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Variety Of E-Cigs To Help You Choose Different Ones As Per Your Needs E-cigs have become so very popular as almost every adult in Hornchurch inhales these e-cigs to have a different feeling. Noting this sudden increase in the demand of the e-cigs, manufacturers have now also come up with the flavours that can be easily inhaled by those also who don’t smoke often as it is completely safe for health. Here are some brief illustrations about the various varieties of e-cigs based on the size and shape. Looking for more info? please Click. Mini: These electronic cigarettes actually resemble the size and shape of a normal cigarette and that is why it also been called as the cig-a-like and is easily available in the vape shop in Hornchurch so that you can get one for yourself without having any sort of problem. These cigs can be an ideal one for the smokers who want to quit smoking and turn to these lesser harmful e-cigs and at the same time are also very easy to carry which makes it so very popular.

Mid Size Cigs or vape pen: As clear from the name, these e-cigs have got a structure which resembles more of a pen than a cigarette. These cigs have a greater quantity of liquid when compared to the mini and can last up to a day or two. These vape pens are available in a number of flavours and it is not that a big deal to carry them as they are nothing more than a cigar.

Variety of e cigs to help you choose different ones as per your needs  

We are a family run business with a shop located in Hornchurch Essex, UK. With a passion for all things vape, we aim to bring the best E-liq...

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