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ocean heroes What are you passionate about? What can we do to save the oceans?

Judi Lowe

Ph.D. Candidate, ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, James Cook University

I’m passionate about the impact of dive tourism on coral reefs and the livelihoods of local fishers in less developed countries. Divers travel to enjoy coral reefs, fish, sharks, whale sharks, manta rays, and turtles. The world’s most beautiful coral reefs lie in the tropics, roughly around the equator. The same locations are home to many of the world’s poorest people, who rely on coral reefs for food security and income. Dive tourism must diversify the livelihoods of local fishers, reducing reliance on coral reefs. My research builds a best practice model of dive tourism for marine conservation and livelihoods. |

Octavio Aburto

Assistant Professor, Scripps Institution of Oceanography Professional Photographer, International League of Conservation Photographers

I believe that I can make the biggest contribution to conservation and management issues for marine ecosystems in Mexico and worldwide by translating natural history and scientific issues into images that can directly impact and influence public perception, practices by local people, and government policy. We have four urgent actions to make: 1) complete protection of 20 percent of all oceans, 2) complete fishing ban of shark species, 3) strict fisheries regulations for sardines and anchovies, and 4) no more trawling fishing. With these four actions, we can recover the oceans’ productivity in just one decade. Photo: Catalina Lopez |

“ To make a change, fir st embrace the fact that we need a healthy ocean in order to sur vive and thr ive.


Joe Kistel Founder/Director, TISIRI

I am passionate about spreading the awesomeness and importance of ocean environments. As director of TISIRI, I am able to facilitate habitat creation projects as well as underwater reef repair initiatives. I do my best to visually capture these efforts to create short documentaries that demonstrate the importance and necessity for ocean conservation programs. The health of our oceans can benefit from a “treat it like we need it” global attitude. Awareness is critical; most do not have an in-depth relationship with our oceans. Increasing the understanding of ocean health will increase appreciation and lead to better care of offshore resources. Photo: Larry Davis

Sven-Olof Lindblad Founder/CEO, Lindblad Expeditions

I’m passionate about trying to find creative ways to engage people with nature and the environment, both from the perspective of finding wonder and inspiration and to recognize the essential value healthy natural systems provide to people. To make a change, first embrace the fact that we need a healthy ocean in order to survive and thrive. Then become active in whatever way acts on that belief. There is no single answer; it’s complex. I have chosen to focus on supporting National Geographic’s Pristine Seas Program, which is committed to working with governments and other partners to create large marine protected areas.


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