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Marketing Toolbox Susan Giurleo

The Key to Effective Marketing The key to effective marketing is to do it consistently. I suggest that therapists do something marketing related daily, even if it’s just posting a Facebook update or writing a blog post.

of marketing and advertising, don't they? You might think they are so well known they don't need to market, but yet, they are marketing all of the time. They're not household names by accident.

Some of my coaching clients have said that the need to market day after day, week after week is exhausting. And they wonder how to keep it up without feeling burned out.

Of course, you don't need to become internationally known (unless you want to be), but the only way you can get known and develop a steady flow of clients is to consistently show up in people's lives via email, social media or other marketing venues.

I'll admit that sometimes I do feel burned out by the continued need to do marketing again and again, but then I remember that lots of things in my business need to be done repeatedly. I need to keep writing session notes, pay my rent and light bills, take CE courses, file papers, do the banking. You get the idea... Marketing is part of a viable, successful business. If you want to grow, you can't just 'tack on' marketing as something nice to do when it’s convenient. It is a big part of building your practice. Look at it this way - Coke, Pepsi, McDonald's, Budweiser are all big brand recognized worldwide. And they do a LOT


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How do you keep from burning out?

TILT Magazine (Issue 6)  
TILT Magazine (Issue 6)  

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