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TRAVEL Archipelago and Wakatobi Marine Park, meaning guests can understand and connect with the stunning Indonesian landscape and unique off-route adventures while sailing on this opulent vessel. Guests are also welcome to work with the captain and navigator team ahead of booking routes to design their own bespoke sailing route and holiday. Prices are inclusive of all activities on board, which include scuba diving, spa treatments, excursions and all gourmet meals, with no extra fees for guests (excluding alcohol). Now moored in Flores, where cruises customarily begin, she’s able to offer every conceivable indulgence on board, with a unique and opulent one-cabin, two-berth bedroom with private balcony, moored within the islands of Komodo National Park and Raja Ampat archipelago to the East of Indonesia. In designing the project, I worked with renowned project supervisor Raul Boscarino. My interior design skills and unique vision came heavily into play as we looked to

“Love's in every meal prepared by the chef, every day trip planned by the cruise director, every smile of the crew and in the wind that fills the white sails” redesign the interiors. In addition to fitting the actual living space, guest cabin and en-suite, we modified the galley, engine room, crew cabins, back-quarters and dozens of other requirements a boat needs, all within a space that followed the beautiful lines of the traditional hull. As an architect obsessed with straight lines and perfect 90-degree corners, it wasn’t easy. With 31 metres on deck, Alexa has a main sleeping cabin for one couple. While working on the plans, Raul and I went from three cabins to one, which broke the traditional building rules with rugs, silk carpets, sofas and beds. I found that my lack of experience actually gave me freedom from these stereotypes when designing. I have to admit that nothing has so touched my soul as the building of Alexa. Compared to all my projects ‘on land’, this was the most romantic, almost surreal, beautifully exciting time for me. It was ‘building a dream’ in the purest meaning.

Alexa Private Cruises offers guests every conceivable indulgence aboard, enabling them to indulge their senses and enjoy the ultimate romantic adventure and once-in-a-lifetime experience. To find out more, visit

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