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INTERNATIONAL DIRECTORY OF CINEMATOGRAPHERS 2017 CREDITs Boulevard Général Wahis 16F, 1030 Brussels Belgium 00 32 475489508 President: Paul René Roestad FNF 00 47 9209 1400


Boulevard Général Wahis 16f 1030 Brussels, Belgium President Paul René Roestad FNF (+47) 9209 1400 Vice-Presidents Nina Kellgren BSC Rolf Coulanges BVK General Secretary Louis-Philippe Capelle SBC Treasurer Elen Lotman ESC Board Members


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Elen Lotman ESC Daniele Nannuzzi AIC Predrag Bambic SCS Ron Johanson ACS

Adam Bajerski PSC Timo Heinänen FSC Kommer Kleijn SBC Simon Plum DFF Richard Bluck NZS Tekin Kurtulus TSC

Deputy Board Members

Web Editor/Publicity Officer

Tony Costa AIP Legal Advisor Dr. Cristina Busch

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Pinewood Studios Iver Heath Buckinghamshire SL0 0NH United Kingdom


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International Directory of Cinematographers 2017


IMAGO IDoC 2017  

International Directory of Cinematographers 2017

IMAGO IDoC 2017  

International Directory of Cinematographers 2017