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Olivia Latham

04 Apta Community



Matter Placement










Non Literal

Olivia spent 6 months on placement with us at Matter. She brought with her tons of energy and enthusiasm for the tasks that she was given and presented well in front of clients. I was especially impressed by her ability to conduct research tasks and communicate her findings competently back to the team. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Olivia. As a dedicated and knowledgeable designer and an all-around great person. Aaron Colfer Senior Design Associate (Full reference available)


Placement 2019, 6 Months

The majority of work I was involved in at Matter was strictly confidential and I am not able to disclose information about specific briefs I was involved in. During my 6 months working at Matter I was able to work on a variety of briefs, including confectionery packaging, to women’s health and wellness and looking further into the future in sustainability projects. In each project I was given tasks stretching across the whole design process; from initial research and development to making sketch models for use when delivering back to clients or peer groups. Being in an environment with experienced designers allowed me to develop a range of design skills, specifically using adobe software across each project, using photoshop renders to support CAD and sketch models in order to fully visualise the outcome.


Individual project

Notice is a set of connective tubes which allow usually discarded toilet rolls, to have a second purpose whilst encouraging children’s creativity.

Current Market and Development

“Lends itself to more than one use. Toys that are designed to be played with in more than one way, inhibit imagination and creativity. A simple cardboard box can become just about anything your child wants it to be (house, car, stone, counter, boat, bed), and it can be pushed, pulled, crawled into, driven or painted” -

“When kids are making something, they are constructing knowledge. If they’re actively engaged, and they enjoy and are having fun with that activity, it’s much more likely that they are going to remember and learn. Meaningful learning and purposeful play.” - Nan Stifel, Librarian at Concord Hill School, Chevy Chase, MD

Indentity and Decisions


The overall branding and aesthetic is minimal, the product is all about a child’s imagination and the packaging should not dictate how they view the toy.




During the photography of the final product, I took my design to a be used by the target audience, I began by directing him on how he should interact with the connections and what to make, but quickly realised he was engaging himself with the product and being creative about the way they are used.

Live brief


Design a product which put Kenwood into a more disruptive market, considering how a motorised Kenwood product can compliment traditional skills and appliances such as a knife and chopping board. Looking at a future appliance which utilises smaller motors to allow motorised appliances and manual skills to fit together in a holistic way.


Insight and Opportunity

Reduced Meat Consumption 26 percent of adults have reduced their meat consumption in recent years, this has allowed them to save money, but vegetarian dishes often require more preliminary preparation. There is an increase in vegetarianism, but even those who are still consuming meat, are tending to reduce their intake. Food without meat now follows the latest trends and flavours, and more restaurants are making vegetables the main part of their dishes.

Opportunity: design a device which helps with the additional preparation involved in preparing with vegetables; washing, grating, chopping, draining etc. Convenience Is Key The future consumer expects all the best elements of food service in one, in and outside of the home. They want food that they can make quickly, for it to be homemade, fresh and above all healthy. How can the whole process of cooking be made simple, carrying things with minimal weight, easy to clean and that still allows a consumer to follow health trends. Combining steps to make the whole experience more holistic.

Opportunity: design a device which helps with moving the prepared vegetables around the kitchen, and requires minimal manouvering during cooking, and doesn’t need to be put away after use.

Sketch Development Refining the look and feel of the concept to make it feel more appropriate and in line with Kenwood’s current line. Shape and finish to reassure consumers it is a reliable Kenwood product that they can trust. Through this development process I settled on three of the most important features, the removable top, the attachment location, and the collapsible bowl as seen above.


The chopping board is left on the counter-top for use as a premium chopping board.

Here it can be charged and used with the wooden surface left on top.

The bowl is kept collapsed during this so it sits flat on the counter-top surface.

The top board is removed to reveal the processor and lower chopping board.

By taking the board to the sink, the bowl can be extended for use.

The lid with the attachment is placed onto the bowl, and the processor turned on.

The top and bottom are able to be separated to be used as two chopping boards where needed.

Both chopping boards can be simultaneously used, for when lots of prep is required.

When not being used for processing, the bowl can be used for peelings and waste.

Once the processor is on, the user starts to prep the veg and push it straight into the processor.

The veg is the further prepared in various ways; grating, chopping, slicing, mixing.

The bowl can be taken out to add straight into the pan without lifting loads too heavy.


Additional Attachments The product should be able to be used with multiple functions, combining, further processing and washing of vegetables. Additional attachments would be used with the product to change its function to meet the users needs.

Removable bowl to transport veg to pan

Interactive touch wheel to make mixing decisions

Collapsible bowl for use on surfaces

Wooden premium feel chopping board

Charging point for counter surface use

Combined Use When the processor is being used, the lower portion of the chopping board is used over the sink to allow the bowl to be extended. The food is manually prepared on the board, and then either further processed or mixed simultaneously in the processor.

Counter Top Elegance To allow the product to be kept out, it doubles as a premium high quality chopping board, for when the only preparation needed is manual preparation. Here it can be charged for use by plugging it into the mains.

Apta Community RSA Student Design Competition

How can we bring the community and wellness that an allotment provides to a shared living, urban environment whilst maintaining security? Apta community is a co-growing space within a shared living complex based in a city. It allows neighbours to get to know one another on a joint balcony, using the attachment people get to growing their own food, to encourage shared cooking and eating experiences.

The Problem

“I decided to join a WeWork the days I work from home, more of a community feel. H is expensive and doesn’t lea much disposable income.”

Why the CONCRETE JUNGLE? In 2010, 5 out of 10 people lived in urban environments, and it is on the rise. It is predicted that number will increase to 6 out of 10 by 2030.

k space on as it has However it ave me with

EMILIE, 26 Shared living complex, London apartment.

Can’t afford to go out Economically conscious for drinks.

9/10 People said they were more likely to want to cook with produce if they had grown it themselves.

‘Do stuff together and co-own stuff. We have thousands of years of experience showing these two principles really work.’ -Lars Lundby

Generation rent.

Lives and eats alone.

Establish a balance between c communal and private spaces, so people can have interaction from the comfort of their own space.

Behaviours and Decisions

“Green spaces within cities can increase the value of properties, this would allow us to maintain this initiative if it was put in place and could request additional funding if we could prove it increases the mental health of our tenants. It is something we look to find solutions for anyway.” -Inner City accommodation Landlord.

It is recorded that millennials have a high account of poor mental health in the workplace, after graduating university and moving to cities for jobs. “Shared spaces in my shared living complex are often used as work spaces rather than social spaces.” -Emilie, 26

People have a greater emotional attachment to cooking with food if they have been involved in the growing of it. Exposure to greenery and gardens improves mental health and general well-being.

“I used to go to the parks in London when I first moved, but I struggle to find the time amongst a busy work schedule�. -Emilie, 26

ception key

2. Mobile re

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ree rotatio

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The Solution



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4 1. Move into a shared living accommodation with the Apta Community scheme incorporated.


2. Meet your neighbour through your shared balcony. 3. Plant and tend to vegetables in the allotment balcony divider with draws which slide to allow both parties to look after the produce. 4. When you feel comfortable with one another, you can go to reception to unlock the balcony divider. 5. The balcony divider is unlocked through the use of a device from reception.

8 56 56 56 56

6. Together you can turn the balcony to create an open balcony space. 7. Continue to collaboratively grow food whilst having more intimate interactions. 8. Grow relationships through the growth of the produce.

After the process...

Growing together will lead to an increased likelihood of people cooking and eating together.

Better mental health as group cooking increases.

Active mental health care from shared living complexes.

Economic way of social interaction for millennials.

“I think this concept would allow for low cost interaction and the time needed to invest into a friendship. It would have helped me to easier integrate into the community when I moved here.� -Emilie

monmove Group project

A set of two interactive devices which connect a child’s activity to the mother, so she can keep track of the baby’s movements without the stress of constantly checking up on them.

The Problem and Development

“1 in every 10 women experience post natal depression, which can be caused by lack of sleep or rest.” - NHS UK

Mood Light



The two devices should look collaborative, they work together and through their aesthetic this should be obvious and feel reliable to the parent.







User Journey 1. Before the device is used, a parent is worrying about her child and spending more time than necessary checking up on it. 2. The baby’s movements are tracked, recording whether there are too vigorous or too little movement. 3. This is then reflected on the device kept by the parent, by the expanding and contracting of the origami shape and changing of light intensity. 4. The parent can then push the device back to it’s neutral position. 5. A heart beat sound is played out of the baby’s monitor which will sooth the baby. 6. If the device expands or contracts to between 12 and 6 with an intense light this shows a greater issue. 7. The parent can then address this personally by going up and seeing the baby to ensure everything is OK.







The two devices will connect to one another, with the ankle monitor tracking the baby’s movement, and the wall display visually informing the parents of the baby’s activities. The technology used would be bimetallic strips; as the baby moves too much or too little, the strips will be heated in order to expand or contract in either direction. As the parent returns it to the neutral position, the heating stops allowing it to remain in that compression.

non literal Individual project

A product with no prescribed function, but should be intuitive as to how it could be used as an electronic product by it’s details and form. It should also be appropriate to be a mass manufactured small scale product.

Product Inspiration

CONTENTION Opposing shapes, features. Soft meeting sharp. Curves meeting straight.

Through modelling I was able to refine the areas of interaction, their scale and their positioning to allow them to be believable interaction points.

I am a 3rd year Design for industry student always looking to expand my workplace experience in design. Working in industry has given me a drive in my degree to utilise the methods of design thinking I have cultivated.

Education Ratcliffe College, Leicestershire Maths Product Design Art


11 GCSE’s grade A*-B

Northumbria University - Design for Industry

Relevant skills

Industrial experience Matter Design - 6 month placement (shown in portfolio), working amongst the design team at Matter in Bath Next PLC Design Teams - I spent one week doing work experience at Next head office discovering the design process from start to finish. For the first three days I worked in the mock shops improving the visual appearance allowing me to test my knowledge of colour palettes. I was also invited to sit in on a meeting about a proposal for new ideas and looks for the shops. The second week I spent working in the home-ware design team, and was given the opportunity to design a product. Throughout the week I worked on improving my Photoshop skills and gaining a wealth of experience from the designers around me. At the end of the week I presented my idea to the head of home-ware design and a small team. County Display - Are a display unit designing and manufacturing company, designing for companies such as; Radley, Next PLC. I gained experience in all applying client branding and identity to display units on visuals, through to packaging the display units and understanding the consideration required when coming up with concepts for their viability at all stages, including the cleaning and packaging of them.

Contact me: +44 7956641013

Thank You.

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Northumbria University Design For Industry - Year 3  

Northumbria University Design For Industry - Year 3