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CLASS OF 2013  SUMMER 2013

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America • Department of Religious Education Vacation Church School These field-tested programs keep children moving and engaged with crafts, puppet theater, hymns, original songs, prayer services, worship lessons, classroom activities, daily fullgroup assemblies, a spotlight on missions and more. Each Twelve Great Feasts VCS is structured as a week-long, five-session, half-day program. (Ages 5–11) Master Toolkits listed below. For more information please call! Vol. I: Feasts of the Theotokos: Traveling on the Ark of Salvation V21 $84.95 Vol. II: Feasts of the Life & Ministry of Christ: Behold the Light! V22 $84.95 Vol. III: Feasts of the Triumph of Christ & His Church: Going for the Gold V23 $84.95

Psalms for NEW Young Children Marie-Hélène Delval; Arno, illus.

From joy and wonder to sadness and regret, the emotions and imagery of the Psalms are paraphrased in this collection for young children. The book is expressively illustrated and faithful to the spirit of the full text. Hard cover, 88 pages. (Ages 4–8) BIB503 $15.95

Graduate Gift Game Plan


Nic Gibson & Syler Thomas

College is a time of diversity and independence, but can be a pitfall for young Christians to lose their faith. This guide gives advice for facing a whole new world—with topics ranging from dating to dealing with disappointment. Includes personal narratives. 155 pages. YM755 $13.95

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America Department of Religious Education To order, call (800) 566-1088

The Hidden NEW Garden: A Story of the Heart Jane G. Meyer

Within every heart is a hidden garden. We can neglect it until the weeds take over and the flowers wither and die. Or, with the help of Christ, we can care for it and make it a place of beauty, grace and joy. Hard cover, 32 pages. (Ages 5–9) CB090 $18.95 $16.95

Special Agents of Christ: A Prayer Book for Young Orthodox Saints

Annalisa Boyd

A wonderful “training manual” to help prepare middle school children to serve Christ, with sections for daily prayer for life’s challenges, preparation for confession, and much more. Perfect for tweens! 96 pages. (Ages 7–11) CB509 $10.95 $8.95

Thank Your Sunday Schoo l Teachers! Speaking to God

Archbishop Demetrios of America

“My God, make me a prayerful person. Connect me through prayer with my eternal well” (page 15). This modern collection of more than seventy prayers is a resource for honest conversations with God, for every day and for certain needs. 164 pages. FL520 $12.95

The Love Chapter


foreword by Frederica Mathewes-Green

One of the most important teachings of St. Paul, the “love chapter” is beautiful to read but harder to follow. In contemporary English for the first time, St. John Chrysostom’s reflections on this Scripture are brief but vital reminders for every Christian. 90 pages. FL321 $13.95

Summer Travel Reads My Orthodox Activities Books Potamitis Publishing

Perfect for summer travel; fun coloring pages featuring iconographic illustrations and scenes from Holy Tradition, Church life and the Bible. 16 pages each. (Ages 4–8) Vol. 1, 2, 3 or 4 CB253 – CB256 $4.00 $3.50 each


“The Silent Way” A Series about Passions and Stillness Jeanette Aydlette and Marilyn Rouvelas

My Little Orthodox Christian Activity Book Mother Andrea

This fun and informative book of games and puzzles focuses on Orthodox life, holy days, religious objects and symbols, and rich traditions of the many cultures that make up Orthodoxy. Spiralbound, 80 pages. (Ages 5–9) CB252 $7.95

Many Are Called Gabrielle Gniewek; Sean Lam, illus.

In this anime style story, author and artist have captured the essence of being a disciple of Christ and “being called” by retelling the Parable of the Wedding Feast with other action-packed, intertwining story lines. Perfect for young teens! 208 pages. (Ages 8–14) CB908 $9.95

For Your Special Graduate The Orthodox Study Bible Essential for every home and dorm room! Along with commentary from the Church Fathers and contemporary Orthodox Christian theologians, this complete study Bible includes full-color icons, morning and evening prayers, and other study helps. The OSB pairs an original translation of the Old Testament with the NKJV New Testament. Hard cover. BIB007 $49.95 $40.95 5+ $35.95


My Orthodox Prayer Book The popular pocket-sized prayer book is intended for both personal and family devotions. New and traditional prayers with a fresh format and contemporary language. FL501 $6.95

Peter Clashes with Anger First it’s the class pest, next it’s his teacher, and then it’s his mom. Peter is mad at everyone and writes a letter about it to his papou, who tells him a story about passions and stillness from his own childhood. 67 pages. (Ages 8–10) CB081 $7.95

Eleni Looks at Jealousy At home and on the team, everything’s a competition for Eleni, Peter’s older sister. Papou, who has learned to use email, gently but directly shows her how to transform jealsousy into love. 67 pages. (Ages 8–10) CB080 $7.95

New Testament & Psalms Orthodox Youth Edition A true pocket-sized New Testament and Psalms geared specifically for Orthodox Christian youth and young adults. BIB015 $5.95

Student Prayer Plaque A prayer for the grace of the Holy Spirit to strengthen you for study. With notch for wall hanging. 5 5½ x 5½ x ½”. GIF452 $13.95

New Prayer Ropes and Bracelets from the Nuns of All Saints Monastery in

Long Island

Stretch Prayer Rope Each stretch prayer rope has a metallic cross bead with an icon of the Virgin Mary on one side and a cross on the other. Black GIF036 $13.00

Prayer Ropes Swarovski Prayer Bracelets Prayer bracelet with 40 genuine Swarovski beads and metal cross. Also includes gift bag. Approx. 7” diameter. Black Pearl Beaded GIF048 $18.00

Each 33 knot rope is hand-woven using hypo-allergenic satin cord in the traditional way passed down through the centuries so each knot contains thirty-three crosses. Each prayer rope bracelet contains a hand-woven cross offset by two glass accent beads. Black GIF050 $10.00 Tan



Blue Pearl Beaded






Grey Pearl Beaded






Ivory Pearl Beaded




How to Use? The prayer rope can be used anytime of the day. We should hold the prayer rope in our hand and move from knot to knot with our thumb while praying: “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me” or “Most Holy Theotokos, save us.”

The Prayer Rope Mealtime Prayer Cube A fun way to get your children interested in prayer. This wooden cube can help get things rolling! Toss the cube and whatever it lands on is the prayer you’ll say before the meal. Using the prayer cube is a creative way to teach children how to express their gratitude to God! 2½”. GIF750 $3.50

St. Nektarios Monastery

Add this beautiful full-color booklet to the gift of a prayer rope. Illustrated with icons from St. Nektarios Monastery in Roscoe, NY. It describes the Jesus Prayer and the use of the prayer rope. Includes a section on prayer for others. 24 pages. FL511 $5.00

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America  Department of Religious Education  To order, call (800) 566-1088

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America Department of Religious Education 50 Goddard Avenue • Brookline, MA 02445

TO ORDER, PLEASE CALL 800 5661088

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Let Us Live Orthodoxy, Vol. 4: Creation & the Environment Georget Photos




Materials • Leftover bars of baptismal soap (which was used to wash the godparent’s and priest’s hands) • Grater with large grating edge • Glass bowls • Spoon & knife • Oven mitts • Soap molds or silicone ice cube trays • Plastic wrap • Old gift bags, wrapping paper, ribbon, etc.


Ask the priest if the parish has any extra soap from baptisms, or use old bars from home.


Separate the soap by color. Grate soap into the bowls, using the large round slots of the grater.


Add 3 tablespoons of water.


Microwave the bowl of soap for 1½ minutes on high. Stir, and microwave for another 1½ minutes. Watch it carefully. If it looks like it is going to boil over, stop the microwave and stir again.


Use oven mitts to remove the bowl from the microwave.


Pour the hot soap into the molds, using the spoon to guide the liquid.


Even out the top of the soap molds with a knife.


Immediately place the molds in the freezer for 30 minutes.


Remove the soap from the molds. When it is dry, wrap it in plastic.

10. Create pretty packaging and tags for the soap by reusing old wrapping paper or gift bags.

Graduation & Summer 2013 Flyer - Department of Religious Education  

This is the 2013 Graduation & Summer flyer for the Department of Religious Education of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.

Graduation & Summer 2013 Flyer - Department of Religious Education  

This is the 2013 Graduation & Summer flyer for the Department of Religious Education of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.