eve ning. Thi s for­ t un ate person was Lois Bike lkaupt who received as a pri ze a ve ry nifty 6 S. S tate St. Westerville, 0. little horse o n whe e ls. The ea ts came n ex t, a nd say, th ey we1·c some cats, too. Th e mann e r of serv ing was quit e u n iqu e. Every­ R. J. HARMELINK thing was placed in a row and every­ Laundry, Dry Cleaning and body walked up and took away a ll they cou ld ca1-ry. nd e r ordinary c ir­ Pressing. cum s tan ces it wo uld hav e mad e at Headquarte rs at Norris'. leas t t e n co ur ses. A s an appropr iat e e nding to s uch a mea l, th e gir ls of Cochran Hall pre­ se nt ed a pantom im e ca ll ed "Such is the Life o f a Cochran Hall Stoma ch." Tt wa very rea listic as any of the girls wi ll testify. Th en th e rna1-ried Choice Cut Flowe rs and Corsage men (and th er e ar e ve ry few of any Bouquets . o th e r kind) gave an orig inal ex hibi­ tion of cleverness, afte r which Pro­ fesso r "Rossy" told what a good time Mrs. Ro se lo t and he h ad had as S. State S t. Citizen 345 cha pcr ns. few rou s ing ye ll s clo s­ ed th e eve nin g's jo llifi cation.

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Sam Small And Car toonist Coming Sam Sma ll , the noted evangelist and lecturer, will speak in Westen·ill e Sun­ day evening, October 21, at a union meeting to be h eld in the First United Brethren ch ur ch, was th e announce­ ment made by th e B lendon T ow n hip Dry Federation at a m eetin g \ i\Tednes­ day eve nin g . nothe r good attraction w hi ch the Fe dera ti o n has sche dul e d is F r ank S. Reagan, Chi cago cha lk talk man, who will speak in Wester­ ville \ i\Tednesday evenin g, Octob er 2-L Com e to E. -A dv.


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Page Five


T im er s-A rnold and Booth. Lin esman-Po ll ock. ( Continued from page o n e.) Time of quarters- JO minut es. as the k ey wo rd of its activiti es. In S ubstitutions-Smith for Meyers, t he ca rry in g o u t of this th ought th e r e arc many thin gs of a practi ca l nature Hitt for Evans, Eva n s for Smith, wh ich t h e Brotherhood may u nder­ Sch u tz for M ill er, F unk fo r Schutz. M uskingum-Coshard for Gibson, take. P rofessor \ i\Tago n er in his us ual G ri e r fo r Johnson, McCa lvane for li ve ly manner addr essed th e m ee ting Cain. spea kin g from his pos iti on as a com­ mittee chairman. He very strongly LECTURE COURSE IS ANNOUNCED ur ged the attendance of al l church se rvi ces, makin g specia l m enti o n of (Co ntinued o n p age iour.) the S unday sc hoo l. t ha t by Thomas Brooks Fletch er who The physical wants of t:,c compa ny is by no means a stra n ger to citizens we re tak en ca re of by th e socia l com­ of W cstervi ll c. M r. F letch er has m ittee un de r th e d ir ection of Mr. W. been ch a racte ri zed as "a black-eyed, A. K li ne. T h e re fr es hm en t s co n sis t­ black hair ed lit t le gia nt of the p lat­ ed of sa ndwich es, coffee, and pump­ fo rm , w ho hurl s eloq u en ce, facts, kin pie. It ne ed hard ly b e said that h um.o r and sati r e at an aud ience with t he enti re affai r was a s uccess. Th e th e rapid ity of a modern rapid fire me eting was on e of a se ri es w hi ch if rifl e-a nd ju st as effective ly." H e held at r egul ar inte rva ls would do ha s to ur ed practically every great much toward th e strength ening of th e chauta uqua circ uit in the co un try. ties binding th e chu rch to th e coll ege. The wo rd "mono log ue" always s ug­ Fo ll owi n g out th e idea of rece ption gests A drian M . ewe n s. M r. New­ given by the m en of the Brotherh ood e ns' fame and ab il ity in this art is Monday ni g ht, the ladies of th e we ll known throughout the co untry, chur ch entertain ed th e yo un g wom en his "Message from Mars" hav ing of th e Co ll ege in t h e chur ch Friday bee n given b efore hundr eds of aud i­ evening. T h ere was not a dull m om­ e nc es that we r e mo1· e t ha n pleased ent from th e time th e g u ests wit h his work. He a lso h as an­ stepped in side th e do o r s of the chu rch oth e r monologue ''To Him That pa rl o rs , until th ey sa id good- ni g ht to Hat h" which is proving qui te po pu­ the hostesses at t en o'clock. After lar among Lyceum audienc es. a li ve ly ga me, there was an ind oo r A r ea l t reat is assured in the ap­ track-meet. The g ue sts were di vided p ea ran ce of Al ton I ackard, cartoon ist into opposing team s-" The Odds" and musician . Mr. Packa rd appeare d versus, "Th e Qu ee rs." Among th e befo r e th e Rotary Club of o lu mb us events were Stapd ing Broad Grin, last winte r, receiving mention in Hobb le-Gobb le Race, Mi le Run, Po le "Bi ll y" Ireland 's "Passing S how," in Va ult, Hund re d Yard Das h. The th e Dispatch of th e fo ll ow in g S un ­ Queers won with a sco r e of 26 to 18. day. Mr. Packard's progrnm wi ll Few footba ll games have had more consist of sk e tches and d rawi ngs, ent hus ia stic rootin g than was show n origina l stories and songs which are during the co ntest, less hilari o us, but s ur e to ke ep th e a udi ence "goin g" full y as enjoyable we re th e voca l solo from beginning to e nd. by Miss E lla Barnes and the readin g T hi s is one of the stro ngest co u rs es by Miss He len Ke ll er. A nd last but eve r offered the stud ents of Otterbein far from the least were the clelicio·.1s and th e p eo ple of Wes t ervill e. Eve ry "eats" consistin g of sa nd w iches, salad one s hould take adva n tage of this op­ and cocoa. The gi rl s surely ap­ po rtuni ty to h ea r some of the b es t preciate th e interes t w hi ch the ladi es e nte1·tain ers on th e American plat­ of th e ch ur ch h ave sh ow n. and w ish fo rm a nd at th e same time support to thank th em for a t h oro u ghly en ­ the local Assoc iations. T h e sa le o f joyable even ing. scats for th e seaso n wi ll b e h eld at Hoffman's Drug tore Fr iday, Oct. OTTERBEIN LOSES 12 at 12 :30.


TO MUSKINGUM (Contin•icd from page o n e.) fie ld were shift ed._ Nei th e r side mad e any large ga in s. In the fo ur t h qu arte r both teams h eld fo r downs, b ut n eit h ­ er co uld gai n th ro ug h the ot h er lin e. All att empted encl runs fail ed. Otter­ bein effectively blocked a ll of Mus­ kingum's forwa rd passes. Otterbein played a consistent lin e game, at­ tempting forward pass but o nce dur­ ing th e e n ti re game. Mullkingum (6) Otterbein (O) L. E. McDonald Peden L. T. Price Higlemire R . G. J ohnson Hert L. G. Gillogly M ill er C. Gibson Mase R. T . King Eva ns R. E. Gib so n Brown Q. Bo th we ll Hayes L. H. Cain Meyers R. H. John son Ba rnhart F. Frost F rancis Ump ire and Referee-McDonald .

Red Cross to Give Benefit at Wint er Garden. (Co n tinued from page one.) th eir comfort is s ur ely a laudable one and deserving of th e suppor t of eve ry citize n of Westervi ll e and the who le stude nt body of Otterbein. Next Monday night is your chance to "do yo ur bit" for th e boys. Nex t Saturday the st ud e nts and fri end s of Otterbein wi ll have t h e op­ portunity of seeing the fi r st hom e game of the season. Kenyon is an old and bitter riva l of Otterb ein . W e defeated Kenyo n last yea r for the first time in a number of years. Ken­ yo n w ill come h ere n ex t Saturd ay for blood. Its bound to . be a great game. Otterbein's chanc es of win­ ning wi ll in cr ease in direct proportion to the number of rooters on the side lin es.

WHY NOT MORE LIKE THIS? October 2, 1917. Otterbei n Tan and Cardinal, Westerv ill e, Ohio. · Circu lation Manager : I am enclosing check to yo ur order for $ 1. 50 to pay a year's sub­ scription to Tan and Cardinal. P lease be kind enou g h to start my subscription w it h Vo l. I, No. I so I may hav e a comp lete fi le. I co n gratu lat~ you and t h e co ll ege on th is step, having one weekly co ll ege pape r and I am su re it wi ll b e much welcomed by all th e A lu mni as a move in th e right dir ec tion. I hav e seen a samp le copy of the publi ca tion and it strikes me as t he "Rea l Thing." Very tru ly, J ohn A. Shoemaker, '94.

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Page Six

LOCALS. The U nited States Has Declared War On Germany. (Therefore will the gents who are not ou t fo r footba ll kindly h elp th e Cochran Hall Knit­ tin g Association.' Gladys Lake, Lyle Michael, Aud­ r ey Nelson, Harry Cook, Mrs. R. O . Cook, and Ethel Hill attend ed th e wedding of Miss Lucille B lack­ more and Mr. 0. H. Frank which oc­ cured at Boughtonville, Ohio, Satur­ day at high noon. Mi ss Lake was maid of honor, Mr. Michael best man, and Miss Hill o oe o,f the brides-maids. Come to E. J. for your hats and gloves.-Adv. "Bill" Evans is getting rather ab­ sent minded lately. He fo r got to take his football shoes and head-gear to the ga me Saturday.. L . H. Higlemire has been as signed a charge near Marion, Ohio. Higel­ mire h eld his fi rst se rvices there yes­ terday, and has returned ve ry much please d with th e church and pros­ pets for the year. Miss-(w ith a s igh ) "O h dea r." Prof. S-Were you speaking?" E. R. Turner was in Westerville a few hours Thursday evening. Herman Michael, Bob Kline, "Bill" Vance and Earl Barnhart moto red ( ?) to D~yton Sunday. Michael's ma­ chine although new and tend erl y cared' for, is not ve ry serviceable the t rip taking some nine hours. The party was not di scouraged h owe ver and attempted an immediate return, planning to come back in less than two hours. They were last heard of several miles this side of Dayton, and are expected in Westerville on some late t rain this eve ning.

ACHIEVEMENT 'T wenty-five ·years ·ago· the Generai Electric. Co~pany was _found ed.,

·it ·has ·set _free -:ihe-spi.iit of research.

lt ks- given- tangible form· to- inven,

Since then, electricity has sent-its thrill. through . the whole structure. o( .life.

tion, in appa:ratus of _infinite precision and gigantic power.'

Eager to turn wheels, to lift and carry;, to banish dark, to gather heat, to hurl, ·voices and thoughts across space; _to, give the world new tools for its work - eledricity has bent to · man's y,,ill.1

.And it has gone fortti,co-operating with ·every industry, to command this unseen force and fetch it far to serve all people. ·

'By the ·achi.evements which this com, ·pany has already recorded may best Throughout ·this · period the , General· be judged the greater ends its future Electric Com pany has held .the great', sh;i,ll attain, the deeper mysteries it respo nsibilit ies_ and_ high, id_eals. _o( yet shall solve in electrifying more 1.and more. of the world's work. leaderslup.

Ma ry Tinstman was happily sur­ pri sed Saturday by a v isit from her father, m o,ther, and small brother. The fo ur of th em went to Gahanna Saturday afternoon, returnin g Sunday e ve nin g. Prof. c. o. Altman purchased th e Babbillt property on East College av­ enue last week and will move th er e soon. Ruth Fries and her mo th er spent Sunday was Rally Day for th e Wanted-An elevator to first flo o,r church. All the services were well the week-end in Canal Winchester. in Cochran Hall. F reshman boy. attended. Second Lieutenant, John H endrix, Lots of people are li vin g to eat, "Dutch" Meyers came back to see of Chillicothe r eceived a soldier's wel­ not eating to live. A great majority come from Miss Leona Paul, Satur­ of the American people do not know us for a few days. He said he fe lt day night. Mr. Hendrix visited ov er when they have had enough. This is ra ther blue about the fi r st of Septem­ not the case with Doctor Sherrick, ber, when he re alized that Otterbein S un day. Rev. and Mrs. I. E . Truxall left Fri­ howeve r, she is confronted with an wou ld have to get along without him this year. day morning for Braddock, pa., where unusual and entirely different prob­ lem. With her the question is not, they will spend severa l months with a L et us measure you for you r winter son. The Truxalls have been staying when to stop, but, how? One morn­ overcoat. E. J . Norris. with their daughter and her h usband, in g last week, Doctor Sherrick fi nish­ ed a hurried breakfast , in the Wh ite A. C. Siddall spent the week-end Rev. and Mrs. E. E . B urtner. Front res taurant, with a coffee cup at his home in Dayt o n. Warr en Moore went to his home in one hand and a newspaper in the Varsity "0 " Holds First Meeting. in Canal Winchester o ver the weekother. The usua l problem of "How On e of th e most noticeable things end. shall I quit," confronted he r and on when students returned to school this Prof.-"Describe the manners and th is particular o ccasion Doctor Sher­ year was the lack of Cardinal sweat ers rick settled it by laying down the customs of the peop le of India." with Tan letters upon them. There Freshie-"They aint got no man­ paper and walking out with the empty are three football , two basket ball ners and they don' t wear custum's" coffee cup. We do not question her two track, one base ball. and o-n~ judgment, a waiter, however did. Avery Brunner of Canton is visiting tennis, letter m en in school this year. Let's get Kenyon. y i~_}Y ilhe lm. _ _ These nin e m en m et last week and 1


reorganized the association known as th e Varsity "0". Amo no- the busi. ness items acted up on, the o ne w hich is of all importance to the student body was the naming of the date for the fall ho me-coming. This date is ovem ber 3, upon which day the Tan and Cardinal g ridd ers are to meet the Heidelberg warriors on th e local field. The Varsity "O" asked that the student s indi vidually aid in making this a g reat day. Personal letters t o your fri en ds will h elp immensely in ge ttin g the o ld "grads" back to make this the greatest home-coming in the histo ry of the college. "B oost the home-coming'' was the motto adopted by the association of heros. Officers for th e ensuing year were named as fo llows: President-Will­ iam R. E vans, Vice Pre sident- Earl L. Barnhart, Secy.-Treas.-J ames R­ Love. Let's get Kenyon. ~

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