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2015 Athletics Hall of Fame

L Wine

presented by the Lancer Alumni Association... A unique way to support a great need: Financial Aid.

In partnership with Cholame Vineyard, the Lancer Alumni Association launched “L Wine,” a private wine label that features exclusive wines, designed for our Lancer Family. Proceeds from all sales support our Lancers For Life fund. This provides need-based tuition assistance for current students and families. Total raised through June 2015 was $8,158. Thank you for your continued support of our Lancer Family.


he Athletics Hall of Fame recognizes our most accomplished and committed alumni -a proud Lancer tradition since 2011. This year, the Orange Lutheran campus hosted nearly 150 attendees, of which 70 were alumni, for an evening of cocktails, dinner, memorabilia exhibit, campus tours, inductee presentation and special honoring of a legacy coach. For 2015, we selected six Lancers who exemplify the best of Orange Lutheran’s history through their distinguished accomplishments in athletics, academics, and competition. They are a diverse group, whose worlds range from teachers, to mothers, to semi-professional athletes, to successful entrepreneurs. But they all had one thing in common -- the bond they share as members of the Lancer Family. Congratulations to our 2015 inductees! Thank you for supporting our alumni -- and for continuing our mission that was started many years ago.


Introducing the OLu Business Network...


Coach Bob Dowding 1974-1993 Elizabeth Brehm ‘81 Michael Senne ‘82 Patrick Bagatourian ‘89 Patrick Salyer ‘00 Anna Klitzing Preus ‘00



Renee Gibbons ‘07

SPONSORS: Gold - Ron Wright

Silver - Healthy Foods, Inc.


Jenny Morner Jordan ‘76 Michael Fleischi ‘88 Jason Neben ‘89 Daryl Cole ‘90 Renee Wright Matheson ‘91 Joe Juliano ‘95 Laura Miklos Crawford ‘01 Jerry Simmons - Coach

Steve Hight ‘78 Gaylord Greene ‘88 Elizabeth Reed Bonsangue ‘89 Phil Matheson ‘91 Amber Parkinson Neben ‘93 Jason Whieldon ‘00 Nancy Paul - Coach/Administrator


community for Lancers supporting Lancers, the idea of a business network has circled around Orange Lutheran for years. In 2015, this vision became a reality. With the leadership of the Alumni Board and Strategic Team, the Orange Lutheran Business Network was established to support the overall professional development of Orange Lutheran alumni, families, students, and friends. By engaging business professionals in our faith-based community, it is our intention to strengthen our relationships and provide opportunities for valued members of the Lancer Family. The Orange Lutheran Business Network hosts quarterly events featuring guest speakers and opportunities for networking. To learn more, visit

Lancer Alumni Association Mission Statement:

The Alumni Board serves Orange Lutheran High School and its alumni by cultivating Lancer Family pride, encouraging active involvement in ministry opportunities, sharing God-given gifts, and connecting alumni through personal fellowship and professional networking.

2014-15 Alumni Board CO-CHAIRS:

Caroline Bailey ‘05


Debbie Guss ‘77 Marc Neben ‘79 Marlo Naber Mole ‘89 Jeffrey Palmer ‘89 Kelly Hearn George ‘94 Robert Meaux ‘96 Paul Jones ‘02 Chelsey Everhart ‘05 Blake Edwards ‘06 Renee Roberts Gibbons ‘07 Greg Gower ‘08 Trent Schlom ‘10

Phil Roberts ‘05

Wayne Weisman ‘77 Debbie Rogers Merced ‘87 Meredith Riebau Dufield ‘89 Amy Willett Leon ‘90 Jason Perkins ‘95 Katherine Holly ‘97 Brandon Lester ‘05 Grant Avise ‘05 Jessica Jordan Johnson ‘06 Tyler Prosser ‘07 Kristina Fertala ‘08


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