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Three spectacular days for pleasure and profit! 2014


Aug 16 2014


Aug 17


Aug 15



Glittering Gala Dinner & Dance attended by the prime movers of the Philippine community

Trade Exhibitors Business to Business Networking International & Local Entertainers Cultural & Food Festival

Special Guest: Former Philippine President Fidel Ramos

To Sponsor, Exhibit, Attend and Ticket Information: (212) 682-6610 email: A Production of The Fiesta in America – A 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit corporation

Special Guests: Martin Nievera and Jericho Rosales plus Asian and Latino talents

In This Issue. . .

ATheWord from Editor Oliver Oliveros

PAMET - Through The Years

“Perseverance, secret of all triumphs” – Victor Hugo

When I finally got my Master’s Degree in Public Relations (PR) and Corporate Communication in May 2013 at New York University, where the first PR course was taught in the 1920s—a legacy that lured me to pursue higher education in New York City—my family and friends admired me for my perseverance. And they were spot on! Persevering through two and a half years in graduate school with scarce resources: a partial Fulbright grant that shouldered only eight percent of my total tuition and fees; just enough private sponsorships that defrayed my living expenses; and a Philippine Peso checking account that was shrinking; was no mean feat. But no pain, no gain, right?

Ollie’s Grapevine



6 Cover Story: Ismael Jampayas 8 May Rewind 10 The World Is My Oyster 12 Consuelo Almonte 13 Organizations We Love: AFTA

I just had to keep my eyes on the prize, and finish what I started.

Admirably, Mr, Jampayas’ story adds another element to Victor Hugo’s formula for success. Find out more about it on pages 8 and 9.

So when I was told the academic life story of Philippine Association of Medical Technologists’ (PAMET) pioneering president, Ismael “Mike” Jampayas, our cover subject for this issue, it rang a bell.

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Coming from a family of public servants from Mawab, a third class municipality in the province of Compostela Valley (Davao), Mr. Jampayas paid his way through school. Even though he was working full time on work days and studying at night, he still made it to the Dean’s List for Academic Excellence at Long Island University, where he finished his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Master’s Degree in Microbiology. Consequently, such academic merit helped him get into Columbia University, an Ivy League school, where he completed his (second) Master’s Degree in Public Health in 1985.

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Above:Ismael Jampayas at Columbia University Opposite Page: the author at New York University

We use information sources that we believe to be reliable, but do not warrant the accuracy of those sources. Reasonable care is taken to ensure that Fil-Am Who’s Who articles and other information on the website are up-to-date and accurate as possible, as of the publication date.

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JUNE 2014


PAMET Through the Years



n December 12, 1983, over dinner at a Chinese restaurant on First Avenue, the concept behind the Philippine Association of Medical Technologists (PAMET) NY, an association of Filipino medical technologists, was presented by Bernice Garcia; thus PAMET NY was born. Among its founding members were Elena Abis, Bobby Adarna, Lourdes Frias, Millie Gallardo, Mike and Letty Jampayas, Fred and Pat Marfil, Angelita Naval, Juliet Prado, Leticia Ramos, and George and Linda Rivera. At the core of it, the association envisions strong fellowship and professional alliances among Filipino medical technologists that would foster professional growth. Additionally, PAMET NY’s first official meeting, held in January 1984, saw the election of its first set of officers: President-Ismael (Mike) Jampayas 1st Vice President-Bobby Adarna 2nd Vice President-Millie Gallardo Secretary-Angelita Naval Assistant Secretary-Perla Punsal Treasurer-Precilla Fadul Assistant Treasurer-Erlinda Lagmay Public Relations Officer-Julio Valino Auditor-Fred Marfil Three years later, PAMET was incorporated under the name Philippine Association of Medical Technologists-USA Inc., taking


a national scope, which also coincided the launching of its first scholarship program in the Philippines. Notably, in the ‘90s, PAMET joined 22 other professional organizations that sought legislative approval for the licensure of medical technologists and technicians in the New York state. Currently PAMET-NY officers are as follows: President-Virginia S. Macalindong First Vice President-Violeta C. Miszkully Second Vice President-Julie S. Hernandez Secretary (recording)-Cecil Skala Secretary (corresponding)-Vivica R. Nicasio Treasurer-Helen M. Genil Public Relations Officer-Malvin Hernandez Business Manager-Karen Daligdig Board of Directors: Evangeline V. Robles, Rose M. Villapane, Raul M. Cantos, Josie Pinero, Myrna C. Intal, Aida Ramos, and Max C. Paran, Jr. Advisers: Ismael (Mike) Jampayas, Teddy C. Intal, and Bernice M. Garcia Legal Adviser-Carlos G. Garcia, LLC PAMET NY recently engaged in raising funds for the victims of typhoon Haiyan; and various medical, dental, and humanitarian missions in Cagayan Valley, Vigan City, and Santiago City in the Philippines; among others.

PAMET NY contingent joins the 116th Philippine Independence Day celebrations on Madison Avenue. JUNE 2014

s s e n i p Hap Happiness is a lifelong journey. It’s not a destination to reach or a goal to achieve, but a choice most of us are capable of making. We can choose to be happy even when times are challenging. When happiness becomes a habit, life changes for the better. Acts of happiness multiply when they are shared; together, we can make happiness lasting, and create positive differences in the lives of many. Connecting people who care about happiness is what it’s all about. Happiness to me is being healthy. I think once you’re healthy, you’re able to thrive. Living a healthy lifestyle is something that I’m extremely passionate about. Being compassionate is healthy, too; when you’re compassionate, you’re sympathetic, empathetic, and understanding. We need to encourage each other to lift up each other.

Ollie’s Grapevine Ollie David

See where your city ranks in the Harris Poll Happiness Index: 1. Dallas/Fort Worth 38% 2. Houston 36% 3. Philadelphia 34% 4. Atlanta 34% 5. Los Angeles 33% 6. New York City 33% 7. Washington, D.C. 33% 8. Chicago 32% 9. Boston 31% 10. San Francisco 28% Happiness Comes from Within

Top 10 Happiest Cities It’s no secret that happiness is subjective. The things that make people happy in New York may not be the same for the people in Los Angeles. Whether it’s family, finances, or football, what makes Americans happy is literally all over the map. Harris Interactive, a marketing research firm, recently released a poll showing 33 percent of Americans say they’re “very happy.” The Harris Poll Happiness Index asked a series of questions to roughly 2,100 Americans, ages 18 and up, living in the biggest cities to calculate the nation’s overall happiness. Relationships with family and friends, spiritual beliefs, financial situations, and health concerns were some of the factors used to gauge the results.

“Happiness cannot come from without. It must come from within. It is not what we see and touch or that which others do for us which makes us happy; it is that which we think and feel and do, first for the other fellow and then for ourselves.” – Helen Keller

Violeta Manarang McGough (third from left) celebrates birthday with friends from Philippine Independence Day Council Inc. (PIDCI) on board the Spirit Cruise. J U N E 2 0 1 4 FIL-AM WHO’S WHO 5


Organizations WeWeLove Love

Honors Fil-Am Teachers for Exemplary Service in the US

Crystal Apple Awards and Certificates

Consul Felipe Carrion III inducts AFTA Board Members and Officers for 2014-2016.


JF UE B ER U 2A0R1 Y4 2 0 1 4 AFTA Crystal Apple Award Recipients


Lilia Juelle

Photos by

Rolan Gutierrez

On May 31, 2014, the Association of Fil-Am Teachers of America Inc. (AFTA) honored more than 70 Fil-Am teachers with the Crystal Apple Awards for exemplary and dedicated teaching in the United States. The event’s theme “Pagbabaliktanaw at Pagdiriwang sa Pakikibaka at Pagpupunyagi ng mga Gurong Filipino sa Amerika” (Reminiscing and Celebrating the Struggles and Triumphs of Filipino Teachers in America) has exemplified the Fil-Am teachers’ hard work, dedication, resiliency, tenacity, and constant search for excellence. AFTA celebrated, danced, and sang with the teachers who made it through five to 25 or more years of teaching in the U.S., facing very challenging situations in a foreign land and a classroom environment very much different from back home.

NYC Council Member Daniel Bromm

Notably, the guest speakers for the evening were in sync with their appreciation for the fine job of Fil-Am teachers in protecting the reputation of the teaching profession: Atty. Ferdinand Suba, AFTA’s legal adviser, acknowledged the “courage and vision of the founders of the association, which has become a strong voice for Filipino teachers in the U.S.” New York City Council Member Daniel Dromm, on the other hand, reminded the teachers of the big responsibility that is on their shoulders—that of educating many students under their tutelage; he also acknowledged that teaching in the city schools is very challenging, but at the same time very rewarding. Consul Felipe Carino III, who inducted the newly elected board members and officers, reminded AFTA’s new leaders to stay true to its mission and be loyal to it in the next two years. In his inaugural speech, newly minted President Dr. Raul Cajigas has committed that “AFTA will be as strong as ever, after all, we have been in existence for a quarter of a century, and we will continue to exist as long as there are unselfish teachers willing to serve and believe in the association’s mission to strive, maintain, and persevere in achieving the highest level of competency in the teaching profession.” He asked that all board members and officers work together; finish their respective terms with dignity; and remain loyal to the association. He reiterated that “while everyone is free to suggest meaningful activities for the group, the ownership and honor of all projects belong to AFTA, its members, and the teaching profession.” Elected officers and board members for 2014-2016 are: Dr. Raul Cajigas, President; Rena Pedaria, Executive Vice President; Juanito Hingpis, VP for Development; Luz Dara Valconcha, VP for Chapter Operations; Kris Rodriguez, Executive Secretary; Lino Arca, Assistant Secretary; Kelly Makasiar Golden, Membership Secretary; Josey Dimaliwat, Treasurer; Virginia Pablo, Assistant Treasurer; Mercedes Dungog, Auditor; Milyn Pilla Tuvilla, Gamalier Cui, and Rosie Prado as PRO. Victoria Dietz, Nellie Gabatino, Olive Ledres, Minerva Nieves, Virginia Pablo, Edith Plecis, Miliza Romero, and Orlean Sorio are Board Members, with Josefina Badana, Lilia Juele, and Pacita Ros as Board Advisers, and Atty. Ferdinand Suba as Legal Adviser.

Raul Cajigas, newly elected president of AFTA

Juanito Hingpis emceed the event, showcasing some of his talents that entertained the crowd, with Overall Chair Luz Dara Valconcha. Awards Committee Chair Rena Pedaria was also on hand on stage to ensure the awarding went as planned. Some entertainment highlights were a song led by Kris Rodriguez, assisted by AFTA board members, and a song from Arnulfo Benavides and Paaralan sa Konsulado student Abigail Sorio. Additionally, Lilia Juele presented a short history of AFTA that drew a big applause from the audience in recognition of AFTA’s Crystal Apple Awardees and the new board members, who worked day and night to make certain the event was an enjoyable and memorable one. The affair also served as AFTA’s kick-off celebration for its 25th anniversary, which culminates with a silver anniversary gala on October 12, 2014. The gala will serve as a reunion honoring members, officers, and supporters who have made the organization achieve what it has promised 25 years ago. AFTA’s projects have included BalikTuro, Paaralan sa Konsulado, and Books for the Philippines. AFTA has also given the Dona Teodoral Alonzo Award and the Ulirang Guro to honor outstanding Fil-Am teachers and supporters. With a history of dedication, tenacity, and selfless pride, AFTA will continue its tireless service to Fil-Am teachers for the next 25 years and forward.

Atty. Ferdinand Suba, AFTA legal adviser JUBE 2014


I smael

Jampayas’ L EA D E R S H I P A N D S u c c e s s By Maricar

CP Hampton

Photos by

Rolan Gutierrez

MOVING to settle in a new country is never easy; it requires sacrifice, real ambition, and great determination. But for Ismael “Mike” Jampayas, it also meant trusting God every step of the way. “Through hard work, ambition to succeed, and always putting God first at the center of it all, that’s how you make it,” Jampayas, a retired medical technologist, tells Fil-Am Who’s Who. The fifth of seven siblings, Jampayas, who originally wanted to become a doctor, came to the United States in 1961 after his aunt convinced him to finish his medical studies in New York. “In the middle of my medical school proper at Far Eastern University, there were four of us in Manila and my parents couldn’t afford to pay for our expenses. So my parents asked me to stop for one year, and let my siblings finished first so they could help me back in return,” Jampayas recalls. “It so happened that I had an aunt here in New York City who offered me to come to the U.S.”


JUNE 2014

Seeing New York for the first time, Jampayas says he was “surprised.” “I thought America was the land of milk and honey. But to my surprise when I got into the subway, I found homeless people lying on the subway. So I concluded that America is only a place of milk and honey—and the land of opportunity— if you work hard and play by the rules.” Confident that God’s hand was guiding him, Jampayas, decided to shift to another field of study: with a student visa, he tried his hand at being a medical technologist. “After one year of medical technology study at Manhattan

Medical and Dental Assistants School in Manhattan [ranking third in class], I landed a job as a medical technologist at St. Luke’s Hospital.” Jampayas, a native of Mawab, Davao, worked his way up to college earning two bachelor’s degrees and two master’s degrees — and almost a doctorate degree — all while working full time. “I did not finish my PhD in microbiology at New York University because my professors wanted me to stop working so I could conduct a full-time research for my thesis, which I could not do because I was

At 77 and well into his retirement, Jampayas says, “Life is more exciting…I miss my job, in the sense that I miss my co-workers, (but) I can do anything I want that is enjoyable. I can pursue anything that interests me like going to parties or engaging in businesses that can help people.” During his free time, he enjoys dancing and attending Filipino-American community events. As a community leader, Jampayas has been actively involved in different organizations, such as Empire City Medical Lions Club, Philippine Charities of America, and New York Balita.

Jampayas, who was honored as Outstanding Father of 2011 by the National Federation of Filipino American Association-NY is blessed with 2 grandsons: 4-year-old Jaden Grant and 5-year-old Ashten Luke. He attributes his success to 99% hard work and 1% inspiration: loving God with all your mind, heart, and soul.

Opposite page: Jampayas with Miss Butuin ng Luzon Illin Bangug. Left: Jampayas as Lions Club President 2002

supporting myself,” he says. While working at St. Luke’s Hospital, Jampayas met and married his longtime coworker Leticia (deceased) with whom he has a son, James, a pharmacy manager in North Carolina. Although he worked in a number of prestigious hospitals, it was at Columbia University- Harlem Hospital Center he was promoted to laboratory supervisor. “Even before I finished my Master’s Degree in Public Health at Columbia University, I was promoted to laboratory supervisor and put in charge of the Medical Technology Internship Training Program at Columbia University Harlem Hospital Center. My rise up the ranks was mainly due to excellent performance at work. Letters of commendation were received by our department for the excellent training students were getting in our internship program.” Asked about his experience taking his master’s degree at Columbia University, he says, “It was more difficult.” “Students admitted in an Ivy League school were intellectuals and there was more competition.” With his professional training tucked in, Jampayas was also an adjunct professor of microbiology in several schools. “I also became a professor at York College, New York Technical College, and Long Island University.” Like many immigrants who find success in the U.S., he has his heart on paying it forward. “As president of Philippine Charities of America, we give donations to needy people in the Philippines.” However, with his good fortune, he has had his fair share of challenges. Racial discrimination, he says, will always be there, “but if you know how to deal with it, people will love you in return. Just love thy neighbor as yourself.” Through the years, he has also learned a thing or two in coping with challenges. “Overcome evil with good and not an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,” he says. Gifted with leadership skills, he helped organize The Philippine Association of Medical Technologists (PAMET) in N.Y., where he became its founding president in1984. “PAMET has spread all over U.S. and has become a national organization, which holds a national convention every two years,” he shares. JUNE 2014


Birthday celebrator Oliver Oliveros (seated center) with friends and guests at Ichi Umi Japanese restaurant Oliver Oliveros celebrates his 40th birthday while Aniano Rabe mimics.

May Rewind

Rolan Gutierrez

Shina Lingat, Ria Ruis, Kirsten Cruz, Joji Raphael, Kristine Liwag Mikaela Rada, Illin Bagug, and Kristine Beof

2014 PIDCI Diwa ng Kalayaan Mikaela Alexa Rada of Bayonne, NJ


JF UE B ER U 2A0R1 Y4 2 0 1 4

UP Tau Alpha East welcomes Danny Briones (F-L). (L-R standing) Nelson Villacorta. Jojo Basilio, and Rolan Gutierrez; (R seated) Bede Torralba

Officers of CAFAF (Connecticut Association of Filipino American Families) are inducted by Mario Garcia.

An Evening in Manila Maharlika Filipino Moderno and Jeepney Filipino Gastropub

Ana Julaton

The Otto Kahn & James Burden Mansions

Ana Julaton, Nicole Ponseca, Myrna Gutierrez, and Rolan Gutierrez

Rachel Ocampo Michel Bumgarner

Rachel Davis, Ayesha Vera Yu, Ana Julaton

Joji Jalandoni, Tomas de los Reyes , Myrna Gutierrez, Victor Palmos Criistina DC Pastor, and Rolan Gutierrez

Rachelle Ocampo

DDon Tagala and Don Tagala, Michel Bumgarner JUBE 2014


The World is My Oyster

Dr. Prospero A. Lim

• Keep windows shut and draperies, shades, or blinds

down during the heat of the day. Open windows during the night hours when the outside air is cooler, provided it is safe to do so.

• Move to cooler rooms during the heat of the day. Whether you believe in climate change or not, we cannot deny the fact that we have been experiencing crazy weather patterns lately. You may have heard it said “a cold winter leads to a hot summer.” The past few days seem to prove that true. Summertime is the best time for picnics and barbecues; time to frolic in the sun with friends and loved ones. Young or old, we all enjoy the hot sun. While the sun is good for most of us, too much exposure under the sun can also hurt us: sunburn or heat stroke could befall us. So be careful.

• Drink plenty of liquids. Avoid alcoholic drinks or too much caffeine.

• Dress in loose-fitting, light-colored clothing. •

Eat a little more salt, unless your diet prohibits it.

If you don’t have to go out, stay indoors.

• If you must go out, bring a bottle of water with you.

When in periods of high temperature and humidity, there are things everyone (particularly, people at high risk) should do to lessen the chance of heat-related illnesses:

• Avoid overexertion, particularly during the warmer periods of the day.


NEW YORK OFFICE: 39-12 A 63rd Street, Woodside NY BERGENFIELD NJ OFFICE: 76 S. Washington Ave. Bergenfield NJ JERSEY CITY NJ OFFICE : 449 Hoboken Ave. Jersey City NJ 07306

TOMS RIVER NJ RJ SARILING ATIN 4561 Lakewood Rd. Toms River NJ 08755 NILO– 732.642.0513


DELAWARE BALAN STORE 867 S. Dupont Hway New Castle DE 19720 FORT WASHINGTON MD BALAN– 302.757.1431 737 Cady drive, Fort Washington MD 20744 MARYLAND NOTTINGHAM NOLI– 301.248.8807 MANILA SEAFOOD & MARKET (MD,DC,VA,GA, FL) 8836 Belair Rd. Nottingham MD 21236 LONG ISLAND DON - 410.529.0663 FIESTA FOOD MARKET 14 W. Merrick Rd. (Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Valley Stream NY 11580 Hartford County & all over MD) Buboy - 516.872.4677 Pete 443.527.2274 HERSHEY,Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg PA Mimi-717.813.0538

Northern VA, DC, Montgomery Prince George County of MD ROCKY - 571.419.8489

Consuelo Almonte

Undertakes another important mission By Maricar CP Hampton

Photos by Rolan Gutierrez

Ambassador Mario De Leon Jr., Consuelo Almonte and her husband Mark Shaffer eing friendly, polite, and always fair are the tools Consuelo Almonte used to keep her at the top of her game as former assistant to the press minister at the Pakistani Mission to the United Nations (UN). For over four decades, Almonte connected visiting Pakistani presidents and foreign dignitaries with top network journalists.

by the Prime Minister to receive my medal in Islamabad; the honorarium in 1993, where the government of Pakistan provided monetary honorarium to one locally-hired staff member of its Missions or Embassies abroad; and the Lifetime Award of Excellence in Service to Pakistan, which was given for her outstanding service,” she says.

Connie, as she is fondly called, describes her job as “exciting” meeting different people. “My experience with the Pakistanis were nothing but positive. I also called it my ‘home.’ My memories after retirement are treasured,” she tells Fil-Am Who’s Who.

Almost three years into her retirement and a proud cancer survivor, Connie is busier than ever. She is now the Executive Vice President of Pagasa Social Foundation Inc. (Pagasasfi), a non-profit 501 (c) (3) for Filipino seniors. She inherited the position when founder Hector Logrono died last year.


While taking up her Master’s Degree in Education at Hunter College in 1968, Connie, upon the recommendation of some friends, decided to apply at the nearby Missions to the UN. Luckily, she landed the job at the information section of the Permanent Mission of Pakistan. Connie recalls some of the challenges she had during her days at the Missions to the UN: “I had lots of challenges, from countering misleading news reports to giving the correct viewpoints on policies of the government to the media, all while developing and maintaining good relations with officers and institutions to facilitate different Mission requests.” Her 43 years of hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed by the Pakistani government. In fact, Connie was recognized in numerous awards, which became the highlights of her career. “During the course of my service, I received three awards from the government of Pakistan: the Tamgha e Khidmat for meritorious service in 1996, where I was invited

Under her leadership, she hopes to partner with different organizations to bring awareness and recognition to the needs of active seniors in the FilipinoAmerican community.

In Pakistani dress on wills and end of life care,” Connie shares. “The center offers these services for two Saturdays a month. Filipino refreshments are also served; admission is FREE!” Since its launching last year, the foundation, nominated for the 2014 The Outstanding Filipino Americans in New York (TOFA-NY Awards), has attracted about 30 regular attendees; but Connie hopes to see more growth in the coming years. “It’s my goal to spread Pagasasfi from Atlantic Avenue, Richmond Hill, to all other areas to uplift to the lives of senior citizens.” Married to retired science teacher Mark Shaffer, Connie is also a mother to May Almonte Clites, a nurse, and grandma to Cheyenne and Sebastian. Connie says destiny is not a matter of chance; it’s something to be achieved. “I’m still trying hard to reach and fulfill my calling – God willing.”

Connie believes that active seniors live longer, happier, and healthier lives when they have something to look forward to. “They need a place where they can come together; speak their own cultural language and tradition; hear their music, like the kundiman, and songs by Frank Sinatra or Nat King Cole; and relieve their past. They need a place where they can enjoy games like bingo and mahjong; and participate in dancing, singing, as well as shopping in a one-dollar flea market,” she explains. The center, which is fast becoming a one-stop hub for seniors, also provides some medical and legal assistance free of charge. “The elders can get regular blood glucose testing while asking questions from medical volunteers. Furthermore, we provide legal and financial advice

With Sheila Logrono JUNE 2014


WHAT: All Ateneo Convention 2014 WHEN AND WHERE: August 21-24 in New York City • Thursday, Aug. 21 at 6pm – Registration and Cocktails at the Philippine Center (556 5th Avenue bet 45th and 46th Sts., NY, NY 10036)

• Friday, Aug, 22 from 9am to 5pm – Plenary Session at John Jay College (524 W59th St., NY, NY 10019)

• Saturday, Aug. 23 – Day Tour, Gala Event at 5pm at John Jay College

• Sunday, Aug. 24 at 1pm – Concelebrated Mass at St. Malachy’s Church (239 W49th St., NY, NY 10019)


Open to all Ateneo Alumni & Friends For all 3 events: $200 by Jul 15; $250 after July 15; Gala only: $150


Happy Shooting Star

Rolan Gutierrez

SHOOTER’S TIP SUMMER IS HERE! During our photoshoot session, I had an electric fan blew the hair of my pretty model Mayim Martin; try out this technique with your female models with long, silky hair to add a touch of glamor to the subject.

Happy shooting!


JUNE 2014

Community Calendar June 30 - July 12



173 guest rooms including 8 suites

Emilia A. Monroy Art Exhibit

Emilia A. Monroy, who uses finger painting techniques, holds her 12th Sold Art Exhibition at the Philippine Center (556 Fifth Ave., New York, NY). For more information, email July 12


f it meetings Sheraton has teamed with Core Performance to create menus of well-balanced and flavorful meals to help you perform at your peak.

Miss Philippines Quest USA Pageant

Synergy Production and Marketing Inc. and Miss WorldPhilippines present the first-ever Miss Philippines Quest USA Pageant, a national search that will determine the Fil-Am community’s representative to the 2014 Miss World-Philippines, at Symphony Space (2537 Broadway, New York, NY). For tickets, call 212-206-1627 or email July 19 - 20 Ocean City Music Pier Tribute to the Philippines In its fifth year, Ocean City Music Pier (Moorlyn Terrace, NJ) hosts its tribute to the Philippines, featuring food and handicraft sale, free medical services, yo-yo demonstration, and cultural show. For more information, call 609-525-9300 or email July 12, 19, 26, August 2 2014

Paaralan sa Konsulado


social hour Partnered with Wine Spectator and San Pellegrino / Aqua Panna to provide a top notch experience.

Paaralan sa Konsulado is a summer workshop for Filipino-American children, ages six to 16, where students learn Philippine culture and heritage. To register, call Raul Cajigas 347-932-6631 or email July 18

sustainable food & beverage

Fundraising Concert with Lorli Villanueva

We aim to promote sourcing locally and sustainably and minimize over-harvested or endangered animals or plants while also promoting local communities and ecosystems

Sitting Cat Productions, along with Youth Success Global Foundation and the Servants of the Lord & Virgin of Matara, presents Lorli Villanueva in a fundraising concert titled “Reminisce…A Musical Journey,” featuring pianist Nelson Ojeda Valdes and Ang Tatlong Rondalista, at Kalayaan Hall, Philippine Center (556 Fifth Ave., New York, NY). For tickets, call 646-227-8582. July 19

Billy Crawford Live in Concert

Saleaflor Entertainment presents pop and R&B singer Billy Crawford Live in Concert, featuring comedienne K Brosas, at The Town Hall (123 W 43rd St., New York, NY) at 8 p.m. For tickets, call 212-840-2824 or 212-417-0419. July 20

2014 Bonggahan Dance Party

FilInArts, NY Manila Lions International, and Queens Asian Fest present 2014 Bonggahan, a retro-Philippine movie-themed dance party, at Astoria World Manor (2522 Astoria Blvd., Astoria, NY) from 1 to 6 p.m. For tickets ($75, brunch/open bar), call Albert Diala 347-260-8063.

outdoor terrace

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony or Cocktail Reception. And over 14,000 square feet indoor space

Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel 135-20 39th Avenue, Flushing, New York 11354 T: 718.670.7404 | w w w. s h e r a t o n l a g u a r d i a e a s t . c o m

DIRECTV: Ang Hari ng Pinoy at English Entertainment.


TFCDirectTM package

FilipinoDirectTM package

Enjoy three of the most popular Filipino channels: TFC, GMA Pinoy TV and MYX!

Get 9 Filipino channels: TFC, MYX, Lifestyle Network, ANC, CinemaOne, BRO, DZMM, MOR 101.9, and INCTV!

Enjoy 11 Filipino channels: TFC, GMA Pinoy TV, GMA Life TV, MYX, Lifestyle Network, ANC, CinemaOne, BRO, DZMM, MOR 101.9, and INCTV!











WorldDirect® a la carte international packages require activation of a qualifying base package. Hardware available separately.

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• Access to the most full time HD channels.*


°Among satellite and cable providers



New customer offers require credit card (except in MA & PA), approved credit and equipment lease. $19.95 Handling & Delivery fee may apply. Applicable use tax adjustment may apply on the retail value of the installation. Programming, pricing and offers are subject to change and may vary in certain markets. Some offers may not be available through all channels and in select areas. 24-MONTH AGREEMENT: EARLY CANCELLATION WILL RESULT IN A FEE OF $20/MONTH FOR EACH REMAINING MONTH. Must maintain 24 consecutive months of any DIRECTV base programming package ($29.99/mo. or above) or any qualifying international service bundle. Advanced Receiver-DVR fee ($10/mo.) required for DVR lease. Advanced Receiver-HD fee ($10/mo.) required for HD Receiver lease. Advanced Receiver fee ($25/mo.) required for Advanced Whole-Home DVR, HD DVR and TiVo HD DVR from DIRECTV lease. TiVo service fee ($5/mo.) required for TiVo HD DVR from DIRECTV lease. If you have 2 Receivers and/or one Receiver and a Client/Enabled TV/Device, the fee is $6/mo. For the 3rd and each additional Receiver and/or Client/Enabled TV/Device on your account, you are charged an additional fee of $6/mo. per Receiver, Client and/or Enabled TV/Device. NON-ACTIVATION CHARGE OF $150 PER RECEIVER MAY APPLY. ALL EQUIPMENT IS LEASED AND MUST BE RETURNED TO DIRECTV UPON CANCELLATION, OR UNRETURNED EQUIPMENT FEES APPLY. VISIT OR CALL 1-800-DIRECTV FOR DETAILS. INSTALLATION: Standard professional installation in up to four rooms only. Custom installation extra. *To access DIRECTV HD programming, HD equipment required. Number of HD channels based on package selection. **DIRECTV Advanced Whole-Home HD DVR service requires a DIRECTV Advanced Whole Home DVR model HR34 receiver (“Genie”) connected to the primary television. Remote viewing requires a model C31, H25 HD Receiver(s) or RVU-capable TV/device in each additional room, a SWiM network and Advanced Receiver Service ($25/mo.). Limit of three remote viewings per Advanced Whole Home HD DVR at a time. Visit for complete details. Programming, pricing, terms and conditions subject to change at any time. Pricing residential. Taxes not included. Receipt of DIRECTV programming subject to DIRECTV Customer Agreement; copy provided at and in order confirmation. ©2014 DIRECTV. DIRECTV and the Cyclone Design logo, GENIE, PREFERRED CHOICE and all WorldDirect service marks are trademarks of DIRECTV, LLC. All other trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners.