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Issue 16 July 2012

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i Mummies! How are you all this month? This month

has been one of the craziest for us! What with hiring and training new staff, finalising events and our upcoming Awards to happen this November! I have had visitors stay and it has all been great, but exhausting. It’s good to be busy. What do you say? This month I’d like to share with you a few inspirational quotes to get that motivation going: “You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like there's nobody listening, And live like it's heaven on earth.” - William W. Purkey

Life is a challenge, meet it. Life is a duty, complete it. Life is a game, play it. Life is a promise, fulfill it. Life is sorrow, overcome it. Life is a song, sing it. Life is a struggle, accept it. Life is a tragedy, confront it. Life is an adventure, dare it. Life is luck, make it. Life is too precious, do not destroy it. Life is life, fight for it.” - Mother Teresa “Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and to endure the betrayal of false friends. To appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson Life is an opportunity, benefit from it. Life is beauty, admire it. Life is a dream, realize it.

On that note, enjoy this month mummies and our summer/Ramadan issue!


Have a fantastic summer!

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Darine Hounaine (Founder) 3

mother, baby & child july 2012

“To laugh often and much; to win the respect of








July 2012



3 Your monthly dose of inspiration by Darine 8 Editorial 10 Your voice matters! 12 Save the Date!

A lot of fun happenings are in store for your little ones this month!

14 Looking for things to do this month? Stop! You’re at the right place…

Make the most of your kids' summer vacay!

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Party & Fun! The UAE is thriving with fun places this summer Out & About More reasons to head out right on this page!

Getting Ready


Heaps of hepatitis info you and your husband must know Just how contagious is contagious, anyway?


mother, baby & child july 2012

Stop & Shop! From baby care to room redecorations, we got it here!



Fact or fiction: The truth behind some known fertility myths Shoul you or shouldn't you believe some of these old wives' tales? A ‘special’ preparation Preparing your child with disabilities to be the big brother/sister

On The Way 30


Exercise? Yes you can! Third trimester doesn't mean you can't get physical A new way to premature births? A look at cervical pessary


‘Heavy’ risks Obesity may be riskier than you think


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Yummy Mummy of the Month

Family destinations this Ramadan

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Family destinations this Ramadan Make this a time for family bonding

44 The ‘eco-family’ We have to live responsibly to sustain our planet 47 50

Healing the family through forgiveness The importance of giving each other chances Summer with twins A Survival Guide

In Focus: Birth 52 55

Weight watch An indication of good health Tips for the ‘little crawler’ Smart and accessible home safety improvements

57 Is my baby lip-reading? New research says it could be possible 59

Top Tips for the Fussy Eaters

In Focus: Toddler


An ‘eye-opener’ We sit down with a renowned Paediatric Opthalmologist


“It’s not fair!” Teaching your child the value of justice


University for the little ones! Kidville University is now open!

70 Laser Dentistry Banish your fears forever and say ‘goodbye’ to painful needles

In Focus: Child

72 Learning from loving (How families can benefit from a loving relationship between parents and children with autism) 75

A Q&A on Dyslexia Our Specialist Paediatrician answers

78 Is nagging part of a mum’s job? A mother shares her story 80

Slick kids fashion

85 Slick kid of the month 86 What Do You Think? 88 Ask Now!

94 Kiddie Flicks Picks 96 Mama and Me Get Busy 98 Birthdays! 100 Mother, Baby & Child Offer… for Little Ones!

Mama & Me Events

102 Summer in Abu Dhabi opens! 103 Dubai Marina Mums at Zebra Crossing 104 Mums n Tots' Animal Play Date 105 Cartoon Network at Kidville 106 Nutrition Zone Coffee Morning 107 Summer Day Camp

90 Top Tips for Babies & Kids 92 Bookworm Me! Junior

Tips for the ‘little crawler’

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mother, baby & child july 2012

The New Family

contents | july 2012 Mama Me-Time

Food for the Soul

108 Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs and Asperger’s Syndrome True story from a mother herself 111 Celebrating is sharing… Charitable ways this Ramadan 112 Tickle me funny 113 Mother, Baby & Child Offer…Exclusively for Mama!

Health & Wellbeing

118 The Wonders of White Noise Amazing facts that you can benefit in

121 Top Tips for Wellbeing

People of the Month

124 Mumtrepreneur, Green Guru, Charity’s Angel

132 Kitchen Magic 136 Editor’s Pick: In Focus – Dining

139 Editor’s Pick: In Focus – Hotels

140 Editor’s Pick: In Focus – Spa

The Wonders of White Noise

mother, baby & child july 2012

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144 Editor’s Pick: In Focus – Salon 145 Bookworm Me! 147 Horoscope

150 Directory Listing

MANAGEMENT Publisher Dominic De Sousa COO Nadeem Hood Associate Publisher Darine Hounaine Williams Mobile: +971 55 9159905 Office: +971 4 433 2372 SALES


can still remember the day when I first came onboard the Mother, Baby & Child Magazine as part of

the pioneering team. I knew it will

Director Darine Hounaine Williams Mobile:+971 55 9159905 Office: +971 4 433 2372 Sales

be more than just a job, it will be a

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mission. As an expatriate mum myself (of twins!), I am aware of how badly and other elder female relatives in guiding us through our journey to motherhood. One can only imagine my joy when I was bequeathed with the opportunity to be that “someone” who could impart the parenting know-how from our trusted sources in the field of medicine and other related industry. It was a responsbility that has never become a “burden”; it has always been a gift. And this noble gift I am now passing on to the new Editor of the publication. May you continue to embrace the advices just as you would if they came from a dear friend. May you carry on to enjoying the magazine that will definitely bring more for all your motherly needs. May you keep on belonging to this wonderful circle of lovely women – all inspiring, all beautiful. Thank you for sharing sixteen empowering and enriching issues with yours truly. I wish you all – mothers, fathers and children – the best in your

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life’s endeavours!

mother, baby & child july 2012

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Dominique Pechuela-Famador editor

ine, z a g a M & Child y b , this a B , peaking r e h t o n. Truly s o ti c M e s e and I Dear ama & M at work for this M ill still be

h w my wife zing time very muc s. When ank you e an ama v ie th a m h to s m y e u a k li colours. , I alw is for m ll I would ating the ng shifts ers as it ti in th ta rd fa o ro First of a r o y c fo l er in in it. e to m as helpfu interest s I help h ghter du section is ty time a er taking h my dau li h a it u h w q tc e a e m w us th e to e at ho lso gives xperienc get to b ith it. It a redible e w c y in s n u a b ing and y r he er enjoy is literall h e is keeping e s th I at , s ld an for th ecially a e-year-o terest sp hter, esp in g For a thre r u e a h d t y hm e tha those ment wit ute! I lov llage of it is so c ade a co every mo e m d g n n a a e r v e h e c h I ea ed! s! ut for I enjoyed ly indulg our heart erfect, b complete inly won not be p a s y a rt a e w m c e e It h h . g ra. S utes. S colourin e’s came p for min der, my phon y o nonsto b g ld rd MBC rea u te o w d a new as capu n a ts n d e a d m o m A proud

aider Kabir H

Dear Kabir, How lovely it is to know that even our dads benefit so much from our magazine! Hope our stories about the “men of the house” here and there have also touched your heart... You daughter has definitely captured ours!

mother, baby & child july 2012

Warm regards,



FuNcity FuN city




Incl. meal & snacks

TIMING Sunday - Thursday 10am till 2pm


n Aoresvaila tasetio r o p st s ed n ct le a Tr *for ply

nditions ap

Co *Terms &

DUBAI: Ibn Battuta - 04 3669819, Oasis Centre - 04 3397783, Arabian Center - 04 2845679, Reef Mall - 04 2222405 ABU DHABI: Dalma Mall - 02 5507407, Marina Mall - 02 6815527 FUJAIRAH: Century Mall - 09 2283950

at Le Royal p m a C er m m Su s Kid abi Meridien Abu Dh

Hamleys’ Summer Island

en they years of age wh ren from 4 to 15 ild ch r fo e tim A fun ing fun and ings while enjoy can learn new th friends and most ities, make new interesting activ ers and ay from comput d good time aw & importantly spen oor games, arts me comprises ind ram og pr l ful e , Th TVs. real one!), dancing with the chef (a ns so les ing ok crafts, co s as well camping session ming, simulated on the martial arts, swim o als matches are . Ball games and taught as yacht cruising to photo will be hy and initiation rap og ot Ph . da can agen ramme but kids is a weekly prog mp ca e Th ll. as we l three weeks. e or two or the ful enrol for either on

Children will love participating

ek D 750 for one we Rates start at AE i ab Dh ien Abu Le Royal Merid 1 July to 19 0470 1 101 or 02 695 tion, call 800 10 For more informa

in the various activities organised by Hamleys every week during Dubai Summer Surprises from Thursday to Saturday at The Dubai Mall and Mirdif City Centre. Activities will vary each week and will include Hawaiian hula dance, limbo and hula hoop competition, water and sand games, music chair, beach ball relay, arts and craft and a summer fashion week. Hamleys Dubai Mall & Mirdif City Centre Ongoing until July 15 For more information, call 04 339 8889 or 04 284 3336

mother, baby & child july 2012

Hello Kitty Karaoke Show Lights! Cameras! Action! Welcome to KTV, Hello Kitty's very own live karaoke TV show. The cameras roll as the KTV floor manager (our live host) bursts on stage to get the studio set and the studio audience warmed up for the show. Join Hello Kitty and her friends as they take the Karaoke world by storm at Dubai Festival City. The 25-minute show will be performed thre e times daily. Dubai Festival City July 4 to 14 For more information, call 600 54 5555


Global Forgiveness Day July 7 World Population Day July 11 World Day for International Justice July 17 World Listening Day July 18

Modhesh World The family entertainment has enchanted Dubai residents and visitors for years us back and has grown to become a destination by itself. This year, they are bringing in innovative and exciting enter-

World Hepatitis Day June 28 International Day of Friendship July 30 Ramadan begins *In accordance to moon sighting

tainment to Modhesh World with Teletubbies and Ice Age shows! More spectacular events await your little ones! Dubai World Trade Centre Open for the whole month of July For more information,


mother, baby & child july 2012


Your children can make the most of this season! We wish them a fruitful summer vacation!

Cool KidsSummer Camp Mall of the Emirates is hosting the Cool Kids Summer Camp from June 24th to July 12th that combines educational and entertaining activities for a fun-filled ‘edu-tainment’ experience unlike anything else on offer in the UAE. The program will give kids aged 6 – 12 years old an opportunity to unleash their inner creativity during fun, interactive activities ranging from traditional arts and crafts, cooking, pottery and photography combined with exciting experiences at Mall of the Emirates’ most popular leisure attractions including the snow penguins at Ski Dubai.

mother, baby & child july 2012

The camp is designed to be the first-of-its-kind summer experience for kids to learn new skills and hobbies in a creative and social environment. Each weekday at the camp features different workshops including unique pottery, painting, and arts & crafts activities at DUCTAC; baking at the Kempinski Mall of the Emirates or Pullman Dubai hotel; exciting games at Magic Planet; educational encounters with penguins at Ski Dubai; and 3D summer blockbusters at VOX Cinemas. The tailor-made camp experience allows kids to enjoy a variety of activities based on their interests. Kids can sign up for a single camp session or the entire five-day experience.


Gymnastics at Golden Beach Nursery According to Natalie Sengezer, the director of Golden Beach Nursery, kids who participate in gymnastics can improve their muscle coordination, flexibility and balance. By acquiring new skills in gymnastics and setting and reaching goals in the gym, a child can boost her confidence and self-esteem. If not in a gym setting, be sure your child practices gymnastics in an area with plenty of space to run, leap and stretch without injury. Toddlers • Tumbling can be a great outlet for a high-energy toddler to expend some of his pent-up playfulness, and also serves as a platform for more advanced gymnastic exercises as he gets older. Do some simple tumbling exercises with your child to encourage exercise at an early age. Somersaults, rolling, hopping, jumping and stretching are basic gymnastic exercises that are easy for a toddler to grasp. Ages 3 to 5 • Backbends, straddle splits and front splits are all exercises that encourage flexibility in kindergartners who are just starting out with gymnastics. Walking the balance beam is another exercise that heightens coordination, and a youngster in this age group also can get practice on uneven bars that are set in proportion to his height. The vault and floor tumbling exercises are also appropriate for children ages 2 to 5 who are beginning in gymnastics. Children at Golden Beach Nursery enjoy Kiddie Gym on Mondays and Wednesdays between 10:30am-11:30am.


mother, baby & child july 2012

For more information call 04 380 9336 or 050 926 2611

th we This mon e fell in lov with WELEDA CALENDULA NAPPY CHANGE CREAM MOSHI MONSTERS INVADE TOY “R” US Your child can now enjoy the company of Furi, Poppet, Diavlo and Zommer when they visit Toys “R” Us! Moshi Monsters fans can purchase a whole range of activity books and guides which include stickers, postcards, comics, puzzles, quizzes and a collectors guide. Hardcore Moshi fans will find useful tips and cheats on how to progress online with their

Babies will now have a more comfortable nappy experience, thanks to this cream! It cares and protects sensitive skin in the nappy area, as well as prevents it from skin irritations. The Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream forms a moisturising protective layer withour disturbing the skin’s moisture balance… Just what your little one needs!

Available at Al Manarah Pharmacy

chosen virtual pet.

Visit a Toys “R” Us branch near you!

BABY K BY MYLEENE KLASS Mothercare now carries Baby K Spring/ Summer 2012 collection that takes inspiration from the vintage cool of a 1950s diner! Using bright colours, bold stripes and fresh prints, this is a fun, fresh and fashionable collectionThe collection is fantastically versatile and on trend but still maintains all the key mother, baby & child july 2012

values surrounding what Baby K is - affordable and fashionable clothing for babies and children aged 0 – 5 years.

Visit a Mothercare branch near you! 16

WALLTASTIC WALL MURALS Next generation designer wall murals from Walltastic are now available in the UAE in Ace Hardware for AED 349. 12 sheets easily installed as wallpaper or with double sided sticky tape to transform a room instantly. Walltastic is an eco-friendly product using paper from sustainable forests and vegetable dyes/ inks only. There’s a variety of themes for boys and girls of different ages!

For more information, visit or


Now that BecoThings have landed in Dubai, being green has never been so easy

Using recycled plant fibres

Available at:

See our website for these great products and more:


This month w fell in love with

SHAFAQ’S BAKE HOUSE Your family and loved ones will go crazy with the sweetest things on earth – brought to you by Shafaq’s Bake House. Treat them to scrumptious cupcakes, cookies, cake bites and much more to satisfy their sweet needs! Sugary

SUMMER IN ABU DHABI 2012 Come one; come all to the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) for a month-long edutainment blockbuster, Summer in Abu Dhabi! Summer in Abu Dhabi at ADNEC features 11 mega activities and is the highlight in Abu Dhabi’s mega summer promotion that also encompasses spectacular seasonal deals

temptations are transformed into mouth-watering delicacies with only the finest ingredients; keeping in mind your health… So be it a birthday party or simply an afternoon tea, “let the sweetness overwhelm you!”

Place your order 3 days prior your engagement at 050 375 9703

from Etihad Airways, as well as promotions and discounts across more than 50 of the emirate’s hotels and attractions. Special activities including the Ice Age Village, Adventure World, Clown Stunt Academy, a bigger-than-ever


summer playground, fun fair rides and games

The party logistics, planning, merchandise

will surely entertain the whole family!

and favours team create “edible art”.

Visit ADNEC Halls 9 to 12 for a summer extravaganza!

These “chocolate purists”, as they call themselves, use only the best chocolate and candy to decorate! Their palate includes themed chocolate-covered Oreo cookie, lollipops, chocolate plaques and chocolate cupcake toppers, and truffles all made from the best Belgium chocolates! Perfect for any occasion…

mother, baby & child july 2012


For more information, call 055 457 5135


e This month w fell in love with

DREAMLAND AQUA PARK CELEBRATES 15 YEARS! From now until July 15th, splash down at Dreamland and get the chance of taking home the limited edition of 15th Anniversary Admission Coupon. Kids visiting Dreamland during the 15th Anniversary Month Special will also receive 15th Anniversary Scratch and Win cards. Each card contains mystery prizes so everyone goes home a winner. Each guest paying full price for admission on first visit will automatically receive the 15th Anniversary Admission Coupons which can be used by paying only Dhs15 on the next visit. The same coupon doubles as a voucher to enter the mega raffle draw. Fantastic prizes are up for grabs which includes Dreamland season family passes, overnight camping packages, and other surprise prizes from sponsors and partners. Dreamland also offers fun activities for everyone in the family. Both young and old are welcome to join the aerobic sessions at the Wave Pool area. Dance to the tune of new beats and classic blasts from the 90s at the Pool Bar with guest DJ. Kids also have their own share of activities for the day with the magic show, juggling show

mother, baby & child july 2012

and competitions to be held by the Kid’s Pool and at the Hippos’ Island. Kids can also play at the mighty bouncing castle by the Wave Pool. Be stunned with the talented stilt walkers and stop for photo ops with the nomadic cartoon characters.

For more information, visit


MORE STORES AT THE DUBAI OUTLET MALL! Retail mix at the Dubai Outlet Mall will now welcome high-end to high-street fashion and accessories, big variety of sports stores, home furnishing and décor as well as family entertainment centres – making it a place for everyone! Mums and dads can shop at Burberry, Shoemart, Go Sport, Aftershock London, Splash and Asics Outlets. Kids can get their outfits and

FLY WITH ME MONSTER COLLECTION FROM EMIRATES Young ‘globistas’ will now have a more entertaining and memorable

recreation stuffs at Punkiss, Tommy Hilfiger Kids, Patrizia Pepe, Cacharel Paris and Game Score Outlets. And if they get hungry, there’s the new Piero Pizza and Pasta to try out too!

For more information, visit

travel companions with ‘Fly With Me Monster’ and ‘Quicksilver’ collections courtesy of Emirates Airlines. Pre-school children will enjoy the playful monsters Jimbob, Tezz, Camus and Wagga, each have their own personalities and traits, and are ideal characters to fuel a child’s imagination. And older children can tap into the spirit of adventure, travel and the great outdoors, the Quiksilver collection is designed around three themes - surfing, snowboarding and skating. Fly Emirates!


mother, baby & child july 2012

For more information, visit

There’s so much more to see and do this Summer in Abu Dhabi! Come down to ADNEC and mingle with your favourite sub-zero movie stars at the amazing Ice Age Village, featuring 13 fun-tastic activities. Or head over to Show World and see Scrat, Sid and Manny in their very own all-singing and dancing musical. Visit ADNEC from 21 June to 19 July and make this a summer to remember! Purchase a ticket to Summer in Abu Dhabi for your chance to win a Ford Expedition. For more on our sensational summer deals, visit

disease* myths* psychology*

Heaps of hepatitis info you and your husband must know Hepatitis simply refers to an inflammation of the liver and is most commonly caused by one of three viruses: the hepatitis A virus, the hepatitis B virus and the hepatitis C virus. All these viral hepatitis conditions can be diagnosed and followed through the use of readily available blood tests. Hepatitis A, B and C are all contagious.

How contagious IS CONTAGIOUS? The hepatitis A virus can be spread in contaminated food or water, as well as in unsanitary conditions in child-care facilities or schools. Hepatitis A is most common in children. Because hepatitis A


mother, baby & child july 2012

Over the past years, a number of visitors in the country were sent home due to failed medical examinations. One of the most common results is positive in hepatitis. Some never thought it would be the case, whilst others simply took the risk – hoping that it will turn out negative. The ruling has since been quite lenient; focusing on jobs whose line of duties will put risk to health and safety of others especially children should the person actually have it. Some of these men and women have families or are contemplating on starting their own. It would be understandable then that they get alarmed by the possibility of passing the strain on to their children‌

getting ready | disease can be a mild infection, particularly in children,

virtually all body fluids, though its main

it's possible for some people to be unaware

routes of infection are through sexual

that they have had the illness. Although the

contact, contaminated blood transfusions,

hepatitis A virus can cause prolonged illness up

and shared needles for drug injections.

to 6 months, it typically only causes short-lived

Household contact with adults with hepatitis

illnesses and it does not cause chronic liver

B can put people at risk for contracting



The hepatitis B virus can cause a wide range of

Hepatitis A and B vaccines are available;

symptoms, from general malaise to chronic liver

however there is no vaccine for Hepatitis C.

disease that can lead to liver cancer. Hepatitis B could be spread thru the use of infected needles

Preventing it to be passed on

and through contact with the infected person’s

People who contract chronic hepatitis should

body fluids. The hepatitis C virus can be spread

inform their partners about their condition

through shared drug needles, contaminated

so that appropriate precaution is exercised

blood products, and, less commonly, through

to prevent passing on the infection to the

sexual contact. Although hepatitis C can be


spread from a mother to her fetus during

critical when the partners decide to have

pregnancy, the risk of passing hepatitis C to the

a child. If the infection is passed on to the

fetus isn't very high (about 5 percent). If you're

female partner, there is a very high risk of

pregnant, contact your doctor if you think you

infecting the child. The infection could

may have been exposed to hepatitis C.

be passed on to the hapless infant during

The situation becomes especially

delivery through the mother’s blood or it About 85 percent to 90 percent of patients

could be passed on as the mother’s blood

with hepatitis B recover from their illness

circulates from the mother to the baby

completely within 6 months, without long-

through the umbilical cord. Young children

term complications. However, 75 percent to 85

(infants up to four years old) who get

percent of those who are infected with hepatitis

infected with hepatitis B virus will more likely

B do not recover completely and are more likely

develop liver infection when they grow up.

to continue to have a long-term infection. People To prevent this from happening, hepatitis B vaccine should be administered to the with hepatitis B (the percentage who don't recover completely) or hepatitis C who continue

infant shortly after birth. The decline in the

to be infected can go on to develop chronic

number of children afflicted with hepatitis

hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver (the chronic

in the past 25 years could be attributed to

degeneration and disruption of the structure of

routine hepatitis vaccination.

the liver). Some people with hepatitis B or C may

mother, baby & child july 2012

also become lifelong carriers of these viruses and What is worrisome is that a person afflicted with Hepatitis B may have no can spread them to other people. symptoms at all. Hence, he or she may Chronic Hepatitis can lead to liver cancer

unwittingly be passing on the infection

although exactly how it happens is unknown to-

through unprotected sex. If your partner

date. If cirrhosis of the liver remains unchecked,

has Hepatitis B, it is best to have yourself

this could lead to liver failure. There are cases,

vaccinated; avoid contact also with other

though, when the body rejects the transplanted

items that might contain the person’s blood

liver. The hepatitis B virus can be found in

(e.g. toothbrush, razor, nail clippers). Do


getting ready not be misled by the myth that Hepatitis B

of doubt. Administration of the Hepatitis B

is rare hence your partner most probably

vaccine early on could help reduce if not totally

don’t have it and there is no need to be

stops the transmittal of the infection.

careful. Hepatitis B is one of the most common contagious diseases in the world;

If you or your partner has Hepatitis B and you

it is estimated that about 300 to 400 million

decide to start a family, you ought to ensure

people worldwide are afflicted with the

the safety of you future child. If the female

infection and the most common reason for its

partner is not infected with Hepatitis B, it is

spread is lack of information on/awareness of

best for her to have herself vaccinated against

the disease.

the infection before considering starting a family. It is best that she should be under the

There is no specific therapy for the Hepatitis

care and supervision of a physician during her

B infection. Rest, proper nutrition and

pregnancy to ensure not only her safety but

avoidance substances that could aggravate

also of her future child.

the infection (e.g. alcohol, drugs) are necessary for recovery. As always, the ideal is not to be infected with Hepatitis B. And this could be accomplished mainly by a healthy lifestyle: avoid unprotected sex; do not share needles, razors or nail clippers. It is also advisable to have yourself checked, in case

REFERENCES: Hepatitis B Jeri Feedman, 2009 Human Sexuality: the Basics Eric Golanty and Gordon Edlin, 2012

getting ready | myths

Fact or fiction: The truth behind some known fertility myths Fertility, whether of the male or female partner, is highly regarded in most societies. In certain cultures, even in these days, homage is paid to fertility gods and goddesses. In the olden days, a couple’s ability to procreate is highly appreciated as the number of one’s children is considered a measure of the head of the family’s stature and wealth. As life got more complex, the concept of fertility has undergone a dramatic facelift. However, thanks to “old wives tales”, certain fertility myths have survived the ravages of time and have successfully handed on, from one generation to the next, and are offered as well-meaning advice to couples wanting to have children. Here are some fertility myths (and comments on whether they have scientific basis or none) – have you heard of them?



Infertility is not treatable or

This misconception keeps many couples from seeking

too expensive to treat

medical advice for their fertility problems that could have easily been treated. Although some infertility treatments are

mother, baby & child july 2012

costly, many are not. Seek your physician’s medical advice. A doctor won’t see you for

This is not true. If you are trying to conceive, it is a good

treatment unless you have

idea to see a doctor and have a gynaecological check up as

been trying for over a year

soon as or before you start trying to conceive. Your doctor can make sure that you are in good health, screen for any obvious issues and give you some guidelines for trying to get pregnant.


getting ready

Age matters

This is true. Age is a significant factor in child bearing particularly for women. For the men, aging also reduces the quality of the sperm.

Poor nutrition lowers the odds

True. Both partners need to be healthy to be able to conceive. Nutritional problems in one or both partners could affect their ability to conceive.

Common chemicals are

True. If you or your partner are exposed to these chemicals,

fertility inhibitors

it is best to consult your physician

Green tea boosts fertility

There are some studies linking green tea to fertility. This is because green tea is rich in with potent polyphenols (which have antioxidant properties) that help prevent cellular damage to reproductive organs and may make eggs more viable. However, too much of a green tea is not also advisable as it decreases the effectiveness of folic acid — a crucial nutrient during your baby prep since it’s vital to foetal development. Moderation is always the rule. If you want to enjoy your green tea and play it safe, limit your intake to a cup a day.

Certain positions enhance

Positions that allow for deep penetration may land the sperm


closer to the cervix, giving them a better shot at making it to the egg, but there is no scientific study to back this up.

babies, and for as long as there are well-intentioned individuals who are eager to offer advice, solicited or unsolicited, to such couples . Starting a family is serious business; it requires preparation and physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual as well as financial readiness. If you and your partner are planning to start a family, it is best to submit yourselves for medical evaluation, to ensure that there are no medical impediments to pregnancy. Early discovery and treatment of medical conditions will help a lot when you are trying to conceive‌


mother, baby & child july 2012

Fertility myths will continue to be passed on, for as long as there are couples wanting to have

getting ready | psychology

A ‘special’ preparation A child completes the family. Most couples are blessed with healthy children; some, however, are not as fortunate‌ Parents of children with disability fall into two general categories:

emotionally healthy children.

(a) those who accept and love

Greatly concerned parents

the child notwithstanding the

Parents who belong to the first

disability but feel secretly

category give the child special care

guilty, accusing themselves of

and their undivided attention. In some

transmitting to their beloved

instances, the personal lives of the

offspring the weakness that will

parents are even put on hold, and only

be with him or her for life; and

the child's good is given attention.

(b) those who resent having

The parents' world revolves around

a child with disability and

their child. On the other hand, the

either give him or her away for adoption or keep him or her at

child gathers strength and assurance from the parents' undivided attention. Despite the disability, the child is happy

home whilst providing

and secure in the love of the parents.

only with basic care,

This is the family setting that will be

withholding affection

most concerned in conditioning the

and bonding that are

child with disability about the arrival

very important in raising

of a sibling. Having a new sibling is an earth-shaking change for a normal toddler; imagine how it could be for a child born with a disability? The responsibility of preparing the special child for the coming of a sibling rests heavily on the shoulders of the parents. In most cases, the plan is not altered although the coming of a second

mother, baby & child july 2012

child may be put on hold, as the child with disability requires extra care and special attention. But as the child with


getting ready disability grows, he should already be prepared with disability is also difficult. The normal for the coming of a sibling even if there is no

child faces many challenges that are usually

child on the way yet. The parents should not

overlooked by the rest of the family. In some

wait until the mother is pregnant with another

instances, the normal child may feel the need


to excel in her activities, to make up for the

Becoming the ‘big sibling’

special sibling's problems; normal children sometimes feel guilty about being normal

What then must the parents of a child with

and may worry about the negative impact

disability do if they intend to have another

that they may have on their sibling with


disability. The normal child must be made to

•The child with disability must be made to understand early on that the love and care of the parents will not diminish even if another baby comes into the family. The parents should therefore strengthen their bond with their special child such that the arrival of another baby will not challenge his sense of security.

understand that he is not responsible for his or her sibling's condition in the same manner that the child with disability must be made to understand that it is not his/her fault, nor his/ her parent's fault, that he/she was born with a special needs. Parents should not expect the normal child to be always on the giving

side, he should not be over-burdened with •If the child is of that age that he or she could the task of caring for the disabled sibling. already understand what is going on around There should be a balanced environment in him, the parents should talk to him about the

the family; an atmosphere of give-and-take

coming child; he should be given an active

where both siblings deal with each other with

part in preparing for the arrival of the new


child and be involved (as his capability would allow) in caring for that child. The big sister

Sibling rivalry is a serious concern in a normal

or brother feeling must be inculcated in him or

family environment. This is doubly challenging

her so that the new baby will be treated with

when there is a child with disability in the

love and protection, rather than with hatred

family. However, love, respect and concern

and envy.

for each other, taught by the parents and

•When the new baby comes, the parents must

reinforced by their actions, will cement the

make sure that there is always time for the

bond that ties the family closely together

elder child; he should never feel left out or

and being normal or having disabilities will

forsaken as this could traumatise him or her

not stand in the way of having harmonious

and translate to resentment and even hatred of

relationship in the family.

the sibling.

accept with ease the new sibling rests on the parents. A child who grows up in a loving, nurturing environment will not feel threatened with the coming of a new child in the family. The parents must remember, however, that it is not only the child with disability that faces relational concerns. Having a sibling

REFERENCES: The everyday parents guide to a defiant child: Reassuring advice to help your child manage explosive emotions and gain self control Jesse Jane Rutherford and Kathleen Nickerson, Phd, 2010 Handbook of Psychosocial Characteristics of Exceptional Children Edited Vicki L. Schwean and Donald H. Saklofske, 1999 29

mother, baby & child july 2012

The responsibility of making the special child

fitness* advancement*

Exercise? Yes you can! Now that you’re on your third trimester, you may feel that exercise isn’t actually something possible or even doable for you. Right? Wrong!


ccording to Dr Azza Kamel says: “Physical exercise that pregnant woman can do on their third trimester: Aerobics recreational exercise such as swimming or running, it aims

to stay fit rather than to reach peak fitness. If women have not exercised routinely and are starting an aerobic exercise program, they should begin with no more than 15 minutes continuous exercise three times per week, increasing gradually to 30 minutes sessions, four times a week daily. If a woman did exercise regularly before pregnancy, they should be able to participate in the same, higher intensity exercise programs such as running and aerobics with no adverse effects.” Robin Elise Weiss shares in her book The

mother, baby & child july 2012

Everything Pregnancy Fitness Book the following exercises that may still be safely done by expectant mums at their third trimester of pregnancy: First, don’t forget your warm up and cool down routines! You can try a combination of the below exercises for your warm up.


on the way • Hip stretches -Keeping a chair to your right side for balance, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Begin by resting your right hand on the chair and your left hand on your hip. Take a step backward with your left leg. Your weight should be distributed evenly between your feet. Lift the heel of your left foot. Slightly bend both of your knees and no an exaggerated pelvic tilt while holding on to the chair. Repeat this exercise five times on each side.

• Wrist/Ankle rotations -While holding your body in its correct posture, extend your arms in front of you. They should be at your chest level, just below your shoulder. Rotate your wrists forward and backward, about ten small circles each direction. This can be particularly good to try before bed. If you find yourself suffering from repetitive motion syndrome (RSS) or carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), try these stretches before beginning your work day and every few hours to relieve pain. Repeat the same exercise with your ankles.

• Marching -Stand with your feet slightly apart and your arms loosely at your side. Begin by marching, or exaggerated walking, by bringing your knees up one at a time and returning it to the floor, alternating feet. You should take care not to stomp your feet down and not to raise your knees above a comfortable height. Cool downs won’t have to change if you have already a routine going, except perhaps to make it longer. This is because your body would tend to make slower transitions at this stage of pregnancy… And make sure that you have got your mental relaxation to achieve that

REFERENCE: The Everything Pregnancy Fitness Book Robin Elise Weiss, 2004


mother, baby & child july 2012

mind and body connection!

on the way | advancement

A new way to premature births? (A look at cervical pessary) All couples who are happily anticipating the arrival of their baby pray for a fullterm healthy child. They eagerly await the day of the child’s birth and prepare for his/her coming with much joy. When the pregnancy is terminated earlier than normal, anxiety and fear hit both parents. Their anxiety is not baseless; it is a fact that premature birth could bring serious health problem for the hapless infant. Premature babies are at increased risk for newborn health complications, such as breathing problems, and even death. Most premature babies require care in a newborn intensive care unit (NICU), which has specialised medical staff and equipment that can deal with the multiple problems faced by premature infants.


remature babies also face an increased risk of lasting disabilities, such as intellectual disabilities,

learning and behavioural problems, cerebral palsy, lung problems and mother, baby & child july 2012

vision and hearing loss. Recent studies suggest that premature babies may be at increased risk of symptoms associated with autism (social, behavioural and speech problems)... Studies also suggest that babies born very prematurely may be at increased risk of certain adult health problems, such as diabetes, high blood 32

pressure and heart disease. Moreover, it goes without saying that caring for a premature child is not only physically and emotionally challenging but financially demanding as well.

Causes of premature births Preterm labour, or labour that begins before 37 completed weeks of pregnancy, may be caused by several factors. However, in about 50 percent of all cases of premature labour, health providers cannot determine the cause for premature birth. In some instances, premature births are caused by early induction of labour or c-section to avoid pregnancy

on the way complications or to save the life of both

or shorter), are at greater risk of premature

mother and child.

labour. The use of cervical pessary has helped prevent premature labour for women with short

Premature delivery can happen to any

cervix. What is a cervical pessary (or cervical

woman, but certain types of women are

cerclage)? According to Dr Azza Kamel, “(It is

more at risk than others. Researchers have

an) insertion of suture at level of internal cervical

identified three groups of women who are at

Os to overcome cervical weakness and to reduce

a greatest risk for premature birth:

risk of preterm labour. It has to be inserted at the end of the first trimester and to be removed

• Women who have had a previous

around 36 to 37 weeks gestation.”

premature birth; • Women who are pregnant with twins,

It is a small, ring-shaped device which is inserted

triplets or more; and

around the cervix to prevent early births. In a

• Women with certain uterine or cervical

study carried out by researchers from research


institutes and universities in Spain and funded by the Carlos III Institute of Health, it was found

Certain factors may put a woman at greater risk for preterm labour. These include:

that cervical pessaries reduced the number of

• Certain medical conditions during

did not use the pessary to 6 percent in those

pregnancy such as infections (including

who did. While the use of cervical pessaries to

urinary tract, vaginal, sexually transmitted

prevent preterm birth has been practiced over

and other infections);high blood pressure

the past 50 years, evidence supporting their

and preeclampsia, diabetes, clotting

effectiveness has reportedly come from non-

disorders, being underweight before

randomized trials. The researchers conducting

pregnancy, obesity or short-gap between

aforecited study say that it is the first randomised

pregnancies; pregnancy with one foetus thru

study of the use of cervical pessaries for the

in-vitro fertilisation; birth defect/s in the baby

prevention of preterm birth.

deliveries before 34 weeks of pregnancy (early preterm birth) from 27 percent in women who

and vaginal bleeding; • Unhealthy life style: poor nutrition,

If you are pregnant and fall into any of the risk

smoking, drinking alcohol or using illegal

categories earlier mentioned, it is best for you to


be under the regular care of your physician. The

• Domestic violence and/or lack of social

use of cervical pessaries is a non-surgical way


(and inexpensive way) of preventing premature

• Extremely high level of stress;

birth for women with short cervix. Your physician

• Long working hours with long periods of

will be most qualified to offer suggestions to help


solve your dilemma.



Cervical pessary, in definition

Preterm Birth: Prevention and Management By Vincenzo Berghella, 2010

Women with cervical abnormalities can easily be identified. The cervix is the lower, narrow portion of the womb which joins the top of

Preterm Birth: Causes, Consequences and Prevention Richard E. Behrman and Adrianne Stith Butler

the vagina. Women with short cervix (25mm 33

mother, baby & child july 2012

• Exposure to certain environmental

on the way | weight

‘Heavy’ risks Defined in the simplest way, obesity is having too much body fat. According to the World Health Organization, a crude population measure of obesity is the body mass index (BMI), a person’s weight (in kilograms) divided by the square of his or her height (in metres). A person with a BMI of 30 or more is generally considered obese. A person with a BMI equal to or more than 25 is considered overweight. Overweight and obesity are major risk factors for a number of chronic diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

anomalies, thromboembolism, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, dysfunctional labour, post partum haemorrhage, wound infection, still birth, neonatal death, higher caesarean section rate and lower breast feeding rate.” Obesity creates unhealthy conditions in the woman’s body that takes time to correct. When obesity is present in pregnancy, both the mother and the foetus are exposed to risks. During pregnancy, a series of metabolic changes

mother, baby & child july 2012

Weighing the threats

take place to supply the foetus with all the

According to Dr Azza Kamel, “Maternal

needed nutrients and if the mother is not healthy,

obesity has become one of the best

the foetus will be at a disadvantage early on.

most commonly occurring risk factors in

Obese women who want to have babies must

obstetric practice. It is associated with

first take effort to lose weight the healthy way,

serious adverse outcomes including

to better prepare themselves for motherhood.

miscarriage, higher risk of fatal congenital

Studies have shown that obesity have an adverse


on the way effect on fertility; and should the obese woman successfully conceive, the hapless infant could inherit a lot of disabilities and weaknesses which could have been prevented had the mother been healthier during the pregnancy. As a foetus, he is exposed to the risk of congenital anomalies (e.g. neural tube defect) stillbirth, prematurity, insulin resistance and macrosomia.


risks for the foetus include type 2 diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obstructive sleep apnoea. Increased risk of childhood obesity, glucose intolerance and if not prevented or well-controlled, atherosclerotic vascular disease. Knowing these, no loving mother should expose herself and her child to a lifetime of disability and hardship. Besides, obesity in pregnancy could give rise to complications during delivery. One of these complications is the increased occurrence of longer gestational periods which produce heavier newborns (more popularly called “Sumo” babies). For obese mothers, the administration of anaesthesia is also a delicate issue. The anatomical structure of obese women is different from women of normal women, making it difficult to locate physical reference points for the administration of anaesthesia. The problem increases proportionally to the weight of the obese mother.

Take ‘weighty’ action The best treatment for obesity is prevention. Prior to the planned pregnancy, the obese woman should undergo lifestyle modification: eat nutritious food and have a regular exercise regimen. The assistance of a health care professional is advisable. It is also necessary to trace the cause of obesity; there could be underlying psychological and emotional factors that contributed to the obesity. Lifestyle change

these underlying factors. Hand-in-hand with this is the treatment of existing medical problems to ensure a wholistic approach in the treatment of the disease. While obesity can be treated, it is best that proper education on good nutrition, healthy lifestyle and clean, healthy living be taught early in life. “Women who are overweight should be advised to reduce their weight prior to pregnancy to reduce the risk factors associated with obesity. It is advisable to give obese woman 5mg Folic acid 1 month before conception and to be continued the first trimester to reduce the risk of congenital anomalies,” says Dr Kamel. Patience is a virtue and should be the obese mother-to-be’s constant companion as she undertakes her weight-loss journey. Since her body fat accumulated over a long period of

alone will not be successful without addressing


mother, baby & child july 2012

birth by caesarean section, owing largely to

on the way | weight time, losing the same will take time too. Quick weight loss programs should be shunned as these are not only unhealthy but will not have any lasting effect and when the weight bounces back it will be doubly hard to lose. Better yet, healthy lifestyle and clean living to prevent obesity should be taught early in life. Motherhood is a great gift and the dream of most women; it is a blessing that not all women receive. It is therefore incumbent upon the mother-to-be to ensure that she is readyspiritually, emotionally, physically and medically, to give life to the child of her dreams.

Stem Cell Banking for Your Child

mother, baby & child july 2012

Precious Cells International is the first and only Family Stem Cell Bank in the world to offer collection, processing and 30 years storage of your OWN stem cells from five different sources in the body: umbilical cord blood, umbilical cord tissue, teeth, adipose tissue and bone marrow.

REFERENCES: Protocol for High-Risk Pregnancies John T. Queenan, John C. Hobbins, and Catherine Y. Spong, 2010 Handbook of Nutrition and Pregnancy Carol J. Lammi-Keefe, Phd RD, Sarah C. Couch, PhD RD and Eliott H. Philipson, MD, 2008

HTA Any questions? Contact us:

T: 04 2946388 | M: 050-8598781 |


available this


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C rave M ate rn it



M ate r n it y

Be b o e M io

Ramadan Special


mother, baby & child july 2012

S e ra ph ine


mother, baby & child july 2012

Deepti Mundra

"He is a precious gift I have got. He made me feel the other side of me from the just a party goer & fun loving person. He made me feel like a Mommy, he made me feel my emotions. I want to win this one for him; I am blessed to have him.�


the new family | xxx ramadan*

sustainability* forgiveness*

Family destinations this Ramadan As we commemorate the solemnity of the Holy Month of Ramadan, we also celebrate the rich culture of the region especially this season. With the kids on vacation and expatriates on a shortened working hours, Ramadan is also a terrific opportunity to bond as a family‌

Ramadan destination 2: The Address Dubai Marina Experience traditional Arabian hospitality at The Address Dubai Marina. From sunset until 8.30 pm, a stylish Iftar buffet at the Constellation Ballroom features all seasonal favourites. An a la carte Suhoor menu and a game of Backgammon will be available in the Terrace Tent from 8pm onwards. For more information, call 04 436 7777

Ramadan destination 1: Raffles Dubai Illuminate the spirit of Ramadan as you discover your own private residential sanctuary at Raffles Dubai. Oriental delights are on offer during Iftar at Azur Restaurant. The venue offers an enchanting experience that overlooks the Raffles Botanical Garden. A residential charm drawing inspiration mother, baby & child july 2012

from Middle Easter architecture may also be had with special Ramadan room rates. For more information, visit


the new family

Ramadan destination 4: Hatta Fort Hotel Drive your family all the way to the charming Hatta For Hotel during midweek (Saturday to Thursday) to avail of their discounted rate inclusive of Suhoor or Breakfast and Iftar or Dinner. Staying in on a Friday is not too expensive too! This is a very special offer only valid during the Holy Month. For more information, call 04 809 9333 or email

Ramadan destination 3: Moevenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate Have your family experience a majestic indoor courtyard-style Morroccan restaurant. Al Bahou houses an extensive selection of authentic Arabic food and beverages, as well as a talented team of chefs! The hotel’s general manager especially would like to give mums a night off from the kitchen for some quality family time‌ For more information, call 04 444 5613 or email

the new family | sustainability

The ‘eco-family’ As the world population grows by the minute, so do the threats that will compromise sustainable living in the future. That is why we, as parents, ought to be more reasonable in utilising available resources and pass this practice on to our children. As a family, there are a lot of ways to show that we care for the environment and the next generations to come! Little things that will go a long way!


Use automobiles wisely. There are harmful gases being emitted from your cars. So if the grocery or the park is just a

few minutes’ walk, wear your most comfortable footwear and used this as a form of exercise!


The number of people on earth continuously increases, but not the amount of water in it. That is why you

have to learn how to CONSERVE; teach your children how important to use as less water as possible – leaving some for their children’s children.


Start segregating recyclable materials from perishing wastes. There are a lot of materials we

use today that do not decompose. Imagine what will become of our landfills if we continue to be carless in

mother, baby & child july 2012

our garbage disposal.

World Population Day July 11


the new family


negligent, some animals we have today


may no longer be in existence, to be

off when you

enjoyed and marvelled at by our great

don’t need



When we pollute the water and air, we destroy the natural habitat. And if we remain to be


Take your family into a nature adventure so that they may be able to realise how valuable it

is to care for it. Have an album where your kids can place the photos of the “wonderful world of nature” and you can label it as such! Go to the beach and make your own “beach clean-up drive”. Trips on a bicycle can be a good way to master a new family hobby as well as keeping the air clean.


When at home avoid using aerosol products. Read the labels whilst shopping at the grocery as

it would mean saving what’s left of our ozone layer.

REFERENCE: Families, the Environment, Sports and Competition David Cook, 2000

Contact electric and gas companies that can provide your family with tons of energy-saving tips.

Start by turning the lights

the new family

Healing the family through forgiveness We often hear the adage “To err is human, to forgive divine." There is truth to this saying because forgiveness can only come from a noble heart--- a heart that is compassionate, loving, kind, understanding, and above all, humble. Why? Because when we forgive, we forget ourselves and reach out to reconcile with the one who hurt us.

The people closest to us are the ones who hurt us the most. Perhaps it is because the very essence of trust and protection is violated. The person or persons we thought would protect us and take care of us instead caused great pain. But as we carry the hurt in our hearts, we forget to realise that sometimes, we get hurt for the wrong reason and in some instances, the person we thought have hurt us does not even know he has committed an offense. This is especially true in families where family members expect too much from each other and/or where communication lines are not open and family members do not feel free to express their feelings. Families are made up of people – with their own unique personalities, strengths and weaknesses. No two people are alike and even twins have different characteristics and traits.

daily basis) over simple and mundane things. An author identified four levels of conflict and offense:


mother, baby & child july 2012

Thus, it is not surprising for family members to hurt each other (even on a

the new family | forgiveness • Level 1

and hurting effect on you. It is best to be

It is also the simplest, involves everyday

open and say that you've been hurt and why

failure in relationships such as being late for

you were hurt. In that way your sibling will

dinner, not attending family celebrations,

know and avoid repeating the act that hurt

not helping with household chores.

you. Some families scream at each other when discussing issues, sounding like cats

• Level 2

fighting but at the end of the day, they are

It involves negligence or deliberate acts that

able to expose their feelings, settle their

disrupt family relationships such as wilful

differences, forgive and reconcile.

violation of treasured family tradition. Families should also exercise a balanced The first two levels of conflict and offense

give-and-take relationship so that no

are easier to forgive and would only require

one will feel overburdened or abused

fair play and respect among siblings. It

by another, intentionally or not. An

is best for families to have open lines of

environment of give-and-take fosters the

communication so that family members can

spirit of justice and equity in the family. This

ventilate their feelings such that conflicts

is true even in the distribution of work in the

are easily settled. For all you know, your

family. A sibling who is overburdened with

brother or sister does not even know that

housework will be resentful and angry. He

he or she said or did something hurtful and

may feel, rightly or wrongly, that his parents

if you keep the hurt to yourself, any other

favour his other sibling/s and that they love

actions, words or even facial expressions

him less. This could unwittingly be the start

of that sibling of yours will have a negative

of harbouring grudges that erode family relationships. But when there is a balanced give-and-take relationship, an environment of trust and confidence is established and nurtured over the years, making it easier to forgive each other. Parents should also take an active part in seeing to it that family members respect each other and that no one is over-burdened with responsibilities while the others are taking things easy.

• Level 3 It involves physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

mother, baby & child july 2012

• Level 4 It does not involve a specific act, but social tolerance of gross neglect and abusive treatment. The third and fourth level of offense and conflict are more difficult to forgive and may require professional help to ease the 48

the new family pain and anger that is bottled up in the

nights with a heavy heart.

heart of the offended party. Forgiveness

Our family is our first sanctuary; our haven

in these levels may be difficult but not

in this chaotic world. Here we are loved,

impossible. However, these levels of

respected, supported and provided for.

offense and conflict will take time to

Human as we are, we may hurt each other

address. Normally in these instances

in the process of living together under one

the offended party tend to withdraw

roof but if we are held together by love,

and build a protective wall around

understanding and concern for each other,

himself or herself. If already of age, the

reconciliation will not be hard to achieve. So

aggrieved party could move out of the

let us forgive and be healed.

family home and try to forget, as much as he or she can, the grave offenses committed against him/her. These

Global Forgiveness Day

levels of pain may require the help of a professional to be healed. Reconciliation

July 7

is an act of healing but in these levels of conflict, forgiveness cannot be forced nor coerced. It should be earned by the offending party and in most instances, legal recompense will be required. Hence, a rape victim may find it easier to forgive the rapist-family member only

REFERENCE: Families and Forgiveness: Healing Wounds in the Intergenerational Family Terry D. Hargrave, PhD, 1994

if he asks for forgiveness and expresses willingness to accept responsibility for his dastardly act. To summarise, in order to get to the point of forgiveness and moving on, it is important to understand the pain. Pain comes from violation of trust and love and it is vital to know and understand what the violation is all about. But understanding our pain alone is not enough. What to do next? It is difficult to forgive someone who has not asked for forgiveness. We forgive because the person who has hurt us is seeking that when he is not aware that he has hurt you? So it is important to verbalise your feelings, let the steam out, let that person know why and how he has hurt you. It is best to settle the issue sooner than later; it is not good to go to sleep at 49

mother, baby & child july 2012

reconciliation. But how could he do

the new family | "mum-ultiples"

Summer with twins (A Survival Guide) By Mariam Hassan

With my twins having just moved on from baby- to toddlerhood, this is going to be our first summer in the UAE. Last year, when they were just 12 weeks old, we decided to make a run for it and “migrate” back home to Germany for more than 3 months. Having said that, with the summer holiday season about to begin, there are a number of traveling tips that I would like to pass on to new moms of multiples.


. You will need to have a traveling partner if your twins are younger than six months because tiny infants travel on an adult’s lap,

and airlines will not allow you to use a newborn car seat in-flight.


. If your babies are small enough to fit the baby bassinet make sure you book

this with your airline well in advance. The extra leg-room makes for added comfort and newborns need to spend a lot of time lying flat on their



. Personally, I would suggest booking a night flight – on our return journey from Germany we put our then 6

mother, baby & child july 2012

month-old twins in the baby bassinets after

take-off and they slept nearly uninterrupted


the new family till landing, allowing me to get some snooze

spend a fortune on entertaining your kids,

time for myself – absolute bliss!

why not do play dates at home?


. Make sure to bring sufficient supplies

House swaps are fab; you and your kids

– changes of clothes, milk, food, wipes,

get to make new friends. But don’t invite

diapers, and be prepared for delays,

too many kids at one time. Another mom

spit-ups, leaking diapers.


with multiples or 2-3 singletons will be just enough to handle and once they are

. Each infant can have a carry-on

up and running you’ll have your hands

luggage of 5kg usually so pack smart

full trying to keep them from breaking

– one bag for nappy and clothes


changing, one bag for feeding utensils and Wishing all of you a joyful summer!



. You may want to stick with your routine on the day of the journey so be prepared for mealtimes well in advance.

If you are bottle feeding, your carry-on luggage should include flasks of hot and water – there is nothing like trying to get stewardesses to heat bottles for your screaming babies to make you lose your cool. Airlines offer baby jars if your twins are weaned but I suggest you bring your own food and snack – fussy eaters might refuse any food. As for those families who are not fortunate enough to escape the heat, there are a number of indoor play areas and toddler summer camps that you can try out. Most of them offer great discounts and if you are a member of TTOM, the UAE’s very own support group for moms of multiples, you’ll get even better offers at their meeting times, plus the chance to exchange ideas with other moms of twins, triplets or more. Swimming classes for toddlers are covered and your hubby or a friend can help you with one of the babies. If you don’t want to


mother, baby & child july 2012

another great idea, but make sure the pools are

weight* safety* development*

mother, baby & child july 2012

Weight: An indication of good health Most of us find chubby babies cute, cuddly and adorable. But when the baby grows up overweight, he/she now becomes the butt of jokes. But more importantly, he/she is prone to acquire diseases that could haunt him till adulthood: high blood pressure, diabetes etc. An underweight baby could also be prone to health problems. Given these realities, parents especially the moms should take care of themselves and see to it that they are the epitome of health even before they conceive, to ensure the health of their babies.


ccording to Dr Rania Hawayek, “In the first year of life, babies grow at an astonishing rate; they almost triple

their birth weight and grow around 25 cm (10 52

inches) in length. During their checkups, babies will their weight, and head circumference

have height measured

and plotted on a growth chart, to assess their rate of growth and compare it to that of other babies their age and gender. A baby is considered underweight if he or she is seen to cross the centiles on the growth chart downwards; in other words, if their rate of growth is slower than that of other babies their age. With regards to being overweight, a baby is categorised as such if he or she is seen to cross the centiles upwards. Another example of an overweight baby is one where the weight is consistently on a higher centile than the height.There is no one ideal centile for each child. Healthy children come in all shapes and sizes, and a baby who is in the 5th

in focus: birth well as other vital body measurements should increase at a predictable rate. Any deviation from this rate will alert the doctor about feeding, developmental or medical problems.

Risks and solutions Risks involved when parents do not pay attention to their baby’s weight concerns must be taken with much consideration. “There is percentile can be just as healthy as a baby

some evidence that poor weight gain in early

who is in the 95th percentile.

childhood can affect some aspects of child development, which is why health professionals

Ideally, each child will follow along the

stress the importance of all children having

same growth pattern over time, growing in

a well-balanced diet with the right amount

height and gaining weight at the same rate,

of nutrients for their age. Babies who are

with the height and weight in proportion

overweight due to excessive feeding may end

to one another. This means that usually

up being overeaters or becoming obese later

a child stays on a certain centile on the

in life,” explains specialist paediatrician Dr Lali

growth curve. Following a high or a low


centile does not necessarily mean that a baby is healthier or has a growth or weight

Proper feeding as well as vitamin supplements

problem. For example, if a 1 year old boy

will take a very prominent role in meeting and

is on the 10th centiles for both weight

maintaining the baby’s ideal weight. Infants

and height, 10 percent of boys his age are

depend on their parents and significant

shorter and weigh less than he does, and

elders for their food needs. The mother may

most babies (90 percent) are taller and

breastfeed her infant or may bottle feed.

weigh more. That just means that he is

Whatever the mode of feeding may be, it is

smaller than average, which usually does

important for the mother to listen and watch

not mean there is a problem. If his parents

carefully their signals: when they are hungry and

and siblings are also smaller than average,

when they are full. Breastfed babies will stop

and there are other signs that he is healthy

sucking when they are full; bottle fed babies

and developing well, we would conclude

will ignore the bottle when they are satisfied. It

that there is no cause for concern.”

is important that the bottle is removed as soon

The paediatrician should conduct the

the bottle is empty or not. Responding to these

baby’s first physical examination within 24

signs will help the baby fine tune his natural

hours from birth and a follow-up before the

sense for hunger and fullness. First food for

baby leaves the hospital. The baby normally

infants should be introduced in very, very small

loses about 1/10th of their birth weight

portions, taking close observation of signs of

during the first 5 days from birth then

fullness. When introducing new food to your

regain it in the next 5 days so that by day

infant, do not be discouraged or dismayed

10 they are back to their birth weight. Their

when the baby refuses or spits out the food.

growth could be plotted and compared

Experts say that it takes 10 to 14 times for a

to universally accepted growth chart. In a

baby to accept new food.

healthy, well-nourished infant, his weight as 53

mother, baby & child july 2012

as the baby shows signs of satisfaction, whether

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in focus: birth Dr Pataridze offers the

For babies who are

following tips to improve

overweight it is important

the weight concerns of their

ensure they are not


continually overfed. For

If your baby is slow to gain

instance, don’t automatically

weight, you may have to

assume that every time your

increase the calorie content

baby cries it’s because they

of what he is eating without

are hungry. It might seem

increasing the quantity. There like an easy fix but if it’s not are several ways to do this:

yet their feeding time, trying

• Ensure that all dairy foods

using other methods to

are full-fat rather than low-fat

soothe them such as simply

• Try adding a small amount

holding them or playing

of soft vegetable margarine

with them, maybe playing

or vegetable oil, butter or

some music as well. If you do

double cream to savoury

bottle feed your baby stick


to no less than every two

• Use mashed potato as a

hours for the first two months

base to which you can add

and every three hours later

margarine, grated cheese, or

on. They might equate the

baked beans.

bottle with comfort so try

Try giving avocado, which

filling the bottle with water

is high in calories and full of

on occasion. You might find

vitamins and other nutrients

that they’re simply thirsty, not

and can be made into a dip

hungry. They could also be

or mashed into potato.

craving the feeling of being

Even if your child is

held close to your body as

underweight, resist the

they are when you’re feeding

temptation to give him or her

them and not the actual milk

extra bottle or drink of milk

at all. It only takes a baby

during the night as this may

about twenty minutes to get

become a permanent habit

full so take your time with the

and will usually result in your

feedings. Never force into

child having less appetite for

him more than he can take

solids during the day.

by tearing the hole in the bottle’s nipple.

REFERENCES: The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating During Pregnancy W. Allan Walker, MD and Courtney Humpreys, 2006 Weight Watchers Family Power: Simple Rules for a Healthy Home Karen Miller-Kovach, 2006

in focus: birth

Tips for the ‘little crawler’

(Smart and accessible home safety improvements) We hear of horrid news, not just once or twice, about children accidentally falling from high-rise buildings. What is actually sad is the fact that it could have been prevented. No parent would have wanted such tragedy to happen to them, and yet many of us take for granted the technologies that are readily available to help set our minds at ease. Most babies begin to crawl at around 7 to 10 months from birth; perhaps prior to that you may start evaluating your home whether it is perfectly safe for your precious one. Have your minds set that with this newly developed skill comes that craving to discover, this means that he or she will try to do whatever he or she can to test his or her limits. It would also be good to invest on child safety products that are both reasonable and functional.

Safe than sorry advices


The team from DumaSafe have offered the following tips for mums and dads who have (or just about to) little crawlers around the house:

Little crawler tip #1: Never underestimate your baby’s abilities and say: “I didn’t think he/she can do that!”

Little crawler tip #2: Survey the house from your child’s vantage point even if it means getting down on your hands and knees. Carefully examine every corner and check all potential hazards.

Little crawler tip #3: Access to the top-most priority for parents, especially with all the tragic mishaps happening nowadays… Any window that opens more than 10 centimetres can be very dangerous for kids, and even adults! And lastly, but certainly not the least… 55

mother, baby & child july 2012

windows and balconies should be one of

Your child is unique.

in focus: birth | safety

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Shopping for ‘safety’ With all the products in stores that support our quest to provide the safest, most convenient childhood for our kids,

Toll-free number

there is actually little excuse for us parents to put them into unprecedented danger. Babyshop, for example, hosts tons of products to baby-proof your home. Products range from pinch guards, corner cushions, cupboard and cabinet locks, doors stoppers, safety plug sockets and more are there for

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your taking to ensure that your babe is far, far away from unwanted accidents. apta-advice KSA:

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DumaSafe, being actively campaigning for window and balcony safety awareness in the UAE, is currently the sole distributor in the GCC of a window lock which is simple, safe, secure and of high quality. It provides both options of push button release and a key lock – an important element from the fire safety point of view. This window lock is likewise easy to install and suitable for all window and door types. Heed these advices and maximise the safety opportunities that are around your family. For sure afterwards what is left would be just a worry-free quality time for you and your spouse and you watch your ‘little crawler’ on his or her way to yet another discovery!

in focus: birth

Is my baby lip-reading? A new study has recently got grown-ups babbling about babies actually learning how to talk by lip reading. Once they start doing their “googoos” and “gagas,” that is when psychologist David Lewkowicz of Florida Atlantic University believe that the babies begin to lip read: “At that time, infants respond to what they see and hear as a unified stimulus.”


long with psychology graduate student Amy Hansen-Tift, Lewkowicz tested 179 babies

from English-speaking families at age 4, 6, 8 or 12 months with special devices which tracked where they


mother, baby & child july 2012

looked when shown videos of women

Your child is unique.

in focus: birth | development speaking English and Spanish. This is where they observed that babbling infants read the lips of both speakers – looking mainly at the eyes of an English speaker whilst concentrating

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on the month of the Spanish speaker. On the average, their pupils increasingly dilated between ages 8 months and 1 year in response to Spanish speakers – a sign of surprise, they say, at encountering a foreign language. Two paediatricians in Dubai express their comments on this latest findings, both basing their opinions on their professional experiences.

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Dr Lali Pataridze: “Babies work hard to get ready to talk. They listen intently, and at around six months of age start to babble with passion while their brains figure out how to make sounds understood

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by others. A new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that babies are using more than their ears to acquire language. They’re using their eyes, too, which suggest they are adept at lip reading.”

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Dr Rania Hawayek: “This is an interesting study that sheds a little more light on an area that remains for the most part a mystery. We would apta-advice

love to learn more about how babies learn to talk, in order to have the tools to help those that are late talkers or assist others in learning more than one language. I believe that


800 8971901

more research is definitely needed in this area and will add to


800 64586262

our assessment of a baby’s development.”

Other countries: +9714 4209489

Whilst this findings is still in the process of deliberation, it would help mums with little ones to realise that as early as now not only do they create that loving bond as they speak to their babies, they also help them develop their speech too!

in focus: birth

r the o f p i t p o T

Recipes courtesy of The Kensington Nursery

Melon and Mango Juice Makes approximately 400ml

1 ripe mango ½ galia melon 200ml orange juice Ice cubes Peel the mango, remove the stone and


Peel and deseed the galia melon and


Put the mango and the melon in the

chop the flesh

roughly chop the flesh

juice and couple of ice cubes and blend until smooth


Pour the juice into 2 short glasses

and serve immediately

food processor or blender, add the orange


mother, baby & child july 2012


Your child is unique.

in focus: birth | fussy eaters

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Raspberry and Blueberry Smoothie

Makes approximately 200ml

250g raspberries 200ml apple juice 200g blueberries 4 tbsp Greek yoghurt 100ml skimmed milk 1 tbsp clear honey 1 tbsp wheatgerm (optional)


Puree the raspberries with half the apple



800 8971901


800 64586262

Other countries: +9714 4209489


Puree the blueberries with the remaining


Mix together the yoghurt, milk, honey

apple juice

and wheatgerm and add a spoonful of the raspberry puree

4. 5. 6.

Pour the raspberry puree over the surface


Serve chilled

Pour the blueberry puree into a tall glass Carefully pour over the yoghurt mixture

of the yoghurt

eye care* justice* dental care*

in focus: toddler An ‘eye-opener’

Dominique Famador, Editor of Mother, Baby & Child Magazine, had the privilege to sit down with Dr Qasim Aref Qasem – currently a Consultant Ophthalmologist in Dubai with subspecialty in Paediatric Opthalmology, Refractive Surgery & Retinal Surgery – to discuss what every mother needs to know about her child’s eyes…

child’s teeth need early checks, so do his or her eyes! “Parents should not feel like it’s a waste of time to go to an eye doctor and end up with finding out that there’s nothing

things – perceptions that have been passed down from our

parents and our parents’ parents. Some we take in as facts because there isn’t anything to prove otherwise. Some we ought to shrug off and say: “to see is to believe.” We grew up with the notion that children have to make their first visit to the dentist as soon as they develop their set of milk teeth. But what we often neglect to consider is as much as our

wrong with their child,” encourages Dr Qasem.

An early visit It is a routine to have the vitals checked upon birth by the neonatologist or the paediatrician– eyesight included. Should there be a cause of concern, a referral to an ophthalmologist is mandatory. “35 percent of blind children worldwide could have been 61

mother, baby & child july 2012


e were raised to believe a lot of

in focus: toddler | eye care prevented from becoming blind by detecting

treatable,” says Dr Qasem. Eye conditions

and treating the condition during the first few

such as strabismus and amblyopia (or lazy

weeks of life,” he says. Congenital cataracts

eye) are also slightly more prevalent among

and dense lens must be treated during the

preemies comparing to full-term babies. Eye

first six weeks from birth; lest, there is a great

screening and tests are recommended for

possibility for a child to be visually impaired.

all children to undergo from the age of 4 as

According to Dr Qasem, all infants can see

visual difficulty can lead to learning difficulty

but only develop a clear vision by their 6th

as well. For those with family history of

month. At birth, he or she can detect light

strabismus, lazy eye, refractive errors are also

and motion, as well as recognise the mother

at higher risk of having visual difficulties.

by sensation rather than vision. When a newborn cries with no tears, this should be

Astigmatism causes patients to suffer blurred

a cause of concern. “Newborns start making

vision in one or two eyes. It is usually cased

tears when they are about two weeks old,

by the irregular curve of the cornea (the clear

but often it is just enough to keep their eyes

front part of the eye). Growing up with it, I

moist and not enough to make real tears that

actually know how uncomfortable and even

you can see when they cry. Infants often don’t

detrimental this condition is for any child. I

develop real tears that you can see until they

would even end up having terrible headaches

are much older and about seven or eight

and getting nauseous! Today, I could no

months old,” he explains. By the 3rd month,

longer recognise a face 2 metres from me

the baby begins to see faces and stare at

without my contacts. I couldn’t help but feel

objects. Come the following months he or

worried that my children would have the same

she starts to reach out for these.

eye problems too…

So just how soon should a child go see a

While I didn’t end up developing a lazy eye,

paediatric ophthalmologist? “When the

uncorrected astigmatism can cause this in

baby is born prematurely before 32 weeks

one or both eyes. This eye condition reduces

of gestation or with low birth weight a full

the vision in either one or two eyes with or

eye examination by a specialised paediatric

without strabismus or squint. This is very

ophthalmologist is very important

critical to be detected and treated in the first

as one of the leading causes of preventable vision loss, worldwide, is the premature babies

5 years of life. Otherwise, vision loss can be permanent. Parents with lazy eye may be anxious of this condition being

reduced blood

hereditary. To this, Dr

supply which is

Qasem reiterates,

mother, baby & child july 2012

“There are many


in focus: toddler causes for decrease or deprivment of vision such as congenital cataract, high myopia, and others which in some cases can be genetic but most cases are not hereditary and it can be sporadic.”

The Doctor’s advice We have come up with questions we’re pretty sure mums are itching to ask if given the right chance to approach the right person. Dr Qasem has been more than accommodating to answer them:

Q: I think my child has crossed eyes, what should I do? A: “New baby born start to engage their vision with moving objects where normal binocular control can take up to 6 months, if the baby is not showing normal development an Ophthalmology review is important even as early as early as three months of age.”

Q: My child eye reflex on photos look different (e.g. red eye on photo), should I be concerned? A: “In case of different reflex between the two eyes or one eye with white reflex , urgent examination by an eye specialist is crucial, children with life threatening eye tumours as early as one year of age can be saved if detected early.”

Q: Is it true that when a child sits closely to the television, his or her vision will be affected? A: “This can be the sign, not the cause.”

Q: Is it necessary for children, particularly in this region, to use their sunglasses? A: “Unless there’s a condition that requires the use of sunglasses, for example a child is allergic to dust, it is not really something that you recommend for children. (But) staring directly at the sun without the pupil constriction will allow the light to enter into the eye and that can cause damage to the back of the

Q: Do people with blue eyes have weaker pairs than people with dark eyes? A: “That’s true. Lighter eyes have less pigments; so they have less protection from the amount of light entering. That is why lighter eyed people who live longer tend to develop a retinal disease more than those with dark eyes…”


mother, baby & child july 2012


in focus: toddler | eye care

Lastly, Dr Qasem tells parents that protection is better than cure. Visiting an eye doctor early in your child’s life can keep him or her from developing permanent eye problems. Isn’t it astonishing to know all these things? It makes us realise how much we ought to take care of our children’s eyes… After all, they’ve only got one pair in their lifetime!

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in focus: toddler | justice World Day for International Justice July 17

mother, baby & child july 2012

“It’s not fair!” Oftentimes we underestimate the ability of our young children to learn life’s greatest lessons early in their years. Justice, for one, is a value we feel like we ought to teach our children when they are already in school or even when they are much, much older. But it vital for families to know justice so as “to prevent the wounds that its members habitually inflict on each other from becoming persistent, suppurating sores that drain moral and emotional strength and ultimately sicken the family,” as stated in Thomas Murray’s The Worth of a Child. 66


e learn to be just not only towards our family members, but also become more

conscious not to cause other people to suffer from our actions. But it is also important to know that there’s a fine line between seeking justice and rendering forgiveness, especially to our spouse, parent or child who have done wrong to us. We sometimes find it hard to practice this ourselves even with simple things like putting our youngest to sleep. Sometimes, they’d end up saying “But she is not yet asleep… It’s not fair!” pointing out that the older sister is not yet up for bedtime too. Do we say, “Because I said so!” Do we explain

in focus: toddler to them that the older siblings need less

the oppressor, not the oppressed,� writes

hours of sleep than they do? Or do we,


just for this time, have all the children sleep to ensure peace is maintained in

We ought to keep justice fresh and vigorous.

the household? Perhaps this is just an

This allows us to maintain a loving bond filled

indication that our toddlers grasp that

with enduring loyalty and intimacy. After all,

concept of justice just as we possibly did

justice may not be the very reason why we are

when we were their age.

with our families now but it is crucial to any chance that we have for achieving values of

“In families, we learn what it means to

love, learning to care for other people, enjoying

be just, and what it means to suffer the

the mutual affection and interdependence of

sting of injustice. I suspect we also learn,

parents and children‌

at a deep, non-rational level, that it is injustice. Or sadly, that it is fruitless to be just and that we really matters is becoming

REFERENCE: The Worth of a Child Thomas H. Murray


mother, baby & child july 2012

important to seek justice and to avoid

mother, baby & child july 2012


in focus: toddler

University for the little ones!

Yes, families residing in the areas of MotorCity, Mirdiff and Jumeirah Beach Residences can send their toddlers to Kidville University (KVU) – the centre’s preschool program.. Children from 18 months to 4 years of age are introduced to an immaculate educational facility complete with every educational toy and art tool imaginable whilst a fully equipped soft play gym and outdoor playground complete the offering. The facility houses play centres such as blocks, dramatic play, book corner, sensory, art, and small and big-muscle play which encourage young children to touch, try and think outside the box. The curriculum includes group welcome, circle songs and music, storytelling, large and small group activities, art and sensory play, and math and science exploration. Kids are also given gym time in every class. KVU’s signature smooth transitions between activities help children to recognize structure and give them the tools they need to understand routine. Children develop the skills to anticipate the next activity – a pattern that the young child will encounter once he or she attends school. Focusing on the relationships between physical, social, emotional, language, cognitive and artistic development, the KVU philosophy and approach teaches children appropriate skills that not only prepares your child for school, but allows them to develop vital skills necessary for attending school. Parents can choose 2, 3 or 5-day schedule per week where classes offer a curriculum that stimulates their natural curiosity and allows them to explore new ideas. They can


mother, baby & child july 2012

likewise opt for a half-day or full-day class.

in focus: toddler | dental care

Laser Dentistry: Banish your fears forever and say ‘goodbye’ to painful needles Do you dread taking your children to the dentist?


s the visit to the dentist a traumatic experience for your child…and you?

If you answer “YES” to any of the above, them help is at hand. Thankfully, the days of large painful dental injections and being put to sleep with awful smelling gas is behind us. Technology is a wonderful thing and in today’s modern day, there are pain free options to choose from and finally families can enjoy their dentist trips! Say hello to Waterlase iPlus. This new form of laser provides patients

mother, baby & child july 2012

with more precise treatments, minimising discomfort and recovery time. Waterlase iPlus was created by the world leader in dental lasers, Biolase. Waterlase iPlus offers the most advanced treatment of its kind and a


in focus: toddler

major breakthrough in laser technology. We all know that traditional dental drilling can be very invasive. Thanks to laser technology, patients now have the opportunity to experience a new level of comfort and precision. They will no longer need to feel concerned about receiving dental treatment because Waterlase iPlus, does not involve any injections or drills and more importantly, is pain-free. Dental treatment has never been more comfortable. Waterlase iPlus creates a unique, highly concentrated light energy, sent through an optical fibre to its hand piece. The laser is then blended with a gentle spray of water and aimed precisely at the areas to be treated. Since its launch, thousands of dentists around the world have performed millions of hard on a very specific area without damage to the surrounding area. Favoured by dentists, especially in the treatment of anxious or nervous patients, laser dentistry rules out many of the unpleasant side effects caused by some dental procedures. Result: Fabulous healthy teeth without the pain!


mother, baby & child july 2012

and soft tissue procedures with fewer injections, anaesthesia and drills, as the laser focuses

relationship* dyslexia*

in focus: child Learning from loving

(How families can benefit from a loving relationship between parents and children with autism) There is so much that any child can learn when he or she is exposed in a loving and caring environment. Kids respond and take action positively to kinds words than harsh ones. They feel motivated when their good deeds are affirmed with a warm embrace or even a gentle pat on the back. Parents of children with autism may feel weary that because of their varied sensitivities, this may be more of a challenge. And whilst there is a degree of truth to it, it is not impossible.


eaching comes in stages According to Joyce

mother, baby & child july 2012

Show’s Teaching Your Child with Love and Skill: A Guide for Parents and Other Educators of Children with Autism, Including Moderate to Severe Autism: “Forging that emotional bond should be an underlying goal in all of your teaching. Therefore, 72

the love and warmth you put into your interactions are the most important ingredients you put into your teaching.” Show has enumerated the following stages for parents to practice this in ensuring that their children live in abundant happiness and love:

developmental strategy. Consolidation takes

1. Teaching how to be calm and focused

a lot of practice.

to you as you gently rock, pat, massage,

4. Birth of ideation and perspective taking - Because at this point the child can

cuddle and sing to soother him or her.

conceive actions as ideas, he can also put

- Observe carefully to learn your child’s

them together to solve important problems.

profile of sensory differences and modify

- The child is now able to logically sequence

the environment to match it.

a series of actions to solve a problem, as

2. Engaging and responding emotionally to parent’s overtures

well as conceptualise a logical sequence to achieve an executive function.

- As positive interactions after many

- He or she begins to experience sharing

emotional exchanges develop, the child

and understanding different perceptions.

accumulates a history of emotional memories with the parent.

Real-life scenario

- He or she learns that the parent’s love

Dr Hiba Shata, Director and Co-Founder

and warmth can be anticipated with the

of Child Early Intervention Medical Center,

feelings of joy and comfort brought by the

has this very subject close to her heart.

parent’s mere presence.

As a mum to Sarah, she shares of her

- This leads to trust and relationship – an

experiences… “I am a mum of 7 years old

important bond that will enable you to

girl named Sarah. Sarah was diagnosed with

teach him or her alternative ways to handle

Autism at the age of 1. Since then she had


received one to one ABA Therapy, Speech

3. Responding with purposeful action. Developing a two-way communication and circles of interaction. - Encourage amplifying signals to express the child’s emotions through adjusting the level of stimulation in the parent’s reactions. - As you teach your child on how to respond and initiate to create multiple circles of interaction, he learns that actions can be predictable and sequential. He learns to anticipate what is coming. - Play is very important to attain that

and Occupational therapy over the last 6 years. It was very difficult at the beginning to develop any relationship with my daughter. She cried for everything she wanted. I didn’t know if she was screaming for attention or because of pain or hunger. However with time I learnt how to understand her needs, it takes a lot of effort to teach a child with autism to use words to communicate. I used pictures and schedules. As her language started to develop, things got easier, it was easier to teach her words that she can use to 73

mother, baby & child july 2012

- Teach your child to be emotionally attune

in focus: child | relationship communicate. But it required consistency and

to live with us. My daughter had changed


my life and I made a decision to change life for her.”

The child on ASD needs to learn how to communicate and socialise. They don’t

Encouraging initiation and problem solving

understand feelings and we had to teach her

in routines, games, sports, music and the

through ABA Therapy to understand facial

visual arts will certainly go a long way. In

expressions so that she can relate situations

adjusting your child’s environment to match

with her feelings.

his or her needs, you also get to enjoy a rich, loving relationship with him or her. He

Today Sarah goes to mainstream school and

or she will be able to experience a full life

has learnt to read and write both Arabic and

of loving relationships and work at school

English. She is talented and also plays piano.

and at home. And what has started to be a

She laughs, enjoy life and we share many

challenge will soon turn into satisfaction –

moments of joy. The love of her teachers,

for both you and your child…

therapists, her brothers and our love had made Sara more self –confident. She has formed a strong bond with her peers and caretakers. It is not easy to live with Autism but it is very rewarding when a child with Autism learns how

REFERENCE: Teaching Your Child with Love and Skill: A Guide for Parents and Other Educators of Children with Autism, Including Moderate to Severe Autism Joyce Show, 2012

Proud winner of the Early Childhood Service Provider of the Year Award

Registration open for SUMMER CAMP

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A Q&A on Dyslexia Mother, Baby & Child Magazine asks specialist paediatrician Dr Lali Pataridze frequently asked questions on a condition unbeknownst to many has plagued even the genius minds Thomas Edison, Pierre Curie and Albert Einstein, as well as the Hollywood icons John Lennon, Tom Cruise and Keanu Reeves…

the most common learning disability in children. It is caused by an impairment in the brain’s ability to translate images received from the eyes or ears into understandable language. Children with dyslexia have difficulty in learning to read despite traditional instruction, at least average intelligence, and an adequate opportunity to learn. This means that despite having normal intelligence dyslexia sufferers read at levels significantly lower than expected.”

manifested by difficulty in learning to

Q: What difficulties do children with dyslexia have to go through? A: “Auditory problems in dyslexia

read despite conventional instruction,

encompass a variety of functions.

adequate intelligence and socio-cultural

Commonly, a child may have difficulty

opportunity”. This condition is a brain-

remembering or understanding what

based type of learning disability and is

he hears. Recalling sequences of things

defines dyslexia as “a disorder


mother, baby & child july 2012

Q: Kindly define Dyslexia and why do some children have it? A: “The World Federation of Neurology

in focus: child | dyslexia or more than one command at a time can

may lose their interest in school-related

be difficult. Parts of words or parts of whole

activities and appear to be unmotivated or

sentences may be missed, and words can come

lazy. The emotional symptoms and signs

out sounding funny. The wrong word or a similar

are just as important as the academic and

word may be used instead. Children struggling

require equal attention.”

with this problem may know what they want to say but have trouble finding the actual words to express their thoughts. Although the disorder varies from person to person, other common characteristics among people with dyslexia are difficulty with spelling, phonological processing (the manipulation of sounds), and/or rapid visualverbal responding. The severity of dyslexia can vary from mild to severe, but the sooner dyslexia

successful treatment for dyslexia, there is no actual cure for it. In most cases, the school will develop a plan with the parent to meet the child’s needs and the plan may

is treated, the more favourable the outcome.”

be implemented in a Special Education

Q: How can parents determine early in their child’s life that such condition exists? A: “Many subtle signs can be observed in

the child’s current school is unprepared

children with dyslexia. Children may become withdrawn and appear to be depressed. They may begin to act out, drawing attention away from their learning difficulty. Problems with self-esteem can arise, and peer and sibling interactions can become strained. These children

mother, baby & child july 2012

Q: How can dyslexia be addressed? A: “While there are many theories about


setting or in the regular classroom. But if to address this condition, the child will need to be transferred to a school that can appropriately educate the dyslexic child. To support the dyslexic child further, extra learning assistance or remedial instruction, individual tutoring and special day classes can also be arranged. It is vital to always use positive reinforcement with children with learning disabilities as many of them suffer from poor self-esteem.”

Infant developmental toys









+ 12m


Available at

and leading retail outlets. Sole Distributor for Middle East-Trucare FZC, Tel: +971 6 5263945,Fax: +971 6 5263946

in focus: child | relationship

Is nagging part of a mum’s job? By Sharon Monteiro International Day of Friendship July 30

Question: Why do mums nag? Answer: Because they worry about their children and want what’s best for their children. I interviewed children and teens and this is what they said: • Mom’s nag because she feels that she is not being heard so she has to remind us over and over again. We consider it a power struggle and try to wear her down by not doing what she asks of

mother, baby & child july 2012

us. • Mom’s nag us because she wants to dominate us and we will not let her dominate us so we do not do what she says. • One teenager told me that she had moved out of her parent’s home and her mom would keep reminding her to have a bath before going to work. 78

in focus: child We understand that you are a Mom and that

through the day.

you worry about your kids. Do you know that

Trust me you

‘worry’ is considered a form of meditation for

will have

something you don’t want? Read the ‘Law of

no need to

Attraction’ to know more about this.

nag at them and instead

Listen to ‘The Nag Song’ on Youtube: http://

you will enjoy

a healthy

which lasts just 3.23 mins and is quite an eye


opener to Mom’s who feel that they do not

with your kids.


No worrying, no nagging – just love

My daughter had just moved to Dubai and her

and laughter all the

friends had invited her for a party. I confided in


one of my friends that I was worried about her going out with her friends who were seasoned

Sharon Monteiro is a

party girls. My friend looked me in the eyes

Transformer Life Coach

and told me to trust my daughter. That’s all

who specialises in

she said. I am glad that I listened to my friend

transforming relationships between

because I put my trust in my daughter and to

parents and children.

this day, my daughter has never, ever given me cause to worry. The Speed of Trust written by Stephen M.R. Covey is a must read for anyone who wants to enjoy happy relationships with family members or even colleagues at work. When you trust your children / husband / partner to do the right thing, they will and if

It‘s safe to have fun The SWIMTRAINER "Classic" for babies and children is suitable from 3 month to 4 years. It offers an ideal swimming position in the water, is fast and easy to put on with clip fastener and is available in three models. Recommended by midwives and swimming schools in Europe! e in

Availabl es HAMAC stor in Dubai

at all they do not, you can be sure there is a very good reason why they broke your trust. When you trust your child you are creating a wonderful bond with your child. You increase their self esteem and befriend your child instead of constantly nagging at them. What helps is sitting together with your children the rules are broken. That way your kids know what is expected of them and know there will be consequences if they break these rules. This helps you to raise your children and building your family rather than just trying to make it

Contact number: +971508896924


mother, baby & child july 2012

and forming some rules and consequences if

slick kids fashion



mother, baby & child july 2012


Fashionably Cuddly 80

in focus: child


r Pitter Patte

Missy Mellow

Chic Wear for Girls 81

mother, baby & child july 2012


in focus: child


mother, baby & child july 2012




Stylish Choice for Boys

in focus: child

Babies R Us

Step up! 83

mother, baby & child july 2012


in focus: child | slick kids fashion would not stop them from being playful

tips! le y t s n e t it m S and g in d d e w n O … ns special occasio Mother, Baby & Child Magazine: How should kids dress up in a formal gathering whilst not having to sacrifice their playfulness and comfort? Smitten: “Children, unlike adults, will not wear a garment which is not comfortable no matter how beautiful it is. For little boys, a simple linen waistcoat and shorts set or a blazer to wear over beige or black pants with a banker shirt in a summer-y pink or yellow

and yet look elegant for a wedding party. Little girls are slightly easier, as they like to dress up in formal-wear. Tutu dresses in bright colours, with silk lining to keep the garment ‘itch-free’. Matching headbands with dramatic flowers or tiara designs add a lovely finishing touch.” Mother, Baby & Child Magazine: In terms of designs and styles, especially with the long summer months in the region, what should parents go for? Smitten: “Linen and cottons obviously are the way to go. Tunic style dresses in bright floral prints look formal – especially if we add sparkly shoes and hair accessories but are extremely comfortable in warmer climates. Boys are happiest in shorts or khakis, so a cute polo with matching shorts and moccasins look very cool and semi-formal. A stripy linen jacket completes the euro-chic look.” Mother, Baby & Child Magazine: If the kids are being fussy with the laces, vests, etc., how would you advice parents to make this special occasion favourable for their tots? Smitten: “Smitten does this fabulous jacket attached to a collared shirt, which looks formal yet worn with black twill trousers is perfect for a formal soiree. It is a one piece, very posh and boys love to look like their daddies.A layered net dress stitched in a stunning colour like

An uber chic boutique for the fashionista and her little ones! Dubai Marina Mall, Level 1 T +9714 451 9779 E

emerald green or a deep coral, worn with a cardigan with a flower corsage is simple, fuss-free yet very dramatic. The silhouette gives them room to run around and the rich, vivid colour palate make its interesting for the child.”

slick kid of the month


“Meet Zephanaiah…our 13-month-old darling daughter. Her name means treasured by God. She is the apple of our eyes, our treasure. We call her our little princess. She does not need a castle to be called one because her throne is our hearts; her crown is our love. She was born to give us so much joy, to teach us what sacrifice means and to remind us that our greatest achievement in life is not to be found in any material wealth this world can offer but in the joy of just being her parents.” Submitted by Mummy Roblwela 85

mother, baby & child july 2012

Zephanaiah Noronha

in focus: child


Is exposing a toddler to mum’s charitable works beneficial or detrimental to your little one?


Helping our Kids Help Others Exposing our toddlers to our charity work, I believe, will definitely be beneficial to our little ones. As a family, we are pro-active in our church organization’s various programs and activities. One of these is our community’s work with the poor program. Since both my husband and I are very much involved, we always bring along our 3-year old son to various projects and activities. Though he may not fully grasp the essence of what we are doing, I can see that he gradually learns the concept of giving and sharing even at this stage in his life. Here are some other benefits of getting our little ones involved in charity work:

1. Helps them see the world beyond their “sheltered”, “pampered” life. It is an opportunity for our kids to have a more realistic perspective about life. That not everything can be handed to them in a silver platter. That life will not always be easy and comfortable.

2. Teaches them to appreciate the value of sharing. That it is more rewarding to give than to receive. That whatever material or financial “excesses” they may have in life will have more meaning when shared with others in need.

3. Provides opportunity for them to grow up to be a better person. Making them feel good early on in life about helping others and making a difference will build up their character. They will later on discover that life is indeed more fulfilling if they can make a difference in this world.

4. Allows them to develop compassion and the virtue of humility. Our little ones will learn to care. At the same time, being exposed to helping the less fortunate will help them to be more humble, instead of looking too highly of themselves. We may probably think that it’s too soon for us parents to actually see the concrete effects of getting our little ones involved in our charity works for now. But with proper guidance, being mother, baby & child july 2012

our children’s “role models” and making them feel good about “doing something good” for others will later on help shape them into persons of true worth. While others are benefiting from our charitable works, we, moms, are reaping the rewards as well thru our own children. More importantly, our little ones will later on thank us for helping them learn how to help others. Submitted by Samantha Catabas Manuel 86

Ask Now!

in focus: child

Q: What are the danger signs that parents ought to look for that signals that the baby is having weight problems?

“Babies, who do not have the expected growth rates and begin to cross centiles downwards, may be diagnosed with ‘failure to thrive’. This refers to a baby who is unable to take in, retain and utilise the calories needed to gain weight and grow appropriately. Danger signs that a baby is not growing well are feeding difficulties, poor appetite, recurrent vomiting, diarrhoea, reduced number of wet nappies, signs and symptoms of malabsorption, recurrent infections and delayed or regressing developmental milestones. There are several causes for ‘failure to thrive’ and these can be assessed during a paediatric consultation and managed accordingly.

becoming overweight, are seen to cross the growth centiles upwards. This may be due to several causes, some of which are genetic, endocrinological or environmental. Danger signs that a baby is becoming overweight or obese are a rapid increase in weight over time that is disproportionate to linear growth, dry skin and constipation suggestive of hypothyroidism, a history of damage to the central nervous system and developmental delay.”

Dr Rania Hawayek

At the opposite end of the spectrum, babies who have a tendency to


mother, baby & child july 2012


maintain their busy parent schedules. They cause a variety By Nathalie Hodgson of health problems in the The microwave oven is somewhat a metaphor human body. Regularly eating for today’s fast paced world, with some homes microwaved foods may cause an increase in replacing the conventional oven and stove-top cancerous cells in human blood. The radiation for preparing meals. But just how safe is this dangers involved with microwaved food may kitchen appliance? cause decreased immune system function It is a well known fact that microwaves use and even mental danger causing memory radiation as do mobile phones, which have loss, emotional problems, and a decrease in now been given the official OK to use close to intelligence. your head on a regular basis. Does that then Dr Lita Lee’s book, Health Effects of Microwave apply to the microwave as well? We know that Radiation - Microwave Ovens, states that you should never reheat baby’s milk in the ‘every microwave oven leaks electro-magnetic microwave as it kills all the goodness, so do all radiation, harms food, and converts substances our other foods suffer the same consequence? cooked in it to dangerous organ-toxic and Microwaves don’t work different ways on carcinogenic products’. different substances. Radiation ‘is to spread So why place yourself and your family to the energy with electrometric waves’, so it agitates increased chance of cancer development, and the molecules to move faster and faster. This decreased nutritional value of your food? When movement causes friction which denatures the you think you need to use the microwave to original make-up of whatever is being heated. It save time, it may be a sign that you need to results in destroyed vitamins, minerals, proteins slow down and put more space in your breakand generates new stuff called radiolytic neck schedule. This will help to relieve some compounds, things that are not found in nature. stress too. Dr. Hertel was the first scientist to conceive Don’t dismiss the traditional methods of and carry out a quality clinical study on the stovetop and oven cooking and heating. It may effects microwaved nutrients have on the take longer but it’s definitely worth the effort blood and physiology of the human body. His but as with everything don’t take my word for small, but well controlled, study showed the it, do your own research and find out on the degenerative force produced in microwave latest studies and make your own informed ovens and the food processed in them. The decision. scientific conclusion showed that microwave cooking changed the nutrients in the food; and, Stay healthy, keep safe. changes took place in the participants’ blood that could cause deterioration in the human REFERENCES: system. Hertel’s scientific study was done along Comparative Study of Food Prepared Conventionally with Dr. Bernard H. Blanc of the Swiss Federal and in the Microwave Oven Institute of Technology and the University Published by Raum & Zelt, 1992 Institute for Biochemistry. Report by Dr. Bernard H. Blanc of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and the University Institute Microwave radiation is a very serious concern for Biochemistry that many people will overlook in order to Health Effects of Microwave Radiation - Microwave Ovens Dr Lita Lee


mother, baby & child july 2012

The Dangers of the Microwave Oven

top tips for kids com e


ecology. There are several

World Listening Day

possibilities of observing this day:

“Good morning class! Do you all want

• Use reflective listening by

to see what’s in the Box?” Ms Kate

hearing the other person’s

raises her eyebrows whilst sparking

narrative and giving non-verbal

curiosity in her toddlers’ classroom


by showing them a colorful box. The

• Organize a soundwalk or a

toddlers know that the box holds

listening party where people play

great secrets inside and they will only

recordings they have made of

be able to explore these if they quietly

their backyards.

listen to each other. It is show and tell in the Ducks class today and this week the class is learning about saving the planet by conserving

• Organize a performance event that involves recordings and other artistic expressions that explore

energy at home. Ms Kate has stored pictures

our soundscape and how we can

of the toddlers, while they practiced conserving

listen to our sonic environment.

energy, inside the box. It is a clever and

• Participate in a private / solitary

while use their listening skills. It is also a what their fellow classmates do and learn from listening. The British Early Years


way, by paying attention to your soundscape.

great opportunity for the children to hear

i ch



effective practice to engage these young ones

• Facilitate an educational event that relates to acoustic ecology, field recordings, or a similar topic.

Foundation Stages (EYFS) highlights

• Contact organizations that are

that listening is an important skill that

participating in World Listening

young children need to acquire. It is

Day, to see if you can get involved

also an essential learning outcome

that way.

that teachers need to model for active

mother, baby & child july 2012


learning to take place.

So when Ms Kate from Duck’s

Hence World Listening Day, celebrated

class requests the other children

on July 18th, is an important date

to listen to their class mates while

that practitioners, parents, teachers

they do show and tell– she is

and caregivers should mark to practice

upholding the spirit of Listening

better engagement with young children.

Day and encouraging children

It is celebrated with the

to respect each others’ voices,

aim to commemorate

stories and narratives. This is how

the practice of listening

it is practiced in Blossom Nursery

as it relates to the world

every single day where we

around us, environmental


awareness and acoustic


Mahira Zakiuddin, has a Masters in Social Work from Columbia University and has worked with Early Learning Programs in Pakistan. She has also worked on developing training programs for staff and parents of children with disabilities. She is currently the Education Director at Blossom Nursery.

believe, achieve, become A warm welcome to the Blossom Childrens Nursery, a secure and stimulating enviroment where each child will blossom. Blossom caters to modern families who require flexible, year round care and education for their children aged 6 months to rising fours. Our philosophy is simple believe, achieve and become. We want children to dream, work to fulfill their dreams & become all they can be.

us @blossomnursery us @theblossomnursery

• EYFS (British) Framework with Skygarden Sensory Curricullum. • Smartbook Parent interaction program. • Pool / Wetplay, Gardening, Music and Indoor Playgym. • Letterland Phonics, Arabic, French and Weekly Dubai Drums sessions. • Open All Year 7:30 - 6:00 pm with pick up options at 1pm/3pm/5pm/6pm. • Fingerprint entry system and CCTV of the site. • Healthy, hot lunch and fruit & veggie based snacks are all included for children 1+. • Skillplay™ afternoons are teacher led programs that incorporate creative activity. | Blossom: 04 348 6275 | Blossom Village: 04 394 8847

book-worm me The Goodnight Train By June Sobel (Author) and Laura Huliska-Beith (Illustrator) Filled with coal, the Goodnight Train is all set on leaving town. A brilliant way to practice the speech and vocabulary of your toddler are the rhythmic prose and playful illustrations. You and your little one can join in this gentle journey to Dreamland – where animals fluff their pillows and ride on the clickety-clackity bedtime beat.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore By William Joyce (Author & Illustrator) and Joe Bluhm (Illustrator) Mr Morris Lessmore feels frustrated that his books wouldn’t be anything he wants it to be. For one, it cannot fly. He have read tales so enticing, but wonders if his words could be just as much. This modern masterpiece tells “of a story of a story” that has the power to save the mother, baby & child july 2012

day. It can actually inspire kids to appreciate what they read!


book-worm me

Look Look Outside By Peter Linenthal (Author) Contrary to the colourful baby books around, Look Look Outside’s black-and-white board book feature can be just right for your infant’s tiny eyes. It introduces the many beautiful things that are just waiting to be discovered right outside the window. From ladybugs flying to cars zooming by…its simple illustrations and texts can be a great primer for your junior bookworm.

ParaNorman: A Novel By Elizabeth Cody Kimmel (Authors) and Ross Stewart (Illustrator) Norman Babcock, an eleven-year-old boy in a quaint New England town, had a very interesting beginning… Extraordinary things took place when he was born. Hearsays flocked his childhood and he became very misunderstood. But when an evil witched cursed their town, it is up to him to save it from pilgrim zombies! The book is great for the imaginative minds of grade schoolers.

A Boy and a Bear in a Boat By Dave Shelton (Author) Big texts and black-andwhite illustrations here and there offer more opportunity for little readers to imagine the adventure that took place when a boy and a bear decided to go to the sea with just a suitcase, a comic book and a ukulele in tow. Harriet, their sturdy boat, try waves while the duo struggle to survive the “unforeseeable anomalies” that came their way.


mother, baby & child july 2012

its very best to withstand the violent

in focus: child

Coming soon in UAE cinemas Ice Age 4: Continental Drift

Directed by Steve Martino and Mike Thurmeier Featuring the voices of Ray Romano, Dennis Leary and John Leguizamo A lot is yet to go on for the unlikely “family” of Manny, Diego and Sid. All thanks to Scrat’s never-ending pursuit of the accursed acorn! Sid reunites with his Granny. The gang was captured by seafaring pirates who will do anything to keep them from getting home. And oh, have we mentioned that a continental cataclysm is also on the roll?

Gaturro 3D

Directed by Gustavo Cova Featuring the voices of Mariano Chiesa and Agustina Gonzalez Cirulnik

mother, baby & child july 2012

Mischeivous Gaturro got his master worried – he doesn’t know what to do with him! Adding to that is his attraction to the most unpleasant feline in town, Agatha. But Agatha had set her sights to an aristocratic cat Michou. Gaturro finds fame by accident and discovers how tough it is to be on top. Then he meets his unlikely ally…a little mouse!


in focus: child Legends of Valhalla: Thor 3D Directed by Oskar Jonasson

Featuring the voices of Justin Gregg, Paul Tylak and Nicola Coughan Forget about all the live action movies you’ve seen about the demigod and his magical weapon. Here’s a fresher take on the timeless tale in 3D animation! With less-than-perfect gods, evil queen and her army of giants, an over-confident teen Thor will help save his people with a little help from his “golden hammer”.

New & upcoming DVD & Blu-ray releases Hocus Pocus Starring the young Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy as the three evil witches awoken from the curse that had them vanish for centuries, Hocus Pocus has become a 90s Halloween classic. It’s an adventure especially for the three kids who refuse to be outwitted by the wackiest witches of them all!

Mirror Mirror The lovely Lily Collins stars as Snow White in this fairy tale movie, with the equally striking Julia Roberts as the wicked Queen. Appealing more to the humour of children, Mirror Mirror is a fresh and funny retelling of one of the most beloved classic. Parents may need to be with their youngsters for some fantasy action and mildly boorish humour.

Wiggles: Big Birthday You’re all invited to celebrate The Wiggles’ Big Birthday! The Wiggly Party is joined by awesome friends Murray, Wags and Henry. Little kids can be part of the fun – sing and dance as if in a live concert. Surprises, jokes and wiggle, giggly fun will certainly make your chid say “Hip, Hip, Hooray!”


mother, baby & child july 2012

Jeff, Anthony and Sam, Captain Feathersword, Dorothy,

in focus: child | activities

mama & me - get busy! Ramadan Kareem to all our Muslim brothers and sisters! Do you know what the iconic images that symbolise this very sacred season? Draw a line to match the clues and the illustrations to discover!

1. It known as the religious text of Islam 2. Together with the azan, it sounds to signal the sunset, call people to prayer and tell that fasting for the day ends 3. It is also called ‘Fanous’ – one of the most popular decorations during Ramadan 4. It is also called ‘Dallah’ and would usually contain Arabic Coffee (or ‘Kahva’)


mother, baby & child july 2012


Traditional Pot

Ramadan Lantern 96

Barni’s Colour Me Competition Win 1 of 10 tickets to Kidzania courtesy of Barni! How? Simply colour the artwork below and send a soft copy (scanned or photographed) with your child’s name to competitions@ for a chance to get an access to Kidzania, Dubai Mall! Deadline for August entries is on July 25, 2012.

Competition winners for the month of June: 1. Jeniece Princy D’souza

5. Jad Hassouni

8. Omar Mohamed Gamal El Dins

2. Justin D’souza

6. Flavian Abe Sam

9. Maissan Bazazeh

3. Misha Haider

7. Aly Fahhaam

10. Sandra Maniette D Poloma

4. Sabrena Nazar 97

mother, baby & child july 2012

*Note: 1 winning entry = 1 child & 1 mother

Barni and Mother, Baby & Child Magazine would like to wish our birthday boys and girls a

Blooming Baby turning ONE!

Eden Helen D’Cunha July 13

Adam El Sayed July 22

Playful Toddlers turning TWO!

Samuel Joshua Valencia July 10 Sweet Girl turning THREE!

Nandanadas Melepurakkal Mohandas July 29

Na’ma Naveed Musba July 12 Charming Cutie turning FIVE!

Holly Morris July 7

Erin Kennedy Brownlie July 17 Slick Kid turning SEVEN!

Jahaan Daryanani July 25

mother, baby & child july 2012

Hi! Is your child turning 3 or older on August? Simply send their photos, names, ages and birthdays to to have the Barni mascot come to his/her birthday party! The first 7 celebrators to send the email will be prioritised.

For more fun and activities, visit


Works beautifully. Just like Mum. “My baby is suffering from colic, fussing and sucking in air when he feeds”, mums told us. So here’s our closer to nature anti-colic plus bottle and teat system. The anti-colic valve and tube is designed to improve air flow during feeding for a smoother feed and a reduction of air ingested. For extra reassurance, the tube inside the bottle turns red if the milk temperature is too hot. And our bottles and teats are now BPA free for total reassurance.

The unique soft touch silicone teat is specially designed to mimic the flex, feel and movement of a mum’s breast during feeding. Making it easier to combine breast and bottle feeding. Follow us on Facebook @ Tommee Tippee Baby Products and on Twitter @tommeetippee_uk For our full range of compatible breast pumps, sterilisers, bottles, teats, soothers and accessories visit

simply intuitive™

Available at

and other leading retail outlets For trade enquiries contact:

vouchers & competitions


er, Ba by & Child offer. .. For th e Litt le Ones !

mother, baby & child july 2012

July 2012


mama & me - events POST EVENT SPECIAL! Summer in Abu Dhabi opens! The Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority has did it again! Summer in Abu Dhabi opened with a big bang at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) Halls 9 to 12 – a massive array of mega summer activities! Mother, Baby & Child Magazine was there to be part of the grand opening held last June 20. Come with the whole family to experience the Ice Age Village, Adventure Worlds, Clown Stunt Academy, a bigger-than-ever summer playground, fun fair rides and games! Summer in Abu Dhabi is

mother, baby & child july 2012

ongoing until July 19.


mama & me events

Dubai Marina Mums at Zebra Crossing Last June 26, the lovely women of Dubai Marina Mums organised a play date at the city’s newest play area at Zebra Crossing, Sheikh Zayed Road. Fun activities were had by everyone. Children explored the newest play destination and enjoyed the storytelling portion of the event! Mother, Baby & Child definitely didn’t miss this


mother, baby & child july 2012

opportunity to join the fun!

mama & me events

Mums N Tots’ Animal Play Date with Posh Paws Live animals such as hamsters, rabbits, tortoises, snakes, birds, puppies and kittens were showcased by Dubai’s popular animal sanctuary and petting farm, Posh Paws. The special Animal Play Date was held last July 16 at the Zebra Crossing, Mums N Tots’ favourite venue. Aside from getting worked up at their action packed play area, the kids coloured, glued, decorated and finally string on cute turtles before taking them for a walk! Mother, Baby & Child was the activity’s media

mother, baby & child july 2012



mama & me events

Cartoon Network at Kidville The Cartoon Network Arabic visited the littlest gang at Kidville, Jumeirah Beach Residence last June 5th to their delight! The team from the popular children’s television channel has shown The Amazing World of Gumball. Feedbacks were gathered – especially on how cartoons nowadays can best benefit young viewers, how it makes a big influence on them as well as how to


mother, baby & child july 2012

better improve these kiddie programs.

mama & me events

Nutrition Zone coffee morning Mums definitely have more reason to smile with the gummy vitamins, Nutrition Zone. And they were there to share their joy with the team from Mother, Baby & Child Magazine and Nutrition Zone during their coffee morning at Ibn Battuta last month. Promotion of the superheroes edition for boys and the princesses edition for girls made it more exciting for little

mother, baby & child july 2012

ones to have their vitamins everyday!


mama & me events

Summer day camp! Ad Pack Six currently hosts a Summer Day Camp at the China Court of Ibn Battuta Mall. Mother, Baby & Child Magazine got to interact with the mums as well as their children who couldn’t have enough of the arts & crafts, kidsventure, play station, face painting and balloon making zones that are ongoing until the 15th of August! Are you within the area? Make sure to drop by this amazing summer


mother, baby & child july 2012

camp for children of all ages!

food for the soul* health & wellbeing* women of the month* editor’s pick* kitchen magic* book-worm me* horoscopes*

mama me-time

food for the soul

Trials, tribulations, triumphs and Asperger’s Syndrome By Bronwyn Jacobs Riaad* was born 9 August 1994, one hour labour however experienced seconds of oxygen loss during birth. Doctors explained and advised that while abnormalities were not physical at birth, difficulties would eventually surface. Instructed we be attentive parents noting every milestone development.


otingly and obediently we obeyed.

and occupational therapy began. Further

Around 1 year 5 months first

stimulated through endless sessions of music,

signs of stiffness in his arms and

massage and play. We learnt of the success

legs surfaced. He would be stretched out,

achieved with hyperbaric sessions in USA

as though he had no joints, he would fall

and Canada only to stumble on a local South

backwards like a pole. Often hard on his

African magazine article about a deep-sea diver

mother, baby & child july 2012

head if not shielded. I recall attending a party, performing sessions locally and began with that where I briefly left the room, returned to

too, achieving much success. Thereafter learnt

my “friends” laughing at my son as he kept

horse riding also produced results, embarked

falling. The shock at their behaviour on my

on that too every Saturday morning. Diet

sons face propelled me into action.

changed to a holistic one and refined foods were removed from our diet. Walked in him

For us the intense therapy commenced at 1

on the beach for his feet and overall muscle

year 7 months after he learnt to walk alone.


Sessions of neuro physiotherapy, speech 108

mama me time Riaad’s health deteriorated in the first seven

for the world at large.

years of his life when living in Johannesburg. By the time he was eight we knew which

Riaad, prospered from day one, completing the

medicines would work, what antibiotic had

grade 1 syllabus ahead of his peers, learnt to

which effect and more. Hospitalization for

read and obtained the lead in the school play as

constant asthmatic type symptoms became

Harry Potter as he was able to remember his and

more frequent.

everyone else’s lines. He mastered the ability to run in grade two at the age of eight years old,

It was not until Riaad began crèche when

and just like “Forrest Gump” he ran at any given

the principal suggested he be assessed and

chance. He had an insatiable appetite for books

recommended clinical psychologists. His first

and the ability to hold much knowledge on a

assessment revealed Riaad required special

variety of different topics ahead of his peers. An

education and it would be in his best interest

inkling of light streamed into my life and it was

we “left” him there as it would be “best for

about then in 2002 that my desire to further my

him, a better world” for him to grow up in. I

studies resurfaced. Applied to Rhodes University,

remember the blood racing through my veins

Grahamstown. Enrolled in 2003 for a Journalism

on hearing the news, blanking out and not

Degree. Resigned from my job, my son was

accepting another word after the hour visit. He

discharged from hospital and three weeks later

was labelled ataxic cerebral palsy. Scoliosis was a new chapter began. His health improved and detected, his flat feet confirmed, he had poor

while a new life was not easy he weathered the

eyesight, and his hearing was slightly impaired.

storm. In 2008 at the age of 14 he was assessed by a Pediatric Neurologist and formally diagnosed

Riaad promptly received his spectacles. I recall

with Asperger’s Syndrome. Unbeknown to

the first time he wore the spectacles and

us success was achieved from early excessive

exclaimed, “oh I see you mummy, and you are

treatments. Asperger’s, falls under Autism and

beautiful!” I wept uncontrollably, realized my

while the condition differs between children,

fears and ignorance around his needs would

Riaad had the good fortune of mainstream

not become an excuse, our son was going to

education, much social interaction, excessive

have the most conscious mother I could be.

stimulation and parents who refused to simply

Their recommendation did however, speed up

settle for the hour assessments delivered.

the process and Riaad was promptly enrolled at Frances Voorweg, Johannesburg. For the

Riaad turns 18 this August, plays group sports

year of 2000 Riaad attended special education

namely hockey and basketball. Enjoys playing

mornings and regular crèche activities in the

the piano, is fanatical about soccer and while

afternoons for a solid year.

socialisation is still a major area of concern for us

By the end of his first year in special education

expression for all emotions, can appear insolent

we noticed our son’s reluctance to attend

however it’s his understanding of doing what

special education school all the while had

makes him comfortable and happy that takes

grown confident and assertive. The schools

precedence in his mind and his world. Reverse

professionals did a second assessment and

psychology works when attempting to explain the

while two of the five specialists advised thought consequences of poor choices. it best Riaad remain in special education, the final decision whether he would begin

Follow your heart and gut if at any time you think

school in mainstream was ours. We opted for

or feel something is off beat with your child.

mainstream schooling in order to prepare him 109

mother, baby & child july 2012

he has coped relatively well. He has one facial

mama me time

Celebrating is sharing… Thinking of ways to make the Holy Month of Ramadan a more meaningful season for the family? Get in touch with Occupied Jerusalem: The UAE Charity Body for their Ramadan programme in Palestine. Seek how you would be able to help our Palestinian brothers and sisters in completing their projects. Their charity programme comprises of providing Ramadan iftar tables, alms, Eid presents, Ramadan food parcels and needy students’ programme. The latter will definitely put a life-long impact to it its beneficiaries…


ou may also contribute for the

after the sunset. Visit a nearby mosque or if

“Care Packages” for Dubai

in doubt, contact a community leader in your

Chamber Charity Night’s

area to arrange the same!

Adoptacamp initiative. Last year, over 5,000 individuals volunteered to be part

Have a blessed Ramadan to you!

of founder Saher Shaikh’s Adoptacamp. The Care Packages are being distributed to Dubai labour camps – giving muchneeded supplies to works in the emirate. Email before July 24 to ensure that your donation makes it to our brethren in need. Otherwise, you can simply share a


mother, baby & child july 2012

meal or two to our Muslim brothers

“Soon after we shifted to our new home, we decided to decorate my son, Daniyaal’s room in a football theme as that is both the father and son’s favourite pastime! All his toys and playpen helped create a complete play zone for him to enjoy. In all this time, he never let us know his actual excitement with all this. A few weeks ago though, my cousin (who is also his favourite aunt and playmate) came home to visit. As soon as he saw her, he dragged her into the room and switched on the lights and screamed “WOWWWWWWW, see TOYS!!!” That was such a cute moment for all of us to see how much he enjoys playing there and also “showing off” all his toys. Now, it has become a norm that everyone who comes home needs to visit his playroom to share his excitement and play, which is the high point of his day, and of course a joy to watch him so happy. Truly, this stage of life where every day he surprises us with his new mannerisms, insights or a sudden new word is such a magical phase for all of us at

mother, baby & child july 2012


Daniyaal’s mum


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Beauty and comfort especially for YOU! Treat yourself to a Spa Manicure & Pedicure for only

at the comfort of your own home!

Belle Femme at Home Experience Tel: 044548652


mother, baby & child july 2012

Dhs 200

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Dubai’s first eco friendly organic salon

EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR MBC FANS! Present this voucher at Zen Beauty Lounge DURING JULY ONLY For a FANTASTIC 10% Discount!

Telephone: Tel: 04 4343017



mother, baby & child july 2012

ing d a e r Happy ies! Mumm

health and wellbeing The Wonders of White Noise By Nathalie Hodgson

Given today’s hectic lifestyles, white noise provides an oasis of calm that can help you feel better and work more productively. So what exactly is white noise and what’s the big deal about it?


he name is derived from “white light,” which is what you see with your eyes when the colour is equally spread out

over your three-color receptors (cones). White noise is basically the same, only with sound. The audible frequencies are so spread out that you only hear one level – the white noise. It is every tone or frequency that a human ear can possibly hear, combined. The monotonous stream of the same peaceful sound can filter and mask distracting noises such as honking car horns, barking dogs, noisy neighbours, annoying snoring and screaming sirens. In fact, modern offices are increasingly using white noise technology to mask the sound of surrounding conversations for cubicle workers. mother, baby & child july 2012

As well as nine-to-five productivity benefits there are a myriad of health advantages, with some white noise sounds working better than others for specific uses. Along with personal preference for waves, rain etc. themes, white noise can provide an alternative healing process and is mostly commonly known to assist with those suffering from insomnia. 118

mama me-time • Babies suffering from colic • Tinnitus (ringing in the ear) and Hyperacusis (acute sound sensitivity) • Dizzy Spells associated with Vestibular or inner Ear Disorders • Acute stress disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, For babies, the most common and talked about

Autism, Sensory Integration and Learning

benefit of white noise is the comparison made to the noise that mimics the swishing tone in

Disability Individuals with ADD/ADHD,

the mother’s womb that a baby listened to

hyperactivity, impulsiveness and other

consistently for nine months. Contrary to what

similar disabilities are more easily distracted

people would think that the womb is all about

by different sights and sounds within their

silence and tranquillity, the environment is

surroundings. By masking or cancelling out

actually quite noisy, like the sounds of white

extraneous sounds, white noise can be a

noise. When a baby is born, the sudden stop of

very effective part of an overall program

the chaotic noise they were used to frightens

to promote greater focus, concentration,

them, and so does every single noise they hear

and productivity, as well as improved

which is considered foreign to them. As you will

interpersonal behaviour. White Noise has

often hear a mother remark that, ‘I could only

also been used on pets for behaviour

get the little one to sleep with the vacuum on,

modification tool, to help manage your pets’

fan, hair dryer or in the car.Complete Book of

behaviour, especially to relax them.

Pregnancy & Baby’s First Year, Mayo Clinic editor writes: “White noise, such as the continuous,

Along with its benefits as a therapeutic

monotonous sound of a vacuum cleaner or

treatment, the most beneficial day-to-day

a recording of ocean waves, can often relax

advantage of using white noise is that it

and lull your baby’ providing them with more

encourages you to a deeply relaxed state

sound uninterrupted sleep that is essential for

of consciousness. When combined with

a baby’s development, appetite, and all around

binaural beats, it can absorb your attention


but without stimulating a strong emotional

Everyone can benefit from white noise. It can be

response so naturally sweeping away mental

a part of your regular sleep routine decreasing

clutter leaving you with a nice, quiet mind.

enhance your work environment, improve

Nathalie Hodgson, is a writer, mother, PR &

concentration and productivity, improve study

Marketing consultant and yoga instructor,

skills, and attention spans. More recently, studies

juggling this whilst raising two kids under

have shown that it also can help shift workers

two and enjoying the most of life, she can

who must sleep during the day. A focus group

be contacted on

of night-shift nurses found that many used white noise to improve the quality and quantity of daytime sleep. People suffering from the below symptoms will find white noise most beneficial:

World Listening Day July 18


mother, baby & child july 2012

the need for drugs and pain medication. To

mama me-time

Eco Zen Health Tip

…On skin care • Exfoliating cleansers are useful when you have relatively clear skin, especially if you spend a lot of time in a room with central air-conditioning or during the summer since dry air speeds up the cell-shedding rate. • Cleansing creams may feel oilier to the touch, because of the low emulsifier content, but they are much safer on sensitive and acne-prone skin. • Avoid using peppermint, balm mint, winter-green, or any other “minty” ingredients that smell and feel refreshing but can burn and sting. These extracts are better for deodorising your feet than combating pimples! • Honey can be a luxurious mask on its own. I can also be added to hair treatments! • Extra virgin olive oil can be used for hair masks and body scrubs, extra light olive oil for facial cleansers and moisturisers, both preferably organic.


mother, baby & child july 2012

Source: The Green Beauty Guide By Julie Gabriel

mama me-time | top tips for wellbeing

Mind & Body Tip Dogs as “soul friends”

“The psychological theories of object relations, self-psychology, relational-cultural theory and narrative theory provide a baseline to examine our relationship with our canine friends. As we weave through the teachings of each theory, our developmental understanding of this connection becomes rich with meaning and understanding. Dogs can provide us with a level of soul healing, unable to be obtained by the clinical examination of life events. We are more than the labels given to us and animals know this. The power of healing offered by the humananimal bond can transcend us and connect us to our inner core, our soul. Each soul struggles in life to find meaning and purpose. Our love from dogs can lead us on a path of soul-discovery, simply by being present in the healing elements of the NOW. This is our gift from dogs, a lesson in soul healing…” Source: Soul Friends: Finding Healing with Animals

mother, baby & child july 2012

By Kate Nicoll


mama me-time

Holistic Motherhood Tip …On parenting

1. Mindful parenting involves being attentive, setting limits, having realistic expectations and displaying fairness, consistency and flexibility. 2. There are predictable patterns of growth and development at various ages that parents need to understand. 3. Adjust your expectations to match your child’s current level of ability and understanding. 4. Use behavioural guidance and discipline that is appropriate for a child’s developmental level. 5. Plan family activities that match a child’s interests and abilities. 6. Offer foods that are interesting, safe and nutritionally sound. 7. Help others to understand your child’s individual talents, preferences and challenges. 8. Understand the variations in development from one child to another and typical milestones. 9. Accept your children and others for the people they are and the individuals they are becoming. 10. Identify, acknowledge and balance their personal needs with those of their children



mother, baby & child july 2012

Invitation to Holistic Health: A Guide to Living a Balanced Life By Charlotte Eliopoulos,

People of the Month

Kate Humphries


hen we are given a terrific

little supply of creative, girly and ‘sparkling’

opportunity to expand our wings

clothing for them. “Nothing,” she says

and reach greater heights, we

“That’s when I came up with the idea.”

often get too excited that we realise how much we are to sacrifice when it is already

She travelled all the way to Indonesia to

too late. And who wouldn’t grab the chance

discuss with designers and buy materials.

– especially if it is a once-in-a-lifetime deal.

Not long after, she began designing herself

Kate Humphries, Owner and Founder of

with her first creations mainly sparkling

Sparkles, knows this moment by heart as

sequined shoes. “Everyone liked it!”

she has been encouraged to capture a wider

shares Kate. In 2004, she started supplying

market one too many times. But to her, family

products in various shops in Madinat –

comes first…

sarongs, ballet tutus, the works. She then decided to take it to the next level and had

Kate has been living in the UAE for 18 years. She married her businessman husband mother, baby & child july 2012

thirteen years ago and from that union came two lovely daughters: Natasha, 11 and Jasmine, 9. Of a nursing background prior to joining one of the country’s premier airline and subsequently the customer service industry, Kate had an inspiration anew as her girls began to get older. She found a


her own shop at the Mercato. Her hip and

mama me-time Keeping it ‘small’ means she is able to manage it within her time when the children are in school or already in bed. Her husband, being an entrepreneur himself, also offers his understanding and caring stead for the little ones when Kate has to go on events and other functions needed for her own business. When asked whether she had that designing streak all her life, she said it had got a lot more to do with being ‘practical’. Kate declares, “I’ve always been creative and a doer. Whenever I feel the need, I just go and do it!” And as a woman in a country where a constant juggle as a mother and a business woman is definitely a requirement sunshine-friendly products have got the tourists

for success, Kate would like to empower

shopping for their young princesses as they find

those who wish to do the same with these

it very unique, especially with limited pieces for

words: “You have to have a lot of time and

each design.

commitment. But with research and trials, you will be able to come up with something

Together with fellow mum and colleague,

that is desirable to the market…”

Caroline, Kate handles the operations of Sparkles from the ground work up. Yes, there had been times when she and Caroline would feel “sparkled out” and needed to take time outs, that is why it is very important to them to be sensitive of their limitations. This gave her the opportunity to work with UK-based designers and clothing lines. But her two of her most trusted guideline in kids fashion are her daughters: “They know what is good and of high standard. They are fussy! They love to dress up, more often in pink and purple. The eldest also have the eye for design and would even notice whether the

Not only does she prioritise their say on her designs, she places them along with her husband on top of her list. “Sparkles is still a small business. My main priority is being at home, being very supportive to my family,” says Kate.


mother, baby & child july 2012

billboard AD is well-made or not.”

mama me-time | people of the month

Volunteers from the Dubai British School Unwanted Electronic Items Become the Luxury of Many Labourers in UAE with ‘PASS IT ON’ Initiative By Eros Group One man’s Junk is another man’s luxury - Dubai British School students distribute various electronics and gadgets as part of Eros Group’s noble ‘PASS IT ON’ campaign

It was scorching heat yet the sun could not take away the spirit of the young students of Dubai British School who volunteered for Eros Group’s much acclaimed ‘PASS IT ON’ initiative, to come forward and pass on their unwanted electronics and gadgets to the UAE labourers bringing a smile to many. Eros Group, leading distributors of world renowned brands along with Take My Junk and Dubai British School today distributed reusable mother, baby & child july 2012

electronics and gadgets to the labourers at the labour camp in Greens, Dubai. The ‘PASS IT ON’ campaign was kick started in Dubai British School on 13 June 2012 with a forum for students, parents, visitors and teachers to tackle the e-waste problem in the UAE. Through the forum, the students were encouraged to make


mama me-time a commitment to pass on their unwanted electronics products to the labourers in the UAE who could have better use for them. During the one month long campaign at DBS, Eros group organized various sessions for the students and their parents to create awareness on the benefits of electronic ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’. The awareness campaign which is in its 3rd year now, is in conjunction with ‘Take My Junk’ and aims at reducing electronic waste through extending the life cycle of electronic products by giving them away to those less fortunate. ‘PASS IT ON’ drop boxes were placed in DBS where students had put their unwanted electronic items. The students collected items ranging from mobile phones, air purifiers, music systems, CD and DVD players, mixers and blenders which were much appreciated by the labourers. The team from ‘Take My Junk’ today collected the items from the school and distributed it further to the labourers at a labour camp in Greens with the help of


mother, baby & child july 2012

volunteers from DBS’s students, teachers & Eros Group members.

mama me-time | people of the month

Guru Junior Neel Joshi My name is Neel Joshi and I am 10 years old. I study at Greenfield community school and I am in grade 5. I was born in London and belong to India. I have one brother who is 8 years old and very nice parents, Rohan & Tina. It has almost been 6 ½ years when I first came to the UAE from London.


decided to start raising awareness about oil spills and its effects on the environment. It all started as a school

issue about sharing the planet with our finite resources. I chose oil spills. I chose this topic because it’s a disaster; the environment gets destroyed. Look at the Fujairah oil spill, the beaches were a mess and the country got affected from it… I also chose oil spills because when they strike, they mother, baby & child july 2012

The oil leaks out of a drilling plant or an oil tanker and spreads into the ocean. Oil can leak out of tankers when they collide with things like icebergs, rocks and coral. Oil can leak out of drilling plants when the oil is not capped or when the machinery fails to work. When oil leaks into a body of water it can wipe out all marine life in the area. Oil spills can also ruin the food chain and the lively hood of fishermen this means that

project where we had to choose a world

are really hard to clean up in fact some major oil spills took a few years for it to disappear. An oil spill is when (mostly) accidents with


either drilling or transporting oil happens.

the fishermen won’t have any money to feed their families or to pay for education of their children or to pay the bills or loans and many things like that. When the bottom of the food chain (the plankton) is extinct in that area the rest of the food chain will soon starve. Some of the major oils spills in recent history are: The Prestige oil spill (Spain); The Sea empress disaster (Wales); The Exxon Valdez oil spill (Alaska) Part of our project was taking action for doing this I wrote in the opinion of the

mama me-time 7days paper and it was published under the title: A slick call from one young ecowarrior. I also made a video about oil spills and there harmful effects and posted it on YouTube watch?v=B0QkuyLAO3M&feature=guser-u I had also made a quiz and took it to the younger classes in my school to see what they knew about oil spills and raise their awareness. I likewise hung up posters about oil spills and their effects around the school to generate more awareness. I have many different ideas that could be used to use less oil in order for less oil spills:

Some of the green events I participated in were a litter cleanup of one of the beaches. In school

• Solar energy: because we have the sun

we have also had some green bake sales with the

to give a lot of power in one day as the

money going to the environment.

sun stays in the sky for about 12 hours.

I think that we as a people need to know

We should invest and research more into

about oil spills in order to stop them. I would

harvesting this energy.

recommend people to help cleanup oil spills if it is in their reach if not then try to raise money to

• Wind energy: because wind could be

help clean up the spill and of course use alternate

useful as we have wind in most places

energy sources.

every day. And wind is a powerful source. I will continue to do environmental projects • We could make inventions that could

because I believe

power things using people. Things such as

that we all need

a pedal powered computer so whenever

to strive to make a

you’re using it powers because you’re

change. Our planet


is in our hands if our environment

items like plastic which the basic ingredient

will be doomed and

is oil that way more of it wouldn’t be

we need to care a


little more for our planet because it is

• We should also use more public transport

the only home we

and carpool this method uses less fuel so


less oil.


mother, baby & child july 2012

we don’t start now • We could also use less oil if we recycle

mama me-time | people of the month

by Jan D’Sa



Write about what you love – What’s in it for you? When I started the Cultural Arts Travelogue, I was already handcrafting jewelry and had progressed to the stage where I was experimenting with creating my own

voila FooDiva was born. FooDiva went on to win

techniques. I wanted to talk about various

second place in the UAE’s best 2011 blogs.

handcrafts by other artisans through the

In short, do your market research into what you love

blog. The blog is now evolving to encompass

and see whether you can provide information to the

my interest in music, performing arts and

market that hasn’t been covered before.

visual arts – thus creating an interesting dialogue amongst the various creative veins.

What is the preferred communication channel of

The bottom line is that I love the creative arts

your readers?

in all its shapes and forms. Therefore, even when the going gets tough, I know I can rely

Perhaps your reader prefer videos as opposed to

on my passion for this field to keep me on

textual content (especially if you are demonstrating

board. If you think blogging is easy, think

a DIY process). My readers tend to be visual, so I

again. It’s a commitment.

use more photographs and videos that illustrate the

mother, baby & child july 2012

point I’m making. While I love to write about my Identify your niche – What’s in it for them?

experience, I keep my blog posts short and sweet.

One of my favourite websites in town is

(To be continued next month) The Founder and Owner, Samantha Wood, got it right when she identified a niche in the market, which was delivering impartial food reviews and foodie features. She blended the needs of the market with her love for all things food, and 130

Jan D’Sa is a published writer, mixed media artist-designer of Janys De and is the Founder of the CulturalArtsTravelogue.c om , an online lifestyle portal focusing on the creative arts, for the creative connoisseur in you.

mama me-time | kitchen magic!

KITCHEN MAGIC! SPECIAL RAMADAN EDITION! All recipes by Yes Chef!’s Managing Director Scott Crawley

Perfect Hummus 600g canned chickpeas, drained, rinsed 2 garlic cloves, crushed 100ml olive oil 2 tbsp tahini paste 1 tsp ground cumin Juice of 1 lemon Toasted Arabic bread, to serve


Place the chickpeas, garlic, olive oil,

tahini paste, cumin and lemon juice in a food processor and process until combined. Add 1/4 cup (60ml) of water and process again until quite smooth.


Place hummus in a bowl and garnish with


Serve with toasted Arabic bread.

mother, baby & child july 2012

pinches of paprika and a good quality olive oil


mama me-time

Spiced Puddings with Saffron Apricots 375ml (1 1/2 cups) pouring cream 1/2 tsp cardamom seeds, crushed 875ml (3 1/2 cups) milk 135g (3/4 cup) rice flour 1 1/2 tbsp corn flour (see note) 55g (1/3 cup) unsalted pistachio kernels, coarsely chopped

200g dried apricots, halved 500ml (2 cups) boiling water Large pinch of saffron threads

140g (2/3 cup) caster sugar 1.

To make the saffron apricots, place the

apricot and boiling water in a large heatproof bowl. Sprinkle with the saffron. Set aside for 3 to 4 hours or until the apricot is plump.


Transfer the apricot mixture to a saucepan.

Add the sugar and place over medium heat. Cover and cook, stirring occasionally, until the sugar dissolves. Simmer for 5 minutes or until the apricot is tender. Set aside to cool. Cover and

paste. Return to the saucepan over

place in the fridge.

medium heat. Cook, stirring, for 2

560ml (2 1/4 cups) of milk in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Bring just to a simmer, stirring occasionally, until the sugar dissolves. Whisk the remaining milk, rice flour and corn flour in a medium heatproof bowl until smooth.


Gradually whisk 375ml (1 1/2 cups) of cream

minutes or until the mixture boils and is smooth and thick. Set aside to cool. Divide among six 300ml-capacity serving glasses. Cover and place in the fridge for 4 hours to chill.


Top with the saffron apricots and


mixture into the rice flour mixture to make a


mother, baby & child july 2012

3. Combine cream, sugar, cardamom seeds and

mama me-time | kitchen magic!

Aubergine and Coconut Pakoras 2 aubergine round 1 cup refined flour ž cup desiccated coconut 2 eggs ½ tsp crushed black pepper ½ cup coconut milk powder 1 tsp salt 1 tsp baking powder oil for frying


Mix baking powder in refined flour.


Cut 16 long pieces from aubergine.


Marinate with salt and set aside for a


Beat eggs in a bowl and desiccated


coconut, salt, black pepper, flour, coconut milk powder and water and make a thick paste.


Wash aubergine and dry on tissue


Put corn flour in a plate.


Warm oil in a wok, coat aubergine


pieces first with corn flour then with flour paste and fry one at a time till golden.


Remove on absorbent paper and serve

mother, baby & child july 2012

with honey.


mama me-time

Spicy Chicken Kebabs 2 Garlic cloves, roughly chopped 1 knob of fresh ginger, roughly chopped 1 orange grated zest and juice 3 spring onions roughly chopped 2 tbsp honey 1 tbsp light soy sauce 2 tbsp vegetable oil 4 small skinless boneless chicken breast fillets, cut into cubes

20 button mushrooms 20 cherry tomatoes 2 large red peppers, seeded and each cut into 10


Grind the garlic, ginger,

orange zest and spring onions to a paste in a food processor. Add the honey, orange juice, soy sauce and oil, then blend again. Pour the mixture over the cubed chicken and leave to marinate for at least 1 hr, but preferably overnight. Toss in the mushrooms for the last half an hour so they take on some of the flavour, too.


Thread the chicken, tomatoes, mushrooms

and peppers onto 20 wooden skewers, then cook on a griddle pan for 7 to 8 mins each side or until the chicken is thoroughly cooked and baste with the marinade from time to time until evenly cooked. Arrange on a platter, scatter with chopped spring onion and eat with your fingers.


mother, baby & child july 2012

and golden brown. Turn the kebabs frequently

mama me-time | editor’s pick

Editor’s Pick: In Focus -


Orchid Restaurant, Ramada Hotel and Suites Ajman Visitors of Ajman who have taken the trip with their families would be glad to know that Ramada Hotel and Suite Ajman’s Orchid Restaurant is a relaxed, family-oriented venue. The place offers a basic selection of international buffet. There are themed nights on offer; those who are into Asian cuisines should try their sushi and dim sum nights.

For more information and bookings,

mother, baby & child july 2012

call 06 740 4666

Top tip: A variety of food will certainly leave you full. Make sure to come over with an empty belly!


Quality: Service: Ambience: Value for Money: Mother, Baby & Child says...

mama me-time

g n i n i D Nineteen, The Address Montgomerie Nineteen is a quaint place perfect for couples who would like to dine whilst amidst an exquisite view. Families were also spotted dining during Mother, Baby & Child Magazines’ visit. An occasional pianist come to play live music; most days guests are serenaded by the electronic piano playing timeless classics. Restaurant staffs were friendly notwithstanding their busyness. They were also quick! Our choice of steak and seafood needed more to be well-done, so it would help if you’d tell your server how you want it done to be sure.

For more information and bookings, call 04 888 3444 or email

Top tip: Don’t forget to dig in to their appetisers too!

Quality: Service: Ambience: Value for Money: Mother, Baby & Child says...


mother, baby & child july 2012

mama me-time | editor’s pick

Dining Bunkers, The Address Montgomerie Dining al fresco by the lake and the championship golf course, we were treated to a dining adventure quite literally. It was Sri Lankan Night and it would be our first time to try! We’ve had prawns hot off the grill with sides that were equally succulent: steamed marinated okra, sweet potato in oil, potato in coconut milk and grilled eggplant. The highlight of our experience was undoubtedly their Sri Lankan Kotthu – basically what a Pad Thai would taste like but instead of noodles, it was serve with Parata! You can opt from slightly spicy to super spicy, so just be brave and try it out! Sri Lankan Night at Bunkers run every Sunday to Wednesday.

For more information and bookings, call 04 888 3444 or email

mother, baby & child july 2012

Top tip: Try their

cocktails and desserts, you won’t regret it!


Quality: Service: Ambience: Value for Money: Mother, Baby & Child says...


mama me-time

Editor’s Pick: In Focus -

Ramada Hotel and Suites Ajman The Ramada Hotel and Suites Ajman offers a contemporary take in all angles. The hotel offers standard amenities that are most convenient to families who have had a long and tiring day going on tours about Ajman. Museums and other tourist spots abound the area and spending the night here would make the trip even more worthwhile. For longer stays, a business trip or a weekend with your husband will be more preferred than having kids in tow. There are quite a little room for children recreations here… The service can also use some improvement…

For more information and bookings,

Quality: Service: Ambience: Value for Money: Mother, Baby & Child says...

Top tip:

Bring your books and DVDs to fully enjoy your restful stay after a day of travel and tours.


mother, baby & child july 2012

call 06 740 4666

mama me-time

Editor’s Pick: In Focus -


Elixir Spa, Gloria Hotel Dubai Our associate publisher and her friend came back to one of Mother, Baby & Child Magazine’s favourite spa destination to try out their innovative spa treatment. The area was relaxed and dimly lit as they were escorted to their separate treatment rooms. Darine had the Dry Thai Treatment which was a first for her. Instead of changing, she was made to put on Thai garments over her clothes. What followed were a series of repetitive strokes that broke down the knots and offered a very relaxing sensation. Next was a hair mask – prepared organically by the Founder of the spa herself. After a thoroughly calming scalp massage came the shower. The experience was capped by a

mother, baby & child july 2012

nice, warm ginger tea.


mama me-time

Spas Madeline, on the other hand, had Mandarin Sugar Scrub, Foot Reflexology and Aromatherapy Massage. Basically, Elixir Spa has various types of Sugar Srubs – Hazelnut, Jasmine, etc. Like all of the spa’s products, it is 100 percent natural mixed with only the purest of essential oils. The Mandarin Sugar Scrub aims to moisturise and eliminate the presence of dead skin… The scrub in itself left her skin that silky smooth feeling for about a week! She then had her Foot Reflexology. Also known as the “zone therapy”, the treatment aims to improve any imbalances and stimulate specific points to allow the body to heal. Finally, she had her Aromatherapy Massage which allowed her to inhale essential oils whilst going through the whole procedure. This is believed to stimulate brain function, and when absorbed through skin, it promotes whole body healing. A great way to balance both the body and the mind!

Top Tip:

Elixir Spa will be having special Ramadan packages so better check out what they are soon!

Service: Ambience: Value for Money: Mother, Baby & Child says...


mother, baby & child july 2012

For more information and bookings, call 04 381 8172 to 74 or email

mama me-time | editor’s pick

Spas Elche Natural Beauty Salon Elche is run by an all-Hungarian team, from the owner all the way to nail and spa experts. It clientele are mostly locals and expatriates. All of their products are organic made in Hungary catering from 12 to 80 years of age. The 90-minute Purifying Facial starts with cleaning and peeling by use of Sensitive Extra Milk and Sensitive Extra Scrub to gently remove the dead cells without irritating the skin. Then a softening massage is done to prepare the skin for the hand extraction. A mixture of herbal and honey gel is then used for deep hydration. A nurturing and calming mask followed that targeted the eyes, face, neck and cleavage. For the final touches, a soothing serum with peppermint was applied on the face to calm, refresh and hydrate the skin. Before leaving, the staff applied a concealer to heal the wounds from the extraction and to cover up the face.

mother, baby & child july 2012

For more information and bookings, visit

Service: Ambience: Value for Money: Mother, Baby & Child says...


Top Tip:

Come without make up and je welleries and en joy a relaxed and re newed face!

Ask Genie

mama me-time

Q: What is SPF? How effective is the SPF number on the skin? Genie answers... Skin damage from sunlight builds up with

just recently reached 70. To figure out how

continued exposure, whether sunburn occurs

long you can stay in the sun with a given SPF,

or not. In addition to skin cancer and sunburn,

use this equation:

other effects can include wrinkling, premature

Minutes to burn without sunscreen x SPF

aging, and in time, an almost leathery

number = maximum sun exposure time

appearance of the skin. Research also suggests

For example, if you burn after 10 minutes of

that excessive exposure to UV radiation may

sun exposure, an SPF of 15 will allow you to

interfere with the body’s immune system. If

be in the sun for up to 150 minutes without

you’ve shopped for sunscreen lately, you have


probably noticed the proliferation of products with ever-higher sun protection factor (SPF)

Anyone over the age of six months should


use a sunscreen daily. Even those who work inside are exposed to ultraviolet radiation for

The sun protection factor of a sunscreen is

brief periods throughout the day, especially

a laboratory measure of the effectiveness of

if they work near windows, which generally

sunscreen — the higher the SPF, the more

filter out UVB but not UVA rays.

protection a sunscreen offers against UV-B (the

Sunscreens with higher SPF ratings block

ultraviolet radiation that causes sunburn)

slightly more UVB rays, but none offers 100% protection.

SPF numbers start

This segment is brought to you by:

What do you think of our answer above? We would love to hear your comments below. Have a spa/beauty related question? Send your questions to 143

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at 2 and have

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Editor’s Pick: In Focus -

s n o l a S

Treatment of the Month

Patsi Collins Hair Beauty Nails If you want to go to the ‘pro’, then Patsi Collins is your place. The salon is neat and untainted; the staffs were all experts – hair and nails. The British-run beauty area houses a friendly team, essentially because of their supportive owner. The hair treatment commenced with a soothing scalp massage that was followed by a hair wash. The Associate Publisher was going for a trim, but had a haircut instead – but nonetheless the service met her expectations and after the blow dry portion, she could definitely say that they did a fantastic job on her crowning glory. As she was contemplating on having highlights, she noticed that the staff was asking all the right questions. That is why she might come back to have it done at Patsi Collins’ soon! (Cross fingers!)

For more information and bookings,

mother, baby & child july 2012


Top Tip:

Having your hair cut at this place will surely make your day!


Service: Ambience: Value for Money: Mother, Baby & Child says...

book-worm me Spiritual Parenting Gopika Kapoor

Spiritual Parenting delves on the “wisdom (and wit) for raising your child in a stress-free and spiritual environment.” with schools of thought different from the common ones one may see in the bookstores. The author is a mother of twins and the words she had written came from her own personal experiences as well as from other parents she has closely observed. This tome of compounded common sense and spiritual wisdom will be a great tool in managing physical and emotional difficulties (from post-partum depression all the way to strains in spousal relationships), child-rearing (from your toddler’s tantrums to advices on positive discipline). Not only will you find solutions in the pages, but also tips to pre-empt common parenting woes.

One Minute for Yourself (A simple strategy for a better life) Spencer Johnson From the author of Who Moved My Cheese? and The One Minute Father, comes another inspirational book on how to live life minute by minute. Do you believe that in just one minute, you can change your attitude and even change your entire day? “Uncle” as everyone in his family fondly calls him was a businessman who mastered how he can be a better version of himself by the minute! The book teaches the readers of taking time everyday to do things that will not only take care of our friends, families and businesses, but also of ourselves. It gives life’s greatest lessons in narrative form, enabling us to master easy “one-minute” ways to reduce stress at work and at home, enjoy a sense of peace and balance, have more business and personal success and take better care of ourselves as well as encourage others to do the same…


mother, baby & child july 2012

It actually is a parenting handbook but

mama me-time Why Mars and Venus Collide Dr John Gray, PhD

His phenomenal bestsellers Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus has indeed opened a whole new area of understanding between the opposite genders. Don’t we usually end up misinterpreting our spouses’ behaviours towards us? Thinking that they have changed from their ‘too good to be true’ selves that we used to love during our courtship days. This leads to us mismanaging the stress in our daily lives and give reactions that ultimately affect our relationships. Dr Gray’s groundbreaking scientific research led him to these practical solutions put into clear, easy-to-understand programme to bridge the gap between you and your husband. This book intends to open our eyes into the fact that men and women have different reactions towards pressure. It aims to ease the tension than further increase it!

The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living

HH Dalai Lama & Dr Howard C. Cutler The East meets West in this eye-opening book about overcoming everyday problems and achieving lasting happiness. Who could better teach us about attaining spiritual tradition than the great Dalai Lama? Dr Howard Cutler, on the other hand, have put these eastern spiritual tradition in a western perspective. Imagine mastering the Tibetan ideologies into all our key areas of human experience… Finding that balance of attaining complete mental and spiritual freedom! It begins in stating that our very purpose of existence is to be in a state of happiness – how we can train our minds and reclaiming an inner state of happiness. Relating to human warmth and compassion, facing and learning from pain and suffering , and overcoming obstacles ultimately make this book a practical reference of ancient wisdom.

101 Things I Wish I Knew When I Got Married Linda & Charle Bloom

Written in the first person perspective, the husband-andwife team of psychotherapists shared the trials and tribulations of what is the most meaningful adventure they took together – Marriage. At one point in our married lives, we begin to question whether we made the right decision of saying “I do” to this person we wake up with every mother, baby & child july 2012

day as we discover a lot of things that we never knew prior that moment. What this book promises, is that the discoveries you have along the way aren’t always bad. Lessons like “It’s never too late to repair damaged trust” and “Getting help when you are unable to work things out isn’t a sign of weakness” can actually help save a 146

marriage! Imagine having 98 more!


February 19 March 20

March 21 April 19

Difficulties may arise and you may

Career women will find that gratifying feeling

have to take on a brave face and

with their respective jobs this month. What’s

confront them. Don’t undermine your

even better is that your hubby is just right

capabilities as your energy will be

behind you in all your endevours! Come the

your greatest ally. Don’t give in to an

21st, you probably would want to spend as

excessive retail therapy just to feel

much time with your hubby as you sow the

better. Now may also be the time to

seeds of your love for one another... Now

face existing problems in the home so

before you get too excited about luck being

that you will be able to find workable

in your favour, certain things like minding

solutions. Make the most of the time

what you have to say will always be a

the kids spend in the house too.

requisite no matter what.



April 20 May 20

May 21 June 21

Early in the month, a job opportunity

Think it’s just coincidence that you

within the company may catch your

suddenly feel a penchant to redecorate

attention – if you really want it, go for

the home? Well it’s because the

it or else you will lose your chance. This

Sun and Mars are in your 4th house

month, you must have a clear mind in

of home. But then, Pluto may not

improving your health and livelihood.

agree with your plans and will try to

The summer heat doesn’t get in the

impede it from happening on the 7th

way of romance seeping through your

and the 22nd. This may make your

union! You will feel as attractive as ever.

feel frustrated but the trick here is to

But be careful not to overspend in your

ascertain that everything is carefully

romantic exploits with hubby!

planned out before even beginning. 147

mother, baby & child july 2012


mother, baby & child july 2012




June 22 July 22

July 23 August 22

Lots of opportunities for

The time out from school may be useful

communication and short trips

especially when you wish to have a

are in store for you. When driving,

revamp around the house. Commission

always keep your eyes on the road...

your kids to help out. They may not

ALWAYS! Be extra careful to avoid any

like it at first, but keep your cool and

accident happening to you. Because

communicate to them why it is both

of the many times you are required to

necessary and beneficial for the family.

run here and there, you will feel more

Stress can be a reason for you to

drawn to home than usual. Perhaps

overeat. Try to redivert your cravings

something to make it more appealing

to something healthier and more

can make up for your absence.




August 23 September 22

September 23 October 22

You will noticeably be energetic this

Finally, now is the time to sit back and

July. Business is on your mind and with

relax. This is just in time as having

that comes the many possible sources of

Mars in the 12th house of “behind the

income! Pleasant surprises may come to

scenes� activity means that your energy

you and your family in this department

level is at its low. The good part is

as well. A word of caution, though, do

that romance is not waning, in fact the

not over extend yourself so much that it

chances for you and your significant

causes you health problems. Take it easy

other to rekindly the fire of your

as you will find that you have more in

relationship is greater. A pleasant time

resources than you expected.

await your lovely marriage...





October 23 November 21

November 22 December 21

It’s a very happy summer indeed! Kids

Your career is getting that blaze it

are out from school, you and your hubby

has long deserved! It’s fantastic time

are up to give the whole family a grand

for real advancement. Partnerships

vacation. As the Suna nd Mars are in your

and relationships will be the primary

11th house of hopes and wishes, your

motivating force for you. Your mind

imaginative thoughts of the future can

is like a sponge gathering all the

bring possibilities and supririses that will

possiblities for the future – all with

greatly benefit your home. There could

great tidings. To achieve these goals,

also be a good boost in your career too!

do some constructive planning and



December 22 January 19

January 20 February 18

Now is finally the time to have that

A wise mum is someone who can

vacation you have long been fantasizing

extend the family’s budget through

about! Pack those bags and don’t look

her creativity in juggling the financial

back! Whether you take this trip alone,

responsibilities. You need to be that

with your hubby or the entire family,

wise mum this month more than ever.

make it a point to plan well to avoid

Don’t worry as you have your husband

anything that could spoil the fun. You may

to support you in these matters. There

be asked to return sooner than what you

is also a chance for you to go on a

hoped for. Your workplace doesn’t seem

travel or have your mind wander off

to be the same without you.

to higher thinking. Take the trip and surely you won’t regret it!


mother, baby & child july 2012

make a road map as well...



directory listing

Our Range of Services Include: - Pool Parties - Garden Parties - Corporate Events - Entertainers - Baloons ‘n’ Decorations - Goody Bags - Candy Floss ‘n’ Popcorn - Full Party Planning

Kaizen People Domestic and small biz staff placement services Housemaids, nannies, cooks, drivers and more 056 1748622



T: 04 2946388 M: 050-8598781


mother, baby & child july 2012


Tel: 050 - 2825257 |


directory listing

DUBAI Villa 37, 65b St. – 32b St. Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 1 P.O. Box 72960, Dubai - UAE Tel +971 4 349 7600 | Fax +971 4 349 7668

mother, baby & child july 2012


Abu Dhabi Emirates Hospital St. 13, Delma and Karama intersection, Opposite Public Works Department P.O. Box 30907, Abu Dhabi - UAE Tel +971 2 446 6422 | Fax +971 2 443 0873


directory listing

Al Safa 2 (behind Spinneys Umm Suqeim)


Inspire Children’s Nursery Offering an individualized and child-centered program for children from 3 months – 4 years

(04) 3955473

Umm Al Sheif Tel: +971 (0)4 348 6275

Address: Villa #37, Street 10a, Umm Al Sheif, Dubai, UAE Um Suqeim 3, Street 17A, Villa 24 +971 50 9262611 / +971 4 3809336

Umm Suqeim Tel: +971 (0)4 394 8837

Address: Villa #43, Street 21C, Umm Suqeim 1, Dubai, UAE A secure and stimulating environment where each child will blossom! Winner - Nursery Provider of the Year!

‘Classes, Camp, Play area, Birthdays & MORE!’ MOTORCITY Foxhill 9 (near Party World), Dubai, U.A.E. | Phone: 9714-454-2760 UPTOWN MIRDIFF Grand Piazza (near Spinneys), Dubai, U.A.E.| Phone: 9714-236-3648 DUBAI MARINA The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai, U.A.E. | Phone: 9714-440-1220


mother, baby & child july 2012



directory listing

Contact Person: Ms. Neelam Moorjani (Owner)

t - +971 4 4545391 m - +971 50 1516632 Dubai Marina, DAMAC WAVES Building, Marina Level

The Little Gym IBN Battuta Persia Court, next to Baby Shop Tel : +9714 4456850 Fax : +9714 4456851 P.O Box : 37404 | Dubai | U.A.E Email :

Bikram Yoga and Pilates Studio Tel: +971 (0) 4 345 2131 Fax: +971 (0) 4 345 2132 Al Mina Rd, Satwa (next to Capitol Hotel) E-Mail: Web:

Arabian Center(Dubai): Burjuman(Dubai): Ibn Battuta(Dubai): Lamcy Plaza (Dubai): Mercato(Dubai): Oasis Centre(Dubai): Reef Mall(Dubai): Marina Mall (Abu Dhabi): Dalma Mall (Abu Dhabi): Manar Mall (RAK): Bawadi Mall (Al Ain): Jimi Mall (Al Ain):

04-2845679 04-3593336 04-3669819 04-3352700 04-3499976 04-3397783 04-2222405 02-6815527 02-5507407 07-2281881 03-7840338 03-7630206 | PHOTOGRAPHY

mother, baby & child july 2012

Take your pictures from pixel to print with a pickapic photobook pickapic is a service by: Tel: +971 4 449 5429


directory listing PHOTOGRAPHY

BABY, PREGNANCY, FAMILY AND MODEL PHOTOGRAPHY “AtoZ promise Quality photos at Affordable price”

Dwinguler Kids Playmats Pamir International FZE 0502737394/0504516998 Dubai Marina Mall, Level 1 T +9714 451 9779 E

Contact Paula or Kirsten on 050 1011385 or 0501424302


mother, baby & child july 2012


Your favourite online baby store selling unique clothing, accessories, gifts and all your baby essentials for 0-5 year olds. All delivered straight to your door by courier.


directory listing

Shop: Mercato Shopping Mall on the first floor Tel 04 3448498 Fax 04 3388802

P.O. Box 115648 Dubai, United Arab Emirates P (+971 4) 4234666 F (+971 4) 3679009 E: W:

mother, baby & child july 2012

FRED’S SWIM ACADEMY UAE P.O.Box 25499, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Tel. +971508896924


Dubai - Oud Metha Tel - 04 335 1230 Fax - 04 335 5104 Dubai - Al Nahda Tel - 04 2838 006 Fax - 04 2391 894

Sharjah Tel- 06 574 8588 Fax - 06 574 8878 Abu Dhabi Tel - 02 6333 062 Fax - 02 6333 052

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Ibn Battuta ............................................................................... 04 3669819 Lamcy Plaza .............................................................................04 3352700 Oasis Centre ............................................................................ 04 3397783 Mercato .................................................................................... 04 3499976 Arabian Center ........................................................................ 04 2845679 Reef Mall .................................................................................. 04 2222405 Burjuman Centre .................................................................... 04 3593336

Laboratoire Bioderma Middle East JLT Jumeirah Lake Towers – Tower JBC 5 – Dubai – UAE


Bioderma products are available in all the drugstores within the UAE and GCC.

Dalma Mall ................................................................................02 5507407 Marina Mall ...............................................................................02 6815527

RAK : Manar Mall ...............................................................................07 2281881


Tel : + 971 4 424 78 07

Jimi Mall ...................................................................................03 7630206 Bawadi Mall .............................................................................03 7840338

FUJAIRAH : Century Mall ...........................................................................09 2283950

shopping is easy at elc ABU DHABI Abu Dhabi Mall Bawabat Al Sharq Fatooh Al Khair Marina Mall Mushref Mall Al Khalidiya Mall Al Raha Mall Kiosk Al Wahda Mall

02-645 4766 02-586 4537 02-621 5863 02-681 8868 02-491 4145 02-635 4888 050-8843887 02-443 7103

AL AIN Al Jimi Al Ain Mall Al Bawadi

03-763 8891 03-751 6012 03-784 0433

AJMAN Ajman City Centre Safeer Mall

06-748 0152 06-749 8224

FUJAIRAH Century Mall Fujairah City Centre RAS AL KHAIMA Manar Mall Safeer Mall


09-223 8642 09-223 6525

DUBAI Al Barsha Mall Al Ghurair City Arabian Centre Arabian Ranches Burjuman Deira City Centre Dubai Festival City Dubai Mall IBN Batuta Green Community Mall of Emirates Marina Mall Mercato Mirdiff City Centre Motor City Silicon Oasis Souq Madinath Jumeira Spinneys The Springs Uptown Mirdiff Wafi City

04-325 5499 04-228 1873 04-284 5976 050-6442820 04-359 7709 04-295 1548 04-232 8371 04-339 8199 04-429 7903 050-6503257 04-341 4177 04-434 2642 04-344 8463 04-284 3592 04-457 2171 04-392 6398 04-368 6519 04-394 1204 04-367 4846 04-288 6792 04-324 2730

07-227 0718 07-235 9172

SHARJAH Sahara Centre Mega Mall

06-531 8562 06-574 5593

BohoBebe Trading LLC POBox 10266, Dubai UAE

Office: 04 8847601 | Fax: 04 8847602

(Early Learning Centre ME) for competitions, special offers and fun!

Abu Dhabi : Al Wahda Mall 02 4437252 Dubai : Al Ghurair City 04 2238176 · Arabian Center 04 2845405 · Burjman Centre 04 3528916 · Deira City Centre 04 2959061 · Dubai Marina Mall 04 4342713 · Emmar Town Center 04 3607816 · Ibn Battuta Mall 04 3685921 · Jumeirah Beach Residence 04 4243822 · Lamcy Plaza 04 3340742 · Mall of the Emirates 04 3475399 · Markaz (Jumeirah) 04 3448659 · Mirdif City Centre 04 2316625 · Spinney’s (Jumeirah) 04 3940228 · The Dubai Mall 04 3399812 · Uptown Mirdiff 04 2884519 Sharjah: Al Fardan Centre 06 5562225 · Sahara Centre 06 5316425 · Sharjah City Centre 06 5394985 · Sharjah Mega Mall 06 5747122


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like us on


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11:51 AM


Directory - GOCCO.pdf

MBC Directory - Premaman.pdf

mother, baby & child july 2012

MBC Directory - Charanga.pdf



1:49 PM

Dubai Dubai Festival City IKEA Building, Ground floor, Tel.: +971 4 232 6882 Fax: +971 4 232 6883 Jafza LOB 18, View 18, Ground Floor.

Email: Web: 158




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Mother, Baby & Child Magazine  

July Issue, Ramadan Special

Mother, Baby & Child Magazine  

July Issue, Ramadan Special