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JEAN COCTEAU Beauty and the Beast, Les Enfants terribles, and Orpheus~ Jean Cocteau on his life, goals, and cats

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Editors Note... 6 The Long History of Cats... 8 Top Ten Cats...10 How To~ Make friends with a cat...15 The Best Breed For You...17 An Interview with the master of the arts and a lover of cats~ Jean Cocteau! ...18 Passionate Poem...22 26 words that cats j’adore~ au francais! ...23 This ISSUU’s Debate~ Why cats are better than dogs ... 24 How to Brighten your day~ Funny cat


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“I have always

believed that cats a

the soul of a house



NYAN CAT: new app??!!! Nyan Cat “Lost in Space” Has gotten major reviews, all “Nyantastic!” Personally, I think that it’s one of the best games on the App store, especially since you can now take care of, and customize, your very own Nyan! Also, there is a “Flight School” option, where you escape and try to outrun the evil Tac Nayn (which is most interestingly Nyan Cat spelled backwards). Of course, there is still the classic “Lost In Space” as seen in the picture, with a few upgrades. Cat lover or not, everyone will enjoy playing this fun app.



Nyan Cat: Lost In Space



Editors Note

A cat is everything a person could ask forloving, but not constantly bugging you, (though certain breeds are extremely cuddly) easy to take care of, and much, much more adorable than a dog! Having a kitty is the best introduction to the world of animals and why cats is my passion. My name is Olivia and here is the ultimate cat magazine.


Tonkinese Cat



The Long History of Cats

Mentioning's of the first domesticated cat have dated all the way back to 3,600 years ago in Ancient Egypt, seen on paintings. Although there has been other evidence of cats, Egyptians worshiped them the most, as there were many visuals of cats in their religion. Their goddess Bastet was said to be able to shapeshift into that of a lioness, and cats were very sacred animals to that culture. If anyone murdered a cat, no matter if it was done purposely or not, the death penalty was immediately placed upon them. Such was the respect the Egyptian people held for cats, they were mummified just like any other person at that point in time, so that the soul, also

called the ka, could find it's host and be born again into afterlife. An interesting fact: as there were ranks between workers and nobles, there were also ranks between the workers and the nobles cats. A deceased cat of a noble person would have an extravagant burial, but no cat was to be denied the opportunity of being reborn, so workers and poorer people's cats were also embalmed and mummified. When a pharaoh of Ancient Egypt was mummified and encased in a tomb, he would have gold, jewels, and priceless items buried along with him. Well, for a cat, it's a little different.

As the mummification was delicately and lovingly completed, as though it was a dead human, the cat was given gifts to accompany him or her into the afterlife that awaited. Pots of milk, a favorite of cats, though it is really quite bad for them, (I guess they didn't know that thousands of years

Mummified Cat


ago!) and even tiny, not-so-cute, dead mummified mice. Unfortunately , in 390 AD ( After Death, or Anno Domini) the pharaoh put out an imperial decree that the cult of the goddess Bastet, which almost the entire worship of cats was based around, was banned. That was the beginning of the end of the great sacristy and respect that Ancient Egyptians once worshiped towards cats. If you have ever seen anyone teasing a cat, making fun of one, or even insulting one, you can easily notice the extreme differences in respect towards these beautiful animals. Nowadays, cats are kept usually as pets, but also as farm animals who excel at catching the rodents that plague farmers everywhere. The centuries old

history of cats has drastically changed, but we can still try to bring some of it back. I'm not saying you have to form a club where you worship the goddess Bastet, and pray to cats everyday, but show a respect that can encourage others to also behave this way. Cats are amazing animals, who can sometimes be annoyingly superior, but then again, I wonder who started that?

The cat goddess Bastet


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The Top Ten Most Popular Cats brought to you by Meow magazine

10. The Sphynx cat- hairless, big ears, and eye-catching cheekbones. Because of their sharp face, their eyes are also very pronounced. This rare breed is very popular, being so playful and energetic. The sphynx loves to be the center of attention, and the Cat Fanciers Association says that is one of the reasons why they do so well in cat shows. The cat mixes well with other cats as well as dogs, but should never have their skin exposed to the elements for too long as they have no protection. They can still go outside, but are not suited to living outdoors or on the street.

9. Oriental Cats were originally adapted from the siamese, but with the hope that there would be more colour in this new breed. The American breeders were very successfulthe sleek, elegant beauty of the Siamese is in every feature, along with one of the 300 different colour and pattern combinations. Though the Oriental is definitely a people cat, the animal usually forms a bond with one person in particular. He or she will always greet that special person, and given the love and care a cat needs, the Oriental will be the purrfect companion.

8. The breed of America- the American Shorthair, first valued for it's hunting abilities, now a favourite breed in USA homes. Always on the top ten list, the laid back nature of this cat is perfect for any family.

American Shorthair

P AGE 1 1

7. The Birman cats are blueeyed, fluffy, and sacred to the Kittah priests. Being intelligent, they are always paying attention to everything happening around them. Active and affectionate, these adorable cats from Burma will be your best friend for life.



6. A Ragdoll cat is one of the largest breeds of their kind, and get their name because when you pick them up they go limp in your arms- exactly like a rag doll. Extremely good with kids and other pets, they are often called "puppy cats". In fact, you can easily train them to perform tricks like a dog normally would, and they love to play fetch. Definitely entertaining! Ragdolls must never be left outside at night, or unattended as they are very gentle and are not skilled at self-defense.


5. Regal, elegant, like that of the cats depicted in Ancient Egyptian times, the Abyssinian is a fantastic pet. Their short, close lying coats are easy to care for, and are loyal to their family, though they are not super cuddly. They have a curious streak, and like to take part in everything around them. One things for sure, they will never be boring!


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The Top Ten Most Popular Cats brought to you by Meow magazine

4. One of the most recognizable breeds is the Siamese, with their blue, almond-shaped eyes and slim body. An energetic, vocal kitty, the Siamese likes it's attention and it is not uncommon for this cat to follow the owner around. They will participate in just about anything, whether that's sitting on the couch watching tv or snuggled up in bed with you at night.


3. The exotic shorthair is for people who love Persians, but not the grooming part. The Exotic Shorthair is a cross between the Persian and the American Shorthair, creating a cat that is sweet, gentle, and affectionate like a Persian, but has a thick, dense coat that does not need much grooming. Because the breed is Exotic, this cat shows more loyalty and affection than other breeds.

P AGE 1 3

2. The Maine Coon, with it's large size, small meow, and loving nature, these cats are often called "gentle giants". They are very intelligent and energetic, and their people-oriented traits make them easy to train, as well as they are quite doglike. Known for their rough and shaggy appearance, a full grown male Maine Coon is about 30 ilbs, with females not much less. These gentle giants reach their fully grown state anywhere from 3-5 years, and are one of the best type of cats you can find.

1. A Persian cat has the best of everything- the sweet, affectionate nature, the innocent blue eyes, and the gorgeous appearance. This makes the Persian the most popular breed among cat lovers, though their thick white coat needs daily grooming to prevent knots and matting.


P AGE 1 4

How To: Make Friends with a Cat How To: Make Friends with a Cat

1. Find a cat that you can hang out with a lot (preferably start with a cat that you know, like a friends, or neighbors cat) but behot very caulong, shower, tious feral eat a of meat sandand stray cats as wich, (preferably they tuna)can andcarry try diseases. steps 1-4 again. 2. Walk slowly Although this up to itis optional, step 3. moveidea it Don't is a good quickly orit unexto follow bepectedly, because cats are afraid of loud, scary noises 4. Offer your hand, palm up, and let the cat sniff your hand. 5. If the cat makes a funny face that proba-

bly means he or she does not like your scent. 6. If the cat does make an odd face, hisses, growls, makes a weird noise, tries to bite or scratch you, follow these steps (if not, continue to step 12) 7. Walk away slowly, turning your back or running to the kitty will frighten it 8. If the cat hissed, growled, or made a weird noise, get as far away from that cat as possible and never go near them unless you have permission from the owner 9. If the cat gave you a funny look, go home, or to someones house, have a

cause 1, cats love the smell of tuna, and 2, having a shower will make the cat like your scent more.

P AGE 1 5

10. If you do not want to complete step 9, here is another option: try steps 2,3, and 4 again another day. Cats forgive relatively easy, so he or she should accept your smell and be curious about you. 11. If that particular cat still doesn't want to smell you, or go near you, go find another cat, and use all of these tips for the best way to become friends with a cat. 12. Begin slowly petting the kitty's back, but be careful if you see a spot that may be sore, as touching it would hurt the cat. 13. Once you are comfortable touching the cat, you can start

playing with him or her. Cats are natural hunters, so a squeaky toy, a feather dangling from a stick, or a mouse are great for play. 14. The owner of the cat will probably have these sorts of toys you can use to interact with the cat. If the owner doesn't, here are some solutions. Cats will chase just about anything, so using fabrics and waving them around will be extremely exciting. Just make sure you check with someone before starting play with the kitty, as the owners might not be comfortable with certain things.

Cat Hissing (funny face)

15.Keep on playing with the cat, and soon you will be fast friends. The more you are around your furry friend, the more he or she will start to trust you. Who knows, maybe this will even inspire you to volunteer at an animal shelter, or even adopt or buy your own kitty!

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The Best Breed for You Every person wants something specific in a cat, whether it's a very vocal cat, a cuddly cat, or a lover of water. Myow magazine brings you the best cats suited to your own personality.

with her water bowl or hopping in the shower with you. Very loyal,this cat, especially if it is an outdoors one, may even go swimming is shallow ponds and streams.

or the small siblings living with you. If you love cats, here is the best way to convince your parents.

The purriest, sleepiest, cuddle cats.

If you are in need of some company, the loudest, most talkative cats.

Though no cat is completely hypoallergenic, the Siberian produces fewer proteins that trigger allergies. Most people can be around a Siberian cat without getting a runny nose or sneezing. Siberians are very friendly, and are good cats around people who have allergies.

For The many Devonpeople Rex has under the age of a short, wavy eighteen, a cat coat and is very is a big no easy to takewith your of. parents. It is defiMaybe benitelyit's a cuddly cause of the cat, and may even smell, allergies, hitch a ride on responsibility, your shoulder. Do you also have a love of all things wet? Here is the best swimming companion for you! The Turkish Angora loves water, whether it is splashing around

The Tonkinese could chatter on and on forever. Any visitors that stop by will be greeted with lots of meows! Some people even describe this cat as "part puppy and part monkey" because of his deep loyalty and amazing acrobatic skills. The Tonkinese is the best companion.

Non-allergenic cats:

Small children friendly:


P AGE 1 7

Non-allergenic cats: Though no cat is completely hypoallergenic, the Siberian produces fewer proteins that trigger allergies. Most people can be around a Siberian cat without getting a runny nose or sneezing. Siberians are very friendly, and are good cats around people who have allergies. Small children friendly: The Maine Coon is large, fluffy, and so energetic that it will always entertain every member of the family with it's funny antics. They will always be loyal to their family, and this makes the breed great

for younger children.

Maine Coon in snow

Maine Coon Kittens

P AGE 1 8

Jean Cocteau and Cats Jean Maurice Eugene Clement Cocteau is a French dramatist, poet, artist, designer, and playwright- but is most famous for his novel, Les Enfants Terribles, and he also did a fantastic job as director of the classic Beauty and The Beast. Even Edith edly who you Wharton, the Pulcalled the itzer-prize"King winof Cats"? ning American novelist, quoted Jean aboutCocteau: his love Yes, I did. " to of poetry, whom every great Meow line Magazine: of poetry Of course, having my was a sunrise, own beloved every sunsetfurry the foundation of the Heavenly City..." These amazing works have definitely changed our world, but that is not why I chose to interview him. Jean Cocteau is a lover of cats, and even dedi-

cated "Drole de Menage" to his cat Karoun, the "King of cats". This passion makes him the ideal subject for this interview! Meow Magazine: Hello Mr. Cocteau, and thank you so much for joining the Meow team for this exclusive interview. Jean Cocteau: I am so happy to be here today, and I so look forward to sharing with all the cat lovers out there about one of my most cherished passions- my dear cats. Meow Magazine:So, Monsieur Cocteau, you dedicated your novel "Drole de la Menage" to one of your cats, Karoun, report-

friend, I cannot agree with Karoun being the King of Cats, since my cat Bella is obviously the Queen, but I have to ask, why did you dedicate that childrens story to your cat? Did he inspire you in any way? Jean Cocteau: *laughing* I have always believed that cats are the soul of a house. So when writing a book about children, it just seemed really fitting to have the story dedicated to Karoun, he would be like the superior animal to the dog who can never get anything right. Meow Magazine: I especially love the illustrations of the sun and moon, its a lot different than

P AGE 1 9

other children's stories. Monsieur Cocteau: I like to think of my style as very unique, and that is one of the greatest things you can have in your passion, it's original, it's unique, it's yours. I mean, sometimes people dont like that, but I have a quote of mine, I made it up myself, that I always, always, always go back to: "What the public criticizes in you, cultivate. It is you." Meow Magazine: That is one of my favorite quotes from you, actually. It's very inspirational, and it really makes you feel

better about what your style of your own, personal passion is like.

for having a different opinion,because there is no right way to look at it.

Monsieur Cocteau: My thoughts exactly.

Meow Magazine: And I find that quotes that can be looked at from a different perspective from different people are the most interesting. What I took away from your quote was that, the whole world is tired of the same performances, the same balancing acts. Everyone is hungry for something new. The same old fluffy pink unicorn pop singles just won't satisfy. So when an original, sincere, exciting person comes into the eyes of the people, they are an instant

Meow Magazine: I was also thinking a lot about another one of your quotes, "The world worships the original"; and quotes like that can have a lot of meanings. Jean Cocteau: Definitely. That's the best kind of quote, the double, triple, quadruple, and endless meanings quotes. That way, you can interpret them any which way. No one will think you are a very strange character

P AGE 2 0

Jean Cocteau and Cats hit. The world can't help but worship everything about this person, everything draws them in. Jean Cocteau: That could be one explanation for it. Meow Magazine: What were you thinking about when you thought up this quote? Jean Cocteau: As I always say, an artAmis des Chats. I ist cannot speak have supported cat about anynot shows,his andart it is more than a plant something that will can talk about horchange the world, ticulture. It's but give a smalldifficult tothe explain slice of joy I what comes from your experience around soul. cats to competitors and viewers alike. Meow Magazine: Very true. Now, forThat all Meow Magazine: us cat lovers, what is the best thing about cats? Jean Cocteau: The meow. It's the meow that messages the heart. Just hearing that beautiful noise when you come home from work, your heart just flutters. It really just takes me right to my happy place.

Meow Magazine:Wow that is really deep. I am speechless. Jean Cocteau:It is, but it is true, and all other cat lovers would agree with me instantly. Meow Magazine: Indeed they would. I have one last question for you today, one that I think all the cat people are dying to know: what have you contributed to this love of cats? Having a powerful passion, especially one for cats, has to have had some impact on the world around you? Jean Cocteau: My friend Pablo Picasso told me once, "only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.". I cannot not support cats, give them a little something to thrive on, my love of them is too great. So I created a cat club in Paris, Club des

is a wonderful gift to the people of Paris! I am sure many peopleand cats- are grateful for this opportunity and entertainment. Jean Cocteau: Thank you. Meow Magazine: No, Monseiur Cocteau, Meow magazine thanks you for giving us your time to explain your passion on cats.

Jean Cocteau: The pleasure was mine. Meow Magazine: That was this ISSUUs Meow magazine interview, starring Jean Cocteau and Cats! Thank you so much for joining us Mr. Cocteau, and sharing with us your fantastic passion. Jean Cocteau: Thank you and goodbye.

P AGE 2 1

on, my love of them is too great. So I created a cat club in Paris, Club des Amis des Chats. I have supported cat shows, and it is not something that will change the world, but give a small slice of the joy I experience around cats to competitors and viewers alike.

fantastic passion. Jean Cocteau: Thank you and goodbye.

Meow Magazine: That is a wonderful gift to the people of Paris! I am sure many people-and cats- are grateful for this opportunity and entertainment. Jean Cocteau: Thank you. Meow Magazine: No, Monseiur Cocteau, Meow magazine thanks you for giving us your time to explain your passion on cats.

Jean Cocteau: The pleasure was mine. Meow Magazine: That was this ISSUUs Meow magazine interview, starring Jean Cocteau and Cats! Thank you so much for joining us Mr. Cocteau, and sharing with us your

Jean Cocteau with a cat

P AGE 2 2

A Passionate Poem This is most definitely a poem from a cat lover. Here is the winning poem for the annual Cat Poetry Competition!

As I open the gate, the sound of a familiar meow stops me, I look up, Across the fields and freshly bloomed flowers, A lone cat.

Running faster than the birds swooping down over him, The padded paws reach me, Flying into my legs. A sly tail curls around me, Welcoming my return. A nudge of the head, A hungry meow, The soft and strong thrum of a purr, I am completely and utterly enthralled.

Special Thanks to Olivia, 12, from BC

see back for a chance to win the next poetry contest

Cat in a field

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Words that Cats j’adore... au francais! These are the words of everything a cat loves

miaou saumon herbherb-auxauxchats oiseaux mouches plumage lits dormant lait poulet chocolat massage silencieux moquette aimer famille

Persian cat

P AGE 2 4

This ISUU’S Debate... Why Cat’s are better than dogs.

This is no debate, of course. (Cats, OBVIOUSLY!) Meow Magazine just decided to list all the ways cats are better than dogs!

feed it, and give them love and care.

2. Won't howl at night and leave you with some pretty angry neighbors. A dog's howl is very annoying, and can be heard everywhere. A cat, on the other hand, might meow for food at night, but it is not at 1. The respon- all disruptive. sibility is so (except maybe much less- no to you). walking, picking up dog poo, 3.Dogs jump all or making sure over the place someone is al- when they meet ways there to new people, watch you like they can't dog. With resist going cats, it's a into some kind whole lot sim- of "crazy dog pler. Clean out mode". A cat the litter box,

will hide and observe, maybe allow these visitors to pet them, but overall trustworthy when it comes to not wrecking your favorite clothes. 4. Have you ever smelt a dog who has just been swimming? It's one of the worst smells, and will leave towels stinking and a big, muddy, watery mess all over the house and in the bathroom. You hardly ever have to bathe a cat, and they don't leave you

P AGE 2 5

with big messes everywhere . 5. Dogs are not at all funny. Every time they attempt at funny antics, it just ends up with broken valuables and a bad mood. Cats are constantly funny, and the best part is, they always look elegant even when they have just rolled in from a mud puddle. If you want proof, go to google images. There are cute, fluffy dogs, and the odd funny pic, but there are pages of cats doing the funniest moves. 6. No more bugs

in your house with a cat around. Their hunting skills are regularly practiced on those pesky insects, leaving your home bug free. 7. Dogs are very expensivethey can cost up to $3500 a year! Cats are a lot less, about $300, not counting medical emergencies. 8. Cats are able to live indoors and it will not be a big deal. You have to take a dog for long walks early in the morning, since most people are really busy during the day. Talk about sleep depriving!

9. Cats are much more loveable than dogs. As soon as you hear the sound of a cat’s purr, you can’t help but become a cat lover. 10. Cats rule, dogs droolwith a cat, you will never have to wipe up a pile of dog drool, cats will (thankfully) wash themselves.

P AGE 2 6

Brighten Your Day with these Cat Quotes Everyone loves a good cat quotethey can lighten up a bad mood in seconds! Here are some one-liners to make you smile.

Cats are like potato chips. You can never have just one. -Anonymous Cats are better than any vice. They're not fattening, dangerous, or expensive. However, they can be addictive.

In ancient times cats were worshiped as gods; they have not forgotten this -Terry Pratchet Too Many Cats? Your three Cat'slast motto: "No cats are named matter what Puss, you'veKitty-cat, done and Hey You. try wrong, always

-Anonymous For a man to truly understand rejection, he must first be ignored by a cat.

to make it look -Kathie Freeman as if the dog did it." If it's raining



Cats are smarter than dogs. You can't get eight cats to pull a sled through snow.

"There is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast." -Anonymous

- Jeff Valdez

Cat in a toilet paper roll

P AGE 2 7

People that hate cats will come back as mice in their next life.

Dogs come when they're called; cats take a message and get back to you later.

- Faith Resnick

- Mary Bly I had been told that the training procedure with cats was difficult. It's not. Mine had me trained in two days.

The problem with cats is that they get the exact same look on their face whether they see a moth or an axemurderer. - Paula Poundstone Too Many Cats? Your last three cats are named Puss, Kitty-cat, and Hey You. -Kathie Freeman

If it's raining at the back door, every cat is convinced there's a good chance it won't be raining at the front door.

- Bill Dana No amount of time can erase the memory of a good cat, and no amount of masking tape can ever totally remove his fur from your couch. - Leo Dworken Of all the toys available, none is better designed than the owner himself. A large multipurpose plaything, its parts can be made to move in almost any direction. It comes completely assembled, and it makes a sound when you jump on it. - Stephen Baker

—William Toms

Cat in an odd position

P AGE 2 8

The Ultimate Cat Accessories The coolest cat accessories for all those cat crazy people. Bad Cat Calendar The awesomest, baddest cats around are featured in this page-a-day calendar. You can even submit your own view. I got this picture of your book a little cat with some sewhile ago, and it rious attitude. is filled with Buy one at your pictures about favorite chapwhat cats think ters, or online of humans all the at amazon. way to the biggest decision: My Three Cats My Three Cats has the cutest bags, purses, jewelerry, and ceramics as well as cat toys. I adore the totes, but unfortunately almost everything

is a little on the pricy side. There are plates, mugs, and even 6 beautiful smartphone pouches that are available for lower prices. To get your moneys worth, i would go for one of those options. Buy for a friend, a prezzi for that special cat, or splurge a little on yourself! To check out the stock, go to http://www.myt gories/gifts How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You The funniest book from both cat and humans point of

What is Better? A Human baby or kitten? Answer: a cat, OBVIOUSLY. You can most likely buy them at your local book store, and they are also sold at chapters and indigo. It costs $7.69 Canadian as an ebook, and $9.34 Canadian if you buy online. Chapters and Indigo Huge bookstores like chapters and indigo are full of cat books, comics, plush toys, and notebooks. You are guaranteed to find something catty; plus, you can buy a variety of items at quite a reasonable cost.

P AGE 2 9

The Cat Gallery http:// gi/dynamic/ offsite.htm? site=http:// www.thecatgallery .com/

lifelike! When I took a closer look, I discov-

Cat Eye Painting Eva RiserRoberts, a talented artist with an affinity for cats amazes with lifelike, colorful, and cartoony prints. Also, for small children, there are the cutest clothing designs for both boys and girls. Lovely dresses, many of which are under $20! The perfect lastminute presents for your little kitten or big tomcat. Cats Play The first thing that caught my eye on this website was the cat necklaces- so

Cat Playground ered that they were custom made from a picture of your cat. I thought, what a brilliant idea! The best memo, a reminder you can keep forever. So what you do is, send a photo to Flowerland, the company who hand makes the necklaces. They will give you a sketch of what the necklace will look like, and at your nod of approval, the necklace will be made. It will take about a month for the necklace to reach you, but it is

well worth the wait. Also, there are other skilled artists that craft colourful cat pins, and bracelets, hair accessories, and brooches. The centerpiece for these gothic accessories are in the shape opf sly, narrow, cat eyes. Flowerland also has a grumpy cat necklace which is guar-

Custom Necklace anteed to make you laugh every time you look at it! Cats Play offers everything under the sun for cats, from spacious cat gyms, to stylish litter boxes, if it's made for a cat, you can find it on http://

Grumpy Cat Necklace

P AGE 3 0

Organizations you can Support Help support local shelters and organizations in BC. Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue “Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA) is a no-kill, non-profit, registered charity dedicated to the rescue of cats in the Lower Mainland: This organization that is dedicated to cats is not a shelter but provides a much more carin environment for cats: foster homes. Even if it’s just temporary, VOKRA will ensure that all cats are loved and protected. You can support this organization by donating, volunteering, or fostering and adopting. For more information go to Action for Animals in Distress Society The Action for Animals in Distress Society is focused on “rescuing rehabilitating and caring for abandoned and unwanted cats and small animals.” You can volunteer, donate, adopt, and referrals to family and friends are always welcomed. Help an animal today! To visit their website, go to

Richmond Animal Protection Society Richmond Animal Protection Society has not one but but two shelters in Richmond BC, one of which is the biggest in all of North America. A variety of animals live there (including cats!) and in the bigger shelter there is a six acre cat sanctuary perfect for cats who love the outdoors. Of course, a family is always better for a cat, so RAPS offers adoption, and invites you to donate as well as volunteer, as there are always more people needed to support these wonderful organizations. “The Richmond Animal Protections Society always needs new volunteers at both or our shelters. If you can dedicate just a few hours of your week, we need volunteers to feed the animals, clean animal pens, do laundry or dishes, and walk doge.” Go to and volunteer, donate, or adopt today! Please support these amaqing organizations. Even the smallest thing will make a difference, whether you take action by yourself, or get you whole school, sports team, youth group, or whatever club you are involved in, to help these animals.feed the animals, clean animal pens, do laundry or dishes, and walk dogs.:

P AGE 3 1

Win the Annual Cat Lover’s Poetry Contest!


Send your best passionate poem about cats to for A chance to have your amazing poetry featured in Myow magazine Maine Coon

Entries will be accepted until March 3rd 2014

Maine Coon cat

P AGE 3 2

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