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Rejoice Best of Bellingham Latin Dining 8 Newest Cars Joyful Vienna Tire Guide Invest Globally Be Jeweled Whistler on One Tank Make-A-Wish Laughter Yoga Fine Design New BMW Langley

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The Street Best of Bellingham



Plates Muy Sabroso – El Barrio



Interiors Fine Design Selections



Where Our Road Takes You Joyful Vienna



Company Spotlight Mission: Possible – Shiamak Davar



Trade In Think Globally – But Look Inside First



Rev MINI Coupe Tour of Langley | Eight Newest Models



Make and Model Be Jeweled – Amrita Singh of New York


Road Trip

One Tank Wonders Whistler on One Tank



Heroes A Child’s Wish – Make-A-Wish Foundation



Staff Associate Spotlight Riding It Out with Bob Lund



Trim Lines What’s So Funny? Laughter Yoga


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The Top 6 Dining Spots before 6

Volume 10 Issue 1

driving | living | you

Spring 2012



On the Cover The blockbuster Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is the inspiration for our cover. Tom Cruise’s thrilling chase scene through a sandstorm in Dubai lands a BMW 6 Series model inside BMW Langley’s uber-chic new showroom. Plus, the action film’s pivotal grand party scene is choreographed by Bollywood king Shiamak Davar, who presents two of his dazzling performers alongside the BMW 650i.

Principal dancers Suragini Ravindran and Rohan D’silva have graced stages around the world with Shiamak Davar International. They live by the Shiamak motto, “Have Feet. Will Dance.” Ravindran is a master instructor and senior manager for the Shiamak academy in Vancouver, while dancer choreographer D’silva has appeared in over seventy Bollywood films and hosted a series of workout fitness videos. Win a Shangri-La Experience

Volume 10 Issue 1 Spring 2012

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Dancers: Suragini Ravindran and Rohan D’silva, Shiamak Davar International (Canada) Inc. Vehicle: BMW 650i Cabriolet by BMW Langley Art Direction: Will Fong Photography: Alistair Eagle Hair and Makeup: Rubie Ocean

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Feel Your Joy


e all want to be happy, but how many of us can say what brings true joy to our lives? Is it the iPad3, cooking a gourmet meal, or cheering the Canucks on this year? A family reunion, achieving a personal best, or a trek to the sacred temples of Angkor in Cambodia? Whatever you decide, writer E.B. White wisely said, “We should all do what, in the long run, gives us joy, even if it is only picking grapes or sorting the laundry.” Let’s remember that. Of course, the driving experience is at the heart of what gives us joy here at OpenRoad Auto Group. In this issue of OpenRoad Driver I am especially proud to introduce you to our gorgeous stateof-the-art BMW Langley and MINI Langley retail centre. Our new team in Langley aims to give you the best – and most joyful – experience you could imagine. We also take you on a test drive of the amazing new MINI Coupe runabout, and unveil our eight newest model releases by Audi, BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Lexus, Mazda, Scion and Toyota. Plus, check out our very own definitive guide on everything you want to know about tires in Ask the Experts.

I am also happy to announce the launch of the long-awaited Club OpenRoad. Our brand new membership loyalty program provides you with an exciting points-based rewards card at different levels. Once you activate your Club OpenRoad card, you’ll be on your way to earning points towards a significant discount on your next car purchase. Or you can enjoy everyday “endless savings” discounts through hundreds of our partner merchants around BC. Starting today, maximize your vehicle ownership experience through our Club OpenRoad loyalty program. I like to think of OpenRoad Driver as a slice of daily life at OpenRoad. I am proud of all the languages that our staff associates speak – 22 in all – and also the joy we all find in bringing the latest ideas from around the world back to OpenRoad. It all helps our team to develop programs that will serve our guests better. And that’s why we’re celebrating both joy and multiculturalism in this issue of our magazine.

WIN A SHANGRI-LA EXPERIENCE! See page 42 for contest details. 6 |

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Our theme, Rejoice, inspired our team to reach globally and to look within for fascinating stories. Fresh from MI4, star choreographer Shiamak Davar has gone from Bollywood to a thriving business of international dance academies. We savour the Latin dining of El Barrio Restaurante right here on Commercial Drive, and take you on a musical journey through joyful Vienna in Austria. Renowned jewelry designer Amrita Singh of New York reveals her stunning new Maharaja and Bangle Bangle collections. And our money expert tells you what you need to know first before going global with your investments.

One Tank Wonders, where OpenRoad staff associates tell you the best hidden spots you can visit using only one tank of gas. We’ll also share our secrets about the best places to shop in Bellingham, and our top picks for Appy Hour, the six best dining specials in town before 6 pm. As the world gets increasingly busy or complex, I hope you take the time to identify what brings true happiness to your life. And then celebrate your discovery by actually making it happen. By finding your happiness and feeling your joy, it’s truly time to rejoice.

Volume 10 Issue 1 Spring 2012

OpenRoad Driver c/o OpenRoad Auto Group Ltd. 13251 Smallwood Place Richmond, BC, Canada V6V 1W8 Tel: (604) 232-5347 Fax: (604) 232-5323 E-mail: Publisher: Christian Chia Editor: Will Fong Associate Editor: Melissa Mak Art Direction, Design: Haydex Li

Closer to home, we examine the wellness benefits of laughter yoga. And joy of a different kind comes through our brand new feature called

Christian Chia

President, OpenRoad Auto Group

Contributing Writers: Josh Chow, Chris Edwards, Will Fong, Bruce Forster, Gerry Frechette, Ben Hudson, Lauren Kramer, Ben Lovie, Jeannie Magenta, Melissa Mak, Rick and Chris Millikan, Al Nagy, Allan O’Meara, Mijune Pak Contributing Photographers: Christian Chia, Josh Chow, Alistair Eagle, Will Fong, Gerry Frechette, Lauren Kramer, Bob Lund, Melissa Mak, Rick and Chris Millikan, Kristoffer Ong, Mijune Pak, Wendy D Photography Change of Address Notices: Return covers of undeliverable copies to OpenRoad Driver, 13251 Smallwood Place, Richmond, BC, V6V 1W8 or send e-mail requests to Postmaster: Send Canadian address change forms to OpenRoad Driver, 13251 Smallwood Place, Richmond, BC, V6V 1W8 Publications Mail Agreement No. 40599157 OpenRoad Driver is published twice a year by OpenRoad Auto Group Ltd. All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without prior written permission from the publisher.

An outstanding team is the definition of joy. Special recognition goes to four staff associates who each celebrated their amazing 30th anniversary with us this year. Their contributions to OpenRoad are extraordinary. It's my great honour to present each of my associates with a travel passport to the destination of their choice anywhere in the world. My four colleagues are shining examples of our 500 dedicated staff associates. Back Row: Steve Naylor Front Row (l-r): Mike Terry, Randi Ougden, Dave Horton

All views expressed in articles published in this magazine are those of the authors and not necessarily those of OpenRoad Driver. Advertising in OpenRoad Driver does not indicate an endorsement by the publisher or OpenRoad Auto Group. The publisher accepts no responsibility for advertisers’ claims. Printed in Canada by Teldon Print Media

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BMW Langley Langley Auto Collection

6025 Collection Drive Langley, BC, V3A 0C2 T 604.533.0269 F 604.539.2269


2375 Boundary Road Vancouver, BC, V5M 4W5 T 604.293.2834 F 604.298.1329


13171 Smallwood Place Richmond, BC, V6V 1W8 T 604.606.9033 F 604.606.9003

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MINI Langley Langley Auto Collection

6025 Collection Drive Langley, BC, V3A 0C2 T 604.533.0269 F 604.539.2269


6984 Kingsway Burnaby, BC, V5E 1E6 T 604.525.4667 F 604.525.8692


3150 St. Johns Street Port Moody, BC, V3H 2C7 T 604.461.7623 F 604.949.7623

OpenRoad Lexus

Richmond Auto Mall


Port Moody

5631 Parkwood Way Richmond, BC, V6V 2M6 T 604.273.5533 F 604.270.9028

3166 St. Johns Street Port Moody, BC, V3H 2C7 T 604.461.3656 F 604.461.9140


Port Moody

3166 St. Johns Street Port Moody, BC, V3H 2C7 T 604.461.3656 F 604.461.9140


3170 St. Johns Street Port Moody, BC, V3H 2C7 T 604.461.9111 F 604.461.7988


Richmond Auto Mall

13251 Smallwood Place Richmond, BC, V6V 1W8 T 604.273.3766 F 604.273.2892


Richmond Auto Mall

13251 Smallwood Place Richmond, BC, V6V 1W8 T 604.273.3766 F 604.273.2892

Experience the OpenRoad DifferenceTM


2691 No.5 Road Richmond, BC, V6X 2S8 T 604.278.9158 F 604.270.9105

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mobile collision estimating RABit© is Richmond Auto Body in transit, so you never have to stress or come into the body shop for your collision needs. Our mobile service is free of charge, plus hasslefree. We come to you at your convenience and on your schedule. It’s as easy as: 1. Mobile insurance estimates and initial claims at your location. 2. Mobile replacement vehicle drop-off and pick-up of damaged car at your location. 3. Mobile delivery of your repaired vehicle back to your location. Just call OpenRoad Richmond Auto Body at 1-855-GO-RABIT or e-mail and you’ll be done as quick as a RABit©.

t Hertz Rent A Car on-site t only Audi-certified aluminum repair facility in Western Canada t certified Lexus, Lexus LFA, Toyota, Scion repair facility

Experience the OpenRoad DifferenceTM

2691 No. 5 Road, Richmond (Just North of Bridgeport Road) Tel: 604-278-9158


OpenRoad Infiniti Breaks Ground

Top 10 Best Employer



nfiniti is the latest premium brand to break ground at Langley’s new luxury auto destination, the Langley Auto Collection.

Executives from Infiniti Canada and OpenRoad Auto Group gathered in Langley to make the OpenRoad Infiniti announcement. “We’re planning a model dealership for the Infiniti network in Canada,” said Christian Chia, president of OpenRoad Auto Group. “It will really be something quite different in terms of the finishes and exterior. You’ll feel like you’re in a high-class boutique. There is already a large base of established Infiniti owners in this market and so there’s great urgency for us to open as quickly as possible to provide a convenient home for current Infiniti owners,” he added. OpenRoad Infiniti will be a 19,000-squarefoot luxury boutique that features seven service bays, a detail bay, a six-vehicle showroom, generous lounge areas and highend finishes reminiscent of a five-star hotel.

The OpenRoad Infiniti groundbreaking ceremony was a testament to inspired timing, taking place on the heels of a marketing agreement between Infiniti and Formula One World Champions, Red Bull Racing Renault. The opening of OpenRoad Infiniti in the Langley Auto Collection will coincide with the launch of the highly anticipated JX, Infiniti’s all-new crossover model to accommodate seven passengers. “We’re excited about the brand new 2013 JX model that is being launched this spring,” said Chia. He elaborated on the future of Infiniti, “I see Infiniti’s strength as a different approach to luxury. Infiniti isn’t following anyone else. They’re really charting their own path and defining luxury their own way. Infiniti has a term – ‘Adeyaka’ – and it is their own clean, very experiential and tactile luxury. They’re creating their own new vision of luxury, so that’s very exciting for us.”

penRoad Auto Group has placed in the Top 10 of the 2012 Best Employers in Canada list by Aon Hewitt. OpenRoad placed seventh overall among the annual Top 50 list and was the only automotive-related business to appear in the top ten. Company rankings are based on employee engagement, as determined by surveys distributed to more than 112,000 employees from 261 participating companies across Canada. Employee engagement reflects employees that speak positively about the organization to others, are committed to remaining with the employer, and are motivated by company leaders and culture to go “above and beyond” to contribute to business success.

OpenRoad Infiniti is scheduled to open in mid-2012.

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BMW Langley and MINI Langley Open


he BMW Langley and MINI Langley retail centre is now open on Collection Drive at the corner of Langley Bypass and Glover


The $20-million development is the first retailer to open in the Langley Auto Collection, a new luxury autoplex serving the Surrey, Langley and South Fraser area. The centre boasts 58,000 square feet of luxury retail space and a host of high-end amenities to pamper guests. “We’re very proud of our living green wall, the M Café, a 26-car BMW showroom on two levels and a 9-car MINI showroom,” says general manager Aly Jiwani. He details the list of items that differentiate this retail centre from others, “We also have a second-floor special vehicle delivery area under cover, two rooftop levels of parking with tons of parking – a scarcity elsewhere – a business centre where customers can use our computers to conduct business online, fourteen large screen televisions, real-time service boards, satellite television, all the latest videos, a feature showroom for our Cabriolets on the second floor as well. We have a separate section for almost every type of vehicle that BMW and MINI offer.”

BMW Langley Hours

MINI Langley Hours

6025 Collection Drive Langley, BC V3A 0C2 T: (604) 533-0269 F: (604) 539-2269 E:

6025 Collection Drive Langley, BC V3A 0C2 T: (604) 533-0269 F: (604) 539-2269 E:

Sales Department Mon - Thu 9:00 am - 9:00 pm Fri - Sat 9:00 am - 6:00 pm Sun 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sales Department Mon - Thu 9:00 am - 9:00 pm Fri - Sat 9:00 am - 6:00 pm Sun 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Service Department Mon - Fri 7:30 am - 5:30 pm Sat 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Sun closed

Service Department Mon - Fri 7:30 am - 5:30 pm Sat 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Sun closed

Parts Department Mon-Fri 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Sat 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Sun closed

Parts Department Mon-Fri 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Sat 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Sun closed

Visit and for further details.

12 |

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

First Customers

Janet Wood proudly claims her BMW 650i Cabriolet as the first BMW vehicle sold at BMW Langley.

Amanda Currie is the first MINI customer, showing her Cooper S Countryman ALL4 purchased at MINI Langley.


OpenRoad Mazda Announced

brand new facility is being built to house OpenRoad Mazda Port Moody. While the dealership operates out of a temporary adjoining site, the new Mazda store will take shape at the existing location at 3170 St. Johns Street in Port Moody. The state-of-the-art building is slated to open in late 2012. It will be a testament to the Zoom-Zoom excitement of Mazda, featuring a 9-vehicle showroom, 10 service bays and a special Zoom lounge with Zoom junior lounge play area. There are also plans for a covered service drive-through and stand-alone car wash.

The Future of OpenRoad Toyota

The Port Moody location will be the only Mazda store in the Lower Mainland to feature its own distinct new vehicle delivery area. Visit to follow the construction progress. Visitors can still enjoy the upcoming 2013 models and SKYACTIV Technology of Mazda while OpenRoad Mazda operates from a temporary facility right next door at 3166 St. Johns Street in Port Moody.


or more than thirty years OpenRoad Toyota Richmond has sold more new Toyotas than any other store in western Canada. A new Toyota facility would need to be special to continue this tradition.

In 2013 OpenRoad Toyota plans to expand its presence with a new Toyota superstore at the entrance of the Richmond Auto Mall. And OpenRoad wants your input. Give us your feedback and ideas on what our new Toyota store could be. We welcome your thoughts on how the OpenRoad Experience could make for a truly different presence at OpenRoad Toyota Richmond.

Open in our temporary facility: 3166 St. Johns Street Port Moody, BC T: (604) 461-9111 F: (604) 461-7988 W:

Together, we’ll make things better.

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2




The Customers Always Write E X T R E M E LY S AT I SFYING EXPERIENCE Theresa Bulman was excellent – answered all my questions and got clarification on anything that was not completely clear. Great follow up! Overall extremely satisfying experience! Mitch B. on MINI Langley’s sales executive, Theresa Bulman

This morning, I found that my Toyota van’s back wiper wasn’t working. When I went to your service department, I met James Murphy. After listening to my problem, James said simply, “Let me have a look.” Then he had a look at the wiper and fixed the problem for free – it was a loose screw. I want to thank you for having an excellent employee like James Murphy. He offers kind service and attention to detail, which makes us feel your service is a trustworthy service. You focus on customer needs and not your own profit. Thanks again. Ralph D. on OpenRoad Toyota Richmond’s service advisor, James Murphy

Lexus factory-level quality plus your personal dealer-level attention to detail and service follow-through is why I will be buying my fourth Lexus in 11 years from OpenRoad Lexus Port Moody. Rod M. on OpenRoad Lexus Port Moody’s service director, Cameron Ma

ELITE PROFESSIONALISM We are very pleased with the quality of service we received in your showroom. It was pleasing to the eye (modern clean facility), offered nice coffee, and at every step made us feel that your associates, especially Chris Edwards, valued the time we spent there. There is nothing I would suggest to change there. The best way I can

14 |

think of summarizing our experience of doing business with you is that we wish you were also selling houses in Vancouver, or at least that other people we will come across while acquiring expensive things possess your level of elite professionalism – technical competence, exemplary communication culture (in person and electronic), refined interpersonal skills, unhurried manner and engaging confidence. Igor B. on OpenRoad Audi Vancouver’s parts manager, Chris Edwards, and the entire dealership team

We bought our new Lexus RX 450h today, and are very happy with it! Amy Li was our product specialist, and we particularly wanted to commend her work. She has a very professional and personable approach, and we chose to buy from OpenRoad as a result of this. The whole process has been very enjoyable because of her personal touch. We will be sure to recommend her and your dealership to friends, colleagues and family. Shafik & Gulshan T. on OpenRoad Lexus Richmond’s product specialist, Amy Li

As a concerned customer with a structural repair needed, I was worried, as this was after the warranty had expired. I was so relieved with the way the repair was expedited – the whole process was dealt with quickly and at no cost. I much appreciate the rental car, which meant no inconvenience to me. Le Chan went above and beyond his required job. Le was in his car ready to go home when he saw me and then quickly exchanged the returning rental Civic for my Fit. This was much appreciated, as there were many customers waiting. Hilary M. on OpenRoad Honda Burnaby’s service advisor, Le Chan

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

GOING THE EXTRA MILE This is to express great appreciation for ‘going the extra mile’ to look after one of your new owners of an Equus. Your dedication to provide service with excellence and to ‘stretch’ your resources during a holiday weekend to achieve customer satisfaction has hit a high mark with me. Kudos to your team. Walter B. on OpenRoad Hyundai Richmond’s fixed operations manager, Greg Dowswell, and assistant sales manager, Chris O’Neill

I’d like to send my appreciation to OpenRoad Toyota Port Moody regarding the part in my RAV4 that needed to be fixed. You surely provided the greatest assistance. We are really happy with the result and are really grateful with the service we received. Michael & Anny K. on OpenRoad Toyota Port Moody’s entire service team

I wanted to thank you once again for arranging to have the wheel rash removed on my recent purchase of the 2009 BMW 335 Cabriolet. The car is great and especially looks sharp after the one and only wheel with road rash was fixed. Making arrangements on your day off to exchange vehicles goes to show how BMW Langley and its staff are willing to go the extra mile for the customer. Not only to complete a sale, but in after-sales service. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the dealership to anyone in the market. This also goes for the MINI side of the house, as I know this is where Philip is currently situated. Thanks again for everything. Hans E. on MINI Langley’s sales executive, Philip Fassbender, and BMW Langley’s entire dealership team

We like mail... Send feedback on OpenRoad Driver to:

A dierent A4 experience at OpenRoad.

2012 Audi A4

starting at $39,795* * includes Freight & PDI, plus levies and applicable taxes.

Experience the OpenRoad Difference.TM Why just buy an Audi, when you can own an OpenRoad Audi?

2375 Boundary Road, Vancouver (south of Lougheed Hwy, between Vancouver and Burnaby)

Experience the OpenRoad DifferenceTM

Tel: 604-293-AUDI (2834) Dealer 30579

Vorsprung durch Technik


The Best of Bellingham b y L a u ren K ramer

or most of us, Bellingham has become a household name. It’s the city that flits by as we make our way to the Premium Outlets at Tulalip, one of the last stops to fill up the gas tank before we cross the border back into Vancouver, and home to Bellis Fair Mall, the behemoth shopping centre anchored by major American department stores Macy’s, Kohl’s, Sears and jcpenney. But if that’s all you know about Bellingham, you’re missing out. There’s much to explore in this gem of the Pacific Northwest, whether you’re taking a leisurely day trip or spending the weekend. You just have to know where to look to discover the city’s innermost secrets. 16 |

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

Best P lace for C offee Ahoy, Starbucks addicts! For this road trip, you’ll want to look out for a different name in brewed beans: The Woods Coffee ( A local coffee shop with west coast décor, overstuffed armchairs and a great menu of munchies, The Woods has eleven locations in Whatcom County and is the go-to destination for coffee aficionados, whether they’re meeting for a social drink or a business brainstorm. Check out The Woods’ most picturesque location at Boulevard Park where the coffee house hugs Bellingham Bay, providing great storm- and people-watching opportunities and a long span of boardwalk along the ocean, perfect for chasing the cobwebs from your mind.

Best P lace for W in d ow S hopping The historic village of Fairhaven ( wins hands-down in this category. Back in the 1880s, Fairhaven was one of the wildest of the Wild West towns, a place filled with Vaudeville houses, casinos, theatres and banks. The population boomed as folks gathered amid rumours that Fairhaven would be the Pacific Northwest’s major port city. That glory landed on Seattle and Fairhaven suffered death throes until the last two decades, when it was revitalized by art galleries, boutiques, book shops and mom-and-pop restaurants. Part student digs, part tourist mecca and a favourite haunt of locals, Fairhaven is a browser’s heaven today. Don’t miss Artwood Gallery (1000 Harris Avenue;, a gallery of fine woodworking from area artisans, A Lot of Flowers (911 Harris Avenue) for great outdoor art and Good Earth Pottery (1000 Harris Avenue; goodearthpots. com) for sculpted earthenware. If you’re travelling with kids in tow, check out the Fairhaven Toy Garden (1147 11th Street; and Wild Blueberries (1106 Harris Avenue) for neat toys you’ll never find at Toys “R” Us. The booklover’s paradise lies within the walls of Village Books (1200 11th Street;, and once you’ve found a mesmerizing read, meander downstairs for thick, homemade soups that will warm your soul on a wintry day. If you’re feeling creative or want to release your inner child, stop into CreaTiviTea (1312 11th Street; to paint your own pottery or design a unique piece of fused glass. And if history piques your interest, book a one-hour tour of Fairhaven with Jim Rich, aka “Dirty Dan”. Dan escorts groups of seven or more through the village, explaining the meaning behind the historic plaques scattered around town. He provides a fascinating synopsis of Fairhaven’s heyday and entertains with tales of ghosts, brothels and a true Wild West town. Call (360) 650-9691 to book a tour.

Best P lace to E at Choosing your food is a hard call in Bellingham, a city with many delectable restaurants. If the family demands pizza, the place to go is La Fiamma Wood Fire Pizza (200 E. Chestnut Street; lafiamma. com; (360) 647-0060), where pizzas with innovative toppings are baked in a wood-fire oven. Hickory-smoked salmon pizza, anyone? If crayons and paper don’t suffice, kiddies are given a slab of dough to shape as they wait for their dinner. This is a budget-friendly, locally owned eatery with exceptional pizzas that rate far above any of the chain restaurant equivalents. For Bellingham’s version of the Cactus Club, head to Scotty Browns (3101 Newmarket Street;; (360) 3068823), a more adult haunt that offers a good selection of salads and burgers in a space that’s part sports bar, part steakhouse. Scotty’s is one of the peoplewatching meccas of the city, a place where the young and beautiful gather for drinks and appies after work. Service comes in high heels and mini-skirts and the food is as good as the rest of the eye candy. If you want to treat yourself to some fine dining Pacific Northwest food, head to the waterfront and request a table-with-a-view at the Harborside Bistro (1 Bellwether

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2



For brochures and more information on the Bellingham area, contact: Tourism Whatcom County Toll free (800) 487-2032

Dri v ing there :

Way; harborside-restaurant; (360) 392-3200), located inside the Hotel Bellwether. One of Bellingham’s best-kept secrets, the Harborside features local, organic fare, exquisitely presented in an upscale venue with an unbeatable view of the ocean. Dine on grilled halibut as yachts sail past into the harbour. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Best S cenic Dri v e Chuckanut Drive ( is the Beverly Hills of Bellingham, a 21-mile route that hugs the coast and reveals spectacular views of Samish Bay, magnificent homes teetering on the cliffs and the shade of beautiful old-growth forest. If the weather is fine, stop at Teddy Bear Cove for a hike down to the beach, a wind-and-wave-washed cove known for its barking seals and a handful of occasional nude bathers. Larrabee State Park is another worthwhile stopping point, a great place for a picnic lunch that offers an easier walk to the beach, where low tide reveals some

18 |

noteworthy puddle-watching. Take the “Historic Fairhaven Village” exit off the I-5 and follow the signs to Chuckanut Drive. If you’re feeling energetic, stop along the way for one of the many scenic hikes.

Best P lace for a N ight on the T own In the mood for some good entertainment? Check what’s on at the Mount Baker Theatre (104 North Commercial Street; in Bellingham, an 85-year-old institution with magnificent Spanish-Moorish architecture. Watching a performance at the Mount Baker is like stepping back in time, for the 1,500-seat theatre is majestic, stately and rich with history. There’s nothing archaic about its roster of performances, though, and you’re as likely to find the hottest comedians on the circuit as you are to take in a musical or a performance by the Whatcom Symphony. Tickets are at or (360) 734-6080. In the mood for a Bellini

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

after the show? Stop by at Poppe’s Bistro & Lounge (714 Lakeway Drive;; (360) 671-1011), the bar-lounge inside the Best Western Lakeway Inn. Here you’ll find live music, ambience aplenty and an irresistible menu of drinks like the Gummi Bear Martini and the Kama Sutra.

Best P lace to S pen d the N ight The Fairhaven Village Inn (1200 10th Street) is a great option in the heart of the village, a boutique, 22-room property that blends history with modern conveniences and whose innkeepers Gene and Connie Shannon add a very personal touch. Park your vehicle at the inn and you could easily spend a weekend in Fairhaven without even leaving the village. Continental breakfast is included in room rates. For information, visit or call (877) 733-1100. For a larger, more European establishment, head to the Hotel Bellwether on Bellingham’s waterfront. The

Take Highway 99 South / Interstate I-5 South from Vancouver to Bellingham 72 kilometres (45 miles). Factor in border crossing times into the United States. Bor d er crossing information : Before your trip, check ATIS/index.htm for border crossing wait times. Peace Arch (Douglas) Crossing or Pacific Highway (Truck) Crossing Alternate border crossings Aldergrove (Lynden) or Sumas (Abbotsford) A valid passport, NEXUS Card or Enhanced Drivers License is required to enter the United States.

65-room hotel features great ocean views, exceptional dining at the Harborside Bistro and a refreshing walk to downtown Bellingham. For information or reservations, visit or call (877) 411-1200.

Private Company Services

Building lasting value It pays to think long-term. By helping you balance immediate needs with longterm goals, we can help create lasting value; for your business, for yourself and for future generations.

Contact: : John Bunting BC Private Company Services Leader 604 806 7797

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A road well-travelled We are pleased to congratulate OpenRoad Auto Group for its continued commitment to innovation and superior client service in automotive retail. We’re proud to be a part of your team and look forward to many more successful years together.

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Muy sabroso

E l Barrio R esta u rante L atino W or d s an d photos b y M i j u ne P ak l Barrio Restaurante Latino doesn’t look impressive from the outside; in fact, it almost looks a bit “divey”. The eatery is definitely not well known unless you frequent the area or live in the Commercial Drive neighbourhood, but this is a hidden gem and a local favourite. Give it a chance and I almost guarantee you’ll come back for seconds sooner than you think. El Barrio is a casual, spacious and modern bar that can be quite energetic and entertaining with live music on occasional nights. The restaurant is operated by Executive Chef Luis Montalvo who grew up in El Salvador, but also lived in Mexico. The food here reflects his heritage, incorporating Spanish, Latin and Mexican flavours. It’s traditional in offerings and ingredients, but modern in execution. I don’t find the cuisine at El Barrio truly authentic or singular to any of the cuisines it serves because everything is so unique and stylized. It’s in a “fusion” category of its own. I find it more Mexican than Latin, although “Latin” is a big enough category to include variations from country to country.

Flautas at El Barrio Restaurante Latino

Having recently tried Mochikas Peruvian Cafe, an amazing Peruvian hole-in-the-wall, I want to explore more within the Latin theme. I know there are folks that don’t see the value in expensive Mexican food, and I feel the same way about Vietnamese food; however, what you get at El Barrio is finer than usual for this type of cuisine. Perhaps a couple of dishes are overpriced. On the other hand, you are paying for homemade sauces and quality ingredients that come with an unpretentious atmosphere and service. There is respect to ingredients and techniques, and the restaurant is quite original to the Vancouver culinary scene. So, was I impressed with El Barrio Restaurante Latino? Let me just say that I’ve already made reservations to go back!

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O n the ta b le

T osta d a C arnitas 6 / 6

Deep-fried corn tortilla layered with creamy beans, pulled pork and curdito $10.95

This is delicious and my favourite dish of the night. I’d be completely satisfied having two orders of these as a main. It’s a crunchy and crispy deep-fried tortilla loaded with a generous amount of soft, juicy, smoky, savoury and well marinated pork. It is topped with a crunchy, pickled red and green cabbage slaw called curdito that carries quite the refreshing, yet sharp, vinegar tang to cut the grease from the pork. The curdito also has some pickled jalapeno peppers to deliver a very mild heat at the end. A layer of

S angria 3 / 6

Glass $6.95 Pitcher $22.95

For sangria, this is lacking a bit of depth for me. It has some lemons and limes but I miss the apples and oranges and all the other fun fruits. It’s good, not too sweet, but quite standard with a very basic recipe and wine that is on the dry side.

creamy beans helps to keep the crispy deep-fried tortilla from being soggy. Carnitas is a Mexican-style pulled pork and this one is tender, moist and soaking in its own natural pork juice. Traditionally the pork is braised and fried, but this version just seems braised. Regardless, it’s all delicious. The carnitas meat at El Barrio is wrapped in a banana leaf and marinated overnight for 10-12 hours in spices and orange juice. It’s nicely braised and chunky, yet

easily shredded and well flavoured with smokiness from ground cumin, slight acidity from some tomato sauce and also orange juice. It has a natural sweetness from perhaps some aromatics of carrots, onions and celery. It is very well balanced and naturally saucy alone, but it does come with a side of homemade hot sauce – quite mild, very smoky and somewhat like a tomato-based chili sauce with a bit of red pepper flavour in the background.

C hori z o T acos 5 / 6

Choice of beef, chicken, carnitas or homemade chorizo, served on corn tortillas with onions and cilantro $9.95

These are delicious. I’ve never had chorizo in this texture, as I’m accustomed to the cured sausage form. The chorizo is finely ground and almost nutty. The flavour is bold, earthy, deep and complex. I can taste smokiness from cumin and paprika and it is a bit sweet from perhaps some carrots used in the aromatics. This dish is extremely well seasoned and marinated, nice and garlicky, saucy, moist, with a nice heat to follow, and almost like a Mexican sloppy joe in taco form. I love the brightness of the lime juice and onions to cut through the smokiness. I highly recommend ordering these with El Barrio’s homemade chipotle sauce and guacamole.

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O n the ta b le

P ollo en M ole 5 . 5 / 6

Local free-range chicken breast served with a blend of Mexican chili chocolate sauce $15.95

The Pollo en Mole offers half a bone-in chicken and I wish it didn’t come precut. The chicken needs to rest a bit more before cutting because the meat isn’t as moist as it could be. The skin has a smoky dry rub and it isn’t crispy, but when it’s covered with rich and decadent mole sauce you barely notice it. The mole sauce is intense and it’s made in-house with 18-19 ingredients. This mole is one of the best I’ve come across. It has to do with complex and deep flavours, as well as the creamy rich texture. It’s almost paste-like and I can taste the texture of the houseroasted chilies in combination with fresh spices such as cumin and cinnamon. It is bittersweet with sweet chocolate flavour in the initial notes followed by an earthy, deep and slightly bitter taste at the end. The sauce is also nutty. It’s peanut-free but there are ground pumpkin seeds in it. Overall it’s smoky, sweet, bitter and very warm with a mild heat. It complements the smoky and savoury chicken perfectly. The dish is served with a side of sautéed bell peppers, onions and cactus. The cactus is nice and sweet. It tastes a bit like slimy okra in the form of a long strand of bell.

P aella 3 / 6

Seafood: shrimps, mussels, clams and squid $18.95/person Meat: Chorizo, chicken and snails $16.95/person All of the above, but snails $18.95/person 12-hour advance reservation required and 2 people minimum

This is something that requires a pre-order because Chef Luis is extremely particular about the quality control of his specially prepared paella. We decide to order the all-of-the-above paella. It’s pretty good value with the ingredients and portion, but the flavour isn’t as impressive for me. It’s fresh and made with fresh seafood, but it lacks the flavour of an authentic paella. I’m using that “authentic” word very lightly as I’m not expecting it to taste as good as the originals in Spain, but I know it can be better. For Vancouver standards this version is still quite good. El Barrio’s paella is loaded with seafood, although the prawns this evening are somewhat overcooked and a couple of mussels seem a bit watery. The chorizo isn’t a homemade cured Spanish chorizo.

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OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

It’s more like a slightly spicy sausage, so that’s different from the paellas that I’m used to. There are cubes of chicken breast and they’re moist, but they could be more seasoned. The rice is al dente, moist, separate and not soggy and it has some seafood flavours with a touch of tomato paste. I wish the seafood and chicken stock that made the rice could be more intense. It would also be nice to get those smoky chorizo flavours and natural juices of the vegetables in there. I also don’t get much saffron flavour even though I can see a lot of saffron threads on top. I just can’t actually taste the saffron’s perfume-like floral flavour. I feel the spice is dead or too old. I find the rice a bit one-dimensional in flavour and it lacks the spices, herbs, lemon tang, smokiness and depth of a great paella.

The Final Bite

Recommended dishes include Tostada Carnitas, Chorizo Tacos with homemade chipotle sauce and guacamole, and Pollo en Mole. The desserts are pricey, but the Tres Leches Cake and Organic Flourless Chili Chocolate Cake are very good.

E l Barrio R esta u rante L atino T res L eches C ake 5 / 6

Vanilla torte infused with three types of milk and served with seasonal fruits $8.95

2270 East Hastings Street (west of Nanaimo Street) Vancouver, BC Phone: (604) 569-2220 Web: E-mail: Price Range: $10-20, $20-30

This is a traditional milk-and-egg1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very good 5: Excellent 6: Très Excellent!! based Spanish cake, served at Food: 4.5 Service: n/a Ambiance: 4.5 Overall: 4.5 room temperature. It’s very lighttasting, yet very dense with a tight crumb. The cake is completely soaked with a mixture of evaporated and condensed milk, so it’s nicely sweetened and very juicy. It’s runny in texture and every bite is like a sweet burst of milky syrup, but it’s not too rich or overly sweet. It tastes like a custard cake and a juicy treat. Traditionally it should be topped with a freshly whipped cream, but in this case it is a regular whipped cream sprinkled with cinnamon served on the side. The piece is large so the portion is easily shared. Overall the cake is excellent, although I think it’s overpriced because it’s pretty easy to make. Still, this is really, really good.

O rganic F lo u rless C hili C hocolate C ake 4 / 6

Almond meal cake made with organic chocolate and mixed chilies $9.95

This is a very small portion. However, it can still be shared since it’s a bit rich but not overly sweet. I love the warmand-cold contrast of the ice cream. The chocolate cake is incredibly moist and it’s a cross between a bittersweet lava cake, without the molten centre, and a light cake-like brownie. This cake is very soft and creamy, yet it has an almond-like crumb, so it isn’t as pasty as some flourless cakes can be. It’s not very nutty, though. It seems there is a hint of espresso in the background and the chili is very faint, coming only after I completely finish the bite. It isn’t that spicy at all and I could use more spice. I especially can’t taste the chili in light of the ice cream. The fresh raspberry coulis is a nice contrast with the rich chocolaty cake.

Three Sixty Photography

Mijune Pak is a passionate food blogger and the creator of the award-winning food blog Follow Me Foodie www.followmefoodie. com. One of Vancouver’s top food blogs, it is a restaurant guide detailing culinary adventures locally and abroad. With an entertaining and honest approach, and a series of “Foodie in the City” webisodes, it has become a trusted online media source for food enthusiasts.

Follow Mijune on Twitter @followmefoodie and YouTube

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Vongerichten Diners wanted.

MARKET by Jean-Georges is the first restaurant in Canada for the threestar Michelin chef, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, and the signature restaurant of Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver. Inspired by the casual, simple elegance of modern dining, Jean-Georges creates dishes that emphasize fresh, locally produced ingredients served in a sleek and sophisticated setting.

1115 Alberni Street Vancouver, B.C. CANADA Tel: (604) 695-1115


F ine D e s ign S elections b y Br u ce F orster

Aureus Bone China Pattern


e may be well into a new year, but I still like to entertain in a festive way on a smaller scale rather than the entire family or a large party for dinner. It is so nice to simply have friends in to socialize. Of course, food plays a very large role for any occasion, and how you set the table can be a source of pleasure, or frustration. If I’m ever frustrated about my table, I go right to Villeroy & Boch. The selection of tableware is always inspiring at Villeroy & Boch. The Aureus bone china pattern in particular would grace any table or occasion. This bone china has a beautiful golden filigree motif that rests over an aquamarine base, topped with a scattering of lotus blossoms across the surface in refreshing fuchsia, sapphire and tangerine. The colour focus is such that you could use this china any day of the year, regardless of the time or occasion. It is also easy to dress it up for a special occasion like Lunar New Year or Valentine’s Day, or keep it elegantly casual for an informal setting. Aureus makes for an absolutely charming and elegant table setting.

26 |

The House of Villeroy & Boch 420 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC (604) 681-5884

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ow that you have lovely new china, one of the ways to complete your fresh new look is with linens. This might be the time to get away from grandmother’s white damask, although if you still have your grandmother’s linens, then by all means use them. But add some colour. You can do this by mixing what you have with an under- or an over-cloth in an accenting colour; or adding coloured napkins to create a completely new ensemble. Fino Lino has an excellent selection of table-top items, and I always find linens there that work, whether I’m being formal or informal, dressy or casual. There is so much more that you can do with your table than just white. With their fine French, Italian to Russian sources, you will find a tablecloth and napkins that will play a supporting role on your table for years to come. Be sure to take a piece of your china with you, as the knowledgeable staff there will be glad to show you how to reset your table in ways that you might not have thought were possible. Fino Lino 2715 Arbutus Street Vancouver, BC (604) 736-1828

This is a lovely combination of emerald, amethyst and gold jewel tones. The intricately beaded placemats form a gorgeous base for a green charger and turquoise capiz shell plate. Linens are jacquard napkins by Linen Way, rolled with lettuce-edge inserts and unexpected dragonfly napkin rings. Filigree stemware and a glass mosaic bowl complete this dazzling look.

Green the table yourself


hen winter keeps the sun away, fresh flowers may seem like a luxury at this time of year. However, there are many ways to give your table that special finishing touch to make it even more personal and enjoyable for your guests. We are blessed with a great variety of evergreens here, and one of my favourite things to do is use a mixture of all different kinds of evergreens, and then just pop in a few hits of colour. I like to use something red, for that celebratory colour contrast, but with green as the neutral, you could use a few orange tulips, or turquoise feathers or small white birds. Another simple, but effective way to give your table elegance and style is to use a small vessel at each place, and then fill it with just one thing. Use a single colour of flower, or pretty beach stones, or even something a bit different like cranberries, small oranges, or red chillies. Let your imagination loose, and you will be surprised with what you can do. The key here is to keep it simple, and use a minimum of materials to advantage.

Bruce M. Forster is the owner of Preston’s Interiors Limited, specializing in upper-end residential design. He is a member of the Interior Designers Institute of BC and the Interior Designers of Canada, NCIDQ. He has designed for international summits such as the G8, APEC and Commonwealth Heads of Government, and created numerous designer show homes, special events and exhibitions.

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Where Our Road Takes You

28 |

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

Joyful Vienna W or d s an d photos b y C hris & R ick M illikan t’s easy to understand how the world’s greatest composers found inspiration in Austria’s grand capital, long recognized for high culture and good living. Spirits soar amid Vienna’s majestic architecture, monuments, floral gardens and musical heritage. An enchanted evening at the Liechtenstein Palace introduces us to the city’s legendary magic. Built in the early 18th century for a Liechtenstein prince, this sumptuous summer palace outside Vienna’s historic centre is now a private museum exhibiting an extensive art collection. Inside the softly lit palace, frescoes, sculptures and paintings bedazzle. While sipping sparkling Austrian Sekt, we admire paintings of Rubens, Rembrandt and van Dyck among the masterpieces from renaissance to baroque. Dominating the main floor, a brightly gilded Hapsburg State carriage conjures fairytale images of bygone grandeur. The resplendent marble staircase leads us into the red marble-columned concert hall. Settled in brocaded chairs, we gaze time and again at Admittance of Hercules to Olympus, a vast ceiling fresco swirling with Roman gods pursuing classic pleasures. Within minutes, an impish conductor launches an inspired Viennese program: exuberant orchestral works, a soprano and baritone passionately singing operatic arias and a ballet duo gracefully dancing Strauss waltzes. Our visit happily resumes next morning with a tour of the State Opera OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2



In one of Vienna’s famed coffeehouses we blissfully share thick slices of apple streusel and rich chocolate torte crowned with whipped cream…and sip frothy, cappuccino-like brews. Amid the artwork and classical music Ingrid explains, “The Turks introduced us…and Europe…to coffee. Following an unsuccessful siege in 1683 they abandoned their encampments, leaving behind bags of beans. Coffeehouses soon became the living rooms of the Viennese, places to comfortably chat, read newspapers, gossip, and compose great music!” Refreshed, we cross the street to reflect on four evocative sculptures by Alfred Hrdlicka comprising the Monument against War and Fascism. A street flautist playing the Ode to Joy jubilantly expresses the ideals of brotherhood and human rights.

House. Guide Ingrid proudly outlines the splendid theatre’s history, “Early maestros performed their works at nearby Theater an der Wien. Then, in the 1860s, Emperor Joseph established this grander venue providing space for 2,200 opera lovers.” The main entrance and lavish private reception rooms clearly accommodated imperial wishes. Entering an ornate intermission lounge, Ingrid points upward to busts of the great composers who conducted here. She tells us how Verdi and Wagner teasingly competed in their

30 |

creative performances…and how Jewish-born Mahler converted to Christianity to qualify and become the Opera House’s most successful director. From plush front-row seats we gaze upward at surrounding tiers of embellished opera boxes, view the enormous stage where a crew sets up for tonight’s performance, and study our personal high-tech translation units. Ingrid beams, “We believe music is uplifting… so public support for this opera house was actually written into our constitution!”

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

Beyond the Capuchin Chapel we pause at the statue of a mounted 16thcentury cavalryman at the Spanish Riding School. “The Hapsburgs founded this school in the 1500s,” Ingrid smiles, “And for centuries the powerful white Lipizzaner stallions bred for war have practiced here…by dancing to classical music. Riders once used spectacular leaps and maneuvers called Airs above the Ground to defend themselves on battlefields. Today, these intricate moves create exquisite equine ballets.” Over in the stables we watch nimble yearlings apply their naturally rhythmic gaits and spirited jumps to music. As our morning tour ends, our self-guided stroll begins at Stephansplatz, Vienna’s historic heart. Weathered

yet magnificent, St. Stephen’s Cathedral took two centuries to complete. Its 136metre gothic spire soars above us; the steep roof of 250,000 glazed tiles reveals multi-coloured patterns, including the coat-of-arms of the dual AustroHungarian monarchy. Emperor Frederick III’s richly carved red marble tomb lies inside.

huge plaza fronting the neo-gothic City Hall. Neighbouring parliament buildings prompt thoughts of the Greek Acropolis. On the roofline, mythic Greek warriors in winged chariots symbolize victory over all. Athena, goddess of wisdom, towers outside. One local wonders, “Shouldn’t she be inside helping out our legislators?”

pensive statue prompts us to imagine him creating his extraordinary Ninth Symphony with its stirring, euphoric Ode to Joy chorus. A shiny golden Johann Strauss caresses his violin in Stadt Park, poised to offer another merry Viennese waltz. Monuments bordered by colourful flowers also honour Schubert, Lehar and Stolz among others.

Mozart lived close by in what is now a small museum. Here, he composed numerous church requiems, public concertos and operas including The Marriage of Figaro. He lives on through his still-popular music. Shops sell namesake ‘Mozarts’, chocolaty marzipan treats emblazoned with his familiar image. And countless wigged, cravatted and frocked clones offer concert tickets throughout the city.

Onward through the Hapsburg estate’s main gate we sight Austria’s great patroness of the arts, Empress Theresa. Encircled by four horsemen, she sits enthroned atop a glorious marble central fountain. The surrounding complex of baroque palaces serves nowadays as Vienna’s Museum Quarter.

In feasting our eyes on Vienna’s striking cityscapes, we reacquaint ourselves with its immortal melodies. Along every bustling street and quiet pathway Vienna exudes the music of its golden past. Experiencing this captivating city for even a short time is very delightful.

Many visitors enjoy viewing the city’s most alluring attractions along the Ringstrasse from horse-drawn carriages, trams or bicycles. Like others we amble to them around this 4-kilometre treelined loop. When Emperor Joseph I replaced the feudal wall around the old city in 1857, it became a fashionable promenade for Vienna’s high society and still reflects the elegant ease of an imperial past. Today, a fun-filled circus of whirling rides and music fills the

Volksgarten, also known as the people’s garden, is one of this city’s many green havens. Munching bratwurst sandwiches on a sunny bench, we people watch, listen to a young virtuoso practicing violin classics, and breathe in the delicate perfume from myriads of roses. Three other shady parks along Ringstrasse memorialize the brilliant and impassioned composers that continue to uplift hearts and souls. The nearest, Burggarten presents a young Mozart standing ready at a podium. Another is dedicated to Beethoven, where his

When You Go Danube River Cruise A perfect way to experience Vienna. for itineraries Klimt 2012 Vienna celebrates Modernism and the 150th birthday of painting genius Gustav Klimt with special exhibitions at ten Viennese museums and special Klimt packages. Coffeehouses in the Old City Vienna shows you coffeehouse culture in its most original form with a tour of dozens of traditional cafes in Vienna’s Old City. Vienna Tourist Board –

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Richness is:

Scotiabank’s 5 Year Plan. You define richness. With a 5 Year Plan that lets you adapt to anything, we can help with the money part. ®

Registered trademarks of The Bank of Nova Scotia.


Let nothing go to waste.

M&R is the only locally owned business that recycles petroleum related waste and used anti-freeze. In addition, we carry a full line of solvent and aqueous parts cleaners, spill containment products, ECO-FREEZ® Premium Coolants and much more. To find out how we can benefit your business call 1-866-994-0051 or visit


Mission: Possible

S hiamak Da v ar b y W ill F ong


e may be a Vancouver resident part of the year and the force behind arguably the fastest growing dance movement to capture North America and Europe, but few might recognize Shiamak Davar as a household name. Perhaps not for long. Those who know Bollywood or Indian cinema have already elevated him to single-name status – Shiamak – and he has legions of new fans. Shiamak spent 25 productive years as choreographer extraordinaire in Bollywood. He revolutionized dance – the centrepiece of many Indian films – with his signature style. I asked him if he would describe his choreography as a fusion of western jazz and classical Indian moves. He replied enthusiastically, “That is exactly what it is, a confluence of the east meeting the west. It’s a blend of Indo-modern and contemporary movement.” The Shiamak Style has exploded recently through his global dance academies and high-profile choreography assignments. Today, Shiamak spreads a personal growth message through his academies in five countries, with an estimated 50,000 students and followers. He is quickly becoming an entertainment juggernaut with international productions, films, singing and apparel added to his key profile in choreography. Fresh from choreographing a piece in the new blockbuster Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, we caught up to Shiamak for a recent interview on how dance became both his passion and his business.

34 |

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

Dancers Suragini Ravindran and Rohan D’silva from Shiamak Davar International.

Not many people can make dance their living. How did you go about turning your passion into your business as well? You have to love what you do. Dance and performing arts for me isn’t business or work; it’s something that comes naturally to me and I took the risk of following my passion. Yes, when I started dancing, especially the western form was unheard of; but someone has to take the leap and make the most of it. People who work with me and my students get a platform to be themselves here. That’s why they’re happy. My spiritual guides, the Bhavnagris, made me realize my mission. That is to spread happiness through the performing arts. The motto of my dance school is ‘Have Feet, Will Dance’, so for me everyone can dance, and no one can stop you from being happy and doing what you love. Tell us about the Shiamak Dance academies and your students. It’s a movement! With such hectic lives, people need an outlet, a place where they can disconnect and be free from worries. Dance has the ability to align your mind, body and soul and works as a great stress buster. People of all age groups, from toddlers of four to senior citizens of eighty-four come for my dance classes. From a humble beginning with just seven students two decades ago, I feel blessed to have spread across fifteen cities in

India and as well as across Canada, Australia, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom. Where do you want your business to go? For me it’s not about the business; it’s about the happiness! The mission remains Tom Cruise and Shiamak Davar on the set of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol the same, to the best. There is trust Kudos to Anil Kapoor, make the joy of dance in the management for he has taken India reach everywhere, from and administrative to Hollywood. Anil has the smallest town to departments that I have; already proven himself in the biggest city. Finding I share a personal rapport the Indian film industry talent and giving it with them so work with a wide variety of direction so people can becomes a fun place. roles and has made make a profession out If you provide the best, a niche for himself. of their passion. The give people complete Mission: Impossible – dance styles I teach are knowledge and value Ghost Protocol is another a blend of east and west for time and money, testimony to that. I was and there is an instant there will always be overjoyed to see Anil global connection with appreciation. acting with Tom Cruise. dance enthusiasts. It just goes to show the People are always in What was it like to work progress Bollywood has search of something on Mission: Impossible made. new and unique, and – Ghost Protocol? Tell that is what I create us about Tom Cruise, Since OpenRoad Driver and people appreciate. Jeremy Renner and Paula is a driving and lifestyle From dance classes, Patton. magazine, our readers movies, international and Mission: Impossible – would love to know what national events, stage Ghost Protocol was a you like to drive. shows and dance apparel great experience and Tom A Lexus or a Honda is line, there is always room Cruise has great respect great! As long as it’s to innovate and grow. for our culture. I met him comfy! We also impart dance for recently again at the all with special needs screening in Mumbai and And, finally, if we could through my NGO, Victory he is extremely humble. hear you singing all by Arts Foundation. I choreographed a piece yourself inside your for the grand party car, what would we How do you balance scene in the movie. The hear? Your own Shiamak running the dance scene required a very recordings, Madonna, academies and the strict Indian look. It’s always Michael Bublé…? business side with your a pleasure working with Singing is what I love. I artistic expression and true professionals who would love to do a duet creative side? recognize talent and with Madonna or a single There is soul in respect cultures. with me and Michael everything I do for the Bublé! Sting and I sang dance school. It is the And, of course, Anil together some years ago movement of the ‘sole’ Kapoor from Slumdog at a music awards event that lifts the ‘soul’! Millionaire plays yet and it’s a moment I’ll For me, my students another villain in a never forget. But for now have been my pillars western film. How can I enjoy hearing my own of strength so I always that be after such varied tracks! work on giving them roles in Indian cinema?

OpenRoad OpenRoadDriver Driver •• VVOOLLUUMMEE 1100 I ISSSSUUEE 11 •• SSPPRRI INNGG 22001122 | |

35 35


Get a Grip Y o u r g u i d e to tires b y C hris E d war d s

here are more to tires than the four black round things that go under your car. Making sure you find the right set of tires can be a complicated matter, depending on what type of vehicle you drive, the maximum load it can take, or even the types of roads you drive on. We have taken some of your most frequently asked questions and compiled it into a guide for all you need to know about tires. I need to replace one of my tires. Can I replace it with any tire, or do I need to match it with the other three existing tires on my car? With all tire replacements, whether partial or a set, you need to match up the treads of the tires on the same axle. For example, if you have four directional tires and you need to replace only one, then you will need to replace that one tire with the same tread design to ensure that your driving performance is not affected. When replacing all four tires, you can choose any tread design as long as all of them are the same. It is not recommended to have tires with different tread patterns. This is why we recommend two tires instead of just the one you need. We look out for your safety and that includes drive handling and control of your vehicle. For vehicles with all-wheel drive (AWD), such as Audi quattro, for example, all four tires must be the same because the different tread patterns will act differently and could affect the differentials in all-wheel-drive cars. I’m told I need to check my tire pressure at least once a month, but how do I know how much

36 |

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

pressure is the right amount? All vehicles regardless of make or model show the tire pressure that is recommended by the manufacturer. Look for the sticker mounted on the inside of the gas flap or the “B” pillar of the driver’s side of the vehicle. This sticker shows the correct pressure required by the vehicle manufacturer for the application to which it is being applied. You may also find this information in your owner’s manual. Having my tires rotated helps to prolong the life of the tires, but when and how often should I

twice a year, based on the average mileage of 20,000 kilometres per year for the average driver. If you have a second set of winter tires for your vehicle, then these two periods occur when we swap out your summer tires for the winter ones, and vice versa. We complete a rotation then. All of our OpenRoad stores remove the tires and mark them with a code. This code allows our technicians to accurately place each tire in the correct corresponding position on your vehicle the next time your tires are installed. When should I replace my tires

have them rotated?


Common practice is to rotate tires approximately every 10,000 kilometres. Most tire manufacturers and vehicle manufacturers agree that tire rotations should be completed

3/32nd is the suggested depth that a tire should be replaced. Most passenger tires, either for cars, minivans, SUVs or light trucks start at 10/32nd in tread depth. Normal driving here in the

Lower Mainland will take, on average, approximately four years before you need to replace your tires. They will, of course, last longer if you have a second set of winter tires for your vehicle. There are exceptions to that rule, however. Vehicles that are driven hard, or are very heavy such as a larger SUV like the Audi Q7, Lexus LX 470 or Toyota Sequoia, for example, may require tire replacement a lot sooner. Tires on a Q7, for example, are replaced almost every 25,000 kilometres or two years, as it is a heavy vehicle. Another contributing factor is road conditions. If the surface you drive on is uneven, bumpy, a dirt road or gravel road, then you may have to replace them sooner rather than later. I want to get new tires for my car, but how do I know what size they should be? There’s a group of numbers and letters on the side of each tire – do they mean anything? If you need to purchase new tires for your vehicle, there are a few number and letter combinations that you will need to bring with you when visiting one of our stores. These combinations allow us to identify the right tires for your vehicle.

first number, 235 in this case. It relates to the ratio of the height of the sidewall to the width of the tire. This number varies on different types of tires. R – This letter indicates that it is a radial tire, or that the layers run lengthwise across the tire. If your tires have a ‘B’, that means it is a bias-ply tire, or that the layers run diagonally. 17 – This number represents the wheel diameter, always measured in inches. 94 – Load index. The greater the load index, the greater its carrying capacity. H – Speed Rating – This letter is very important. For sports cars, like the Lexus LFA or the Audi R8, the higher the speed rating the better. These vehicles typically carry a “Z” rating for speed. Most vehicles sold through OpenRoad are rated H, V, W or T. Each letter tells us how fast that tire can go. Occasionally there will be an extra two letters on certain tires: XL – These letters mean extra load or reinforced side walls, which allows for better handling and performance, as well as added weight from a heavier vehicle. Does tire size affect gas mileage?

Everything about your vehicle affects gas mileage, from aerodynamics Let’s take P235/45R17 94H as an to weight, or towing to the type of example: accessories on your vehicle. Tires play a very pivotal part of the fuel efficiency P – Passenger Tire (or LT for Light Truck/ of your car. If a tire is either overinflated SUV) or underinflated, the vehicle uses 235 – This number relates to how wide more fuel to push itself forward. If you the tire is or the track size, always drive with winter tires in the summer, measured in millimetres. the vehicle will use more fuel. If you 45 – This number is a ratio of the larger drive a truck with mud terrain tires on the freeway, the rolling resistance is greater, which Part of the OpenRoad family for 13 then requires more fuel to years, Chris Edwards is the parts move your vehicle. manager at OpenRoad Audi Vancouver. Chris’ top priorities are customer care and finding new products for your vehicle. You’ll also see him out taking pictures or visiting building stores for renovation projects at his first home.

If you have tires that were not originally designed for your vehicle, then you will be using more fuel to move your vehicle in any direction.

Certain tire manufacturers, like Michelin, have come out with what they are calling “low resistance tires”. These types of tires are made of different compounds and materials that make them more fuel efficient, yet providing great safety and comfort for you and your passengers. When is the best time of the year to switch to winter tires? Are there any advantages of using summer tires over all-season tires in the summer? The best time of the year to switch over to your winter tires here in the Lower Mainland is mid-October, as the outside temperatures are dropping fast. Once it hits 7°C, your summer and all-season tires will drastically lose their ability to provide you with safe driving conditions. Always remember that your vehicle might have ABS, traction control, all-wheel drive, stability control or any other high tech safety features, but it’s really only a square patch about 6” x 6” that is between you and the accident waiting to happen in bad weather with the wrong tires. What do I do with my winter tires during the summer? I don’t have a place to store them. Any of our OpenRoad stores can store winter tires for you at a minimal cost. We have access to a large storage space designed to hold your tires. Each set of tires is catalogued, tagged and inventoried so there are no issues when it comes time to swap the summer tires for your winter tires. The off-site storage space is heated, insured and we can get your tires back to our stores within a very quick period of time, usually within two business days. Feel free to contact your service advisor for more details.

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2



8 [`]]\i\ek :O$, \og\i`\eZ\ Xk Fg\eIfX[%

@ekif[lZ`e^ k_\ Xcc$e\n )'(* DXq[X :O$, ZfdgXZk Zifjjfm\i JLM% =\Xkli`e^ DXq[XĂ‹j Yi\Xbk_ifl^_ JBP8:K@M K\Z_efcf^p ]fi flkjkXe[`e^ ]l\c \Zfefdp# _Xe[c`e^ jkXY`c`kp# Xe[ ^i\Xk\i X^`c`kp% :fd`e^ kf pfl \Xicp )'()%

9\jk$`e$ZcXjj ]l\c \Zfefdp f] *, DG> _`^_nXp Experience the OpenRoad Difference.TM Why just buy a Mazda, when you can own an OpenRoad Mazda?

3170 St. Johns Street, Port Moody (5 Minutes West of Coquitlam Center)

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Think Globally B u t L ook I nsi d e F irst b y A l N agy , C F P eople are often a bit surprised when they walk into my office. They don’t see walls filled with pictures of financial charts and graphs. The television screen is not showing the business channel or the current stock market gyrations. My computer screen is not a matrix of numbers revealing the time value of money. And when they sit down with me to discuss financial planning, there are usually two distinct themes that reveal a lot about how and where to allocate money. A large part of the conversation has to do with their feelings on money, the markets and their approach to creating wealth during times of uncertainty. This is the expressive stage when some of the questions I ask sound like this: “What are the rules you follow when making investment decisions?” “What does your money

40 |

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2


truly mean to you?” “If you had all of the money that you would ever need, what would you be doing differently with your life?”

History of ups and downs: the Canadian dollar Currency moves are often under-recognized as an influence that can work both ways, as nobody knows for certain where the dollar will go. Currency fluctuations represent only one component of overall market action and investors remain well-served with appropriate global and asset mix diversification within an appropriate financial plan.

urbanization make China the largest world consumer of many commodities.
































Defining one’s risk is critical in determining The Canadian dollar has had many ups and downs against its U.S. counterpart. In 2002, the whether it is appropriate loonie hit a low of 61.79 cents followed by a climb to parity (and beyond) in 2007, again briefly to rebalance a portfolio in 2008, and most recently in 2010. Typically this is the into global equities. In the What does a rising currency mean for Canadian investors? For those with international investments, the ascent of the loonie has meant a portion of the returns generated by global time when people investment world, the term indexes have not been fully realized by Canadian dollar investors. really open up “investment risk” relates about either their to the fluctuations in the The Canadian dollar over the last decade frustrations or their value of a stock, bond or successes. It tells mutual fund that invests in Loonie climbs above parity 1.1 me a lot about those assets. The phrase 1.05 an individual’s “don’t waste your risk” 1 0.95 approach to refers to avoiding excessive 0.9 money and forms investment risk. It stems 0.85 the foundation from the rationale that 0.8 Loonie hits for establishing investors feel a great deal 0.75 all-time low 0.7 risk tolerance and more displeasure when the 0.65 timelines. That’s value of their investment 0.6 when we can get to declines, than the pleasure the technical stage. they experience when their When a client asks, investment increases. “Is now a good Therefore, it stands to time to move my reason if investors are investments into going to invest in risky The theory of economic decoupling global positions?” my answer is based assets such as stocks and bonds they holds that global economies, especially on a combination of our expressive would prefer to do so in such a way emerging ones, have broadened and discussion and technical factors like deepened to the point that they no longer that the potential rewards outweigh the macroeconomics and current world potential risks. depend on the United States for growth, events. leaving them increasingly insulated from Generally the desire to move money a prolonged U.S. slowdown or recession. A strong argument can be made into a specific sector should be that now is a good time to allocate a Booming global and emerging economies secondary. The primary focus should be greater portion of your registered or on identifying your comfort level with like China are creating demand for non-registered investments to global risk and then, through proper analysis, everything from resources to finished assets. Presently the value of S&P 500 is determining an appropriate mix of products, which is expected to take up significantly below its long-term average assets that will potentially provide the much of the slack if the U.S. falters. rate of return. In addition, the Canadian Today, emerging economies now account highest return that corresponds to the dollar remains strong, giving individuals desired amount of risk you are willing for half of global economic output more purchasing power compared with a to withstand. The objective to reduce and more trade is taking place among dollar that historically is valued at about developing countries. For example, China investment risk is critical, as it is far 85 cents U.S. easier to lose money than it is to earn it. has replaced the U.S. as India’s largest What is often overlooked is that it takes a trading partner. Industrialization and Source: Investors Group Portfolio Analytics

Investment products and services are offered through Investors Group Financial Services Inc. (in Québec, a Financial Services firm) and Investors Group Securities Inc. (in Québec, a firm in Financial Planning). Investors Group Securities Inc. is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. Written and published by Investors Group as a general source of information only. It is not intended as a solicitation to buy or sell specific investments, nor is it intended to provide tax, legal or investment advice. Readers should seek advice on their specific circumstances from an Investors Group Consultant. ™ Trademark owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary corporations. “History of ups and downs: the Canadian dollar” © Investors Group Inc. 2010 C3632 (04/2010)

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2




greater effort to recover a loss than it did to incur that loss in the first place. That is why an appropriate investment strategy must be in place to help minimize risk. One of the most widely accepted strategies is “strategic asset allocation”. This is a long-term process used to identify the percentages of an investment portfolio that will be invested in a variety of investment securities. Getting to the right asset mix can be complex. Quite often, computer models are utilized to produce a mathematical framework that effectively analyzes the investment returns and risk characteristics of a large

number of asset classes such as U.S., International or Canadian equities, along with bonds and real estate. Depending on the number of asset classes included in the analysis, the computer model may literally analyze thousands of different asset combinations. In view of most investors’ busy schedules, they have neither the time, patience nor skill to undertake such an analysis, which is why they normally turn to a professional. Which brings us back to my office and the conversations that form the foundation for proper planning. Depending on your feelings about money, balanced with a desire to have

global holdings, a portfolio may end up with six to ten distinct asset classes ranging from fixed income securities to domestic to international equities and further diversified by growth and value management styles. Your comfort level is what determines the mix, not the views of a television commentator or a fancy graph or chart showing market indexes. We can talk technicalities and market fluctuations until you start nodding off, but ultimately what really matters is your basic principles about money and how it makes you feel. Combined with a strategic asset allocation approach, it is possible to build a portfolio that

will exhibit less volatility than most of the individual constituents — provided every security complements the diversity of the portfolio’s content. Using this approach and resisting the temptation to “time” the market by temporarily concentrating holdings in any one area will not completely remove the risk of financial loss, but it can help you to build personal wealth without taking undue risk.

Al Nagy, CFP is a senior executive financial consultant with Investors Group Financial Services. Since 1998, he has been helping Canadians plan their financial futures. He can be reached at

Ab out FP SC : Financial Planners Standards Council (FPSC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to ensuring Canadians’ financial planning needs are well served by developing, promoting and enforcing professional standards for financial planners, through CFP ® certification, and raising awareness of the importance of financial planning to Canadians. FPSC licenses the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® marks in Canada. There are currently more than 17,000 CFP ® professionals in Canada and more than 117,000 individuals who have earned CFP ® certification in 22 countries around the world. These individuals are licensed to use the registered marks: CFP ®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® and CFP (with flame logo)®.

42 |

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

FP SC of fers these an d other resources: FPSC Learning Centre: Finding a Planner: 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Planner:

A different CR-V experience at OpenRoad.

2012 CR-V

starting at $27,580* includes Freight & PDI *plus levies and applicable taxes.

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Dri v ing R e v iew

A uto F eatures

MINI Coupe Tour of Langley W or d s an d photos b y G erry F rechette 46 |

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

Spec s 2 0 1 2 MI NI C O UP E ► PRICING (MSRP): Cooper Manual 6-Speed $25,950 Cooper S Manual 6-Speed $31,150 JCW Manual 6-Speed $38,400 ► Type: 2-door, 2-passenger compact coupe ► Layout: Front engine/front-wheel drive ► Engine: 1.6-litre I4, DOHC, 16 valves 1.6-litre I4, DOHC, 16 valves, turbocharged ► Horsepower: 121 @ 6,000 rpm 181 @ 5,500 rpm (S) 208 @ 6,000 rpm (JCW) ► Torque (lb-ft): 118 @ 4,250 rpm 177 @ 1,600 rpm (S) 184 @ 1,850 rpm (JCW) ► Transmission: 6-speed manual 6-speed automatic (optional Cooper S) ► Tires Cooper S: P195/55R16 all-season run-flats ► Tires JCW: P205/45R17 summer performance run-flats ► Curb weight Cooper: 1,160 kg (2,557 lbs)(M/T) 1,195 kg (2,634 lbs)(A/T) ► Curb weight S: 1,215 kg (2,678 lbs)(M/T) 1,240 kg (2,733 lbs)(A/T) ► Curb weight JCW: 1,225 kg (2,700 lbs) ► Wheelbase: 2,467 mm (97.1 in) ► Length Cooper: 3,728 mm (146.7 in) ► Length S, JCW: 3,734 mm (147.0 in) ► Width: 1,683 mm (66.2 in) ► Height Cooper: 1,378 mm (54.2 in) ► Height S, JCW: 1,394 mm (54.8 in) ► Cargo capacity: 280 L (9.8 cu.ft.) ► Fuel consumption Cooper M/T: City: 6.8 L/100 km (42 mpg Imp) Hwy: 5.3 L/100 km (53 mpg Imp) ► Fuel consumption Cooper A/T: City: 7.3 L/100 km (39 mpg Imp) Hwy: 5.4 L/100 km (52 mpg Imp) ► Fuel consumption S M/T: City: 7.7 L/100 km (37 mpg Imp) Hwy: 5.6 L/100 km (50 mpg Imp) ► Fuel consumption S A/t: City: 7.9 L/100 km (36 mpg Imp) Hwy: 5.8 L/100 km (49 mpg Imp) ► Fuel consumption JCW: City: 7.7 L/100 km (37 mpg Imp) Hwy: 5.6 L/100 km (50 mpg Imp) ► Fuel type: Premium ► Warranty: 4 yrs/80,000 km ► Powertrain warranty: 4 yrs/80,000 km


he City and Township of Langley have no shortage of attractions, from one of the classic main streets in the province to numerous heritage houses or historic Fort Langley, making the area an ideal locale for a day of driving around to see the sights. And what better car to do it in than the cheeky new Cooper S Coupe, the latest little runabout from MINI and now conveniently available at MINI Langley? We did just that on a recent sunny day, and naturally enough, our tour started at the brand new store at the east end of the Bypass at Glover Road. From there it was a quick swing over to Langley City’s main street, otherwise known as Fraser Highway. We could have spent the entire day there visiting all the shops and cafés, but we cruised down the street far enough to see what kind of reaction the Coupe would garner. After all, we were among the very car-savvy residents of the centre of the car culture in the Lower Mainland of B.C. It was lots of smiles all around and a few thumbs-up, too, for MINI’s little hot rod. Langley is one of the earliest communities in the Vancouver area, full of heritage houses and shops, and nowhere more so than in the Murrayville neighbourhood just east of downtown. The corner of 48th Avenue and 216th Street is

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2



A uto F eatures

the centre of the community with several well-preserved old buildings within walking distance. Right at the corner, now actually a traffic circle, is the former Porter’s General Store, now Porter’s Coffee & Tea House. The MINI fit right in here, being a modern interpretation of an older classic design from half a century ago. In that sense, the original MINI would be a relative youngster next to these century-old buildings! From there, it was a short run up to the Canadian Museum of Flight next to the airport on 216th Street. We didn’t have time to actually go in and take the tour, but it was apparent from outside the fences that the museum contains a quite superb collection of vintage aircraft. We didn’t find a Spitfire in front of which to pose the Coupe, but several visitors took the time to check it out. They commented about whether it had a custom roof on it, noticing the departure from the more familiar boxy MINI look. This is definitely an eye-grabbing little car. Out onto Glover Road we headed, on the way up to historic Fort Langley. We had our first chance to stretch

48 |

the Coupe’s legs a little, especially north of Highway 10 until we arrived in the quaint village in time for lunch. We parked the car right outside the café. That gave us the opportunity to see more reactions to it as we enjoyed sitting outside in the sun. In the interests of security, we moved our belongings into the large, covered rear cargo area. There being no back seat in the Coupe, the space behind the front seats under the hatch is plentiful for the personal stuff of two people. Of course, no visit to the town of Fort Langley would be complete without a visit to....well, the actual Fort. This has long been one of the must-visit attractions in B.C., being a National Historic Site. The Parks Canada website describes it well. “Fort Langley is the exact location where, a century and a half ago, a huge fur trade organization called the Hudson’s Bay Company established a small post to trade with the First Nations of the West Coast. The enterprise grew, evolved, and influenced history, leading to the

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

creation of the colony of British Columbia.” Where to go from there? The Coupe was crying out for a little exercise, a chance to demonstrate its go-kartlike handling. We found that on 96th Avenue and Allard Crescent heading west towards Derby Reach Regional Park next to the Fraser River. The picturesque road winds its way through many small farms, some of which have roadside stands with the bounty of the land available for city folk to bring home to the table. The Coupe reveled in the country roads, showing off its tight chassis, willing turbocharged engine and slick-shifting six-speed manual transmission, and its driver-focused interior with well-bolstered seats. Once we made it west to 208th Street, we turned to head south through the vast housing developments of Walnut Grove. Just in time for the students getting out of school to get a good look at the newest member of the MINI family. The youngsters are no strangers to cool cars in this corner of the Lower Mainland, and the many slack-jawed stares were

affirmation that MINI has got the look just right on the Coupe. Our next stop was the Colossus cinema complex at 200th and Highway 1, which could be a fine end point for such a tour, offering options like seeing a movie or relaxing and dining at one of the several eateries. But, heading south on 200th, there was one more stop. We proceeded to the very modern Langley Events Centre, which would seem to be constantly busy with hockey games and concerts, and is a major asset to the community. With that, and the afternoon winding down, we headed back to MINI Langley after a great day seeing some of the many sights in Langley, and getting to know the new MINI Cooper S Coupe. From comfort to handling, performance to visual flair, the Coupe is a sporty and stylish conveyance for your own city or country tour.


2012 MINI Cooper Coupe starting at $27,545 (Freight & PDI included)


A uto F eatures

Toyota Camry


orth America’s best-selling car for nine years running has been the Toyota Camry. The new seventh generation of the family sedan, first introduced in 1983, now offers a more spacious interior, improved driving dynamics and an even quieter ride than before. The Camry is still available in both four- and six-cylinder versions, as well as hybrid, and in three different trim levels. Toyota offers several different model grades to choose from – the value-driven LE, premium XLE and sporty SE grades, all with fourcylinder engine, and the latter two available with V6. The Camry Hybrid is offered in LE and XLE grades. Like all Toyota models, the Camry features Toyota’s Star Safety System™ standard, which includes Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Traction Control (TRAC), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist (BA). An electronic tire pressure monitoring system is standard equipment,

50 |

as are ten airbags: dual-stage advanced SRS front airbags, front and rear seat-mounted side airbags, side curtain airbags and a driver’s and front passenger’s knee airbag. While featuring nearly the same external dimensions as the previous generation, the 2012 Camry offers a more inviting and spacious interior than before. A new dashboard design, modified seat locations, redesigned seats and “lean” door, pillar and headliner trim all combine to add both real space and greater perceptual spaciousness, while also enhancing outward visibility. The all-new Camry takes both ride smoothness and quietness to an even higher level of refinement. To reduce noise throughout the entire cabin, focus was placed on suppressing noises that stand out, such as wind noise and road noise. New sound-absorbing materials silence any noise that manages to penetrate the interior. With class-leading safety and fuel economy, and improvements in room, quietness and performance, the end result is quite simply the best Camry ever made.

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

S pe cs 2 0 1 2 Ca m ry ► PRICING (MSRP): LE $23,700 SE $26,950 SE V6 $29,700 XLE $29,900 XLE V6 $33,700 ► Layout: Front engine/front-wheel drive ► Engine: 2.5-litre I4, DOHC, 16 valves 3.5-litre V6, DOHC, 24 valves 2.4-litre I4, DOHC, 24 valves w/electric motor ► Electric motor (Hybrid): 105 kW permanent magnet motor w/NiMH battery ► Horsepower: 178 @ 6,000 rpm 268 @ 6,200 rpm 200 (net hybrid) ► Torque (lb-ft): 170 @ 4,100 rpm 248 @ 4,700 rpm N/A ► Transmission: 6-speed automatic (Camry) CVT (Camry Hybrid) ► Tires LE: P205/65R16 all-season ► Tires SE: P225/45R18 all-season ► Tires XLE: P215/55R17 all-season ► Curb weight LE: 1,441 kg (3,177 lbs) ► Curb weight SE: 1,451 kg (3,199 lbs) ► Curb weight SE V6: 1,523 kg (3,358 lbs) ► Curb weight XLE: 1,459 kg (3,216 lbs) ► Curb weight XLE V6: 1,528 kg (3,369 lbs) ► Curb weight Hybrid LE: 1,550 kg (3,417 lbs) ► Curb weight Hybrid XLE: 1,561 kg (3,441 lbs) ► Wheelbase: 2,775 mm (109.3 in) ► Length: 4,805 mm (189.2 in) ► Length SE: 4,820 mm (189.8 in) ► Width: 1,820 mm (71.7 in) ► Height: 1,470 mm (57.9 in) ► Cargo capacity: 436 L (15.4 cu.ft.) ► Cargo capacity Hybrid: 370 L (13.1 cu.ft.) ► Fuel consumption I4: City: 8.2 L/100 km (34 mpg Imp) Hwy: 5.6 L/100 km (50 mpg Imp) ► Fuel consumption V6: City: 9.7 L/100 km (29 mpg Imp) Hwy: 6.4 L/100 km (44 mpg Imp) ► Fuel consumption Hybrid LE: City: 4.5 L/100 km (63 mpg Imp) Hwy: 4.9 L/100 km (58 mpg Imp) ► Fuel consumption Hybrid XLE: City: 4.7 L/100 km (60 mpg Imp) Hwy: 5.1 L/100 km (55 mpg Imp) ► Fuel type: Regular ► Warranty: 3 yrs/60,000 km ► Powertrain warranty: 5 yrs/100,000 km ► Hybrid component warranty: 8 yrs/160,000 km

A u t o Fe a t u r e s



SKYACTIV Technology

he Zoom-Zoom company has made a commitment to develop the internal combustion engine further. Mazda wants to combine the fun-to-drive personality of their vehicles with the efficiencies that consumers and regulators expect. SKYACTIV is the next generation of technologies to realize Mazda’s sustainable long-term vision for technology development. The biggest challenge to Mazda is resolving seemingly mutually conflicting issues. How do you increase both fuel economy and torque? Mazda engineers are developing breakthroughs and technical innovations to improve all areas of performance concurrently. The fruits of their labour can be seen in the Mazda3 compact sedan and the upcoming CX-5 compact crossover, with the new gasoline engine. A diesel engine will soon follow, a first in North America by an Asian manufacturer. Mazda plans to develop highly efficient engines with much-improved combustion through the use of high compression ratios. They have reached that goal with an unheard-of 14.0:1 ratio in both the gasoline and diesel engines, respectively the highest and lowest in the world. Thanks to a number of technological

breakthroughs including the reduction of inertial weight and mechanical friction, Mazda has succeeded in dramatically improving fuel efficiency (by 15% over the current engine), power (also by 15%), exhaust gas emissions and other attributes in the gasoline engine. With the diesel engine in particular, they have met stringent exhaust gas emission regulations without installing expensive after-treatment urea devices, as seen in other diesel applications. A new and very efficient automatic transmission design now rounds out the SKYACTIV technology. It delivers more power to the wheels and up to a 7% improvement in fuel efficiency. New body construction increases strength and rigidity while reducing weight at the same time. SKYACTIV is very exciting new technology that will provide tremendous benefits in all Mazda cars.

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2



A u t o F e atu re s

Spe cs 2 0 1 2 iQ

Scion iQ


cion has jumped into the Micro-Subcompact market with the iQ, the world’s smallest four-seat car. It may be small in stature, but the iQ offers numerous big ideas to maximize urban agility and versatility in moving people and their things. Six engineering innovations are responsible for the iQ’s ability to be small in size, but large in capability. A compact front-mounted differential, high-mount steering rack with electronic power steering, and the world’s smallest air conditioning unit all yield significant decreases in front-end length. A specially adapted Continuously Variable Transmission that is smaller and lighter improves the iQ’s fuel efficiency, and it is equipped with a flat gas tank housed beneath the floor that reduces rear overhang. A unique interior layout with off-set front seats optimizes rear legroom, allowing one adult to sit behind the front passenger and a child or small package behind the driver. The iQ's overall length of only 119.9 inches (3,045 mm), and short front and rear overhangs allow it to fit into

52 |

virtually any urban parking scenario. Although short in length, the iQ has a wide stance at 66.1 inches (1,680 mm), giving it the stability and road manners of a larger car. Despite its diminutive size and price, the iQ comes standard with safety features that drivers expect and demand in any car. It is packed with a class-leading eleven standard airbags, including the world’s first rear window curtain airbag. Other airbags include driver- and frontpassenger airbags, driver- and front-passenger seat-mounted side airbags, side curtain airbags, driverand front-passenger knee airbags, and a Scion-first driver- and frontpassenger seat-cushion airbags. All iQs come standard with the Scion Star Safety SystemTM, which includes Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Brake Assist (BA), Traction Control (TRAC), Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Smart Stop Technology (SST). A tire-pressure monitoring system is also standard equipment. For utility and capability in a small urban-friendly package, the Scion iQ is just the ticket.

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

► PRICING (MSRP): Automatic CVT $16,760 ► Type: 2-door, 4-passenger subcompact hatchback ► Layout: Front engine/front-wheel drive ► Engine: 1.3-litre I4, DOHC, 16 valves ► Horsepower: 94 @ 6,000 rpm ► Torque (lb-ft): 89 @ 4,400 rpm ► Transmission: CVT ► Tires: P175/60R16 all-season ► Curb weight: 960 kg (2,116 lbs) ► Wheelbase: 2,000 mm (78.4 in) ► Length: 3,045 mm (119.9 in) ► Width: 1,680 mm (66.1 in) ► Height: 1,500 mm (59.1 in) ► Ground clearance: 135 mm (5.3 in) ► Cargo capacity: 31 L (1.0 cu.ft.)(seats up) 473 L (16.7 cu.ft.)(seats folded) ► Fuel consumption City: 5.5 L/100 km (51 mpg Imp) Hwy: 4.7 L/100 km (60 mpg Imp) ► Fuel type: Regular ► Warranty: 3 yrs/60,000 km ► Powertrain warranty: 5 yrs/100,000 km

A DIFFERENT SCION EXPERIENCE AT OPENROAD. Experience the OpenRoad Difference.TM Why just buy a Scion, when you can own an OpenRoad Scion?




starting at $18,150* *includes Freight & PDI, plus levies and HST


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starting at $19,750*

*Prices include Freight & PDI, plus levies and HST. Limited Release Series available now, please inquire.


Experience the OpenRoad DifferenceTM

RICHMOND 13251 Smallwood Place (Richmond Auto Mall) Tel 604-273-3766 Dealer D7825

PORT MOODY 3166 St. Johns Street (West of Coquitlam Centre) Tel 604-461-3656 Dealer D7826

what moves you

A u t o F e atu re s

Hyundai Veloster


yundai is on a big roll in Canada, and it has just introduced a sports coupe for the young-atheart, the Veloster. As expected, it combines a high level of equipment with good value, while debuting some new technology we should expect to see in other Hyundais soon. Under the hood is an all-new 1.6-litre four-cylinder with Direct Injection of fuel into the cylinders, which both increases power (138 hp) and reduces fuel consumption (4.9L/100 km on the highway). Backing up this new engine is a six-speed manual, or an equally new six-speed EcoShift Dual Clutch transmission, which combines the low fuel consumption and sporty driving feel of a manual paired with the comfort and smooth shift quality of an automatic. The Veloster is styled like nothing else on the road, in the most aggressive adaptation yet of

54 |

Hyundai’s “Fluidic Sculpture” design language. One unique feature is a rear door on the passenger side of the car, for easy access to the rear seat. The Veloster comes standard with 17-inch alloy wheels and offers optional 18-inch wheels with painted inserts, a segment first. All Velosters are equipped with a multifunction seven-inch touchscreen display, with Gracenote® technology to improve the way Veloster owners can access and manage their music. The audio head unit features virtual CD download functionality, allowing up to ten CDs to be stored on the system’s memory. The system also allows for viewing and storage of images and videos from USB devices. USB / RCA inputs and a 115-volt power outlet lets you play video games on the screen – when the car is stopped, of course. A Bluetooth® hands-free phone system with voice recognition, address book download and audio streaming are standard. Touchscreen navigation is optional.

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

How cool is the Veloster? AJAC voted it the best new Sports & Performance Car Under $50,000 for 2012. And that’s very cool.

Spe cs 2 0 1 2 V el os ter ► PRICING (MSRP): Manual 6-Speed $18,999 Automatic 6-Speed $20,399 Tech Package Manual 6-Speed $22,499 Tech Package Automatic 6-Speed $23,899 ► Type : 3-door, 4-passenger compact coupe ► Layout: Front engine/front-wheel drive ► Engine: 1.6-litre I4, DOHC, 16 valves ► Horsepower: 138 @ 6,300 rpm ► Torque (lb-ft): 123 @ 4,850 rpm ► Transmission: 6-speed manual 6-speed dual-clutch automatic (optional) ► Tires: P215/45R17 all-season ► Tires Tech: P215/40R18 all-season ► Curb weight: 1,243 kg (2,740 lbs)(M/T) 1,276 kg (2,813 lbs) (A/T) ► Wheelbase: 2,650 mm (104.3 in) ► Length: 4,220 mm (166.1 in) ► Width: 1,790 mm (70.4 in)(w/out mirrors) ► Height: 1,399 mm (55.0 in) ► Ground clearance: 143 mm (5.6 in) ► Cargo capacity: 440 L (15.5 cu.ft.) ► Fuel consumption M/T: City: 7.2 L/100 km (39 mpg Imp) Hwy: 4.9 L/100 km (58 mpg Imp) ► Fuel consumption A/T: City: 7.0 L/100 km (40 mpg Imp) Hwy: 4.9 L/100 km (58 mpg Imp) ► Fuel type: Regular ► Warranty: 5 yrs/100,000 km ► Powertrain warranty: 5 yrs/100,000 km

A u t o Fe a t u r e s

Honda CR-V


he fourth-generation Honda CR-V compact sport-utility vehicle is all-new for 2012. It features an upscale styling direction, enhanced fuel efficiency and added features and functionality to provide Canadians with best-in-class value. The new CR-V offers improved interior comfort, a smoother and quieter ride and more features than the previous model. These include the innovative Easy Fold-Down 60/40 Split Rear Seat that only takes one hand to engage the one-step system. Each side of the rear seat can fold nearly flat into the front of the cargo area using one of the release levers located near the tailgate, or a pullstrap positioned on the seat side. The CR-V’s spacious interior layout is more accommodating with a roomy new centre console and an overall lower cargo floor height for easy loading and unloading. Powering CR-V is a 2.4-litre i-VTEC 4-cylinder engine with 185 horsepower and 163 lb-ft of torque, paired with a 5-speed automatic transmission. CR-V is available in either 2- or 4-wheel drive configurations, the latter an all-new

Real Time All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system with Intelligent Control.

Spe cs 2 0 1 2 CR -V

Eco Assist, a new feature on the CR-V, indicates when the vehicle is being operated in an efficient style via “green” visual cues surrounding the speedometer, and a selectable ECON Mode alters operating characteristics of the vehicle to support a more efficient driving style that helps to improve fuel economy. Standard features new for 2012 include a Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® phone interface, a full-colour intelligent Multi-Information Display (i-MID) and a multi-angle rearview camera for ease in backing up or parking. As a first for Honda, all new CR-Vs include an SMS text messaging function, which can read received texts from compatible cell phones aloud over the audio system and allow the CR-V driver to respond with any of six factory pre-set text messages. The made-in-Canada CR-V has the features and technology that Canadians truly look for in a compact SUV.

► PRICING (MSRP): LX FWD Automatic 5-Speed $25,990 LX AWD Automatic 5-Speed $27,990 EX FWD Automatic 5-Speed $28,790 EX AWD Automatic 5-Speed $30,790 EX-L Automatic 5-Speed $33,090 Touring Automatic 5-Speed $34,990 ► Type: 4-door, 5-passenger compact SUV ► Layout: Front engine/Front-wheel drive/AWD ► Engine: 2.4-litre I4, DOHC, 16 valves ► Horsepower: 185 @ 7,000 rpm ► Torque (lb-ft): 163 @ 4,400 rpm ► Transmission: 5-speed automatic ► Tires LX P215/70R16 all-season ► Tires EX, EX-L, Touring: P225/65R17 all-season ► Curb weight LX FWD: 1,499 kg (3,304 lbs) ► Curb weight LX AWD: 1,554 kg (3,425 lbs) ► Curb weight EX FWD: 1,526 kg (3,364 lbs) ► Curb weight EX AWD: 1,583 kg (3,489 lbs) ► Curb weight EX-L: 1,601 kg (3,529 lbs) ► Curb weight Touring: 1,608 kg (3,545 lbs) ► Wheelbase: 2,620 mm (103.1 in) ► Length: 4,530 mm (178.3 in) ► Width: 1,820 mm (71.6 in) ► Height FWD: 1,644 mm (64.7 in) ► Height AWD: 1,654 mm (65.1 in) ► Ground clearance FWD: 160 mm (6.2 in) ► Ground clearance AWD: 170 mm (6.6 in) ► Towing capacity: 680 kg (1,500 lbs) ► Cargo capacity: 1,054 L (37.2 cu.ft.)(seats up) 2,007 L (70.8 cu.ft.)(seats down) ► Fuel consumption FWD: City: 9.0 L/100 km (31 mpg Imp) Hwy: 6.4 L/100 km (44 mpg Imp) ► Fuel consumption AWD: City: 9.2 L/100 km (31 mpg Imp) Hwy: 6.6 L/100 km (43 mpg Imp) ► Fuel type: Regular ► Warranty: 3 yrs/60,000 km ► Powertrain warranty: 5 yrs/100,000 km

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2



A u t o F e atu re s

Lexus S p ec s 2 0 1 2 CT 200h ► PRICING (MSRP): F-Sport Automatic CVT $36,350 ► Type: 4-door, 5-passenger compact hatchback ► Layout: Front engine/front-wheel drive ► Engine: 1.8-litre I4, DOHC, 16 valves ► Horsepower: 134 (combined hybrid system) ► Torque (lb-ft): N/A ► Transmission: CVT ► Tires: P205/55R16 all-season ► Tires Option Packages: P214/45R17 all-season ► Curb weight: 1,420 kg (3,130 lbs) ► Wheelbase: 2,600 mm (102.4 in) ► Length: 4,320 mm (170.1 in) ► Width: 1,765 mm (69.4 in) ► Height: 1,430 mm (56.3 in) ► Ground clearance: 145 mm (5.7 in) ► Cargo capacity: 404 L (14.3 cu.ft.) (seats up) 914 L (32.2 cu.ft.) (rear seat folded) ► Fuel consumption City: 4.5 L/100 km (63 mpg Imp) Hwy: 4.8 L/100 km (59 mpg Imp) ► Fuel type: Regular ► Warranty: 4 years/80,000 km ► Powertrain warranty: 6 years/110,000 km

CT 200h F-Sport


ntroduced earlier last year, the Lexus CT 200h is already the most efficient luxury-brand car on the market, and the value gateway into the Lexus lineup. Now Lexus is offering it with more equipment that will position it as a car for the green-conscious enthusiast. The CT 200h already delivers agile handling and performance with a familiar level of Lexus refinement, quality and reliability. The F-Sport version adds an athletic dimension to join the growing family of performance-oriented Lexus F-Sport models. As part of this package, the CT 200h receives an F-Sport tuned suspension with performance shock absorbers, a set of 17-inch wheels with high-gloss finish, rear spoiler, metal front scuff plates, a perforated leather steering wheel, leather shift knob, aluminum sport pedals with rubber inserts, metallic trim on the dash panel, storage compartment with 12V outlet, and perforated black leather-trimmed seats. All this is added to a compact hybrid sedan that is the emissions and

56 |

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

efficiency leader in the luxury class, as the CT 200h emits approximately 60% fewer smog-forming emissions than the average new vehicle, and has fuel consumption ratings of 4.5L/100km in the city and 4.8L/100km on the highway utilizing regular gasoline. The CT 200h’s sporting credentials are solid with the standard Sport mode in the hybrid drive system to maximize the car’s performance and agility. The throttle and Electric Power Steering (EPS) settings are modified, and it provides less intrusive operation of the Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Traction Control (TRAC) systems. When Sport mode is selected, the instrument panel lighting changes from blue to red, and the hybrid power indicator is replaced with a tachometer. Add to that all the comfort and convenience features available in the Touring, Premium and Technology packages, and you get a compact car that impresses on so many levels.

A u t o Fe a t u r e s

Spe cs 2 0 1 2 X1



he premium compact sport utility segment is one of the fastest growing in the industry, and BMW is in the game now with the X1 xDrive28i.

The X1 features BMW’s first fourcylinder gasoline engine in over a decade. The all-new 2.0-litre unit incorporates BMW TwinPower technology featuring a single high-performance twin-scroll turbocharger, High Precision Direct injection, Double-Vanos variable camshaft timing and Valvetronic variable valve control. Belying its relatively modest displacement, the all-new engine has an output of 241 horsepower, and 258 lb-ft of torque (from 1,250-4,800 rpm) and is mated to a standard close-ratio 8-speed automatic transmission. No manual transmission is available, but paddle shifters are. Confirming BMW’s Efficient Dynamics philosophy, the X1 xDrive28i sets new performance and efficiency benchmarks in its segment, sprinting from 0-100 km/h in just 6.5 seconds, while sipping fuel at a combined rate of only 7.9 L/100 km. The X1 xDrive28i is equipped with BMW’s sophisticated infinitely

variable xDrive permanent allwheel-drive system. Under normal conditions it directs 60% of torque to the rear axle, to preserve the performance-feel that BMW drivers expect. Integrated with Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and engine management systems, xDrive can distribute up to 100% of the engine’s power to the front or rear axles, ensuring agility and roadholding in all driving conditions.

► PRICING (MSRP): X1 xDrive28i Automatic 8-Speed $38,500 ► Type: 4-door, 5-passenger compact SUV ► Layout: Front engine/all-wheel drive ► Engine: 2.0-litre I4, DOHC, 16 cylinders ► Horsepower: 241 @ 5,000 rpm ► Torque (lb-ft): 258 @ 1,250 rpm ► Transmission: 8-speed automatic ► Tires: P225/50R17 all-season run-flat ► Curb weight: 1,690 kg (3,726 lbs) ► Wheelbase: 2,760 mm (108.6 in) ► Length: 4,468 mm (175.9 in) ► Width: 1,798 mm (70.7 in) ► Height: 1,545 mm (60.8 in) ► Ground clearance: 194 mm (7.6 in) ► Cargo capacity: 420 L (14.8 cu.ft.)(seats up) 1350 L 47.6 cu.ft.)(seats down) ► Fuel consumption City: 10.2 L/100 km (28 mpg Imp) Hwy: 6.5 L/100 km (43 mpg Imp) ► Fuel type: Premium recommended ► Warranty: 4 yrs/80,000 km ► Powertrain warranty: 4 yrs/80,000 km

Weight distribution is nearly 50/50. The X1 has a low centre of gravity, so there is no diminution of BMW’s sporting character, and the X1 handles as vividly as any of its car brothers. As in all BMWs, the X1’s seating position and driver-centric cockpit design contribute to an exhilarating driving experience and a feeling of control at all times, while a feeling of space and a wide range of storage options will appeal to owners with an active and varied lifestyle. The rear cabin offers three full-size seating positions. One or more sections of the 40:20:40 split-folding rear seatback can be lowered to increase luggage capacity from 420 litres to 1,350 litres. All one needs to say is that the X1 is the BMW of compact sport utilities.

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2



A u t o F e atu re s

S p ec s 2 0 1 2 A6 ► PRICING (MSRP): Premium Automatic 8-Speed $58,500 Premium Plus Automatic 8-Speed $65,700 ► Type: 4-door, 5-passenger midsize sedan ► Layout: Longitudinal front engine/all-wheel drive ► Engine: 3.0-litre V6, DOHC, 24 valves, supercharged ► Horsepower: 310 @ 5,500 rpm ► Torque (lb-ft): 325 @ 2,900 rpm ► Transmission: 8-speed automatic ► Tires Premium: P245/45R18 all-season ► Tires Premium Plus: P255/40R19 all-season ► Curb weight: 1,835 kg (4,045 lbs) ► Wheelbase: 2,912 mm (114.6 in) ► Length: 4,925 mm (193.8 in) ► Width: 2,086 mm (82.1 in) ► Height: 1,468 mm (57.7 in) ► Cargo capacity: 530 L (18.7 cu.ft.) ► Fuel consumption: City: 11.3 L/100 km (25 mpg Imp) Hwy: 7.4 L/100 km (38 mpg Imp) ► Fuel type: Premium ► Warranty: 4 yrs/80,000 km ► Powertrain warranty: 4 yrs/80,000 km

Audi A6


he mid-size executive sedan market is perhaps the most hotly contested by the German manufacturers, so when a new model appears, it is closely scrutinized. Such is the case with the new Audi A6, and doubly so since it is the centre of gravity for the entire Audi lineup. If one goes back to the Audi 100 midsize sedan of 1968, this is the seventh generation of this car. The pace of technology has resulted in another giant leap forward. The precisely formed high-strength hybrid aluminum panels contribute both to the flowing lines of the Audi A6 and a significant weight reduction. The overall result is lower fuel consumption and emissions plus improved agility and performance.

Initially, the A6 is equipped with the same 310-horsepower supercharged 3.0-litre TFSI® V6 engine with direct injection as the 2011 model. We can expect a V6 diesel and four-cylinder gas engine soon, as well as a hybrid. Backing it up is a smooth new 8-speed automatic transmission that replaces

the previous 6-speed unit. Of course, the power is directed to all four wheels by the famous quattro permanent all-wheel drive system that monitors speed, cornering and traction to guarantee superior control in a wide range of driving conditions. The innovative Audi Drive Select system controls the A6’s adaptive suspension, dynamic steering, transmission shift characteristics and engine response. It lets you control how the engine, gearbox and steering respond through the touch of a button. Choose one of five modes – comfort, dynamic, auto, efficiency or individual – according to your preference for a more spontaneous, balanced or fuel-efficient response. The A6 is available both as a Premium and Premium Plus model, with several option packages including the Driver Assistance active safety suite, the MMI Touch connectivity system, and 600watt Bose® Surround Sound audio. The new A6 has the style, performance and technology to stake Audi’s leadership claim in the executive sedan arena.

Gerry Frechette is a full-time automotive journalist based in

58 |

Vancouver. His parents say that he stood in his playpen and named cars going down the street, and some 20 years ago, he took this life-long love of cars and applied it to a career writing about them. At that time, he joined the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada, where he remains a member today.

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

A dierent A6 experience at OpenRoad.

2012 Audi A6

starting at $60,795* * includes Freight & PDI, plus levies and applicable taxes.

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2375 Boundary Road, Vancouver (south of Lougheed Hwy, between Vancouver and Burnaby)

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Vorsprung durch Technik





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JUNE 15, 2012




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Be Jeweled Amri ta Singh of New York by Will Fong 64 |

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

Photos courtesy of Amrita Singh


Saima earring in 14-karat gold with diamonds and Maharaja Mix Bangles


n 1972 actor Richard Burton presented Elizabeth Taylor with the legendary Taj Mahal Diamond necklace as a 40th birthday gift. Forty years later, the dazzling heart-shaped necklace sold for a breathtaking $8.819 million USD, setting the world record for an Indian jewel. The auction ignited global fascination with Indian jewelry, and that passion led us to a studio in New York City where Amrita Singh designs some of the best contemporary examples of Indian-inspired jewelry today. Amrita Singh’s SoHo showroom in Lower Manhattan boasts a dazzling line of fine jewelry. It all started in 2003 with the Maharaja Jewels Collection. “In the first collection that I made, it was fine jewelry. It was Mughal-inspired designs which, you know, the designs go back to the 16th century. A lot of detail in those pieces, a lot of manual workmanship, rose cut diamonds and vintage designs,” she says confidently. Her Maharaja Collection mirrors the precious jewels of maharani from the great Mughal Empire, reflecting the splendour of Mughal royalty that flourished between the 1500s and mid1800s on the Indian sub-continent. Amagansett gold-plated bib necklace and earrings with resin stones in turquoise

Singh works with 22-karat gold and a kundan foil technique to set her fine

jewelry, featuring rose cut diamonds, emeralds, rubies and cabochons of precious stones. There is a sense of colour contrast, depth and exquisite intricacy. Singh’s bold multi-strand and bib necklaces in particular show stunningly detailed traditional Mughal motifs. The distinctive fine collection represents works of art, hand-crafted by artisans in India who spend up to eight weeks crafting a single piece. Many are one-of-a-kind creations. Singh also designs exotic contemporary lines that hint at her Indian heritage. “The look of my work is old world meets new world,” she says. On the new-world side there are eight lines of costume jewelry. Singh’s Bazaar Collection includes Victorian, Hamptons, Pearls of Wisdom, Aztec, Semi-Precious, Vintage, Sterling Silver and Bangle Bangle. Singh’s signature bangles come in three different sizes for convenience. From chunky and funky wood or sleek and exotic resin cuffs, to crystal sets or endless layers of colourful and intricate metal bangles and arm bracelets, Bangle Bangle is where Singh is making big waves in the fashion world today. Cover girls Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lopez, Faith Hill, Blake Lively and Jessica Simpson have all worn Singh’s jewelry recently. Amrita Singh is on a singular mission. “My goal is to really have a lifestyle brand one day where I can incorporate my jewelry into my handbags and into the sandals, just sort of tie in the whole accessory world. That’s where I see myself.” Conquering the fashion world one bangle and handbag at a time, Singh was dashing in between trips when we caught up with her for a quick interview.

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2




66 |

Misha 22k gold teardrop-shaped ruby stud earring with diamonds - Maharaja

Zafar bangle with 22k gold, uncut diamonds and enamel - Maharaja

Gulnar cuff with 22k gold on ebony wood with uncut diamonds, turquoise, rubies and fresh water pearls - Maharaja

Madhuri 17-piece blue bangle set in silk and gold thread

Franchesca 18k gold-plated bangle with crystals and round faceted lemon stones

Camella Winter necklace in 18k gold plate with Moonstone resin

Fergie peacock resin bangle

22k gold uncut diamond and emerald necklace - Maharaja

Rihanna 3-piece square tri-colour metal bangle set

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

You fell into jewelry design by accident. So, what is it about jewelry design that makes it your passion?

in a while we would have the privilege to enjoy his company at lunch and he would tell us the most fascinating stories.

It was love for fashion, love for Indian art and travel that inspires me to create jewelry design. And the look of my pieces is very eclectic. Sometimes I go through different stones. So, colours inspire me, a lot of different colours of stones and semiprecious stones. Sometimes it’s the cut of the stones, so it could be either the design or the colour of the stone.

Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson have all worn your pieces. Which celebrity would you like to work with next?

The Mughal dynasty resonates with you. Why? Well, I am Indian by origin; however, I love Mughal art. Tell me something funny or unexpected about one of your mentors Oscar de la Renta, something we might not know. Oscar eats very healthy. Working at the office we were spoiled eating lunch made by his personal chef every day. Ah, the good old days! Once

Angelina Jolie. I think she is dynamic, maybe even a superwoman! Tell us about the female names that are used in your designs. When did that inspiration start and tell us who are some of the women you find most inspiring – present and past. We’ve been using names for our styles for many years now. Throughout the course of history there have been so many women that have been instrumental to me in terms of defining style and elegance. Some of them are Coco Chanel, Elizabeth Taylor, Queen Victoria and Jackie O. What about your expansion

Amrita Singh jewelry is available at:

Retail Stores Ishara Vancouver, Holt Renfrew, Bergdorf Goodman New York, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Intermix, Fred Segal, Takashimaya

Online Outlets You can save 20% on your first order through,,,,,,,

into handbags and your inspiration behind them?

impressions do you have about our two cities?

I love bags! We use a lot of chains from the collection on the bags.

I’ve never been to Vancouver; however, I visit Toronto quite often. I was there a few months ago and it reminds me of New York. I think the people are warm and generous in Toronto.

Give us a hint. What ideas do you have for your next line? We’re launching our home collection in 2012. It’s a collection of decorative mosaic sculptures. What do you think is the most important accessory a woman can wear? The most important accessory that every woman needs is a set of great bangles. You stack it on and you’re good to go. In between the hustle and bustle, what is your favourite thing to do when you have down time?

We are one of Canada’s largest automotive retailers. What kind of car inspires you? Living in New York City I don’t need a car but if I were to have one, it would be a MINI. Cute and compact! Finally, are diamonds really a girl’s best friend? Yes! And I do collect rare stones when I find them, though.

Shop! Vancouver and Toronto boast very large Indo-Canadian communities. When were you last in Canada and what

C ine m at ic Je w e l If you watch only one Indian film, make it Mughal-E-Azam (The Greatest of the Mughals), a lavish 1960 classic that was re-released in colour to rave reviews in 2004. The love story – and the jewelry – is astonishing. Set in the 16th century, Mughal Prince Salim falls in love with the beautiful commoner Anarkali, a court dancer. Emperor Akbar sadly forbids his son from following his heart, so the rebellious prince wages a grand war against his father as he fights for his love by trying to win the throne. Salim ultimately loses the war and Emperor Akbar tragically sentences his son to death. But in one of cinema’s truly great love scenes, Anarkali agrees to sacrifice her own life to save Prince Salim. After the song Khuda Nigehbaan Ho Tumhara, she is taken away by soldiers to be buried alive, removing all her jewels and dropping them like tears as she is taken to her tomb.

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2



o ne TANK


Whistler on One Tank W o r ds a n d p h o t o s b y J o s h C h o w

O n e Ta n k D e s t i n a t i o n : Va n c o u v e r t o W h i s t l e r r e t u r n D i s t a n c e : 2 7 8 k i l o m e t r e s RETURN T r i p T i m e : 1 ac t i v e day N u m b e r o f S t o p s : 7 Fav o u r i t e S t o p : S h a n n o n Fa l l s F u e l C o n s u m p t i o n : h a l f - t a n k o f g as Ta k e - a w ay T i p : Pac k acc o r d i n g l y a n d plan your route


ith all the chatter about gas prices, many believe that one tank of gas doesn’t do very much – I beg to differ and challenge that notion. Anyone can get loads of adventure out of one tank. Being an avid snowboarder, my destination of choice are the world-renowned slopes of Whistler. But unlike the typical road trip with a point A and point B destination, I want to make pit stops at several hidden gems along the way.

68 |

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

With any road trip, it’s always best to be prepared. The challenges for this journey are the snow conditions and storage space for my snowboard equipment, so I borrow a snow tire-equipped Toyota RAV4 from OpenRoad Toyota Richmond. It comes loaded with 4-wheel drive and ample storage space. Armed with drive-thru food, coffee, a good CD and snacks for the journey ahead, plus gas tank fully filled and cargo placed in the rear, I’m on my way for a full day of adventure!

drive, and I decide to make my first pit stop to truly admire everything around me.

Stop #1

Lions Bay: A character-filled stop Distance: 44 kilometres Driving time: 40 minutes

As I begin my cruise, that 9 AM feeling starts to kick in, and immediately I turn to my Timmy’s double double and the new Jay-Z & Kanye album to get the blood flowing for a long ride. Singing along to (or at least trying to sing along to) ‘Otis’, I slowly notice the increasing number of mountains and trees. This 135-kilometre Sea-toSky Highway is definitely worth the drive just for the view alone. Beauty surrounds me from every angle of this

Lions Bay offers a clear view of the water surrounded by forest-covered mountains as far as the eye can see. Because this stop is fairly hidden, not many know about the village’s quaint Lions Bay Art Gallery. Most of the artwork echoes the Group of Seven, inspired by the beautiful nature of the area. My favourite piece is ‘A Moment of Clarity’ by Tina Flux which truly captures the views along this beautiful highway. After admiring the artwork, I pop on over next door to the vintage-looking Lions Bay Corner Store. It’s a throwback to the 1920s from the outside, where I pick up a bag of nacho-flavoured Doritos. I figure 180 minutes of snowboarding forgiveness will make up for my latest junk food transgression. Shortly after that, I’m on my way again, saying goodbye to this small but full-ofcharacter pit stop.

Stop #2

Murrin Provincial Park: A visit down nostalgia lane Extra distance: 24 kilometres Driving time: 21 minutes

Not too far along the way I notice a frozen lake on my left. I’ve always passed it by on previous trips, but this time I stop. As I pull into Murrin Provincial Park, I discover that Browning Lake is surrounded by many smooth flat rocks. As blistering cold as it is, it still gives me some nostalgic memories of my childhood. I try to skip rocks but it only results in failed attempts, as the rocks slide across the frozen lake’s icy surface.

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2



o ne TANK


Stop #3

Shannon Falls: Beauty in epic proportions Extra distance: 4 kilometres Driving time: 4 minutes

Finding my way to Shannon Falls, I leave the RAV4 parked in the lot and I make the 5-minute trek in on foot. As I approach the waterfall, the mountain water is fresh as it splashes on my face. Even though this makes the winter weather seem colder, it’s definitely worth it. The sight of the 335-metre waterfall is simply priceless. Shannon Falls rewards you with not only a beautiful waterfall, but a freshwater stream covered with oversized rocks and giant fallen trees that make this stop a must-do. Realizing that I’ve been standing in awe for ten minutes already, I decide that it’s time to hit the slopes.

Stop #4

Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler: Fresh powder galore Extra distance: 63 kilometres Driving time: 1 hour

Picking up the pace on the rest of my drive, it’s about noon when I finally arrive at the best mountains in the world, where I’m greeted by the iconic Olympic statues and symbols. After I get suited up, I literally run to the gondola in my snowboard boots. After one gondola, two chairlifts and a slight hike up and around through thick fresh powder from the night before, I finally reach the highest point allowed at monstrous Blackcomb Mountain. It’s a breathtaking 270-degree panoramic view of the snow-capped magic around me. With the brisk fresh mountain air and complete silence, I’m reminded once again how beautiful this part of the world really is. The snow falls down hard and fog hovers over the land below. I have a feeling that this will be a great riding day! Carving down that mountain, all I can hear is the slight sound of powder under my board; all I can feel is the cool breeze against my face and all I can see are the endless trails of snow-covered trees. In essence, perfection!

Stop #7

Ice Skating at Robson Square: A must-do in winter Distance from Whistler: 121 kilometres Driving time: 2 hours

Stop #5

La Brasserie des Artistes: French food for the soul

After several runs down the mountain, I’ve worked up quite an appetite. Time to grab some grub! I’m in the mood for something different and I choose La Brasserie, a one-of-akind French restaurant only available in Whistler. I indulge in what I like to call the “French Combo” – Montreal-style poutine with smoky dark gravy oozing over partcrispy, part-gravy-logged French fries and topped with cheese curds that can only be described as melt-in-your mouth. The poutine is paired with a traditional French onion soup. This isn’t any ordinary run-ofthe-mill soup. It’s hearty like a rich stew covered with a breaded cheese topping that sends my taste buds to soup heaven! And that’s just the appetizer. My main course is La Brasserie’s Brass burger, which definitely gives some American joints a run for their money, plus a light fettucini pasta and another coffee. I’m re-energized for a few more runs from the peak of the mountain.

70 |

Stop #6

Zog’s: A Whistler Village classic

As the sun comes down, it’s time to leave this winter oasis, but not to forget a Whistler favourite: Zog’s famous Beavertails. A beavertail is a deep-fried sweet snack that tastes like a doughnut, but it’s flat and more delicious… by at least five times… and can be served with many different toppings. The lemon and cinnamon sugar is a classic that never gets old. After devouring this with one more coffee for the road, I’m on my way back to the hustle and bustle of the city.

Homeward Bound

Distance to home: 22 kilometres

After battling dark and snowy conditions, which make my drive strangely peaceful, I approach the Greater Vancouver area after 2 hours of driving non-stop from Whistler to Vancouver. I still want to explore just a bit more, so off I go to Robson Square and an outdoor skating rink that’s open for the winter season. Decorated with an oversized tree and surrounding lights, the GE Ice Plaza is the perfect way to wrap up an adventurous day.

Driving time: 20 minutes

After many pit stops along the way, my day is finally over. The original goal was to accomplish as much fun and adventure as I could using one tank of gas, but much to my own astonishment, I’ve been able to do all of this using only half a tank. Yes, half a tank! And so I’ll find myself up on the slopes again the very next day. With the right amount of preparation, anyone can experience their own adventure on one tank of gas.

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

A different Veloster experience at OpenRoad.

Ad [OpenRoad Hyundai Richmond] 2012 Veloster

starting at $20,494*

* includes Freight & PDI, plus levies and applicable taxes.

Experience the OpenRoad Difference.TM Why just buy a Hyundai, when you can own an OpenRoad Hyundai? 5 years/100,000 km comprehensive limited warranty. All Hyundai warranties have no deductible.

Experience the OpenRoad DifferenceTM

13171 Smallwood Place (Richmond Auto Mall) Tel: 604-606-9033 Dealer D28516

E x tr a s

Beam Me Up

T h e N e w BMW La n g l e y W o r ds b y W i l l F o n g Photos by Kristoffer Ong


and bright white-on-silver, as if to signify that the crew at this facility will boldly go where no one has gone before. The sleek design is expressed in every detail, right down to the prominent row of ventilation outlets mounted just above eye level. Fabricated like a series of large spaceship ducts, they run the entire length of the main floor’s inner walls, turning a mundane HVAC reality into a bold and futuristic design statement.

There are two levels of floor-to-ceiling glass that form a U-shaped helm for the sparkling showroom. It’s a confident

The showroom houses 26 vehicles placed perfectly along neatly arranged lanes and orthogonal lines. Each area Additional photos by Will Fong

magine Star Trek or visiting a deck on an intergalactic spaceship. That would be BMW Langley today. When you step inside the vast new showroom at Langley Bypass and Glover Road, you’ll enter a place of luxury that is decidedly other-worldly.

72 |

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

is a precise and unique home to a particular model line, from the smaller 1 Series to the executive flagship 7 Series, and from the X Series of sports activity vehicles to the M Series of highperformance models. There are well-planned lanes at the service entrance as well. An enclosed service drive-through area offers three distinct access lanes, all automated for efficient entry and exit. Once inside, the service area features a futuristic and shimmering metallic ceiling plus an open viewing area of the sixteen white service

bays and two wash bays. They are all pristine. Service is highly personal and appropriate, where you’re greeted with the professional enthusiasm of advisors who want to help and share their knowledge and pride of BMW. Every amenity imaginable is at your fingertips. There is a separate business centre complete with computer terminals to take care of all your work needs, plus a high-end and fully stocked BMW Lifestyle retail boutique. Stunning lounges are the pinnacle of elegant taste. They feature large flat screen televisions, black

linear Foster 500 Walter Knoll furniture, contrasting white moulded Lechuza planters, and Tawny Koubari Cashmere exotic wood floors. Across the way, sleek LEM bar stools are very inviting at the M Lounge, which is resplendent in white quartz counters, frosted glass accents, custom white cabinetry and shimmering penny round wall tiles in silver.

in advance. Recent spycam photos of BMW’s two electrical concept cars, the i8 plug-in hybrid sportscar and the i3 all-electric compact, look like the visual inspiration overall for BMW Langley. By the time the i8 and i3 bring their laser lights here in 2013, the ideal visual showcase will already be waiting for them in this retail centre.

The future of sustainable motoring could surely be the muse for this facility, both in style and in practice. It’s as if the Langley centre is articulating BMW’s move towards Vision EfficientDynamics

Futurism isn’t just visual here; the engineering spirit of BMW is also expressed to its fullest through this facility. BMW Langley is a LEED-certified, sustainable site in practice, too. Lights

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2



turn on and off automatically as you enter certain rooms. Wasted heat is harvested and recovered from one area to be used efficiently in another by the VRF variable refrigerant flow system. A living green wall is a vertical garden that covers an entire two-storey wall with euonymus, periwinkle, coral bells, huckleberry and ferns. Two holding tanks collect rainwater for slow release. All indoor plumbing fixtures are efficient and low water consumption. And the list of cutting-edge innovations goes on. The move towards less emissions and more pleasure is at the heart of BMW Langley at every turn. Up to the second floor, the elevator transports you directly into Western Canada’s only exclusive M Display showroom and lounge, a dedicated showcase for the BMW high performance line. There is a jolt of adrenaline from the ceiling’s red ambient lighting coupled with the LeMans abstract on the wall. Your senses are overwhelmed. The heart races some more over at one of two separate centres that offer glorious beverages. You can custom select a gourmet coffee such as long espresso, energy shot, cafe latte and hot shot blend, or an assortment of other hot beverages including Vani Moka Coffee, Choco Van Latte and French Vanilla. A peek into the boardroom and your sense of the beyond – of outer space – finally comes full circle. The boardroom table literally takes the shape of a Star Trek insignia in soft silver. It is surrounded by sixteen black and organic-shaped netweave mesh chairs, where you almost expect to see Captain Jean-Luc Picard commanding his crew at the head of the table. BMW Langley offers an intriguing and futuristic vision of luxury. If there’s a transporter nearby, beam me up so I can go back time and again. You won’t have to wait until the 24th century.

74 |

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2



e sat down for an interview with general manager, Aly Jiwani, to talk about the experience that guests can expect at the new BMW Langley.

What can visitors expect that’s different here at BMW Langley? An absolutely fantastic customer experience more than anything else. When visitors enter our retail centre we’re welcoming them as guests in our home. Every single customer is treated to a cappuccino or espresso or whatever they want. At our service centre you receive a car wash, vacuum, tire shine, bottle of water whether it’s a minor or major service. People have been thanking us for opening this retail centre, so we feel like we’ve built it almost more for the customer than for OpenRoad. We’re getting that love from our visitors, so more than anything we

want to reciprocate. It’s still totally an OpenRoad approach. We want you to feel like you’re in your home, and you’re getting the ultimate sales and service experience where you’re never being pressured. Our consultants are here to help you make the right choice for your circumstances. With BMW the first four years of maintenance is included complimentary with your vehicle purchase. Our guests have a choice to go wherever they wish and so we want to make sure they feel comfortable and at home here. What are some possible firsts at BMW Langley? We’re the only centre in Western Canada to have a completely separate M Showroom, with a separate area to represent our greatest performance vehicles. This is the place to come for an M vehicle.

screen right around for visitors to see what we’re seeing when we price the vehicles. Our difference is our philosophy in terms of how we go about doing business. We also provide courtesy cars and executive concierge service for 7 Series owners. The list goes on. How has the community embraced you so far? If our presence can enhance the community experience and help non-profit organizations, we’d be very proud to be part of what they’re trying to accomplish. We allow anyone in the community to use our retail centre for any special events if they’re non-profit. Recently the school district used our space for their fundraising gala. We want to be a hub in Langley and Surrey. Our M Café has the bar and catering preparation areas, so it works out well.

When you visit our retail centre, it’s 180 literally. We’ll turn the computer

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2




A Child’s Wish Is Their Command

With seven full-time staff and a cadre of dedicated volunteers, the BC Chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation® works tirelessly to make the dreams of young children living with a life-threatening medical condition come true.

Ma k e - A - W i s h F o u n da t i o n b y B e n H u ds o n


Grace snorkeling on her recent wish to Maui. Photos courtesy of Make-A-Wish Foundation of BC & Yukon

he innocence of childhood is fragile and fleeting. As children mature, that soft visage of naivety and immortality is hardened by experience and education. A natural process most parents begrudgingly accept as their children inch toward adulthood. However, for some children the seemingly eternal promise of tomorrow is broken at far too young an age. The Make-A-Wish Foundation® was founded in 1980 in Phoenix, Arizona and has evolved into one of the world’s most recognized and respected charities. The foundation was born out of the simple desire to inject fun, hope and joy back into the lives of children battling a life-

76 |

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

threatening medical condition and intensive treatments. The Make-A-Wish Foundation of BC & Yukon was the first Canadian chapter outside of the United States. Since 1983, they have granted more than 1,408 wishes to children in our region. This year, they hope to grant over 130 special wishes. One of the most common misconceptions about the Make-A-Wish Foundation® is that they grant a dying child’s last wish. This is not the case. They grant many life-affirming wishes and there are countless examples of children who have had their wish granted and later overcome their illness. Some have even become advocates and volunteers for Make-A-Wish as adults. The pure, kindhearted simplicity of granting an ailing child the chance to wish for anything, is the philanthropic motor that keeps the Make-A-Wish Foundation® running.

Amir Novin, director of development for the BC chapter explains, “Our mandate is simple: never deny a child their wish.” The ability to fulfill this mandate depends almost exclusively on private donations and inkind gifts from corporate sponsors offering flights, hotels and more. “I am motivated by the simple desire to increase our capacity and ability to grant a wish to these amazing young people,” Novin continues. “While we never turn down a child’s wish, I want to ensure we are in a position to grant as many wishes as possible,” he concludes. In 2010 the BC chapter granted 118 wishes. And the goal in 2011 is 130. The average cost of granting a wish is $6,000 for local excursions with costs creeping well past $10,000 for international destinations. As you might have guessed, the number one wish is a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida. One of the hard realities of making dreams come true for children living with serious illness is that some of the children pass away before their wish is fulfilled. However, for those children who have a chance to see their lifelong dream come true, the benefit to their physical, mental and emotional health is immeasurable. “It is a transformative experience for these kids, their families and caregivers,” explains executive director Ross Hetherington. “In most cases there is a sharp improvement in the children’s health. They respond better to treatment; they are refreshed, excited, hopeful and positive,” says Hetherington. The therapeutic benefits of granting a wish also helps parents and caregivers deal with the stress of loving and living with a sick child. As magical as it must be to grant a wish to a child living with a life-threatening medical condition, the true magic of granting a wish is the power to re-open the portal that leads back into a world where the promise of tomorrow is made in perpetuity. A place where smiles and laughter replace furrowed brows and concerned faces. A sojourn from the poking, prodding and buzz of medical machinery. And most importantly, a place where a sick child can dream just to be a kid again.

Getting i n volv e d If you know a child between the ages of 3 and 17 with a lifethreatening medical condition who could use a wish, contact or call 1-866-277-9474 toll free. If you would like to be part of the wish-granting magic, please donate today at

Wishes by the numbers • Average cost of a wish is $6,000 • Over $570,000 of in-kind corporate donations • 118 wishes granted in 2010 • 21 wishes granted in 28 Days in February 2010: A record! • 1,500 wishes granted since 1983 • An average of one wish granted every three days • 57% of wishes granted last year were for kids younger than 13 years old • The value of your donations: Priceless!

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2




FamilyGanza Grants a Wish W o r ds a n d p h o t o s b y O p e n R o ad L e ad e r s h i p Development Program


penRoad Auto Group and members of the OpenRoad Leadership Development Program (LDP) hosted the first annual FamilyGanza this past summer at Burnaby Village Museum. By gathering OpenRoad staff associates and their families together in one place, the event was both a family fun day and a fundraiser for Make-A-WishFoundation®. It was a perfect sunny day to welcome over 400 of our OpenRoad family. On the fun side there were exciting games, a rock climbing wall, human bowling, a bungee run, mini golf, face painting and live music. Each staff associate was eligible for a generous prize draw including an Apple iMac, iPad 2, Vancouver Aquarium annual passes, Vancouver Whitecaps tickets and a travel voucher valued at $1,500. Every guest received a special OpenRoad T-shirt and a recyclable bag, plus all children received a plush toy version of OPIE, the OpenRoad mascot. The FamilyGanza event also served as a fundraiser to grant a wish through Make-A-Wish-Foundation®. The charitable aspect was introduced by Benton, a previous Make-A-Wish Foundation® recipient, and his mother Julie. They gave touching details of their wish earlier in the year. Benton, his family and close friends watched a Vancouver Canucks game from a private suite. He even got to spend some quality one-on-one time with hockey hero Alex Burrows after the game. Through OpenRoad’s charitable giving fund, OpenRoad Cares, and the efforts of the LDP group and all OpenRoad staff associates, the money raised by FamilyGanza was donated to Make-AWish-Foundation® and another deserving recipient.

78 |

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

The Trip of a Lifetime OpenRoad Auto Group teamed up with the BC chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation® to help Manraj fulfill a lifelong dream to visit Paris, and what an adventure he had! Manraj visited some of the most famous sites in Paris such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Île de la Cité, Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Élysées, Orsay Museum and many more. The trip was capped off with an exploration of Versailles to visit the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Château de Versailles. Manraj’s itinerary could easily be described as the very best of Paris. And Manraj had the time of his life thanks to OpenRoad Auto Group and MakeA-Wish Foundation®. We wish to thank our generous sponsors and suppliers for helping us to grant Manraj’s wish.

Vancouver PartyWorks Interactive

Scotiabank Western Dealer Finance Centre

Traveler’s Financial

Flight Centre Michael Mason Enterprises Ltd.

Farris, Vaughan, Wills and Murphy LLP

Tricor Automotive Group

Sora Group Wealth Advisors Inc.

TitanStar Holdings Inc.

THE ALL-NEW 3 SERIES SEDAN FROM BMW. INNOVATION ACCELERATED. Introducing the all-new 2012 3 Series sedan. Coming to you early 2012.




ith our province’s efforts to crack down on drinking and driving, it only makes sense that regulations prohibit discounted prices on alcoholic drinks during the day. That’s right, folks, we don’t have a traditional happy hour here in Vancouver.

But that shouldn’t stop us from having the fun we deserve after a long (and sometimes not so happy) day at work… like slurping back oysters for a buck a shuck, or devouring steamed mussels, frites and a fresh brew for only $10. There might not be happy hour around here, but there’s certainly no stopping us from a good ‘appy’ hour. We take you on a hunt for the top spots in the city to enjoy mouth-watering appetizer specials. Here is the Top 6 before 6 pm (or so). Let’s get ‘appy and hungry for our list of the best post-work and predinner offerings in the city. It’s happy o’clock! 80 |

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

The Top 6 before 6 b y M e l i ssa Ma k

T e r r ac o t t a Modern Chinese What happens when east meets west during happy hour? Presenting Terracotta Modern Chinese, a resto-lounge in Gastown featuring Chinese cuisine with a contemporary flair. The Chinese theme is evident throughout the restaurant – decorative Terracotta warriors stand tall in the dining room and the Emperor VIP room is cleverly designed with a set of ancient Chinese castle gates as the table. The bar area gives Terracotta its modern flair, with its underlit countertop and well-lit backbar wall. Like its interiors, Terracotta’s menu offers an Asian-inspired flavour. Offered only from 6 pm to 7 pm on Tuesday to Thursday, you’ll find Terracotta’s tasty dim sum menu at half price. A must-try is their prawn rolls, wrapped in a crispy bean curd skin and made fresh daily in-house. For the adventurous, munch on the Qin’s chicken knees marinated with salt and pepper. While you’re at Terracotta, don’t forget to order a pot of their signature Chivas & Green Tea. The mix of rich, smoky whiskey with light, refreshing green tea and honey makes this drink a fitting warm-up to a fun-filled evening ahead.

menu also offers a selection of fresh seafood, hot dishes and flatbreads – all to be enjoyed with their house red and white wine at $5 a glass. Try the sockeye salmon sashimi served with yuzu soy sauce and wasabi mayo, tuna poke with avocado, marinated ahi tuna and hamachi yellowtail fish, and the marinated jumbo prawns. Or, if you need something warm in your stomach, try their internationally inspired hot dishes like the vegetable spring rolls with garlic and fresno chili mayo, or the pork ribs grilled in a sweet hoisin sauce. With such a menu, Goldfish is not only a great place to share the plates, but also for sharing laughs and perhaps some workplace gossip. Goldfish Seafood & Chop House 1118 Mainland Street, Vancouver (604) 689-8318

M A RKET b y Jean-Georges

Goldfish Seafood & Chop House

Offering ‘appy’ hour specials in its most elegant form, MARKET by Jean-Georges at the Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver is meant for those who appreciate the finer things in life. And what makes MARKET’s Neighbourhood Menu so enticing is the fact that guests are able to enjoy awardwinning cuisine in a modern hotel dining environment. Try the oysters on the half shell, or the shrimp pizza garnered with arugula and pine nuts, or the salmon and oyster tartare with horseradish and lemon. If seafood isn’t your thing, MARKET’s local cheese plate with crisps and fruit compote will be sure to hit the spot.

What better place to chill out and unwind after work than in Vancouver’s hipster district, even if you’re not such a hipster. Located in the heart of Yaletown, Goldfish Seafood & Chop House fits perfectly in the city’s trendiest neighbourhood. The sparkly and carefully designed interior provokes just as much conversation as its happy hour menu, available from 4 pm to 7 pm.

At $9 per plate, MARKET’s Neighbourhood menu is served from 3 pm to 6 pm in a comfortable lounge area. While your palates are taking in the flavours, don’t forget to let your other senses take in the surroundings. The soft lighting and chic lounge décor make MARKET by Jean-Georges the perfect place to enjoy an appetizer or two… or three or four.

With fresh oysters on the half shell at just $1 each during happy hour, it almost seems wrong not to indulge. Adding to the guilty pleasure, the happy hour

MARKET by Jean-Georges 1115 Alberni Street, Vancouver (604) 695-1115

Terracotta Modern Chinese Restaurant 52 Alexander Street, Vancouver (604) 569-3088

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2



The Sandbar For me, a restaurant’s surroundings make up one-third of the meal. Taste and value of the food make up another third, and company completes the equation. Fortunately, the Sandbar already has two-thirds of the equation served on a plate for us. Bring your friends to the Teredo Lounge at the Sandbar during happy hour from 3 pm to 6 pm, Monday to Friday, and you’ve got it all. After you spend some time looking out the window and admiring the beauty that is False Creek, be sure to order the Sandbar’s incredible Mussel Mania special. This special comes with a bucket full of steamed mussels, freshly fried frites and a delicious pint of Granville Island brew. Get your mussels in a sauce of your choice, like Thai curry or tomato-based Provencal flavour. Best of all, your order comes with bread for dipping. With all that for only $10, happy hour just got happier! The Sandbar Restaurant 1535 Johnston Street (Granville Island), Vancouver (604) 669-9030

Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House Like its sister restaurant Goldfish Seafood & Chop House, Joe Fortes provides a great atmosphere to socialize and blow off some steam with your peers. If you’re sick of being indoors, happy hour can be enjoyed at the bar right on Joe Fortes’ rooftop patio. It’s THE place for people-watching and soaking up some sunshine après work, especially during our beautiful summers in Vancouver. Happy hour happens between 4 pm and 6 pm daily at Joe Fortes, with items at 50% off regular price. While a heavier international influence can be seen on Goldfish’s happy hour menu, Joe Fortes stays closer

82 |

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

to West Coast flavours. Famous as one of Vancouver’s best oyster bars, their fried oysters served with classic tartar sauce is simply a match made in heaven with a good brew. For something meatier, the lamb satay or the beef sliders are also popular recommendations on the menu. Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House 777 Thurlow Street, Vancouver (604) 669-1940

Gy u - Ka k u J a p a n e s e BB Q According to reality, happy times usually come to an end all too soon. According to Gyu-Kaku, however, happy hour happens not once, but twice a day. Recently opened as the first location in Canada, Gyu-Kaku Vancouver is one of over 600 GyuKaku locations in the world. This Japanese barbeque giant is spreading worldwide like a wildfire, and the fire on their grills is just as blazing hot. Sunday through Thursday, from 3 pm to 6 pm, and again from 9 pm to 10:30 pm, you’ll find Gyuka-Ku’s amazing happy hour menu, with appies at up to 50% off. And when I say appies, I really mean the entire lot of their regular menu. From Japanese appetizer dishes like fried gyoza dumplings or fried cheese wonton, to the more filling carbs like chicken garlic noodles or ishiyaki bibimbap (stone-roasted rice served in a hot stone bowl), there’s something on the menu for everyone. Of course, a visit to Gyu-Kaku is incomplete without turning on the grill. A large selection of meat, seafood and vegetables can be found on their happy hour menu at a significantly reduced price. Place your items on the grill and watch them sizzle to perfection. The interactive and hands-on nature of yakiniku, or Japanese barbeque, makes Gyu-Kaku a fun place to hang out with your happy hour buddies. Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ 888 Nelson Street, Vancouver (604) 558-3885

S taff A s s o ciate Sp otli ght

Riding It Out with Bob Lund b y M e l i ssa Ma k

Photos courtesy of Bob Lund


he goatee, the custom bikes and the leopards. Bob Lund, service consultant at OpenRoad Audi Vancouver, has got it all. Featured on biker magazine covers, Bob is also an avid custom bike enthusiast in his spare time. You’ll find him creating museum-worthy masterpieces in his garage or walking leopards on a leash – he says they’re just big cats.

Not only is Bob a member of OpenRoad’s leadership development program, but he is also actively involved in OpenRoad’s Athletic Club, spiking volleyballs and hopping into dragon boats. He’s always a customer favourite and one of our very own favourites to chat with. Buckle up, as we take you on a ride-along with Bob Lund.

We’ve heard that you were recently featured on the cover of Canadian Biker Magazine. Congratulations! That bike you’re riding in the cover shot, you built that from scratch, didn’t you? Yup, completely from scratch. It took me four years. I was working on three different projects all at the same time, so when I wasn’t working on one bike, I’d be working on another. The finishing part for that bike was short because that was at the end. That’s amazing! How did you first get involved with building custom bikes, and how long have you been at it? Since I moved to Vancouver from Prince George ten years ago. I started with pedal bikes, and then I went on to working on motorbikes. I started working on cars too at a young age – my Dad and I built a car when I was a kid. We didn’t finish it though because we had to move from Mackenzie to Prince George. All the stuff I have in my garage now, it’s been done over the last ten years. How many bikes do you have in your collection? Describe your favourite

bike for us. Four motorbikes and three custom pedal bikes. One of the pedal bikes spent last year in the Vancouver Museum at the Velo-City Bike Show, which showed the evolution of the bicycle. They had a category of ‘beyond the regular bicycle’ bikes. (laughing)

Is it true that you also have a collection of exotic pets at home? I guess that’s true. Beasts, I call them. I’ve got two servals, Shango and Mungo. They’re leopards. There’s a breeder in the United States, so I had them shipped to Seattle. From

My favourite motorbike is probably the chopper, the one that was on the cover of Canadian Biker Magazine. Have you had anything explode on you while working on your bikes? Any stories you can share with us? Not really, but when I was building one of them I blew up the intake manifold with nitrous. We didn’t have the nitrous amount calculated correctly, so it blew up inside the intake manifold. (laughing) We had to get a tow truck. Because we’re all wondering… Do you love cars as much as you love bikes? Gears and wheels! If it has gears and if it has wheels, then it’s good. I don’t prefer one to the other.

Seattle I had to go pick them up and bring them across the border because I’m the one who has the Endangered Species License for them. They’re big for cats, but they don’t really get any bigger than this, so they won’t eat the neighbours’ kids. (laughs) And they stay in the house most of the time. I walk them on a leash. I’ve also got Pepper, my cockatiel bird.

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S p e cs ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ►

1967 BSA SPITFIRE custom

650cc engine 52 hp in stock form Hepolite pistons and rings SRM high-perform oil pump Amal 930 carburetor exhaust pipes and frame fabrication in shop vintage airplane air accumulator for oil tank 16” Harley wheel spoked to a BSA quickrelease hub – rear 1971 Triumph conical wheel – front both hand-laced wheels 4” front-stretched and 10” backstretched 2” dropped front and rear drum brakes no turn signals – not required on a pre1971 motorcycle reverse foot controls – brake left, gear shift right rubber squeeze air horn bulb no battery single point Twin Cam ignition custommade – first time on an English motorcycle no speedometer but a faster top speed beyond your comfort zone

86 |

What’s it like working at OpenRoad Audi as a service consultant? We hear that seeing famous hockey players and local celebrities are a part of the job over there. Yeah, we have a few famous people, that’s for sure. We get some actors, lots of hockey players and some of the better known local businesspeople too. What have you and the other members of OpenRoad’s Leadership Development Program been up to lately? We finished the FamilyGanza Family Fun Day in the summer, and we were able to raise a fair bit of money for Make-A-Wish Foundation to grant a wish. We were all pretty happy with the outcome. We’ve also got the next two-day course coming up, and we enjoy those immensely.

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

You recently came back from your trip to Spain. We heard it was automotiverelated. Spill the beans! Spain was excellent. I was over there for holidays, and I had the opportunity to go to El Circuito de Almeria to test drive BMW’s new S1000RR superbike. Before being released this year, they had a hundred of these bikes that needed kilometres put on to make sure that they were ready to go. Must be pretty special to land an invite for something like that. We also spotted you hanging out with the OpenRoad Draggin’ Drive dragon boat team and the OpenRoad volleyball team at this summer’s Corporate Championship Vancouver tournaments.

Are you really that sporty? Pretty much. I play some ice hockey, a little bit of ball hockey, racquetball, and then there’s dragon boat and volleyball... Back in the day, when I was still in school, I was offered a scholarship to play basketball at Trinity Western. Lastly…is it Robert, Rob or Bob? It’s Bob, unless you’re my mother and you’re mad at me. Then it’s Robert. When customers phone me and call me Robert, I think they’re mad at me. (laughs)


What’s So Funny? T h e W o r l d o f La u g h t e r Y o g a W o r ds b y J e a n n i e Ma g e n t a a n d Allan O’Meara P h o t o s b y W e n dy D P h o t o g r a p h y

88 |

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“Laughter takes you from moping to coping to hoping.” Dr. Joel Goodman


t the sound of laughter in the past my first reaction was to immediately see who was laughing. Were they looking in my direction? What could possibly be so funny? In retrospect it was a panic button response to “What have I done now?” or “Who is picking on me?” It seems crazy to imagine I would ever become someone who encourages people to laugh at one another after years of torment and being laughed at in my childhood. During my hatha yoga teacher training, laughter yoga training was a component of 300 advanced hours to bring me to the level of a serious yoga teacher with extensive training to guide students to nirvana, so to speak. Ha, nothing could have been further from the truth. In the midst of my first laughter yoga session I was hooked and laughing hysterically. My shell of “I’m a professional teacher” was out the window and I had become the class rebel for laughing out of turn, or so I thought. At one point I began to panic a little, as I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t stop and I felt fearful the teacher would get angry. Was I ever relieved to hear her say, “If the laughter’s flowing, keep it going.” Now when I hear folks around me laughing I am able to be at ease and enjoy the sounds of laughter without needing to know any details at all. Dr. Madan Kataria is the creator of laughter yoga. He began a worldwide movement in 1995 in Mumbai, India after reading the unfounded work of Norman Cousins, who allegedly healed himself from a degenerative disease through laughter. When experiencing intense pain, Cousins found that ten minutes of belly laughing could give him thirty minutes of pain-free sleep. Similarly Dr. Kataria theorized through his own medical practice

that many of his patients’ illnesses were stress-related. He awoke at 4 o’clock in the morning one day with the idea to begin a laughter club. With very humble beginnings Dr. Kataria and his wife headed to a local park and tried to convince people to join them in laughter. After a few strange looks and many questions they were able to gather five brave souls. Originally laughter yoga started as a joke club where one person would tell a joke and then everyone would laugh. The group grew quickly in numbers; however, after the first two weeks early participants began to run out of good clean jokes. Dr. Kataria began to notice the group shrinking again, so he decided that jokes weren’t the answer. Observing youngsters, Dr. Kataria noticed that children often laugh for no apparent reason when they play. He surmised that the key to laughter yoga was to laugh for no reason. He developed a series of exercises designed to promote laughter by tapping into the inner spirit of joy instead. At first glance laughter yoga may seem like a class filled with silly nonsense and, for the most part, it is. However, if you can give your inner critic an hour off, you might be surprised with what you notice internally. Some students have shared that they feel more positive about life, a boost in energy and a sense of inner peace. Neuroscientist Dr. Robert Provine is a leading authority on laughter. He says, “Laughter is hiding in plain sight because we always tend to underestimate the oddness and importance of things we face every day. We often spend a lot of time trying to understand the meaning of words and we spend very little time trying to understand laughter, which actually might be more important.” Professor Provine continues, “Regardless of where you were born or what language you grew up speaking, everyone laughs in pretty much the same way. Laughter is a universal language that is understood in every country because it is an innate part of each of us.” Studies have shown that babies in general begin to laugh at the age of 2-4 months. A study in Austria recently found that even babies who have all three conditions of

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2



of life, so he was looking for an alternative when he came across Dr. Kataria’s training in Sacramento, California. Allan was invited to India for the tenth anniversary of laughter yoga in 2005 to speak about his work with seniors and his efforts to promote the laughter movement in Canada. During his visit he toured several parts of India, visiting clubs as small as five people and as large as 500 participants who meet 365 days of the year to celebrate laughter. Allan is often seen with a smile on his face. If you were to see him you would understand why Dr. Kataria considers him a laughter ambassador.

blindness, hearing impairment or low touch sensitivity still begin to laugh at the same age of 2-4 months. In the 1980s Dr. Lee Berk began to measure the physical benefits of laughter. His studies revealed that the anticipation of “mirthful laughter” produced surprising and significant positive effects. Two hormones – betaendorphins that elevate the mood state along with HGH human growth hormone that helps to optimize immunity – increased by 27% and 87% respectively in study subjects who anticipated watching a humorous video. By contrast, there was no similar beneficial increase in the control group.

according to preventive care specialist Dr. Lee Berk and his colleagues at Loma Linda University in California. Laughter helped to combat and reduce the harmful levels. Allan O’Meara, founder of the Kitsilano Laughter Club, is a local pioneer in the laughter movement who brought laughter yoga to Canada after training directly with Dr. Madan Kataria. Based in Vancouver, Allan has inspired students to follow their smiles and become laughter leaders themselves. Allan’s journey began through work with seniors and his ongoing attempts to bring laughter back into their lives. He found that jokes were too cognitive for those in the later stages

In another study, Dr. Berk and his research team found that the same anticipation of mirthful laughter reduced the levels of three detrimental stress hormones. The steroid stress hormone cortisol, epinephrine known commonly as adrenaline, and the major catabolite of dopamine called dopac, were reduced 39%, 70% and 38% respectively. This was statistically significant compared to the control group. Chronically high levels of these stress hormones can be detrimental to the immune system

90 |

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

The laughter yoga movement now spans the globe with 7,000 laughter clubs worldwide in over 65 countries. From Japan to Iran, Canada to Korea, and China to Mexico and the United States, the list just keeps “laughing”. Laughter yoga continues to promote deep breathing through laughter while cultivating a playful spirit that crosses all cultures and boundaries. Try it; you might just discover what’s so funny about life and your very own wellness.

La u g h t e r C l u b s For information about a laughter yoga club near you:

Allan O’Meara is

Jeannie Magenta

a therapeutic clown and

runs a weekly non-

laughter coach. Certified

profit Laughter Club

by the founder of laughter

and presents laughter

yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria,

workshops, sessions and

Allan is a pioneer in the

conference energizers for

worldwide laughter yoga

corporate and non-profit

movement that brings the

organizations. Jeannie

healing power of laughter

is a certified hatha yoga

to children, adults and

teacher and wellness



A different CT experience at OpenRoad.

2012 CT 200h

starting at $32,900* * includes Freight & PDI, plus levies and applicable taxes.

CT Experience the OpenRoad Difference.TM

Experience the OpenRoad DifferenceTM

Why just buy a Lexus, when you can own an OpenRoad Lexus?

3150 St. Johns Street Port Moody Tel: 604-461-7623 Dealer# 30266 www.


The Best of Langley Open House

BMW Langley and MINI Langley Guests enjoyed a breezy, jazz-filled scene at BMW Langley and MINI Langley, as the new retail centre opened its dazzling doors to the local community. The open house showcased “The Best of Langley” with an intriguing wine tasting by Township 7 Winery and a delicious cheese tasting by Milner Valley Cheese. The Swing Trio was on hand to add a toe-tapping vibe to the open house.

Summer Fort Classic and Festival at Thunderbird Show Park Sponsored by BMW Langley

Hosted by the Thunderbird Show Park in Fort Langley, the Summer Classic Tournament and Summer Festival Show Jumping Tournament attract over 75,000 spectators annually. BMW Langley was a brand new sponsor of this year’s prestigious equestrian events. Top international riders competed for over $150,000 in prize money and ROLEX Ranking Points. BMW Langley was proud to support excellence in world-class show jumping.

92 |

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

Ultimate Driver Experience Event BMW Langley

Forty-five lucky guests gathered at the BC Driving Centre in Pitt Meadows for a thrilling chance to push BMW driving machines – and their skills – to the limit. BMW guests and select media chose from two sessions to drive their own vehicles and special models provided by BMW Langley, including the BMW 650i, 535i and 128i, and the new MINI Countryman. Guests were trained by vehicle-handling experts to put the vehicles to the test. Driving techniques in the curriculum included slalom, emergency braking, braking-on-turn, advanced handling and collision avoidance.

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2




RevScene Summer Meet Sponsored by OpenRoad Scion It was the largest car meet in the Pacific Northwest with over 1,000 vehicles on display. OpenRoad Scion was proud to sponsor the RevScene Summer Meet at the Adesa Auction grounds in Richmond. Automotive enthusiasts from every car club across BC and Washington gathered for the special event. When not chowing down on the wing-eating contest, visitors got to know O-zilla and our modified Scion tC. The OpenRoad Scion Street Team was there in force to hand out special swag and promote our Win A Scion for 6 Months Contest.

VCMC Charity Karting Enduro Sponsored by OpenRoad Scion Richmond

94 |

VCMC Motorsport Club, the province’s largest autocross organization, partnered with OpenRoad Scion Richmond for its first Charity Karting Enduro event at TBC Indoor Kart Racing. OpenRoad Scion donated $1 per completed lap to support the Richmond Food Bank, achieving its goal of 1,000 laps in one hour. The thirteen teams, including the OpenRoad Scion Street Team, battled it out in new Sodi GT5 karts. But it was the food bank that came out ahead, as participants supplemented the day by bringing non-perishable food items to support the food drive as well.

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

A DIFFERENT FR-S EXPERIENCE AT OPENROAD. Introducing the all-new 2013 Scion FR-S. Coming to you early 2012. WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/ORSCION Experience the OpenRoad Difference.TM Why just buy a Scion, when you can own an OpenRoad Scion?

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RICHMOND 13251 Smallwood Place (Richmond Auto Mall) Tel 604-273-3766 Dealer D7825

PORT MOODY 3166 St. Johns Street (West of Coquitlam Centre) Tel 604-461-3656 Dealer D7826

what moves you

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2




Luxury Supercar Weekend OpenRoad Audi and OpenRoad Lexus

The Luxury Supercar Weekend saw OpenRoad Audi put forward an exhilarating Audi R8 V10, a TTRS Coupe, an A7 and a 2012 A6, while OpenRoad Lexus showcased the newest supercar from the Toyota family, the spectacular Lexus LFA, alongside the manufacturer’s first-ever supercar, the vintage Toyota 2000GT. The manicured Great Lawn of VanDusen Botanical Garden played host to the third annual luxury supercar event. Visitors strolled through rare luxury supercars, vintage collectables, electric/hybrid and concept cars.

The Rat Pack Club Lexus Event OpenRoad Lexus Port Moody

Guests of OpenRoad Lexus Port Moody joined the Las Vegas Rat Pack entertainment experience at the Red Robinson Theatre for one night only in Coquitlam. Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. came alive as Andy DiMino, Gary Anthony and Lambus Dean paid tribute to the Vegas superstars of the mid-1960s. The Sin City Orchestra made the night complete. Photo courtesy of Jaguar Music Group

96 |

OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

OpenRoad Audi quattro Cup Tournament OpenRoad Audi Vancouver

Over 1 million golfers worldwide have participated in local Audi quattro Cup tournaments over the past 21 years, vying for the chance to represent their nation. OpenRoad Audi Vancouver joined the movement for the first time this year, hosting the OpenRoad Audi quattro Cup Tournament at the University Golf Club in Vancouver. All participants were treated to a competitive day of golf and a relaxing dinner at the elegant Westpoint Banquet Room. Among 64 golfers in total, Michael Ho and Simon Tai won the title at the dealership tournament. The winning pair represented OpenRoad Audi with distinction as they went on to

capture the national title at the Audi quattro Cup Canada Tournament held at The Westin Bear Mountain Golf Resort and Spa in Victoria. Michael and Simon topped the leader board of 14 championship teams from across Canada. General manager of OpenRoad Audi Vancouver, Vincent Lau, recognized the pair saying, “Congratulations to Simon Tai and Michael Ho for their outstanding skills. They’re representing OpenRoad Audi Vancouver and now Audi Canada in fine style as our country’s national champions in the world finals of the Audi quattro Cup.” The Audi quattro Cup World Final 2011 event took place at the luxurious Mission Hills Country Club in Dongguan, China, where the Canadian team finished 18th in Group B results among 28 teams. Overall gross results placed the Canadians 32nd of 56 national teams from around the world, just behind Japan and ahead of the United States. The overall 2011 world title winners were Chen Chin-Chung and Hsiao Chiang-Chuan from Taiwan. The next 2012 World Final will be held in South Africa. OpenRoad Audi Vancouver congratulates our 2011 dealership and Canadian champions, Simon Tai and Michael Ho, on their stellar performance and achievements. OpenRoad Driver • V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 1 • S P R I N G 2 0 1 2



Toyota is the first full-line manufacturer to make all of the elements of the Star Safety SystemTM standard on every new 2012 vehicle.

All 2012 Toyota models come standard with the Star Safety System™ .This integration of active safety features is designed to protect occupants by helping drivers avoid accidents in the first place. The Star Safety System™ includes Vehicle Stability Control (VSC),1 Traction Control (TRAC), Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Brake Assist (BA)2 and Smart Stop Technology (SST).3

A different Camry experience at OpenRoad. 2012 Camry

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RICHMOND 13251 Smallwood Place (Richmond Auto Mall) Tel 604-273-3766 Dealer D7825

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A different Yaris experience at OpenRoad. 2012 Toyota Yaris Hatchback

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