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3. The right of stakeholders The company has given the priority to the right of all the groups who involve the company: the officers, the creditors, the customers, the dealers, the shareholders, the auditor, the independent appraisal agency, the Government sector and the closed-communication. This is because it will respond to the company’s policy, “Areeya admire You.” Moreover, the company also gives the priority to energy saving and conserve environment policy. Shareholders : The Company aims to ensure that the shareholders receive appropriate returns for their investment by ensuring sound business operation results and continued business development. The Company also implements effective and efficient internal control system to ensure that the benefits of the Company and the shareholders are protected. Customer : The Company pays attention to and is responsible for the customer, either as a stakeholder or supporter, through the development of promising and quality project. The Company has also set up 24-hour emergency repair unit for the customer whose residence has troubles while the project environment will be always maintained in good condition. The Company has prepare project details, house design, standard material used in the project to the extent that it will enable the customer to satisfactorily consider before making his/her decision and the customer will also be allowed to change certain material and decoration as desired. In addition, the Company always realizes the significance of family and social institution. Therefore, on such special occasion, the customers will be invited to join the Company in an exclusive party either those being transferred of title or the new ones and at the same time, these activities can also strengthen family bond such as Areeya Fam New Year Party 2011 held for customer at Lad Pla Khao Project or a space Asoke-Ratchada (for all a space Projects’ customers) in which the attendants enjoyed with concert, outdoor theatre and giving a prize etc. Creditors and Trade Partners : The Company has a fair and transparency policy to select a contractor. The Company seriously follows trade condition and consistently consider about the problem happens with our contractor so that the company can solve it along. For example, organize a training to increase their knowledge, find the loaning source by negotiating with the bank so that our contractor can use an invoice to guarantee of loan and provide some construction materials which are not available in the market. Trade Competitor : The Company supports and encourages a fair and trade competition according to the acceptable rules and avoids the dishonest trading. Employee : The Company takes care, pays attention on employee developing, and gives a reasonable remuneration. Moreover, the Company also encourages participating in the following activities by: „ Planning

to have a training plan and employee developing program annually.

„ Planning

to have a training and seminar to increase their knowledge.

„ Encouraging

employees’ relationship by set a Sport day.

Society: The Company adopts the policy that always and constantly gives priority to social responsibility by organizing various activities under the project titled “Love to Live”. For the year 2010, the Company continued to run the projects of 2009 in commemoration of the celebrations on the auspicious occasion of His Majesty the King's 60th Accession to the Throne where 12 VIP persons from different sectors were invited to create T-shirt design limited edition “Long Live Our King” and sell for raising fund which, after deducted by the expenses and added up with donation from the Company, will be donated to The Chaipattana Foundation under Royal Patronage. On 25 November 2010, the Company gave the sum of Baht 300,000 in cash to the show “Chao Doo Woody” to raise fund for helping people suffering from flood in the South.

4. Shareholders’ Meeting A shareholder’s meeting is a very important process for the Board. The directors shall attend in every meeting (as the names mentioned in the meeting report). During the meeting, the chairperson proposes the opportunity to the shareholders to review the company’s operation, question and given opinions are recorded in the meeting report already.



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