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Crossings at Indian Creek Rules and Regulations In accordance with the Declaration and Bylaws, the Executive Board has adopted the following Rules and Regulations: I.

Pet Maintenance A. Pets are required to be on a leash at all times when outside of their owner’s unit and must be attended by a responsible person. Pets may not be left outside unattended at any time. B. Pets are not permitted to be leashed to any trees or landscape items at any time. Pets may be leashed to buildings or grounds, when attended. C. All pet owners are to immediately remove waste deposited on any portion of the property, including open space, and dispose of it in their own trash. D. Pet owners are responsible for any damage their animals may cause. The cost of repairing any common areas destroyed by any pet will be charged directly to the owner of that pet, including re-seeding or sodding lawn and replacing plants. E. Other than household pets, animals may not be kept or bred on the Property. The commercial use of pets or other animals at any time is prohibited.


Trash Maintenance A. Trash, rubbish or other waste may not be stored outside except for collection, as set forth below. The property may not be used as a dumping ground. Littering of any kind is prohibited. B. Trash is to be placed out for pick up in the toter supplied by the trash hauler. Recyclables should be placed in the bin that has been provided for that purpose. Open boxes or bags may not be used for trash disposal. C. Trash is to be placed out for pick up no earlier than the evening before the scheduled pick up. Otherwise, trash containers may be placed out the day of the scheduled pick up and are to be removed from curbside and stored out of sight no later than the evening of the scheduled pick up day. D. Trash cans and recycling containers may not be stored in public view on non-trash pick up days.

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E. Any trash or debris left behind after trash pick up or which has been disturbed by inclement weather or animals must be promptly cleaned up and removed by the unit owner. F. Use of containers designated for construction debris is prohibited. III.

Parking and Vehicle Restrictions A. All vehicles on the Property must be currently licensed, registered and inspected. B. Inoperable vehicles or dead storage of vehicles on any portion of the property is not permitted except in the garage. C. Minor repairs of vehicles shall be limited to the driveway or garage of the unit. D. No recreational vehicles, mobile homes, trailers, campers, boats, commercial trucks and vans, or vehicles in excess of ž of a ton shall be permitted to be parked on the Property, unless enclosed in the garage. Trucks and vans are permitted to be parked on a temporary basis on the Property in connection with services being performed for an owner or the Association. E. Vehicles with commercial lettering and graphics are prohibited unless parked in driveway or in garage.

IV. Architectural Guidelines: Exterior changes shall be required to obtain written approval from the Association through the Executive Board or the Architectural Committee. The homeowner should also review all deed restrictions that pertain to the community. A. Additional landscaping to the grounds is prohibited without prior written approval. B. The installation of storm doors must receive written approval. Storm doors must be aluminum and full view style. Architectural Committee will identify required colors which will match the front door. C. Sheds may be permitted at the discretion of the Architectural Committee. If permitted, size, location and color will be specified by the committee. No other structures or equipment may be installed on the Property. D. No pools in excess of 18� in height shall be permitted. E. Clotheslines and the outside drying of laundry are prohibited.

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F. Other than house numbers and small decorative signs indicating the residents’ names, no sign may be erected by any owner or occupant without prior written approval of the Executive Board. Approval shall be at the discretion of the Executive Board. G. Grills are to be used a sufficient distance from the building to prevent damage to the siding. H. Annual and perennial flowers are permitted to be planted in existing planting beds, and are the sole responsibility of the homeowner. I. Individual yard sales are prohibited. Community yard sales may be organized by the Recreation Committee and approved by the Board. J. Satellite dishes are permitted on the rear facing roof of the dwelling. Installation requires the approval of the Architectural Committee. Size of dish, method of installation and routing of wiring shall be included in the request. K. Awnings are permitted with the approval of the Architectural Committee. Color of awning must be in keeping with the building scheme. Design shall either be a solid color or stripe. Fabric sample shall be included with the approval request. V.

Occupancy/Leasing of Units A. Occupancy is restricted to residential use only, and to home based occupations that do not add traffic, noise or otherwise impose on the community. All such uses are subject to township zoning ordinances and Federal Laws and regulations. B. No unit may be used in a manner which increases insurance premiums or violates any governmental law, statute or ordinance. C. Any unit lease must be in writing and a copy of same submitted to the Association within ten days of execution. Financial information may be excluded. D. The owner of a unit is required to provide each tenant with a copy of all Rules and Regulations and ensure their tenant’s adherence to same. E. The Association may collect fines and delinquent assessments from the unit owner, whether the penalty was incurred by the unit landlord or tenant.


Enforcement A. Unit owners are responsible for the actions of all occupants of their unit including guests, tenants and pets. Crossings at Indian Creek Rules and Regulations 2-4-2008 3 of 4

B. Unit owners will be held financially liable for any damage to the common elements as a result of improper use by themselves or any occupant or pet. C. The Executive Board has the right to enforce all rules and regulations in accordance with the Association’s Declaration and Bylaws and the Consolidated Statutes. After providing sufficient warning of a violation, the Executive Board has the right to impose fines for uncorrected infractions of the Rules. Fines, in an amount to be determined by the Board, may be imposed for a single occurrence or on a per-day basis for ongoing violations.

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