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Task 3- Ongoing Evaluation of experiments On my assignment brief is called “style junky� we are learning how to work with creatively with the materials and techniques. So I have created a dress that I have made out of paper. It was very easy to make because the materials I used was cartridge paper. The paper was very easy to design because it the paper was flexibly so we could do different shapes by bending the paper. Also we embellishment was the flower on the dress, it was easy to make by bending the paper.

Olivia Newell Style Junky

I created a tie that been recycled by old skirt and old tie. With the old shirt I cut the flowers that was on the skirt and arranged on the tie, to give the tie a different style and mixed new colours to the tie. The colours worked well with the tie because the tie was brown and the flowers was brown, purple, greens and blues which work well with brown. After that I got more ties and tried to see what we can make and different styles we can create with the ties.

We had to experiments making something with paper. I created a paper dress, I used different tackiness with the paper, I made cubs and rolled up so paper that looks like tubs. I made small tubs and big tubs and black and white ones with the paper. Then after I created all them tubs and put them all together. To make the dress more derma tick I made even bigger by making even bigger tubs by bigger paper and sticking it into the tubs.

This is my final peace ideas and I want to create a paper dress. I've looked different types of things that I can do with my dress

Ideas for my shoot: Make-up

Ideas for my shoot: Location

Ideas for my shoot Hair:

I've created three different looks by using my original photo and editing with photos that I have found and inspires me from black swan.

Style Junky  
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