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John O’Malley

Jodi Cardamone

David Taylor-Klaus

bhava Ram

Guerrilla Management. Cartel branding.

Former Founding Naturalist Director. Former Co-Naturalist Director. Aspen Center for Environmental Studies.

Coach. Speaker. Cycling enthusiast. Co-owner. Touchstone Coaching.

Author. Musician. Vedic Teacher. Founder. Deep Yoga.

Catherine Enny Guerrilla Management.

san francisco

Tom Cardamone President and Chief Ecologist. Former Co-Naturalist Director. Aspen Center for Environmental Studies.

elaine Taylor-Klaus

Laura Plumb

Coach. Writer. Speaker. Co-owner. Touchstone Coaching. Co-Founder.

Ayurvedic Healer. Deep Yoga Teacher. Founder. Sophia Mission & VedaWise.


John: My personal vision in life is that I will continue to grow by learning new skills, experiencing life, engaging with inspiring people, and following my dreams. Professionally I strive to find balance and tailor partnerships that create a win-win scenario for all involved. Catherine: To grow old, to be an instrument to create great music, art, and design by inspiring passion and positive change through my skills as manager and visionary. “People are not made of one bad thing they do in their lives, they are made of the multiple good they’ve done in their lives.” I want to do A LOT of good!


Since 1975, we have worked together, building a community of knowledgeable, motivated, and capable environmental stewards. Teaching ecological literacy and rolling up our shirtsleeves doing environmental restoration projects in forests, rivers, and wetlands is our passion.

David: I am the energy that unearths and unleashes the power of the heart. I reintroduce successful entrepreneurs to their families. My work is fueled by my belief that “Heart Forward + Head High = Fully Alive.” Elaine: I am a catalyst for people to live on purpose and at choice. I empower parents to confidently inspire their children, especially those with complex needs. My work is fueled by my belief that “People + Choice = Freedom.” Together: We are alchemists, unleashing men and women to lives of passion, purpose and heart. Our commitment to playful, respectful collaboration heals the planet, infusing the world’s relationships with balanced energy.

San Diego

Bhava Ram: Yoga guided me into healing a broken back and advanced cancer. This taught me we all have the power within us to transform our lives and manifest our fullest potential. My vision is to share this message far and wide, inspiring others to own their power and live their truth.

Laura: My vision is to cultivate the sacred feminine, encourage feminine spiritual leadership, and reignite the ancient wisdom of the Divine Feminine to bring healing and wholeness to our Mother Earth and humankind.

Photo: Duane Stork Photography.



ORIGIN Magazine Issue 11  
ORIGIN Magazine Issue 11  

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