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In 2008, I had 10,000 square feet of exhibition space, no budget, no staff, and a new Dean

We created a structure that brought together donors, faculty, and community arts and business leaders.

We Created a Business Plan and a Marketing Plan with 5 year goals.

Located in the Heart of Downtown Columbus‌ Over the last 5 years, our growth has served as an indication of not just our establishment in the community, but also of a revitalizing downtown.

The OSU Urban Arts Space joins the university with the state of Ohio and the world‌ GATHERINGS Home for the Lawrence and Isabel Barnett Symposium on the Arts which hosts speakers and participants from around the globe.

ARTISTS In winter 2013, we exhibited over 100 works from the collection of James Castle (1899–1977), a selftrained deaf artist from rural Idaho, who created his works using found materials.

STUDENTS “My work at Urban Arts Space helped me build my Graphic Design portfolio. Right after graduation, I got an internship with my ideal design firm in Chicago, followed by one in San Francisco.”

Functioning as an arts laboratory for Ohio State faculty and community artists‌

Sue Cavanaugh Ori-Kume #14 Wonder + Work =

Rough and Perfect Steve Thurston and Rebecca Harvey One Hundred Handfulls of Air Down on Town

...and serving as a professional launching pad for Ohio State students. Annually, the Space presents the work of

Evan Dawson

undergraduate students in the Department

Low Earth Orbit

of Art and Department of Design, as well as graduate students in the Departments of Art, Theatre, and Dance.

(walking around the block) NextWave: OSU MFA Thesis Exhibition

And we are accessible‌

...and sustainable. We are proud to be housed within the largest LEED Gold-certified renovated We uphold the highest possible ADA guidelines applicable to our facility code requirements and artwork displays. We go further by offering audio podcasts and touchable art pieces for blind and lowsighted patrons, coordinating specially tailored gallery tours upon request, and exhibiting works by artists with disabilities.

building in the region, and seek to make environmentally responsible decisions whenever possible.

With a focus on education in the community Including learning partnerships, Art Explorations, Carry out Art, and University Courses.

Arts Initiative at the 2013 NCAA Conference  

Presentation given by the Arts Initiative Director at the 2013 NCAA Conference.

Arts Initiative at the 2013 NCAA Conference  

Presentation given by the Arts Initiative Director at the 2013 NCAA Conference.