TILT Magazine (Issue 8)

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TILT – Therapeutic Innovations in Light of Technology

In summary, the O*NET Resource Center (http:// www.mynextmove.org/profile/ext/onet ) provides job seekers and career coaches with a storehouse of occupational information and resources, from interest inventories to up-to-date national and local occupational outlooks and links to education and training. My Next Move appears to be an excellent, free, easy-to-access resource for coaches working with those in career transition. In keeping with the coaching maxim, “the client does the work”, coaches would do well to consider guiding the “discouraged”, resource-constrained job seeking client to the O*NET Resource Center and My Next Move. The web-based resources and tools bring the world of work to life and ultimately provide well-coached clients with a fresh new canvas upon which to paint a brighter career picture. n Lyle Labardee, LPC, DCC, is a distance counseling credentialed, Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in web-enabled coaching. He is co-founder and CEO of LifeOptions Group, Inc., and is based in Michigan, USA.

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