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First Edition of “The Savior has arrived” magazine

Contents the banner of guidance has been raised !

does god exist?



As the narrations mention, the promised banner of guidance has been raised by Ahmed Alhasan, on it is written “Allégiance is for Allah”.


How did it begin, the opposition faced and the current condition. What are the proofs presented by Ahmed Alhasan to prove his claim?

The Will of the Prophet PBUHAHP written during the night of his death mentioning his successors.

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Divine knowledge, exclusive to Prophet Muhammad and his successors PBUT and revealed by Ahmed

Ahmed Alhasan has refuted atheism and proved the existence of a god with scientific evidences.


The banner of Prophets and Messengers PBUT and the banner that will unite the people.



Visions as an evidence for knowing the Successor appointed by Allah SWT.



Personal experiences of people who have met or lived with Ahmed Alhasan. What methods have been used to communicate with the society in general and to spread the call? Are ISIS criminals really Muslims? Or what is their religion? What is the purpose of establishing “The Riser Brigades” by Ahmed Alhasan?

The Savior has arrived

The promised day


has come !

ll doctrines and the people of all divine religions have confessed and ratified that these are the end of times, and that the signs are unfolding in front of our very own eyes. These are the times, when the Holy Anticipated Reformer is expected to emerge and fill the world with peace and justice, after it has been filled with oppression and injustice. Moreover, this holy character has been mentioned in the Muslim Shia, Muslim Sunni, Christian, Jewish, Ancient Hindu and Sumerian scriptures, the only difference is in the way he has been mentioned.

Glad tidings, that the Awaited Reformer has EMERGED. He is calling all seekers of truth, as well as those who are afraid of both judgment days; the minor and the major, to gather under the Banner of Justice, and Equity; under the Banner of Allegiance to God (Allah). He is Ahmed Alhasan, mentioned in the Will of the Prophet Muhammad PBUHAHP written during the night of his death. He is the messenger of Imam Al Mahdi PBUH to all Muslims, the messenger of Prophet Jesus PBUH and Prophet Elijah PBUH to the Christians and Jews.

The Savior has arrived Director : Maysa Hassan Designers : Abdul Basit, Daawat E Taslim, Othmane Belaidi Ansar Al Yamani ( : First Mahdi : Yamani : Ahmed Al Hasan a.s) Story Editors : Abdul Basit, Ali Ansari


Basra, Iraq

WHO IS Ahmed Alhasan ? “I did not come seeking servants. Nor did I come for people to see me so that I can

be a veil between them and Allah. I came to demolish the structure of falsehood and build the structure of truth, so help me do so, may Allah have mercy upon you.� - Ahmed Alhasan -


The Savior



tHE yamani

The promised comforter

D 4




mam Ahmed Alhasan is son of Ismail son of Salih son of Hussain son of Salman son of Muhammad son of al-Hassan son of Ali son of Muhammad son of Ali son of Musa son of Jafar son of Muhammad son of Ali son of al-Hussain son of Ali son of Abi Talib, peace be upon them all. He is the successor (wasi) and messenger of Imam Al Mahdi Muhammad bin al-Hassan PBUH to all people, the promised Yamani to the Shia Muslims, and the Mahdi [lit. rightly-guided] whose birth at the end times was promised by the Messenger of Allah PBUHAHP to the Sunni Muslims. As mentioned in Gospel, he is the Comforter to the prophets of Allah and the messengers, promised by the prophet of Allah Jesus PBUH and the Savior whom the prophet of Allah Elijah PBUH promised to send to the Jews before his return. He set out with his great divine call in 1999 in Iraq (the East as the

narrations mention), the capital of the State of Divine Justice and from there it spread to the world. The proofs are just like the proofs the previous Prophets and Messengers: the text (which he has made clear to the followers of religions according to the books in which they believe), the knowledge with which he challenged the major clerics of all religions, and the call to the supremacy of Allah, in addition to Allah SWT supporting him in the Kingdom of Heaven by thousands of honest visions of the prophets and the messengers that testify for him. He has written a collection of books containing great aspects of the divine knowledge which he has started to transmit to the people, including: The Book of Monotheism, The Allegories, Enlightenments from the Calls of the Messengers, The Journey of Moses to the Junction of the Two Seas, The Sealing Prophethood, The Calf, Jihad the Doorway

The Savior has arrived

Basra, IRAQ

Ahmed Alhasan was born in Basra. just like the narrations mention.

to Heaven, The Supremacy of Allah not the Supremacy of People, the 13th Disciple, Atheism Delusion and many others.

Each of these books is a jewel from the jewels of the progeny of Muhammad PBUT, which clarifies Quranic secrets that have confused the scholars, and made their words about it cluttered, contradictory and ambiguous without ever achieving the truth of the secret. In addition, he reveals knowledge, which is exclusive to the successors of Allah SWT, hence showing his connection with him SWT. Indeed Allah refused to place the key of those secrets in the hands of any other than His successors over the creation. As for the purpose of his call, it is the same as the purpose of the call of Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, may the prayers of Allah be upon them all. The call of truth does not discriminate. It is a call to unite upon the truth with evidence. It is a call with wisdom. He has emphasized many times that “We have no animosity to-

wards anyone. What we present is a scientific discussion. And we clarify the falsehood of others’ beliefs using their own sources.” He also advises that ”The call presents the true divine religion as we believe. We are obligated to clarify the truthful call, as the people were born free and they have the freedom to choose. No one should say they found their parents believing in something so they will stick with it. They should do their own research. Everyone sleeps in their grave

the books of Ahmed ALHASAN

Ahmed Alhasan is spreading his divine knowledge through a number of books, not only about religion but also modern science, politics, the creations etc.

The Savior has arrived


Ahmed Alhasan has refuted Atheism

Atheism Delusion

using acceptable scientific evidences alone, and they’ll be held accountable for their actions alone. In the World, people follow different ideologies, and each person has the right to listen to everyone and learn the truth as it is without deception. I call everyone to never submit to the authority, whether religious or not, which calls him to freeze his mind and follow blindly. Do not submit to other people. Search for yourself. Find the truth for yourself”.

The purpose of the prophets and the messengers is for monotheism to spread on every spot of this earth, and it is his purpose, as is the clarification of the Torah, the Gospel, the Quran and that upon which was disagreed, and for the earth to be filled with justice and fairness, just as it has been filled with tyranny and oppression; for the hungry to be fed and for the poor to not remain without shelter; for the orphans to find joy after their prolonged sadness, for the widows to find what fulfills their financial need with dignity and integrity; for … for … and for the most important matter in the jurisprudence to be apllied : justice, mercy and honesty. 6

The Savior has arrived

HIstory of the call of truth

How did the divine call begin?

“in the mausoleums of the twos

Imams, al-Hadi and al-Askari, was my first meeting with Imam al-Mahdi in this Physical world.� - Ahmed Alhasan -


mam Ahmed Alhasan PBUH first met Imam Al Mahdi PBUH physically, many years before 1999, in the mausoleums of the two Imams, Al Hadi and Al Askari PBUT in Samarra, Iraq. After that, they PBUT would meet often, where Imam Al Mahdi PBUH would share the knowledge and made him know the injustice and corruption prevalent in the society. All those years, Imam Al Mahdi PBUH did not command him to deliver any

message to anyone rather he PBUH would instruct him so that he becomes mannered and obedient, and so that he reaches the level of the Godly manners. He PBUH also made him know about serious errors

The Savior has arrived


Ahmed Alhasan was sent to the Hawza in Najaf initially, before the call began, to show the prevalent corruption and deviation therein.


Mausoleums of the two Imams, AL hADI AND aL askari pbut

The first meeting between Ahmed Alhasan and Imam Al Mahdi in this physical world happened here.

in the Hawza of Najaf at that time, related to knowledge, practices, social, political and the economic condition in general. It was 30th Shaban, 1420 Hijri (approx. 8 December 1999) when Imam Al Mahdi PBUH gave him the first public assignment, as he was sent to the Hawza of Najaf to expose the corruption there specifically. He began the movement to restore the curriculum of Prophet Muhammad and progeny of Muhammad PBUT, to create awareness about the matter of Imam Al Mahdi PBUH, to increase the propagation of virtue and prevention of vice, hence to focus on people’s religious and living conditions but


to expose the corruption

it did not lead to true restoration. Some policies of some of the Marjas (sources of emulation) pertaining to money was changed but it was such a small change barely worthy of mention yet many of the scholars remained the same. Hence, the society was full of people suffering from sickness and hunger of the body and soul and no one was working to change the conditions. After 3 years, his relationship with Imam Al Mahdi PBUH began to be shown and hence the beginning of the announcement of the call was in 2002, in the city of Najaf in Iraq. It was not only by him relaying


Many people in Iraq are poor despite the country’s wealth while the religious authority does nothing to help them. Ahmed Alhasan has founded an orphanage for Iraqi childten among other mediums to help the poor in Iraq. He has also instructed the representatives in different countries to do the same. 8

The Savior has arrived

Fall of sadDam

The Tyrant Saddam Hussein tried to arrest and to kill Ahmed Alhasan but Allah protected him by His grace and favor upon him.

He condemned this wicked act of tyrant Saddam. And he said on multiple occasions, as well as in his sermons at the assemblies, that Saddam had signed for his death by his own hands when he wrote the Quran with his impure blood. this message, that he has been sent as a messenger from Imam Al Mahdi PBUH but hundreds of Sheikhs and students saw visions of Prophets and Imams PBUT, confirming his rightful claim. Of these people were those, who had not even met him in person yet they pledged allegiance to him PBUH. Thereafter, the call of Truth spread among the people. Afterwards, the Saddam regime started coming after him PBUH, so he had to be away for some time. Meanwhile many people became apostate due to the fear, just as he had foretold the Ansars. While others started facing him with the similar accusations, which the generations in the past used to hUSSEYNIA (mosque) OF ahmed alhasan face the Prophets and Messengers with, This was the first Husseynia built by Ahmed Alhasan with that he is a magician or that these people his own hands along with the ansars. The Iraqi governare crazy and obsessed about visions. ment destroyed it without any valid reason. After the fall of Saddam in 2003, the call of the Mahdi PBUH was revived in many places and the correct beliefs began to be taught. It was in November 2004, when Imam Al Mahdi PBUH commanded him to address people of the Earth on a global scale. Hence, Imam

The Savior has arrived


“In general, the messages start by the calling, and when the messenger declares his call he is capable for a period of time to appear in front of people and call them to the Truth by himself and when his call becomes intense and its supporters increase, the religious clerics become fearful concerning their false positions, so they conspire and issue verdicts for those who follow them blindly, for killing the messenger.” - Ahmed Alhasan

PBUH began writing books to clarify the correct beliefs, to expose the corruption and innovations, to reveal knowledge, and to establish complete proof. Hence began the movement of raising the banner of truth and justice which has been the goal of Prophets and the Messengers, only this time, a nation of justice will be established and prevail forever. Afterwards, things started getting more difficult because of criminal fatwas from so-called religious authorities. And the history repeated again as the famous clerics did not support the call of Truth. Instead, they became his opponents, just as it was prophesied in the narrations of progeny of Muhammad PBUT. The sources of emulation, the Clerics, would never come forward for debate, even though he PBUH openly sent an invitation for the same. While their representatives would confuse the people with misconceptions and lies. For example, saying if he was true, he would have performed a miracle. Even though once it reached to him PBUH, he agreed to do so with three conditions. That the miracle should be one of the miracles done by the Prophets and Messengers

mentioned in Quran. That the people and media should be present for this event, so that it be a witness upon all and that the time and place of the event be written and stamped with their signatures. But they in turn did not accept. If we look at the Holy Quran, Pharaoh accepted the request of Moses PBUH to perform the miracles but these people did not even do so. Therefore, a new stage started in 2006, when he could not meet the believers like before, and this was due to the fatwas (rulings) by the same influential clerics who feared their selfish interests. So instructions were only relayed through some

sHEIKH JALAL AL-asadi The believers were oppressed, many were imprisoned and tortured unjustly, while some were even killed just like this honorable Sheikh, Jalal Al- Asadi.

“Peace be upon the supporters of Imam Al-Mahdi pbuh who verified their covenant to Allah. From them are some who have passed away, and some who still await and they have not faltered in the least.”- Ahmed Alhasan 10

The Savior has arrived

trustworthy Ansars (Supporters). This is in addition to him PBUH being in contact with the the Hawza of Al Mahdi PBUH in Najaf, which he PBUH had founded earlier. Especially after the 2008 events, when Ansars were imprisoned, tortured and some even killed just for their belief in the call of Truth, he PBUH could only be in touch with the believers through some of the trustworthy Ansars and the office of the Hawza of Imam Al Mahdi PBUH in Najaf. The conditions remained like that until 2012. But as Allah SWT says in the Holy Quran 61:8, {They desire to put out the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light, even though the disbelievers hate it.}

By the favor of Allah, He SWT made some ansars available around him and the possibility to move somewhere safer, and He PBUH was able to open the Facebook page and be among people again through the Social platform, and talk to the believers and the people through his official page. The use of technology is not surprising as there are even narrations of progeny of Muhammad PBUT about the same and the Successors of Allah SWT deal with the people through the methods available in their respective times. In all these years, he has already written more than 40 books which contain heavy knowledge involving Aqeeda (Beliefs), knowledge of Quran and other Divine Scriptures, about the creation and its existence, from correct beliefs to true monotheism and hence involving so many matters from Religion, Reality to Science. He PBUH has

clarified that the Divine Support in this era of establishing truth and justice is linked to the piety and sincerity of each believing servant. Hence, the primary pillar and weapon of the believers is knowledge. During all these years, the call of Truth has reached a global scale and the believers are from a number of countries. The primary reason for increase in supporters across the World has been the visions of Prophets, the Messengers, or the progeny of Muhammad PBUT testifying for this true call as well as unchallengable knowledge of the Imam PBUH. He called people to fight the Wahhabis after they had demolished the shrine of the Imams in Samarra, Iraq and that was in 2006, but people didn’t take notice. Many bloody events could be avoided if they had given heed to his advice. Long before ISIS even came into existence, around 2012, he PBUH had already warned the people to gather under the banner of Imam Al Mahdi PBUH to let the divinely appointed leader intercede on their behalf in this fight against the oppression and confront the Sufyanic movement, which had been developing. He PBUH had already predicted then, that the next step of these criminals in Syria supported by the West and its allies was to enter Iraq and cause destruction to humanity in general. He had already given permission to ansars for self defensee. When the Iraqi cities were taken by this Salafi Wahhabi movement Da’esh, he told

Quote of Ahmed Alhasan :

“We call people with wisdom and kind advice like Allah commanded us in the Quran and like our ancestors of righteous Imams have done before us. Whoever wants to listen, can do so and whoever wants to go in a different path, let them do that, and we have our own path.” The Savior has arrived


the believers to form Riser brigades to defend the shrines of the Imams PBUT but some dominant ones didn’t let them, so the believers avoided the clash with the authorities. But after the city of Ramadi fell, in May 2015, he PBUH instructed the believers to wait no longer and form the Riser Brigades with the sole motive of protecting the holy land as a defensive measure. But again the Government refused their request and didn’t allow their participation. Despite this clear oppression, Imam PBUH has emphasized in his recent interview on 19th January, 2016 that “We are

consider ourselves in a state of war with the Government of Iraq, so there is nothing to prevent us from working with them to defend Iraq as our religious obligation is only to defend our land and it’s irreverent and immoral to abandon this matter”.

The truth is, delay in supporting the successor of Allah SWT by people results in nothing except increase in the torment that encircles them. And indeed Allah swt says in the Holy Quran 7:96 : {And if the people of the townships had believed and kept from evil, surely We should have opened for them blessings from the sky and from the earth. But (unto

not a political party that is competing with every messenger) they gave the lie, and them over the country’s wealth. We have so We seized them on account of what a religious ideology to present. We don’t they used to earn.}

Quote of Ahmed Alhasan :

“It is a call to unite upon the truth with evidence, It is a call with wisdom. We have no animosity towards anyone as what we present is a scientific discussion.”

A Shia Cleric studying the evidences of the call in a Book Fair. 12

The Savior has arrived

The Savior has arrived





ivine mentioning has always been the primary way and the most important path, by which a successor of Allah SWT is known. It is the path, by which the Angels came to know Adam PBUH, as Allah, the Glorious, the Almighty, mentioned Adam, Upon him Peace, and that he is His Vicegerent on His Earth:

{Behold, thy Lord said to the angels: “I will create a Vicegerent on earth.” They said: “Wilt Thou place therein one who will make mischief therein and shed blood?- whilst we do celebrate Thy praises and glorify Thy holy (name)?” He said: “I know what ye know not.”} Surah 2:30

Moreover, after Adam PBUH, the divine Mentioning is known through the previous Vicegerent, for he provides his nation with a Commandment/ Will about the Vicegerent who is to come after him by the Command of Allah, the Glorious, the Almighty. Therefore, it is not him (the Vicegerent) who appoints who comes after him, but rather 16

The Savior has arrived

it is Allah, the Glorious, the Almighty, whom appoints His Vicegerent on His Earth in every age. Allah SWT says in the Holy Quran:

{And your Lord creates whatsoever He wills and chooses, no choice have they (in any matter). Glorified be Allah, and exalted above all that they associate as partners (with Him).} Surah 28:68

And Allah SWT says in the Holy Quran:

{You are only a warner and for every people is a guide.} Surah 13:7

Only the role of the previous Vicegerent is to deliver this Divine Mentioning through the commandment/Will, so the previous one mentions/commands about [accepting] the following one, and there is not a Prophet from among the Prophets PBUT or Imams PBUT, except that he was mentioned by who was before him. For, Abraham PBUH, Isaac PBUH, Jacob PBUH and the Prophets PBUT from Bani (Tribe) Israel, mentioned Moses PBUH, and hence commanded about accepting him, and Moses PBUH, and the Prophets PBUT, commanded about accepting Jesus PBUH. And Jesus PBUH commanded about accepting Muhammad PBUHAHP, also Muhammad PBUHAHP, commanded about accepting Ali PBUH, the Imams PBUT and the Mahdies from their sons PBUT. The Will is a book (a writing), which the Messenger of Allah PBUHAHP wrote in the last moments of his life. Following His, The Exalted, saying: {It is written upon you that when death approaches any of you, if he leave any goods that he makes a will to parents and near relatives, according to what is acceptable a duty upon the god-fearing.} The Holy Quran, Surah 2:180

in the holy quran [2:180]

{It is prescribed, when death approaches any of you, if he leave any goods that he make a bequest to parents and next of kin, according to reasonable usage; this is due from the God-fearing.}

In addition, he described it as protection from misguidance for the ones who hold tight it. It is to be noted that it was in the last moments of his life, because he is a Prophet whom revelation is sent down upon and whatever he says in the last moments of his life is the summary of his message and that, which safeguards the religion after him. So let alone the fact that [despite of] the severity of his illness and pains of the poison which was tearing apart his liver, he was very careful to write this book (meaning the will) and described it to be a protector

The Savior has arrived



The Savior has arrived

Quote of Ahmed Alhasan :

“one must pay attention to the fact that our speech is about the prevention of claiming the text, which defines the character, which is described as being a protection from misguidance, and it is not about claiming the Divine position in general.” from misguidance until the day of resurrection. These are some texts, in which The Messenger Muhammad PBUHAHP, in the last moments of his life, describes the book (the writing) of the will to be a protection from misguidance. On Thursday, he wanted to write it and have the public as witnesses upon it, but he was prevented from doing so, by a group of people. They doubted his mental health, and they said that he was hallucinating (meaning that he was babbling and did not know what he was saying), so he PBUHAHP asked them to go away. And He remained after Thursday until the day of his death on Monday. So he wrote his will on the night in which he died and he dictated it to Ali PBUH, and some companions who were supporting that it be written witnessed it. In the books of Sunnis: Ibn Abbas said, “Thursday!

in the presence of a prophet. So they said, “What is the matter with him? Is he talking no sense (delirious), question him.” They started responding to him. So he said, “Leave me alone, for that which I am in is better than that which you are calling me towards”. He commanded them of three [matters] and said, “Take out the polytheists from the Arab Peninsula, show respect to all foreign delegates in the same way that I used to, and he was silent regarding the third, or he mentioned it but I forgot it”

of Allah peace be upon him became severe, so he said: Come to me and I shall write you a book (a writing) after which you will never go astray, So they fought, and it is not permissible to fight

heard Ali PBUH saying, ‘After that man (Umar) said what he said and made The Messenger of Allah angry and pushed the paper, do we not ask the Messenger of Al-

[Sahih Al-Bukhari (4/4168)]

Ibn Abbas said: “Thursday! And how tragic was that Thursday! Then his tears ran down until they were seen on his cheeks as if they were pearls. Then he said, The Messenger of Allah, said,: ‘Bring to me a paper and ink, so that I write for you a book after which you will never go astray’. So they said, ‘Indeed The Messenger is hallucinating.’ [Sahih Muslim - Book of the Will]

In the books of Shias: And how tragic that Thursday From Sulaym ibn Qays Al-Hilali, was! The pain of the Messenger he said, “I heard Salman saying, ”I

The Savior has arrived


how can muhammad (pbuhahp) didn’t leave a will, an obligatory DUTY in islam, when he is the best of the believers! lah PBUHAHP about that which he wanted to write in the paper, which if he wrote no one would go astray and no two would disagree..” [Kitab

hallucinating, so the Messenger of Allah PBUHAHP became very angry and left it.” So Talha said, “Yes I was present at that time.” [Al-Ghaybah by

Sulaym ibn Qays Al-Hilali said that Imam Ali PBUH said to Talha, “O Tal-

And it is mentioned, in the book “Al-Ghaybah by Al-Toosi”, the only Will of Prophet Muhammad PBUs HAHP wrriten during night of his death, and the ones who carried the from Muhammad PBUHAHP are divine text will the Family of Muhammad PBUT. by which the nation The fact that the Messenger PBUwould never go astray HAHP describes it to be a protection nor differ! from misguidance forever makes it impossible for a liar/deceiver to claim it. And the one, who says that it is possible for liars/deceivers to claim it, would be accusing Allah, The Glorious, of being incapable of

Sulaym ibn Qays 398]

hah, were you not present when the Messenger of Allah PBUHAHP asked for a paper so that he writes that, with which the nation would not go astray nor disagree/differ? At that time your companion said what he said (indeed the Prophet of Allah is hallucinating). At that time the Messenger of Allah PBUHAHP became angry” [Kitab Sulaym ibn Qays 211]

Sulaym ibn Qays said that Ali PBUH said to Talha when the Muhajiroun (Immigrants) and Ansar (Supporters) were boasting about their favors and preference, “O Talha! were

you not present, when the Messenger of Allah PBUHAHP asked for a paper so that he could write that with which the nation would not go astray nor differ/disagree? At that time, your companion said what he said, that the Messenger of Allah is

the calamity of thurdsay

Unfortunately many Muslims do not know what really happened on the Thursday before the Prophet’s death, as this subject is poorly treated in mosques, despite its great importance.


The Savior has arrived

Al-Noa’mani page 81]

matter of the Will

The importance of the will has been clarified and revealed by its companion in this time, Ahmed Alhasan PBUH.

safeguarding the book, which He described as being a protection from misguidance, for the ones who hold tight to it. In reality, he would be accusing Allah of lying, because He SWT described the book as being a protection from misguidance forever and then it turned out not to be so, or he would be accusing Allah of ignorance because He described a book by a description that does not apply to it because of His ignorance of its condition. While, far away is Allah, The Glorious, from all those descriptions, and Allah is far more Exalted than what the ignorant ones say. Because [for an example] if a human being, who knows the unseen and the consequences of matters, tells you “if you want to drink water then drink from here, and I assure you, that you

will never drink poison from this place” but one day you drink poison from that place. Then what is that person who assured you? He is either ignorant, or a liar in the first place, or he was incapable to assure, or he broke his promise. Thus, could the one, who believes in Allah accept that Allah SWT be described as being ignorant or liar or incapable or that He broke His promise? Allah is far exalted than that. Allah SWT promised in the Qur’an, and according to what has been narrated from them PBUT, to safeguard the divine text from being claimed by people of falsehood. As

The Savior has arrived


the people of falsehood are dismissed away indeed the claimant of the Divine position is from claiming it, so that is prevented/disal- either: lowed. He, the Exalted, said: : {And if he had A) A person, who claims the text, that defines made up concerning Us some [false] sayings * the character which is described as being a We would have seized him by the right hand * protection from misguidance, for the ones Then We would have cut from him the aorta} who hold tight to it. Then this person must Surat Al-Haqah 69:44-46 be saying the truth, and it is impossible that The absolute making up of sayings concern- he would be lying or deceiving, because that ing Allah (lying upon Allah) has always been text is safeguarded from being claimed by present, and Allah SWT has not prevented liars and deceivers. it, and it is not necessary that the ones who B) He is a claimant of the Divine position like make up sayings concerning Allah SWT be de- being a Mahdi etc., but he is not a claimant of stroyed immediately. Rather, He, The Glorified, the text, that defines the character, which is The Exalted, gave them time. This is known by described as being a protection from misguidwhoever followed the apparent false calls like ance for the ones who hold tight to it. the call of Musaylama in the time of Prophet - The claim of this claimant is either conMuhammad PBUHAHP. fusing for some of the tested [people] due to Thus, it is certain that what is meant in the their ignorance some matters, so Allah SWT verse is not the absolute making up of sayings might apply theofverse (Surah 69:44) on this concerning Allah SWT. Rather, what is meant claimant and destroy him as a Mercy for the is the making up sayings concerning Allah by servants, even if it happens, his claim claiming the Divine saying by which the proof over a period. Although there isafter no pretext is established. The verse complies with the excuse for the ones who follow him. nor previous reasonable/rational inference, which is that [false] claiming using divine texts is - Or that it is not possible for anyone to be confused by him except if [this person] was prevented and not possible. for falsehood so he follows a person It is addressing the ones who do not believe looking without a text that defines the character like in Muhammad PBUHAHP nor in the Qur’an. Thus it has been previously clarified. In addition, a arguing by the words in the verse is not by the lot of foolishness come out of him and Allah fact that [the words] are the words of Allah, SWT makes his falsehood apparent and clear because they do not believe in that. Rather, to people. And there is no need that the verse arguing is by the meaning of the verse. Argu- be applied on this claimant, rather he might ing by what is proven/confirmed with them be given a long period of time for he is left reasonably, and that is that the Divine text, for those who call falsehood by foolishness. which is described to be a protection from So one must pay attention then to the fact misguidance, for the ones who hold tight to it, that our speech is about the prevention of can never be claimed except by its companion. claiming the text, which defines the characBecause saying that it is possible for a per- ter, which is described as being a protection son other than its companion to claim it im- from misguidance, and it is not about claimplies that ignorance, incapability and lying ing the Divine position in general. For falsely are attributed to Allah, The Glorious, and The and foolishly claiming the Divine Position or Exalted. Therefore, it is impossible - according Prophet-hood or Succession of Allah on His to Reason, the Qur’an, and the narrations - that land and without arguing by the will (or the [a liar] claims the Divine text that [defines] text which defines the character) has hapthe character, which is described as being a pened many times. protection from misguidance for the ones who And perhaps the one who falsely claimed hold tight to it. remained alive for a period of time. An Indeed the text is safeguarded from being had example is Musaylama the liar, who claimed until its companion claim it in order claimed toofbethose a Prophet during the time of the that its purpose be achieved, and [that pur- Messenger of Allah Muhammad and pose] is that the ones who hold tight to it be Musaylama remained alive afterPBUHAHP, the death of prevented from going astray like Allah , The the Messenger of Allah Muhammad PBUHAHP. Glorified, promised them. So the claim without the testimony of Allah For more clarification, it is to be noted, that and the text of Allah and without a Will is 22

The Savior has arrived

“ofIsMuhammad the will of the Prophet Muhammad pbuhap, which is the preserved treasure and his progeny pbut, to the man of Truth Al-Yamani and Al-Qaim the Riser of Al-Muhammad pbuh not enough?” - Ahmed Alhasan -

invaluable and is a foolish claim. So whoever believes such a deceitful/lying claimant has no excuse in front of Allah SWT. So this prevention, the prevention of claiming of the Will of Prophet PBUHAHP, which we have proven with reason, and was confirmed by the Qur’anic text and the narrations, is also confirmed by the reality, for the passing of hundreds of years upon the text without having anyone claim it is enough to prove this truth. Hundreds of years passed upon the wills of the prophets in the Torah and the will of Jesus PBUH, and no one ever claimed it except Muhammad PBUHAHP and his vicegerents after him. Likewise, no one ever claimed the Will of the Prophet except the Imams PBUT. It never happened that deceivers/liars had ever claimed the Wills. And Jesus and Muhammad PBUT argued by it, for Jesus PBUH argued by the mentioning/the text of the previous Prophets of him, despite of their indirectness in regards to him. Muhammad PBUHAHP argued by the mentioning of Jesus

PBUH of him, and the mentioning/text of the prophets before Jesus PBUH. Allah, The Exalted, said: {And when Jesus, the son of Mary, said, ‘O children of Israel, indeed I am the messenger of Allah to you confirming what came before me of the Torah and bringing good tidings of a messenger to come after me, whose name is Ahmed.’ But when he came to them with clear evidences, they said, “This is obvious magic} Surat Al-Saff 61:6 {Those, who follow the Messenger, the Prophet of the common folk, whom they find written in what they have of the Torah and the Gospel, who enjoins upon them what is right, forbids them what is wrong, makes lawful for them the good things, prohibits for them the evil, relieves them of their burden and the shackles which were upon them. So they, who have believed in him, honored him, supported him and followed the light, which was sent down with him - it is those who will be the successful.} Surat Al’araf 7:157

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The Savior has arrived

The Savior has arrived

The Savior has arrived

The Savior has arrived

From the book “The Sacred Will”

Sayyed Ahmed Alhasan PBUH:

And here it is the book (the writing) of the will which the Messenger Muhammad a thousand of years in the books, and every human being has the ability to look at it and read it. However, not even a single liar/deceiver was ever able to claim it, although there have been many liars/deceivers of divine positions. But Allah has dismissed away from it every lying claimant, for [you find that] a lot of people have claimed Imamate (being an Imam) or Mahdism(being the Mahdi), but never [will you find] anyone who was able to penetrate the veil of Allah which is stricken upon this book in order to claim it. And this reality clarifies what I have presented earlier, and that is that the description of this book to be itself a protection from misguidance means that no one can ever claim it except its companion whom the Messenger Muhammad PBUHAHP has mentioned. And whoever claims it is saying the truth and he is its companion and that is an enough complete evidence and established proof of the truth/eligibility of this call. So whoever wants the truth and knowing the truth/eligibility of this call then the will and my claim that I am the one mentioned in it are enough for him. And there are many other proofs other than that. Of them is [my] knowledge of the religion of Allah, the realities of the creation, being the only who carries the banner of Supremacy/Allegiance is for Allah. Also the direct mentioning [of me] by Allah to His servants by visions and other than that from among the methods of the testimony of Allah to His Caliphs (Successors) on His land for His creation. As the Angels testified to the Caliphate (Succession) of Adam PBUH by revelation, Allah has also testified for a large number of people, who are separated [from one another across the world] and could not possibly plot [with one another] to lie. Testimony that Ahmad Alhasan is upon the Truth, and that he is a Caliph (Successor) from the Successors of Allah. And verily, He, The Exalted, said: {And We have sent you to the people as a messenger, and Allah is sufficient as witness} [Surat Al-Nisaa’ 4:79]. And He, The Exalted, said: {But Allah testifies to that which He has revealed to PBUHAHP has written on the night of his death, it has been present for more than

you. He has sent it down with His knowledge, and the Angels testify [as well]. And Allah is sufficient as witness} [Surat Al-Nisaa’ 4:166]

Also concerning the Sunni Muslims, The Messenger of Allah PBUHAHP, has urged them to give victory to the Mahdi and he named him “The Caliph (Successor) of Allah Al-Mahdi (The Mahdi)” as is present in the most authentic narrations in the books of the Sunnis. And verily I have come to them, and my name is like the name of the Messenger of Allah, Ahmed, and the name of my father is like the name of the father of The Messenger of Allah, Isma’il (Ishamel), just as the narrations have mentioned. The Messenger PBUHAHP said: (I am the son of the two slaughtered ones, Abdullah and Isma’il (Ishmael)). And I have come to you by the text that defines the character which is described as being a protection from misguidance for the ones who hold tight to it, and I have come with the Knowledge and I am the only one who carries the banner of Supremacy/Allegiance is for Allah. So fear Allah, O nation of Muhammad PBUHAHP. And call to the Truth and follow the Caliph (Successor) of Allah, The Mahdi whom the Messenger of Allah has called you to give victory to even if you had to crawl on ice, and have faith in the only will of your Prophet in order that you may be rescued in this world and the hereafter.”


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The Weapon of every Messenger

The Delusion of Atheism available on amazon+


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he Second Path in knowing the Successor of Allah on the Earth is Knowledge. It is the weapon of the Prophets and the Vicegerents as they possess Divine Knowledge and Wisdom. And this is known by their speech and their solutions to the problems and the existing situations. And it must be that people free themselves from their desires and egos in order to determine their PBUT Wisdom and Knowledge, and this is the weapon that was the Proof of Allah, the Glorious, upon the Angels: {And He taught Adam the names - all of them. Then He showed them to the angels and said, "Inform Me of the names of these, if you are truthful."} The Holy Quran 2:31.

For certainly it is the one of the best evidences to identify the Successors of Allah on His Earth. And Knowledge is not separate from the weapon, indeed the weapon of believers is knowledge. And this is what Sayed Ahmed Alhasan pbuh has revealed to show his connection with Allah SWT as well as to establish the proof. From Safwan from Abu Hassan Al Ritha pbuh said that Abu Jafer PBUH said:

’The weapon to us is like the Covenant of Bani Isra’el. Wherever the Covenant is around, the Prophethood is inherited and wherever the weapon is placed is where the matter unfolds.’ I said: “Is the weapon separate from the Knowledge? He (a.s.) said: ‘No.’ [Al Kafi, vol 1, pg 238]

Quote of Ahmed Alhasan :

“if you don't collect knowledge and acts of worship then, you have given the tyrants all that they want. To turn you into redundant slaves, not a knowledgeable person.”

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International book fair in francfort

Ansars presenting the books of Ahmed Alhasan in the international book fair in Frankfurt, Germany.

Ali PBUH said: ‘There is no Knowl-

edge that can be opened by other than me and there is no Secret that is sealed by other than Al Qaim.” [Mostadrak Safinat, Al Bihar Vol. 10 page 350]

Al Harth ibn Al Mugheera said to Abu Abdullah (Imam Jaafer) PBUH: “How do we know about Saheeb Al Amr (the Companion of the Matter)? He (a.s). said: ‘Peacefulness, Dignity, Knowledge, and the Will.’

[Basa’er Al Darajat Muhammad ibn Al Hassan Al Safar p.509 & Al Kafi Vol p.378 & Bihar Al Anwar Vol 62 p.217]

And Imam Sadiq PBUH said:

‘Knowledge is contained in twenty-seven letters (parts) and everything that all of the previous Messengers brought was just two of


“And today, these 27 letters have started to be disseminated among people” - Ahmed alhasan -

these letters. And until the Day, the people will not be given Knowledge except for these two letters. So then when our Qa’im PBUH makes his advent, he will bring with him the other twenty-five letters and he will spread these among the people and add these to the previous two letters. In this way he PBUH will have imparted the twenty-seven letters of Knowledge to them.’ [Wasa’il Shi’a, Volume 7, Page 326, tradition 10]

So revealing of these 27 Letters has begun. Ahmed Alhasan PBUH has already written more than 40 books of profound Divine Knowledge involving Beliefs (Ideology), Knowledge of Quran as well as other Divine Scriptures and about the creations and of the existence.

atheism delusion The atheism is scientifically victorious and by a very large margin over those who claim to represent the religions. whether Shia, Sunni, or Wahhabi Muslims, or Christians or Jews respond to scientific topics without even understanding For this reason Ahmed Alhasan has written a book and discuss the most important scientific theories that are proven experimentally or mathematically and theoretically. Theory of evolution and The selfish gene … The string theory and the M theory the


existence of more than four dimensions in this universe. When did Adam live on this earth? Where, when and how did the flood of Noah happen? Did the flood include the entire earth? Did all living creation on the earth perish? These questions and more… Has being answered by Ahmed Alhasan in the book “The Delusion of Atheism” It contains a scientific debate with Professor Richard Dawkins and Professor Stephen Hawking. ”The Delusion of Atheism”, Coming soon to your bookstores.

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The London Book Fair

The book “Atheism Delusion” was also presented to the people in the - London Book Fair -

They cover various aspects of Divine Religion including correct beliefs, true monotheism, the Allegories and as a result involve many matters that range from Religion and Reality to Science. His latest work is “The Atheism Delusion” where he PBUH not only shows the ignorance of the clerics who are misrepresenting Islam today, but he demonstrates how they are incapable of representing Islam to the modern world of intellects where valid reasons and proofs are respected. He also takes a leap and confronts the arguments of modern day pioneers including the evolutionary biologist Mr. Richard Dawkins, and the theoretical physicist Mr. Stephen Hawking. He does this by proving existence of a God using scientific

and acceptable evidences. This work in itself is unique as this has not been shown and proven yet by anyone in the entire world. Imam Al Sadiq PBUH: “Al Qaim (The Riser) will move forward and be accompanied by his Companions and Supporters, until they reach the city of Al Najaf. At that time the army of Sufyani will come out against His Eminence PBUH from Kufa. That day will be a Wednesday. Then he will invite them and call them to his rightful status and he will inform them that he is oppressed and compelled. He PBUH will say: ‘Whoever argues against me in regard to Allah, know that I am the most Knowledgeable of you concerning Allah.’

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Book fair in Baghdad

Ansars presenting and explaining the books of Ahmed Alhasan PBUH in Baghdad, Iraq.

“Some clerics face scientific theories in a completely miserable and embarrassing way, some try

to refute genetics with terrible arguments, anybody would pity whoever confronts science in this way and the observer turns away from religion because of such methods by the clerics, these issues include everyone.” o Ahmed Alhasan And in return they will say: ‘Go back to where you came from. We have no need of you.’ Certainly we have informed you and tested you… “ [Bihar al Anwar,Vol 52, P. 387 & Al Zam Al Nasib,

Ch.1, P. 103 & Majam Ahadith Al Imam Al Mahdi, Upon him Peace, Ch. 4,P. 43]

The following are a few examples of the matters and secrets that no one had ever known until Ahmed Al Hasan PBUH revealed in his books: 1. The meaning of Alif Lam Meem, Noon and Ba and other scattered letters at the beginning of specific Chapters (Surahs) in the Holy Quran. 2. Who is the look alike of Jesus PBUH? 3. The meaning of the word ‘Bismillah’ that begins every Chapter (Surah) of the Qur’an and whether it is part of the Chapter or not. 4. Explanation of the six days of the creation of the sky and how it is related to the seven skies and the matters of the seven skies. 5. The identification of the “Eight Characters” ansars presentING who will hold the “Arsh” (kingdom). the book of Ahmed 6. The 24 Elders mentioned in Bible (Reve- Alhasan lation 4:4) 34

The Savior has arrived

Ansars have participated in International Book Fairs sharing and clarifying the books written by Ahmed Alhasan.

7. The True Monotheism and meaning of Allah. 8. Who was the virtuous servant whom Moses met at the Junction of two seas? 9. Who spoke to Moses from the right side of the valley? 10. How the 313 are linked to the Bible? 11. Who is the lamb mentioned in the vision of John in the book of Revelation (Bible)? 12. How could Iblees whispher to Adam, while he PBUH was in Heavens and Iblees is banished? 13. What is the meaning of “{Do they wait until Allah comes to them in shadows of clouds and the angels, and the matter has been ordained, And to Allah [all] matters are returned} Surah Al-Baqarah 2:210, while Allah is

far exalted to come and go like a creation. And much more. Imam Ritha PBUH said:

‘Allah will grant the Prophets and Imams, may the blessings of Allah be upon them, success and will give them from His stored Knowledge and rulings that which is given only to them. And in this way their Knowledge is far above the Knowledge of the people of their time. In the words of Allah the Most High: "Say: Is there from your partners who guide to the Truth? Say: Allah guides to the Truth.

Is the one who GUIDES TO THE TRUTH MORE WORTHY TO BE FOLLOWED or is the one who cannot guide unless he is guided more worthy. How will you judge?" Qur’an 10:35 [Uyoon Akhbar Al Ritha, pg 167]

And this is the reality of the Knowledge that Sayed Ahmed Al Hasan PBUH has revealed. It has toppled not only the baseless opinions of the clerics from different religions but also the arguments of intellectuals and modern scientists. And this should be enough to believe in his truthful claim. As for the Shias, they know that the matter of the 12 Mahdis after Imam Al Mahdi, in general was never known before Ahmed Alhasan established the proof, especially the people were never told about this. Not only that but even their classic scholars who preserved their beliefs admitted that this matter was allegorical and that its meaning was not clearly known. And in this way they admitted that the Prophet and his Progeny PBUT had kept this matter a secret. Here are some of their statements: Sheikh al Sadooq said in Kamal al Deen wa Tamam al Ni'ma on p.77: “The number of Imams PBUT is Twelve and the Twelfth one will fill the earth with Justice and Equity. It was mentioned that after that there will be an Imam after him or it will be

The Savior has arrived


the Day of Judgment.”

So it is clear even that even a learned scholar like Sheikh Al Sadooq admitted his incapability to know the certainty of this matter. Sheikh al Mufeed said in Irshad, Vol.2, p.387:

“ And there will be no nation or government for anyone after the Qaim's Nation except for what has come to us from the narrations that talk about the rise of the Qa’im’s son, if Allah SWT wills it. Allah SWT knows best what will happen. And He is the Guardian who gives success to the Righteous Servants. And Him we ask for protection from misguidance, and we seek Guidance through Him to the Path of Enlightenment...".

So that only the one who unlocks these secrets becomes the Rightful Claimant of the matter and his trutful claim is established. And the narrations exist for everyone in the books in the same way as the letters (A-Z) or the numbers (0-9) or Special Characters are known to everyone. But who would know their correct arrangement for the password of an account or pin of a Bank Card or something similar, except for its Rightful Owner?

So again even this learned scholar (Sheikh al Mufeed) admitted that this matter was not clearly known and he resorted to asking Allah for protection from misguidance. There are many other statements. But these are enough to prove that this matter was allegorical and kept secret by Allah SWT and the Prophet and his Progeny PBUT. The Books of aHMED aLhASAN IN gERMANY Ansars displaying the books of Ahmed Alhasan in Germany. 36

The Savior has arrived

So whoever arranges them in a clear picture that will unlock the secret becomes the Rightful Owner. And no one else will be able to unlock it except that Rightful Owner. Whoever doubts, his doubt will not benefit him. This is because it is incumbent upon them to see if the secret was truly unlocked or not. Did he reveal a secret? If the secret was unlocked and revealed then the matter is done and the one who unlocked it is the

known who is deserving for the Imamate by determining it through the mind and intuition. Hence, it is proven that there is no way to the Truth of the matter except by the Text from Allah SWT, the One who knows the secrets and then stopping at that. Also the Imam must be infallible just like the Prophet PBUHAHP. And there is no way to know infallibility except by the Truthful Text from Allah or by Knowledge that is beyond the norm and cannot be successfully challenged by anyone.” [Masael Al Akabrya, p.52]

Sheikh Al Toosi r.a. said:

“The Imam PBUH does not know that he is an Imam except by the Text that mentions him and this text is written by the Prophet.. So if he is validated in the Text and he claims Imamate, it is a given fact that Allah the Most High would have revealed through his PBUH hand knowledge that can not be disproven. And this is just like what we say the secret and will clarify the Truth of the matter from about the status of Saheb Al Zaman PBUH the narrations.” when he appears so the Text is the origin.”

Rightful Owner. Prophet Muhammad and the Progeny of Muhammad PBUT, why didn’t they openly say that the name of the Yamani is so and so, in order that the matter would end. Wouldn’t that be better? But if they PBUT did that then the authenticity of the proof would have perished along with the narrations. This is because he PBUH ”will unlock From Malek son of Al Juhni he said:

[Iqtisaad, p.194]

“I said to Abu Jafer PBUH: “We have described the Right- It has been more than 13 years since this ful Owner with a description that is unlike anyone else Divine Call (Dawa) began, and there has not among the people.” been a single contradiction in more than So he PBUH said: 40 books written by Sayed Alhasan PBUH “By Allah! It will not be that at all until he argues with you which in itself is a clear sign that validates by it and calls you towards him” [Ghaibat Al Numani, p.377] his PBUH truthful claim.

This is the reality indeed, that for more than a thousand years the people could not put the pieces of the puzzle together until Sayed Ahmed AlHasan PBUH revealed it at the time appointed by Allah. So this is sufficient for whoever uses reason. Sheikh Al Mufeed said:

“As for their question “How can the Text be more significant than selecting the vicegerents?” The answer is: “It was as such, because the condition of an Imam is that he PBUH is the best from Allah and the most Knowledgeable one for the position and the most brave and righteous. And that is because it is not

The Savior has arrived


“worship without knowing is meaningless and


The Savior has arrived

d is empty from reality/truth

Ahmed Alhasan

Abi Ja’far PBUH said: “When our Qa’im rises, Allah places His hand on the heads of the worshipers, so their minds will be gathered by it and their dreams will be completed by him.” Al Kafi: Volume 1, page 25

He started teaching us the Quran and the true aqeeda/belief. His encompassing of all differences of scholars was incredible that only an infallible can have that capacityWhen he spoke about the Malakoot until the morning it was as if we would ascend to the Kingdom of Heavens whilst he spoke; spiritual things are beyond comprehension. The Imam then challenged the scholars and told them that whatever miracle they wished, God-willing, he was ready to produce it and he also invited the media so that all could see it.” sHEIKH NADEM ALOQAILI One of the representative of the office in Najaf

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he Third Path, of knowing the Vicegerent of Allah on His Earth is ‘The Banner (Pledging Allegiance to Allah/Supremacy of Allah)’ or ‘The Sovereignty/ dominion of Allah’. Allah, The Glorious, demanded this to be for His first successor Adam, Upon Him Peace. {"When I have fashioned him (in due proportion) and breathed into him of My spirit, fall ye down in obeisance unto him."} The Rocky Tract: 29 Meaning, obey and do what he commands you for he is My Successor. And the Almighty said: {Say, "O Allah , Owner of Sovereignty, You give sovereignty to whom You will and You take sovereignty away from whom You will...} Family of Imran: 26 And the Almighty said: {Sovereign of the Day of Recompense.} Surat Al-Fatihah (The Opener): 4

In the Hajj Gathering: “Grace and dominion are yours, and You have no part


In the Hajj Gathering: “Grace and dominion are yours, and You have no partner. “

Thus, they do not flatter anyone at the expense of the truth and even though they had been accused due to carrying it, for in the past they said regarding Jesus, Upon him Peace, that he was greedy for the dominion of Bani Israel, which the non-working scholars lost due to their flattering to the Romans. And it was said about the Call (invitation to Islam) of Muhammad, Upon him and his progeny peace, “there is no paradise or hell, but he is the sovereignty”, meaning that Muhammad, Upon him and his progeny Peace, came in order to request the dominion for himself and his sons. And it was said regarding Ali, Upon him Peace, “Verily, he is eager about [his] sovereignty/dominion”, even though they hear him say: “What does Ali have to do with Sovereignty that does not last”, and they witness his asceticism and his refraining from the world and its ornaments.

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The Banner has been raised all around the world.

“Blessed be you o believers,


who acknowledge the supremacy of Allah swt, His sovereignty, and His appointing - Ahmed Alhasan in the Sermon of Hajj -


nd this was the case with Jesus, Upon him Peace, which is not hidden and was the case with Muhammad, Upon him and his Progeny Peace. The Prophets and Vicegerents do not take into consideration any of the accusations of people, as is the case for the non-working scholars, whom seek the satisfaction of the people by which angers the Creator. Therefore, the people follow the non-working scholars, and fight against the Prophets and the Vicege-


rents whom are demanding the Supremacy of Allah on His Earth, on either the level of legislation or execution, meaning, the constitution and the ruler. Thus, it must be that the constitution is

The Savior has arrived

Ansars in far east

The believers today are across the World including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand in Far East.


The believers raised the banners in Cologne, Germany and introduced people to the this blessed call in a peaceful way.

divine, and the ruler is appointed by Allah, the Glorious, the Almighty. While this is not suitable for the majority of the people who follow their own desires, and want the comfort/security of this world at the expense of comfort/security in the Hereafter. And verily, The All-Knowing, The All-Aware, has informed us about the condition of the majority by which [no one] can add to: {And if

you obey most of those upon the earth, they will mislead you from the way of Allah.} Surat Al-’An’am (The Cattle): 116

{Indeed, it is the truth from your Lord, but most of the people do not believe.} Surat Hood (Hud):17 We are in this age, when everyone is calling for democracy, that


Truth is one Only Allah swt chooses leaders for humankind

people choose their own leaders. This weapon propagated by the West, has invaded so many countries and destroyed them. On the other hand, we see self-appointed leaders, proclaiming sovereignty in the name of Allah SWT, without any authority from the Almighty. The truth is one, and it has been the same since the test began in this physical world, that only Allah SWT chooses his Successors for mankind, as the sovereignty belongs to him SWT alone. And by them PBUT, the religion of Almighty is perfected perpetually until the Day of Resurrection. Ahmed Alhasan PBUH has raised this banner, clarifying the Religion of Allah SWT, and he is the only one raising this banner in our age,


Interview of a believer in this blessed call for the Savior TV Channel

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March organised by ansars with the banner of call of truth - Allegiance is for God -

“I call you to acknowledge the supremacy of Allah and reject the

supremacy of people. I call you to obedience of Allah, and to reject the obediance of Satan and the obedience of his counterparts from the deviant clerics.” o Ahmed Alhasan - Sermon of hajj which is a sign from the signs of Allah SWT for the call of Truth. The reasonable ones should ponder upon the Holy Quran, and they would find that there is not a single verse in the Book of Allah SWT, that says we can appoint leaders to guard the religion and way of life of people. On the contrary, there are many verses which clearly state that only Allah SWT appoints Successors/Caliphs for the believers, to guard the religion and way of life, so that the purpose of the Creation can be fulfilled. • And the Almighty said, {Verily, I am making a Caliph (Successor) on Earth} Surat Al-Baqarah 2:30 • And the Almighty said, {O David, indeed We have made you a Successor upon the Earth, so judge between the people with justice} Surat Sad 38:26

• And the Almighty said, {Have you not seen the assembly from the Children of Israel after [the time of] Moses when they said to a prophet of theirs, “Send to us a king, and we will fight in the way of Allah “? } Surat Al-Baqarah 2:246}


Ansar in Malmo The Caliph for the believers has been ap- An spreading the call of pointed with a great task. And by definition, truth. it is guarding the Religion and way of life. Thus, he has to possess high level of piety, 44

The Savior has arrived


The blessed ansari orphans with the banner of the Yamani.

ers.} Surah Al ‘Araf : 155

devoutness, purity, infallibility and also absolute knowledge of all religious aspects. That he PBUH never leads them out of right path, nor takes them ever into misguidance, and so that he judges among them with Justice by the law of Allah SWT. Such qualities can’t be supervised by the people. Then, how can people in general choose a right person as their leader, when Prophet Moses PBUH, one of the 5 greatest Prophets, chose 70 people whom he PBUH thought as eligible for Allah’s SWT appointment, but Allah SWT destroyed them as He SWT knew their inner while even Moses PBUH didn’t know!

{And Moses chose from his people seventy men for Our appointment. And when the earthquake seized them, he said, “My Lord, if You had willed, You could have destroyed them before and me [as well]. Would You destroy us for what the foolish among us have done? This is not but Your trial by which You send astray whom You will and guide whom You will. You are our Protector, so forgive us and have mercy upon us; and You are the best of forgiv-

Hence, the Caliph/Successor PBUH is only appointed by Allah SWT and not the people. And for us Muslims, The Holy Quran is our Constitution, and the leader is appointed by Allah SWT. This is the true Islam which the Mahdi of this nation has made brighter than the sun. From the Narrations, in the Books of Sunnis: AlBukhary by Furat alQazaz heard from Abu Hazim from Abu Huraira from Prophet Muhammad PBUH said:

“The tribes of Israel were led by the Prophets, every time a Prophet deceased he was followed by another Prophet, and there will be no Prophets after me, but there will be successors and they will be many.” The companions then asked, “What do you order us?” the Prophet PBUH replied “Fulfil your pledge of allegiance to them one after another, and give them their rights, and truly Allah will ask them about their responsibilities” Al Bukhari 4, page 144

Now AlNawai’s explanation of this. Muslim’s book part 12 page 231, he says this citation by Prophet Muhammad PBUH: “The tribes of Israel were led by the Prophets, each Prophet followed by another”: Means they lead as do the “Emirs” and “The Commanders with the subordi-

The Savior has arrived


CONFERENCE ABOUT THE CALL OF AHMED ALHASAN Organised to present the call to the people and explain his clear evidences.

nates and politics” handling things

towards the best. So who assigns Prophets and messengers PBUT? And Prophet PBUH combined this assigning in his statement with “There will be many successors after him”, which clarifies, that indeed Allah SWT chooses successors just as he chose Prophets to lead them before, and indeed this matter will continue after him, the difference is only that Prophet Muhammad PBUHAHP is the last Prophet sent from Allah SWT. But there will be divine men after him leading people, “Guarding religion and the way

Ahlulbayt is a banner whoever transgresses against it is an evil one and whoever is late to follow it is misguided and whoever followed it is guided, it will be written on it “AlBaya Lila’ pledging allegiance is to Allah”


the banner of god has been raised

of life” and they are only appointed by Allah SWT.

From the narrations, in the Books of Shias: Imam Jaafer PBUH said, :”For us

250 signs p.15 Sheikh Korani

In the entire period of Longer Occultation of Imam Al Mahdi PBUH, none raised this banner except Ahmed Alhasan PBUH, and this banner has been the banner of Prophets and Messengers PBUT in the past. From Ibn Abbas: ‘I saw Al Hus-

sain PBUH, before he went to Iraq, he was at the Kaaba, his hand was on the hand of Gabriel PBUH, and he was saying: “Come over here to Baya lila (pledge allegiance to Al-

“For more than one

thousand years this blessed nation bore suffering from the tyrants for carrying the banner of the supremacy of Allah.” -Ahmed Alhasan-



Ansars in Malaysia with the banner of truth.

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The Banner of guidance affects everyone, regardless of their age. Every human is invited to the wedding of the lamb.

lah).” - Bihar Al Anwar v.44 page 185.

And that is the reason, the banner of Yamani is the banner of Guidance as he PBUH calls people to Baya Lllah (Pledge Allegiance to Allah SWT). Imam Al-Baqir PBUH: “There is no ban-

the Shias used to follow the traditions of the Prophet and his progeny PBUT, and they used to say that only Allah SWT chooses leaders. However, here we are and especially after the fall of Saddam, the clerics fell in the traps of Democracy and allowed elections, so they made Haram as Halal and their followers followed them blindly, repeating the same old mistake just like in the time of Imam Ali PBUH. And this is by the mercy of Allah SWT, that he made this matter unique for its companion, so today none is calling for Supremacy of Allah except Ahmed Alhasan PBUH. The Almighty says: • {And whoever does not judge/rule by

ner better than that of the Yamani, it is the banner of faith and dedication, because he calls to your possessor, so if the Yamani comes out, selling weapons to people or any Muslim becomes prohibited, and if the Yamani appears, stand up to him, because he’s banner is the banner of faith, and its prohibited for any Muslim to turn away from him, and who ever turns away from him, then he’s from the people of hell, because he calls to the truth and to the right path”. Al-Ghaybah - Mohammad Ibn what Allah has sent down– then it is those Ibrahim A’ No’mani p. 264 who are the wrongdoers/unjust} Surat Al-

In the past, the working Clerics from Ma’idah 5:45

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“as the earth is never free of Truth, and Truth

THE BANNER IN THE HADITHS Ali PBUH said as part of a lonmentioned the emergence of the 1)Imam ger tradition : 2was)We Qa’im PBUH when Abu Abdullah PBUH there, so I said to him: How would we “We, the Ahlul Bayt hold the flag of righteousness in our hands. It will protect anyone who comes under its shadow. Whoever rushes to follow it will prosper. Whoever opposes it will perish. Whoever abandons it will be debased. Whoever adheres to it will be rescued.” Source : Al Khisal ~ Saduq, English/Arabic edition, pg 1058,- this citation is on pg 1102 48

know that? So he PBUH said: “You will wake up with a scroll under your head, written in it “known obedience”. And it has been narrated that the banner of the Mahdi will have in it “Allegiance is to Allah”. Source: Kamalul Din waTamamul N’ema page 654, Muntakhab AlAnwar AlMudhee’a

The Savior has arrived

h lies in the supremacy ofaHMED Allah. ” ALHASAN

“ - Allegiance is for God -

From Aban son of Tagleb he said : I heard Aba Abdullah Jaafar son of Muhammad pbuh saying: “If the banner of truth appeared, the people of the East and the West will curse it .You know why ? He said : No . He said : This is what the people will see from HIS AHLULBAYT before his emergence.” Gaibat Al Numani p.298-299

Abdullah (pbuh) said : 3renegaded, )Abu “Verily we, Ahlul Bayt have a banner, whoever goes ahead of it have and whoever is late to it it have perished, and whoever follows it has followed [us], “Allegiance is to Allah” is written on it ! Source: 250 Signs by Sheikh Korani page 15

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rue Visions are heavenly evidences not only for the existence of Allah SWT, but indeed, they testify for the truth and deliver the truthful message from Allah SWT to a human being. The Quran is full of inspirations from Allah SWT by visions to the prophets sent by Allah SWT, including Abraham PBUH, Muhammad PBUHAHP and Yusuf PBUH. {And when we told you, “Verily, your Lord encompasses people,” and We made the visions which We showed you as a temptation for mankind as well as the Accursed Tree in the Quran. We warn them, but it increases them in nothing except great oppression.}

Surah Al-Isra, 17:60

{Allah has fulfilled the vision for His messenger in truth. You shall indeed enter the Inviolable Mosque, if Allah wills, secure, [having your hair] shaven and cut, not fearing. So He knew that which you knew not, and He has given you an imminent victory.”} Surah

Surah Al-Fath, 48:27

{And when [his son] was old enough to walk with him, [Abraham] said, “Oh my dear son, I have seen in my sleep that I sacrifice you. So look, what do you see?” He said, “Oh my father. Do that which you are commanded. Allah willing, you shall find me amongst the steadfast.”} Surah As-Saffat, 37:102

Then Allah SWT praises Abraham and Joseph PBUT because they believed in the visions, {“You have believed the vision. Verily! Thus do We reward the good.”} Surah As-Saffat:105 {[He said], “Joseph, O man of truth,}

Surah Yusuf, 12: 46


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mportanc evidence

Quote of Ah

“I tell you to go followers of slav ping slaves? Go b truth of this call

ce of Visions and a binding e for the Call of Truth

hmed Alhasan :

o back to Allah swt, but you wish to remain aves, did you not have enough from worshipback to Allah swt and ask him him about the l�

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dream] eleven stars and the sun and the moon; I saw them prostrating to me.”} Surat Yusuf (Joseph): 3-4

It must be noted, that the prophets PBUT used to see the visions before they were sent, and after they were sent as well. Meaning that the inspiration of Allah SWT to them started by the visions, and after they had been sent as messengers the pathway (visions) which is from the ways of Allah SWT’s inspiration did not stop for them. And the Messenger Muhammad PBUHAHP had seen visions before his sending. And if the sent prophets had not believed and worked by these visions, which they had seen before they were sent, then they would not have reached the high level and position that they had achieved. And Allah SWT would not have selected them for his message in the first place,


Asking Allah for guidance though his book.

And also in the Quran Allah SWT inspires unto the mother of Moses PBUH in the vision, {And We in-

spired the mother of Moses, saying, “Suckle him and when you fear s for him, then cast him into the river and fear not nor grieve. Verily, {You have already believed the viWe shall bring him back unto you sion. Verily, thus do We reward the and shall make him of Our mesgood.} Surah As-Saffat, 37:105 sengers.”} Surah Al-Qasas, 28:7 Good tigings of prophecy As a matter of fact, they PBUT be-


Thus, in the Qur’an, Allah, the Glorious, relates to us many visions and all of them were truthful some of them by the Prophets and some of them by Pharaoh and so on. And Abraham PBUH believed in the vision, and Pharaoh believed in the vision, and the mother of Moses believed in the vision, and the Queen Sheeba believed in the vision, for she became aware through the vision that the book of Solomon PBUH is a Noble Book and many more narratives. Also Allah, the Glorious, the Almighty, has named the visions as the best of stories, the Almighty said: {We relate to you, the best of

lieved in the visions of the believers with them. The Messenger of Allah Muhammad PBUHAHP would ask his companions about their visions and care to listen to them after Fajr, as if that listening to these visions was a remembrance and worship to Allah SWT.

stories in what We have revealed to you of this Qur’an although you were, before it, among the unaware. [Of these stories mention] when Joseph said to his father, “O my father, indeed I have seen [in a 52

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From the Narrations mentioned in the Books of Shias: Imam Al-Retha PBUH said, “In the mornings, the Messenger of Allah PBUHAHP, would ask his companions, ‘Are there any good tidings?’ Meaning the visions.”

[Al-Kafi Vol 8 page 90, Bihar Al-Anwar Vol 85 page 177]

Verily, Prophet Muhammad PBUHAHP would consider them from the good tidings of prophecy, it is narrated in both Sunni and Shia Books of Hadith that the Prophet PBUHAHP said, “There is noth-

in different narrations in these sources: [Al-Mowata’a Vol 2 page 957, Masnad Ahmad Vol 5 page 454, and Vol 6 page 129, Sahih Al-Bukhari Vol 8 page 69, Majma Al-Zawaed Vol 7 page 173, Omdat Al-Qari Vol 24 page 134, Al-Mojam Al-Kabeer Vol 3 page 197, and many others.

In the books of Sunnis, there are many narrations clarifying that seeing Prophet Muhammad PBUHAHP in a dream is indeed a true vision, for example, Prophet Muhammad PBUHAHP said, “Whoev-

er has seen me in a dream, has in fact seen me, for Satan does not appear in my form.” [Sahih Muslim, Volume 4, number: 5635,

ing left from the good tidings of prophecy except for the true visions, the Muslims would see them or they would be shown to him.”


It is narrated from Prophet Muhammad PBUHAHP that: “No prophecy after

“Who saw me in his sleep has indeed seen me, because Satan does not appear in my image, nor the image of one of my successors, nor in the image of their followers.’’ [Man la yahdarhu Al-Faqih- sheikh

[Bihar Al-Anwar Vol 85 page 192, Sahih Muslim Vol 2 page 38, Sonan Al-Nesa’i Vol 2 page 217,Sahih Ibn Habban Vol 13 page 411, Kanz Al-Ommal Vol 15 page 368]

me except for the good tidings.” It was said, “Oh Messenger of Allah, and what are the good tidings?” He said, “The true visions.” [Al-Dor Al-Manthoor Vol 3 page 312, Bihar Al-Anwar Vol 58 page 192] where it is also

narrated in the same part in page 177 in this way, “Nothing is left from the prophecy except for the good tidings,” they said, “what are they…?” Also mentioned

As for the Shias, There are many narrations further clarifying that Satan is not allowed to impersonate not only the Prophets PBUT, but in fact the Successors PBUT and even the believers on the right path. Prophet Muhammad PBUHAHP said,

Al-Sodoq: Vol 2, page 584. ‘Uyoon Akhbar Al-Retha PBUH to sheikh Al-Sodoq Vol 1, page 287. Al-Amali of Sheikh Al-Sodoq, page 120]

Imam Al-Reza PBUH has said that the Messenger of Allah PBUHAHP used to say to his companions in the morning, “Is there anything from the good news?”

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meaning by it, the dreams. [Al-Kafi: Volume it is Universal. For them enough are the 8, Hadith no. 14507] verses of Allah SWT: Abu Abdullah PBUH has said that the {Rather they say ‘’ Muddled dreams’’ or dreams are of three aspects - “Good rather’’ He has but invented it, ‘’ or rather News from Allah SWT for the Believer, ‘’ he is but a poet, let him bring us a sign and a caution against the Satan, and con- even as those of old were sent’’} Surat Al fused dreams.” [Al-Kafi: Volume 8, Hadith no. Anbiya : 21. 14509] {They said, “[It is but] a mixture of false There are many others, but for the sake dreams, and we are not learned in the inof evidence, these are enough to show terpretation of dreams.”} Surat Yusuf (Jothat indeed Truthful visions are a gift seph): 44 and mercy from Allah SWT to a believ- {And most of them follow not except aser and Satan is not allowed the imper- sumption. Indeed, assumption avails not sonate Prophets PBUT, their Successors against the truth at all. Indeed, Allah is PBUT and the True Believers. Knowing of what they do.} Surat Yunus As for the call of Truth, thousands of (Jonah): 36 people across the World, who couldn’t have possible plotted together to lie on this scale, have seen the visions of not only Prophet Muhammad PBUHAHP, but also other Prophets PBUT, or the infallible Imams PBUT including Imam Al Mahdi PBUH, testifying for the truth, that Ahmed Alhasan is in truth the Successor and messenger of Imam Al Mahdi PBUH. This is a clear evidence for any reasonable one to identify the call of truth, even though there are so many other proofs in the call of Truth. As for some ignorant ones, who pass assumptions that Visions are only proof for whoever sees them, then they should know that the Truth is one and 54

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Visions in the quran

In the Quran there are many stories about the visions and they are the means of communication between Allah and His creation.

What Ahmed Alhasan said about visions? “there As for the dreams/visions, every so often “So the oppressors have nothing but to comes to me a delegation from say that dreams are not a proof. Although various countries, some far from Najaf, and many of them had seen in their sleep what leads them to support this true Message. Even if there were one or two visions, as an example, that bore enmity to the family of Muhammad, peace be upon them, but what shall those do to respond to the hundreds, no rather thousands of visions that most of them have one of the infallibles in it.”

a true dream is part of Prophecy and the Prophet and his progeny PBUT took interest in dreams and in listening to them from the believers. They used to take much interest in interpreting them. Also the the Prophethood of some Prophets was mainly through dreams/visions, and their SWEDEN interpretation, such as the Prophet Daniel, Also inbeMalmo, the ”bepeace upon him. lievers call people to the truth.

Sermon of the story of meeting Imam Al Mahdi PBUH

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testimonials about

Ahmed alhasan There have been some people, fortunate enough to spend extended periods of time in the company of Sayed Ahmed Alhasan PBUH. These accounts clearly demonstrate that Sayed Ahmed PBUH shows the characteristics of his forefathers: humility, love, compassion, knowledge, courage, piety, purity, sincerity etc. 56

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“I Sheikh Habib al Sa’edy

Resident in Basra, Iraq. Entered the Hawzah ‘Ilmiyya’ in Najaf at the end of the 90s. One of the earliest believers in the call of truth.


asked him questions about the Quran, the prophets, etc. Any mustahab worship he performed, he would do in private to avoid being praised. There is no person more in control of the Qur’an in the world than Ahmed Alhasan PBUH and no one loves it more then he; he and the Qur’an are one. Never did I find anyone defending the Quran more than him PBUH. “ is indescribable as he His piety was called al Sadiq al Ameen and the pious servant by the Hawzah before being called ‘magician’, amongst other things. He would not move at all in his prayers: his heart is completely with Allah, his soul is in the highest sky. He would always say, “How do we thank Allah for his gifts? Try to achieve the truth and objective

he Imam PBUH would come to my house to visit my family several times in Karbala and Imara. He was very simple in clothing. It would be hard to differentiate him from others in the street. He would work with my brother in making honey that he would give to the ansar before thinking of giving it to himself. He once had 50,000 Iraqi dinars in his pocket, when he saw one of the ansars in need, he gave it all to him. I said to him Sayed at least give half of it to him, he said “this is not your issue to worry about”.

of worship and creation that is to worship the ‘He’ who cannot be known but by Himself swt. He would criticize us if we were sarcastic and using Allah’s name as part of the sarcasm. He never put himself in front of others or allowed anyone to do that. He was the real example and representative of true worship and service. His humility is extreme, that some would think he was some random person who loved sitting on mud like Abu Torab. He loved the sick, the orphans and the poor. Those who were distanced by people he would open his heart for them. His ‘I’ was non existent. Ahmed PBUH, a true divine character.”


y brother Bashar in the time of Saddam, had cancer in the lymph nodes and despite chemotherapy his chances of survival were very low. The Imam PBUH sent his closest companions to my brother they helped him and recited some things to him and he said, “Tell him, oh ansar, that he should go back to the hospital for a check up.” The doctors were shocked as to how my brother was healed when at that time we were in complete despair.”

Ahmed Hatab Alfaisly

Born: Imara, Iraq. Teacher in the blessed Hawzah of Imam Mahdi PBUH, in Najaf (Iraq). Author of books such as ‘Faslul Khitab’, ‘Dabit al ‘ard’, ‘Tali Al Mashriq’ and ‘Al Balagh Al Mubeen’, he is also one of the earliest believers in the call of truth.

The Official Communication System in the Call of Truth

the first method

of communication was the office of Imam Al Mahdi PBUH established by Ahmed Alhasan PBUH along with the ansars in Najaf. Imam PBUH used to visit there himself. It was in Hayy AlNaser (Al Naser Street). He PBUH used to be in contact with the believers like Sheikh Nathem aloqaili, Sheikh Alaa Amali and others. They used to print flyers and the books of Imam PBUH for spreading the call of truth. After that, Imam PBUH assigned, Mr. Muhammad Bahaa, who is an engineer, to start an online website to publish statements and books through the internet, and he did that with Mr. Dhiyaa AlZaidi. 58

The Savior has arrived

internet w In addition, other believers later helped to start the official websites in different languages. From 200612, due to the increased enmity of the so-called religious authorities, the communication was only possible through some trustworthy believers and contact with the official office of Imam Al Mahdi PBUH. The representatives assigned by Imam PBUH are Sheikh Nathem aloqaili, Sheikh Wathiq al Hussaini and Syed Hasan al Hamami in the Hawza of Al Mahdi PBUH in Najaf. In 2012, Imam PBUH opened his official Facebook page to communicate with the society in general. Every question sent by the believers and non-believers around the world, and its answer by the Imam PBUH has been relayed by these means ever since the call of Truth began. There have been several au-

/Ahmed.alhasan.10313 AhmedAlhasan

dio sermons by him PBUH, and by the favor of Allah SWT, recently it has been possible to arrange live interviews with him PBUH on Paltalk Messenger with a wider audience. There have been 4 live interviews so far in 2015-16. The Ansars have a dedicated Satellite TV Channel and a Youtube Channel: The Savior Channel for the same. The Imam PBUH has testified for the authenticity of the Facebook page and Hawza of Imam Al Mahdi PBUH, so that there does not remain any confusion or trace of doubt among the people. And indeed the Almighty says in Quran: {The believers are only the ones who have believed in Allah and His Messenger and then doubt not but strive with their properties and their lives in the cause of Allah . It is those who are the truthful.} Surah Al-hujurat:15

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Are isis and their supporters really muslims ?


he World has been witnessing a new face of Islam, especially since last decade. The rise of the extremists, committing inhumane crimes in the name of Allah, far exalted is He from the statements of the wicked ones. The result is not only alienating people around the World from the Truth, but also distracting some Muslims to look for right answers elsewhere including Atheism. Such extremist views stem from the corrupted doctrines and ideologies primarily Wahabism and Salafism. Whoever knows the history of Saudi Arabia and Wahhabism is aware that ISIS is not a new concept but they follow their criminal ancestors. 62

The Savior has arrived

"“The belief of the Wahabi religion has nothing to do with Islam whatsoever...” ahmed alhasan

“On the occasion of the Battle of Siffin; the entrance of the prisoners from the progeny of Muhammad to Syria and what is happening today in Syria, I repeat my invitation again, and direct it to the Muslims everywhere and especially in Iraq, to gather around the banner of truth of al-Mahdi to confront al-Qaeda, those slayers and those has an ideology and a religion; it is Wah- Sufyanis who gather today in Syria with habism and Salafism, which stems from the support of the US government and its Saudi Arabia. So unless intervened, Every lackeys, who consider Iraq their next step.” Wahabi or Salafi today is either a Terrorist Yet people have always been negligent, or a Terrorist in making. Their evil ideology even though proofs of the call of Truth are simply allows killing people who disagree, brighter than the Sun. He PBUH has emphalet alone the fact that they believe in a Al- sized that there is no way to gain victory lah who lives in heavens, with real hands, over the tyrants, nor is there a way for fingers and movements like humans, far exalted is Almighty from such foolish assumptions.” He emphasized that people should be made aware of the fact that the Religion is innocent of these murderers, as the progeny of Prophet Muhammad PBUHAHP, who are the inheritors of the Prophet, represent the true Islam.

One dominant strand to the Saudi identity pertains directly to Muhammad ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhab (the founder of Wahhabism), and the implementer of his radical beliefs. by Ibn Saud. Imam Ahmed Alhasan PBUH said in his last interview that “Terrorism now

Long before these Wahhabis from the organization known as Daesh aka ISIS, seized control of some regions and provinces in Iraq, he PBUH had asked people to gather under the banner of truth. December 16, 2012 on his PBUH blessed Facebook page:

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Public execution

Isis and their supporters kill all those who do not practice the same Satanic religion as them. Their actions are totally condemned by Islam.

who are firmly grounded in knowledge, they say, We believe therein; All is from our Lord; but only men of understanding really remember.” The Holy Quran, 3:7

the Relief (Faraj) except by following /complying with the truth, supporting the Successor of Allah, and working by the law of Allah in order to know the truth. Allah SWT says in the Holy Quran 7:96: {And if the people of the townships had believed and kept from evil, surely We should have opened for them blessings from the sky and from the earth. But (unto every messenger) they gave the lie, and so We seized them on account of what they used to earn.}

As for verses of the Holy Quran about Jihad, he PBUH has clarified that the issue with most of the people is interpreting the book of Allah SWT, while Allah SWT says in Quran:


working by the law of allah !

{It is He Who has revealed unto you the Scripture wherein are explicit revelations—they are the Mother of the Book—and others [which are] allegorical. But those in whose hearts is doubt pursue that which is allegorical seeking [to cause] dissension and seeking its interpretation. None knows its interpretation except for Allah and those

So the Prophet and his progeny PBUT stated that the allegories of the Quran are only known by the Messenger PBUHAHP and the Imams from his lineage PBUT, and the allegories are never known except through them and through their door PBUT. In the Book, ‘The 13th Disciple’, he PBUH addresses many misconceptions, including Violence and Rights of Women in Islam. For example for the following verses in the Holy Quran:

{83 So is it other than the religion of Allah they desire, while to Him have submitted those within the heavens and earth, willingly or by compulsion, and to Him they will be returned? 84 Say, “We

Fear-mongering Propoganda The ISIS criminals film their atrocities and executions in order to spread their Propaganda to terrorize the World and they do it in the name of Islam. 64

The Savior has arrived

The Savior has arrived



the riser brigades “What we did was formation of the brigades and train the believers so that they are prepared to defend their land and cities should they need to.”

- Ahmed Alhasan

have believed in Allah and in what was sent down to us and what was sent down to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, and the Descendants, and In what was given to Moses and Jesus and to the prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them, and we are Muslims [submitting] to Him.”85 And whoever desires other than Islam as a religion — never will it be accepted from him, and he, in the Hereafter, will be among the losers.” (Surah Ale Imran)

He says : ‘Verse 84 of Surat Aale-Imran shows clearly that the meaning of Islam in the verses is submission to Allah and to the vicegerent of Allah on His earth in 66

all times, who is appointed according to the law of the Succession of Allah on His earth. This law has been the same, since the first day of the test on this earth. Prophet of Allah Adam PBUH, whom Allah appointed as His vicegerent on the Earth. So these verses are not for the purpose of marginalizing any one or judging anyone, rather they are for the purpose of clarifying the law of belief that is acceptable to Allah, which is the submission to Him and to His vicegerent on His earth. But if you consider that placing a law of belief is marginalization of others who do not accept it, then the meaning of your words is that

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What is the purpose of the RiseR Brigades?

all people of religion, considering that they possess a law of belief, marginalize others. Moreover, the matter extends to every group that has a certain ideology. The Quran is an integral unit. Therefore, what the Wahhabis do to pass their false ideologies and their verdicts of killing people, and what the Christians and others do nowadays to slander the Quran, is a process of taking out verses from an integral unit. And Allah has clarified in the Quran that it is an integral unit, so it is invalid to segregate. Whoever segregates it is a tendentious person, who either wants to slander in a random and absurd manner - such as the one who says that whoever says “There is no god but Allah” is a disbeliever in Allah because he said “There is no god”. Or that he is a person who wants to pass an ideology or a corrupt verdict for a selfish motive, like the Wahhabis have done (or those who are called Salafis) And these

The Savior has arrived

“Let everyone know we founded the Riser Brigades out of necessity after the army handed Ramadi over to Daesh, may God curse them, and after those Sufyanis started moving towards Baghdad and threatening to demolish the shrine of al-Hussain PBUH. We have been left with only one choice which we cannot at all forsake, and that is rising to defend our land and our holy places in the face of this Wahabi, Sufyani attack. I also hope that the Sunni brothers and other people rest assured that the Riser Brigades have no goal other than to defend Iraq and its holy places. They are not directed against anyone in Iraq other than those Sufyani Wahhabis who have invaded our country and threaten to demolish our holy places” Ahmed Alhasan



The Ansar place posters in the streets of Iraq to tell people about the creation of “ The Riser brigades”

are Quranic verses which forbid this tendentious the Kingdom of Heaven was created from their and deviated behavior of segregating the Quran: lights.’ ‘The most important objectives of the strive (Jihad) is abandoning the bondage of this Earth, the people and the Ego, [and returning] to servitude to Allah, the One, the Conqueror, and the recognition of the Supremacy of the Glorious, the Almighty, on both levels, legislation and execution, which are gathered in the Successor al-Baqara (The Cow) 2:85. {Who have made the Quran into portions. So of Allah on His Earth.’ by your Lord, We will surely question them all He PBUH then clarifies: About what they used to do.} Surat al-Hijr (Rock ‘Furthermore, the Jihad of the bodies is only a City) 15:91-93. response to the Jihad of the spirits, as the bodare associated to the spirits. Therefore, the Moreover, the actions of the Messenger Mu- ies soldiers in the time of Prophet PBUHAHP were hammad PBUHAHP are clear, as the Jews, who only a people who went into the heart [the core/ are the People of a Book, used to live with him the midst] of the in al-Madina in safety and he did not harm them to the Minor Jihad.Greater Jihad and then moved until they started fighting him and supporting those who fought him PBUHAHP.’ When they came back, the Messenger of Allah, upon peace and his family reminded them In the Book, ‘Jihad is a Door to Paradise’, He that ashim long as they remain in this worldly life, PBUH says: they should with themselves, lest they ‘The Jihad (strive) is divided into: The Jihad of fall into that strive Iblis, Upon him the curse of the spirits and the Jihad of the bodies, or the Allah, fell into,which by denying the Successor of Allah greater Jihad and the smaller Jihad. Given that on His Earth, which results in a manifest loss. the first result of the greater Jihad is following [the command] of the Successor of Allah on His {Do the people think that they will be left to earth and to comply with his orders. Meaning, say, “We believe” and they will not be tried But prostration to him like the prostration of the We have certainly tried those before them, and Angels to Adam PBUH, as the Successor of Al- Allah will surely make evident those who are lah on His earth is the true Paradise, for verily, truthful, and He will surely make evident the {So do you believe in part of the Scripture and disbelieve in part? Then what is the recompense for those who do that among you except disgrace in worldly life; and on the Day of Resurrection they will return to the severest of punishment. And Allah is not unaware of what you do.} Surat


The Savior has arrived

liars.} The Holy Quran Surat Al-’Ank- on His Earth, verily, he rushes forth fighting for this world beabut (The Spider): 2-3 Indeed, many of them denied fore fighting for the hereafter. the Successor of Allah on His Narrated from Aban bin TaEarth (Ali Ibn Abi Talib, Upon him ghalab, who said; Abu AbdulPeace) and failed the battle of lah PBUH, whenever he menthe Greater Jihad. Thus, the Mi- tioned those who fight/kill in nor Jihad did not benefit them, Al-Thaghour [a place in Qalqilya] or say, the fight of the bodies. he said: “Woe to them! what are Consequently, the human being they doing [by doing this]?! They

should beware of the Fitna (Sedition) [against] Allah and should strive with his self and obey/follow the Successor of Allah on His Earth, otherwise the fire [is his abode]. For there is no Jihad, except, under the Banner of the Guardian of Allah and His Successor on His Earth. And for those who claim to strive (al-Jihad) while requesting martyrdom under a Banner other than the Banner of the Successor of Allah

“May the peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. We belong to God and to Him we shall return. My warm condolences to the family and loved ones of Sheikh Nimr Baqr al-Nimr, who was unjustly murdered by the Wahhabi authorities of Al Saud without any right whatsoever.

are rushing to kill this world and I ask Allah to grant his family kill the hereafter, for by Allah, patience due to what has hapthere is no Martyr except our pened to them.” Shia (follower)” Al-Mahasin volume The time has come, when the

1 page 164, The interpretation of the banner of truth has been raised, light of the two weighty things volume by the Successor from the Suc5, page 245. cessors of Allah SWT. And who-

In the recent execution of the Shia cleric, Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, Ahmed Alhasan PBUH expressed his condolences on the official Facebook page:

The Savior has arrived

ever gives reason, Allah SWT will give him enough reasons and evidences to join the path of Truth and complete this journey of Knowing, which is the purpose of this creation.




The Savior has arrived


May the peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. You are the light of the eyes And you are the crowns on the heads Your thrones are in the hearts And in the kingdom of the heavens O Kings of the Hereafter O Protectors O People of Honor O you who have accepted the call of duty to defend your Holy places, your honor and the Iraq of Ali and Al-Hussain, over which the Wahhabi Sufyanis swarmed, from every spot of the Earth. Words tire of describing you. You are optimistic, happy, laughing; and you all are embarking on the battlefields to record, with your blood, the finest tales of altruism.� - Ahmed Alhasan -


The Savior Has arrived - Magazine first edition  

Salamwaleikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuhu, We are pleased to announce the release of the first edition of the magazine "The Savior has ar...

The Savior Has arrived - Magazine first edition  

Salamwaleikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuhu, We are pleased to announce the release of the first edition of the magazine "The Savior has ar...