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ABOUT This campaign aims to raise awareness about the problems students face after graduation as they transition into the work place. Through focusing on the issue of the learning differences between Problem Based & Knowledge Based Learning Styles, students will be made aware about the different learning styles and how each may affect their performance in the work place. Furthermore, this document will educate students about the learning styles and their differences by equipping them with valuable information and statistics regarding the two respective learning styles.


Knowledge Based Learning is a system in which focuses heavily upon prior knowledge of the individual, while applying theoretical frameworks, to expand on what that individual knows. This type of learning is executed heavily in the education system, particularly that of university environments. Universities exemplify a great deal of this learning system; do to the fact that information is taught directly from the instructor to the student, and through reading and extracting information from textbooks. In a knowledge-based environment, one’s understanding of the material is strictly dependent on the information they are taught. Knowledge based learning is measured on one’s performance on tests, examinations, essays and presentations - most in which information includes memorization and regurgitation of the material taught.


Problem Based Learning is achieved through attaining knowledge by physically solving a scenario or problem, using experimentation. This system of learning promotes both strategic thinking through the hands on work that is being done. This type of learning is executed heavily in colleges, or co-op programs where students are given the opportunity to learn through interaction more so than simply in taking information. This method of learning is measured through experience. The successes or failures of physical application of prior knowledge, through hands on work determine how much an individual understands the material being performed.


• Uncertain times that students are graduating in o Market is extremely competitive • Gap between demand and supply o The need for students to be adequately prepared • Life after school • Know which system offers them higher chances of employment • The world is based on problems which require solutions o Having knowledge is not enough • Secondary Target Market input o Teachers aim to educate students o Parents aim to provide best possible environment, tools and learning solutions • Goal: Position students for life after school • Educators o Universities use knowledge based system to teach students • Helpful to understand value of PBL to students • Students o Learn what kind of courses to choose • Ultimately affecting career choices


For this campaign, we have decided to go online by placing this brochure on blogs, educational platforms, and social media tools. This is because students, who happen to be mostly youth, primarily get their information online (mostly through social media). That includes information on schools, career choices, and courses to take, as well as other information vital to their future development. Another reason for picking the online platform as our choice of distribution is that, schools are taking advantage of online marketing tools to reach out to future students. By adopting the online space, we hope to bring awareness to the schools as well, on the need to take steps to adequately prepare these students for life after school. Some schools focus on life within the school, and completely miss out on the idea that there is a life after the student graduates…a life where a graduate has to come to come to terms with problems, which require solutions. By placing this brochure online, we hope to highlight the value of a PBL system (without taking anything away from the KBL system), and how it might be useful in helping students prepare better for those times, Lastly, we are aware that parents often follow their kids into these online spaces, especially in the social media world. Reaching out to them via this platform, and educating these parents about these systems, will be an added step in helping them provide the tools that they believe their children need to be prepared for life after university.


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