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Most Important: Give yourself some time‌ Breathing naturally, but a little slower and deeper than you normally would with your attention focused in the heart and gradually sink down to the lower abdomen area. Focus internally. Smile down â˜ş. Activate a genuine feeling of appreciation. Forgive, forget and let go. Three minds into one mind.


Cervical Spine Dorsal Spine Lumbar Spine

1. Spinal Cord Breathing 2. Crane Neck 3 Circle

Spinal Cord Breathing

Crane Neck 3 Circle


Sacral Coccyx

Tilt Under & Back

1.Tilt Under & Back 2.Rotate In Small Circles, 3.Rub Coccyx & Sacrum

.Rotate In Small Circles,

Rub Coccyx & Sacrum


Head Zone

Microcosmic-Orbit or Orgasmic Upward Draw


Left Eye Right Eye

1.Eyes Look Left &Right 2.Circle Each Direction, Sideward Around, Clock- Counterclockwise Around, Front Up Back Down Around 20x Each, 3.Rub Hands Warm, Cover Eyes Relax Them & Sink Into The Darkness 4.Massage The Eyes

II (1)





4. Massage


Left Ear, Nose Right Ear, Nose

1.Pop The Ears: Insert index fingers into ears & jiggle fingers back and forth, then pop the fingers out. 2.Heavenly Drum: fold the ear corncob and cover ears with palms, fingers pointing to back of skull and snap index fingers against skull. 3.Rub & Massage Ears & Nose warm



Rub & Massage


Jaws Left Jaws Left

1.Heart Sound 2.Relax Jaws & Massage 3.Move Open Jaws. Left & Right up & down 4.Meditate with Open Jaws (look silly â˜ş)




Move Jaws

Meditate with Open Jaws



1.Swallow Saliva all the way down to the navel, Throat, Thyroid Gland activating the thyroid gland 2.Massage Throat Upwards, Chant To Vibrate Throat

Inhale & Chin in

Exhale & Swallow down

Massage Throat


Respiratory System

1.Abdominal & Reverse Breathing 36x / 3x a Day, 2.Lung Sound With Thumbs Under The Ribs and Diaphram Breathing


I Inhale In

Exhale Out


Lung Sound


Blood Circulation 1.Heart Sound 2.Whole Body Hitting With Coronary Vessels Bamboo Or Mung Bean Hitter 3.Trampoline 510 Minutes a Day Heart

H AAAAW Heart Sound



- 10 -


1.Inverted Head Stand 2.Laughing Baby 3.Swimming & Water Treatment, Trampoline

Head Stand

Laughing Baby

- 11 -

Abdominal Zone Ileum Duodenum Jejunum Ascending Colon Colons Transverse Caecum Sigmoid Rectum

1.Empty forces 3x a day 2.Abdominal & Reverse Breathing 36x, 3x a Day 3.Inhale Hold the Breath Press Fingers of the Right Hand on Ileocaecal-Valve& Left Hand on Sigmoid, Exhale with the Hearth Sound. Inhale Expand Lower Sides of the Ileocaecal – Valve & Sigmoid Colon. Hit with the Mung Bean or Bamboo Hitter AscendingTransverse – Descending - Colon & Sigmoid

Exhale, tongue out, hold and rolling stomac

Inhale & hold Breathe


- 12 -


Kidney Adrenal

1.Kidney Sound 2.Inhale Expand, Massage and Hit with Bamboo or Mung Bean Hitter. It is Very Important To Have The Mindpower, The Good Intention For These Organs & Kidney Massage

C Hooooo

Kidney Sound


- 13 -

Uro-Genital System

1.Kidney Sound 2.Inhale Expand Genital Area & Hit, Genital- & Reverse Breathing, Contract Perineum & Roll Up The Eyes.

Kidney Sound


- 14 -

1.Massage 2.Press fingers on liver. Liver Sound 3.Inhale, Expand & Hit




Liver Sound


Liver Sound

- 15 -


Spleen, immune System Pancreas

1.Massage The Organs 2.Spleen Sound, Inhale 3.Expand & Hit. Its Very Important to have the Mindpower, The Good Intention for these Organs



Spleen Sound


- 16 -






- 17 -

Pituitary Gland

1.Inhale: Activate Sphincter Muscle (Contract Anus, Mouth, Eyes‌) 2.Roll Up Eyes 3.Tap The Hypothalamus Crown Endocrine System 4.Also Add the Eye Movement, move Left & Right, Sideward Around, Clock-& Counterclockwise Nervous System Around, Front Up Back Down Around


Roll Up Eyes

Tap The Crown

Eye Movement

- 18 -

And always finish with the Microcosmic-Orbit for protection. Pineal Gland beneath Crown (Enlightenment Gland, Gland of Direction)

Pituitary Gland (Mideyebrow)

Yui-Gen (Cranial Pump)

Crystal Room Cavity of the Spirit Tongue Ta-Chui (Central Control of the Tendon Connections of the Hands and Spinal Cord)

Hsuan Chi (Throat Energy Center) Shan Chung (Thymus Gland) Rejuvenation Center

Gia-Pe (Opposite Heart Center)

Chung Wan (Solar Plexus, Pancreas)

Chi-Chung (Adrenal Gland Center at T-11)-Mini pump

Chi-Chung (Navel, Spleen) Ovary/Sperm Palace

Ming-Men (Kidney Point - Door of Life); Prenatal energy storage safety point.

Extra 31 (He ding)

Chang-Chiang, Coccyx (Sacral Pump)

Wei-Chung BL-40; extra Spirit Energy is stored here.

Hui-Yin (Perineum - Gate of Death and Life)

Functional Channel

Governor Channel

Yung-Chuan K-1 (bubbling spring)

Learn to circulate your Chi in the Microcosmic Orbit. The tongue touches the roof of the palate to complete the circuit of the Governor and Functional Channels. - 19 -

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Aura Improment by Mantak Chia  

tao science

Aura Improment by Mantak Chia  

tao science