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SCHOL A R SHIPS Supporting students on their career journey

Two of our current country students

from school to college and University

I realise how fortunate I was to have a free

Emma Haege and Claudia Mudge, both

life and the move from the country to

education. My father had the means for

studying Science, are receiving support

Melbourne so much easier. It has helped

me to attend Ormond and he constantly

from the Isabel Pond Scholarship

me to focus on my studies, as I don’t

reminded me that I was attending “the best

established in 1986 through a bequest

have to spend every spare hour working.

college in the best university in Australia”.

to the College.

It allowed me to accept this amazing

Given not everyone has the means, I wanted

opportunity of residing at Ormond

to create that opportunity for others. I’m


at a stage in my career now where I have

Emma, who comes from a large family in

the time and energy to look back and

rural NSW is grateful for the scholarship for “providing the financial support

Ormond allowed me to study at my

acknowledge the folks and institutions that

needed for me to live in Melbourne and

dream university in my desired course

opened doors for me.

study at one of the best universities in

and come to Ormond where I have

Australia. The scholarship has meant the

involved myself in many sports, forums

If a student is willing and able, then we

world for both myself and my family,

and events to which I would otherwise

must make opportunity available. We need

who have supported me throughout my

have never been exposed.”

more women in STEM careers, so I’m keen to support women studying the sciences.

education. Belinda MacInnes (1981) is continuing the Being at Ormond has enabled me to

tradition of leaving a gift to the College

I may not be the next private or public

meet people from a range of diverse

to support student scholarships. Coming

organisational leader who can influence

backgrounds, which has expanded my

from a small school of only 400 students,

change (for the good) on a large scale, yet

knowledge and appreciation of other

University was overwhelming for Belinda:

by leaving a gift I can do it on a small scale.

cultures and helps foster a collective

“The security and place of belonging

The student who benefits from a

spirit within the college. Without the

that Ormond provided was crucial

scholarship may be the next Prime Minister

continuing generosity of donors many

in supporting my studies, sport and

or Entrepreneur or CEO or Scientific

people, including me, would not have

socialising. The College tutorials were a

mastermind that influences change on

the opportunity to attend college and

life saver for me, as often I couldn’t attend

a state, national, international or global

experience all that it has to offer.”

tutes at the university due to being

stage. I’d be honoured and humbled to

overwhelmed. The network of friends

have supported that person in a small way

For Claudia, who is from Albury

and professionals that I made at Ormond

on their career journey. They must not be

“Receiving a scholarship was such a

are still in my life today. In fact, I married

stopped simply due to a lack of means.”

privilege; it helped to make the transition

one of them! I

Ormond College New & Old Magazine: June 2017