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RISE .JPG.TXT.FLV.PNG.RTF.MP4 Monthly Digital Trends septembre 2011

EDITO Living is about seeking for energy. Clean and renewable energy. Perpetual energy. Fresh energy. Energy to grow, to fight, to shout, to reach the end of the world and rise. To stand. Pirates are an interesting crowd, fighting for causes, entreprising for their fellows. As soon as a pirate speaks out, the world is shaking ; since 3 000 years ago, they are the first woldwide movement ever Let’s have a toast to pirates. Cheers




Pirates are not only cruising in the Red Sea. By definition, a «pirate» is «the one who tries one’s luck», «who is entreprising». This is the reason why, in the Antiquity, Ciceron stated that pirates were the common ennemy to all of us. Recently, the groups The Anonymous has launched a video, in which they stage themselves, dressed as V, warning Facebook that they will put it down on the 5th of November. Fake or real ? We will see. The thruth is that the myth is alive.

An other great still living myth is Sarah’s father : Adolfo Kaminsky. In this intimate TED talk, she explaines her father’s path into forgery : during the WWII, he joined by chance the resistance and learned forgery. The amazing thing is that he kept on doing this since then, helping all resistants around the world. During 50 years ! Piracy is a political act ; pirates act worldwide. And piracy is a matter of self-organization, experimentation and perseverance. Piracy is about love.

At the last Berlin election, the german Pirate Partei took 9% of the seats (when it only expected to reach 5%) for its first time. Their model was the swedish PiratPartiet, founded in 2006, that has created an international movement. Here is the short video explaining why it may burst in other countries too, like France or UK. When ordinary people decide to make something extra, entreprising, they may definitly contribute to change the world the way it is ruled. Could Ciceron may have been wrong?


The last project from Platform21 is Curatorial Cooking : it will share with you the best of Platform21 in an open D.I.Y. way. Giving exclusive insights in what works and what works not and encourages you to further develop projects like Platform21 = Repairing, Platform21 = Hacking IKEA or Me and My Character. The book also features a poetic image essay by artist Koen Hauser as well as inspirational project proposals by Aart van Bezooyen, Arne Hendriks, Cynthia Hathaway, Dewi Pinatih, Dinie Besems, Erik Wong, Guy Keulemans, Heleen Klopper, Hybridspacelab, Maite Abella Grau, Marco Bevolo, Nancy Nowacek, Nox Architects, Robert Stadler, Sang-kyu Kim, Scott Burnham, Sergio Davilla, Shane Waltener, Ted Noten, Van Bergen Kolpa Architecten end Yuri Suzuki. This Curatorial Cooking project is great sample of the trend of curation : online, after Memolane, Storify, Jux, or, Facebook Timeline enables any of us to start StoryTelling. Even the guru of data story telling, Nicolas Felton, explains where goes this ‘life jogging’ urge came to him. In the everyday life, one of the first example is Nike+, reinventing for you the running tracker and enpowering you with services : coach, lessons, competitions, sharing with friends. Curating and Story Telling are deeply rooted now. But as usual, only a few percent of users are currently curating or producing stories. Even with an easy tool such as Facebook Timeline, I’m not convinced that a majority of usres will start doing it. But one of the main interest of curating and story telling, is that it boosts your e-reputation scores, like Klout’s one. Telling stories is great, but if it helps you to reach a 40 Klout score, then you might be allowed to specific VIP parties. This is a great example of incentive that might create a real popular trend for curating, with everyone involved. For more information about how to raise your score, follow the Klout Matrix !


Submit here : http://dearphotograh/submit or EMAIL PHOTOS TO: Pictures are not guarenteed publication. When you submit your materials, you grant a non-exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free license to use the work to be used, copied, sur-licensed, adapted, transmitted, distributed, published, displayed or ootherwise uder our discretion in any and all media.

Dear Photograph, Every time it starts to rain, I know my husband is giving Brandy her bath up in heaven. It’s in those raindrops I feel their love all over again. I miss them so very much. Nicole Goeser 642 NOTES | REBLOG | 2 WEEKS AGO

Dear Photograph, My first day of school my mother was bursting with pride! She dressed me up in my finest as if to say” Look out world ! Here comes my son!” Frank 872 NOTES | REBLOG | 6 DAYS AGO

Dear Photograph, At the time it was not common for a man to walk behind a pram. I’m still proud of my father. Eva Willemier Westra 2,014 NOTES | REBLOG | 2 WEEKS AGO

Dear Photograph, I could see for miles and listen to him for hours, up and down all around town‌it will always be the best seat in the house! Love Vikki-Kate 419 NOTES | REBLOG | 1 WEEK AGO







It is quite amazing to see color card online, with hexadecimal code. No matter, no pattern, no texture. Full pixel. Pulled out of a random code. These # could become singular Twitter # ; imagine brands picking up their own, or even individual or groups defining themselves by those. See even more of them on


Male aims to analog Heavily stuffed Accumulation of armors Uniqueness of the robe Crown of past glories Ready fo hunting

Photographs by Helmuts Stallaert This series of photos was created when the artist participated in the custom, which aim is to drive out evil spirits.

Analog monster Versus Digital monster

Female aims to digital, Lightness, Sophistication, Hyper technical material, Perpetual shaped, Ready for strowling.

Work by Alba Prat This film has a strong retro character given by the era of production, which coexists with a high-tech nature. Both aspects are the basis of my collection. It consists in androgynous, straight silhouettes out of wool, leather, cotton and lack.


While the world is rollin’ and tumblin’, find your balance for a minute or two, staring and breathing, Joeribosma’s pictures. Simple settings, briliant light, and a steady human body bringing the balance to the horizon.

Par joeribosma Pas de vrai nom indiqué + Ajouter un contact

Cette photo a été prise le 3 août 2011 à Oudeschild, Hollande Septentrionale, Pays-Bas, avec un Nikon D3100.

7. JAPANESE ENERGY Since the earthquake, the country is still healing. Basicaly, despite the importance of the shock and the tsunami, not that many place were distroyed. No kills on the highways of transportation system, but seaside villages ripped off the map. Japanese people call this even 3/11, using the same terminology than the 9/11. It is to say the huge impact on Japanese’s conscious. Since, with 2 nuclear power plants off, the country is still lacking energy supply. Everyone is asked to use only 80% of the energy they would normally use. In order to flatten the overall energy consumption, major factories such as Toyota are shifting the working hours to weekends. In this gorgeous informative short documentary about 3/11 in Japan debuted today via VBS.TV and Palladium Boots featuring Pharrell exploring the country and visiting artists and having them share their thoughts, feelings and creative work. “Tokyo faces a new reality after the tragedy of 3/11. While persistent challenges still lay ahead, the city’s creative class is hell-bent on making sure that their hometown thrives. Innovative and resilient, they are defining the future of Tokyo on their own terms. We put our boots on and went exploring.”

When I’ve discovered Trippple Nippple in the 3/11 video serie, their furious electro rock samba woke me up and shooke up my perception of what «energy» ment. 60,000 people went in the street last month to claim the end of nuclear energy. You might think that Japanese are crazy. I think they are alive. More than ever. And they are looking for clean and inspiring energy.

8. HOME PERPETUAL MOVEMENT What about adding to your cosy interior a soft touch of randomness ?

Nelly Ben Hayoun’s «The Other Volcano» Is the perfect item to bring back this feeling of perpetual movement, the mother Earth’s energy flowing directly through your living room. Then, you’ll finally be able to come over this oppressing feeling of the apocalyptic end of our world ...

The endless movement generated by Chris Burden in Metropolis II is outrageously hyptnotysing. He did represent his understanding of L.A., its mecanical noise, its galaxy of cars and skeleton of highways.

In our common understanding of erasing the cars of our cities, this art piece rolling 100,000 cars an hour appears as what has been once a collective allucination. How will our kids understand this city machine, a machine that is ment for an interior space and not an urban space ?


ÂŤBons baisers from ChinaÂť could have been the name of this blog held by Chinese living overseas. Gathering news from everywhere in China, it gives a clearer idea about what chinese family own for instance, ...

or summer hollidays in Chinese Dead Sea ...

or what young chinese are thinking about.

Even if all the articles aren’t that brilliant, it looks like an interesting sneak peak into the today Empire of the Midle’s people dreams and reality : For an other interesting view about the current China, have a look at Nick Barham’s presentation of Chinese middle class.


What a surprise to discover the end of the world snapped by a Google car ! It is as if you could travel until the end of the world without moving your ass from your coach ... Like you could stare at someone or at a situation from where ever in the world ...

Paul Virilio was right about the world ending even faster with the new technologies ; in less than a few second loading, the end of the world is here on your screen.

In our times of ubiquity, this should not surprise me, but I was astonished to see Jon Rafman‘s art pieces called Google StreetView art, Go and check them out before going for a ride around the world !

Somewhere in an Eastern European country, hores are waiting for their fortune ...

In the middle of nowhere ...

Could thie man be Zarathoustra coming to teach us about the mankind ?

An other intersting example of Google StreetView art, by Ryan Alexander. He create video from StreetView snapshots and make them roll into a bubble shape ... It feels like staring a cristal ball and peeping into other people’s lives ...

To end this issue, I wanted to share with you this stunning video, time lapse HD photographs taken from the International Space Station ... orbiting around the glode ... And sometimes, astronauts even can picture aurora borealis from the ISS ...

# Photo credits cover! !

unkown, found on Nevver



video by The Anonymous



TED talk of Sarah Kaminski



video from 5 minutes



cover of curatorial cooking, by Platform21

p.9-10-11-12!random photo taken from p.16! !

art work by Helmuts Stallaert

p.17! !

work by Alba Prat

p.18-19-20! photographs by Joeribosma p.21-22!

video footage from the serie of video by VBS.TV and Palladium Boots

p.23! !

video and picture by Trippple Nippple

p.24! !

An Other Volcano by Nelly Ben Hayoun

p.25! !

Metropolis II art piece by Chris Burden

p.26! !

«family possession» by Huang Qingjun & Ma Hongjie

p.27! !

«chinese dreams» by Adrian Fisk

p.28-29-33! work of Jon Rafman p.30! !

work of Ryan Alexander

p.31! !

video by astronauts, taken from the ISS!

Š Marc Chataigner @marcchataigner


Tiny zine about what did trigger me in September 2011.

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