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Our own herb garden

Good conversations can so readily lead to innovation. Last year at the staff Christmas lunch, the kitchen team were talking about the costs of fresh herbs but what a difference they made to good cooking. Recalling that a rosemary bush in the College garden had been utilised on several occasions when supplies were short prompted the suggestion we should have our own herb garden. Less than six months later, herbs are growing in raised beds in a section of the garden behind The Centre for Ethical Leadership; previously the Master’s Lodge. Our students joined Colin and Michael, to set up the garden, by using water tank beds and filling them with fresh soil. Before the weather cooled down, an array of herbs was planted. Some will be ready soon, others will bring fresh tastes to Ormond food in spring. The herb garden now adds another dimension to the Ormond gardens. The garden has many beautiful places to it and now it has a productive one as well. Having a herb garden of our own is one of those all-round wins for sustainability. It enables us to deliver food that is better quality, less costly and with fewer food miles. Importantly, the herb garden gives students a chance to be involved with growing food. Looking after the herb garden has become one of the sought-after Student Service jobs. An idea that started as a conversation will now help our students enjoy their food and linger longer over the conversations in the Dining Hall.

No.94 JUNE 2017


Ormond College New & Old Magazine: June 2017  
Ormond College New & Old Magazine: June 2017