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MWM - A Special Welcome Following the November 2011 acquisition of MWM GmbH, Mannheim, Germany, Caterpillar has announced that EPSA has been named as a distributor of Cat CG advanced gas fueled electric power systems sourced from Mannheim for its territories of Australia, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. In addition, effective September 1, 2013, EPSA is awarded the parts and service support role for the MWM and Cat CG products. EPSA simultaneously announces the hiring of MWM Energy Australia Pty Ltd service personnel and the acquisition of certain assets in order to provide service to customers with existing MWM brand power generation equipment. Customers previously working with MWM Australia can expect to receive from EPSA the same high quality parts and outstanding services to which they have become accustomed. With the MWM division reporting to Stephen Lupi, General Manager Engines, we warmly welcome twelve MWM employees to EPSA, effective 1 September. We hope your time with EPSA is most enjoyable. Glenn Butcher

Business Unit Manager

Mulgrave VIC

Kathryn Archer

Office Administrator

Mulgrave VIC

Brian Hawksworth

Service Manager

Mulgrave VIC

James Cork

Parts Manager

Mulgrave VIC

Hans Eggers

Inventory / Parts Support Officer

Mulgrave VIC

Mark McCracken

Service Technician

Mulgrave VIC

Tom Lazarowicz

Service Technician

Mulgrave VIC

Callum Gemmell

Service Supervisor

Malaga, WA

Colin French

Service Technician

Malaga, WA

Chris Hewes

Service Supervisor

Seven Hills, NSW

Shane Wooller

Service Technician

Seven Hills, NSW

Stephen Morton

Service Technician

Seven Hills, NSW


VIC Back Row L to R: James Cork , Hans Eggers, Kathryn Archer, Brian Hawksworth Front Row L to R: Glenn Butcher, Tom Lazarowicz and Mark McCr acken


Morton ooller and Stephen L to R: Shane W

MWM NSW Chris Hewes




L to R: Colin French and Callum Gemmell

Recognition of Excellence Award – December 2013 The nominees for the December 2012 Recognition of Excellence Award are to be congratulated for being recognised by their peers under the Operational Excellence and Safety and Environment categories:

Brian Harrex

Applications Engineer - Engines Perth

Operational Excellence

Michael Worthy

Monika Hill

Office Administrator - Engines Sydney

Operational Excellence

Clyde “Cotch” Cotchin Service Technician - Rental Darwin

John Fitzpatrick

Yard Person - Rental Sunshine

Operational Excellence

Gary Humphreys

Bus. Process Improvement Mgr. - Engines Perth Operational Excellence

Belinda Stevenson

Parts Coordinator - Rental Sunshine

Operational Excellence

Jenni Sharp

Branch Administrator - Rental Darwin

Phil Campbell

Sales Representative - Rental Sunshine

Operational Excellence

“Cotch, Dave & Mike” Service Team - Rental Darwin

Operational Excellence

Bob King

Senior Projects Manager - Engines Brisbane

Operational Excellence

Cathy Revolon

Branch Administrator - Rental Townsville

Safety & Environment

Stuart Adam

Financial Accountant - Finance, Head Office

Operational Excellence

Mark Griffin

Service Technician - Rental Townsville

Operational Excellence

Rachel Hitchman

Branch Administrator - Rental Adelaide

Operational Excellence

Mark Rooney

Field Technician - Engineering, Head Office

Operational Excellence

Greg Rocke

Applications Engineer - Rental Operations

Operational Excellence

Ed Douez

Contracts Manager - Engines Melbourne

Operational Excellence

Huy Vuong

EPG Sales Engineer - Engines Sydney

Operational Excellence

Lee Ho Ong

Project Mgr / Electrical Engineer - Engines Perth Operational Excellence

Sharyn Sullivan

Office Manager - Engines Brisbane

Operational Excellence

Donna Conway

Project Administrator - Rental Wheatstone

Infrastructure Engineer - IT, Head Office

Operational Excellence Safety & Environment

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Congratulations to Clyde “Cotch” Cotchin, Service Technician – Rental Darwin who was the chosen recipient of the December 2012 EPSA Recognition of Excellence Award. Cotch received the award under the Safety and Environment category. Cotch has been an important part of the CAT Rental Power Darwin team for almost three years and during his time with EPSA, has progressed from the role of Yardperson to Service Technician. Cotch was nominated by his peers for proactively ensuring the health and safety procedures and policies were adhered to within the branch, and for his exceptional customer service skills.

Some of the comments we received about Cotch: •

“Exceptional operator, dedicated service technician that provides outstanding customer service to all customers. Everyone loves Cotch, he is great at what he does and respectful to every person in the business.”

“The JHA and SWMS prepared for Power and Water were top notch, Cotch ensured the customer was well prepared, knew the layout and design of the project and the safety procedures and risks associated with the equipment. Cotch always takes the time to make sure safety is recognised as important and the customer is aware of our safe operating procedures. Cotch always ensures Phil (Branch Manager) has a copy of the planned works layout, JHA and SWMS for every project.”

Customer feedback: “Cotch is a no-nonsense kind of guy. He comes to our site, knows exactly what needs to be done and teaches us the safety information in regards to the equipment. He shows us what to do – takes the time to explain things clearly. We enjoy working with Cotch as we know he will get the problem sorted. He is a very likeable, person and sets a good example for EPSA and the Cat Rental Power Darwin branch. Cotch is great; we enjoy seeing him on site.” “Cotch is the first to raise a safety issue, but he raises it after the fact – when he has resolved the issue himself. Safety is everybody’s responsibility and Cotch is “Mr. Safety.” We know we will get the right answer and helpful advice when we approach Cotch on any safety issue. He leads by example and is so meticulous with his servicing of equipment.”

As part of the Recognition of Exc ellence Award, Cotch receives a framed certificate and a $100 0 cash/voucher prize. The process of shortlisting nominees was difficult, but deciding on a recipient proved even more challenging. A special mention must go to the following people who were runners up and received a $300 travel accommodation gift certificate in recognition of their achievement: Mark Griffin

Service Technician

Rental Townsville

Lee Ho Ong

Project Mgr / Electrical Engineer

Engines Perth

Mark and Lee - a fantastic effort. Thank you for your dedication to our business and being recongised by your peers under the operational excellence category. Congratulations to Cotch for being our Award recipient in December 2012.


Access EAP Did you know EPSA utilises Access EAP as our Employee Assistance Program provider? Access EAP partners with EPSA to promote positive organisational behavior, enhance employee well-being and improve workplace productivity. As an Australian owned provider with a

EPSA’s Employee Assistance Program is

not for profit orientation, Access EAP’s

designed to support you and is completely

emphasis is on understanding the needs of

confidential. EPSA is not able to obtain

EPSA and tailoring their services to support

any details of who has used the service or

and prevent mental health issues in the

what was discussed, nor would we want to.

workplace based upon these unique needs.

The purpose of this service is to encourage

Professional counselling is the key service that Access EAP offer. They have a large

staff to access counselling quickly and conveniently.

Australian EAP network and are able

We have taken this initiative because

to provide qualified and experienced

we care for the wellbeing and mental

counselling support throughout Australia.

health of our employees. We recognise

Internationally they have a network of

that there may be challenging times in

affiliate counsellors to support EPSA’s team

life and some of these issues may be

in Papua New Guinea.

effectively addressed by an external,

Access EAP’s depth of experience and training allows them to address and manage the wide variety of issues our employees are facing.

professional, counselling service. Mental health service providers affirm that the best mental health outcomes are achieved by addressing issues early, therefore we want to encourage you to use this service, should you be experiencing any difficulties.

Common issues clients bring to a counselling session include: •

Personal issues

Work / life balance

Relationship issues

Interpersonal conflict

Working relationships

Substance abuse problems




Grief and Loss

Financial Problems

Anxiety and Stress


Legal / Financial difficulties


To arrange a confidential session with an Access EAP counsellor at a convenient time and location, call the toll free number 1800 818 728 inside Australia, and, outside of Australia, dial the country code followed by 800 5004 0000.




EPSA Advantage – EPSA’s revamped Employee Benefits Program We're really pleased to announce the launch of EPSA Advantage, the new discounts platform for all EPSA Employees - designed to save you and your family money on your shopping and make your salary go further. From 1 October 2013, you will have access to a wealth of specially arranged

If you spend $200 a week in Woolworths, you'll save over $520 per year on

discounts and savings at all of your favourite retailers such as Woolworths,

these alone. If you need a new TV or laptop this year you'll save 5% at The

Big W,, JB-HIFI, Coles, Vodafone, The Apple Store, Rebel

Good Guys - even on top of sale prices! When your mobile phone contract

Sport, The Good Guys, StrawberryNet and many more. These are available

comes to an end, get a new one with Vodafone through EPSA Advantage and

online and in-store and most are on top of sale prices and existing promotions

you’ll get over $100 Cashback.

- so they are a genuinely unbeatable deal.



Getting to know… Abbie Moss, Finance Administrative Officer Abbie Moss commenced with EPSA in a contract role early 2013, and recently joined the Finance team to provide adminsistrative support for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and CAT claims. 60 seconds with Abbie: 1. What’s the smartest thing you’ve been told? To always be yourself 2. What’s the one simple thing you’re really good at? Singing 3. A talent you wish you had? I wish I could play guitar 4. What smells take you back? Youth Dew by Estee Lauder - this was my Nan's perfume. Also, the smell of my Dad's lasagne and shepherd's pie, makes me think of my childhood. 5. Most prized possession? My smurf collection, and my Nan's Country Roses dinner set. 6. Favourite colour and why? Purple - not sure why, I'm just drawn to it. 7. Favourite holiday destination? New Zealand

Around EPSA Community Support Programme Kelly, Ted and Kleon from EPSA Kewdale supporting the Salvation Army Perth's weekend soup run. Abbie Moss



Service Recognition

Congratulations to the following employees who have achieved significant service milestones in the last twelve months. We reward and thank you for your efforts and dedication to EPSA and look forward to many more years of your contributions.

amer Robert E rs Service 20 Yea

Jeremy Cannon 10 Years Service

Jan Warner 15 Years Service

Donna Warren 10 Years Service

And y L imnios 10 Years Servic


Josh B unthong 10 Years Se



Spotlight on EPSA’s Parental Leave Policy EPSA is committed to providing a pleasant, harmonious working environment for all employees, and offers flexible working arrangements and work/life balance initiatives for those wishing to take Parental Leave. EPSA encourages parents to utilise all available parental leave benefits to ensure they return to work motivated and ready to once again contribute to the success of EPSA.

As of the 1st June 2013, EPSA’s Parental Leave Policy has changed. Here are the facts: •

The Australian Government currently pays 18 weeks paid parental leave at the national minimum wage amount of $622.20 per week (before tax).

As part of this initiative, EPSA will support the government Paid Parental Leave contribution scheme by paying 9 weeks’ pay at $622.20 per week (before tax) upon completion of the government paid parental leave scheme, to those employees in full-time care of their child.*

*Conditions apply, please refer to the policy located on the intranet or contact Megan Carmody, HR Manager for more information.



Health & Wellbeing

R U OK? Day is a national day of action on the

Their Mission? To encourage and empower all

2. Promoting action, so that all people commit to

12th September 2013, dedicated to reminding

people to regularly and meaningfully ask 'are you ok?'

having regular, meaningful conversations

people to regularly check in with family, friends and

to support those struggling with life.

colleagues. The R U OK? Foundation is a not-for-profit

3. Inspiring behavioural change, so that all people

The R U OK? Foundation endeavours to do this by:

have regular, meaningful conversations

1. Proving value and build capacity, so that all people

At EPSA, we are asking you to ask your

Their Vision? A world where all people are

value and know how to have regular, meaningful

colleagues, “R U OK?� A simple conversation

connected and are protected from suicide.


could change a life.

organisation dedicated to encouraging conversations to prevent suicide.


Health, Safety, Environment

Article written by Shane Cadan, HSE Advisor (Wheatstone Project)

The Equipment Hire Industry is one that is constantly evolving to meet the demands of both its current and potential customers. Noting the high risk climate that the industries we support operate in, the need to be ‘living safety’ is a non-negotiable requirement. Further, a majority of our customers also have the power to drive the same standards that they achieve, onto their contractors and suppliers. This also generally extends to the subcontractor/supplier’s home/branch locations. Price, quality and commitment are not always the key enduring factors that will win customer hearts and minds; a hire company’s commitment to safety is a key value proposition which can be the difference between winning and losing a contract. In upselling an organisation’s safety culture, systems, projects and programs it is important that the company values are completely understood and lived by all within the organisation. It takes little work in terms of candid observations to identify whether an organisation is ‘living’ its advertised safety values or not. It is quite easy to champion particular values such as strategies, goals and philosophies, yet even easier again to identify that actions don’t quite align with these. In the hire game it is particularly difficult when trying to achieve maximum financial utilisation out of the equipment. It is a tough leadership decision in putting aside some of the more ‘trivial’ safety policies in a world of competing priorities. Such an approach is fundamentally the same as giving rewards for increase in production, which in itself diminishes any emphasis on doing the job safely.



There has been significant research suggesting that an organisation’s safety culture is influential in shaping the health and safety related behaviours (climate) of employees. Whilst there can be many differences between hire companies’ operating procedures, there are many similarities in terms of the various roles that make up the organisation yardmen/drivers, tradesmen, counter staff, operations staff, sales professionals, analysts and management. It could be suggested that individuals operating in these roles would in their own right have a differing perspectives on organisational safety culture. So, rather than preaching about how a particular branch can better their culture, it would be prudent of us to first make an attempt at reflection of where we sit, individually or collectively in terms of being a ‘good’ culture. Firstly, how do we define a ‘good’ culture – well that is about as difficult a question as ‘what is the meaning of life’ as perspectives differ. Of all the literature on culture theory and organisational behaviour, the most appropriate model that could be applied to the equipment hire industry is that of Patrick Hudson’s Evolutionary Safety Culture Model. The reason this particular model is suited is that it is quite easy to identify a benchmark as well as setting a goal in where you want to be. When reviewing this model, it is important to keep in the back of your mind that as indicated earlier, you may judge yourself/branch on where you think you may sit, however it is actions that really identify the actual

Hudson Safety Culture Maturity Model Take a moment if you will, to review these particular steps within the model and have a think about where you or even your branch sit. In terms of viewing this as an evolutionary model it is important to understand that any change in culture will not happen overnight, it takes years of application to progress. Simply talking about it now and making an attempt to identify your local culture is a solid first step. So, where do you think you, your branch or even EPSA on the evolutionary model? Perhaps even make comment on the online forum.

Safety First, Work Second.


HSE is how we do business round here



ly ing

Safety leadership and values drive continous improvement

rm nfo



a cre



We have systems in place to manage all hazards




Safety is important, we do a lot every time we have an accident


Who cares as long as we're not caught

n ou

t rus T g

c dA



s rea




it bil

New Faces A very warm welcome to our new employees and a very special welcome back to Darryl Bull and Paul Walter who return to the CAT Rental Power team in Adelaide. We hope your time at EPSA is most enjoyable.

March 2013 Paul Walter James Easom

Branch Manager



Energy Sales Consultant



April 2013 Gary Cawley Naomi Pokana Shane Cadan Sean Liew

e m o c l e W

July 2013 Project Manager



Engines PNG


HSE Advisor



Electrical Technician



June 2013 Lindsay Anderson Service Technician Mandi McKenna Executive Assistant to MD David Bahu Electrical Technician

Tas Topalidis Mike Osborne David Barrow Darryl Bull

Branch Manager



Branch Manager



Energy Sales Consultant



Product Manager – Compressed Air Rental


August 2013 Rental


Head Office Hallam Engines


Yong Wan Sudhir Kamath Abbie Moss Ashley Gilmartin Emily Nash Perry Fulton

Supply Chain Planner / Analyst

Head Office Hallam

Distribution Manager

Head Office Hallam

Finance Administrative Assistant Finance


Energy Sales Consultant



Branch Administrator



Energy Sales Consultant



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HR EmPower Magazine - Energy Power Systems - SEPTEMBER 2013 EDITION  
HR EmPower Magazine - Energy Power Systems - SEPTEMBER 2013 EDITION  

HR EmPower Magazine - Energy Power Systems - SEPTEMBER 2013 EDITION