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Drawing workshop: Community Counsellor, Richard Ward, guided students through an experimental drawing workshop to exercise an alternative form of thinking.

MD Dinner: our medical students connected with alumni in the medical field over dinner in the MCR.

Fridays @ 1: each week students lead robust discussions about challenging political and social topics of the week.

Science Symposium: students try out a VR experience created by Master of Entrepreneurship alumni and discuss how it’s changing the world.

Robson Speaker: Bill Gammage, Professor and author, gave a lecture on the history of Aboriginal land management and the lessons we can learn and apply today.

Scholars Dinner: celebrating first class honours scholars and speeches by our most recent Rhodes Scholars.

Meet the Tutors: during O-Week, students mingled with our tutors to better understand how they can make the most of our extensive learning program.

No.94 JUNE 2017


Ormond College New & Old Magazine: June 2017