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SYNKD—Landscape design, build and maintain all on the same page

Lafayette, Louisiana, United States

SYNKD: Cultivating a Multimedia Hub for the Landscape Industry At SYNKD, we're not just a multimedia company; we're architects of a vibrant community, fostering synergy and connections across the Design, Build and Maintain sectors within the landscape industry. Our platform comes to life through a seamless blend of print, digital and live events. Discover our Offerings: Embrace the power of SYNKD through our four distinctive regional quarterly publications, each tailored to the diverse landscapes of the United States. SYNKD South blossomed into existence in 2021, and the SYNKD West region saw its spectacular debut in October 2022. Anticipate the eagerly awaited launch of SYNKD Midwest in Spring 2024, followed by the grand entrance of SYNKD Northeast in 2025. Your Involvement Matters: We want to celebrate your projects, amplify your voices, and get to know you on a deeper level. But that's not all! SYNKD is also your premier stage to showcase the latest and greatest products and services in the industry. Join Our Community: Ready to be part of the SYNKD community? Sign up for our newsletter and stay in the loop. Let's grow together, connecting and collaborating within the landscape industry. Don't miss out subscribe today: And here is our in-person event: