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Onnyo Theater Presents

Kinu Kaharer Thetar

June 4, 2006 Abbey Theater Dublin Community Recreation Center 5600 Post Road, Dublin, OH 43017

9198 Wayne Brown Dr Powell, OH 43065 Call Luna at 614-734-1961 OR Cell # 732-322-1067 Email:

Kinu Kaharer Thetar Manoj Mitra’s Kinu Kharer Thétar portrays a rural dramatic troupe back in the British rule in India. This group led by Kinu Kahar (popularly known as Kinu Master) stages a political satire entitled Ghantakaner Pala before the early 20th century rustic audience. During the performance of Ghantakarner Pala , there are moments when the actors forget their dramatic roles and engage in selfrevelation. For instance, Bodyinath, playing the role of Ujeer makes a lecherous move against Udashini, the prostitute in Kinu Kahar’s play. Again, in the middle of acting, Ujeer and Shantri start laughing at Pancha (playing the role of Laatshaheb) for his uncouth manner of dressing. Essentially, Ghantakarner Pala is about the poor and naïve Ghantakarna who, losing his job to the quirks of the trickster Bhaanr, desperately seeks a job. In his dire straits, Ghantakarna’s only throwback is getting employed under the Raja as the ‘shajakheko officer’---- the self-proclaimed criminal of all the crimes committed in Putna in the several last years. The Raja conveniently appoints Ghantakarna for this task in order to win his political battle against Laatshaheb. The Laatshaheb, just like the Raja, shamelessly jockeys for political power and openly defies the Raja’s political maneuvers. The fallen woman, Udashini, is pitiful of Ghantakarna’s humiliating job as the king’s puppet, but Ghantakarna and his wife, Jagadamba enjoy the financial comforts offered by this employment. Despite the initial turmoil within her conscience, Jagadamba’s lust for wealth prevails and she lets the innocent Ghantakarna accept death sentence-- a feat that enables Jagadamba rise to the position of the queen. A policeman, ordered by the politically powerful men from the real world of Kinu Kahar suddenly intrudes and disallows the complete performance of Ghantakarner Pala. The masterstroke of Manoj Mitra’s satiric vision cannot be missed here for this intrusion reflects with more immediacy the dehumanization at work eating into the ugly political fabric of colonial India. And though Manoj Mitra’s play is set in a time different from ours, we enjoy its contemporary relevance.

With best compliments from

Sambit Barua Jayashree Barua Avishek Barua And Avisar Barua

Kinu Kaharer Thetar A play by Manoj Mitra Produced by Onnyo Theater, Inc., Ohio Direction Choreography Music Direction Percussionists Harmonium Vocals

Light Sound Sound Engineer Backdrop Set Design Costume Make-up Bhanr Narrator 1 Narrator 2 Kinu Kahar Ujir Mouni Baba Lat Saheb Buro Bajnadar Raja Santri Police Jagadamba Udasini Members of Kinu’s troupe Brochure Design Editorial Support

Rehman Mehbubor Sultana M Nahar (Shiuli) Sandip Mazumder, Rehman Mehbubor M. L. Kapoor, Goutam Das Jayashree Barua Rehman Mehbubor, Sandip Mazumder, Srirupa Mazumder, Prabir Basu, Suchanda Basu, Parminder Gandhi, Dalia Renusch, Sourav Chakrabarti Kaushik Mazumdar Sandip Mazumder, Kaushik Mazumdar Steve Parakes Sourav Chakrabarti Sourav Chakrabarti, Partha Pratim Das Tanushree Dutta Panchali Doermann Sandip Mazumder Rehman Mehbubor Tanushree Dutta Prabir (Apu) Basu Sandip Mazumder Tanzim Shams (Shibli) Partha Pratim Das Mohsin Khan Kaushik Mazumdar Rehman Mehbubor Parmindar Gandhi Suchanda (Luna) Basu Sultana M. Nahar (Shiuli) Dalia Renusch, Sharmini Chatterjee, Parminder Gandhi Kaushik Mazumdar Srirupa Mazumder

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ACTS and SCENES Location: In a village in West Bengal during the British rule in India Time: Contemporary narrators taking us back to early 20th century ACT I SCENE 1

§ § §


§ § §



Modern narrator’s prologue Announcement of Kinu Kahar’s play and the introduction of Kinu Kahar and Jagadamba Jagadamba and Kinu Kahar step out of their dramatic roles revealing their real selves Ghantakarner Pala begins…. Ghanta duped and shattered. Udashini’s courtyard: Ghanta accuses Udashini Jagadamba and Udashini step out of their dramatic roles to protest against Bodyinath’s (Ujeer, the minister) lechery Ghanta’s house: Ujeer persuades Jagadamba to let Ghanta plead guilty for Ujeer’s crimes in exchange of money.

Interval of 15 minutes ACT II SCENE 1



§ §


§ § §


§ § § §



Ghanta’s house: Raja (King) employs Ghanta as the criminal of 1,500 crimes committed in the state of Putna. Ghanta publicly humiliated Laatshaheb (The British Regent)’s corrupt self revealed Jagadamba misunderstands Udashini’s pity for Ghanta Dakaatdal(Gang of robbers) tries to take Mounibaba’s goat Raja sucks holy goat to death Raja asks Ghanta to accept death penalty for killing the goat…Ujeer and Laatshaheb protest…chaos ensues Ghanta escapes Ujeer and Laatshaheb contrive Ghanta’s murder Ghanta’s house: Ghanta and Jagadamba debate whether or not to accept death sentence…Ghanta suggests that his wife dies Ghanta meets Udashini again Raja intervenes as Udashini is about to kill Ghanta. Jagadamba made Rani……….the real Jagadamba momentarily steps out of her dramatic role Policeman disrupts the completion of Ghantakarner Pala Modern narrator’s epilogue.

With best Compliments from

Saibal Chakrabarti


Rehman Mehbubor

Tanushree Dutta

Prabir Basu

Suchanda Basu

Sandip Mazumder

Sultana M. Nahar (Shiuli)

Kaushik Mazumdar

Partha Pratim Das

Tanzim Shams

Dalia Renusch

Sharmini Chatterjee

Parmindar Gandhi

Mohsin Khan

Jayashree Barua

Sourav Chakrabarti

M.L. Kapoor

Fahmida Hyder

Who’s who in the play Sultana M Nahar Newspapers and Cine magazines considered Sultana (aka Shiuly) as “one of the rising starts” of professional theater and national television in Bangladesh in the late 80s. Sultana started her acting career with ‘Theater’ (Bangladesh) and is well regarded for her contribution. She is a member of Columbus Arts Council and founder of Adity Performers, who graduated on Bharat Natyam and teaches dance. Sultana is an acclaimed artist and has performed in International festivals, Asian festivals, First Night of Columbus, among other cultural events in Columbus, Ohio. She appeared on WSYX - TV (ABC in 2005) and WOSU (820 AM) Public Radio for her performances in Columbus. Sultana acts as Udasini in Kinu Kaharer Thetar.

Rehman Mehbubor Rehman performed for THEATER, one of the top professional drama groups in Bangladesh in late 80s. He had the opportunity of working with most respected drama professionals in Bangladesh and earned their attention. Although he has been culturally very active, he always felt the absence of pro-drama (in Bangla) circles in the US, particularly in the Midwest. Despite limited opportunities and resources, Mehbub has directed and performed in few dramas in Columbus. Mehbub is the director of this play and performs the role of Narrator and Santri.

Prabir Basu Prabir is a very talented actor, who has received prestigious awards for performances in the US, that spans back over two decades. His passion and dedication for acting and singing are reflected in his larger- than- life performances in "Danshagar"( 1985), "Rajdarshan" (1986), "Horipada Horibal" (1988), "Girgiti” (1990), "Jodi Ar Ekbar" (1992), "Nuraldin" (2000), “Prothom Alo” (2002), “Bablee” ( 2004). Prabir, popularly known as Apu, has also received training in pantomime from the famous mime artist of Calcutta, Jogesh Dutta. In this play, Prabir plays the role of Kinu Kahar/ Ghantakarna.

Sandip Mazumder Sandip's first acting experience was in “Parobash” as a freshman undergraduate student at IIT Kharagpur in 1987. He played the role of Dadu. At IIT Kharagpur, he acted in many other plays and was the governor of the Technology Drama Society (TDS, Bengali) in his final year. At heart, he is more of a musician than an actor, and plays two different instruments (guitar and piano). Sandip is the comusic director of Kinu Kaharer Thetar, and plays the roles of Bhaanr and Ujeer.

Suchanda (Luna) Basu Suchanda Basu, popularly known as Luna, has been associated with drama and performing arts and Indian classical dance since 8 years old. Luna has been awarded as best actress for her various performances in different Indian festivals among which All India Drama Festival –Allahabad / Benaras Awards for three consecutive years (1986-1989). She was a student at the ABHISARIKA DRAMA CLUB in Janshedpur and was trained by Ajay Malkani, N.S.D. The audience still remembers her performances in: Ek Tha Gadha -Sarodh Joshi, Sainya Bhoi Kotwal - Sarodh Joshi 50 shows, Narih ( The Women ) - street play by Safdar Hazmi, Jodi Ar Ekbar-Manoj Mitra, Sajahan, Bablee-directed by Bratya Basu , Mrs Sen and Elliot -Jumpa Lahiri. In Kinu Kaharer Thater, Luna plays the role of Jagadamba

Partha Pratim Das Partha is another migratory bird in Columbus. His primary interest is painting. He was an active participant of community drama in his locality in West Bengal. He is performing as ‘Latshaheb’ in this show.

Tanushree Dutta Tanushree is a poet and well known face in US cultural arena. Since her school days, she is performing on stage and local Bengali community is always benefited from her experience. She is performing a Narrator and a ‘Dakat’.

Kaushik Mazumdar Kaushik was associated with performing Arts since 1982. His primary interest is in Recitation and Audio Drama (“Sruti Natok”). Kaushik received training from Partho Ghosh, famous recitation artist from Kolkata. In this play, Kaushik acts in the role of “Raja”.

Mohsin Khan Mohsin Khan has always been a dedicated theater activist who participated in few Bengali dramas staged in Columbus. Although he had very little time to nurture his passion for acting seriously he is committed to practicing it more. He is a fearless performer who likes to try different roles. He acts as “Buro Bajander” and “Dakat” in "Kinu Kaharer Thetar".

Dalia Renusch Dalia is an accomplished dancer who started receiving her training since the age of seven. She earned her diploma in Kathak (Indian classical dance). She received many awards for her performances in both dance dramas and plays in

India. Dalia has also made her mark in both these performing arts in Columbus, Ohio and shares a strong passion for theater. In Kinu Kaharer Thetar, she acts as "Bajandar" who transforms to “Shabhasad”, "Pratibeshi" and “Dakat" as the drama progresses.

Sharmini Chatterjee Sharmini in her debut performance brings to life the character of the ‘Bajandar’, who assumes multiple personality of ‘Pratibeshi’ and ‘Dakat’ as the plot thickens.

Parminder Gandhi Parminder is a nice addition to Kinu Kaharer Thetar troupe. He is full of life and vibrant with energy and spirit that all performers love. He has done “Natok” in the past and strongly pursues to be more active in acting along with playing Cricket, a passion for which he was awarded before. "Joy Ma Kali Boarding" is his most recent play where he earned the audience’s appreciation. He has multiple roles in Kinu Kaharer Thetar, viz., Saanr (Lalu), Singer (Bajandar), Dacoit (Dakat), Police Officer, and a Dancer.

Jayashree Barua Jayasree Barua took lessons on Manipuri, Kathak and other forms of classical dances of India and Bangladesh. She received many awards and appreciations for dancing, acting and singing in many occasions. She is a founder member of Onnyo Theater She plays harmonium with the musical numbers in this drama. She is also the MC for our show tonight.

Sourav Chakrabarti Sourav has been involved in a community drama in Kolkata when he was 8 years old. Apart from this, he has performed as a singer in a couple of Tagore Dance Dramas in Kolkata. He has received extensive training in singing (Rabindra sangeet) and Painting (Water color) from professional artists in Kolkata. His passionate pursuit of fine arts is evident in his assiduous artistry in painting the backdrop, and in designing the costume, and other props for Kinu Kaharer Thetar.

M.L. Kapoor Manohar L Kapoor is a playwriter and tabla (Ethnic Percussion) player. He is an All India Radio approved artist(drama). ‘Anokha Dahej’ is his one of most popular composition, which was performed more than 50 times in India. He is playing tabla (Ethnic Percussion) with all the musical numbers in ‘Kinu Kaharer Thetar’.

Tanzim Shams (Shibly) Imitating others and acting have always been Sham’s passion. He supported and was deeply involved with regional and capital city based group theaters in Bangladesh before migrating to USA. People of IPFW (Indiana University – Purdue University, Forte Wayne) remember him for his excellent performance in ‘Nakshi Kathar Math’ for Adity Performers in 2003. Shams acts as “Mouni Baba” in Kinu Kaharer Thetar.

Fahmida Hyder With her support and patronization Mrs. Hyder has been instrumental in making various cultural events happen in Columbus. She is responsible for Sound Control of Kinu Kaharer Thetar.

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Kinu Kaharer Thetar  
Kinu Kaharer Thetar  

Playbill for Kinu Kaharer Thetar - 2006 Onnyo Theater Production