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Editor in Chief/Creative Art Director Jodie Brooks Contributing Photographers Bethany Norman Contributing Make-up artists Lily-Victoria Clarke, Alexzandra Cleal and Lucy Macdonald Logographic designer James Turner-Blackman

Details Email Tumblr - Blog - Special Thanks Lily-Victoria Clarke, Bethany Norman, James Turner-Blackman, Connor Brooks, Dale Boltaev, Jordan Gayle, Ami Cheesman, Amy Grierson, Chrissy Hilton-Gee, Caroline Jeffery, George Brough, Lizzie Lewsey, Stella Brooks, Edward Brooks, Claire Strachan, and Amy Catlin Legal Originate Magazine is published quarterly. No part of this Publication may be reproduced, copied or transmitted in any form or by any means or stored in any information storage or retrieval system without the publisher’s written permission.

Real people, real style

a vintage affair

Shopping for all things old, meant that this issue we focused on vintage. With the 2012 Olympics on the horizon we hunted through all the local charity shops, vintage stores and car boot sales to find our Game On supplies, for all you sportswear fanatics to feast your eyes on. Bringing retro sportswear back into colourful style. Feeding our love for vintage resulted in a new hobby; attending vintage fairs. From Southampton to London we discovered what all the hype on vintage fairs was about. Apart from the art of shopping ‘old skool’ we found another new obsession, what or even who is our latest obsession? Larry Clarke of course! Exploring his work we admire the gritty realism conveyed in his photography we couldn’t love him more!

So celebrate all things old and feast your eyes on our first ever issue with the birth of ORIGINATE.

Enjoy! Editor In Chief: Jodie Brooks

O R I G I N A T E Issue One - A Vintage Affair - 2 0 12

5. Editors Letter Jodie Brooks 8. Spotlight Photography Styling Jodie Brooks 34. A Vintage Affair Jodie Brooks 48. I am Woman Photography Styling Jodie Brooks 60. A Vintage Affair on the streets Jodie Brooks 67. Game On Photography Styling Jodie Brooks 79. A perverted Genius and his craft Jodie Brooks 83. The New Kids On The Block Photography Jodie Brooks 79. Pimpin’ Blinkin’ Photography Styling Jodie Brooks 101. Scout And About Photography Jodie Brooks 107. Inked Photography Jodie Brooks Contributing Photography and styling Bethany Norman 113. What’s Happening 115. Stockist

SPOTLIGHT Real people, real style

We visited some of our lucky readers for a personal photo shoot to explore their style and see what their fashion weaknesses are. Styled by Jodie Brooks

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Vintage Vs Retail?

22-year-old performing arts student Ami Cheesman likes to mix it up with a bit of vintage and high street. ‘I like to have a balance, but I find vintage clothing is a lot more versatile and unique which is important to me and what I look for when shopping’.

Urban Outfitter s Favourite Shop?



igh Stre et

Vintage Vs high street?

17-year old student Connor Brooks has a passion for colourful clothing and is inspired by the style of different urban artists within the music industry. Although he loves vintage wear he admits to preferring high street and designer clothing.

e b i e B n i t Jus n a e S g i B and Who are your style icons?

er n


s r e

g g o

Who do you get inspiration from?

l B

21-year-old Fashion photographer and blogger Amy Grierson believes that when it comes to clothing and accessories the older the better! Looking to other bloggers and online sources such as Tumblr for inspiration for her latest looks.

80s and 90s Favourite Decade?

‘Everything was just so much fun!’

Ret ro rts wea r


Favourite trend?

JORDAN JORDAN GAYLE GAYLE Blowing all his wages on topping up his collection of kicks, 18-year old student Jordan Gayle gets his inspiration from style icons Kanye West and Tinie Tempah. His wardrobe consists mainly of jeans and t-shirts, an easy way to achieve effortless swagger.

Favourite designer?

Calvi klei

‘Although I don’t believe I have a particular style myself I would say that I’m inspired by recent up to date hip hop/r’n’b artists such as Tinie Tempah and Chris Brown’

in in

A VINTAGE AFFA Hidden treasures at the vintage fair

With everyone wrapping up in their granddad’s old jumpers and floating around in their nan’s ancient frocks I expected to loose my vintage fair virginity in a stuffed room with a few bargain hunter injuries, a coat hanger in the eye at the least. But nothing, I came out with my dignity and a bagful of bargains! With entrance fee being as little as £2 (£1 with an NUS student card), and almost every stall having a pound-anitem boxes, why would anyone miss this opportunity for some guilt free bargain hunting? I went on a vintage spree from Southampton to Winchester to London to see what the vintage fair hype was all about. Jodie Brooks


Vintage magazines, postcards, art, toys, accessories and patterns are priceless treasures!


Pieces that clearly represent the era in which they were created are true visions of vintage, gold dust!


Retro-Vintage! By this we mean vintage clothing that evokes an even earlier era than the one in which it was created.

Bright Pin shirt £1 Judy’s vintag Hats Judy’s vintage fair

Vintage hair and make-up styling Winchester vintage fair

made at the wishing well Judy’s vintage fair


nk 80s 10 ge fair

50s dress Winchester vintage fair 19.02.12

designer hats and bags Butterfly vintage The vintage rooms fashion fair

Vintage heaven! Judy’s vintage fair

retro vintage floral Judy’s vintage fair


Get yourself some authentic fraction of the price you would pa vintage pieces that are all over th

Dalls baseball jacket The vintage room fashion fair, Kingston upon- Thames

Mens bits and bobs the vintage room fashion fair

vintage jackets The vintage room fashion fair, Kingston upon- Thames

Stage suit, ÂŁ50 (Ikkonik vintage) at the vintage room fashion fair, Kingston upon- Thames

Selection of doc martins (Urban incidentals) Spitalfields market


vintage for a ay for imitation he high street!

Men’s shirts The vintage room fashion fair,

Selection of Vintage (Urban incidentals) Spitalfields market

spend a Dirty Den Blue Adidas polyester pull over, ÂŁ5 Vintage Freak Clothing. Spitalfields

Market, London

Red Dickey Bow, Urban Incidentals. Winchester Vintage fair ÂŁ2

nner See how far a tenner can get you! Retro-vintage sportswear and formal eveningwear were popular buys at the vintage fairs! You will get clothing similar to vintage style designs on the high street for a fraction of the price, handy!

Retro-vintage Reebok and Fila vests, ÂŁ1.50 each Ikkonik vintage. Vintage rooms fashion fair, Kingston-upon Thames ÂŁ1.50 each

Gold Chains, Independent seller. Judy’s Vintage fair, Southampton £1 each.

Silver pendant earrings, Made at the wishing well. Winchester vintage fair £2

Stripy pussy Prepare f Winchester Vin Brown Leather Vault Vintage. Vin


Stripy shorts, Rock Follies Vintage. Judy’s Vintage fair, Southampton, £1 Grey Ascot blouse, Vintage freak clothing. Vintage rooms fashion fair,

bow blouse, for Mondays. ntage fair £1 belt, Classic . Winchester ntage fair £2


Reasons Reasons to to have have yy A Make Over

Always wanted to look like a pin up girl? Vintage salons set up their stalls to offer you the chance to get your hair and make-up done vintage style! Services priced at around ÂŁ25, a bit steep? Watch and learn, take notes and practice at home!

Bringing Stylish Back

Step back in time and appreciate the history of fashion, embrace what your Nan used to wear and celebrate the stylish decades. I used to laugh at old photographs of my nan in her frilly frocks and Simon Cowell-high jeans, but now, like most of you will do too, I look up to these photographs, inspired by the flappers of the 20s and the club kids of the 90s. While Vintage pieces can compliment current trends, they can also set you apart from the mainstream with most vintage pieces being one-offs!

Cheap Chic

Go to the high street and get a dress for ÂŁ40 or, go to the vintage fair and get one for a tenner? This is a no brainer, not only is it guilt free for the fact your literally paying peanuts for pearls, but by recycling you are helping the environment, making use of old pieces that someone once cherished as much as you will.

your your own own Vintage Vintage Affair Affair Ditto Disaster

We all have to admit that no matter how much we love Topshop, we hate the guarantee that comes with each purchase, knowing anything you buy is one of many duplicates, at least two other people you know will have that top you just bought. So what better excuse to go to a vintage fair than to bag some unique, one of a kind pieces, which is after all what we all want.

Echo friendly

So vintage obviously tops retail. Not only will you find recycled, fashionable, quality clothing for pennies, but also due to the fact thrift shops are almost always run by charities, you are also donating to charity all in one purchase, a great way to achieve unique chic.

Fun Fair

Vintage fairs are not only a great day for shopping but they are also a celebration of the past, embracing vintage clothing, hair and make-up, music, art and pretty much anything that brings back memories of the fashionable moments gone by!

I am woman

No characteristic is sexier than intelligence, no woman more desirable than the thinking man’s crumpet. There is nothing more unpleasant than a woman whose love has been unrequited, for hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. There is no foretelling the way she will behave, she is very much her own woman. It is unpredictable how many people she will seduce, the scarlet woman.

Jodie Brooks Hair and Make-up

Lily-Victoria Clarke

The thinking mans crumpet

Model: Chrissy Hilton-Gee

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

Model: Caroline Jeffery

She’ is very much her own woman

The ScarletWoman

Floral Print Dress £4.00 - Scope Charity Shop

Square glasses £1.00 - Independent seller at Portobello Market Pink velvet Heels £75.00 - Dune Button up cigarette suit dress £5.00 - Sue Ryder Hair net 25p per inch - Fabric Land Floral headband and top (previously a table cloth) £2.50 for 2 - The Charity shop, Southampton. Cream faux leather Gloves £2.00 - Oxfam Pastel Pink silk knickers 50p - Scope Blue Hat £1.00 - Oxfam Blue jumpsuit (previously a dress) £2.50 - SA Charity shop Red velvet heels models own

A Vintage Affair on the streets I Hit Portobello Market and Brick Lane to look for vintage hot spots and scout the stylish talent roaming the streets of London...

Jodie Brooks

Top images; Brick lane. Bottom image: The Market Place, Portobello Market

FRESH DESIGN The Barkyard Market Brick Lane The Old Truman Brewery London Open every Sunday the Back Yard Market is the place to be if you want to feast your eyes on afresh, funky and imaginative clothes. Opening hours: Sundays 10am-5pm For More information visit:

Image Source: www.emilythe


The Market Plac Portobello Marke 288 Portobello Ro London

Stretching for around two miles a most famous street markets in the Market is a day out any vintage lov experience.

Opening hours: 9am-6pm Mond 9am-6pm,Thursdays 9am-1pm, Fr 9am-7pm

For More information www.portobellomarke



ce et oad

and as one of the e world Portobello ver should

day to Wednesday riday and Saturday

n visit:

A Portobel Heirloo

Not that I have had any proposals...but as soon as I is where the ring must com Antique jewellery from the Valentino, Butler & Wilson, C Lacroix, Elsa Schiaparelli, yo it, they’ve got a shelf full of prices ranging from £100 these timeless pieces would m perfect lifelong gift.

Hirst Antiques 59 Portobella Road

Hirst Antiques 59 Portobella Road

llo om

marriage I do this me from! likes of Christian ou name it! With to ÂŁ300 make the

BIGGEST VINTAG Absolute Vintage 15 Hanbury St Spitalfields London Where can you get the widest selection of vintage in London? Absolute Vintage of course! With daily deliveries the store is always full to the rim with some of the most unique pieces. A definite place to go if you are looking for something different with recycled brands from high street to designer you can’t go wrong! Opening hour: 11am-7pm 7 days a week For More information visit:

Bat Wing dress £22.00 Fairisle Polo neck Jumper £22.00 Parrot T-shirt £20.00


Image source: www.

Game on Jodie brooks

Models from left: Connor Brooks Dale Boltaev

Dolphins cap £1.50 - Car boot sale, Kingston upon Thames Blue Mitchell & Ness snakeskin hat - £30.00 EBay White and blue Pirates top £10.00 - Vintage with love Blue Nike Shorts £3.50 - British heart foundation Blue, yellow and red Nike trainers - models own Green and pink shell suit jacket £3.00 - Car Boot sale, London White Puma shorts £2.50 - Oxfam White soccer socks £1.00 - Car boot sale, Kingston Upon Thames White Vans - Models own Lakers Pull over £20.00 - Absolute Vintage Gradient effect cycling shorts £4.50 - Cancer research UK Duston Sweater £10.00 - Vintage Freak clothing Red and white bum bag £1.50 - Car boot sale, London Multi coloured mosaic raincoat £10 - Vintage with love Picasso print satin bomber jacket £15.00 - Independent seller at Spitalfields Market Green and pink Adidas zip up £15.00 - Ikkonik Vintage Pink Nike shorts £5.00 - Classic Vault Vintage Orange Nike Shorts £2.50 - Oxfam

A A perverted perverted ge ge Written by Jodie Brooks


have alway

And where

in this case, Lar

boundaries of w

His objects, V

collective subjec

suburban lifesty

this truth is bea

issues that man

delivers truthfu

photography tod

enius enius

“I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1943. was sixteen I started shooting amphetamine.

When I I shot

with my friends everyday for three years and then left town but I’ve gone back through the years. needle goes in it never comes out.”

Once the

-Larry Clark, Tulsa (1971)

ys been an admirer of all things beautiful, and there is nothing more beautiful to me than the truth.

e might one seek the truth? In the gritty realism that has been captured through the lens of a genius,

rry Clark is that genius. The American Director and photographer’s jaw dropping work pushes the

what is deemed acceptable by exploring the vulnerabilities of youngsters.

Victims of self-inflicted self-destruction are exposed in their most vulnerable and intimate states. His

cts of youth, violence, and underage sex and drug abuse demonstrate the reality of the American

yle. Some may describe his work as confronting and some may choose to reject the concept that

autiful, but what Clark does is bring us face to face with realism at its rawest, investigating social

ny people choose to ignore. Unplanned, unpolished and unpredicted his provocative photography

ul imagery free from the magnifying airbrushing and retouching techniques religiously employed in

day, which is what makes his work so powerful and influential.

Images from Clark’s first book, Tulsa (1971)

and his


“When you’re young, not much matters. When you find something that you care about, then that’s all you got. When you go to sleep at night you dream of pussy. When you wake up it’s the same thing. It’s there in your face. You can’t escape it. Sometimes when you’re young the only place to go is inside. That’s just it fucking is what I love. Take that away from me and I really got nothing.” -Telly



nocking about in their baggy tees, skater jean

troublesome hood rats. It’s the height of sum

won’t stop at anything to feed his fetish for deflowerin

Meanwhile Jenny, one of Telly’s previous conquests

sexual encounter and attempts to save his next pursui

Exploring social issues such as underage drinki

development, however the messages about the vulnera

experimentations are as clear as ice. I couldn’t help but

and to the point. With current television series such a

it undeniably leaves a lasting impression on its viewer

Leo Fitzpatrick as Telly

Frech Film Poster



ns and backward caps, Telly and Casper are your typical

mmer in the 90s and with hormones running a riot Telly

ng all the underage virgins of New York City.

s discovers that she has contracted AIDs from her only

it from sharing her fate.

ing, sex and illegal drugs, there is lack of character

abilities of adolescents and the risks of unprotected sexual

t hope for a sequel, however the independent film is short

as Skins clearly taking inspiration from this striking film,


ry Clark and Justin Pierce during filming

Chloe Sevigny as Jennie

The New kids on the block Jodie Brooks

Tampon shot

Model: George Brough

Pimpin' Whether you’re spending your summer raving the day away in the fields of the top festivals or sweating it out on the beach, shade those eyes in style! Get sunglasses for as little as £1 at your local charity shop, vintage store or car boot sale! Here are some banging blinkers we’ve pinned down! Styled by Jodie Brooks

Tanned Rounded Shanghai Tang Sunglasses, Cancer UK £2




Model: Jodie Brooks


1980s Dark Brown Yves Saint Laurent rectangular sunglasses Fara ÂŁ6.50




1950s Brown Cat Eye Sunglasses The Charity shop, Richmond Upon Thames ÂŁ2.00


Tortoiseshell Brown Key Hole Sunglasses The Vintage Shop, Kingston Upon Thames ÂŁ12.00


Model: Connor Brooks

ZORO ANGULA Red extreme angular-frame sunglasses Bashir & Son Vintage store, Brick lane ÂŁ4.00




Brown Clubman Retro Sunglasses Scope ÂŁ5.00


Jodie Brooks

Pick n Mix Layer it Block it Mix it Match it Colours fabrics patterns prints The creative dressers hit the streets of London kitted out to kill, turning the head of the lens carrier, scout and about.

A selection of photography taken from the streets of London, Photographer: Jodie Brooks

Inked deknI

Inked Inked An Expression or an addiction? It is art of the soul After all They say the body is a temple So why not decorate?

A collection of body art from the U

UK, Photography by Jodie Brooks

Styling, Photography and Retouching: Bethany Norman Model: Ruby Cherry Make up artist: Lucy Macdonald



Styling, Photography and Retouching: Bethany Norman Model: Helene Atsuko Male up artist: Alexzandra Cleal

Fashion week Brighton Fashion Week 30th May-3rd June 2012 All Saints Church, Hove Celebrate Brighton’s reputation as a forward thinking, fresh and trendy city. For only £30 for a week fashion pass, see some of the most outrageous and breathtakingly designs showcased on prominent platform! For more information visit:

Must see Exhibition The Body Adorned: Dressing London, Until January 2013 7pm-9pm Horniman Museum, 100 London Rd, London Go and see the role dress plays in religion, magic, social status, gender, warfare, marriage and death. Looking at the relationships between dress and the body across time and cultures this exhibition explores the subject of why we wear what we do. Featuring 300 objects reflecting practices in body adornment around the world as well as giving an insight into the messages conveyed in dress. An exciting experience for anyone interested in the theory of dress, and all for free! For more information visit:

Vintage Showcase Retro festival 10th-12th August 2012 White Waltham Airfield, Maidenhead, Berkshire Vintage and Retro music, cars, planes, fashion, camping and more! Daytime tickets starting at £12.00 for adults. For more information visit:

Festival season!

London’s Top festival V Festival 18th-19th August 2012 Hylands Park in Chelmsford and Weston Park in South Staffordshire With top of the chart artists such as Nicki Minaj, David Guetta, Snow Patrol, Tinie Tempah and Ed Sheeran and weekend tickets with camping just £180.00 we have voted V festival our top London event this summer! For more information Visit:

Abroad on a budget... Echo festival 22nd-24th June 2012 Croatia A collaboration of some if the freshest record labels and artists in from across the UK, Echo is an underground electronic festival located on the beach of Makarska, Croatia. And for only £35 for a weekend ticket it’s a must do this summer! For more information visit:

Get your Vintage

Clothing Jewelry

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