ORIGIN Magazine Issue #23

Page 33


Yarrow Kraner

Yarrow Kraner is a director at Virgin Produced, a creative alchemist, an Aspen Institute Fellow, and founder of Chisel Industries and Hatch. My passion is creativity, connection, and mentorship. Creativity is not about the arts; it’s about seeing the world through a different lens. It’s everywhere and everything we touch. It’s solving global problems and inventing new solutions. Connection is how we continue to grow. By sharing diverse world perspectives, we continue to learn and nourish our potential. Mentorship is how we exchange knowledge and wisdom. This is why Hatch was founded. HATCHEXPERIENCE.ORG | YARROWKRANER.COM PHOTO: LYDIA KAHN

Elizabeth Streb

Elizabeth Streb is an award-winning choreographer and founder of the Streb Extreme Action Company and SLAM (Streb Lab for Action Mechanics) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. My passion is to use tower cranes to allow the human body to be and to go anywhere. Tower cranes are the arteries and bloodlines of an urban site. The ubiquitous presence in every city are tower cranes, and they tend to congregate like birds on the shoreline. They are a newfangled praying mantis returning to haunt the streets, the airspace, creating new arenas of human actions yet to be.



Christopher K. Morgan

Christopher K. Morgan is a Maryland-based choreographer, performer, and educator who creates theatrical, virtuosic dances inspired by current issues. Connecting with audiences is, at the core, my choreographic work and what I am most passionate about. I utilize the moving body, imagery, words, and music to explore questions I am grappling with: race, gender, immigration, climate change, and human connectivity. If my dances can create a mirror in which an audience can see their own story, refracted by the unique and beautiful lens that dance provides, that excites me. CHRISTOPHERKMORGAN.COM PHOTO: BRIANNE BLAND