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LAUREN CONRAD AND A GREASER what do they both have in common?

TITA VIZCARRA Editor in Chief Fashion Staff writers KATIE BOHNARCZYK, PRISCILLA RODRIGUEZ, RACHEL PHIPPS Beauty Staff writer PRISCILLA RODRIGUEZ Features Staff writers KATIE BOHNARCZYK, OLGA “TITA” VIZCARRA Art Graphic DesignerTirso Gamboa Senior maintenance manager OLGA “TITA” VIZCARRA Daily reporters KATIE BOHNARCZYK, PRISCILLA RODRIGUEZ, RACHEL PHIPPS Advertisement Advertising director OLGA VIZCARRA Contributors JAMES LEE, MARY-JANE GOTIDOC, LARA CRAWSHAW, EMMA JENSEN, ANA POPESCU, ADRIAN PINI STUDIOS Founder/Publisher/President OLGA “TITA” VIZCARRA Social Networks Twitter Myspace Facebook Celebuzz Special Thanks To, James Lee, Katie Bohnarczyk, Priscilla Rodriguez, Rachel Phipps, and you the readers! Email Tita Fan Mail OMGee! Apologizes For the July/August issue names: Photographer Rosie Wadey Model Kerry Wheeler.

EDITOR’S LETTER hile I was preparing for the weekend vacation I was about to take with my family my phenomenal mother gave me the ideal surprise. Before my departure to California my mom surprised my brother and I by taking us shopping; certainly I didn’t decline. My aunt tagged along our shopping entourage Friday night. Our first stop was Macy’s. We rampaged through the fancy designer label racks anticipating for a fine pair of shoes in our size on sale, the women of course. After finding two worthy shoes I thought, “Why would I waste this amount of money when I can get a pair that looks the same for half the price?” But let me tell you this, sure $65 compared to $130 is an undisputable discount but for a college student who is paying for her education out of pocket it’s undoubtedly expensive; the life of an editor-in-chief is not always glamorous. As I stood there, grasping on to the most brilliant sandals ever made, I began to reason why I wasn’t taking the advice I share with you, so my posse and I headed out to another store. Now, I know what you are probably thinking, “Your mom was paying why didn’t you get them,” my answer, I guess I’m just considerate. Across the street from Macy’s is a store most Las Vegians are familiar with. If you want some original but cheap designer pieces shop at Burlington. I noticed the details on the heels, pumps, sandals, and booties at our first stop. But at our second stop it was apparent that a new style had already emerged from the runway, pyramid detailing. Pyramid details were apparent at both stores. Gladiators are out Cleopatra’s are in (I dubbed the term) and trust me I know a new trend when I see one. Ladies, and guys, watch out for the pyramid and bolt details on shoes, clothes, and even accessories. Nevertheless, Burlington ended up providing me with two things I was searching for: quality and quantity. I took it as a personal goal to take the price of the $65 designer Cleopatra’s at Macy’s and make it my spending goal. What I ended up buying, at Burlington, was worth, somewhere else, $105. I bought a pair of bleached jeans, in style, lingerie, and a pair of gorgeous, label free of course, Cleopatra sandals. I am a proud owner of two pre-fall trends for a total of $37 leaving me with a spare 30 bucks. Whenever you think that purchasing only designer clothes will keep you up-to-style think again. Don’t judge an item by its unknown brand.

Tita $16 6 ½, 8 ½.

exactly like mine!

t r o p e r t e e

strLondon Topshop

These London fashionistas know how to dress it up.


4 3

2 5 1. Bleach Denim Jacket $90 | 2. Ankly Leggings $24 | 3. Abstract Bubble Flower Dress $85 | 4. Ditzy Print Flower Dress $90 | 5. Tess Color Block Canvas Pumps $30




4 1. Knitted Cardigan Top $65 | 2. Lattice Bust Swing Dress $90 | 3. Ultimate Skinny Jean $80 | 4. Theodore High-Top Trainer $40 | 5. Ladder Caged Latice Sandal $145


Image courtesy of photographer marcio madeira design by Donna Karen 2009 fall collection.


Gorgeous embellishments are everywhere. They are bombarding the runways and, already your local malls. Sit back and relax this season is going to be a bump ride.



Getting back to school after a fun and sunfilled summer is hard to do. However, looking fabulous when you walk through those doors of your first class will help you get through the long school year that awaits.

season is enjoyed by most fashionistas, it has not been so easy this year due to the problems from the recession. That’s why we chose trends for less that are both functional and fashionable!

OMGee has chosen the trendy finds for the Fall 09 season just for your school and work days. While getting new clothes for the Fall

Enjoy these picks from stores in your mall like Forever 21, Delia’s and Target. Happy shopping!

Monday Outfit


1. SS Career Jacket from Forever 21 $22.80 2. Maylin Ruffle Chiffon Top from Forever 21 $15.80


3. H81 Denim Look Leggins II from Heritage 1981 $19.90 4. Jocelyn Platform Stiletto from Forever 21 $26.80 5. Century Faux Leather Tote from Forever 21 $28.80


3. 4.


Tuesday Outfit

1.Daphne Floral dress from Heritage 1981 $19.90 2. Alexa Denim jackiet from Forever 21 $24.80 3. Madden Girl Sesame Bootie from DSW $49.50 4. Stained Glass Tear Earrings from Forever 21 $5.80

1. 3.







Wednesday Outfit

1. Painted Floral Slub top from Forever 21 $17.80 2. Jelena Waist Belt from Forever 21 $9.80 3. Basic Legging from Forever 21 $4.50 4. Mindy Canvas flats from Forever 21 $8 5. Raised Dot Bangle from Forever 21 $3.80 6. Ruched Zip-Up Jacket from Forever 21 $22.80



1. 2.


Thursday Outfit

1. Rochelle Dress from Delia’s $39.50 2. Blake Boyfriend Cardigan from Delia’s $44.50 3. Livia Super Skinny belt from Delia’s $19.50 4. Buckle Wooden Pumps from Forever 21 $18.80 5. Rhinestone Foliage Necklace from Forever 21 $4.80


Friday Day Outfit


1. Wilhelmina Shirt with Sash from Forever 21 $14.50

2. 3.

2. Bleached Skinny Ripped Jean from Forever 21 $27.80 3. Kalyssa Ankle Boots from Target $29.99 4. Charlotte Hobo from Delia’s $34.50






Friday Night Outfit 1.

1. Triple Panel Tube Top from Forever 21 $17.80 2. Jamie jacket from Abercrombie and Fitch $200 3. Kaylani Straight Jeans from Guess $89 4. Berkley T Strap shoes by Michael Kors $99 5. Pleather Ring Tote from Forever 21 $26.80


C EsLpiratio


This month’s celebrity inspired outfit comes from Demi Lovato. This playful outfit comprised of jeans, a vest and boots makes this wearable on any day. OMGee! is going to show you how to get this look for a great price!

BY: Priscilla Rodriguez



3 4

steal this look:


V-Neck Fashion Top, Forever 21, $5.80,


Poplin Vest, Charlotte Russe, $22.99,


Morena Slack Denim, Forever 21, $27.80,


American Eagle Marley Flat Boot, Payless, $39.99,

wavy frills 2


Giorgio Armani




1. Fiona Ruffle Satin Top, Forever 21, $18, | 2. Knotted Tie Canvas Flats, Charlotte

Russe, $19, | 3. Windbreaker Skirt, Forever 21, $23, | 4. Ruched

Clutch, Express, $35, | 5. Ileana Open Front Cardigan, Forever 21, $23,

Puffed Up Shoulders 2 1 Dolce & Gabbana


1. Silk Puff Sleeve Dress, Forever 21, $42, | 2. Agnes Pearl Stud Earrings, Forever 21, $8, | 3. Patent Ballet Slipper, Forever 21, $17,

bleached jeans 1



Miss Sixty



1. Jackie Acid Wash Skinny Jean, Forever 21, $25, | 2. Linked Bangle Necklace, Forever 21, $5, | 3. Granite Knit Cardigan, Forever 21, $18, |

4. Pleather Side Clamp Tote, Forever 21, $28, | 5. Leopard Face Tank, Forever 21, $12, | 6. Mossimo Kady Boots, Target, $35,


The Build Up To London by Rachel Phipps Any runway show is chaotic and it’s one of the biggest collections of runway shows on top of each other, squeezed into the smallest possible area of ground twice a year, London Fashion Week has to be one of the most hectic fashion events of the year; from the small insignificant fashion writer sitting in the back row at the opening Paul Costello show to the painfully tall supermodel sitting next to Vogue Editors in the front row with their noses up to the runway London fashion Week (LFW). It’s hell on earth for practically everyone involved. When people pour over the glossy catwalk reports in all the magazines they don’t realize how much of a logistical and public relations nightmare the whole production has been. For the photographers, broadcasters and journalists who have gotten into the show in the first place through PA (Personal Assistants) or PR co-ordinator would have had to jump through about a dozen hoops just for their person to sit on a rough black wooden box and crane their necks to watch the 7 minutes of clothes on the runway, or for their photographer to elbow and jostle on the tiny taped off square at the end of the runway to try and shoot for “the picture” some even propped up on step ladders to get the edge on their neighbor. Then there’s the world outside the British Fashion Council tent: having to stop on the steps so the press photographer for the society pages can snap a shot of some unknown to you socialite and ask her who she is wearing. There’s also the hordes of little black dress and patent court shoe clad PR women with blackberry’s in one hand, clipboards and walki-talkies in the other desperately trying to coordinate last minute seating plan changes, interviews and all those little details that seem to go wrong at the very last minute.

In the unlikely event you manage to get an interview with someone relevant. A designer, celebrity or supermodel say, that’s your giving; your willingness to be plunged into a whole host of other problems and difficulties, just for that quote or that sound bite. All interviews with these uber important people have to be arranged, sometimes months ahead of schedule, as they have their whole day planned down to the very last second. Then you have to write all the questions you are planning on asking this person into an email to their PR manager before hand, just so they know what will be asked and you’re not asking any “forbidden questions” regarding what the celebrity “won’t talk about”. Then there’s the interview. It will be grabbed in a corner, because god forbid someone who doesn’t work with one of the big glossies gets to conduct their interview in the PR tent. If you’ve been lucky enough to ask the right questions or give off the right aura, and the interviewee takes a liking to you he/she keeps talking longer than their schedule dictates. You then have to deal with the glares and evil eyes being shot at you by her manager, who will always be found hovering at her shoulder, or in the case of a televised interview, directly behind the cameraman. As is the glamorous life of your average fashion writer, well, the one that’s better than average enough to be sent to report at LFW in the first place.


candy is sweet It’s always wise to carry something to read just in case one might find themselves in a web of boredom, maybe a current issue from your favorite publication better yet a book by your favorite celebrity or your natural born bad ass. What ever your taste in books is you are sure to relate to these two sensational authors. The Hills star, Lauren Conrad, has proved to many critics that she is more than just a reality TV celebrity. She is also a number one selling novelist. LA candy is about a 19-year-old girl by the name of Jane Roberts who’s an intern in Los Angeles. A TV show producer offers her BFF and her their own show like that of the “reality version of Sex and the City.” Soon after accepting it brings the young intern free designer clothes and invitations to the hottest parties. Sounds familiar right? LA candy is the perfect novel to carry around. The four star rated novel offers romance, La La Land betrayal, and friendship, The Hollywood sign in the California hills. plus lots of fashion! $11

grease ball Russ Lippitt writes about a young rebellious greaser kid by the name of Billy in the 1950s coming of age. He takes you through the adventures of rock ‘n roll, drugs, hate and speed in the underworld life of street rod. For anyone who’s had the thought of rebelling against the world, you are not alone. Share the experience to what critics are saying is, “Fast paced and entertaining, intelligent without being too intellectual…” and “An enjoyable freaky ride.”

Greased Up Image of Harajuku Rockabilly’s in Tokyo.

This 5 star rated book is sure to have you so captivated you won’t be able to stop reading. It has never been this dangerous to read a book. $26

inspired items Forever 21 Jacket $40, by

Forever 21 Sunglasses $6, by

Purchase books at com. Images courtesy of Amazon, Russ Lippitt, and Google.


Perfect Fit



hat more could you want from a fashion company that provides a classic style at an affordable price? How about clothing that is made custom just for you?

“Great fashion icons in history like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O” inspired each piece from the collection. “No matter what size you are, a 2 or 22,” says designers AprilMarin looked to April and Marin, “it is difficult to find fashion that these icons for their fits perfectly.” They point out that we “no longer “simple classic lines live in a one size fits all society” and that shopping off and understated the racks does not always provide a perfect fit. This is elegance” to use in why April Bukofser and Marin Milio came together to their collection. form AprilMarin. The New York-based contemporary line of women’s clothing accommodates their With the most customers with tailored pieces from their collection important fashion made for every size and body type. season quickly approaching, April Marin promises some new ideas; The two designers met while attending Pace University they will have new jackets, skirts and dresses for fall. in New York. They knew instantly that their love for The designers will also be adding more feminine fashion and style would take them places. April had details like ruffles in their new designs. Finally, they created her own handbag company at the age of 16 are calling grays and greens their “it” colors for fall. and Marin had always loved putting different pieces of clothing together to create outfits. These designers hope to be teaming up with boutiques to offer some pieces from their line in stores. But for Both designers came together to found the fashion now look for April Marin to be releasing new designs company, AprilMarin. Their company’s collection from their collection on their website at includes dresses, suits, jackets, and skirts. These items range from $130 to $200 and as promised a custom fit for each customer.

Image courtesy of photographer greg kessler model giedre duvaskaite. Miu Miu 2009 fall fashion show.



The obsession with dark and edgy fashion trends are creeping their way into your makeup bag. This fall toss your bright lipsticks, it’s all about matte. Buy tons of dark liner and translucent powder. It’s “matte” crazy this season.




Beauty is not only about lipsticks and eye shadows; it’s also about nail polish. One of the hottest colors for the matte nail this fall is O.P.I’s Navy-Blue Matte Nail Polish. This fierce matte blue can be worn for any occasion and with nearly any outfit. Keep a look out for this color in your local beauty and drug stores or check out O.P.I’s website at

Celebs Wearing Fall’s Matte Trend Heidi Montag with the mattelook in white (Photo courtesy of People StyleWatch)

Eva Mendes rocking a matte blue

images courtesy of and

Lauren Conrad sporting this fall’s matte trend

k c i P s ’ r o t Edi

What To Have In Your Bag by Katie Bohnarczyk and Olga Vizcarra

Have a small bottle of body lotion in case your skin is feeling a little dry during the day Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Body Lotion in Dancing Waters $5 Relaxing hair balm for all hair types to tame those annoying flyaways after P.E. $26 SEPHORA.COM

Carry your favorite scented perfume for a quick spritz before you meet up with that cute guy at lunch!Vera Wang Rock Princess perfume $72

This double-ended makeup brush can do double the work. You can apply your foundation, loose powder, and even work as a blush applicator. $35

Incase you need a quick make-up touch-up! Clinique Quickliner for Eyes$14.50

Have your nail polish with you in case of chips! Sephora by OPI nail polish $9 If you’re running late and had no time to do your hair a sparkly brooch is an essential piece to have in your bag. Just clip on and go. $15

Have a yummy smelling lip gloss to slick on before walking down the hall! Too Faced FUZE Slenderize Guilt Free Lip Gloss from Sephora $18.50 We can’t always have perfect hair everyday, all day long. Use these when you’re in need! ConAirPro Pro Clips (comes with 10 multipurpose clips) $9.95

If you were out the night before and find yourself with heavy dark circles this eye brightener is the remedy to faking you got your 8 hours of beauty sleep. It works like dream with all skin colors. The pink and golden hues give you a flush of light around the eye area. Benefit from Benefit. $20 by Benefit,

beauty MUST HAVE

She sings to the Canary in yellow.

Photographed by James Lee MUA, Mary-Jane Gotidoc Model Lara Crawshaw Stylist Mary-Jane and Lara Crawshaw


How to Travel, Unwillingly BY RACHEL PHIPPS

To date I have sat out two holidays in the region 1) in the house and 2) in a rented accommodation. However, the next time you are dragged, kicking and screaming on a holiday you don’t think you’ll enjoy, stop, think and keep your eyes open! Keep your eyes open for the local food. I know strictly speaking frosted cupcakes are the new chic and macaroons are so last year but the raspberry macaroons in my local patisserie are to die for; they look so pretty. Northern France, as well as a lot of the rural world, is amazing. Stop to check out the local newsagents. I was delighted to discover, that even in Combourg they stock Paris Vogue, which is a nice treat as a change from your norm. It doesn’t really matter if you can’t read the language it’s published in, the layouts and photo editorials amazing. For example, last year I enjoyed the Greek Vogue. I got it off of a street vendor in Athens, it costs as much as my UK and US editions. Look out for magazine exclusives from a particular country for example in

France there’s L’Officiel ­—the French equal to Harpers Bazzar. There’s also Citizen K. They are the same thickness as a special edition Vogue plus all the issues I’ve ever brought have cost me 1 euro, which is around one dollar and 19 cents.

Think, “Where can I acquire a great find?” I picked up a stunning Indian tie-dye bag off of the market, which no one will have back home. Also I found chic bubble skirts in an art gallery of all places in a walled town. The key is to keep your eyes peeled and your travel currency at the ready. Finally, if all my tips fail take a car journey to the nearest major city for a day. I discovered that the city of Rennes, the main city of the region, had a Longchamp and a Hermes. That’s more than my city back home can boast unless you count department stores.

images courtesy of and

The house I arrived to was in Brittany, Northern rural France. I couldn’t grasp the idea that it had been transformed to more than a run down barn and cottage from another century. I never thought I could enjoy spending time there. It was miles from anywhere and the local village wasn’t much better as far a metropolitan environment was concerned.

s o c ia l b ea co n

glenn knows best


AFTER WORKING WITH SOME OF THE HOTEST NAMES IN THE BUSINESS LIKE NELLY FURTADO, USHER, PINK, WHITNEY HOUSTON AND THE LATE KING OF POP, MICHAEL JACKSON, WHAT MORE CAN WE EXPECT FROM THIS MARVELOUS CHOREOGRAPHER. OLGA VIZCARRA CHATS WITH GLENN DOUGLAS PACKARD Glenn Douglas Packard is more than just a reality show celebrity and Brooke Hogan’s best friend; he’s a choreographer. Glenn is not just “a” choreographer he is “the” choreographer. For those not familiar with his impressive resume Glenn has choreographed for top notch celebrities like Destiny’s Child, Liza Minelli, Pink, Missy Elliot, Nelly Furtado, and endless more. Our friend Glenn was recognized for his artistic direction on Michael Jackson’s 30th Anniversary Celebration and was honored with an Emmy nomination. Even though he’s achieved so much his personality is extremely down to earth and he carries such a humble vibe. Glenn took time out of his busy schedule to chat over the phone for a fun interview, one like he’s never had before I’m sure.

OMG! Who’s #1 on your Myspace top? GP Daniel OMG! Have you ever kissed that person? GP Ooh yes! OMG! Who was the last person to text you? GP My BFF Selena OMG! Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket? GP About 10! OMG! If you were offered 1 million dollars to spend the night in a haunted house would you? GP In a heart beat. OMG! Have you ever licked the back of a CD to try and get it to work? GP Have I ever licked the back of a CD to try and get it to work…hmm…can you do that? OMG! Where you popular in high school? GP At one point I wasn’t but then all of a sudden halfway through high school I was a very popular kid! OMG! Have you ever had a crush on a teacher? GP LOL, yes! My first dance teacher. OMG! Do you have any phobias? If so what is it? GP I’m afraid of heights but I conquer them by flying and bungee jumping! OMG! What is your special talent? GP When I’m in a relationship I give a 100% OMG! Would you rather kiss a Madagascar hissing cockroach or a potato bug? GP A potato bug because maybe I can get a piece of potato in there! OMG! When was the last time you used hand sanitizer?

GP Last night, Daniel makes me do it. OMG! When was the last time you went out of the state? GP Four days ago. I went to Michigan to visit my family for 4th of July. OMG! Have a cool scar? If so what’s the story behind it? GP OMG, I have the most awesomist scar starting from my knee down to my ankle on my right leg! I almost lost my leg in a four wheeler accident. OMG! Is your 2nd toe longer than the first one? GP No it’s not, I have cute feet. LOL! OMG! Did you ever drink clear Pepsi? GP No, I don’t drink soda! OMG! Ok, I got a better question for you then. Would you rather pick Gatorade or Pepsi? GP Can I say coke slurpee? OMG! So you don’t drink soda but you drink coke slurpees?! GP LOL, yes!! OMG! When was the last time you put a stamp on something? GP Yesterday morning paying the bills! OMG! Closest thing to you that is yellow? GP Umm…the shirt I’m wearing.

There’s always 3 sides to every story his truth, her truth, and the truth.

Photographed by James Lee MUA Ana Popescu Model Emma Jensen Stylist Adrian Pini Studios


Photographer James Lee, Mua Ana Popescu Model Emma Jensen, Stylist James Lee And Ana Popescu

Photographer James Lee Stylist Emma Jensen Model Emma Jensen, Mua & Stylist Ana Popescu


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