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graffik gallery presents

Catman BEN NAZ Lewis bannister robin coleman skyler Grey ds severine sendra louis DARBON void artista skint


fanakapan dom uncle strawberry yu hirai nme Batoul ahmad gary alford predator

graffik gallery, 284 Portobello Road, London W10 5TE

“The Laughing Cavalier 2” “SCREAM 2”

Acrylic on Canvas / Size: 60 x 90cm PRICE £ 795

Acrylic on Canvas / Size: 58 x 84cm PRICE £ 795


Catman is a street artist based and raised in Whitstable Kent. Studying architectural model making at (UCA) The University of Creative Arts Rochester where he gained his fine scalpel skill while producing scale architectural models the same skill used today in the stencils use within his paintings. After realising how much he missed art he later returned to Canterbury (UCA) to study fine art where he re-found his passion to paint.

“Mona Lisa 2” Acrylic on Canvas / Size: 58 x 84cm PRICE £ 795

“Cocaine it’s the real thing” Acrylic on Canvas / Size: 84 x 58cm PRICE £ 595

“Playground” Acrylic and Ink on Canvas / Size: 91 x 61 cm PRICE £ 895

“Policeman?” Acrylic on board / Size: 91 x 120 cm PRICE £ 995

ben naz

Ben Naz is a Filipino-French Guerrilla artist and one of the most recognised street artists outside the Philippines. Born in France in the late 70’s. Migrated on the early 80’s back to his father’s homeland (Philippines) during the heavy political outcry. Graffik Gallery is proud to have Ben Naz on the line up at New School 2 before he heads of to the states with shows for the Black Apple Team in Los Angeles.

“Welcome Foreigners” Acrylic on board / Size: 61 x 91 cm PRICE £ 895

“Ask No More” Acrylic on board / Size: 61 x 91 cm PRICE £ 895


Acrylic on board / Size: 91 x 61 cm PRICE £ 895

“Little Miss Hoodie” Acrylic on board / Size: 61 x 91 cm PRICE £ 895

“LV” Acrylic on board / Size: 61 x 91 cm PRICE £ 995

“Beat the Real Thing” Acrylic on board / Size: 61 x 91 cm PRICE £ 895

“Selfie” Acrylic on board / Size: 61 x 91 cm PRICE £ 895

lewis bannister North London based artist Lewis has been painting/drawing since the late 90’s with many different styles, although best known for working on money other surfaces include stamps, wood, metal, polystyrene, plastic, material and canvas/paper.

“Mickey Butting”

“Mickey Butting”

Acrylic on Canvas / Size: 40 x 30 cm PRICE £ 175

Acrylic on Canvas / Size: 40 x 30 cm PRICE £ 175

“Dennis’s Doodle ‘Bandana’”

“Dennis’s Doodle CBG”

Acrylic on Original Banknote Framed / Size: 20 x 16 cm PRICE £ 125

Acrylic on Original Banknote Framed / Size: 20 x 16 cm PRICE £ 125

“1 off Double Dollar SW”

“1off Double Dollar P Vs Z”

“1off Canadian Double R&S”

Acrylic on Original Banknote Framed / Size: 25 x25 cm PRICE £ 225

“Back StreetsBback Alright” Mixed Media / Size: 76 x 76 cm PRICE £ 895

Robin Coleman Born in the UK and without formal art training or schooling, Robin Coleman’s popularity and success are purely down to his hard work and original style. Each painting Robin produces takes hours and hours of hard work and dedication, he’s an artist that refuses assistants or interns, hence the demand for the few works that are produced is extremely high. To date Robin has been included in numerous exhibitions both in the UK and International galleries, this year alone see him included in exhibitions in California, Cape Town, Dubai and Paris. He also has a solo show for later in 2014 in London.

“ Numero Uno “

Mixed Media / Size: 76 x 76 cm PRICE £ 895

“Vintage Disney”

Mixed Media / Size: 76 x 76 cm PRICE £ 895

“ Going Global Baby Mixed “ Media / Size: 76 x 76 cm PRICE £ 895

“Mickey Manga”

Mixed Media / Size: 76 x 76 cm PRICE £ 895

Mixed Media / Size: 76 x 76 cm PRICE £ 895

“Minnie Magic”

skyler grey Skyler Grey is your average 14 year-old, except for the impressive fact that his unique street art hangs in galleries across the globe rather than under a magnet on his family’s refrigerator. Grey’s work has been showcased in London, Switzerland, and LA. He’s been commissioned by The Game to reinterpret his controversial album cover for “Jesus Piece,” as well as create pieces for P.Diddy. The teenager, who has never been formally trained, often uses pop culture characters such as Pac-Man and Wile E. Coyote to symbolize his own goals.

“Sol El Ray” “Half Mickey” Spray Paint on Canvas / Size: 78 x 44 cm PRICE £ 2,000

“Tom & Jerry”

Spray Paint on Canvas / Size: 110 x 110 cm PRICE £ 6,000

Acrylic on Canvas / Size: 182 x 120 cm PRICE £ 7,500

“Packman” Acrylic on Canvas / Size: 45 x 60 cm PRICE £ 900

“Pinocchio” Litho on Acid Free Paper / Size: 61 x 61 cm PRICE £ 200

“Liar Liar” Litho on Acid Free Paper / Size: 61 x 61 cm PRICE £ 600

“Liar Liar” Litho on Acid Free Paper / Size: 61 x 61 cm PRICE £ 600

“Miley Cyrus Smash Hits” Acrylic on Wood / Size: 125 x 93 cm PRICE £ 4,500

ds The life of stencil artists is one of contradiction. The act of spray-painting is immediate and chaotic; yet the stencil is created painstakingly and with absolute precision. A suitable medium for an artist who’s life if full of contradiction and who’s art continues the trend. DS a US national, UK bred, public school ex-con, strives to create visually attractive, mentally engaging art all wrapped up in rich colour and form. His mission is to improve walls be it with hangable art in a gallery and home or on the street while hiding in plain sight wearing his Hi-Vis Jacket and ‘Improving Walls’ moto on the back.


Acrylic on Canvas / Size: 60 x 36 cm PRICE £ 4,000

“Miley Cyrus Smash Hits” Hand Finished Screen Print / Size: 59 x 42 cm PRICE £ 150 (Limited edition of 30)

Severine Sendra

“Totally Manga” Mixed Media / Size: 50 x 100 cm PRICE £ 495

Séverine Sendra is a French self-taught artist who from a very early age was interested in painting and drawing. At 18 she joined an association of amateur artists who allowed her to experiment with pastels and exhibit her early work. Today, Séverine mainly uses acrylic in her work. ‘I am dedicated primarily to the achievement of manga. My media are canvases on which I paste newspaper and create the work in acrylic. I also make portraits on canvas worked in different ways’.


Mixed Media / Size: 100 x 50 cm PRICE £ 495


“Butterfly Girl” Mixed Media / Size: 65 x 92 cm PRICE £ 495

Mixed Media / Size: 120 x 81 cm PRICE £ 650

“BASQUIAT Colour Explosion”


Acrylic on Canvas / Size: 102 x 76 cm PRICE £ 1,950

Acrylic on cardboard / Size: 78 x 78 cm PRICE £ 1,850

louis darbon The unifying theme running through Louis Darbons’ life is the divided influences which converge to make his art so unique. Whether it is culture, artistic inspiration, or the place he calls home; none have been straightforward. But where others create dividing lines and borders, Louis Darbon creates curves, intersecting these categories and their definitions. Born with a brush in his hand, Louis Darbon painted from the age of 2 in his Parisian home. With a French father and a mother with heritage from India, South Africa and the small island of Réunion in the Indian Ocean, cultural diversity is inherit to Louis Darbon. A long way from those first childhood sketches, Louis Darbon now lives and works in London for a global fashion company. Once again, several worlds merge into one unique experience, as Louis Darbons’ passions for both the spheres of fashion and art are fed by the diverse, avant-garde community of nearby East London. At Louis Darbons’ house in Notting Hill the cultures, inspirations and experiences of his colourful life unite, breathing life into unique works on canvas.

“CHANEL No.5” Acrylic on wood / Size: 90 x 114 cm PRICE £ 1,650

VOID Born in 1977. Based in Tokyo. Begun to make the work which uses a stencil in 2012. VOID work is produced on the theme of changing their expression to people like the robot which walks along a urban Tokyo. In people who walk along the streets busily with the purpose, he wanders about the streets without purpose today also.

“Escape” Acrylic on Wood / Size: 41 x 41 cm PRICE £ 345

“Busted” Acrylic on Wood / Size: 53 x 53 cm PRICE £ 550

“Navy Cables” Acrylic and Ink on Canvas / Size: 76 x 100 cm PRICE £ 1,100

Artista “Pop Toast” Acrylic and Ink on Canvas / Size: 10 x 8 cm PRICE £ 250

“Lady in Panda” Acrylic and Ink on Canvas / Size: 76 x 100 cm PRICE £ 1,400

“Casualties of War” Acrylic on Canvas / Size: 50 x 50 cm PRICE £ 295

“Beats” Acrylic on Canvas / Size: 76 x 50 cm PRICE £ 345


“Midlands based. Sometimes controversial, sometimes political, but always with a sense of humour, I create works to express my views and ideas that I hope will provoke a reaction. If it puts a smile on your face, makes you stop and think, or even disturbs your sensibilities, then what I set out to do has “Guerilla” been accomplished. Although, if you are offended by my work, please don’t Acrylic on Canvas / Size: 51 x 77 cm issue any Religious decree’s or behead me on the internet.......................It PRICE £ 395 was only meant as a joke” !!!

“Throwing Teddy” Acrylic on Canvas / Size: 100 x 50 cm PRICE £ 495

“Sweet Skater”

Acrylic on Broken Skate Boards / Size: 105 x 45cm Approx PRICE £ £ 150 Each / £ 600 For Set

fanakapan “Sweet Dancer 1”

“Sweet Dancer 2”

Mixed Media / Size: 60 x 90 cm PRICE £ 595

Mixed Media / Size: 90 x 60 cm PRICE £ 595

“Loon” Acrylic on Canvas / Size: 30 x 60 cm PRICE £ 395

“Sweetartist” Acrylic on Perspex / Size: 58 x 49 cm PRICE £ 395

“Sweet Fighter” “Chew Chew”

Acrylic on Perspex / Size: 54 x 45 cm Acrylic on Canvas / Size: 100 x 50 cm PRICE £ 295 PRICE £ 495

Deeds began making stencil art in the mid 80’s, painting music idols onto school & college friends books & bags. Deeds stencil work emulates the four colour process used in the printing industry. Using transparent paints to create a full colour piece from only four paints. Lately he has been experimenting with different styles, using acrylic paint, creating dark, mysterious characters which have proved a real hit. Deeds has exhibited as far afield as Australia, and sold work in America, Israel, and across Europe.

dom “Kate Moss” Acrylic on canvas board / Size: 56 x 46 cm PRICE £ 320

“Marilyn” Acrylic on Canvas / Size: 120 x 50 cm PRICE £ 450

“Not Cut Out For This” Acrylic on Card Framed / Size: 54 x 43 cm PRICE £ 195

“Battle lines” Acrylic on Card / Size: 56 x 46 cm PRICE £ 245

“Pete” Acrylic on Canvas / Size: 60 x 91 cm PRICE £ 595

Uncle Strawberry

“Dangerous” Acrylic on Canvas / Size: 60 x 91 cm PRICE £ 725

“Drunk Donald” Acrylic on Canvas / Size: 91 x 60 cm PRICE £ 595

“A Hungry Man is a Angry Man” Spray paint on card / Size: 42 x 56 cm PRICE £ 150

YU hirai “Self-Portrait” Spray paint on card / Size: 42 x 56 cm PRICE £ 400

“Big Dot.” Spray paint on card / Size: 42 x 56 cm PRICE £ 150

“Towards the Unknown” Spary paint on Reclaimed Wooden BoxLlid / Size: 50 x 75 cm PRICE £ 400


“Bubble Girl” Spray paint on Canvas / Size: 61 x 91 cm PRICE £ 550

I’ve decided My BIO will never be no professional airbrushed hollywood writing, And it wont be all sharp and formal, This isn’t a Piece from a science textbook. It’s just gonna be true and undiluted so if you’re looking for Shakespeare, then boy, library is you. I just put Pencil to paper, Knife to card, and hand to can, And try to let the magic happen, Its my labour of love & way of life. I live by the paint & will probably die by the fumes, Its just what I do. I’ve put my life on hold for my art. its a tough world out there, And I will give you the number of my therapist if you try the same. JOKES! When asked who inspires me, then its nobody in particular and no medium in particular, Just all forms of art in general which leave a dent in my mind, I’m based in the UK, Which just looks like a whole bunch of rain drop’s & greyness most of the time if I’m honest. But I kind of like it, And its home. You will discover my work in many different places from, Exhibition’s /Gallery’s/ Street’s/ paint jams/ Festival’s and on the INTERNET!!!!!! which is like everyone’s passport to travel the world and see all different forms of art, In the comfort of their home with some cookies and tea. Its the electric planet, where people are anything they want to be, superheroes, porn stars, gangsters, playboys, playgirls, I chose Artist. Whatever! just as long as your broadband connected you will find me Nme/ Nme urban art or as the Arts Anonymous crew which I’m a part of, Right there in full multi colour pixels. If you don’t like it or approve, then why not pop down to your local Food and Wine retailers for an alcoholic liquid that says something like “90%” or “Dangerous” and drink all of it while its still in the black plastic (or blue and white, red and white stripes, depending on your postcode/ location) bag, and drown your sorrows, But hopefully what i paint will at least replace your blue mood with some new colourful, neon, techni , multi rainbowed thoughts to distract you.

“Charlie Chaplin” Acrylic on Canvas / Size: 60 x 70 cm PRICE £ 1,500

“Nelson Mandela” Acrylic on Canvas / Size: 80 x 70 cm PRICE £ 2,200

batoul ahmad Batoul Maria (@b_artonomical) is an upcoming Lebanese artist from Antwerp whose unique brand of “pop art” has quickly become an instagram sensation. Starting off as a beauty therapist, Batoul turned her dexterous talents to art with a vibrant, youthful, optimistic and striking result. Focusing on instantly recognisable faces such as Einstein, Nelson Mandela, etc.

“Batgirl” Acrylic and Oil on Canvas / Size: 71 x 91 cm PRICE £ 795

gary alford Gary Alford is a self-taught, London based artist and illustrator who works in a number of traditional drawing and painting practises and styles. Gary’s work has been used as promotional material and album cover artwork by a number of artists and bands such as American music and film giant The RZA, Wu-Tang Clan, The Black Heart Procession and many others. Gary feels it very important to balance commercial work with a strong body of personal work such as The Book Of Dead Children which can be seen at

“Catwoman Julie Newmar” Acrylic and Oil on Canvas / Size: 40 x 51 cm PRICE £ 395

predator The British artist “Predator” comes from the popular digital and pop art background, Working in a variety of mediums spray paint, acrylics or a via graphical software on both Mac and PC. Predator likes to fantasize with images of celebs, law enforcement, politics – politicians and life events in general and adds his own unique twist, That could be either humour a touch of punk or anarchy style by creating these images Predator makes a direct statement in the simplest of forms in a variety of colors place his work in different galleries for others, the general public to enjoy.

“Make Love Not War”

Spray paint on Canvas / Size: 92 x 61 cm PRICE £425

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