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let’s hear it for the men


ssue 10 might have been our best received to date, so we simply had to follow up with the male counterpart. Biases notwithstanding, I’ve long felt that much of the growing paints that society is experiencing withour young men has a lot do with them not getting enough attention. Women’s empowerment is vital, and a cause that still has to be fought for. I get the impression though, that the issues of men have become collateral damage to that struggle. The needs of young men have been largely neglected, with nowhere near the same level of support - emotionally, economically, or academically as provided today to our young women. Society’s naturally protective of the fairer sex, but what of the fates of our boys and young men? For the sake of symbiosis, we need them empowered as well. My son's recent birth makes this very personal. I’ve been entrusted with raising a positive, well-rounded and responsible young man for society’s sake. It’s an awesome responsibility that simply cannot be underestimated. This issue celebrates Anguilla’s men – the fathers, brothers, entrepreneurs, caretakers and community activists helping to build this country. We also continue to profile the personalities, places and things that continue to make Anguilla the place it is. We’ve chosen to highlight 10 young men who, in their own way, are making a difference. As fiercely ambitious as their forebears, but within the context of a much more connected world, they’ve added tech savvy, global awareness and specific knowledge to an unrelenting desire to see Anguilla excel in every respect. Theirs are stories of selfdiscovery, exploration, struggle, triumph and excellence. We hope they inspire, affirm, or otherwise impact others. Let’s hear it for the men. Orrett H. Wynter Editor


Anguillian and wholeheartedly optimistic. Shellecia loves working with young people, dancing under the stars with her hubby, teaching professional development courses, reading, traveling, and blogging.

Born and raised in beautiful Anguilla, ANDY W. CONNOR is best known as the owner of Andy’s Car Rentals (www., but he is also a licensed seaman, and author of the monthly tourist publication, Let’s Talk About Anguilla.

MONTAGUE KOBBÉ is a German citizen with a Shakespearean name, born in Caracas, in a country that no longer exists, in a millennium that is long gone. His debut novel (The Night of the Rambler, Akashic 2013) earned the first runner-up mention at the Premio Casa de las Américas 2014, and his first collection of flash fiction (Tales of Bed Sheets and Departure Lounges / Historias de camas y aeropuertos, DogHorn 2014) features 50 bilingual short stories. He has kept a literary column in Sint Maarten’s The Daily Herald since 2008, writes about vintage football for the Spanish online magazine and regularly posts castles of English smoke and Spanish mirrors on his blog, MEMO FROM LA-LA LAND. RONYA FOY CONNOR, PhD serves as the Gender Development Coordinator for the Government of Anguilla. She's an international social worker, community advocate and cultural traveller. Dr. Foy Connor is a native New Yorker who has lived in Washington, DC and Zanzibar, Tanzania before Anguilla her home. She organizes individual and group excursions as a travel agent director and has personally covered the globe by visiting countries on every continent except for Antarctica—Brazil, Japan and Ghana are among her favorites.


DESIGN ANGUILLA ISSUE 11 May 2015 EDITOR Orrett Wynter ASSOCIATE EDITOR Ellen Fishbein PHOTOGRAPHY Rene Guinto Josveek Huligar Nashaine Johnson Severin J. Pradel Orrett H. Wynter Cover shoot credits “The Next Generation”: Orrett H. Wynter Contact P.O. Box 5050, The Valley Anguilla, BWI e-mail: web: phone: (264) 584 8886 / 9503 Advertising Inquiries Subscriptions Read Online Other Photo Credits Anguilla Fashion Expo; Moonsplash, pg. 16: Josveek Huligar Hon. Victor F. Banks, pg. 16: Severin J. Pradel Festival Del Mar; Runway Anguilla, pg. 18: Josveek Huligar Jaiden Fleming drum lessons, pg. 20: Orrett H. Wynter Boys’ Brigade marching band, pg. 22: Claudius Gumbs Boys’ Brigade drill, pg. 22: Orrett H. Wynter Wallblake Airport, pg. 24: courtesy Anguilla Library Service Clayton J. Lloyd, pg. 26: courtesy Lena Lloyd GB Ferries, pg. 28: courtesy GB Ferries Davon Carty portrait, pg. 30: Josveek Huligar Davon Carty photos, pgs. 30-31: courtesy Davon Carty Anguilla National Culinary Team, pg. 76: courtesy Gilda Gumbs Samuel (AHTA) Acknowledgements We would like to thank everyone who has helped to make this issue possible, which include, but is certainly not limited to the following people: Derrys Richardson, Jaiden Fleming, Perin Bradley, Davon Carty, Dr. Ronya Foy-Connor, Lena Lloyd, Maurice Connor, Anguilla Library Service, Colville Petty, Allan Gumbs, Lyle Connor, Cara Connor, Ivan Melfield Connor, Crispin Brooks, Vanburn Brookes, Jason Brooks, Kenroy Herbert, Rudy Webster, Omari Banks, Andre Samuel, Kerith Kentish, Clement Ruan, Shellya Rogers, Hon. Victor F. Banks, Hon. Hubert B. Hughes, Severine Pradel, Paul Alegria, Elise Alegria, Eileen Mitchell, John Barker, Val Barker, Darren Connor, Julian Hodge, Gilda Gumbs Samuel. If we forgot anyone, we love you just the same. Thanks. Calendar of events supplied by The Anguilla Tourist Board. Contact them for more information on upcoming events. Design Anguilla Magazine is published four times a year by DO Media Ltd., and is distributed at hotels, villas, restaurants and ports of entry in Anguilla. This publication has been compiled and reproduced with the utmost care to ensure that the information is up to date and accurate. However, the information may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. The publisher accepts no responsibility for such typographical or other errors. No part of Design Anguilla Magazine may be reproduced in any form or by any means without prior written consent. The views expressed by the contributors are not necessarily those of Design Anguilla Magazine.

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Design Anguilla Issue 11 - The Men's Issue  

Issue 10 might have been our best received to date, so we simply had to follow up with the male counterpart. The needs of young men have bee...

Design Anguilla Issue 11 - The Men's Issue  

Issue 10 might have been our best received to date, so we simply had to follow up with the male counterpart. The needs of young men have bee...