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Voting open in 2011 Club & Volunteer Awards Archery GB is inviting nominations for the 2011 ontarget Club & Volunteer Awards. The awards aim to recognise and reward those clubs working hard to promote and grow archery and also honour the dedicated volunteers who give up their spare time to archery and those who work behind the scenes to help a club run smoothly.


All ontarget clubs are encouraged to nominate worthy winners for the 2011 ontarget Club & Volunteer Awards. National Club Development Coordinator, Arran Coggan, said: “The awards will be a one further way of us celebrating and recognising the fantastic work that goes on at club level. We are encouraging all ontarget clubs to put in a nomination. “This is the opportunity to thank an individual

for the hard work that they do or recognise your club for promoting and growing archery in your community.” The awards will be presented at the 2011 National Development Conference and will be presented to the: Young Volunteer of the Year ; Volunteer of the Year; Clubperson of the Year ; ontarget Club of the Year; Innovation in archery and Partnership Award For more information and how to nominate please turn to page 6.

A 2012 Olympic Effect? Are we ready? This is the title of the 2011 Archery GB National Development Conference. It will be a chance to examine where we are in terms of our ability to maximise any possible effects on the grassroots of the sport because of the London 2012 Olympics. A varied and stimulating programme has been arranged for the two day event will once again take over the 22nd and 23rd October, and booking is now open. Turn to page 8 for more.




Welcome to the new ontarget newsletter.


A Week in the Life of the

News Bowmen of Ardleigh recently had 40 beginners registered for a come & try event. The vast majority signed up for the next beginner’s course and the club retained 15 new members. The club also hosted a reporter from a local newspaper at a special come and try session. This allowed the reporter to try archery so that they could understand the sport they reported on.

Development Team

Arran Coggan National Club Development Co-ordinator

We hope that you like this newsletter and that it brings you inspiration as you develop your club. The newsletter will be sent out every 6 months as another way of getting information to you and bringing some of the guidance and support to life.

Rochdale Company of Archers received 7 (yes SEVEN!) nominations in the recent Rochdale Borough Community Sports Awards for 2010/11. The category’s included - Sports Club of the Year, Volunteer in Sports (2 nominations); Coach of the Year; Unsung Hero (2 nominations) and Young Performer of the Year. They came away with the Club of the Year award and it shows that they are living up to being ontarget!

Silver Spoon Bowmen have been getting involved with Lincolnshire Sports Partnership’s Quest for Gold an opportunity for individuals aged 16 years or over to volunteer or take part in all Olympic and Paralympic sports across Lincolnshire. The club have been running archery sessions for the 50 plus age group. The first sessions went really well and a further two sessions across the summer has been arranged.

The last 9 months have been hectic since we launched ontarget at the Development Conference. It has been great to visit clubs around the country and see the enthusiasm of volunteers to develop their club and the sport. These developments will help us grow the numbers taking part in the sport. ontarget is about your club deciding what your main aims and objectives are and

for us to support you on that road. It means that you need to take as much ownership on the programme as we do. We want you to contact us, visit you and find out how we can help. At present we only hear from a handful, so does that mean the rest are all ok? We are here to help, use us! In between the work we’ve managed to pick up a bow! This is me gaining my White FITA arrow.

Deer Park – onwards and upwards! Following their success at the Sport & Recreation Alliance Sports Club of the Year awards Deer Park Archers have got back to business. At the National Junior Outdoors, the juniors recorded 6 National records (to add to the 6 they broke in the previous 4 weeks). 3 members became National champions, 3 getting silver and one bronze medal. Gloucestershire won the County Compound Title

and the team were all from Deer Park! One member became the first junior in the UK at any distance to record a score of over 1400 on a metric round (1406) on the Saturday and another member became the first junior to record a perfect score (1296 144 golds) on any Bristol round in the UK. All these performers are coached by Steph Crang – well done to her and the archers!

On the same day senior members of Deer Park Archers were winning and breaking county records the Cheltenham Record Status event and the club was also running a corporate all day Have a Go AND running have a go sessions back at the Guide Centre were the club are based at the same time!

Being one of the smallest development teams across all the other sports, we certainly have a lot going on! Follow our week to see the type of activities we get up to. Monday Arran & Kate visit Wolf Archers (Wolverhampton) as they are run a schools competition during National School Sports Week thanks to funding from Archery GB distributed by the County Sports Partnerships.

Tuesday David & Arran meet to discuss the specialism strands of ontarget. Plus put the finishing touches to the Club & Volunteer Awards.

Wednesday Whilst the rest of the team meet at Lilleshall, Arran is in London learning about the new developments for the Community Amateur Sports Club scheme – which has now 6000 clubs, saving £100 million in relief rates and gift aid.

Meet the Development Team



Kate & Alex meet with Youth Sport Trust representatives to discuss the new modified equipment to attract the 73% of young children that currently have no experience of archery within schools.

Friday Arran & Kate team up again to visit Lichfield Archers to see the fantastic work that they are doing with disabled archers.

David Reader

National Development Manager

Arran Coggan

Kate Moss

The week doesn’t stop for all of us. Kate visited the National Junior Outdoor at Lilleshall to talk to archers, parents and coaches.

Sunday Arran made a visit to see Leicester Archery Academy, an ontarget club hosting a Level 1 course, following a small grant to train up 4 new coaches for the club.

National Club National Schools and Young Development Co-ordinator People Co-ordinator

Submit an article or your general feedback about ontarget for our next issue Contact Arran Coggan, National Club Development Coordinator, Tel: 07525 233 592 or Email: ontarget Members Newsletter > Issue 1 2011

Hannah Bussey

Coach Education Lead Officer

Alex Smith

Schools and Young People Development Officer


05 What makes a good application?


The core policies are that it must be a new initiative – funders will not provide retrospective funding. They won’t fund - construction costs, repeat activity, running costs nor if the project is a statutory obligation (e.g. curriculum time activity).

Funding Special Despite the funding cuts, there are still opportunities out there for archery clubs to tap into. The ontarget programme will have small amounts of funding available to clubs however the greatest source of funding will be from external agencies supporting the work that clubs do. This edition we focus on two underused (by archery clubs) funding sources from Sport England. Small Grants £7 million of National Lottery funding is available each year through Sport England’s Small Grants scheme. The funding programme uses lottery funding to make awards of between £300 and £10,000 (for projects not exceeding £50,000) to not-for-profit organisations to deliver new community projects to either grow or sustain participation in sport or to support talent development. From July 2009 until December 2010, only £59,000 was awarded for archery projects and out of the 15 projects only 10 were Archery GB affiliated clubs (the remaining 5 were Scouts, Guides groups and schools). In the same time period, cricket clubs put in 302 successful applications worth just over £2 million. With funding sources becoming harder to locate the Sport England Small Grants programme is clearly a resource that archery clubs need to tap into to gain some valuable funding to support development work.

Projects should have clear, measurable aims and objectives that you stand a good chance of achieving. Remember, like applying for a job, the person reading the application form knows nothing about you or your club. For instance, which reads better: “We want money to pay for more coaches and need to replace our old equipment” Or “We would like to train up volunteers to become coaches, who will be able to provide a better standard of coaching to our existing members and also to provide a quality archery experience for potential new members. We also hope to work with a local community group to provide archery sessions to their members and therefore would like to purchase appropriate equipment to support this development.”

Funding can be sought for equipment....

Club Case Study Bowmen of Pendle & Samlesbury have been successful in receiving funding from Sport England’s Small Grants programme. The club had an idea for a community archery programme called “On the Road”. The club worked out that they need approximately £12,000 to deliver this. By writing an action plan the club matched their needs to the funder’s needs. The club were awarded £1,000 from the ontarget small grants scheme. Then applied to Sport England. Their grant application was strengthened with the fact they had a detailed project plan and outline. Sport England agreed to award the full £10,000 the club applied for.

You must show the need and demand for the project. Why this project/sport, why for those people and why in that place. You may want to reference any consultation you may have undertaken and how the project meets the sporting targets of Archery GB (see the Archery National Development Plan and ontarget – both available in your ontarget folder and on the website), the County Sports Partnership and the Local Authority. It pays to put together a project plan and work out the outcomes and outputs for what you are trying to achieve. A project planning template is made available on the Sport England website. This

document is designed to support you in considering all elements of planning your project. Finally, you need to show how you will make the project sustainable. This might mean you can fundraise to continue the activity or that you will work with local clubs to provide exit routes.

...or to train coaches

Sportsmatch This Exchequer funded programme has £3million each year to match sponsorship on a £1 for £1 basis to make awards between £1,000 - £100,000.

How Archery GB can help On the forms you will be asked whether you have contacted your NGB, who you spoke to and what advice they gave you. These boxes are quite important. The Development Team can provided support and guidance here. We can provide this reference but also we can read through your application and provide advice and support to ensure that the application will be successful. We have to be realistic as the funding programmes are massively oversubscribed.

The three primary objectives are to: Encourage businesses to sponsor community sport; Foster lasting partnerships between business and community sport, and Further develop and improve access to sport through quality business sponsorships.

Application Process All Sport England funding applications are on-line. There is web-based guidance and guidance tools (such as checklists, dummy application form, templates). The website is aspx, they have a funding helpline 08458 508 508 (8am-6pm, Mon-Fri) and email

You will need to have a clear and detailed budget. It should show exactly how the total grant applied for is broken down into areas of expenditure. Any expenditure over £5,000 should be supported by quotations from potential suppliers.

Further Information

Download our Handy Guide to Funding – available from the Archery GB website – which is updated every 3 months. But also contact with your County Sports Partnership or Sports Council, your Local Authority and your local Council for Voluntary Services – they will all have information on local and national funding opportunities. Also, sign up for a free funding search. Visit websites like - or

ontarget Members Newsletter > Issue 1 2011


Club & Volunteer Awards 2001 Nominations are sought from ontarget clubs and members for the Club and Volunteer Awards 2011. We are seeking to recognise and reward those clubs and individuals that have gone beyond the acknowledged responsibilities of a community sports club to promote and grow archery in their communities. Only nominations for ontarget clubs and individuals from within those clubs will be accepted. As the awards are celebrating the past 12 months achievements, clubs should have registered for ontarget before 1 July 2011 to be eligible for the 2011 awards.

Why is your club registered for ontarget?

ontarget Club of the Year

Young Volunteer of the Year Aged under 25 on 31 August 2011, this award is for an individual who has demonstrated enthusiasm and commitment to a club and made a strong impact through volunteering.

This award is for a club that has provided more for its existing members, attracted new people to archery, offers quality and safe activities, engaged with the local community and demonstrated good club organisation and management.

Volunteer of the Year

Innovation in archery

Clubperson of the Year This award is made to the member who has made the most significant contribution to a club over the past year. This can be either on or off the field.

It’s like we have a bookshelf (the structure of the ontarget) and we are supplying the books (the resources). Everything we bring out is choice, so you can come along and choose what books you want to take from the shelf. We add more books, you come back later down your development path and swap books.

Partnership Award This award will be presented to the club(s) and other organisations that have worked tirelessly together to provide archery to local communities and/or schools in a partnership approach that has benefited all partners involved.

When we sat down and decided to create a club development programme we looked at what clubs need to survive, visited clubs to find out what the issues were and reviewed the current support for clubs. We decided that ontarget should be a development programme not an accreditation one. We didn’t want to further increase the administrative burden on clubs and felt a simple evolving development programme would be able to help clubs develop and grow the sport. We want to increase the number of people accessing archery. We think the sport is fantastic and sustainable, accessible and progressive clubs are a way of doing this. Currently, only 0.12% of the population takes part in archery. The ultimate benefit of being involved in ontarget must be to achieve a stronger and healthier club. A common misconception is that ontarget is a funding programme, it isn’t. ontarget is about

ontarget Members Newsletter > Issue 1 2011

In the meantime are you getting the most out of being involved?

A one-stop shop for all your development needs - Club Administration, Governance, Funding, Facilities, Training & Development, Partnerships, Inclusive Clubs, Marketing & Promotion tools, Club Accreditation information and much much more. Visit

Have you used the online printing portal?

Good plans are realistic and achievable and should be directly relevant to the needs of your club. Committing plans to paper can be helpful as it serves as a reminder of what your club hopes to achieve and can help to focus activity. Also, development plans are now required by many local and national funding bodies to support applications for capital or revenue grants.

“The ultimate benefit of being involved must be to achieve a stronger and healthier club”

Have you registered for the ontarget website yet?

All can provide benefits clubs may gain plus they may be able to offer discounts to clubs on workshops and training for volunteers, funding advice and connect you to local schools and community groups.

Does your club have a club development plan in place?

We hope that club’s find the process refreshing and welcome feedback and input at every stage – in fact we want more clubs to come forward and tell us what theirs aims and hopes are for the next few years and how we can help.

Deer Park Archers winning the 2011 Sports Club of the Year award.

For the 2012, awards will also be presented for the three specialisms - Young People, Community and Performance Clubs of the Year.

Have you made contact with your local sports development officer, County Sports Partnership (England) or Sports Council?

offering structure and vision for club development but we need to understand what clubs’ needs are and what areas they want to develop in order for the club to grow.

Awarded to a club that has devised new ways to encourage current members to further engage in archery and/or devised new ways that have attracted new people to the sport.

The nomination form is available on the Archery GB website and the winners will be announced at the National Archery Development Conference 2011, on the evening of Saturday 22 October 2011. Three clubs will also be selected as Archery GB’s nominations to the 2012 Sport & Recreation Alliance’s Sports Club of the Year Awards. In 2011, Deer Park Archers won the coveted Community Sports Club of the Year award and £5,000 prize money.

Getting the best out of ontarget

Arran Coggan outlines the some of the benefits of being involved.

The awards are:

This award is for an individual who has demonstrated enthusiasm to a club and made a strong impact through volunteering and shown a personal commitment to personal development, team working and supporting the development of other volunteers.


Professionally designed posters and flyers that are fully editable for individual clubs to use. Visit

We would also like it if you could take the time to complete the “Resources Questionnaire” (available from the ontarget website). The information you supply will provide us the knowledge of what services and support clubs need – after all you should have the say on the direction your club wants to travel, we are here to help you in that journey.


National Archery Development Conference 2011 ‘A 2012 Olympic Effect? Are we ready?’ With the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics on the horizon, the 2011 National Archery Development Conference takes a look at the opportunities that may be presented for archery. Are we ready to make the most of any new surge in interest? What can the sport do between now and the start of the Games in 2012 to capitalise on any 2012 effect? Archery’s Parliamentary Fellow, Huw Irranca Davis MP will be back to open the conference.

A varied programme will offer delegate a chance to discuss ideas and challenge current practices

Speakers: > Huw Irranca Davis MP - Archery Parliamentary Fellow > Brendon Pyle - British Golf Foundation > Bryan Woodcock - Rochdale Company of Archers > Kath Fitzpatrick - Senior Archery Coach

The conference will build on the success of the 2010 event and allow delegates to share their knowledge and experience. It will explore ways in which those involved in the sport can help grow the sport at all levels.

An exciting and varied programme has been created for the 2011 conference, offering the delegate a chance to listen to a variety of speakers but also choose from a variety of workshops.

Using ontarget for developing your club

This will look at the evolving ontarget development programme. It will examine clubs who have been involved to-date and look at the benefits they have seen. It will also explore the new developments in the programme.

Competition ideas for clubs

This will use real club examples of where they have used fresh and innovative approaches towards competition for club members.

Turning non archers into archers

Clubs who have found clever ways to find new shooting space and cater for all their members who want to shoot will expand on their experience.

Predicting the future – using evidence to plan

Workshops options:

All members are welcome to attend. Members from ontarget clubs and the County Development Co-ordinators receive a £10 discount. Regional, county and club archery development co-ordinators, general club members interested in growing their club, coaches interested in coaching new people, sport development officers interested in developing archery, youth activity providers.

Too many archers not enough space!

This workshop will see how clubs can best incorporate new members throughout the year with original and fresh ideas.

This session will explore the research on archery participation, satisfaction and demand and then look at how this can be used in better planning for clubs and counties.

Accessing new funding

Delegates will be able to discuss and learn about the possible sources of funding that are currently available for archery clubs and individuals.

Delegate will also be invited to attend the 2011 ontarget Club & Volunteer awards, have the chance to shoot at the Archery GB PU department and take part in Rachel’s legendary quiz! The booking form is available from the Development section of the Archery GB website. NB. The programme is provisional and will be confirmed nearer the event date.

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