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ursd ay, November 13, 2014

Vol . 24 #21

A Fighting Chance: Reed’s challenge to family leads to GI Research Foundation

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Chefs Share

Garden Gala: Guests meet Antiques Show’s dealers, tastemakers

Thanksgiving Memories and Recipes from Area Restaurateurs

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Sugar Plum Fairy Tale: Summer in Russia prepares teen for ‘Nutcracker’ role

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some labor in the kitchen. Others wash dishes. Lucky ones just show up and eat – then turn on the television to watch football. Whether cook, bottle washer or consumer, we all play a role in the gatherings – and the day set aside to count blessings, to enjoy family and to savor some great recipes. Restaurant owners and chefs, who labor day after day in their kitchens, typically have a special relationship with food. Their memories often stretch back to time spent, as children, standing on a chair and helping their mothers or grandmothers stir, sift and slice. Many cling to favorite dishes that have become required Thanksgiving Day offerings in their families. The Over the Mountain Journal asked a few area chefs about their favorite Thanksgiving food. In addition to sharing their memories, each has shared a recipe. See stories beginning on page 14. n Thanksgiving Day,

State Champs! Busy two weeks for OTM schools

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otmj Holiday Gift Guide

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Sue murphy stops to thank p. 2 • russell pens new mystery p. 8•palmer readies for capitol hill p. 10•taylor serves in Kyrgyzstan P. 18

November 13, 2014  
November 13, 2014