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Energizer Vaccines timeline



Estimated duration: 60 min. without dissemination

Aims of this module to learn what is vaccine and what are the types of it; to discover and follow long history of creating and introducing vaccines; to be aware of the vaccines effects; to connect scientists with their discoveries; to get to know what vaccination policy is and how foes it work in different countries of the world; to boost creativity and group work

ENERGIZER Vaccines timeline

Duration: 20 min. Group size: around 20 - 28 people Materials: big room, pieces of paper with year glued to the floor, Infographic 1 (cut out into pieces according to the numbers of participants), bowl/hat to use for withdrawing

Before the start of the activity, the facilitator prepares the room - on separated pieces of paper they write down year (appendix 1) and stick them to the floor chronologically. Next the facilitator cuts out the description of the events (eliminating the year) and puts all the paper in the bowl to be withdrawn by participants. Once the exercise starts the participants take one piece of paper and their task is to find correct year of their withdrawn event, where they place themselves next to. The participants can talk, read their „story” out loud and help each other finding the right spot. When the facilitator makes sure the group is ready, they check out the result with the appendix 1.