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5 EcoRockstars Impacting the Planet


Photo: Dede Hatch


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4. 5. 1. Charles Knowles

2. Vance Martin

3. David Crawford

Executive Director. Wildlife Conservation Network.

President. The WILD Foundation.

Executive Director. Animal Help Now.

Entrepreneurial wildlife conservationists create the innovative ideas needed to save endangered wildlife, something I recognized as a former technology entrepreneur. After selling my company, I knew I wanted to devote my time to helping these conservationists. The best way to do this is to provide them with a network that connects them with the right people: supporters who can provide the capital and technical assistance they need to reach their fullest potential. The Wildlife Conservation Network does just that, and helps small individual wildlife conservation projects achieve big things.

I love awakening humans to our irrefutable, inescapable, and irreplaceable connection to wild nature. With some people, this relationship is just unexplainable. But increasingly, more people “get it”—we are part of wild nature. It is truly undeniable. Sometimes this means wonderful work with wildlife, wild places, and tribal peoples. But usually it is in meeting rooms or politicians’ offices. Whatever the work, it is continually on the move, and it’s always wild! The WILD Foundation is the heart of the global wilderness conservation movement.

4. Sandra Steingraber

5. Gary Wockner

Biologist. Activist. Author.

Director. Save The Colorado River Campaign.

Years of animal advocacy revealed to me the need for a fast and easy way for people who encounter lost, injured, or distressed animals to find assistance. Advances in digital technology have simplified the task of connecting such people with an amazing network of helpers, who for wildlife include not only rehabilitators but also many veterinarians! I am inspired by life and the will to live, which transcends species boundaries; by my teammates; and by the goodness and good works of so many others. And, yes, I’m especially grateful to my mom.

I live in a small house in a village with public transportation and a farmers’ market. And forty percent of the land around me is leased to the gas industry. My intention is to ban fracking in New York State. It’s my job as an author, an environmental health researcher, a cancer survivor, and a mother of young children. Fracking is a brutal, carcinogendependent, accident-prone industry. What we love, we must protect. Love is the source of my passion. Love means saying the fossil fuel party is over.

I love the way rivers look, smell, and feel. Where a river meets land, life converges. Beautiful, wild, free-flowing rivers give life to people and wildlife, and give purpose to gravity. The Colorado River is the big daddy of the Southwest U.S. Where it flows, life flows. It bounces and carves and drains and meanders. Through it all, we humans can only stand mesmerized—watching, knowing we have never created anything so beautiful, and never could. I love to watch it, protect it, restore it. And learn.

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ORIGIN Magazine Issue 11  

Conscious Culture. Art. Eco. Music. Active Lifestyle. Yoga. Humanitarianism.

ORIGIN Magazine Issue 11  

Conscious Culture. Art. Eco. Music. Active Lifestyle. Yoga. Humanitarianism.