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Y. M. C. A. Secr etary Tells of Asso­ ciation's Work in Anny Camps. Th e work of th e Y. M . C. A. among the so ld iers of the belli gerent count­ ries was explained by Mr. E . C. W o r­ man , Y. M. C. A. secretary in India, in an interesting talk at the U nited Brethr en church las t ni g ht. Mr. Worman introduced his subj ect with a short exp lanati o n of what the Y. M. -C. A. has meant to th e Indian soldi ers , who are so bo und by their ru le of caste. In Mesopotamia and es pecia lly in Egypt, wh e re temptations are so great and so difficul t to resist, the Y. M. C. A. has bee n of g reat help in solvin g the problem of di scipline by the pro \·ision of g am es, readin g and writin g ma te r ials, and other inte res t s, with whi ch the m en becom e occupi ed. It is in th e ho spita ls and pri so n camps that the Y. M . C. A. r end er s especia lly va lua ble s er vi ce. In thes e prison camps wh er e th e endl ess m o no to ny is a wor se m ena ce than bu llet s; th e m en o fte n go m a d throu g h th e la ck of som ething to do . This pitiabl e co nd it io n has b ee n be ttered gr ea t ly sin ce th e es tabli shm e1\t of the Y . M . C. A., wh er e th e m en may co m e to read, w ri te o r a muse th emselves with games. Tt frequ e ntly ha ppen s th a t in th ese cam,,s there a re p r o~~s~.r:5 a,n~- _m~sici,a ns. ;-' h.;?~u~~1__;J~e Lt. VI.'-.)


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VOL. I .

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OUR HONOR ROLL E . H . Barnhart, Camp Hancock, Augusta, Ga. W. G. B eck, 18th Field Artillery, Ft. B liss, T exas. E arl Bro bs t, quart ermas t er d epartm ent. Addr ess ? B. J . Carlso n, E ng in eer's Cor ps, Ft. Th o mas, K y . R . R. Durrant, H eadquarters Compa n y, Q. M . D ., Ft. Croo k , N eb . H . H. Geiger, M o t o r T ruck Compan y, 121 I. M . D ., F t. Cro o k, N eb. R ussell Gilb er t , H eadq uart ers Co m pan y, 166th . S. I., M in eo la, L. I. Her bert vV. Hall , 2nd O h io Fi eld H ospita l, Cam p Sheridan , Mo ntgo m ­ er y, A la. J . J . M un dhe nk, 2n d Li eut. Q. M. D .. Camp Sh erman, Chilli coth e. 0. H e rb ert L. M eye r s, Bat te r y D, 23rd Ca;:,aig F ._~·•. Fto ? g I_e :h.~r pr, ~f- _.



ians hav e o rganized o r chest ra s an d the professor~ hav e classe s "".h ere al m os t an y subj ect can be s tud1 e<l . Th e exp la nat io n of th e Y. M. C. A. a mo ng o ur own so ldi ers was especia lly inte resting. Foreseein g th e grrat need, t he Y. M. C. A. m ob ili ze d i ts for ces even befor e th e na t io na l a rmy w as mo bl ized, an d in the ca n to n ments w hich a re bein g estab li s hed in the Un ited States the Y . M. C. . h e_ad· quarter s a rc th e fi r st to be bll!lt . Th ere is but on e Y. M . C. A. for every WOO me n a nd ten th o usa nd do lla rs will equ ip o ne for a year. Th e equip me nt incl ud es a v ict ro la piano, lan te rn slides, m agaz in es, wr iting ma teria ls a nd a p lace in w hi ch to r est and be sociable. Th ere a rc two h un dre d of thes e Y. M . C. A. camps in t he U n ited S tates a nd th e ser vice t hat they r e nd er· canno t be es tim a ted in do ll a r s a nd cents.

PHILALETH EA ENTERTAI N S TH NEW GIRLS E ---Friday evenin g, at th e bea u tiful ho m e o f Mrs. A. G. Cro use o n Co l­ lege ave nu e, th e m em ber s o f P h ila­ lcth ca e n te rtain ed· all of th e new gi r ls in co ll ege. Th e Cro use ho m e was a bla ze w it h brilliant lights a nd the eighty y o ung wo men in lig ht- co lored eve ning fr ocks presented an unu sua l scene. The decorati o n was a ·profusio n of r ose and w hite a s t ors and co s mos. On entering ea ch g irl wa s prese nted with an o dd s ha ped r ose-colo r ed card, and told to find h er partn er by mat ch­ ing h er card. It was so arranged that each m emb er's pi ece o f ca rd wo uld fit that of a n ew girl. Wh en matched, they w ere found to be ver ses or jingles cleverl y written in white ink, and appropriate ones ; su ch a s Rah I Rah! for Otterbein-O . U. will sh ine tonig h t, etc. After a social ho u r, a voca l quar­ ( Contin ued on pa ge two.)

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Batt e ry C., Ft. B li . , Texas. G. 0 . Rea m , S up ply Co mpan y, 324th R egi m en t Cam p S herma n Ch illicot hc, 0. ' . ' R. vV. Schear 2nd O hi o F ield Hospita!, amp Si1cridan Montgomery Ala. ' Vv. A. Snorf, 2nd O hi o F ield Hos­ pita !, Camp Sh e,·idan Moatgomery Ala. ' ' F. L. Sch w ec h eimcr, Supp ly Com­ pany, 324th R egiment, Camp Sher­ man, Ch ill icot h e, 0. Walter Schutz Co . F., 329th Inf., C!lmp Scr man, Ch ill icothe, 0. H. R. Stead, F irst E Hospita !, Ft. Og let ho r pe, Ga. E. C. Van Mason, 22nd Company 1st Regiment, Ma r ine Barracks Philadclp hia , Pa. ' W. M . I-I. W h etze l, Supp ly Com­ pany 324t h Reg iment, Camp Sh erman Ch ill icoth e, 0. ' The above is a pa r t ial list of Ottcrbein me n who have taken up act ive service und er the colors. If any reade1· knows of any that hav e been omi tt ed, pl ea se se nd their nam es and addresses to editor. The Tan and a r dina l 1, ishcs to keep in touch w ith all Otterbein men in camps and at th e front.

Prexy Talks in Chapel. Pres id en t Cli pp in ger in · occ upyi n g th e cha pe l per iod Mo nday morning, im p r essed upo n th e st ud ent bo dy, som,ethin g o f th e se ri o usness of t he wa r condi ti on . H e said t ha t t he rura l dist r ict s as a r ul e had not awa k­ e ned to th e fac t that ·we a re at war and that mos t o f us do no t r ea li ze ho w se ri o us th e war is, un t il it st rik es us perso nall y. H e al so s poke of the o ppo rtunit y that was o pe n to th ose wh o co uld no t g o to th e fr o nt, to aid in pea ce ful pursuits. In closin g th e P r esid e nt comm end ed th e m e m be r s o f th e prese nt s tud ent body for fo llowing out the ir orig inal purpos e by r eturning to col) cg e this fall wh en so many ar e staymg at hom e.

W edn esda y eve ning th e fir st cl ass pus h of th e s eas o n was enjoy ed by th e class of 1920. W e le ft Coc hran Hall sho rtl y afte r six o'cloc k and we nt at o nc e to th e o ld fair g ro u nds east o f th e city. By th e tim e w e arriv ed th e r e w e w e r e so m e thirty stro ng al­ thou g h a fe w o f th e thirty w er e rath e r w eak from carry in g th e eats. A hu ge bo nfir e was s tart ed at once and by its lig ht the fun co mm enced. Eve ry on e to o k pa rt in th e g am es and g en eral g o od tim e. Thi s s erv ed to wh et up an a pp etite fo r th e ea ts which fo llowed. W e roa s ted marsh­ m a llows a nd w ein ers. Othe r th ings o n th e bill o f far e w er e sandwi ches and pickl es ,cid er and pumpkin pie. A ft e r w e at e we ye ll ed. Th e old fair ground s fairly rocked with th e class and co ll ege ye ll s w e g av e. Th en w e left a nd th e pus h was e nd ed. P rof. and Mrs . L. A. W ein land, as usual prov ed very pop ular chap erons.

PH ILO MATHEA H OLDS AN NUAL STAG SE SSION La st Friday evenin g wa s th e ti me se t fo r th e a n n ua l stag sessio n of Ph il oma th ea. T he r egular sess ion fo r th e eve nin g too k t he fo r m of a n extemporaneous sessio n and ever y number o n th e p rogra m w as we ll gi\·e n. t the close o f thi s r eg ul ar s~ss ion, ,men:1be,rs _and_g_ues ts .gath ered '-•IV




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while refreshments we re erved. The c onsis tcd of po tat o salad, ham sandwiches, hot cocoa, ice cream a nd cakes. l n car r ying out t h is pa~t of the prog ram the co mmittee in charge '·ga e full proof of th eir calling," a s those pre cnt, Professor Ro sse lot among the rest, will test ify. P hilomathea a nd her g uests were called to order in in for mal sessio n b y comm ittee chairman, L M. Vvard, w ho introduced ,as toastmaster \fo r the e,·enin g, Profess or A. P. Ro sse lot. From the t ime Professor Rosselot took th e chair unt il the close of t he last speech there was one continuous round of w it and humor mingled w ith sound adv ice and counsel. H.. E . K lin e, jr., of the class of '18, gave the open in g a dd ress of we lcome which was responded to by Dr. Chas. E. Snavely . Then I. M. Ward fav­ ored the company w ith a solo. which in e\·ery way served to ho ld his rep u­ tation aronnd Otterbein as a so loist. The toastm2.ster then called upon Professo r L. A. Wein la nd, T. H . Bradrick, D r. J oh n H. F ra ncis, and Dr. E. A. J ones. These gentlemen with the exceptio n of Dr. J o nes, who ho weve r wishes to be classe d with the r est, are a lt grad uates of Ph il o mathea and remai n as loya l to h er to d ay a s when they we r e active m e m bers . Among th e thin gs m en ti oned. in the speeches w a s th e fact th at though the number o f. m en in school is small t hi s yea r, t his ve ry fa ct g ives th ose who arc hc1·e greater opportun it ics t han ever fo r d evelop m ent. T hey ca n make o r break the cause wo rki ng for good in Oterbein. From every speaker came th e bes t w is hes for a reco r d yea r fo r th e Society.


H ow man y are g o ing to Granvi ll e Satu rdav? L et' s hav e a crowd of roo t ers o n th e s id e lin es ! P ep o n th e s ide lin es m ean s m o re pep in th e t eam. P ep ge ts touch-downs. A good cro wd of Otterb einites may m ean th e n ece ssary to uch-down.


Gorton Urges Conscription To Supply Football Material.

Th e old " Otterb ein Spirit" w a s greatly in evide nce last T hursda y eve nin g wh en th e stud ent bod y and fa culty o f th e coll ege cam e back st ro ng with a rousin g foo t -ba ll ra lly . At about seven-thirty th e band b e­ gan to p lay in fr o nt of th e co ll ege and soo n th e entir e stud e nt bo dy ha d co l­ lec ted. Th e old tim e sna ke-da nce was giv en with rou sing y e lls o n th e s tr ee t co rn ers. T he cro w d th e n co ng r egat ed in th e co lleg e chap e l for th e prog ram o f th e rall y. V an ce Cribbs act ed as chair­ man of th e m.e e ting. "Co cky" W ood, cl ass o f '17, and for th e past two years chee r-l ead er o f th e co lleg e led the ye ll s with a ll o f hi s old " pe p". Pro fesso r R o ssclot ga ve a n in stru c­ tive ta lk o n th e valu e o f foo tb a ll a nd th e opport u nity of th e new m en t hi s year, an d close d wi th a s trong appea l to th e loyal ty of bo th th e o ld a nd new men. Rosse lo t is an o ld v a r s ity man a nd k nows th e g am e. Dr. J o nes gave a speech w ith hi s usual punch and fig h t ing spirit. He made a stro ng app ea l t o th e loya lty o f t h e student body. ) Betty Fr ies spoke fo r th e g irl s o f Coc hra n Ha ll a nd to ld th e fell ows of the terrible fa te awaiting them if the y r1;,1 ~.-. • ,.,,.. ,wt f ,-r f nn t -i •~ II ~11 <1 th f' ne w g irls of t he w orse fat e to th em if th ey gave da t es to fe llows who did no t go o u t. "Pearl y" Mase to ld us of the work of th e me n thu s far and spo ke of Coach Gorton. "Chuck" Campbel l an old va r sity man gave us the dope as it looked from the outside. And urg ed the co­ operation of the entire sc hoo l to make a winning team. Coach Gorto n took the platform amid t he app la use of th e en ti r e assem- . blage. H e bro ug ht hi s "p ep" an d "bull-dog" figh tin g spirit ri ght off th e gridiron ~nto t he m eeti ng. He fi r st tol1 us a 11 the difficul ti es of th e sit­ uation · anti how th ey must be ove r­ come, and then gave t he brighter as­ pect and the enco uragem ent t hat Ot­ t erbe in would have a good team. He laid dqwn the ru les to t he girls; no dates 'with foot-ba ll men, no fudge for foot-ball men, etc. H e made a strong app eal for more men and t h r ea tened to use t he conscription plan if they did not come out. If this pla n did not wo1-k he sa id he would follow th e examp le of R ussia an d play girls on the field. We all have confi­ d ence in Coach Gorto n a nd believe t hat he will ma ke for us a winning team.

CLEIORHETEA AND PHILO­ PHRONEA HAVE JO INT PUSH O n last Mo nday eve n ing- occurred t he an nu a l pu s h o f th e Clc io rh etea n­ P hil ophro nea n Litera ry Socie ties. T he crowd gat hered a t th e society ha ll s and walked to th e ho m e o f M r. a nd Mrs. I ra Ba rn es. T he fo re part o f th e even in g was taken up in play­ ing ga m es, aft er whi ch lun ch was served. A ft e r t he lu nc h Mr. Bro wn too k charge, a nd th e foll o win g pro­ g ra m wa s r end ered : R eadin g Freda F raz ier Spee ch . . R. P. Mase R emarks . Pro f. C. 0 . Altman, 'OS This was fo ll owed by a few y ells and som e songs, and the party broke up.

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GRIDIRON BUMPS Fo r th e past wee k Coac h Gort o n ha s bee n putting hi s m en throu g h so me regular g ridir o n drill. One of th e s tr enu ous phases of thi s is charg­ in g under th e rope to give en du,·anc e. A nd it cer tainl y ought t o.

THE TAN AND CARDINAL ri ed S ept. 11 , 1917), Lockin gton, 0 . Hi ll , Et h e l, t ea chin g seco nd grade, \i\Teste rvill e, 0 . . . Hoffer t, C laire V., t eacher 111 h igh school, :Marengo, 0. · H o llar, 'vV illiam P., Bonebrake Seminary ( marri ed), Da yton, 0. . Keise r, Fred W., teache r of _m u sic, :1lontana \ Ves leya n o ll ge, H e le na, Monta na K napp, C ly de D., L in gre ll, Elmo . t each e r and coach in high sc h oo l, S andu s ky, 0. ).fc F a rland, Lola 13 ., :,Janongdo, fan u e l S., st ud e nt in Co lu a1b uia un iversity, e w York City. Offi Mar ing, \V a lter A., Reserve ccrs' Training Co rp s, P lattsb urg, Y. of Merrill, C ha rles A., principa l h igh sc h oo l, Mctamor, 0. Myers, Ethe l M., teacher in hi gh sc hoo l, John s t o wn, P a. l\Ii~n cry , Ll oyd 13., trave ling fo r Anti-Saloon Leaq-ue, VVestc rv ille, 0. \Ii llc r , Edna E ., at h ome, Dayton, 0. M il le r, \,Villiam C., Mi lls, D e \lVitt T., wi t h Co lu mb u s Ra ilway, Powe r and Light Co., Co­ lu mb u s, 0. Moog, Gra ce E., t ea ch e r in high sc hoo l, Genoa, 0. My e rs, G. R. , Stra sburg. ea ll y, A. W., trav eling for Rcdpath Chautauqua. e lson. M . A lt1. t eac h er in hiish sch oo l, a na l \ ,Vinc h<' ste r, 0 . Phillips, Vernon L., Campa ig n mana .,.er of J effe rso n Co unty Dry Feder­ ation, Steubenvi ll e, 0. Ro ss, T hur ston H., foun dry business, Det roit, Mich. eclwi st, George A , C leve land, 0. S hade, Homer F. , teac h er, Sa lem, O. Sholty, Alva H., Thrush, B u rton, teacher in hi g h school, Fort incenn s, Ind. Trvlrl , J ..,i h (\, ..,;-.0 2. h;ng, 0:1Jr1 land, Ca l. T u rn~r, Eu~ene R., preaching, Co llege H 1~ 1 Ohio. V,.n h .irk , Ruth NI., .at h ome, Canto n. 0. . Wagle, Olive, . . . W a lter s, Harl ey G. , en li st ed 111 S1gna 1 Co rps. We ll s, M ildred Iren e, marr ie d t o Ru sse l Se nge r, Akron, 0. Wood, Stanton W. B., enlisted 111 quartcrmaste ,·' s d e partme nt. B la ck, Hula h, t eac hi ng at hom e, L a Jun ta , Co lo. Luci le, B lackmore, at h om e, Bought onv ill e, 0. Wak ely, B esse.

K enn et h Arno ld has been chosen fo ot-ball manager and is tak in g ho ld '95. T h e P ittsburg h Gaz et t e Tim es o f A u g ust 12 contains a fine full page of the work wit h th e prop er sp irit. ilia trat ed articl e by Daisy Custer on "Socializing the Howard Moo r e is a ssistant m ana ge r Shoemaker , and is capably a ss i t ing mana ge r Teac h er." T h is is a n ew d epartment A rnold. in p ub lic sc hoo l work inaugurated lately at l\Ia r garct Mo r ri so n Carnegie Coach Gorton wen t to Col umbus S choo l o f Pittsburgh, having as its Friday to pur chase new sh oes for th e aim th e bette r equipment of th e teac h t eam . He evidently intends t o put er throu g h socia l s rvic e training. for th e team on a goo d footing. handli ng the prob lems o f ali en childr e n, a HI through the child, to aid th e Pe rry h as b ee n force d to leave the gr eat cause o f mcricanization. Mrs. g ridir o n on account of work. S h oemake r was th e only Pi tt sburgh H ert and Barnhart , tw o old vete r­ wri t er invite d to b e the g u es t of th e ans at th e game are o n th e fie ld thi s In st itute fo r Socia l Service held thi s sum.m e,· at th e Carn egie Inst itute of w ek. Tech nol ogy. Th e article is indicative V erno n will probab ly have to quit of M rs. S hoemake r's ca,·eful and mast cr ly st y le and she is to be eo ng ratuth e game on accoun t of inju r ies. lated o n the success sh e ha s attain ed It is rum ored that thr ee n ew fe l­ as a writ er of specia l a r ti cl s. lows who look li k e good foot-ball ma­ '14. Miss Ag nes Drury of Dayton t<'ria l wil l b e out th is w ee k. has just bee n appo inted by th e ForT h e weigh t of th e t eam this yea r cign Society as a missiona r y to th e wi ll be about 160 pounds. Phi lippine Is land s, t o b e a co-worke r wit h Miss Matilda \V e b er, in th e It is r eported th at "Big" Higlcmire Young Women's Bib le Training is coming back thi s week. 'vVe hope choo l at San F ernan do. r1iss Drury h e hurri es. has had exce ll en t t raining fo r thi s im Coach Gorton who is a ·p erso na l p o rt a nt wo rk, havin g taken postfri end of Coac h Castl eman of Ohio gra<luate work at Ohio State, Bo n eState, wa s in Co lu mbus Friday watch ­ brake Theological eminary and Chicago niv ersi ty. Sh e w ill also take in g th e 0. . U. team w o r k o ut. specia l s tudi es in m et h ods of B ibl e The coach ha s bee n giving th e boy s study in c w York thi fa ll , prcpa rath eory work on th e black-board even ­ tory to sailing for th e Philippines in D ecemb r. ings. 1:lt!Y. 1.... ii. ratirick, b1o •i,.,.; , v f ':'. N ext Saturday we play Denison . H. Bradri ck and Mrs. . S. PilkingOur team cannot win wit hou t a lar ge ton, goes t o Wi t o n Avenue Me t hcrowd of root ers. Ev ery tudent and odi st ch urc h, levela nd , a cco rding to s upporte r of Otterbein sho uld be on a nnoun ce ment o , th e Weste r n Ohio th e s id e li n e n ex t Saturday . W e' r e co nference . 0. L. \ ,Vi ll iams goes to all going! Sun bmy and D. A. Morr is t o Galena. J\fr. Williams is a n ew prea ch er at Th e r a ll y go t back th e old ti me Sunbu rv "p ep" a ll r ight. \ Ve ought to have a · · ____ b o n-fi r e b efore n ext Saturday. Class of 1917. What ab o ut a ch ee r lead er? Are Bax ter, Edward L., ? up eri ntend cn t we go ing to Granville aturday with­ of Sch ools, Genoa. Oh io. out a lead er? L et's ge t on e What Booth C lare n ce L., teach er and do yo u say? coac h in' hi g h sch oo l, Middl etown, 0. Ilo wer , In ez L., taking m usic at It' s going to b e mi g hty hard to get h ome, 'vV es t erv ille, 0. dates at Otterb ein this fal l. If yo u'r e B radfi e ld, R ich a rd , principal of hi g h not a foot-b a ll man yo u can't a nd if schoo l, L ill y Chap el, 0 . yo u are you " da sse nt:" Bra ne, Annette, t each er in high Talk about se lective draft! If schoo l, B r oo kv ill e, 0. B r obst, Earl D., enli ste d in quart er­ U ncle am don't g et you Coac h Gor­ mast er's departme nt, Ba rra ck s, Co­ ton wil l. lu mb us, 0. asse l, Hom er D., st u dent in w ·es­ "Rossy" says if yo u can' t go t o war, t ern R ese rve Med ica l sc h ool, C leve­ ge t o ut on th e foot-ba ll fie ld . land 0, Cheek, Guy, Intern at io nal Tele­ Cleio Takes Truck Ride. p h one bu s in ess, W esterville, 0 . Anoth er of th e social fun ctions of Co uns ell er, Wi ll iam M. , with Good ­ th e week was th e "p u sh" g ive n in ri ch Rubb er Co., Akro n, 0 . h ono r of th e n ew g ir ls by Cleior h et ea Di ck, Ruth C., W ednesday ni g ht. A ltho ug h hurri ed­ E lliot t, Marian, t eachin g 5th grade, ly planned it was a socia l s uccess and W es tervill e, 0. thoro ug hl y enjoyabl e. Ernsbe r ger, Ro ll and P., Juni or Chaperon ed by M iss Hanawalt th e ch emi st with th e Aetna Ch emica l Co., party-or b evy, left Coc hra n Ha ll Ca rn egie, Pa. abo ut sixo' cloc kvi a Long h e nry's tru ck Fryma n , C ha r les, Bonebrake Theo­ bound fo r B ig Walnut. A few fe l­ lo g ical Sem ina ry. lows a s a so rt of n ecessary evil, were Garve r , J o hn B ., en li st ed in avia­ take~ a long and they provid ed a hu ge tion corps, Columbu s, 0 . bon -fi r c as soon as th e dest inatio n George, Ma r g u erit e, t each er in high was r each ed. H o t ham sa ndwich es, sc hoo l, Clinton , 0. pickles, ma r hma ll ows, pop and green Gieger, Hoov er H ., en listed in appl es w er e th e eat s, th e ham b eing quart erma st er's departm ent, Fort fri ed in tru e "Camp Fire Gir l" fa sh ­ Crooks, eb. ion . A sh ort so-ca ll ed program of G ilb ert , Opal, t each er in hi g h r eadings so ngs and ch aract eristi c sc h ool, Trotwoo d, 0. sp eech es' preceed ed th e breaking of Gr iffit h , Mary, in co ll eg e, W es t er ­ camp. The truck load r each ed town v ill e, 0. long b efo r e the sop homo r es return ed Hahn, Cla r en ce A., pri n cipal of high fr o m th e fair g r o und s, ev eryon e ap ­ sc hool, New Ho lland, 0. pare ntl y havin g enj oyed " h erself." H endrix, J oe P., preaching, (ma r -

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PHILALETHEA E NTERTAINS THE NEW GIRLS te t . Neva And e rso n , ha,·lott c K urtz, R u t h Fri es and Agn es Wright sa ng ·'Summer igh t" by O ehm e. This was thor o ughl y e njoy e d. Th en H elen Ke ll 1· mad e eve ,·y onc la ug h when she ,·, ad "A dam and Eve in th e App le Tree." cva And e 1·so n sa ng "La Fol­ lctt a" (Madca p) . March es i, most :) teasing ly and was fo ll owed by a ;, i:l no se lec ti o n "Manska" by Agnes W right. A ser ies o f chara d es wa s g iven n ex t 'Jy a numb e 1· of g ir ls, whi c h proved ,cry uniqu e in th eir pre se nta t io n s. A ll had a chanc e to g u ess. Af t er t h e p r og ra m, th e g irls we r e 2;,corted in gro up s to th e large and , r t istica ll y-:irrange d di nin g room. He r e again, the r ose and w hit e pre­ dom in ate d. O n th e tabl e, a hu ge crvsta l cande labra h e ld th e ros e-col­ ored candles, th e li g ht from th ese, ma king th e ro om doub ly attract iv e. T h e da in ty refr e s hm c i1ts ca rri ed o ut t he colo r sc h e m e and w er e served mos t t e mptin g ly. T h e college so ngs and P hil a lethea we r e s u ng and a ll cxp,·esse d thei r t hank s to Mrs. r o us e, t h e effic ient ::o mmittee an d a ll o f th e P hilal eth ea ns for t h eir d elightfu l eve nin g. T h ose present b esid es n ew g ir ls a nd , 1c mbcn in clude d Dr. Sh erri ck , P ro f. Guit n 1·, frs. M'ill er , fr s . vVa go n e r, ,1'rs. S navc lv, Mrs. vV inland an d 1frs. Rosse lo t.



Be ll P h one 9

o ll eg e Ave. Citz. P hone 167 '-


SE NIORS AND SOPHS ELECT OFFI CERS FOR YEAR Class elec ti o ns are n ow in ord er Two classes Senio r s and Sop h o m o r es h eld t h ei r r eo r gan iza ti o n s thi s w eek wi th th e following re sults: Seniors. P r es id ent-R. P . Mas e. Vice P r es.-E li za b et h Ri ch ards. ec r etary- J a n et G ilb ert. Tr eas u rer-£ . L. Doty. Chee r L ea de r-B etty Fries. Sophomores. Pres id ent-C. L. Fox. V ice P r es .-He rb ert H. My e r s. S ecr eta ry- J ess ie W e ir. Treasur er-R. E. V e rnon . C hai rm a n Social Com.- H ele n K ell er.

Students. Now is th e time t o subscribe fo r Th e Ta n and Card inal. This is t h e first numb er. What wou ld b e b e tt er to r eca ll yo ur co ll ege day s than a comp let e fi le, durin g yo ur da ys in 0 t terb e in, of t h e coll e g e pap e r? Yo u need Th e Tan and Ca rdinal so yo u can k eep posted at a ll tim es on th e n ews o f Otte rb ein . See R. L . Roos e, Ci r c ul at ion Mat1ager; R. J . Harm elink, V ida Wi Ih elm

G. H . MAYHUGH, M . D . East Co ll ege Ave. P hon es-Citi z e n 26

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----------------l ublish cd Vv' cekly in the interest of Otterbe in by tJ-.1e OTTERBE1 PUBLISHI G BOARD, 'Westervi ll e, Ohio .

Member of the Ohio College Press Association. Staff Editor .................. Chas. W. Vernon, '18 Asst. Editor .......... Ly le J. Michael, '19 Contrib uting Editors-Grace Armentrout '19 and H elen Bovee, '19 Busine~s Mgr . .... W. H . Whetzel, '19 Asst. Bus. Mgr. ...... Walte r Schu tz, '19 A ss t. Bus. Nfgr. .. Kenneth Arno ld, '20 Circulation Mgr . .. R. Lisle Roose, '18 Asst. Cir. Mgr. ........ Vida Wi lh elm, '19 Asst. Cir. 1'1gr. .... R. J. Ha rm elink, '19 Local Editor .......... W. 0. Stauffer, '20 Asst. Local Ed ......... Ruth Conley, '1 8 A lumna ! .................. F. M. Bowman, '18 Exchange .................. H lc n K ell er, '20 Ath letic ........................ E. L. Doty, '18 Otterbein Tan and Card inal, 20 W. Mai n St., Westerville, Oh io. Sub scription Price, $ 1. 50 Per Year, payab le in advance. Applicatio n for s econd-class postage rates made to postoffice at Weste r­ vill e, 0., und er act of March 3, I 879.

ATHLETICS. In spite of the wa r footba ll pro1n­ ises to be as popular this yea r as ever and O tterbein w ill g ive an account of herself at the end of th e season that wi ll be wholly a cceptab le. Every­ where we hear the lam ent th at ·' m en arc sca rce." l f t his be tru e, and it cer ta inly is, there is all th e mor e need for the men that are here to get out and sh ow w llc:.t.t Ll1ey C~il d . ~~ot within r ecen t years h as th ere been such a n opport unity for a man to do something for his coll ege in athletics and at the same tim e make a name for himse lf. We need not think that because we are cripp le d by th e lack of men that we s hall be an "easy mark" for our oppo nents this year. Other col leges hav e bee n hit as hard as w e and will have just as ma ny new un­ seasoned men on their teams as we sha ll have. Now let us see every ab le­ bod ied man, w ithout a r easo nab le ex­ cuse, out for footba ll. You may not amount to much indi viduall y but it is th e te a m a s a who le that cou n ts.


, J

·( ' - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ' Some one has truthfully said, "Yo u get out of an organizati o n just what yo u put into it. The Y . M. C. A. started t he new yea r wit h two live meetings. What are we go ing to get out of it? Mr. A. will go to a ll th e m eetings, tak e an active part in all th e asw­ cia ti o n work and will r eceive a great amount of good from it. Mr. B. will not go to very many, if any, of the meetings. H e will plead too bus y wh e n call ed upon to do so me active work for the a sso­ ciation. To him th e Y. L C. A. wi ll mean nothing but a us e less organiza­ tio n. He wi ll won d er w hy it exists and why it doesn't do som et hing fo1· t he student body. In r eality, h e is to blame, but it would tak e t en thous­ and years to convince him that it was thus and not th e fault o f th e men in th e organization. Old Men: You know what th e Ot­ terbein Y. M . C. A. ha s stood for in past yea rs . Yon know t hat all the sc hoo l lead ers wer e big factor s in Y. M. work. You know that when you d eclin e to take an active part in this work you a re only cutting off your own nos e. The enro ll ment w ill be sma ll this year any-way, so w hy not get into line and enjoy the b enefits which a1·e ce rtain to co m e to th e in­ dividua l on account of th e diminis h­ ed enrollm e nt? New Men: Yo u are acquainted with yo ur association at home. O ur s is a sim il ar o rga n izat ion . You hav e seen two of our regul ar Thursday evenin g meetings. With in a sho rt tim e some one wil l wait upon you and ask yo u to join. Forget about thi s question, "Ca n I afford to join the Y ?" and ask yo ur self "Can I afford to miss it?" -A Cabi net Member.

Page Three


midst, and that are now wear ing the khaki. We kn ow that all Otterb ein m en now 111 the se rvi ce and those that may enter later will give a gdo d account of themse lves and so hurry th e time when th ey may return to the peaceful paths th ey have left. ·watch this roll as it grows: If yo u know of any additions or corrections, se nd them 111 at once. We want to know where our boys are.

On our fir s t page app ea rs a sem icomp le te list of the m en who have le ft this institutio n to tak e up arms in d efens e of democracy. A half ce n­ tury since, a similar ca ll came , and it was a nswe re d by th e same willingn es s that has characterized the pres ent en­ lis tments. The so ldi er s' monument on th e camp us testifies to the fact that Otte rb ein men are always 1·eady to r e­ spond in a crisis. It may be that in W a llace Mill er, a forme r studen t y ears t o come a s imilar m e morial wi ll and footba ll man is a m emb er of th e be erecte d to the m e mory of s om e of headquarters company stationed at tho se that were so r ecently 111 o ur W oos t er.

We Need A Cheer Leader What is Otterbein to do for a cheer leader this year? Our ow'n "Cocky" \iVood who has led the yells so ably for several years is now an alumnus . La st so rin g whe n it was announced t hat there would be tryo uts fo1· th e position of chee r leader, no ca ndidate s appeared. M ight not some person volunteer to serve his A lma Mater in this capac ity. We shou ld hate to think that there is no one in our num ­ ber who is qua li fied to tak e charg e of this. Of course it would r eq uir e some original ity and practice but t her e is certain ly some one who will T hi s publi cation is yo ur s, th er efo r e tak e h o ld of this. W he n t he call is it is yo ur duty to see that it succeeds. g iv e n fo r tryo uts may w e hav e at Have you sub scrib ed fo r it? Are yo u leas t a doz e n ca ndi dates. boo stin!;( it ? Student of O tt erbein , r emem ber th at this is The College Paper. It is CALENDAR a r ecor d o f the best clays of yo ur li fe. Monday Get it an d keep it for the days to 2:00 to 4:00-T ryo uts fo r M usical come. 0 rgan izations. Faculty memb ers, you ca n not ex­ 4:00 p. m.-Mee tin g of Pub lis hing pect to be loya l to your college un ­ Board. less you inv est in its weekly publica­ 8:00-Vo luntee r Ban d. Mr. E. C. tion. A lumnu s, The Tan and Cardinal is Wonnan w ill speak. Tuesday not o nl y written for the present st u­ dent body. T he A lumn a! editor is try ­ 6:00 p. m . -Y. W. C. A. ing to make hi s department th e big­ W,ednesday gest thing in th e paper. Without 6:00 p. m.-Choir P ra ctice. your help, h e is unabl e to do a thing. 7 :00 p. m .-Praye r Mee tin g. Otterbein expects h er graduates to Thursday. subscrib e for h er pap.e r and to send 6:00 p. m.-Y. M. C. A. artic les conce rn ing th emselves o r 6:10 p . m.-Girls' Literary Societies. ot her graduates to the Al u mn al editor. Friday Wi ll yo u back your co ll ege paper? Send yo ur dollar and a half to R. L. 6: 15 p. m .-P hil op hron ea Literary Society. Roose, Cir. Mg r. 6:30 p. m .-Phil omathean Literary F res hman-"D o I stand up t o r e­ Society. cite?" Saturday Sop homore-"No, yo u sit." Football w ith D eni so n at Granville. Sunday Fr es hman-"Then h ow can th e 9 :00 a. m.-Sunclay school. P ro fesso r see m e?" 10 :15 a. m.-Morning se rvice. Sophomore- "Conc eited ostrich, he 6:00 p . m .-Chri stian Endeavor. do es n' t care t o see you, a ll h e wants is to hear yo u." 7 :00 p. m.-Evening se rvice.

WE WANT MORE LIKE THIS. Following is a lett e r rec eived this morning from a firm s upp o rte1· of Otte rb e in journalism. H e has the right sp irit, and mo r<' le tcrs like this one would bring joy to the ex-s taffs of th e Aegis and Review as w ell as to the s ta ff of the Tan and Cardinal. Cincinnati, 0., Sept. 22, 19 17. Th e Otterb ein R eview, Westervi lle, Ohio. Gentlemen: I am e nc losing check for s ub scription to th e "Review" as pe r bill. Also pl ea se find anoth er check for th e "Tan and Cardina l" as per fi1·st issue of same, a courtes y for wh ich I fee l ind ebted to your man­ ageme nt. P ermit me to wi s h a brilliant succ ess for this very worthy venture. Respectfu ll y, L. K. M ille r, 454 East Fifth St., Cincinnati, 0. P. S. If there is a member of your Sophomore class, whose hat is sma ll er than hi s h ead, by th e name of Carl Lewis Smith, I am rather incli ned to believ e t hat he is a nephew of min e. The r emark about his hat is based upon the autocratic rules his class has fornrn lated for the poor d e fens eless Fres hman . L. K. M.

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Page Four

LOCALS. ,, Pep I That's what we wanted and that's what we got at o ur big foot­ ball rally on Thursday eve ning. "Chuck" Campbell '15, one of Otter­ bein's o ld athletes was drafted and left Saturday morning for training camp at Chillicothe. Ladies' P hon eix Silk Hose, 55c, 80c, $1.15 and $1.50. E. P. Norr is.-Adv. Cecil Bennett also was drafted and is now in training at Chilli co th e. We all hope he likes camp life as well as making dopes. The Y. IM. C. A. is sending a copy of "The Tan and Ca rdinal" to ea ch Otterbein man who is in training ca mp. We know o ur boys w ill appre­ ciate getting the paper. Take advantage of o ur long exper i­ ence in measuring for suits. Fit g uar­ anteed. E . J . No rris.-Adv. "Fat" Lingrel, '17, came back to Westerville Friday evening for a short visit. We a re a ll g lad to see him and hope he wi ll come often. It's easy to g uess why Charlotte is so happy, when Booth, ' 17, is coming yo u know. Let us fit yo u in a Spalding V neck. E . J . Norr is.-Adv. The girls were very much p leased with th e talk given at dinner Wednes­ day evening by Dean McFadd en; and hop e the r espect for the Seniors will continu e. Changing tables in the dining room at Cochran Ha ll was an interesting feature for new girls. Wa lk Over or Bostonian Shoes. Latest shapes and leathers. E. J. N. -Adv.

sugar. Last night we had supper at 8:30. A cdo u pd let<?f aeropdlanesowp1~nrge flying aroun , ar mg an swo like birds. The last troops to leave started o ut on a five day hike and e nd­ New Athletic Business Manager Will Speak. ed up on th e boat for France, so yo u Thursday night at the regular hour, wil l know when we lea ve by lack of • Kenneth or as he is perh aps better n ews." known :'Red" Arno ld wi ll speak to th e bo~s at the Y. M. C. A. on "Self." MOTHER OF THREE Do you think yo u can a offrd to miss O.U.GRADUATESDEAD it? Do yo ur bit! Mrs. Elizabeth B. Mau ge r , aged 73, P ubli city Committee. wife of Rev. Jacob L. Ma uger, Col um­ Th e second meeting of th e Y. M . C. bus passed a way sudden ly Sept. 6 A. held last T hursday evening r eso lv­ after an attack of heart d isease. Mrs. ed itself into a student's meeting. Mauge r and h er husband and c hild ren J . C. Siddall acted as leader, giving lived in \i\T estervi lle about tw e nty-five a live talk on th e general meaning and years ago, all th e daught ers graduat. . work of the Assoc iat io n and closing ing from Otterbein . Besides h er ,husband she 1s surv iv e d with valuable practical suqgestions for the local organization. Mr. Sid­ by three daughters, Miss Sarah B da ll said, "I n spite of th e fact tha t the Mauger, at hom e; Mrs. S. C. Markley wa r has taken so many of o u r cabinet of Richmond, Ind., and Mrs. J . B memb ers. this year must be and will Bovey of North Ba lti more, Ohio be a good one for th e Y. M. C. A. of Funeral serv ices were held Saturday Otterbein Coll ege. We are few in afternoon from th e Mauger home in number but we can make up in rea l Col u mbus, in charge of Dr. T. J. San­ practical und ertakings. There are at d ers. Buria l was made in Otterbein present betw ee n fifteen and tw enty ce met ery. Otterbein men in the training camps in d ifferent part of the country. These The total subscription li st to date is men are interested in their Alma only 146. That means that somebody Mater and their friends who are sti ll is not doing hi s duty. Perhaps that in schoo l. What could be more ex­ somebody is yo u. Woe to the man pressive of th e Association's regard who ha s n't enuf co ll ege spirit to subfor them and interes t in them than to scribe for his college paper, even if in send each one of th em, a copy of the the secur ing of the dollar and a half college paper every week and if pos­ the studen t runs a risk of a sixty day sib le to see that each one r eceiv es a t erm at th e county workhouse. letter practically every week from some one he re?" Mr. Siddall also suggested work in th e barracks at Co­ Kenneth A rn o ld , announces that lu mb us. the Association Handbook, the new Afte r the conclusion of fr. Sid­ student's fri end , will be r eady for dis­ dall's talk several of th e other stu­ tribution within a short tim e. d ents exp ress ed their h earty sym­ pathy with th e suggestions and a committee was appo inted to look after the matter.




Y. W. C. A.


._ ; '------------------' A very h ea rty welcome was given t o all the n ew girls at Y. W . C. A. T uesday night. The meeting was led by the presid e nt, Alice Ress ler who gave a helpful talk o n th e importance of letting our li ves count for the most of w hi ch they are capable. Among other things, she said that we sho uld n eve r le t trifling circumstances interfere with our duty as Christians. In closing s h e gave all th e girls who are not members of Y. W '. C. A. a cordial invitatio n to join. Each member of the cabinet was g iven a chance to expla in the work of her comm ittee. After th e m ,e eting t h e r e was a frolic out of doors, in which apples and "Run, sheepy, run" featur ed promi­ n ent ly.

LOCALS Wa lter M. H. Whetzel, ' 19, of Camp Sherman was in Westerv ille visiting his parents ove r Sunday. G ladys Howard spe nt Sunday in Circlevi ll e. •Ch loe Mount visited h e r pa r ents in Lancaster over the week-end. The Freshm <'n hav e begun it. Har­ o ld Halderman went to hi s hom e in Lancaster for the week-end.



The Art D epartment of Otterbein FROM LONG ISLAND is growing fast this yea r. The art students are glad to hav e visitors any Military discipline prevails now in ti me. Go up and ee what they are all training camps and it is that fact doing. that gets the bo ys in bad that are us ed Get your athletic goods from E. J. to sleeping long hours. Rollin Dur­ rant who is a member of the Fourth -Adv. Regim ent bane\ in camp now at Mineola , The Cochran Hall girls have started Long Island, had hi s first ta s t es of n'il­ to go home for little visits already. itary disripline a short time ago while H elen Vance and Edythe Cave are the band was at Camp Perry. Rollin spending th e week-end at hom e. gives the r evei ll e but the day be fore had bee n a hard one and h e overslept. Nice lin e ladi es' school shoes and \i\Then the reveil le fai ls to sound street shoes. E . J . Nor ri s.-Adv. th ere's something always happens in Ben Carlson, an Otterbein s tudent camp. It happen ed. He chopped , for the past two yea rs, left Tuesday wood that clay. Excerots of an intere sting letter for Washington where he w ill join an engineerin g corps of the United which he wrote his parents last week States Army. The corps will leave desc ribin g his trip from Camp Perry for France within a few weeks. H is to Long Island follows: "We left Camp Perry at 4:30 Fri­ work will consist of constructin g day afternoon, September 7, and ar­ she! ters for artillery. riv ed in J er~ey City Saturday evening at 7:30, eas tern time, making the trip in tw enty-six hours. We were swit,:h­ FORMER 0 . U. STUDENT TO CONDUCT DODGE AGENCY ed around all night and into th e 42nd street station at about 12 :30 -Saturday and night from th er e through Westerville is to have another up­ the tub es to Long Island. I went to to-date garage. E . H. Mat hias, for­ bed th en about 1 olclock and awaken­ mer Otterbein student and for the ed in Mineola. W e then marched to past year and half proprietor of a Garden City and set u p camp and Ford agency in Cin cinn ati, has leased cleaned up. It is now 2 :00 and we the J ohnson garage room on West are waiting on dinner. Main street, former ly Foster's li ve ry "We went over the Lake Shore lin e barn, where he will conduct a Dodge to the Rotterdam Junction· then over agency and general garage. th e West Shore lin e clown the Hud­ A new concrete floor will be laid son to New York. A ll we could see in the ro o m. Mr. Mathias will a lso of Cleveland, Erie and Buffalo was in sta ll a gasoline station. He has the the li ghts but th e scenery through Dodge agency for Blendon, Genoa ew York state, especia ll y down th e and Plain townships and an option on Hudson, was fine. Sharon, Mifflin and J efferso n. Asso­ "We passed Vassar College, W es t ciated with him wi ll be Gus Haueter, Po int, Sto ny Point, Matteawa n and a also a forme r Otterbei n student, w'r10 U. S. Arsenal iroing down the Hud­ has been in th e Cadi llac factory for son. th e past two years. The new o rgan­ "We a ll over-slept this morning ization will be kn own as the Wester­ and had to dress in about 3 min ut es. v ille Auto Sales company. Had bacon, potatoes and hard tack,


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