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2012 The Story of Christmas Patricia Pingry This bright, clearly illustrated book encourages all to join the angels, shepherds, and stable animals as they gather to celebrate the coming of the Lord. Board book (Ages 0–5) CB706 $6.95

The Other Wise Man Pamela Kennedy, Robert Barrett, illus. Henry Van Dyke’s classic is retold and illustrated. Artaban sells everything he owns to buy precious jewels for the newborn King. But the other three Wise Men set off without him, and he then spends his life searching for Christ. As Artaban gives away each of his jewels, his quest is fulfilled in unexpected ways. Hard cover, 32 pages (Ages 5–9) CB723 $8.95

The Christmas Story Patricia Pingry Here are Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the angels and the shepherds at the manger. The conclusion is just right for the very young child: “This is the Christmas Story. Jesus Christ our savior was born in Bethlehem and was found lying in a manger.” Lively paintings make this a delightful book. 32 pages (Ages 2–6) CB716 $3.95

My First Story of Christmas Tim Dowley A traditional and charming rendition of the Christmas story to read aloud. My First Story of Christmas retells the biblical account in simple terms, complete with bright, cheery illustrations sure to put a smile on the face of the reader. Hardcover, 24 pages (Ages 4–7) CB707 sale $6.95

Christmas Night, Fair & Bright Julie Stiegmeyer Christ’s birth, the family’s flight to Egypt, and their return are told in simple but poetic verse that emphasizes the two natures of Christ: His humility and His ultimate divinity. 24 pages (Ages 4–7) CB730 $3.50

For to Us a Child is Born Anton Vrame Unwrap the story of Christ’s birth to reveal the Student Zine 20 pages (Ages 10 and up) L184 $3.95 75 or more $2.95 Teacher Guide (1 unit of 4 lesson plans) L184-1 $9.95

Series by Lily Parascheva Rowe The Nativity of Christ Lily Parascheva Rowe; Roland J. Ford, illus. This book, part of a new series, is a creatively designed and vividly illustrated telling of the story of the birth of Christ. Includes Troparion & Kontakion. 20 pages (Ages 4–8) CB731 $10.95

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Lily Parascheva Rowe; Roland J. Ford, illus. Creative retelling of the story of St. Nicholas brought to life with beautiful text and vivid illustrations. Children will feel like they are partaking in his life. Includes Troparion & Kontakion. 24 pages (Ages 4–8) CB726 $10.95

The Nativity & Early Life of St. John The Forerunner Lily Parascheva Rowe; Roland J. Ford, illus. Creative retelling of the story of St. John the Forerunner brought to life with beautiful text and vivid illustrations. Truly captivating in its telling. Troparion & Kontakion. 24 pages (Ages 4–8) CB325 $10.95

The Paterikon for Kids by Egle - Ekaterine Potamitis – Gift books for small handS

St. Nicholas & the Three Poor Girls

The Nativity of Christ

The Gifts of the Magi

The Story of the Vasilopita

Children today eagerly await St. Nicholas’s gifts. In this memorable story, his humble giving surprises three sisters and saves them from a terrible fate. 16 pages (Ages 4–7) CB764 $4.00

The author’s rich, engaging iconographic illustrations add to the beauty of the Christmas story, from the journey to Bethlehem to the flight to Egypt. 16 pages (Ages 4–7) CB761 $4.00

Both Scripture and Tradition tell of the gold, frankincense, and myrrh. This story follows the gifts from the Magi’s hands to a monastery on Mt. Athos. 16 pages (Ages 4–7) CB762 $4.00

St. Basil saved his people from the emperor’s greed. The saint’s solution for returning their wealth lives on in our tradition of the Vasilopita. 16 pages (Ages 4–7) CB763 $4.00

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Let Us Live Orthodoxy, VOL. 1 Nativity to Theophany Georget Photos Using crafts, recipes and projects, this volume illuminates youth groups, retreats and classrooms with the joy of the season. 70 pages (Ages 10–18) CR050


Prayer Book of the Early Christians

Egle-Ekaterine Potamitis Join Denise and Basil as they help Yiayia prepare the bread for Holy Communion. From the kitchen to the altar, the gift is lovingly and prayerfully offered to God and His Church. The joy of taking active part in the Eucharist shines through the vibrant illustrations. Includes prayers & recipes. Makes an excellent keepsake. Hard cover, 24 pages (Ages 4–7) CB099 $17.95

Nativity Sticker Activity Book

John A. McGuckin “Fr. McGuckin offers a collection of classic prayers from East and West—liturgical and private— sensitively chosen and beautifully translated, to help us find in every occasion of daily life a place to encounter the God of Mystery.” – Brian E. Daley, SJ. Hard cover, 240 pages FL507 $23.95

M. Noble 25 colorful, reusable stickers are waiting to fill a traditional nativity scene inside the covers of this little booklet. (4 x 5 ¾", Age 3+) CR610 $1.50

Easy Nativity Scene Picture Puzzle Sticker Booklet

Daily Meditations and Prayers for the Christmas Advent Fast and Epiphany Emily Harakas and Anthony M. Coniaris This spiritual companion book will help the Nativity fast and Theophany come alive with meaning. Provides Scripture readings and meditations for each day, along with hymns and prayers. 126 pages FL806 sale $9.95

By Way of the Desert: 365 Daily Readings from the Desert Fathers Bernard Bangley This compilation pairs quotes from the Desert Fathers and Mothers with Bible verses for a daily moment of silence and clarity. These glimpses of the pure spiritual life allow us to better focus on God in daily life. FL526 $14.95

“Every Good and Perfect Gift” CD *Ncense This young, dynamic group offers a mix of popular liturgical hymns in the Byzantine, Arabic and Russian traditions. 52 min. FL635 $14.95

Special Agents of Christ

Yiayia and the Prosforon

Cathy Beylon Nativity picture puzzle sticker booklet. Great stocking stuffer! 16 stickers. (4 x 5 ¾", Age 3+) CR611 $1.50

An Icon for Christmas: Sophia’s Gift Theofania Gonis Margo Desharnais, illus. A touching Christmas story of a young girl’s encounter with Orthodox nuns, who give her the gift of an icon of the Theotokos and Christ. The Christmas surprise is what Sophia does with the icon. May also be used as a coloring book. 20 pages (Ages 4–8) CB705 $7.95

My Orthodox Activity Book, Vol. 6 Christmas Potamitis Publishing; Egle-Ekaterine Potamitis, illus. Perfect for holiday travel, these coloring pages, connect-the-dots, mazes and color-by-numbers feature iconographic illustrations and scenes from Holy Tradition, Church life and the Bible. Text in both English and Greek. (Ages 4–8) CB258 $4.00

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America


Department of Religious Education

Annalisa Boyd From the author of the teen prayer book, “Hear Me”, “Special Agents of Christ serves as a “training manual” to prepare children for serving Christ in the real world, with sections for daily prayers, prayers for life’s challenges, preparation for confession, and much more.” Soft cover, 96 pages (Ages 10–14) CB509 $10.95 sale $9.95

The Coin Karen Papandrew Twelve year-old Jonathan discovers a magic coin that allows him to travel through time to the birth of Christ – provided that he is careful to leave history undisturbed. In his travels, Jonathan disovers the ancient Orthodox Christian faith. 102 pages (Ages 9-12) CB750 $7.50

My Orthodox Prayer Book Theodore Stylianopoulos This popular pocket-size prayer book is intended for both personal and family devotions. This book of new and traditional prayers features a fresh format and contemporary language. Also offers clear direction about prayer, Bible Studies, Confession and Holy Communion. Encourages one to pray and to grow in prayer. (Ages 10 to adult) FL501 $6.95 (25+) $5.50

Hear Me: A Prayerbook for Orthodox Teens Annalisa Boyd This unique faith challenging prayer book is designed to address the unique challenges that Orthodox youth experience in their walk with Christ. Filled with prayers for school, friendships and relationships. 87 pages (Ages 12–18) YM750 $8.95


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Children’s Gifts

Icon Gifts

The Birth of Jesus Story Cube Bring the story of Christmas alive in the hands and hearts of children as they unfold the cube and encounter the beautiful story of Christ’s Incarnation. A fun and interactive way for little ones to learn about Christmas. (Ages 3–6) GIF770 $6.95

Nativity Icon * Icon from our series by Athanasios Clark. (3½ × 5") Coated IC042-C $0.40 Laminated IC042-L $1.50 Mounted IC042-M $4.00

The Easter Story Cube

Icon Magnets *

The story of Easter comes alive in the hands and hearts of children as they unfold the cube (measuring 2" on each side). A fun, hands-on way to introduce small children to Pascha. (Ages 3–6) GIF771 $6.95

Vibrant images are covered with ¼" thick acrylic and have a full magnetic backing. (2 × 3") Archangel Gabriel GIF017 Deisis (arched) GIF010 Nativity GIF016

The Littlest Altar Boy Jenny Oehlman; Grace Brooks It’s the littlest altar boy’s first day to serve, and he’s a little nervous. What if he trips on his robe? What if his candle catches somebody’s hair on fire? Young boys looking forward to serving as acolytes will identify with this boy’s anxieties and breathe easier when all goes well. Hard cover, 25 pages (Ages 4–7) CB100 $18.95 sale $16.95

What Do You Hear, Angel? Elizabeth Crispina Johnson; Masha Lobastov, illus. A little girl named Annie is going for a walk in the woods with her angel. For everything that Annie hears in the woods—a frog, a bird, a brook, a breeze—the angel hears a corresponding song of praise in heaven. A great book to show how all of creation is connected to God! Hard cover, 26 pages (Ages 3–8) CB079 $18.95 sale $16.95

Vasilopita Coin *

Large brown bead icon bracelet * Small brown bead icon bracelet * Prayer rope with brown Christ bead * Prayer rope with brown Theotokos bead * Stretch prayer rope with metal cross and beads * Bead colors vary; please let us choose. Theotokos cord bracelet with large black bead *

$3.50 $3.50 $3.50

GIF041 GIF040 GIF030 GIF031 GIF034

$12.50 $12.50 $8.00 $8.00 $7.00



Christmas Ornaments

Each golden coin comes in its own display case with “The Story of the Vasilopita,” a recipe, and traditional cutting instructions. A thoughtful gift for those starting or continuing a family tradition. FL850 $12.95

Bookmark Gifts

Greek Papyrus Icon Bookmarks * These beautiful antiqued bookmarks are printed on papyrus and coated in a thin layer of wax. Icon styles vary. (Two sample Theotokos icons shown here.) sale $5.50 each

GIF060 GIF061

Theotokos Christ (not shown)

Pewter-finished ornaments with a red satin ribbon for hanging. Includes gift tag with Scripture and a poem. Made in USA. (3") $4.95 each Follow the Star GIF513 Christmas Angel GIF514 Come & See GIF515

* Items on this page not shown to scale. Please refer to measurements indicated.

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Prayer Packages for Students

Gift Package 1 Prayer Package with Black Prayer Rope

Gift Package 3 GIF950

Gift Package 2 Prayer Package with Three Cross Wooden Bracelet GIF951 Or Purchase Separately Theotokos and Child Mounted Icon A Student’s Prayer Plaque An Introduction to Prayer Black Prayer Rope with Metal Cross Three Cross Wooden Bead Bracelet

IC003-M GIF452 P05 GIF034 GIF035

$22.95 $22.95 sale $4.00 sale $11.50 sale $2.75 sale $6.50 sale $7.00



Or Purchase Separately The Divine Liturgy of the Orthodox Church CD (English) FL636 sale $14.00 New Testament and Psalms – Orthodox Youth Edition BIB015 sale $4.95 Jesus Christ the Way Mounted Icon IC002-M sale $4.00

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This is the 2012 Christmas flyer for the Department of Religious Education of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.