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Spring/Summer Issue 2019

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Features: Ceremonies | Entertainment Section | Bridal Look Book Special Features on Wendy Makin & Anny Lin Gothic Fairytale Shoot | Exclusive Interview with HEWI London




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Wendy Stratton

Dawn Nudds - Copy-Write Shrewsbury Julie Bethell Stephens - Dress to Impress Create Ceremonies - Jane Grayer HEWI London - Sharon Walter-Ferguson Kelsy McKinnon Anny Lin

Wendy Stratton 01432 761984 Cover Photo and Section Photographs: Natalie Jolley Photography Model:s for Front Cover: Ozra Tilbury & Georgie Pudge





I'm Natalie. I'm a Fine Art wedding and Boudoir photographer, living in the wild countryside of Herefordshire. Although I own and run my own private studio I'm often found scouting and working outside in the landscape both here in the UK and abroad. My family and all its heritage offer me the world of inspiration. The close bond I have with them translates beautifully to my work where natural moments, in a crowd of people celebrating life, really

help me to create magical images. My relaxed nature and creative style offer clients the opportunity to experience portrait sessions with ease. Using as much natural light as possible I use my training in film to guide my digital and even video work. As a photographer, I want to talk to you, listen to you and create a beautiful narrative for your personal story. Whether it's your love story for your wedding or your personal journey for portrait or boudoir session. You deserve

to have outstanding images that will remain timeless for you. That you will be proud to share for years to come. Matrimony UK® is proud to be working alongside Natalie as our ‘ The photographs from the ‘Spring/Summer’ Issue 2019 are featured heavily in this issue. We hope you love them as much as we do.


Venue: Brinsop Court Estate Photography: Natalie Jolley Photography Model: Georgie Pudge Hairstylist: Roberto Rineldi MUA: Freya McHarg MUA Florist: The Herefordshire Flower Studio Dress: Devilnight with added decoration by Denise Sims of Simply Created Hair Accessories & Jewellery: Mason Blue Designs Stationery: Paper Memories UK Table Styling: Couture Events Horse (D’Artagnon): The Cavalry of Heroes



Venue: Brinsop Court Estate Photography: Natalie Jolley Photography Model: Ozra Tilbury Hairstylist: Roberto Rineldi MUA: Freya McHarg MUA Florist: The Herefordshire Flower Studio Floral Arbour Hoop: Generation Events Gloucestershire Dresses: ‘Ophelia’ by Anny Lin (photo left & right) supplied by SJP Bridal ‘Yvonne’ by Wendy Makin Bridal (middle photo) supplied by SJP Bridal Hair Accessories & Jewellery: Mason Blue Designs


Directors: Marc Lovatt & Catherine Lovatt

Set up by Horse Trainer, Stunt Rider and Coachman Marc Lovatt, The Cavalry of Heroes provides quality horses, carriages, riders and coachmen for live shows, events and film. Where our happy and healthy horses are the stars; trained and looked after by our heroic team to ensure the best performances. “A Magical Blend of Horsemanship and Theatre� With a background working with horses from before he was even born, Marc has years of experience training horses from Showjumping in Burma to driving carriages at The Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace and has since worked for some of the biggest teams riding on film sets across Europe. Set up by Horse Trainer, Stunt Rider and Coachman Marc Lovatt, The Cavalry of Heroes provides quality horses, carriages, riders and coachmen for live shows, events and film. Where our happy and healthy horses are the stars; trained and looked after by our heroic team to ensure the best performances.



In marriage you take on a whole new legal status. The vicar knows how to advise and prepare you for your wedding day and everything must comply with all relevant UK and Church of England laws. These are the main legal points to consider before you begin planning:If you are under 18 years old you will need your parents’ consent to marry and by law you can not be married in the UK until you are 16. Although same sex-marriage legislation is now in force, it remains the case that it is not legally possible for same-sex couples to marry in the Church of England. It’s possible to get married in a church that’s away from where you live if you have a certain kind of connection with it. You may be legally connected to a number of churches in different ways. The wedding must take place between 8am and 6pm on any day. There are special guidelines on marriage in the church if you are divorced. There may well be a way forward, but you will need to talk your Vicar about your situation to explore the possibilities for you. Most Church of England marriages will require banns to be published before the wedding can take place. You won’t need to arrange banns until about four months before your wedding date. If there is not enough notice given for the banns to be read before the marriage is due to take place, or in the case of the marriage of people who are not nationals of a country within the European Economic Area, or if one or both of you does not live in England or Wales, it is recommended that the Licence procedure be used rather than banns. There are some circumstances in which you may need a Special Licence, Common Licence or a Superintendent Registrar’s Certificate to marry in church. Your vicar will let you know if these apply to you. ● All couples will need to show the vicar their passport as proof of nationality. If you don’t have a passport, there are other documents which would be acceptable, so ask your vicar about this. ● If either or both of you are divorced, you will need to bring your decree absolute for the vicar to see. ● You may also be asked to provide evidence of your connection to the church, such as utility bills which show you live or have lived in the parish, or your parents’ marriage certificate if they were married there, for example. Your vicar will guide you on acceptable documents for your particular connection.


Costs of a Church Wedding

Compulsory costs There is a required legal fee for marrying in a church. In 2019* it costs £533 if you marry away from where you live and £489 if you marry in your home parish. This is set by the Church of England nationally and is the same for every church. This basic legal fee includes the cost of the vicar, the church, calling your banns, a banns certificate, the marriage certificate, lighting and all administration. This required fee has ancient origins and ensures your church can maintain essential services like weddings, christenings, funerals and all kinds of other ministries for you and your community. Optional extras The statutory wedding fee doesn’t include extras you may choose or decline, such as:-

The support of a verger, who ensures the church is warm, clean and tidy for your wedding and can help with handing out Orders of Service and hymn books etc. They can assist with disability access if needed by your guests and guide people to find their seats, toilets or crèche if there is one. They can be indispensable in larger churches, freeing up the vicar to give their full attention to you and the wedding service. Additional heating in the church. The vicar will let you know if this applies to your wedding. Having an organist, choir or bell-ringers – these extra staff will all need to be booked in advance. Sometimes, the church may ask for a deposit to secure these bookings. Bear in mind that if your wedding is filmed, musicians like the organist can request an increase in their fee to take into account professional performing rights (read more).

Check with the church what the local arrangements are. Church flowers – some churches have a local flower arranger who can help you with the flower displays in church. Extra copies of the marriage certificate. You do not have to have any of these extras, but many couples are keen to have at least some. If you choose them, they will cost extra. The costs for each will be at your church’s local rate. Affording the costs Talk to your vicar early on about what the total cost of your wedding is likely to be. It is good practice for the church to provide you with an itemised quote before your wedding so that you can see exactly what you will be paying for.


We asked Jane Grayer of Create Ceremonies to explain a couple of the ceremonies she undertakes for couples.

In this issue we look at at ‘Unity Sand Ceremony’ Hello. My name is Jane Grayer and I’m a celebrant based in Abergavenny We create unique ceremonies with you to celebrate the most important milestones in your lives. Many people now want to have greater flexibility when they are planning events to celebrate their weddings, funerals and the birth of a child. Indeed, there are an increasing variety of ways that you can choose to mark commitments. So it can be frustrating to find that your options about venue and even choice of music restricted when you follow the traditional routes. A Civil Celebrant can help you to create the day of your dreams by working with you to compose a unique ceremony with all the elements which are important to you.

CREATE CEREMONIES Tel: 01873 585 114

07733 201 158


The Unity Sand Ceremony is often seen as one of the more recent additions to the wedding ritual portfolio. However, there is a theory that links it back to traditional Hawaiian weddings which take place on the beach and where the couple take hands of sand and pour them into a vessel to mark their commitment. There also seems to be a possible link with sand colouring which is used in Native American healing rituals and which could easily have evolved to form part of a wedding or commitment. Whatever the origins the symbolism of the unity sand ceremony is beautiful, meaningful and very personal. At its heart it is a simple ceremony – the couple chose a colour of sand each and then take it in turns to pour the sand into a glass vessel. The sand forms layers of colour in an abstract design that would be impossible to replicate. The couple continue to pour until the vessel is completely full and is sealed. The meaning of the ritual can be quite complicated. Each of the colours used can symbolise different traits or gifts which the couple feel are important to have in a marriage (though some couples just chose their favourite colours). Each of the coloured sands stays independent and unique, true to itself and able to stand alone. However, bringing the two colours together creates a unique and beautiful pattern which will last eternally. Its impossible to really identify where the one colour finishes and the next starts at each layer, and if you tried to pull the two colours of sand apart it would be impossible. Likewise the couple remain two individual people but as their commitment deepen and grows the distance between them becomes less distinct, and it is impossible to separate them. They create something even more beautiful together than they do separately. I find this quite a flexible ritual as there is no restriction to the container that is used apart from it needing to be transparent and able to be sealed when completely full. More people can be involved, which works wonderfully if there are children in the partnership – they can have their own colours to and are bound together with the love of their parents. You can involve Mums and Dads, grandparents or other people who are significant to the couple. You can remember people who have died by including a colour for them - I have used it when there has been a baby who died and a parent on a separate occasion. I have done multiple vessels at the same time, once so that the children had their own heart bottle which included their mum’s sand (as she was battling a terminal illness) and again as part of a Family Ceremony where two children were being adopted. The important thing with any ceremony or ritual is that it has meaning for the people involved and that it should be moulded so that it is about them, reflecting their relationship, their situation, their interests, passions and beliefs.


Beauty Hub

14 In a world full of Kim Kardashians be more Meghan’.

TOP TIPS FOR THE PERFECT BRIDAL LOOK With the internet, social media and pinterest available at the touch of a button it is easy to find hundreds, if not thousands, of different makeup looks. Pick your favourite platform (mine is Instagram) and start following makeup artists, bridal magazines and websites (if you aren’t already) and save pictures of the looks you most like. It’s much easier to create your look when you have some inspiration. If you fancy a look at my Instagram page the link is:

Try as best you can to prepare your skin for the big day. 3 to 6 months before your wedding (and if you don’t have that long left just start now) start incorporating these rituals into your every day routine: ● Drink as much water as you can so your skin is nice and hydrated; ● Apply a serum, eye cream and moisturiser day and night; ● Apply sun cream liberally in hot weather to ensure that your skin doesn’t dry out. In addition, and if you have the time because, hey, who has infinite time to do this everyday… ●

Massage your skin with a natural face oil (I love the ones from Arbonne and Tropic as they don’t contain any hidden nasties). Work the oil into your face using small circles. Start at the bottom of your face and work upwards.


TOP 5 TIPS In the world of makeup primers are a game changer. They prepare your skin (after you have moisturised) for makeup. And the best primers will make sure that your makeup holds firm all day and all night. There are loads of primers on the market so try some out. In my experience though, the more expensive the primer, the better it is.

However good the eye makeup, blush application, lip … if the foundation is wrong the whole look is too.

It is essential that your foundation matches your skin tone. You can’t achieve a natural makeup look if there is a big colour change between your neck and your face. Try out as many foundations as you can until you are happy. Go with your gut. If you think it looks too yellow for your skin it probably does.

When it comes to foundation the possibilities are endless. Water or oil based, thin or full coverage, layerable … how can you possibly choose? The quick and painless answer is, how do you want to feel on your wedding day? If you ordinarily wear a thin (ish) water based foundation then your wedding day is not the time to try out a thick, full coverage one. If you do, you will be aware of it all day.

Photographs by: Peter Ostrowski (Top) Schtuff Photography – (Middle) Stacey Oliver – (Bottom)

That being said, the reverse is also true. If you usually wear a full coverage makeup stick with it, anything else will just feel odd.



Once you have found your favourite look work out what you like best about it and find the products to recreate it. For a natural look pick a palette with some neutral tones. Decide which colours are best for you and have a play about with them. I tend to use around three to five eye shades when creating a natural look. Don’t forget about liner. This can be great to bring definition to the eyes, but don’t go overboard, you want your guests to see your eyes, not just your liner. A natural look by definition means avoiding the heavy contouring that Kim Kardashian has made so famous … there’s a relief. But you might want to consider applying a gentle bronzer to warm the face if you are on the paler side. I love the one from Charlotte Tilbury. For blush pick a light pink or peach tone. Apply it sparingly to begin with and then build it up as necessary. - Quite simply, go with a lip liner and lipstick (or gloss) that is pretty close to your natural lip colour. This technique always ensures a natural and classic look. Once the look is perfected set it with a fixing spray. Another game changer. I love the one from MAC.

All photographs by: Amb Vision Model: Rebecca Deighton


Roberto Rineldi found his passion for hair at a very young age and through all the years of his career he still holds onto his passion. From working in Dubai to doing celebrity hair Roberto has achieved many goals within the hairdressing industry and throughout the years has become very confident in all areas of hairdressing.


Not only Is Roberto a Hairstylist he specialises in colour, colour correction, mens hair, hair extensions, cutting, treatments,and hair up. Roberto and Deborah opened their first salon, The Address Hair Salon In Hereford over a year ago knowing there was a niche for something more luxurious. Roberto has since opened up his self-named salon (Roberto Rineldi) and is going from strength to strength. Not only offering hair but offering beauty, makeup, nails, aesthetics and skin care its a great salon for bridal parties... with the added bonus of having a drinks license you can start celebrating the big day early....

Photographs: Natalie Jolley Photography

Hairstyling by : Roberto Rineldi


ROBERTO RINELDI What ever the style you are looking for, Roberto will be able to make sure you look amazing for your big day. This could be achieved with a simple scruffy bun for the more relaxed wedding to a cinderella show stopping masterpiece. Roberto is based at his Eign Gate salon in Hereford, a luxury salon which is approachable friendly and can cater to all your needs. If your wedding is further away that's also not an issue as Roberto and his team are willing to travel and have done internationally. Wedding packages are available and priced bespokely to your requirements. Roberto Rineldi salon and its friendly team are here to put your mind at rest and make sure that the planning for the big day is stress free when it comes to the bride and her wedding party... Book now for a consultation and make sure your wedding ready for 2019......

Photography: Natalie Jolley Phototography


Covering the counties of Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and the surrounding areas, Stacey has over 15 years experience. Professionally trained in hairstyling, she is passionate about her work building up a strong reputation for providing a friendly, helpful and calm service. If you want a stunning hairstyle, Stacey can help you to look and feel most beautiful on your wedding day.


SUZANNE HALE Wedding Hairstylist

Based in Gloucestershire covering the Cotswolds and surrounding areas. I specialise in bridal hair, special occasion and editorial hair. I pride myself on giving a warm friendly service, a great start to your special day.



Receive a FREE trial worth £40 if you book your 2019 wedding now (Parties over 4)


Catherine’s Carriages ‘Arrive in Style’ Beautifully turned out horses and carriages that can be decorated to suit any colour scheme, ‘Catherine’s Carriages’ are the perfect way to arrive in style to your wedding. We have 5 carriages to choose from and all have hoods in case of inclement weather. Prices available on request and are dependant upon the duration of the carriage journey. For more information contact us using the details below.



Interview with Sharon Wolter-Fergson founder of HEWI London



LONDON “Hardly Ever Worn It”

HEWI (Hardly Ever Worn It) was launched in 2012 and has since paved the way for preowned fashion. The company was founded by Sharon Wolter-Fergurson and her two daughters, Natalya and Tatiana. The idea came about whilst the family were living in Monaco, a world of glamorous parties and luxury weddings. Sharon was inspired to create a platform for fashion lovers to buy and sell their own luxury items at affordable prices. The business has become a global brand, partnering with numerous celebrities from the worlds of fashion, film, music, royalty and entertainment. In terms of bridal wear, HEWI’s selection of clothes, shoes and accessories allows fashionconscious brides to dress head to toe in designer garments without breaking their budget. HEWI even caters for the groom, offering a wide range of luxury and designer suits. . Sharon Wolter-Ferguson (above)


LONDON “Hardly Ever Worn It” Forty percent of the items sold through HEWI are brand new and with weddings estimated to cost an average of £30,355 according to’s National Wedding Survey 2018, its no wonder that some brides struggle to find their dream dress within their budget. With wedding dresses traditionally only being worn once (or in some cases never worn at all), what better way to find the likes of an authentic Elie Saab, Vera Wang, Monique Lhullier or even a one off designer dress never seen before for a fraction of the price. For the sartorially elegant groom there is plenty of choice too from Armani, Dolce & Gabbana,Prada, Versace and more. Even bridal shoes are not forgotten. With styles from designers such as Manolo Blahnik, Sophia Webster, Rene Caovilla and Benjamin Adams, brides will be able to complete their perfect look for their special days.

“Every bride deserves to be the centre of attention on her wedding day. With the ever-expanding costs of weddings, we wanted to give women the opportunity to buy their dream designer dress without the pressure of the price tag. In the UK, the average wedding dress costs around £1,350 and is only ever worn once. Here at HEWI London, we offer a range of exquisite wedding dresses at fabulous prices with the ability to sell on your own dress when you have finished with it. From Ellie Saab to Vera Wang, we aim to create a uniquely liberating shopping experience for all blushing brides.” “Often, the groom’s tuxedo may become overshadowed in the glitz and glamour of the wedding day. Here at HEWI London, all our suits and tuxedos are the epitome of dapper. We believe that a tuxedo is equally important to the groom as the dress is to the bride, which is why we offer a variety of exquisite tuxedos from Burberry, Dolce and Gabbana, Marc Jacobs and many more.” “The aim of HEWI London is to create a platform for all fashion lovers to buy and sell their own luxury items. Our bridal section seeks to make dreams of a glamorous wedding become a reality for all of our customers.” says Sharon


Amanda Wakeley

Amanda Wakeley is a British lifestyle luxury brand that captures the style sensibilities of its Founder and Creative Director, Amanda Wakeley. The collection, recognised for clean lines, impeccable fit and sports luxe detail is designed to take women through every aspect of their life’s journey with effortless chic. Encompassing everything from beautifully cut ready-to-wear pieces, luxury handbags, small leather goods and a world-renowned wedding dress collection, Amanda Wakeley Bridal, Amanda’s designs provide stylish solutions for the multi-tasking Wakeley Woman.

Temperley london Alice Temperley MBE founded her eponymous label, Temperley London in 2000, a year after graduating from the Royal College of Art. Alice continues to head up the creative direction of this British, independent brand as it enters its eighteenth year of business. Temperley London is epitomised by modern bohemianism with a confident, feminine and effortless attitude while staying true to its British Heritage. Alice pioneers artisan techniques and intricate hand-worked embellishment; an aesthetic synonymous with her creative style. The core business focuses on women’s ready-to-wear collections, which have evolved to offer a comprehensive range of daywear, cocktail and eveningwear.


Wendy Makin


Recognised as one of Australia's best Bridal Wear designers, Wendy's multi award winning style and her impeccable customer service ethic is highly applauded throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Sourcing beautiful laces and exquisite fabrics from around the world, Wendy's high regard for producing only the highest quality wedding gowns from her production teams is your guarantee of a gown you will love and treasure for your wedding day. bride.

Dress Design: ‘Yvonne’ photography Natalie Jolley Photography Model: Ozra Tilbury

For our photo-shoot featuring the French Collection by Wendy Makin we chose the design ‘Yvonne’. Sprinkled with floral sequins adding a touch of boho glamour, the Yvonne wedding dress boasts a romantic look that provides a soft silhouette. This gorgeous bridal gown is crafted from a combination of tulle and embroidery and features a full illusion fitted bodice with sheer long illusion sleeves and petite co-ordinated belt. Fitted through the hips then flared from the hips to the hem, this dress features a soft tulle skirt with a chapel length train that makes it look simply elegant from every angle. ● ●

Colour is Nude Fabric is Tulle

Wendy Makin The french collection by Wendy Makin is a fusion of vintage glamour and classic styling. Utilising exquisite laces and beautiful flowing fabrics this collection is tailor made for the bohemian and vintage brides and perfect for the modern wedding. Taking over from the 'Belladonna Bridal' collection starting in 1999, The french collection philosophy is forged from the Wendy Makin beliefs of making brides beautiful. From Australia through New Zealand and now in the United Kingdom, the french collection by Wendy Makin is recognised for its playful design approach and straight forward philosophy.

Dress design (Top right): ‘Nancy’ from the French Collection Dress design (Bottom left): ‘Avignon’ from the French Collection Dress design (Bottom right): ‘Versailles’



Incorporating contemporary tailoring with creative design reflecting a unique, modern style with elegant and innovate flair. By emphasizing attention to the finest detail, Anny Lin Couture truly represents originality and is a breath of fresh air in the bridal market. We chose the dress ‘

from the Infinity Collection

for our Spring/Summer Issue. The design combines quirky touches with a romantic edge. A chic leaf-shaped overlay lace with the delicate spaghetti straps make for a free-flowing fishtail dress. A glittery cape element decorated with scattered pearl beadwork features a popular soft fairy-tale dress.

Photographer: Natalie Jolley Photography Model: Ozra Tilbury



Sophia Webster

Sophia Grace Webster is a British shoe and accessories designer who launched her eponymous footwear line in September 2012. She is renowned for a feminine, bold yet playful design approach which has led to distribution at over 200 retailers worldwide

Royalty Coco Crystal

Royalty - Be royalty on your special day in our exquisite ivory sandal with a tiara detail. This shoe says "Wifey for Lifey" on the sole. A ll the shoes featured may be a bit of a snug fit. The Sophia Webster team recommends you take a half size up.


Coco Crystal - Sparkling blue glitter pump with a crystal beaded heel and finished with "Wifey For Lifey" on the sole.These shoe's are perfect for your special day Angelo - Our classic Angelo has been updated this season with a higher heel height. Chic white leather slingback finished with a stunning rose gold Angel Wing detail, this also makes a beautiful bridal shoe.


Stuart Weitzman

Stuart A. Weitzman is an American shoe designer, entrepreneur and founder of the shoe company, Stuart Weitzman. Weitzman has designed footwear for Beyoncé and Taylor Swift

The Nudists Sandal Lalaina Pump

The Nudists Sandal - The Nudist sandals in a word? Iconic. Our signature stilettos are distinguished by slim straps and a supersleek heel. Designed to lengthen legs and turn heads, these red-carpet favorites are loved by stylish women around the world. Juxtapose their barely-there silhouette with modern tailoring — try with a boxy blazer and coordinating trousers.

The Nudistsong Stardust

Lalaina Pump - The Lalaina pumps take the timeless pointedtoe silhouette to the next level. Adorned with crystals to create a chic gradient effect, these embellished statement-makers are equally classic and cool. Slip them on with a lightweight sweater and fluid skirt or a fitted button-down and leather cropped flares. The Nudistsong ‘Starrdust’ The Nudistsong sandals remain a must-have season after season, and it’s easy to see why. These minimalist stilettos, inspired by the iconic Nudist, are undeniably sleek, crafted from a range of luxe materials, including snakeskin, a glitter-infused mesh fabric and nappa leather.



Bespoke Wedding Stationery, designed for you! Match it to you as a couple, your wedding theme and to your wedding venue! Email:



Question & Answers Choosing your Wedding Stationery can become quite confusing. We asked Dawn Nudds Manager of Copy-Write of Shrewsbury for their views on how to choose the right stationery for you.

Copy-write is a high street, digital print shop however, we can supply a variety of other print services such as thermography, embossing and gold foiling through a network of companies that we are in close contact with. This means that you don’t have to do the groundwork and you’ll be assured of quality printing. As for costs, digital printing is by far the cheapest option for printing wedding stationery as most bride and groom’s will only be sending a maximum of 100 cards out (remember, one card will cover each couple/family you are inviting, so don’t over-order). Expect to pay a premium for embossed or foiled invitations as these processes require a die to be created.

The word limit for invitations will be dependent on what information you want to send out. If you’re sending menu information, directions and accommodation information, think about having separate cards for each item, or a full A4 cards folded, don’t squeeze a small font size onto an A6 card – you want all your guests to be able to read the information, even your 80 year-old Great Aunt! For Orders of Service, once you have agreed the service content with your vicar, priest or celebrant, take it to your printer who will advise you on the best format.

Yes you can, and at no extra cost, however – be aware that many images on the internet are subject to copyright rules about their usage. Look for royalty free images online, there are many excellent websites. Try or for photographs and illustrations, or for an antique themed wedding, take a look at .

We will give you an idea of artwork charges when you place an order with us. If you haven’t got a firm idea of what you want, we will discuss your requirements and show you samples of work we’ve produced. Once we have an idea of what you’d like, we will set a couple of proofs for you to look at. We realise that some details can take a little while to confirm, so we are happy to amend the artwork until you are satisfied with the final proof – this is all included in the price we’ve quoted you.

Once you’ve approved the final proof, we aim to have your job printed and ready for you within a couple of days. If you are having thermographed, foiled or embossed invitations you can expect to wait between 5 and 10 days before they are ready for you.

Choosing the right Stationery


Choosing your Wedding Stationery can become quite confusing. We asked Dawn Nudds Manager of Copy-Write of Shrewsbury for their views on how to choose the right stationery for you.

There are various styles of printing in use to produce Wedding Stationery - from traditional letterpress, lithographic and thermography to modern digital (or xerographic) printing. Most high street printers will use the latest digital print technology. This means that they can use heavier weight board that was previously possible through a photocopier, up to 400gsm, with better colour matching and superior image quality at a price that is very affordable to all budgets. With the advance in printing technology, what used to take days to produce can be achieved in hours and at a fraction of the cost - so where do you start?

– if your concerned that our prospective guests may already be booked up months, even years in advance, then consider a "Save the Date' card. These can be sent out up to a year in advance, and are particularly important if you are planning a wedding abroad or have guests from oversea you want to invite. - as most brides opt for white or ivory for their wedding dress, a popular choice is to match the colour scheme of their stationery to the colour of their bridesmaids’ dresses or to match their floral theme. Take a sample of fabric along to your printer and they will be happy to match the colour scheme for you.

There are a few decisions that need to be made - to keep costs down, chose an invitation size early on in the design process, these are: that will fit standard envelopes. For example, an A4 sheet folded in half will fit a standard C5 envelope, - whether it be floral, gin related or even a whilst half this size - A5, will fit a C6 envelope when Harry Potter theme - it's a essential to have your folded. If you want something a little different, an theme decided from the outset. The Internet is a invitation which fits a 150 x 150 square envelope great place to start - Google anything followed by works well, or how about a compliment slip sized the word “wedding” and you'll come up with a host invitation which fits a standard DL envelope (this of ideas. Copy and paste a few images into a word works well for ticket shaped invitations). Along with document and take this along to your printers - it the size you can also look at the format, from a will give you both a starting point for ideas. simple single sided A6 card, tri fold cards or a full A3 sheet folded like an underground map.

36 - what card you print on can make all the difference to your finished invitation, but be aware that choosing a coloured card will increase the cost. Most high street printers recommend using white card, and printing a colour background, particularly if you are matching a specific colour. If you want something a little different, why not chose a textured card such as a linen effect, laid, contoured card or parchment card. For a particularly opulent feel, an iridescent card will add a bit of glitter to the occasion.

What Else to Send Along with the invitations, many bride and grooms like to send other pertinent information such as details of accommodation, menu choices and reply cards. This also gives you a chance to add an extra design element - why not tie each item together with ribbon or insert them into a preformed pocket which can be bought fairly inexpensively on the Internet (it’s a good idea to get a sample these before you see your printer so they can design the cards to match). Another popular and very economic choice is to have a matching 'belly band", a strip of paper or fabric which goes around the invitation elements, to keep them together.

The Wedding Day –once the invitations are sent, now is the time to think of the stationery you will need for the ‘Big Day’. If you are having a church wedding, you may wish to provide an Order of Service for the guests, or at a civil ceremony, and Order of the Day card will let your guests know what’s happening throughout the day. At the reception you may wish to provide a seating plan, place names and menu cards, and for favours why not have labels printed for your wine or gin bottles, or on top of preserve jars. Finally, don’t forget the ‘Thank You’ cards for all the lovely gifts you receive – and why not add a photograph from the special day?



38 Email:

Tracey Rothwell is a gold award winning cake designer (and judge) in the UK who specializes in alternative wedding cakes! Based in Rossendale near Manchester she specialises in both pretty and gothic cakes. Under the names of Little Cherry Cake Company for her ‘prettier’ cakes and Black Cherry Cake Company for the more geeky, gothic Her style is unmistakable and unique thus creating her a worldwide following. Tracey is a huge fan of cartoons, classics 80s films, cartoons, horror films, tattoos, geeky stuff and other quirky things... All seen in her cakes!


The Cake Parlour 146 Arthur Rd, Wimbledon Park, LONDON SW19 8AQ Tel: 020 8947 4424 Email: Sweet and chic cake shop in south-west London, specialising in custom cakes and confectionery. The Cake Parlour offers only the best quality ingredients to customers, teamed with immaculate attention to detail to create the perfect centrepiece, whatever the occasion. Staff provide an extremely professional service, from the initial consultation and cake tastings, to the collection or delivery and set-up of the cake, offering expert advice on choosing the perfect design for your special occasion and how to store your cake should there be any left over. The Cake Parlour continues to produce new and innovative designs and techniques to remain at the top of the industry.


Somerset TA20 2HX United Kingdom T: 07970 330561 E: In a small town on the border of Devon and Somerset is a little place where I love to create exquisite, custom made paper flower bouquets. Now you are probably going to want to know how I got started on making my paper blooms. Honestly, it’s so long ago now I truly can’t remember what inspired me! What I do remember is that I used to sit at my office desk job often thinking ‘ohh I wish I worked with flowers’. Never did I realise that the path I was to follow would be in creating my very own floral wonderland! I am a fully self taught paper florist, I enjoy using my artistic flair to fashion the beauty of nature from paper. Using premium crepe papers, mulberry paper and sometimes just the good old regular stuff, I hand cut, colour and shape each petal individually to produce a unique flower every time! My obsession is for making natural looking flowers. I love having the enthusiasm and patience to turn a piece of white paper into something so real looking, you can almost smell it! I'm delighted that many of my bouquets have been mistaken for the real thing! Most brides love to have real flowers on their wedding day and so what I do is to recreate bridal bouquets, usually for a 1st Anniversary which is traditionally celebrated with a gift of paper. I feel honoured receiving photos of your very special day and being trusted to replicate a beautiful and lasting memory that will be treasured for years to come. For more information, please visit Photographs courtesy of: Somerset Paper Flowers

Quirky Alternatives to Flowers


Ideas for alternative Wedding Bouquets With more and more brides opting for a totally unique wedding bouquet, we thought we would explore just a few of the quirky ideas that have popped up over the last few years. We have come up with 5 different ideas for today’s ‘ ’ but there are many more out there for you to discover whether it be felt flowers and pinwheels; or balloons and lollipops, nothing is beyond the realms of possibility.

Coiled Wire Bouquet A very modern way of having a bouquet that will then become a sculptural remembrance of your special day. Coloured wire bouquets are becoming more and more popular and can also incorporate crystals and/or fresh flowers to highlight the bouquet. We just found the coloured coils of wire in this piece very compelling.

Bauble Bouquet Baubles don’t just have to be for Christmas as this particular example shows. With lovely spring/blush colours it makes for a very striking bouquet that you can be sure not many people will have seen before. If you are a DIY bride this would be a perfect project for you.

After all, your wedding should be a reflection of you and your partners’ personalities and there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to celebrate your special day!

Fruit & Vegetables Bouquet For something out of the ordinary, and environmentally friendly too, why not consider this absolutely beautiful fruit and vegetable Bridal bouquet. Florists say fruit and vegetables are becoming increasingly popular in wedding arrangements, with gourds, leeks and dried citrus fruits all being picked over the more traditional choices of roses and peonies. Herbs are also becoming fashionable addition to bouquets, often chosen for their symbolic value.

Butterfly Bouquet Butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life. Many cultures associate the butterfly with our souls. The Christian religion sees the butterfly as a symbol of resurrection. Around the world, people view the butterfly as representing endurance, change, hope, and life. We just think that this beautiful bouquet is totally unique.

Origami Paper Bouquet A beautiful alternative to flowers using the wonderful techinque of origami. This example was found on Etsy and is from Dana’s Paper Flowers in California. If you are particularly crafty yourselves then this is the project for you.


Thre e Co un t i e Wed s ding A wa Winn er 2 rds 018

Event Services | Wedding | Equipment Hire

Services: Staging Inflatables Rodeo Bulls Dance Floors Professional DJ's Backdrops & Drapes Room Transformation Sound, Lighting & Visual Equipment Hire And much more

Lighting: Uplighting Fairy Lighting LED Furniture Festoon Lighting Giant Light-up letters Architectural Lighting Major Entertainment Ltd Office: 01452 881876 Email: Web:



Live music sets the scene, mood and ambiance to any event and at a wedding this is especially important. Toscana Strings is a string quintet (two violins, viola, cello and double bass) and we are the only group of its kind in the UK specialising in playing for weddings and events. The beauty about hiring a group like ours is that we can tailor our music to the couple’s musical tastes helping to create a personal and unique celebration. Having professional musicians perform your favourite music and songs is very special and something that everyone remembers.

Hiring a ‘classical’ instrument ensemble does not automatically mean you will only have classical music at your wedding. We play everything from classical, pop, rock, jazz, easy listening, film and songs from the shows. Some of our 2018 ceremony favourites were; Canon - Pachelbel, At Last – Etta James, As Long as I Love You – Ellie Goulding and A Thousand Years – Christina Perri. We love it when the guests join in and sing and dance to our playing during the drink’s reception and songs like Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen and Billie Jean – Michael Jackson never fail to get everyone in the mood for a good party!

For weddings in 2019 we charge from £650 for three hours. This includes five of us playing and if there is any music you would like us to play that we don’t currently have we will do our best to get it for you at no extra charge. ngs/


DAN GREENAWAY Twitter: @dangreenawayuk Facebook:

A percussive acoustic guitarist, singer and songwriter. When performing solo he throws out a much bigger sound than one might expect and has been likened to recent artists such as Newton Faulkner, Ben Howard & Ed Sheeran… No loop stations or effects pedals. 100% live music.His CV also includes: Dan’s CV also includes: Glastonbury Festival, BBC Radio 1, Sky TV…toured in USA, UK, Norway, Asia. Recorded with top producer Gavin Monaghan (Editors, The Twang, Kings of Leon, Ocean Colour Scene, Robert Plant, Elvis Costello…)

Dan specialises in private events and weddings, able to play to all manner of audiences, take requests, read the crowd, chop and change to fit the mood and choose the volume to suit the occasion. Rock it out and get your dancing shoes on or sit back and chill out to something laid back & easy listening. It’s up to you! The Personal Touch



Kiegan Vallely is a full time award winning close-up magician based in Herefordshire, West Midlands. In 2013 Kiegan was voted Best Entertainer (non musical) in the UK by Wedding Industry Experts. He performs close-up magic and stage hypnosis shows all across the UK and Europe. Kiegan is a great entertainer and thrives to make any event memorable whilst gaining immense satisfaction in ensuring everyone is fully enjoying themselves. It's all about putting smiles on peoples faces. Knowing how to read an audience is an essential skill for every magician as audience varies along with their group dynamics. Kiegan's modern and innovative style plus his staggering sleight of hand, has been the highlight of many weddings, parties and corporate events.

Kiegan was voted ‘Best Entertainment - Non Music in Herefordshire by Three Counties Wedding Awards in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. He was overall winner of the Three Counties Awards beating entertainers from Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

For more information about Kiegan Vallely Email: Facebook:


Generation Events Gloucestershire is a family run events company that has been operating since 2009. We originally started out just doing mobile disco’s. However the business has evolved over the years, and using our brides and groom’s as inspiration on what products to hire and the latest trends; we pride ourselves on offering an amazing selection of products to make your big day one you’ll never forget. The directors are Husband and Wife team Ross and Hayley. We take immense pride in being part of hundreds of weddings every year, and 10 years on the passion for the business is still growing. With a brilliant team of staff who work alongside us, we are now able to offer a wide selection of services at affordable prices with outstanding customer service. The most important thing to Generation Events is our customers, we like to ensure that the day they’ve been dreaming of lives up to expectation. Our products are just a small part of what we are about, what we really focus on is our customer service; making sure every couple we meet feels extra special and confident in the knowledge that they’ve chosen a company who cares. And of course our incredible staff, who without, are work would not be possible, they are truly wedding day angels. Having outgrown previous storage areas, we now operate in the Goodridge Business Park in Gloucester. Here we have many of our items on display and a wonderful consultation area for our couples too sit it and discuss their every need with us. We are so proud of our company, and so grateful to every single Bride and Groom who have booked with us, they have all contributed to making us what we are today, and for that we are forever grateful, making us what we are today, and for that we are forever grateful.


From table cloths, runners and chair Adding a touch of entertainment to sashes to centre pieces, blossom your wedding helping make trees and postboxes Generation memories for not just you but your Events Gloucestershire have it all. guests too. These are just some of the things that Equipped with video messages and they can provide for you to make your With it’s beautiful spring flowers it is karaoke features it will keep your wedding extra special. the perfect backdrop for any guests amused all night. And with a Spring/Summer weddings. copy of everything for the bride and To find out more about them just go to groom, you won’t miss a thing either. their website or email them at: Generation Events Gloucestershire offer a huge range of products to help transform your venue into something Adding a touch of elegance to your venue, these love signs are perfect for truly spectacular. bringing a touch of glitz to your wedding. Their experienced DJ’s offer a party like no other. They can incorporate your favourite songs into the evening Whether it’s pretty in pink, a fairy light and ensure that your guests are on fantasy or gold and glitzy, venue their feet dancing all night. decor can make your wedding day. The Floral Hoop Arbour was created especially for the “A Gothic Fairytale” photo-shoot by Generation Events Gloucestershire and is now available to be hired from them for weddings and events.


Four venues that will be remembered forever!


Web: Email: Tel: 07870 681752

Web: Email: Tel: 01452 307010 or 07712102837 Website: Email: Tel: 01452 881876

Web: Email: Tel: 01989 770367 Web: Email: Tel: 07986 322533 Web: Email: Tel: 07932 679166 Website: Email: Tel: 07891 267887 Web: Email: Tel: 01432 299955 Web: Email: Tel: 07720 783366 Web: Email: Tel: 07580 402807

Web: Email: Tel: 01873 585114 or 07733 201158 Web: Email: Tel: 07768 518008 Web: Email: Tel: 07966 529815 - Penny 07886 412693

Web: Email: Tel: 01743 360424 Web: Email: Tel: 01584 874465

Web: Email: Tel: 07508 004975 Email: Tel: 07825 511892

Web: Email: Tel: 01905 356282 Web: Twitter: @dangreenawayuk Facebook:


Choosing your Venue The most important thing about choosing your wedding venue is to

The venue you pick will determine the amount of guests you can invite, the location of your wedding and, of course, the theme and styling, too. You need to allocate a good proportion of your wedding planning time and budget to finding your dream venue because there are so many different options to consider and look at. Rather like choosing your wedding dress, you’ll KNOW when you have found the one – it will just feel right. The venue you pick will determine what type of theme you will choose for your wedding. As you’ve seen throughout this magazine we chose the ‘Gothic Fairytale’ theme for the magazine’s photo-shoot because of the magnificent Banqueting Hall at Brinsop Court. It just ‘screamed’ gothic to us. Weddings should be a reflection of the couple’s own personalities so don’t feel pressured into trying to please family and friends. This is your opportunity to show who you are as a couple. Above all enjoy the process - you only have one perfect day.



Pinewood Studios, Pinewood Road, Iver, Buckinghamshire, SL0 0NH Tel: 01753 785 962 Pinewood Studios is built around Heatherden Hall, a Victorian Mansion built in a Georgian Style dating back to the early part of the nineteenth century. Overlooking the luscious formal gardens, the exterior of the old house is effortlessly breath taking. Once inside, the oak panelled ballroom still boasts its original oak sprung dance floor. Impressive features also include a raised stage area, crystal chandeliers, open fireplace and French windows leading out onto the terrace and gardens; perfect for all occasions. Heatherden Hall has a fascinating history and catalogue of notable owners. In the early 1900’s, the

original house was transformed into a Victorian showpiece, with a huge ballroom and a Turkish bath. In the 1920’s it became a retreat for politicians and diplomats, and in November 1921, provided the venue for the negotiation and signing of the Irish Free State Treaty. In 1934 the house was bought at auction by the prominent builder Charles Boot. He was later to meet J. Arthur Rank and would become his partner in the studio project. The first production to take place at Pinewood Studios was “London Melody”, in 1936, and by its 60th anniversary Pinewood had produced no less than 600 films; both for the big screen and television. Classic films created at

Pinewood include: “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”, “Oliver Twist” and “Great Expectations”, directed by David Lean. Lord Oliver & Marilyn Monroe’s “The Prince & The Showgirl” (her only film made outside Hollywood), “The Great Gatsby”, Batman, the “Carry On” films, Star Wars and most of the “James Bond” adventures. More recently scenes for Mary Poppins Returns were filmed in the gardens of Heatherden Hall. However quaint or extravagant your wedding needs may be, ther enthusiastic team will provide you with innovative ideas, designs and menus which will make your wedding one to remember!

Photographs: Courtesy of Genuine Events - Pinewood Studios


National Space Centre

National Space Centre, Exploration Drive, Leicester, LE4 5NS Tel: 0116 258 2107

Marriage Proposal

Packages start from £200 inc VAT

Proposal packages have been designed to provide you with For more information contact the everything you need for the perfect Wedding Coordinator at The wedding proposal under the stars. National Space Centre by email at: The Package Includes: ● One hour exclusive use of the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium ● 20 minute planetarium show ● A bespoke message projected onto the dome after the show ● Use of in house pa system for your chosen music

The Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium provides an awe-inspiring setting for your wedding, taking you and your guests on a voyage to the edges of the universe in a spectacular 360 degree cinematic experience. The Rocket Tower and Space Race offer a glimpse of times past and hopes of fantastical futures, while our six spacethemed galleries excite and inspire with stunning imagery and handson exhibits.

The National Space Centre is the UK’s only venue dedicated to the romance, history and exploration of space. Housing a collection of unique artefacts and exhibits, it is an inspiring backdrop to your Licensed for Civil Ceremonies for dreams of a life together, future up to 190 guests journeys and your place among the stars. For more information email:

Photographs: Courtesy of National Space Centre


Ironbridge Gorge Museum

costumed characters will give you a fascinating insight into Victorian life as they go about their daily lives Blists Hill Victorian Town recreates in their cottages, shops and places life as it was over 100 years ago of work. through its’ sights, sounds and smells. A truly magical and At Blists Hill Victorian Town we immersive experience; your guests have two fabulously individual will be talking about it for years! venues for your ceremony and The town itself is set on a hill with reception: The New Inn pub and the 2 main streets at the top of the Club Room is an authentic site and the fairground, school Victorian pub set in the heart of the house and Pavilion further down town, surrounded by shops and the hill. The photo opportunities are exhibits including the famous Fish endless; Old advertising posters, and Chip Shop. weathered brickwork, cobbled streets, shop windows filled with The Forest Glen Pavilion is situated Victorian treats, all at your disposal. at the bottom of the site During Opening hours, the overlooking the green and, in the

Photography: Cloud 9 Photography

summer months, you can hire the beautiful authentic Victorian fairground for the perfect photo opportunities. The Forest Glen is a stunning building situated next door to the school and surrounded by acres of woodland. There are so many exciting and completely unique ways to personalise your wedding day; you can hire the horse and cart for rides around the town, have our resident actors get everyone singing along to the ‘ , and keep some of the exhibits open for your guests to explore. These are just some of the immersive and engaging things we can offer to make yours the wedding of the century!

Photo credit courtesy of: Ironbridge Gorge Museum


SAFARI VENUES West Midland Safari Park, Spring Grove, Bewdley Worcestershire, DY12 1LF Tel: 01299 406460 Email: is one of the most exclusive wedding venues in the heart of England. The house is set within the grounds of West Midlands Safari Park, providing a delightful and unique setting for your wedding celebrations. The stunning building has gorgeous Georgian exteriors, complemented perfectly by the impressive colonial features inside the house. The elegant house offers you a truly luxurious backdrop for your wedding ceremony and wedding breakfast with up to 220 guests. Photographs: Courtesy of Safari Venues

is also licensed to hold civil ceremonies. The unique space has been specifically designed for special events and entertainment, providing the perfect environment for your celebrations. This venue provides the perfect setting for your wedding. The vast proportions and high roof, which is lined with cream drapes, creates the most magical atmosphere. The Pavilion can accommodate a minimum of 100 day and 150 evening guests, with the venue having a maximum capacity of 450. If you choose the

Tree Tops Pavilion, you and your guests will enjoy exclusive use of the venue. Our third venue, , will bring a different and surprising dimension to your wedding; rich in character with a current and contemporary style. The venue is the perfect way to follow on from the formality of your wedding and move into the party celebrations. Featuring a chic bar area and intimate alcoves, Cellarz is the ultimate venue and creates a unique edge to any party.


Brinsop Court Brinsop Court, Brinsop HEREFORD HR4 8LS Tel: 01432 509925 Brinsop Court, a grade 1 listed moated 5* manor house, is one of the few truly unique and private UK venues which offers everything you need under one roof; and does so in genuine style and luxury. Your wedding should perfectly reflect you; make you feel joyful, relaxed, and most importantly, totally yourself. From your ceremony and wedding meal, to your party and accommodation; you and your guests will have everything you need. Have your romantic wedding ceremony in our ancient courtyard, in sun-dappled woodland, the Elizabethan Library or in nearby Brinsop Church. The choice is yours, and there’s lots of it.

Enjoy Champagne and photographs with the tranquil moat, rolling hills and huge skies as your backdrop, on any of the lawns, before you head inside to the 12th century Banqueting Hall for your wedding meal, to celebrate and soak up the atmosphere with your favourite people. Whether you want formal eating, quirky food stations, family sharing or al fresco feasting, everything tastes great at Brinsop Court. When you’re ready to shake it out, the party room with the bar awaits… and with 5* accommodation for up to 33 of your family and friends included, a comfy bed is ready when you are! When you stay with us at Brinsop Court, you and your loved ones take over this incredible home as your own for a magical occasion, making memories from start to finish; offering more than a wedding but an unforgettable experience filled with celebrations.


Important Information: Ceremony Capacity: 96 Reception Capacity: 96-120 Catering: Preferred Supplier Bar: Couple’s Choice Child Friendly: Yes Pet’s Welcome: Yes Exclusivity: Yes

Licensed for Marriage: Yes Accommodation: Sleeps 33 Late License: No

Brinsop Court welcomes any type of wedding celebration, civil, humanist, inner-faith and celebrant led, in a variety of stunning settings, inside and out. Photograph credits: Brinsop Court Estate, Che Birch Hayes Photography, Natalie Jolley Photography (photo above), and Marta May Photography

Venue Styling Feature by Dress to Impress by Julie


Your very own rustic romance, include as many ideas of your own as you wish. The tipis with their natural beige colour and Scandinavian wood are a fabulous blank canvas. The wood also means that in fact you don’t need to spend the earth on decorations, simple flowers, a bit of bunting or pompoms or just a few fairy lights is often enough! are unique and very eye-catchy, they are inspired by a combination of industrial, Victorian and alternative themes. It’s a world filled with sepia tones fused with rich jewel coloured accessories, lots of bronze, brass and copper. Fashions include plenty of lace-ups, corsets, buckles, hats, goggles and stripes. - Oh that Meghan Marcle timeless look... Classic weddings are defined by lovers of tradition. They can be understated and inspired, white on white, some combination of family traditions passed down through the ages as well as new twists on an age-old passion for romance. There was an abundance of boho bridal designs and boho weddings on the scene, the move has been towards beautiful barn weddings, it's all about relaxed laidback style, a good dose of 70s era aesthetic and lots of natural textures and decor elements. We are thinking champagne, black tie and a bit of fancy foliage. We can see this style fitting in perfectly at a grand country manor with  plush landscaped gardens, throw in a little aristocratic history and you've got it! Gold encrusted and luxurious, this wedding is the epitome of the big 2015 trend: modern, high-end glamour. Add touches of gold to table centrepieces using gilded gold candles or place names. Rich, cascading floral arrangements bring a luxurious feeling to your venue. Looking for a mix of fairy tale charm and childhood magic this is the magic of a whimsical theme is that anything goes, the possibilities are endless. Whether your ceremony is in a church or forest the styling options are endless from a vintage bike, milk churns, blossom trees and jam jars filled with flowers. Outdoor games add a fun relaxed atmosphere for your guests. Photography: Natalie Jolley Photography Styling: Couture Events


Venue Styling Feature by Dress to Impress by Julie

Planning a green wedding? Do you love nature and hate unnecessary excess, thinking green may be for you. The ‘worn in’ look is still a very much desired aesthetic for the modern rustic wedding, perfect with the worn mismatched chairs. When it comes to furniture, lighting, accessories and props,  hiring reusable items instead of buying new wherever possible is the greenest way to go and the more locally you can source it the better. Good old Hollywood glam! Tying the knot in true Gatsby style. Pure Vintage elegance, The use of metallic's is once again very trendy and we are seeing a lot of rich gold, silver, brass and rose gold throughout high-end events. Adding a touch of these colours to

your event will provide a luxurious feel. When selecting table linen, you have two options, either use a strong base colour, like black to make your metallic décor stand out or choose one of the gorgeous sequined linens that are very popular at the moment. Using the textured and sparkly linen will really increase the feeling of luxury at your reception.

accent colour to build on this. Pops of gold and metallic's also work perfectly within this theme to add a touch of modern luxe!

There are a few alternatives, unfortunately this is not always the cheapest option. Hiring in chairs for your day, a few options are the Chivari Lime Wash Banqueting Chair, chivari ice chair or Cheltenham Gilt Banqueting Chair, deRomance. Its pending on the style your looking what weddings are all about, pinks for they can certainly make all the and blush tones are still very difference to the room. popular for 2019/2020 brides. If you don’t like the popular spanAlthough blush pink is the hero of dex stretchy covers, perhaps a this wedding style, we recommend looser cotton one or using what keeping it subtle and pairing your you have and possibly adding a blush tones with plenty of crisp pashmina tied around the top then whites, keep your base neutral and given as a favour to your female then use your blush details as an guests?

Photographs above courtesy of: Dress to Impress by Julie




The real flower petal confetti co 01386 555045

The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company, Wyke Manor, , Wick, Pershore,Worcestershire WR10 3NZ The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company are the UK’s original wedding petal growers. As a result, we have led the way in beautiful, natural, biodegradable confetti since 1997. We still use the same carefully developed methods of planting, handpicked and naturally drying our flower petals. This ensures we only supply the very highest quality wedding confetti.

eco-friendly and sustainable wedding day choices: Our flower petals fit the bill perfectly.

Above all, the confetti moment is a quintessential wedding day experience. There is a traditional simplicity, and beauty, to the of the idea of throwing flower petals. And together with the fact that they biodegrade as naturally as blossom, it meant that our confetti was instantly loved by happy couples, churches and venues. In addition, today, more and more couples are looking to make

You can come and see where your petals came from: The Confetti Flower Field is now open to the public for 10 days each summer! The wonderful experience of walking in a huge field of colourful flowers is not to be missed.

Flower Field Open Days Friday, 28th June 2019 Saturday, 29th June 2019

Consequently our real flower petal confetti has been used at tens of thousands of weddings worldwide. Including those of celebrities and Royalty! And they have also been used to bring a touch of romance to TV and feature films too.

Sunday, 30th June 2019 Monday, 1st July 2019 Tuesday, 2nd July 2019 Wednesday, 3rd July 2019 Thursday, 4th July 2019 Friday, 5th July 2019 Saturday, 6th July 2019 Sunday, 7th July 2019 Tel: 01386 555045 (9am-5pm Mon- Fri) E:

Belmont Road, Hereford HR2 7BP | Tel 01432 299955

Here at the Three Counties Hotel we have considerable experience in catering for weddings from 10 to 350 people and pride ourselves on providing a value for money and professional, friendly service. You can plan the whole of your day at the Three Counties, we’re licensed for Civil Ceremonies and have various rooms available to cater for all numbers. We are fully flexible with all of the menus that we offer and happy to discuss any particular requirements that you have. For an informal discussion or to request one of our wedding packs, please contact us on 01432 299955 or email


M AT R I M O N Y AWA R D S 2 0 1 9 ®

Part of our job here at Matrimony UK® is to host our annual Gala evening to present the ‘Matrimony Awards®. Covering the counties of Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire and Worcestershire, the awards celebrate the achievements of Wedding Businesses from these counties. Photographs on this page: All photographs by Natalie Jolley Photography Photographs (next page): Top Row: Red Mick (Tribute Act), Keri Hoffman Vocalist (Best Entertainment), Evissa Mobile Hairstyling (Best Hairstylist) Miiddle Row: Wendy Bell Designs (Best Stationery), Glewstone Court Hotel (Best Wedding Venue), Generation Events Gloucesershire (Best Photobooth) Bottom Row: Field 2 Fork Catering (Best Caterer), Cotswold Characters (The Dan Marshall Award), Wedding Creations & Events Gloucester (Sweet Beginnings Special Touches Award



64 Facebook:



We asked Kelsey McKinnon author of ‘Modern Wedding’ how the book came about and she gives us her top tips to help make the process of planning a wedding less stressful. How and why did the book come about? What did you, as a wedding magazine editor, want to offer with your book that you didn’t already see as available on the market?

One of the most important takeaways from Modern Wedding is embracing the beauty of the imperfect. Trying to create an experience that is perfect will only lead to more stress as it’s an unachievable goal.

The book really started to take shape as I was planning my own wedding in 2015. Even though I was very familiar with the material from an editorial perspective, ironically that didn’t mean throwing my own wedding was any easier. In fact, I think it actually added to the pressure.

There is no such thing as a perfect wedding, but I do think a wedding can be perfectly “imperfect.” A wedding, let’s not forget, is a living, breathing experience, not a still life photoshoot that can be staged and manipulated.

During the planning process, I wanted a central point of reference to guide me through the process with images from weddings to show how things were executed in real life. Many of the other titles in the wedding category I found to be outdated—many don’t even contain images to illustrate the topics at hand. [The principal photographers for Modern Wedding, Abby and Lauren Ross, actually photographed my wedding and I have covered their work for years at the magazine.] With Modern Wedding, I ultimately wanted to create something highly-detailed, beautiful and relevant to how we live and want to celebrate today.

With so much pressure being put on modern couples today to create the 'perfect' wedding, what tips would you give them to make the process less stressful?

Through MODERN WEDDING, I wanted to empower couples to focus on creating something that is authentic and real for them. That’s not to say that the execution of your wedding shouldn’t be seamless, it should. But it does mean that you should try to find creative ways to reflect your core values, whether it’s the wording of your invitation, the design of your dress or the flowers on your tablescape. And, at the end of the day, you (and your guests) will have more fun if you leave room for a bit of spontaneity. A few other things to make your day less stressful? Be organized and stay on budget, do as much as you can early in the planning process so tasks don’t pile up close to your date, and hire a planner, even if it’s just a day-of or month-of person, to help with the logistical details.

BOOK REVIEW by Matrimony Magazine UK®


MODERN WEDDING Creating a Celebration That Looks & Feels Like You By Kelsey McKinnon ISBN: 978157967758 Price: £30.99 “The most comprehensive wedding guide book for the ‘modern’ bride. If you only buy one Wedding Book make it this one” Matrimony UK® Kelsey McKinnon reviewed hundreds of weddings in her role as an editor of a Californian lifestyle magazine and ‘Modern Wedding’ certainly shows how couples can achieve the day of their dreams on a budget. The book deconstructs into bite sized sections every element involved with creating the perfect wedding. From how to establish a colour palette to how to word your invitations; right through to explaining the ceremony and finally planning your after party, each section is jam-packed with useful tips and information. The weddings featured in the book are international in styles with ‘case studies’ such as a destination fete in Tuscany, a house party in Brooklyn, and a Backyard wedding in Hawaii showing the reader they can attain the same look for their budget.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Kelsey McKinnon grew up in Chicago and graduated from Boston University with a degree in English. She is a senior contributing editor at C Magazine, where she was previously on staff. She lives in New York and Los Angeles with her husband and their young son.

Profile for Matrimony Magazine

Matrimony UK® - Spring/Summer Issue 2019  

"A Gothic Fairytale"

Matrimony UK® - Spring/Summer Issue 2019  

"A Gothic Fairytale"