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Maya Devi Georg + Chris Courtney

Randall + Kristin Brooks Forth Worth.

Maya Devi Georg Portland. Yoga Teacher. Writer. Chris Courtney International. Yoga Teacher. Writer

Maya: Life has taught me that regardless of the plan I make, the universe has another. You can’t fight the universe and win. The only control I have is over my own actions and choices. I choose to become love. In my practice, teaching, and day-to-day life, I remain in my heart and in love without conditions or judgment. Perhaps one day nothing will be left of me but a perfect manifestation of love. Chris: I often describe my practice and teaching as following the philosophy of Pablo Picasso. He said, “I’m always trying things I can’t do so that I may learn to do them.” My teaching is focused on helping people feel more expansive; giving them the ability to convert their fear into discernment and to love themselves (and others) completely.

Unschooling Super-Parents. Musicians. Producers. Writers. Yoga teachers. Founders. The Bhakti House Band. Founders. Peace Love OM™ Project.

We feel our music captures our vision and translates it into the soundtrack of a life filled with heart, purpose, and passion. Our upcoming release, “Blue Sky,” embodies the change we wish to see in the world. We are inspired by adults, children, and families knowing their purpose, living with passion, joyously bettering the world with their unique gifts and talents, and celebrating diversity in humanity. We find our bliss in cheering others on with our music, workshops, and retreats. We inspire everyone to live an adventurous and fulfilling life.

Karen + Henry Kimsey-House Northern California.

Co-Founders. The Coaches Training Institute

We believe the human community is in the midst of an enormous transformative leap, what Joanna Macy calls “Great Turning.” Together, we are changing the story of our planet from one that is driven by profit and overconsumption, isolation and fear, to a life-sustaining society that is inclusive, collaborative, and whole. For the past twenty-two years, it has been our great joy to foster a way of working and living that we call the “Co-Active Way.” It is our dream that people everywhere will find their way home, to the balance and wholeness that is their birthright.

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Origin Magazine Issue 13  

Conscious Culture: Yoga, Eco + Humanitarian Issues, Music, Art. Conversations that matter.

Origin Magazine Issue 13  

Conscious Culture: Yoga, Eco + Humanitarian Issues, Music, Art. Conversations that matter.