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u13 bantam girls April 12-14 windsor

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ontario basketball presents u13 bantam girls ontario cup windsor April 12-14 Letter from Ontario Basketball Letter from Windsor Mayor - Eddie Francis Letter from Ontario Premier - Kathleen Wynne Letter from Windsor Valiants Basketball Editorial - Play 3x3 Ontario Basketball Awards Editorial - AAU and Ontario Basketball Division 1 - Schedule Division 1 - Roster Division 2 - Schedule Division 2 - Roster Division 3 - Schedule Division 3 - Roster Division 4 - Schedule Division 4 - Roster Ontario Basketball Merchandise Windsor Map Division 5 - Schedule Division 5 - Roster Division 6 - Schedule Division 6 - Roster Division 7 - Schedule Division 7 - Roster Editorial - Club Excellence Editorial - Canadian Sport for Life OUA Player Profile - Danielle Boiago (McMaster Marauders)

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Printed by Medallion Press About Ontario Basketball Provincial Championships is owned and operated by Ontario Basketball, in collaboration with 18 host clubs throughout 12 Ontario communities. Over eight weekends each Spring, more than 16,000 athletes playing for nearly 1,200 club teams will compete for approximately 150 divisional provincial titles. Tournaments are held for both genders in all age categories between Under 10 through Under 19. In remaining dedicated to the Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) model, teams are grouped into eight-team divisions to ensure quality competition and a positive playing environment. Ontario Cup remains one of the largest basketball events in North America. For updated scores, standings, photos and more, visit or follow us on Twitter @OBANews and use #ItAllStartsHere.




On behalf of the board of directors and staff, welcome to the 2013 Ontario Cup Provincial Championships. Ontario Cup represents the pinnacle of the season for many Ontario Basketball (OBA) teams, who under the guidance of dedicated coaches and passionate volunteers, arrived here with great preparation and leave with memories that will last a lifetime. This year, Ontario Cup is hosted in 12 communities representing all corners of the province. These communities offer a wealth of experiences that we encourage you to explore during your downtime. Thank you to the 20 Ontario Basketball member clubs who work extremely hard to ensure that Ontario Cup is an enjoyable experience for all. Please join us and take a moment to acknowledge the great work being done by the convenors, table officials, volunteers and those running concession and merchandise stands throughout the weekend. Most importantly, let us collectively acknowledge the achievement of more than 16,000 players on more than 1,150 teams who are participating at an Ontario Cup event this year. Let us all be reminded that this is a game in which we want to create a positive environment for all participants. Thank you to Ontario Basketball corporate partners and local sponsors for their enthusiasm and support of amateur basketball. Sport tourism is a growing business in Ontario and this event represents a significant impact on local economies. Members of the Ontario Basketball staff are available in all host cities. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the many programs and services available to you. Please enjoy yourself in this weekend of basketball celebration and competition. Yours in basketball,

Ken Urbach President

Michael T. Cvitkovic, ABC Executive Director

Premier of Ontario - Première ministre de l’Ontario

March 22 – May 26, 2013

A PERSONAL MESSAGE FROM THE PREMIER On behalf of the Government of Ontario, I am delighted to extend warm greetings to everyone attending and competing in the 2013 Ontario Cup Provincial Championships, organized by Ontario Basketball. Ontario enjoys a special connection to basketball, given that James Naismith, a native of Ontario, organized the first competitions. With the game coming to Canada as early as 1892, it can be safely said that it is a sport of enduring popularity — clearly demonstrated by the 2013 championships which are taking place 121 years later. I commend all the young athletes who are participating in these championships — your dedication and hard work have brought you to this exciting event. And to the parents and coaches: thank you for supporting these young people in their quest to excel in the sport they so obviously love. I wish to acknowledge Ontario Basketball for giving Ontario youth the opportunity to participate in organized basketball and for raising awareness of the positive role this sport can play in young lives — from building self-confidence to enhancing physical well-being. Please accept my best championship games.

Kathleen Wynne Premier






1072 Rankin Avenue Windsor, Ontario, N9B 2S3 Telephone: 519-564-3187

Welcome to the 2013 Bantam Girls Ontario Cup Provincial Championship! Since 1989, the Windsor Valiants Basketball Club has been dedicated to teaching female youths ages 7-18 to play and enjoy the game of basketball. Yearly the Windsor Valiants Basketball Club has more than 400 female participants in our house league and rep teams. From house league level development right up to our elite representative teams, our goal is to continually establish a program that will provide a positive, safe, enjoyable atmosphere that is also challenging and rewarding. Our motto, “Work Hard, Play Smart, Have Fun� is at the forefront of our program. Over the past 20+ years we have seen the growth of interest and enjoyment of basketball in the city of Windsor rise. We are optimistic that this trend will continue well into the future. Windsor Valiants would like to take this opportunity to welcome all basketball athletes, coaches, parents and families to the City of Windsor for this very special event. The Ontario Cup Provincial Tournament is the pinnacle of the season where all your time, hard work and dedication throughout the season will be showcased. More importantly, participating in an elite program such as Ontario Basketball, will afford you the opportunity to develop friendships across many cities and basketball programs. We wish everyone and every team Good Luck. Although in the end only one team will win the Provincial Championship, every participant is already a champion for coming this far. Do your best and make the most of each moment and enjoy the experience. Once again, enjoy your visit to Windsor, and the best of luck to all teams! Sincerely Yours,

Josh Leeman and Della Latella Executive Directors, Windsor Valiants Basketball

OABO Ontario Association of Basketball Officials

FROM THE PLAYGROUND TO THE PODIUM, IT’S RESHAPING OUR GAME The international governing body for basketball (FIBA) has invested a tremendous amount of resources to fully develop the 3x3 game. FIBA introduced the 3x3, half-court version of basketball to a global audience at the 2010 Youth Olympics in Singapore, where it was regarded as the most popular sport throughout the Games. Last summer, Ontario Basketball (OBA) hosted one of three Canadian qualifiers for the 3x3 World Tour Championships. FIBA states that with more than 250 million players worldwide and among the most played recreational sports in the world, 3x3 will help the growth of basketball. Combine these initiatives with FIBA submitting an application for 3x3 to become an Olympic sport, and the once playground-only game is now becoming a world phenomenon. In addition to its high performance programming, FIBA, Canada Basketball and OBA have identified the significant impact the 3x3 game can have on skill development for active youth. There are tremendous benefits to having young children learn the game through 3x3 before being introduced to a full-court, five-on-five competition. BENEFIT 1: MORE TOUCHES In five-on-five games, one or two players can go an entire game rarely touching the ball. This especially happens in youth basketball where you have one or two dominant players who are by far the best ball handlers on the team. The team tends to get the ball into those players’ hands and those players tend to take the ball to the basket. The problem with this is that other players are not developing their skills when they don’t get to touch the ball, and the team isn’t developing as a whole.

Above: Eventual U13 Champions, SBA Blues taking on Kings Court at the inaugural OBA Challenge at Rexall Centre in July 2012.

In 3x3, it’s really difficult for two players to monopolize the ball and still play well. The third player gets involved almost by necessity. All players get to handle the ball and handle it a lot. This allows all players to develop their skills in live game play.

BENEFIT 2: MORE SPACING Even with the smaller bodies of young players, five-on-five games can be crowded affairs. Youth basketball isn’t the best time or place for a kid to learn to fight through double teams or pass into multiple coverage. 3x3 games loosen everything up and give young players more room to operate. This allows them to practice their basketball skills without overcrowding. Once the basic basketball skills of dribbling, passing, rebounding, shot selection, etc. are learned and mastered, then they can advance to learn to beat double teams and making passes into tight areas. BENEFIT 3: REMOVE PRESSES & ZONE DEFENCES 3x3 games remove the issue of presses and zone defences. They are strictly person-to-person. This again allows young players to learn and master the basics before moving on to more complex game play.

Above: KW Selects represented Toronto, Ontario at the FIBA 3x3 World Tour Masters Competition in New York City on August 18-19, 2012

There soon may be structured provincial and national teams for 3x3 competition. There are countless 3x3 adult leagues throughout the province. More importantly, OBA and its stakeholders must strategize the most effective way to implement the 3x3 game in youth basketball since it serves as the best way for our children to increase skill development, confidence, enjoyment and the desire to play the game for life. With editorial from Canada Basketball.

Winners will be honoured at the annual oba awards gala

ONTARIO BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION AND AAU The basketball landscape in this province, and the country, has changed significantly over the past few years. While Ontario Basketball (OBA) attempts to provide services and programming to all elements of the game, it is through collaboration and the strength of its member clubs that the mission is delivered. These clubs also provide OBA with the necessary knowledge and trends in the game to help shape its direction. The origin of clubs in Ontario stemmed mostly to provide concentrated basketball programming that complemented the high school season. Clubs would run teams after OFSAA finished and everyone would take the summer off. A chosen few would make Team Ontario while the many enjoyed “summer sports,” while others enjoyed an "off season" of rest and recovery. Things have changed significantly over the past few years. Today, many clubs run for an entire 12-month period - the good ones, who understand periodization - also understand the significant importance of rest and recovery periods to create optimal performance. While the less informed clubs simply run summer teams that, at times, can fragment the existing club system and overuse the athletes. In this day and age, it seems the best recruiters win the best athletes instead of clubs that understand the long-term development of an athlete. We need to help OBA member clubs do both; provide a pathway for athletes to develop their skills through international competition and opportunities for exposure. As the governing body for the sport of basketball in Ontario, it is vital for OBA to strengthen and protect its clubs and at the same time, educate parents and coaches about all the stakeholders in the game. In a study taken during the 2012 OBA season, more than half of the responding clubs indicated at least one of its teams play summer ball. As a result, OBA developed a three-year partnership with the Amateur Athletic Union of the United States (AAU). Some OBA clubs with AAU experience understand the wide range of good and bad events that exist in the USA, no different than tournaments within Canada. This partnership will help teams who wish to travel with the education of recommended events. Through partnerships with InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) and AVIS-Budget car rental, the OBA is attempting to make summer travel easier for its members as well. The foundation of Ontario Basketball (OBA) remains its more than 200 member clubs that represent the game from Windsor to Ottawa; from Niagara to Thunder Bay; and everywhere in between. How, when, where and why they play the game is different than even just five years ago. The partnership with the AAU isn’t going to solve recruiting challenges or eliminate “rogue” clubs, but it will hopefully send the message that OBA recognizes it needs to address the challenges that face its member clubs and create a better environment for its members to flourish – whatever their basketball pathway might be. Above: Scarborough Basketball’s U16 Major Midget girls pose following their 2012 provincial championship in Kitchener-Waterloo.

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When James Parker, AAU Director of Sport, attended the announcement last year in Toronto, he indicated that OBA should become the focal point of AAU in the province and can also see the association coordinate AAU events within Canada. Beginning at these 2013 Ontario Cup Provincial Championships, the winners of Division One in U13-17 age categories will automatically qualify for the AAU National Championships. Many of these championship events are staged at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Zone in Orlando, Florida. OBA will cover the registration fees while teams will be required to fundraise in order to have the necessary fees for travel and accommodations. Some have confused AAU Above: Toronto Triple Threat celebrate their Division One title at the 2012 with NCAA exposure. While there are events Ontario Cup Provincial Championships in Ottawa. that may generate significant recruiting opportunities with college coaches, as an executive from NCAA indicated to the OBA membership at the Annual Meeting of the Members last year, “if you are good enough, they will find you in Canada.” The AAU summer circuit, for the most part, is simply additional competition for players and coaches who wish to develop over the summer months. That being said, there are major events that demand significant exposure opportunities for athletes. There is no reason why Team Ontario or OBA clubs cannot experience this side to the game. It does not exist for a chosen few who claim to have all the answers. The opportunities are endless for Ontario athletes to pursue a high performance basketball pathway. With increased quality of programming on home soil, OUA, CIS, OCAA is now a viable option. For those wishing to pursue NCAA basketball, and many have with great success, there needs to be increased education on the road to college scholarships. Because for every Anthony Bennett, Natalie Achonwa, Kevin Pangos and Dakota Whyte (all OBA and Team Ontario alumni), there are thousands who do not have a positive experience and we are all collectively to blame.

Above: Oakville Vytis claim the U14 Major Bantam Division One Championship following a hard-fought win over Brantford CYO in our nation’s capital.

A partnership with the AAU and an education partnership with NCAA are two ways OBA is attempting to serve its members. There is a long way to go before a true balance of power exists, but with the collective approach of 200 member clubs, OBA will get there – one dribble at a time.

2013 AAU Boys and Girls Basketball National Championships - Schedule Boys 6th Grade: July 22-28, 2013 in Hampton, Virginia. 7th Grade: June 23-30, 2013 in Memphis, Tennessee. 8th Grade: July 11-17, 2013 at the ESPN Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Florida. 9th Grade: July 9-14, 2013 in Little Rock, Arkansas. 10th Grade: July 22-28, 2013 at the ESPN Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Florida.. Girls 6th Grade: June 23-28, 2013 in Hampton, Virginia. 7th Grade: July 12-17, 2013 in Kings Island, Ohio. 8th Grade: July 8-13, 2013 at the ESPN Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Florida. 9th Grade: July 8-13, 2013 at the ESPN Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Florida. 10th Grade: July 8-13, 2013 at the ESPN Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Florida.

U13 Bantam


Windsor U Oakville Venom 4:30PM Transway #1

Windsor U Blessed Sacrament 6:00PM Barrie Royals

Windsor U Brantford CYO 7:30PM Caledon Cougars

Windsor U Scarborough Blues 9:00PM KW Lightning #1

Barrie Royals

Windsor U Oakville Venom 9:00AM Barrie Royals

Windsor U Blessed Sacrament 10:30AM Transway #1

Brantford CYO

Windsor U Brantford CYO 12:00PM KW Lightning #1

Windsor U Scarborough Blues 1:30PM Caledon Cougars

Windsor U Oakville Venom 3:00PM Blessed Sacrament

Windsor U Transway #1 4:30PM Barrie Royals

Windsor U Brantford CYO 6:00PM Scarborough Blues

Windsor U Caledon Cougars 7:30PM KW Lightning #1

Oakville Venom Blessed Sacrament Bruzzese

Transway #1

Scarborough Blues Breedy

Caledon Cougars KW Lightning #1

Windsor U


Barrie Royals

Blessed Sacrament

Austin, Trinity Douglas, Hannah Duck, Chelsea Edgar, Brynn Fadiya, Damilola Hoogeveen, Nell Jackson, Emma Kaplan, Meghan Mussmacher, Natasha Nowocin, Kristie Short, Alana Smith, Sarah Tarrant, Macy

Bruzzese, Lauryn Dalipe, Mikayla DiPietro, Lauren Floris, marina Holliway, Emmalean Moro, Malaina Rashford, Sanyu Swaby-Wallerson, Maya Temple, Hannah Tulk, Brianne Venneri, Alyssa

HC—Kevin Jackson AC - Thomas Edgar

HC - Perry Bruzzese AC - Anna Moro AC - Angela Bruzzese

AC - Kelly Emerson Hoogeveen

KW Lightning Beitz, Rachel Bin-Edward, Buse Domerchie, Emily Drewry, Grace Guanzon, Rachel Kralj, Sophie Macpherson, Quinn Pahl, Summer Rose, Hannah Sherman, Madison Woolvett, Madeline Woolvett, Rachel

HC - Gary Smith AC - Ashley Nethercott

Oakville Venom Angelini, Jessica Boers, Lauren Cramm, Tori Cuicani, Claudia Gates-Julien Aleyxa Hughes, Payton Morra, Christina Morrison, Freya Sidhu, Aryn Soriano, Arianne Trpcic, Madison

HC - Mike Hughes AC - Brandon Trpcic AC - Glen Julien M - Giovanni Morra

Brandford CYO

Caledon Cougars

Castagna, Mikayla Gleason, Jenna Hill, Taylor Lawson, Sophie Mamela, Megan McDougald, Anne McMillan, Alaina Overeem, Kaitlyn Piovesan, Neyla Pongracz, Stephanie Wator, Jennifer Yurczyszyn, Bria

Belvedere, Isabella Brown, Shannon Colp, Victoria Dodig, Andrea Dondi, Katya Ennis, Makayla Grove, Emma Matthews, Abigail McGurk, Alexandra Sekhon, Jasleen Seymour, Kristin Thomas, Hannah

HC - Roger Piovesan AC - Hugo DeGrandis

HC - Gord Everett M - Dawn Dodig

Scarborough Blues Allen, Sarah Breedy, Brianna Caplice, Mary Fearon, Sydney Kelly, Julia Makaruk, Caroline Spataro, Wallance Thomas, Sabree Washington, Keishana Weekes, Anika Weekes, Paulla

HC - Brian Breedy AC - Anita Robinson

Transway #1 Andric, Nikolina Badke, Adele Boskovic, Tatjana Bothen, Sarah Daly, Monica Epp, Paige Fortino, Alexandra Henry, Andrena Holmes, Jessica Hughes, Vanessa Magliocco, Alexandra Palango, Mia Tamale, Angela HC - Lisa Ciancone AC - Cailin Miziolek M - Lisa Iavarone

U13 Bantam


Lajeunesse Transway 4:30PM London Ramblers #1

Lajeunesse Oakville Vytis #1 6:00PM Advantage Titans


Niagara Falls Red Raiders


Tecumseh Saints

Lajeunesse St. Catherines CYO 9:00PM Etobicoke Thunder

Advantage Titans

Lajeunesse Transway 9:00AM Advantage Titans

Lajeunesse Oakville Vytis #1 10:30AM London Ramblers #1

Niagara Falls Red Raiders


Lajeunesse St. Catherines CYO

Transway Wilson-Blackley

Oakville Vytis #1 London Ramblers #1

St. Catherines CYO Tecumseh Saints Etobicoke Thunder

Niagara Falls Red Raiders

12:00PM Etobicoke Thunder Lajeunesse Transway


Oakville Vytis #1


Niagara Falls Red Raiders


St. Catherines CYO


Tecumseh Saints

Lajeunesse London Ramblers #1 4:30PM Advantage Titans

Lajeunesse Tecumseh Saints 7:30PM Etobicoke Thunder



Advantage Titans Anderson, Maddie Eagleson, Ashleigh Eldemure, Tomoiya Henry, Dejdrica Johnston, Laiya McClymont, Shekinah O'Hara-Campbell, Kylee Oliver, Kendra Oliver, Sierra Tomlinson, Ayana Willis-Simon, Teanah

HC - Rick Maloney AC - Leslie Conroy

Oakville Vytis #1

Etobicoke Thunder Bailey, Jade Bailey, Sarai Barr, Meghan Crawford, Sidney Day, Savannah Diercks, Heather Fernandes, Johanna Marusic, Ivana Osuji, Amaka Perovic, Dana Subasic, Ivana Wilson, Thea HC - Daniel Dowdall AC - Don Mustard AC - Keith Wilson AC - Michele O'Keefe M - Camille Wilson

St. Catharines CYO

Abraham, Kristen Bot, Natalie Cross, Lauren Duric, Alexa Granda, Fiorella Merner, Jordan Montanari, Lauren Murray, Avery Pocrnic, Kali Rutherford, Bryn Vrcic, Nikolina

Al-Kayed, Sophia Bufalino, Katie Falco, Megan Giroux, Erin Hebert, Alex Hemphill, Amanda Mirabella, Noelle Parkin, Hana Rego, Kian Ruetz, Abby Voelkner, Lauren Weber, Natalie

HC - Ken Cross AC - Kelly Griffiths

HC - John Giroux AC - Kathy Giroux

London Ramblers Barnes, Payton Bascos, Czaryna Cotton, Alison Gore, Nicki Grogan, Rylie Henderson, Brooke Lloyd, Devon Price, Morgan Tsakoniatis, Taylor Umbelina, Ericka

HC - Brian Henderson AC - Steve Grogan AC - Ethan Young

Tecumseh Saint Brown, Paige Calongcagong, Maya Collins, Emma Howie, Isabelle Lamarre, Claire Loebach, Grace McIssac, Quinn Mooney, Meg Pizzicaroli, Diana Scott, Jessica Trojek, Mikaela

HC - Robert Loebach AC - Kent Howie M - Todd Lamarre

Niagara Falls Red Raiders Berlingeri, Lauren Buchanan, Olivia Camisa, Juliana Ciolfi, Jessica Cuviello, Alicia Ibey, Annie Ibey, Carlee Kemp, Jenna Kim, Michelle Leone, Susan McPhail, Julia Reddon, Erika

HC - Paul Ibey

Transway Bell, Paige Brown, Adriana Carnicelli, Erica Di Biase, Olivia Montesi, Kayla Morphet, Jaiya Rajasingham, Maya Tarantino, Bianca Van Severen, Caroline Vigna, Natalie

HC - Nancy Wilson-Blackley AC - Sarah Townsend

U13 Bantam

St. John Vianney


Stoney Creek NYB

St. John Vianney



Stoney Creek NYB Windsor Valiants IEM Newmarket Huron Lakers

St. John Vianney

6:00PM St. John Vianney


Flamborough Fire Port Colborne Hornets

Basketball Wallaceburg

Kingston Impact

Flamborough Fire Windsor Valiants Port Colborne Hornets

St. John Vianney

9:00AM IEM Newmarket Basketball Wallaceburg

Huron Lakers Kingston Impact

St. John Vianney

12:00PM St. John Vianney

3:00PM St. John Vianney


Stoney Creek NYB Port Colborne Hornets

IEM Newmarket Kingston Impact Stoney Creek NYB Flamborough Fire IEM Newmarket Basketball Wallaceburg

St. John Vianney

10:30AM St. John Vianney

1:30PM St. John Vianney

4:30PM St. John Vianney


Flamborough Fire Windsor Valiants

Basketball Wallaceburg

Huron Lakers

Windsor Valiants Port Colborne Hornets

Huron Lakers Kingston Impact

St John Vianney


Basketball Wallaceburg

Flamborough Fire

Huron Lakers

IEM - Newmarket

deBakker, Madi Everaert, Madison Fischer, Brett Johnston, Taylor LaBlance, Asleigh Lucier, Chloe MacLachlan, Emily Maxim, Megan Nutt, Sydney Palocz, Amanda Quinlan, Kaitlyn

Berendt, Gwenn Couture, Madison Crawford, Samantha Gooding, Julia Kaczur, Zoe Mcaslan, Morgan McHarg, Madeline Morgan, Olivia Picone, Adriana Widdup, Bronwyn

Craievich, Gabrielle Dennis, Bianca Hartmann, Tatiana Hebert, Sydney Mackenzie, Jessica Maure, Alicia Mullen, Mackenzie Pretty, Breanna Tsaprailis, Maiyah Vandenberg, Katie

Brown, Cedar Grundy, Rachel Heyting, Emma Howell, Lauren Kenkel, Heidi Law-Heese, Kayla McCreary, Alexandra Pratt-Dafoe, Mackenzie Shrimpton, Lindsay Therkildsen, Andie Whittaker, Reese

HC - Rob MacLachlan AC - Beth Fischer M - Terri-Lynn Bechard

HC - Nick Kandilas AC - Paul Robertson AC - Monique Renaud

HC - Edward Dragan AC - Ian MacKenzie

HC - Joseph Kenkel AC - Kevin Brown

Kingston Impact

Port Colbome

Bogle, Alexandra Cameron, Emily Demelo, Olivia Garrah, Sydney Kimber, Mckenzie Macinnes, Campbell McAuley, Zoe Medeiros, Logan Miles, Jocelyn Stevens, Gabrielle Stewart, Rebecca Vandenberg, Briar

HC - Alfie DeMelo AC - Kevin Macinnes M - Gillian DeMelo

Andrews, Allyce Edwards, Teaghan Favero, Isabella Fraser, Victoria Klauck, Alexandra Meyden, Emily Mitchell, Reaghan Moreau, Korrin Mullins, Kathryn Raso, Kate Turko, Olivia Wilcox, Maddie

HC - Eric Mullins AC - Donnie Edwards

Stoney Creek NYB Centurione, Natasha D'Angelo, Claudia Dhami, Gagan Giannini, Julia Heysel, Kayla Humphrey, Grace Johnson, Brooklyn Mejia, Elisa Montecalvo, Breanna Oddi, Emily Rocci, Serina

HC - Lisa Ciancone AC - Cailin Miziolek M - Lisa Iavarone

Windsor Valiants Abraha, Lydia Bauer, Hannah Bedal, Emma Ducre, Paloma Emery, Ciara Firr, Hayley Hall, Faith Morassutti, Elyse Morassutti, Olivia Pavelka, Jennifer Price, McKenzie Scott-Berard, Genoah West, Madison

HC - Andre Morassutti AC - Paula Hall

U13 Bantam

Chatham-Kent Wildcats


St. Annes CK Wildcats 4:30PM Oakville Vytis #2

St. Annes Jayhawks 6:00PM Guelph Phoenix

St. Annes North Toronto Huskies 7:30PM Crazy Catz

St. Annes Brampton Warriors 9:00PM Vaughan Panthers

St. Annes CK Wildcats 9:00AM Guelph Phoenix

St. Annes Jayhawks 10:30AM Oakville Vytis #2

St. Annes North Toronto Huskies 12:00PM Vaughan Panthers

St. Annes Brampton Warriors 1:30PM Crazy Catz

St. Annes CK Wildcats 3:00PM Jayhawks

St. Annes Oakville Vytis #2 4:30PM Guelph Phoenix

St. Annes North Toronto Huskies 6:00PM Brampton Warriors

St. Annes Crazy Catz 7:30PM Vaughan Panthers

Jayhawks Basketball Oakville Vytis #2 Guelph Phoenix Mathieu

North Toronto Huskies

Brampton Warriors North Region Crazy Catz

Vaughan Panthers

St Annes


Brampton Warriors Iriah, Mya Josephs, Xianna Karabetsos, Sophia Miller, Shanese Mpiana, Muriel Ndayishimiye, Ange Palmer, A'asia Samad, Ameera Samuels, Keanna Sinclair, Dayna Marie Williams, Shanaya Wilmot, Angel

HC - Alan Tonner AC - Gerladine Stafford

Chatham-Kent Wildcats

Guelph Pheonix

Barko, Jade Boyer, Hannah Bugros, Erykah Curran, Brooke Dinh, Winnie Gao, Tammy Jordan, Jessica Kirkpatrick, Emily Roesch, Abigail Stone, Avia Tran, Carol Vlasman, Samantha

Cain, Abby Codrington, Jada Heffernan, Paige Hudecki, Robyn Lago, Sophia Mathieu, Jessica Milla, Sara Milne, Tya Mullins, Andrea Roberts, Olivia Smith, Sabrina Wesenger, Maya

HC - Tracey Goosney AC - Selwyn Jordan AC - Scott Barko

HC - Paul Mathieu AC - Darryl Milne AC - Amy Reid M - Jerome Codrington

North Region Crazy Catz

North Toronto Huskies

Busillo, Kylie Clapp, Brenna D'Amario, Anastasia Dipetta, Amanda Gagliardi, Julia Gauci, Catherine Lippa, Gabriella Marraffino, Lianna Muraca, Madelyn Soriano, Kimberly Surace, Alessia

Chadwick, Hannah Dolman, Bayla Glass, Maggie Green, Abby Groll, Sophie Guidos, Fiona Kaminker, Lauren Kohn, Sam Lawrence, Jenna Newell, Kate Richardson, Caroline Shiner, Audrey Tien, Abigail

HC - Joe Gagliardi M - Anna Filice-Gagliardi

HC - Rob Chadwick AC - Heather Wilson

Oakville Vytis

Jayhawks Basketball Bala, Temitope Carin, Alyssa Cruz, Isabelle Dela Paz, Janielyn Joson, Isawrah Khan, Yasmeen La Rosa, Maria Ysabella Mananquil, Trisha Mrazovac, Martina Viado, Janella

HC - Manny Villamor AC - Edwin Ylagan AC - Mark Villegas

Vaughan Panthers

Crawley, Katelyn Delamere, Tristan Dougall, Caitlin Duran-Chit, Jhovanna Hamel, Natalie Harraway, Jessica Kopecky-Duff, Trinity McEwen, Emma Salvatore, Aiyana Sampson, Erica Thom, Katie Van Huuksloot, Erin

Aulakh, Tambir Daley, Jordaine Essery, Chloe Gilliand, Caitlin Hecht, Faye Howell, Olivia Huangfu, Jade Iasparro, Giuliana Mudahy, Nakiyah Reed, Vanessa Rodney, Hallie Zhao, Nina

HC - Alvin Samsa AC - Rhonda Ruming M - Stephen Sampson

HC - Lionel Howell

2013 Ontario Cup T-Shirt Youth Medium to XX-Large Price: $20.00 OBA Zip-Hooded Sweatshirt Small to XX-Large Price: $60.00 Ontario Basketball Shorts Large to XX-Large Price: $20.00 OBA Long Sleeve Shirt Medium to XX-Large Price: $30.00

OBA Golf Shirt Small to XX-Large Price: $45.00 Ontario Basketball Hat Adjustable Price: $20.00 Team Ontario Jersey Small to XX-Large Price: $60.00

Holiday Inn & Suites Ambassador Bridge Friday: 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Saturday: 9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Sunday: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

St. Clair College & St. Anne Catholic High School Saturday: 10:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. St. John Vianney C.E.S. & University of Windsor Saturday: 3:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

gym and hotel locations

St. John Vianney C.E.S. 8405 Cedarview Windsor, N8S 1K9

Windsor University 401 Sunset Ave Windsor, N9B 3P4

F. J. Brennan Catholic 910 Raymo Road Windsor, N8Y 4A6

Lajeunesse C.S.S. 600 E.C.Row Ave W. Windsor, N9E1A

Holiday Inn Windsor Downtown 430 Ouellette Ave Windsor, N9A 1B2

Holy Names Catholic High School 1400 Northwood Street Windsor, N9E 1A4

Holiday Inn & Suites Windsor Ambassador Bridge 1855 Huron Church Rd Windsor, N9C 2L6

St. Clair College 2000 Talbot Rd W Windsor, N9A 6S4

St. Anne Catholic High School 1200 Oakwood Dr Belle River, N0R1A0


U13 Bantam


Brennan Niagara Rangers 4:30PM York South Silver Knights

Brennan Valhalla Youth 6:00PM St. Thomas Shock

Brennan Orillia Lakers 7:30PM IEM Aurora

Brennan Pelham Panthers 9:00PM Gold Medal

St. Thomas Shock

Brennan Niagara Rangers 9:00AM St. Thomas Shock

Brennan Valhalla Youth 10:30AM York South Silver Knights

Orillia Lakers

Brennan Orillia Lakers 12:00PM Gold Medal

Brennan Pelham Panthers 1:30PM IEM Aurora

Brennan Niagara Rangers 3:00PM Valhalla Youth

Brennan York South Silver Knights 4:30PM St. Thomas Shock

Brennan Orillia Lakers 6:00PM Pelham Panthers

Brennan IEM Aurora 7:30PM Gold Medal

Niagara Rangers Valhalla Youth York South Silver Knights

Pelham Panthers IEM Aurora Gold Medal



Gold Medal Bedard, Allison Brownscombe, Erin Brunet, Julia Buzzelli, Nicole Buzzelli, Siena Corrin, Alex Farrow, Mackenzie Hadzinikolaou, Trina Lancaster, Meaghan Lewkowitz, Marlo Marcotullio, Evie McIntosh, Charlotte Renders, Jenna Rombough, Renee

IEM—Aurora Bell, Erika Ferraro, Eden Grelet, Alessandra Intounas, Constance MacAlpine, Holly Melisis, Elyssia Papadakis, Dimitra Paraskevopoulos, Sophia

Partridge, Sophia Sacco, Morena

HC - Tony Marcotullio M - Dean Magierowski

HC - Joseph Kenkel

Pelham Panthers

St. Thomas Shock

Atkins, Kirstyn Cass, Kristen DeNardi, Isabella Larter, Sydney Maltais, Catherine O'Connor, Abigail Patten, Sydney Sider, Mackenzie Smith, Olivia Wirkkunen, Catherine

Caraher, Lauren Carnegie, Nicole Clarke, Lexus Corriveau, Tess Green, Jade Gruener, Presley Hammoud, Suzie Kennedy, Jolie Kennedy, McKenzie Mailhot, Addison Neill, Fiona Payne, Megan Tunstill, Chloe

HC - John Maltais AC - Scott O'Connor

HC - Gerry Fairbanks AC - Danielle Arnold

Niagara Rangers

Orillia Lakers

Bowron, Molly Brown, Mackenzie Buis, Morgan Caughill, Katie De Boer, Beth Dunn, Kate Frena, Rachel Matovic, Hailey Robinson, Carrie Smith, Alexis Van Egmond, Katie Wiens, Jeniah

Bell, Ryley Bondy, Logan Elbers, Brooke Fraser, Megan Kummer, Jordon Parna-Giles, Erin Reda, Tianna Rynard, Karley Sammon, Genevieve Sanderson, Marlee Whitford, Nataly Williams, Camryn

HC - Bruce Caughill AC - Dragan Matovic AC - Pat Dunn

HC - Ted Dongelman AC - Stephanie Dongelman AC - Samantha McLean

Valhalla Youth

York South Silver Knight

Bathe-Minard, Avery Bus, Julia Grigorsesu, Sofia Harding, Amber Jackson, Meghan Johnston, Sarah Mahu, Emily Martindale, Alex Minaker, Kasha Sawatzky, Madison Woods, Sarah

Curtis, Eve Fernandez, Natalie Inglis, Katherine Kerr, Jessica Li, Muzi Marcelino, Maddie O'Sullivan, Chloe Shepherd, Bridget Sweeney, Kayla Wensing, Alyssa Widjaja, Valeria

HC - Fred Sheane

HC - Monika Korte AC - Natalie Forster

U13 Bantam


St. Clair #1 Ancaster Magic


Ancaster Magic deSousa

Peterborough Power

St. Clair #1 Kingsville Class



St. Clair #1 York North Avengers 6:00PM Burlington Panthers

St. Clair #1 London CYO


DC Chameleons


York North Avengers Peterborough Power

Burlington Panthers

Kingsville Class London CYO DC Chameleons MUMBA

St. Clair #1 Ancaster Magic 9:00AM Burlington Panthers

St. Clair #1 York North Avengers

St. Clair #1 Kingsville Class

St. Clair #1 London CYO

10:30AM Peterborough Power



DC Chameleons

St. Clair #1 Ancaster Magic 3:00PM York North Avengers

St. Clair #1 Peterborough Power 4:30PM Burlington Panthers

St. Clair #1 Kingsville Class

St. Clair #1 DC Chameleons


London CYO

St Clair





Ancaster Magic Acciaccaterro Eden Bah Fatima Bahra Emnpreet Bird Breanna Blanchard Aven Blanchard Halle Couture-De Sousa Journee

Dhana Michaella Hibbs Nicole Robinson Eva Zinkewich Hannah

HC - Luis DeSousa AC - Chris Hibbs

London CYO Atkinson Isabella Bright Brook-lyn Jahanghiri Sara Macvoy Keilyn Miranda Mayra Palinkas Marlee Parsons Savannah Penny Connor Perez Paula Steinbach Jenna Taylor Julia Tennant Lauren

HC - William Atkinson AC - Shawn Penny


Burlington Basketball Bolis Veronica Cappellaro Sarah Deore Cassie Ljungberg Anna Lytle Anne Mazza Stephanie Mccorquodale Diana Mcgavin Katie Mckenna Angel Ponikvar Cokie Potter Kaitlyn Smith Ruth-Anne

HC - Bernie Deore AC - Ioana Lupascu

MUMBA Brick Daniell Brick Rachel Chiu Kelly Choi Jiyoon Faluro Obatimilehin Foster Kianna Gowryshankar Aarani Inkster Danielle Mckeown Megan Mori Heather Nerumalan Malaviya Patel Ashna Reid Jessica Watson Easia

HC - Amanda Miles AC - Robert Inkster

Durham City


Ahmed Siham Allen-Brown Jemelia Allen-Brown Jolesha Brown Asia Clarke Alethea Hunter Paige Lewis Sierra Massina Maya SamuelMikayla Shalland Reagan

Chauvin Caileigh Coghill Carissa Daniels Laiken Flynn Emma Geddes-Lopez Natalie Goodchild Emery Hedge Lily Liebsch Lexi Orton Kimberly Storms Cl;audia Tofflemire Claire

HC - Stephen Shalland

HC - Emily Rivait

Peterborough Power

York North

Chamberlain Kendall Doris Emily Lang Shelby Matheson Kalyssa McCurdy Zoe Pickett Olivia Schrader Molly Scott Matalyn Thackery Sarah Thompson Alexis Trebbne Leah Trodd Morgan

Blaser Carley Brien Holly Cumming Brooke Davison Tina Johnson Jasmine Koudmani Maya Lunn Jaidyn McGougan Breanna Nozdracheva Maria Rowen Megan Stevens Shannon Whitmarsh Sarah

HC - Sarah McGarry AC - Kaitlyn Brown M - John Schrader

HC - Brian Blaser AC - Paul McGougan

CAMBRIDGE CENTAURS Dunlop, Juleyanna Insalaco, Nicole Lombardi, Trinity Sherman, Bethany Tavares, Allison Urquhart, Rosalyn Valadao, Caroline Vint, Vanessa Wettlaufer, Emily Wilson, Kate Zervos, Mariah

HC - Jessica Louks


Grimsby LeBlanc, Kiara Lee, Jordyn McBay, Lauren Norman, Regan Nwebube, Chioma Paling, Dorothy Shipley, Emma Spadaro, Madison Staios, Nicole Weninger, Brittany Zima, Sabrina

KW Lightning Abulibdeh, Mira Briggs, Samantha Cristea, Linda Gohl, Cassia Grahovac, Tamara Mfoafo-M'Carthy, Michelle

Naylor, Emma Nghiem, Victoria Votruba, Laura Wise, Christa

HC - Charles Zima AC - Coach: Natalie Zima AC - Coach: Ingrid Jones M - Patricia Zima

HC - Holli Schimus AC - Lori Naylor


Scarborough Blues

Badenhorst, Mila Brodeur, Sarah Collins, Mikayla Detambel, Nicole Lin, Sophie Robillard, Eden Tavernier, Sydnee Thurley, Sarah Vout, Brooke Wright, Maddie

HC - Neil Richardson AC - John Richardson AC - Keith Robillard AC - Terry Beausoleil M - Nicole Richards

Aklilu, Helen Avanes, Alina Friday, Khela Hogg, Ainsley McLaren, Deja Meraglia, Gabrielle Morales, Andrea Palma, Ahmani Rowe, Simone Shand-Granger, Kayana Tallmeister, Katrin

HC - Kareem Granger AC - Greg Rowe

London 86’ers Brazier, Maddi Doxtator, Karyna Flitton, Leia Gauld, Sonia Ghadban, Leena Greenwell, Katie Holcombe, Madi McLagan, Abbey Mitchinson, Maddie Robinson, Emeline Wade, Kieara

HC - Chris Scott AC - Dale Napier

Stratford Optimist

Mississauga Monarchs Amihere, Laeticia Dmytryshyn, Nicolette DSouza, Elizabeth Gomez, Jenyffer Jackson, Alyssa Jackson, Ashley Jackson, Shawna Kells, Alicia Milosevic, Ana Rokita, Victoia Sammur, Tala Sorokolit, Laurelle Vassell, Hailee

HC - Kenny Manning AC - Nadine Gray AC - Nebojsa Milosevic

Strathroy Spirit

Cressman, Julia Cutting, Kitahna Fountain, Kennedy Furtney, Elora Goffar, Paige Herold, Emma James, Tatem MacMillan, Merideth McCarthy, Madeline Mitchell, Abby Waymouth, Amy Wheeler, Aliyah

Cocksworth, Megan Demeulenaere, Jillian Dobinson, Allison Hagerman, Zoe Halsell, Sydney O'Neil, Emily Pilkey, Samantha Reid, Payton Schulert, Shannon Tamminga, Morgan VanDenBelt, Olivia Wolfs, Olivia

HC - Isabella Jezard AC - Ellen Van Lierop

HC - Brenda Vander Hoek AC - Max Hagerman M - Derrick Prior



Ontario Association of Basketball Officials


Go one step further than the best seat in the house...get in the game. Enjoy the sport you love from the floor while: 路 staying active. 路 subsidizing your income. 路 acting as a community leader in sports. 路 developing your decision-making and communication skills.

Contacts: Don Thorne Tim Laurain

BaSkeTBaLL June 30–July 6, 2013 (Boys & Girls 9–17) July 7–13, 2013 (Boys 9–17) July 21–27, 2013 (Girls 9–17)



Over the course of the summer, within each basketball session a combination of 2 – 4 Past and Present NBA/WNBA/Pros and National Team Players will attend for up to 3 days – on and off the courts and inspiring and motivating campers to “Be their Best in Sport and Life”.

San Antonio Spurs

July 28–Aug 3, 2013 (Boys & Girls 9–18) Aug 11–17, 2013 (Boys & Girls 9–19) Aug 18–24, 2013 (Boys 9–19) Aug 25–31, 2013 (Boys & Girls 11–19)

The Proven Leader in Basketball / Personal Development Program: Entering its’ 5th Decade… Olympia has the track record of running over 200 Basketball / Motivational Sessions. These have been constantly refined and updated to keep it in the forefront as a provider of the latest in foundational basketball / self-development programming with implementation from our:

Top-Flight Resident Coaching Staff: 125 of the Ontario’s finest instructors from the ranks of University, College, Ontario Basketball Club, Regional / Provincial, High School & Elementary Coaches who uniquely meet the needs of every camper from beginner to advanced and motivate each player in moving towards fulfilling their performance potential.

Olympia’s PERSONALIZED Basketball Development Program Offers:



Detroit Pistons

Connecticut Sun (WNBA)

• 7 – 7 day sessions throughout the summer with separate boys and girls programs with a ratio of 1 coach to every 6 or 7 campers • After an evaluation of skills and playing ability, each camper is placed in an “appropriate division”. • Basketball skill development is maximized through ability-matched fundamental stationwork, appropriately sequenced divisional level sessions and competitively-matched games/scrimmages.

Non-Stop Action: Weatherproof, 37,000 sq. ft. Field house & Gym with 6 Pro 94’ courts + 6 pro outdoor courts. More than 1 Spalding ball is provided for each camper to work with.

Progressively Sequenced & Comprehensive Training: Learn to Score:



Miami Heat & Canadian National Men’s Basketball Team

Washington Mystics

a) from all over the court – balance, footwork, ball-handling & ball management skills b) from triple threat position c) with back to the basket d) in transition e) in 2-2 and 3-3 situations f) discover the techniques to improve your playing in 4-4 and 5-5 game situations.

Shut Down your Opponent: Learn to influence, close-out, help & recover, block-out, & rebound. This will be an intense, competitive week that will help you develop the tools and techniques ‘To Take Your Game To The Next Level’ of Play. Learning is expedited through video-selfanalysis.

Competitively-Matched Competitions: QUINCY ACY –


Toronto Raptors

Washington Wizards

Campers play 2 games/scrimmages daily in a “matched-team”environment with equal playing time in separate boys & girls inter-league competition. • Plus numerous Olympia prizes are awarded for top performance in skill and for personal attitude for various contests, tournaments & camp championships. The Awards Ceremony is further augmented by dozens of “draw prizes” from our sponsors for all who attend.

7 Days of Training & Fun Activities: You really get your money’s worth and more with over 30 hours of scheduled training and game action. Plus 24 hours of daylight free time to work privately with coaches, practise, play pick-up games or take a real break to swim, sail, canoe, windsurf, kayak and relax with evening activities within the heartland of Muskoka. TREVOR BOOKER –


Washington Wizards

Former Duke University, 1992 Dream Team (USA), 13 year NBA veteran

PLUS - “Inner Balance” Life Skills Training








Washington Wizards

Houston Rockets

Harlem Globetrotter for 17 years

Washington Wizards

Assistant General Manager and Scout, Washington Wizards

Former Detroit Piston Scout New York Knicks

HEADLINE INSTRUCTORS 2013 BARRY HUTTON • June 30–July 6 (Boys & Girls 9–17) • President, Hamilton Wildcats Academy • Former Head Coach, Mohawk College • 2 time O.C.A.A. Coach of the Year • Inducted into O.C.A.A. – Hall of Fame for Basketball • Won various Midget, Junior and Senior titles at High School level.

BARRY HOWSON • July 7–13 (Boys 9–17) • Inductee, Cdn. Basketball Hall of Fame • World Master, M.V.P. (1994) • Member, 5 Cdn. Sr. Men’s Championship Teams • Former Cdn. Olympia, PAN-AM, World Team Member • Presently coaching St. Patrick’s (Sarnia)

LEO RAUTINS – Former National Team Member & Coach

KELLY DUNHAM • July 21–27 (Girls 9–17) • Assistant Coach, Mohawk College • Former, Head Coach Mohawk College & Former, Ass’t. Coach McMaster U • Ontario Jr. Women’s Team Head Coach 1998 & 2001 • National Champions -’98 to ‘00 • Canada Summer Games Silver Medalist, ‘01 • Ontario’s Coaching Excellence Award - Development Athletes

BILL PANGOS • July 28– Aug 3 (Boys & Girls 9–18) • Head Coach, York University Women’s Basketball • Basketball Canada, Learning Facilitator • OUA Champions 2007 • 5 time OUA East Coach of the Year

BILL BOURNE • Aug 11–17 (Boys & Girls 9–19) • Former, Basketball Canada Learning Facilitator • NCCP - Level 3 • Assumption College (Brantford) • Former Tech. Services Dir. Ontario Basketball • 4 CWOSSA, 5 COSSA, 18 County Titles in 30 yrs. coaching


CORY JOSEPH – San Antonio Spurs and Canadian National Men’s Basketball Team

Olympia’s success can be measured many ways including its impressive roster of former campers and counsellors like: • Jay Triano – Former, Head Coach, Toronto Raptors • Chris O’Rourke – Head Coach, U of Guelph Men’s Team • Brad Rootes – Head Coach, Brock U, Men’s Team • Natalie Robinson – Former, Women’s National Team

• Sue Stewart – Former, Women’s National Team • Jesse Young – Men’s National Team • Heather Angus – U of Windsor • Emily McKay – Brock U • Kayla Pangos – York U • Elaine Hutton – U of Toronto • Jake Hutchcroft – U of Western

BARRY HUTTON • Aug 18–24 (Boys 9–19) • (See bio above)

CHRIS DOOLEY • Aug 25–30 (Boys & Girls 11–19) • Member Men’s National Coaching Staff 2001-2003 • Ont. Jr. Men’s Provincial Team, Head Coach ‘94-’97 • National Champions ‘95, ‘96 • ‘97 Cdn Games Silver Medalist • NCCP Level 3 Course Conductor • Notre Dame S.S. (Burlington) • Assistant Coach, University of Guelph

SUPPORTED BY: Olympia Sports Camp is an Official Partner of Ontario Basketball and a Proud Sponsor of Ontario Basketball’s “Fair Play Program”

Olympia Sports Camp is an Official Partner with Canada Basketball

Equipment Sponsor

BIG MaN / TaLL LaDY BaSkeTBaLL CaMP July 21–27, 2013 (Girls 13–17) GIRLS MUST BE 5’11 or TALLER August 18–24, 2013 (Boys 14–17) BOYS MUST BE 6’5 OR TALLER Olympia, Ontario Basketball and Canada Basketball are proud to offer a unique opportunity for basketball players in Ontario and other areas. The Tall Lady/Big Man camp will operate as a separate program, running at the same time as Olympia’s regular Basketball Camp. This is a joint effort to expand and discover hidden talent from Ontario and other areas. The camp will feature some of Ontario’s and North America’s top coaching personalities. The coaches are T.B.A. The sessions will be video-taped for self analysis.

Become part of an illustrious group of basketball players, improve on your basketball skills and take that step to the next level of play. Comprehensive Training includes: • Scoring from the elbow • Scoring in transition • Rebounding angles and intensity • Dominating the post • Shooting the three and more • The program will follow the Canadian Sport for Life principles

Olympia Sports Camp 145 Renfrew Drive, Unit 112 Markham, ON, L3R 9R6 Tel : 905-479-9388 Fax : 905-479-9313 Email:

Register online at:






Use anything, anywhere - Get creative!

Do it at

Capture that 1 in a million shot

Get the most views!

TAKE YOUR BEST SHOT It’s Canada Basketball’s 90th anniversary and it’s time for Canadians to show the world they’ve Got Game! We want to see your best shot. Use anything, anywhere: put a ball in a hoop, paper in a wastepaper basket, socks in the hamper. Get creative and have fun! Upload a video of your jaw-dropping shot for a chance to win amazing Canada Basketball prizes * . WIN PRIZES FOR MOST -VIEWED FAN VIDEOS


* contest details are available online at


Club Excellence is a program built to support any sport, is third party operated, using fair and transparent methods to deliver a national certification program. It was developed by a group of likeminded organizations (Gymnastics Canada, Swimming Canada, CanoeKayak Canada, Athletics Canada, and Speed Skating Canada) who came together around the development and delivery of a national, workshop-based program designed to help sport clubs provide quality programming and effective club management practices. The certification program recognizes clubs and associations that invest in building capacity to meet and exceed a basic set of operating principles. The six core areas of Club Excellence are program delivery, coaching, people management, governance, financial accountability, and marketing, recruitment and revenue generation. Great sport organizations are those that develop strategies on the field and off. Club Excellence can help. Best of all, your club or association will be recognized for the investment made in establishing policies and processes to meet your day-to-day challenges.

CLUB EXCELLENCE WORKSHOP McBain Community Centre 7150 Montrose Rd. Niagara Falls, ON L2H 3N3 Saturday, June 1st 2013 9:00am – 5:00pm $25.00 per participant (plus applicable tax) Maximum two participants per member club Includes coffee, lunch and materials REGISTER ONLINE (613) 521-3340 ext.3226


IS YOUR CLUB EXCELLENT? Participation in sport and recreation is more than just finding a club that wins a lot of basketball games. Throughout amateur sport in Canada, there exists an increased focus on accountability to parents and their children, risk management assessment, development programming, quality coaches and administrators, and fiscal transparency. It is for these reasons that Ontario Basketball (OBA) recently announced its partnership with the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport, True Sport Foundation and the Club Excellence Cooperative (CEC) to launch a basketball club excellence strategy throughout province. “We are proud of the more than 200 member clubs within Ontario Basketball that represent our sport in communities across Ontario. Most of these clubs are administered by dedicated local volunteers. The launch of Club Excellence will strengthen the capacity of our clubs and provide invaluable resources, enabling them to deliver the sport with excellence to the thousands of members who rely on our professionalism and quality standards,” said Ken Urbach, president, Ontario Basketball. “We share an incredible responsibility with our clubs to ensure our members enjoy a safe and rewarding basketball experience. OBA looks forward to working with the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport and continue to strengthen our existing member clubs.” OBA has joined leading national sport organizations in embracing the Club Excellence program which is helping to build a network of healthy, strong and sustainable sport clubs across Canada. As an Associate Member, OBA now enjoys access to a range of customized tools and resources to improve club programs. Targeted workshops will help member clubs become Club Excellence certified, building capacity in a number of critical areas including coaching, people management, governance, recruitment, financial accountability, marketing, and revenue generation. OBA will be working with its Regional Stakeholders Network and member clubs to identify the sport-specific categories required in addition to the Club Excellence mandated standards. The Club Excellence Cooperative (CEC) was created in 2007 with common goals to identify a stable and supportive environment for coaches, improve implementation of Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) at the community level, and ensure quality club programming. The Club Excellence program was then created to help build a network of healthy, strong and sustainable sport clubs and sport organizations, across Canada. Based on 30 standards, Club Excellence can help in building capacity within program delivery, coaching, people management, governance, financial accountability, and marketing, recruitment and revenue generation. Founding Members of the Club Excellence Cooperative (CEC) include Swimming Canada, Speedskating Canada, CanoeKayak Canada, Athletics Canada, Gymnastics Canada, and the True Sport Foundation. “OBA is the first major team sport organization to join Club Excellence. They clearly see the opportunity to apply the Club Excellence certification program to raise the quality of the sport at the grassroots level. We look forward to their contribution to our campaign to improve sport delivery at the local club level,” said John Edwards, Chair of Club Excellence Cooperative. Through the Associate Membership paid for by OBA, the Club Excellence program will be available to Ontario Basketball member clubs in good standing, focusing on all the characteristics of strong, sound clubs, from management to governance and program delivery. It will also allow OBA to provide discounts to their member clubs on Club Excellence services, and gives them a voice in the stewardship of this innovative, standards-based certification program. “Club Excellence represents a significant financial investment from OBA to its member clubs,” said Michael Cvitkovic, executive director, Ontario Basketball. “We believe this investment aligns our clubs more closely, provides strong risk management and continues our commitment to Canadian Sport for Life principles. OBA clubs are the foundation of our organization and so it is imperative that we provide them with the necessary resources to succeed. No matter where our parents and athletes live, they should expect the same services from their local clubs.” For more information, visit

CS4L is proud of all athletes aspiring to represent Canada.

Train to Compete

Quality sport matters. The Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Model is designed to promote physical literacy, improve performance, and increase lifelong participation in physical activity. Best wishes to the athletes as they progress along their LTAD pathway.

Quality sport and physical activity

WHY CAN’T WE? By: Michael T. Cvitkovic Most sports have recognized the issue. Children should not be playing an adult game. Baseball has had T-ball, Rookie Ball and other modified games for years. Soccer nets and fields are significantly smaller than professional standards all across the world. Tennis legend Roger Federer learned his craft with mini tennis - a smaller racquet, net and court with lighter tennis balls to encourage proper technique. We’ve all seen Sidney Crosby and those Timbit Hockey TV commercials. Yet a majority of our basketball youth can still be found attempting to shoot a NBA-sized ball on a 10-foot net from a 15-foot free throw line in full-court, five-on-five competition. It’s time we take a good look in the mirror. There is a large movement across the country called Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) or the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model. It’s been around for years and Ontario Basketball (OBA) has taken some steps to properly adapt. OBA has strong alignment with CS4L in the Train to Train (Girls 11-15 years; Boys 12-16 years) stage with programs such as Talent Identification and Development Program (TIDP) and the successful Team Ontario Under 14, 15 and 17 teams, however there exists a tremendous gap in earlier stages such as FUNdamentals (Girls 6-8 years; Boys 6-9 years) and Learn to Train (Girls 8-11 years; Boys 9-12 years). Teaching children physical literacy and investing quality gym time to catch, throw, jump, pivot, and balance must be a priority. So is creating a fun, inclusive environment that promotes skill development before competition and recognizes the social, emotional and psychological growth of young people. More practices, less games. It’s scientifically proven that children will become attracted or disinterested in a particular sport by the age of 12. That puts a lot of pressure on early childhood sport development, volunteer coaches, clubs, officials and parents. It is vital that all support networks for children, especially parents, understand the significance of developing the athlete in the child before the basketball player. Over the course of the next few months, Ontario Basketball will be participating in an in-depth CS4L review of the programs and services it currently offers. With its Regional Stakeholders Network and other basketball experts, OBA will formulize a long-term strategic plan to chart how it should address existing gaps. This will include a complete competition review. Change is challenging, but when it comes to our kids, isn’t it worth it? It’s time for basketball to step up and lead again. Together, let’s enjoy this significant transformation. If other popular sports can properly adjust their programming to ensure children are receiving age, stage and skill appropriate development, why can’t we? To learn more, visit Cvitkovic is the executive director of Ontario Basketball, having previously held sports management positions with York University, the Toronto Raptors Basketball Club and Tennis Canada.

The Talent Identification and Development Program (TID) is a systematic revision of the Player Development Program (PDP) that provides a clear pathway for athletes and coaches in the high performance stream. The outcomes of this restructuring include a downward shift in the ages of athletes that OBA high performance programs target and better alignment with the appropriate age categories as per the principles of Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD). More athletes with high performance potential will be identified and provided the right training. Ontario Basketball is pleased to announce the dates and locations for the 2013 Talent Identification and Development Program as follows: Georgian College U12 Boys Centralized Camp: July 2 - 5 U12 Girls Centralized Camp: July 6 - 9 U14 Boys Centralized Camp: July 17 - 20 U14 Girls Centralized Camp: July 21 - 24 Abilities Centre / Durham College U16 Boys Centralized Camp: August 16 - 18 U16 Girls Centralized Camp: August 16 - 18 Georgian College U12 Identification Camp: August 21 - 23

Regional Tryouts ($25.00): April - May · Athletes receive a TID Nike / OBA Tshirt. Regional Training ($300.00): May - July · 360 selected athletes receive 30 hours of LTAD age / stage appropriate training. Centralized Camp ($350.00): July · 288 athletes receive an additional 35 hours of high performance training alongside the best players in Ontario. · Off-court strength and conditioning training. · Educational sessions (ie. Canada Basketball, NCAA, CIS, AAU). · Meals and accommodations (four days / three nights). · Special guest coaches. · Personal athlete evaluations. · Opportunity to be identified and selected for additional high performance development programs (ie. Centre for Performance, Team Ontario). · Nike / OBA shorts and reversible jersey. · Spalding composite basketball.

Regional Tryouts (Free): April - May Regional Training ($300.00): May - July · 720 athletes receive 30 hours of LTAD age / stage appropriate training. · Nike / OBA reversible jersey. Centralized Camp ($350.00): July · 240 athletes are chosen from regional training sessions. · Athletes receive an additional 35 hours of high performance training alongside the best players in Ontario. · Off-court strength and conditioning training. · Educational sessions (ie. Canada Basketball, NCAA, CIS, AAU). · Meals and accommodations (four days / three nights). · Special guest coaches. · Personal athlete evaluations. · Opportunity to be identified and selected to compete against the top 20 athletes in Ontario at the U12 Identification Camp in August. · Nike / OBA shorts. · Spalding composite basketball.

Regional Tryouts ($25.00): May - June · Athletes receive a TID Nike / OBA Tshirt. Regional Training ($300.00): June - August · 360 athletes receive 30 hours of LTAD age and stage appropriate training. Centralized Camp ($350.00): August · 288 athletes receive an additional 35 hours of high performance training alongside the best players in Ontario. · Tournament style competition. · Off-court strength and conditioning training. · Educational sessions (ie. Canada Basketball, NCAA, CIS, AAU). · Opportunity to be identified and selected for additional high performance development programs (ie. Centre for Performance, Team Ontario). · Meals and accommodations (four days / three nights). · Special guest coaches. · Personal athlete evaluations. · Nike / OBA shorts and reversible jersey. · Spalding composite basketball.

TEAM ONTARIO ALUMNI DANIELLE BOIAGO CONTINUES HER SUCCESS AT MCMASTER UNIVERSITY Danielle Boiago is a shining example of how hard work and strong support and coaching from an Ontario Basketball Association (OBA) club program can help a player achieve success wherever they go, be it at a university down the road or on a court across the Atlantic. Boiago made a name for herself coming up through the Blessed Sacrament program, an OBA club in her native Hamilton. It was as a member of the Blessed Sacrament Yellow Jackets that Boiago got her first taste of basketball on the world stage. The talented guard with a nose for scoring was chosen to represent Team Hamilton at the 2009 International Children's Games in Athens, Greece. She starred for her squad in Greece, lifting the team to the gold medal. The summer of elite hoops continued for Boiago that same year. After returning from Greece, she joined a powerful Team Ontario and represented her province at the U15 National Championship in Kamloops, B.C. An impressive performance there allowed her star to shine a little brighter. She finished second in the tournament in scoring, averaging 13 points per game, and was named tournament most valuable player, while lifting Ontario to the national crown.

Photo credit: Blair Hough

Not willing to settle for her success with Team Ontario U15, Boiago trained hard with her Blessed Sacrament teammates and coaches to earn a sport on Ontario's U17 entry to the national championship in each of the next two years. In her first year with Team Ontario U17 in 2010, Boiago's squad settled for silver but returned to the top of the podium in 2011. In 2012 Boiago competed for Blessed Sacrament once again, this time in the OBA-sanctioned JUEL , a league for the top U-19 female hoopsters in Ontario. Once again she was a star among stars in the JUEL circuit, being named the most valuable player of the league's all-star game. When Boiago announced she would play her university basketball with her hometown McMaster Marauders in 2012-13, the city of Hamilton was abuzz. And after having a phenomenal rookie campaign in Ontario University Athletics for the Marauders, where she led the OUA West in rookie scoring and finished eighth overall (15.3 PPG), Boiago was named the OUA West rookie of the year.

Photo credit: Blair Hough

Her accomplishments and success at every level of her basketball career can be traced back to her time as a member of an Ontario Basketball Association club; Hamilton's Blessed Sacrament.


U13 Bantam Girls Ontario Cup Programme  

This is the official U13 Girls event programme for the 2013 Ontario Cup Provincial Championships

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